Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 13 - John Doe - full transcript

You find missing persons, right?

Who's missing?


[dogs barking]

- This is big.
- [chuckling]

I could go to the captain
now. That is still the D.A.

I can't remember anything since
I punched out of here last night.

We'll let's call the
Supreme Court.

Have you guys got the number?

- [gasps]
- Randall!

Alright now, look, Doc.

I'm in here to kick the junk.

A.J. what are you look for?

I'm looking for a motive.


♪♪ [theme music]

[dog barking]

Careful, Mister.

[Woman] We
better call the police.

- He's got a gun.
- Come on.

Come on!


Bryan, what the hell?

I got to talk to you.


Bryan, where have you been?

What's with this monkey suit?

That's the thing.

I don't know.

I woke up this morning
next to a wreck.

A car.

Now I'm wearing this.

And I got this.

And this.

Bryan, put that away.

And Marty, I can't remember anything
since I punched out of here last night.

[Marty] Last night?

You haven't been
here in three months.

Come on, Marty.

I served the fried chicken to
the Cub Scout troop yesterday.

You had a toothache, remember?

I've been through root
canal since then, Bryan.

You just up and
left for three months.

I saved your paycheck
for you though.

Maybe you don't
need it now, huh?

[chuckling] Three...
Three months?


This is good.

You sit here,
okay? I'll get in line.

Don't worry. The cops
will know what to do for you.

Do you have any I.D.?

I mean, maybe they'll need it.


Yeah, that's it.

Don't we have enough
beer in the fridge already?

Yeah, it's not beer.

Oh, no.

Another special on Don Diablo.

How can you drink tequila
that comes in a gallon jug?

It's not tequila.

- Carrot juice?
- Yep.

- Alfalfa sprouts?
- Yep.

What's this?

- Ginseng root.
- Ginseng?

Yeah. There's nothing like a raw root in
the morning to start your day off, right?

You are getting
into health food?

I am getting into health food.

Now, hey, hey,
hey. Wait a minute.

We're talking about
Rick Simon here?

Yeah, well, I just had a long
talk with an expert in nutrition,

and I came away convinced

that-that the quality in my life
could be just dramatically improved.

Oh, there's no doubt about that,

but I've been telling you
about nutrition for years.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

How did this expert
finally convince you?

- Well, she's very...
- Uh-huh.

- Very...
- Uh-huh.

- Healthy.
- Uh-huh.

Yeah, she's going to be working
real close with me on this, A.J.

Uh-huh. I bet the quality of
your life is already improving.



Does she know you smoke?

Hey, come on. I've been quitting,
haven't I? No more cigarettes.

Just the occasionally cigar
to kind of bridge the gap.

Bridge the gap,
three years, huh?

It's a long bridge.

You wouldn't like me
if I went cold turkey.

[door bell]

I don't like you now.

Hey. Look, you can
kill yourself if you want.

You're not going
to take me with you.



My name is Bryan Gatewood.

I'm looking for the detectives.

That's us.

You find missing persons, right?

Well, we try.

Who's missing?



And then...

I just went back
to my apartment.

But... my key is not on here.

And there's new
tenants in my apartment.

They've never even heard of me.

They don't get my mail.

All my stuff... is gone.

I'm erased.

And this.

There's $20,000 in there.

I've never had more than a couple
hundred dollars in my saving account.

And this tuxedo, I don't
know where it came from.

Or the sports car.

I've always been a
dedