Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 18 - Double Play - full transcript

Mrs. Simon, how does
it feel to learn your sons

are international thieves?

[announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon.

Maybe this will
finally put an end

to this private
detective foolishness.

I'm going to make you an
offer which you cannot refuse.

You got an agent?

♪ They made him blow a
bugle for his Uncle Sam ♪

♪ It really brought him down
because he could not jam ♪

A.J., we got to get
out of this place.

If we stay here, something
terrible is going to happen.



♪♪ [theme music]

[heart beat]

[gun shot]


A.J., are you all right?

[heart beating faster]



[circular saw]

Well, what do you think?

I think you must have
been up for hours.

What are you doing?
Re-staining the patio?

Yeah. Well, I promised to

after Carla spilled that
jug of Don Diablo over there

and it ate through the finish.

That was in the
Nixon administration.


Carter, maybe. But...

In any case, there have been
dozens of broken promises

in the years in between the...

I shouldn't complain.

You shouldn't complain.

You ought to get
yourself dressed.

We got a 9:30 appointment.

Oh, come on, A.J.
We need a day off.

We need a payday
is what we need.

No, that's all right.
I'll tell you what.

If you want, I'll fly
solo on this one.


I'll just finish up
on the porch here.

Who's the client?

Oh... [circular saw]


Allison Long, the movie star.

It's waited since Nixon.
It can wait a while longer.

I'm so sorry to be late.

Come in. Come in.

If you weren't late, you
wouldn't be Allison Long.

Make me one of your notorious
bloody marys, will you, Greg?

I had a brutal night.

Nothing serious, I hope.

Oh, it certainly was.

I absolutely refused to go
on stage at the Carson show

when I found out Joan
Rivers was hosting.

The last time she interviewed me

that woman had the
gall to ask if it were true

that I carve a notch in my
bedpost after each lover.

Did I ever tell you I fired the
upstairs maid after that one?

I've had a chance to get to
know Rick and A.J. Simon here.

- I'm A.J. He's Rick.
- I'm Rick.

Of course, and uh,

I'm convinced they're
the right men for the job.

Has Greg filled you in
on all the sordid details?

Uh, well, just that you need

bonded couriers to hand-carry
some negotiable securities

from here to a
bank in Mexico City.

That's... all.

Well, Peter's been
terribly nasty about it all.

And who's Peter?

My fourth husband.


My fifth husband.

You see, we've been going
through this rather messy divorce.

- Aw.
- As Allison's personal manager,

I have counseled her to move certain
negotiable securities out of the country.

At least until this is settled.

I think we can handle that.


there is one thing
you should know.

Peter has made several threats.

And he's in the position
to carry them out.

You see, his
background is... Well, I...

He comes from a
well know family.



A well known Vegas family?

Well, I can't help it if
I have this tendency

to be attracted to men with
a certain aura of danger.


I've been in therapy
for a long time.


- I hope your not a Scorpio.
- No.

It's likely that some of his
friends will try to stop you.

No problem.

Well, then it's settled.

You can pick up the
documents this morning

at Harding Kats
Investment downtown.

- Okay.
- Wonderful.

I feel so much better about
all this now that I've met you.

I hate to run,

but I promised I'd
donate my old wardrobe

to an auction to raise
money for Jerry's kids.

Oh, that's nice.

You be sure to pay
them generously.

And I'll thank you
personally when you return.


You too.


I'm telling you, A.J.,

there is a notch on her
bedpost with my name on it.

Rick, the woman is a
renowned carnivore.

She will exploit you
for her own pleasure.

- She will use you. Sh...
- Yeah.

Okay, both, just
sign and date it here.


- Mr. Kats.
- Mayrose.

There you go.

Don't drink the water.


[landing announcement
in Spanish]


bank is only a few blocks
away. I can take you there.

Nah, you just meet us at the
bank in about half and hour, pal.

Here you go.

Yep, it's a black sedan.
We got two to beat.

Two, plus two over there.

Oh, why are they on us? Don't
you think that's a little extreme?

Oh, this is no time
to stop and ask them.

Do you think maybe
we should rush?


Ah, great. We'll just
be a few minutes, uh...

Oh boy.

Now it's time to
stop and ask them.

[speaking Spanish]

U.S. Customs.

U.S. Treasury.

Richard and Andrew J. Simon,

you're under arrest for
transporting stolen securities

out of your country into Mexico.

Come on, A.J. In a couple
hours we'll be laughing about this.

We got reputations in this town.

I know. That's what worries me.

I'll let you know when
we got a serious problem.

I know when we've
got a serious problem.

It's generally the time you
take a swing at somebody.

All right. Quiet down.

Number 3, step forward.

Turn to your right.

Face us again.

Number 4, step forward.

Put the hat on.

Yes, that's them.

I'm sure of it.

Has anybody questioned
Allison Long or Greg Paulson?

There is no Greg Paulson.

- What?
- What?

And Allison Long has been
in Morocco for three months

working on a picture.

- No.
- She hasn't.

Look, we were with
her in Paulson's office.

She walked off the
Tonight Show last night

because of Joan Rivers.

A comment about, uh,
notches on her bedpost.

She going to give all
her clothes to Jerry's kids.

Would you come off it. They
know. Look at these, man.

Taken four months ago
by the Mexican Federales.

Minutes after they were taken,
the suspects slipped through the net.

They never IDed you until today.

Received an anonymous tip that
another delivery was on the way in.

This isn't us.

Well, look. We weren't even
in Mexico four months ago.

Look at the date.
October 31st. Halloween.

A.J. and I had tickets on the 40 yard
line for the Chargers-Redskins game.

You knew we were going.

Any witnesses who saw you there?

- Oh, sure. Howard Cosell.
- Dandy Don.

Frank Gifford.

Who's going to notice us
with 52,000 football fans?

Come on, Town. We were set up.

Yeah, but how in the
hell do we prove it?

Well, what do they have so far?

They know hundreds of thousands
of securities were funneled

out of Hardings and
Kats by Mayrose.

We got an APB out on him.

They've been closing in on a
gang for several months now.

Got close a couple times.

Ah, the game had to be
really getting dangerous.

What about the others?

As far as the feds are
concerned, you are the others.

Oh, that's absurd!

Your names were salted
all through Mayrose's files.

Looks like you've been
involved from the beginning.

- Someone's trying to hang us.
- Yeah.

Oh, I don't think you'll
get the death penalty.

20, 30 years tops.

That's what you think.

Mom finds out about
this, she's going to kill us.

I almost had to
mortgage the house again

to raise bail this time.

[both] Sorry, Mom.

Well, if you'd become a lawyer,
you wouldn't be sorry now.

Mom, we're innocent.


Oh, you found
time to be innocent

between your black bag
jobs and your shootouts?

Sooner or later something
like this had to happen.

I'm just glad you weren't
found dead in some back alley.

Well, maybe this
will finally put an end

to this private
detective foolishness.

How bad is it?


The State has suspended
your investigator's licenses.

Your professional
insurance was revoked, too.

Any reaction?

[all talking at once]

Mrs. Simon, how
does it feel to learn

your sons are
international thieves?


Don't assault a guy's mother.

[heart beat]


A.J.! You all right?

[heart beating faster]

You been here all night?

A couple hours.

Are you having
trouble sleeping lately?

I slept just fine.

There's a lot to do, you know.


I thought we agreed we were
going to do it this morning.

I don't like the idea of
having a tired partner.

Tired partners make mistakes.

What does that supposed
to mean? When have I...

Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy.

You want some coffee?


I've been, uh,
squeezing the street.

Not a lead to our phony Allison
Long and Greg Paulson yet.

They had to be
recruited out of town.

Whoever's behind it played
it all on no mob connections.

Still convinced of
the revenge motive?

That's the only thing that
makes any sense, A.J.

You know, just look
in the Yellow Pages

under "fall guys to
arrange a frame."

Had to be somebody
that hated our guts.

Somebody with a score to settle.

And then you've been going
through the old score cards?



Most of our enemies still have their
mail delivered to state-owned institutions.

You realize, Rick. We could be
sharing a zip code with some of them

And I bet they would be
very glad to see us again.

For the time being,
I'm betting that our man

or woman is on the outside.

And it had to be somebody
who was capable of

executing something
this complicated.

That narrows it down
to three old cases

that might come
back to haunt us.

Helen Brackett.

Alias, Satchelmouth.

Well, if it isn't
the Hardy Boys.

Heard you got your
butts in a federal sling.

Well, if you want any favors,

you're on the
wrong street corner.

You sound bitter, Helen.

Why shouldn't I be?

I was never unemployed
until I went straight.

I mean, I was a
thief but I had dignity.

Somewhere there must be
an honest career with dignity.

You want to know
what my first job was

when I got out of the slammer?

Selling Delorean cars.

Tough break.

Ha, yeah.

Uh, then I got real lucky.

Landed a job as a stewardess.


It sounds dignified.

Braneth. Company folded.
They fired everybody.

Oh, then there was some guy
hanging around from Playboy

wanted all the
ex-stews to pose naked.

Call that dignity?

But then I got my big break.

Went into marketing videogames.

I got a warehouse full of them.

And I almost got involved in
the cultural channel on cable TV.

Yeah, that folded, too

when the punk-rock
station bought it out.

See what I'm saying?

No dignity.

There's only one thing
worse than being straight.

And you guys are going to
find out about that real soon.

I'm not sure I follow you.

I'm not sure I want to.

Ain't no dignity in
prison, fellas. None.

Tough life. Bad
food. Bad company.

I wouldn't wish it
on my worst enemy

but, you know,
I'm going to laugh

every time I send
you a postcard.

Oh, you bet I'm bitter.

[A.J.] Eladio Sanchez.

Alias, the architect.

My father was a gardener.

He wanted more from me,
but it's an honorable way of life.

Not, also, a
run-of-the-mill career

for a cum laude
graduate of Cal Tech.

I've always been interested
in planting and growing.

I published a paper on
pseudo-genetics when I was in school

that suggested the first practical
uses of genetic modification of crops.

I know.

Very impressive.

Until you graduated and turned
to crime to finance your research.

My research might have led
to a solution of world hunger.

And some of my colleagues

thought I was a leading
candidate for a Nobel Prize.

Well, I guess we kind of put a
damper on your ticket to Stockholm.

Yeah, well.

Now I watch the grass turn green

and the flowers bloom.

And as long as
my parole continues

it's a good place to be
until I can get my bearings.

I don't want to make
the same mistake twice.

Some friends of ours
are looking for a gardener.

You know, in case
you want small work.

Greg Paulson and Allison Long.

I believe this
isn't the first time

you represented yourselves
as friends of Allison Long

from what I've read
in the newspapers.

Yeah, well, we were framed.

Yes, I believe I remember
saying something along those lines

when I was arrested.
Do you recall?

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have a lot of work to do.

Maxwell McGuire.

Alias, Mad Max.

Oh, no. No, I don't
blame you at all.

You were quite fair.

You gave me a
chance to surrender.

I was the one who chose
to jump from the train.

Oh, some people wouldn't be so

understanding about
losing their sight, Max.

I try not to think about
that part of my life.

The accident may have even
been a blessing in disguise.

It all changed for me.

One day when a sparrow
flew through the bars of my cell.

And another... And another.

Like Burt Lancaster in
The Birdman of Alcatraz.

They used to call me
the birdman of Lompoc.

[mimicking bird sounds]

Oh, oh, my goodness.
Doodle, you're getting plump.

Uh, we met some
friends of yours.

Greg Paulson. Allison Long.

No, no. You must be mistaken.

These little creatures are
my only friends in the world.

You know, you
ought to write a book.

Oh, I am. I'm
working on one now.

A cookbook?

Could I pack you a
couple for the road?

- Uh, no. No, thank you.
- No, thank you.

I guess my old
friends don't like squab.

I don't know what you
expect to accomplish here, A.J.

We have check everything, Rick.

Come on. Don't go getting sloppy
on me just cause you're tired.

I am not tired.

Town didn't find anything here.

The guys at the lab
didn't find anything here.

It's a waste of time.

Well, they were here
after it was abandoned.

We are the only ones
that were here before.

So maybe we saw something.

Something that didn't register
but that means something.

- Yeah.
- Okay? Now come on.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Now look. We were sitting
here talking to Paulson.

- He was at his desk, right?
- Right.

[both] You were sitting
there. I was sitting here.


Then, uh, Allison came in.

Oh boy.

Okay, now don't look at her.

Come on. Look around
her. Look behind her.

What do you see.

Um... All right, um...

Let's see. There's...

some abstract prints
over here on the wall.

[both] And over there.


There's an umbrella
right here next to the door.

Right. Right.

Ah, over here there's a
little chrome statue of Bambi.

Yeah. Bambi?

- A deer. Over there.
- Right. Right, okay.

Uh, let's see.

Oh, right. Right
here there's a...

What you call it... a coat
rack. Brown leather coat on it.

Good, okay. Now we're
getting somewhere.

It's just a leather coat.

There's no label
on it or anything.

We just want to
keep things going.

Okay, she came in.

- You kissed.
- Kissy, kissy, kissy.

She wants a special bloody mary.

He goes over to the bar.

Three decanters, some booze.

And the usual bar
junk over there.

- Brings it over here.
- Brings it over there.

She's sitting
there. I sit there.

And I get all excited
and everything.

There's a coffee table here.


Uh, on the coffee table,

- there's a book
on sailing - Right.

- Uh, a book of photographs.
- Right.

Book on sea travel.

Hey wait, wait,
wait. Hold it. Hold it



Yeah, there's a
book of photographs.

Ah. There was a
photograph right here.

- Yeah.
- Um, Paulson and Marilyn

She signed it. Something
about their date to the Oscars.


Picture was taken in front of
the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Isn't that where they always
hold the Academy Awards?

Yeah, now it is.

But when Marilyn Monroe died

the Dorothy Chandler
Pavilion hadn't been built yet.

So that picture had to have
been taken with the double.

A Marilyn double. Allison Long.

No. No, no, no,
this was Allison...

Let's take a ride
up to Hollyweird.

You want glamour, sweetheart.
I got glamour for sale.

Yes, sir. You and me
are going to turn this

into the most important event
in the history of shoe stores.

Dr. Milano's arch supports are going
to go down in show business annuals.

Yes, sir. My A package features

the top 10 movie
box-office stars of this year.

My B package is all the top
television... Hey, look, look.

No matter what, I'll give you

a million dollars worth of
talent for every store, okay?

Let's do lunch and
firm up the deal. Good.

Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Bring a pair of those
shoes with you?

Uh, 9D. I got to get familiar with
the merchandise we're selling, right?

Okay. Hey, ciao. Love you.

Hey, Stella!

No, she don't work here anymore.

Charlie, I could've
been somebody.

I mean, I could've been a contender
instead of a bum which is what I am.

I mean, let's face it. I am.


I'm gonna make you an
offer which you cannot refuse.

Bonus saddle, bonus
saddle, bonus saddle.

One of the guys in the steam
room put you up to this, right?

Steam room?

Steam room?

Hey, my streetcar
broke all B.O. records.

And a piece across the
Louisiana dinner theater.

I mean, people
always tell me I look...

Go home, kiddo.
Go be a carpenter...

No, wait a minute, Mr. Paulany,
you don't understand.

Look at. Look at. Look at.

I'm down to my
last 20 bucks here.

Brando. Brando!

Brando. That's it.

- Marlon Brando.
- Yeah.

I'm telling you it's uncanny.

Isn't it.

Ah, the resemblance, the
way it creeps and grabs...

Something to do with
the jaw line in here.

And a glance up in...

Turn to the light a little bit.

Oh, gee. In the right light
it-it gives me the willies.

It gives me the creeps.
Hey, you got an agent, kid?

No, I don't. That's
why I came to see you.

kid. You got one now.

- My handshake is my contract.
- That's terrific.

I got to get some
videotape on you.

Come on. Come into
the videotape room.

Is this what they
call a screen test?

You got to hit it. We'll
get some good film on you.

Well, this is very excited

because I've never performed...

Left over from yesterday's
Queen Elizabeth audition.

Just throw it anywhere.

Here's you mark.
This is called a mark.

Stand right there
and don't move.

- This is a mark?
- You are perfect. Perfect.

All right. All right.
This is wonderful.

I can hardly wait. Let's go.

Should I do
anything in particular?

Right now just give me that

great Brando power. Okay?

Go down. Hit your mark.
Give me another pout.

Give me a Brando pout.

That's great.

That's great. Okay.

Scratch it off. That's good.

Scratch the other arm again.

It's frightening. You are
better than the original.

I got a big winner here.

I have people in Louisiana
tell me that all my life.

You're going to be a star now.

You're going to be
a Hollywood star.

You sure this is
the right address?

It's what's written on the file.

Tinseltown Escort Service
and Massage Emporium.



Oh, hi, fellas. [giggles]

Did anybody ever tell
you you look just like...

No. No, no wait. Let me guess.

Um, Carrie Grant, right?


No, no, no, I know, wait.

Um, oo, I saw her on
TV just the other day.

Um, she giggles a lot, right?


I give up. Who?

Goldie Hawn.

Come on in.

♪ They made him blow a
bugle for his Uncle Sam ♪

♪ It really brought him down
because he could not jam ♪

♪ The Captain
seemed to understand ♪

♪ Because the day the Cap'
went out and drafted a band ♪

♪ And now the company jumps ♪

♪ when he play reveille ♪

♪ He's the boogie woogie
bugle boy of Company B ♪


Hey, girls. Look what I found.

- Hello, there.
- Hello.

You looking mighty
dandy this afternoon.

Howdy, boys.

A.J., I think we've
just stumbled on

on the home for
wayward celebrity doubles.

That's right.


Come on, ladies. All right,
ladies. Let them breathe.

Let them breathe.
Liz, get out of here.

Let them breathe.
Let them breathe.

Well, no wonder
they're so excited.

Do, uh... Actually we
were hoping to find, uh...

an Allison Long type.

The Allison type. Why,
that's like Chinese food.

An hour later
you're still hungry.

I hate to see a man go hungry.

Yeah, but we heard
that you did have a girl...

Yes, we did. She
was very popular,

but she left us a
month or so ago.

Okay, now, what
about Marilyn Monroe.

See, I always wanted to meet...

Marilyn's tied up right now.

But if I say so myself,

you look more the
Dolly Parton type.

- I do?
- Yes, you do.

And for a slight extra fee,

I will throw in Barbara
Streisand's double.

And they will do a duet
that you will never forget.

Uh, just out of curiosity,
what are your rates?


500 an hour.

Well, dreams do
come true here, boys.

But they don't come cheap.

Now, if you're
looking for a bargain,

we're running a special
on our Joan Collins.

449.95 But you
got to take her as is.

Uh, look, really. All we want is we
want to talk to the Allison Long double.

Would you happen to know
where we could find her?

Wait a second. What is this?

You guys cops or something?


Oo. Hey. Hey, come back here.

Stop him, boys. Stop him.

Hey, did anybody ever tell
you that you look exactly like...


Hit him for crying out loud!

I can't hit a lady.

I'm no lady.

You should've told me
you liked it rough, tiger.

Allison Long's double,
who is she with?

All right. You hold
it right there, sucker.




It's Sanchez, isn't it? Is it?

He was a regular customer.


Sundance started it.

[sighs] Boy.

I don't have time for this, man.

Don't you understand what
it means to be out on bail?

There are all
kinds of restrictions.

You guys have broken
every one of them

in less than 24 hours.

Hey, at least we IDed Sanchez.

I can't slide you through
another one of these.

One more and you'll be
waiting for your trial in jail.

Yeah, what about Sanchez?

Well, he didn't report to
his parole officer yesterday.

And his place is deserted.

Well, that means he took off

as soon as he realized
we suspected him.

Our Marilyn double
wasn't any help.

She thought the
whole thing was a gag.

Well, he's probably out
of the country by now.

Yep. Mexico.


- Are you sure?
- No.

But that's where he was
living when he was working

on his principle in
pseudo genetics.

Well, I read his research paper.

It was evidence
for the last case.

It was very interesting...

Yeah, right, right.

I'll contact the
authorities in Mexico

and have them check things out.

Won't do you any good.

Guy's got a mind
like a computer.

He'll be wired in to
any local police activity.

That means we're going to
have to go down ourselves.

What did I just finish saying?

You're talking about sneaking
out of the country, man.

A fugitive from justice.

Your mother could
forfeit all the bail money.

Town, it's the only way.

It is no way.

And even if you found him there,

you... you couldn't
do anything to him.

There's nothing
to hold him on yet.

No, you can't hold
him officially. We can.

We can hold him upside
down and shake him

until something falls
out of his pockets.

As your friend, I'm telling you
you're dead wrong on this one.

And I'm not going
to let you do it.

Look, I'll stand on your
shadows for as long as it takes.

You know I can do that, too.

If you take one step
towards Mexico...

If you even go out
for a Mexican dinner,

I'll throw your butts right back
in jail for your own protection.

Try me.

I can barely hear you.

Operator, this is a
terrible connection.

Yes, Bette?

Looking for me?

Are you sure?

It's Bette. Two men were
there. The same ones.

They know I'm with you.

But you say she didn't tell
them we were down here.

Yes, Bette.

I'm glad you called.

I'll be in touch.

I don't think anyone
can find us down here.

Yeah, well, you don't
know them like I do.

I underestimated them once.

And they hung me up to twist
slowly in the wind for the world to see.

They'd never leave the
country while they're out on bail.

They would be
crazy to risk that.


But I'd feel better with
some additional help.

I don't think we should
bring in anyone new.

Should be someone we can trust.

Someone you've
worked with before.

You're right.

You're not seriously considering
going down there yourselves.

Mom, we know you've
put up an awful lot of bail...

Don't you understand?

You're out of the
investigating business.

And if we're lucky, we'll
keep you out of prison.

If we don't find Sanchez
now, we may never find him.

And what if he isn't there?

What do you do then?

Come back here and
face additional charges?

Or go on the run,
living a day at a time.

We'll survive.

Will you?

Are you asking me to approve?

To understand.

Well, I don't.

[heart beat]

[heart beating faster]

Take care of A.J., you old mutt.

What are you doing?

Why are you up?

I heard you come in.

A.J., I have a
better shot alone.

Don't let mom worry.

I'll be in touch as soon
as I know something.

You bastard.

You were going to leave me here?

All right, now look. It's
the smartest thing to do.

The two of us together
makes it too easy for Town.

Now I can make it on my...

Bravado move. The
older brother. Forget it.

I'm going to take
the back way in there.

Forget it. I am going!

Damn it, A.J.!

Mom was right.

You couldn't survive on
the run. I can if I have to.

I'm going to
assume that all this

is because you are suffering
from utter exhaustion.

And you, shut up!

If you want to go it on your
own after we play out this hand,

that's fine.

But my neck is on
the block here, too,

and I am going down to
Escuinapa with you, like it or not.

You coming?


Buy you guys some breakfast?

As long as it's not Mexican.

Is he still following us?

He's still following us.

I don't see his car.

This time I think we lost him.

A.J., the school bus.

Okay, we've got him
right where we want him.

Right on our tail.

Yeah, but if his
confidence is up.

I can understand why.

Nah, we're going
to take him, Rick.

With a little help from
Carlos's Car Wash.


[Allison] They found us.

[Sanchez] There's
nothing to worry about.

I had them under surveillance

since they entered
the town this morning.

We're ready for them.

They're here.

They just came
over the north wall.

You can intercept
in the front room.

Are you sure you have
the right costumes on?


A.J. we got to get
out of this place.


I've been having these dreams.

I can't go through with this.

If we stay here, something
terrible is going to happen.

Wait, Rick.



It's locked.

They got us in here. We
don't have any choice now.

Hey, come on. It's
all right. It's all right.



[gun shot]

[heart beat]

[gun shot]


Come on!

[heart beat]

[heart beating faster]

Oh, god. All right. Just relax.
You're going to be all right.

You're going to be okay.

Let me just check you out.

I had a shot at him.

Well, why didn't you shoot him?

I thought he was you.

I figured if one of us was going
to take a round, it would be me.

Oh my god.

Hold it right there. Everyone.

It's Town.

Oh, boy. We're in trouble now.

[officer speaking Spanish]

[Town] Well, don't
forget I owe you one.

[Rick] Anytime,
Anytime. One hand or not.

Oh, Rick, don't
be in such a hurry.

I want to say something
before we begin.

We've come through
a very difficult time,

and we've had
some harsh words...

Mom, there's no
need to apologize.

Oh, I had no intention
of apologizing.

None of this would have happened
if you weren't private investigators.

But I've been
thinking and I realized

that you two are doing
what you want to in life.

And if that's what you
want, that's what I want, too.

So, I think the occasion
calls for a toast.

I feel very, very lucky
that I'm sharing supper

with my family tonight.




- Here, here.
- Here, here.

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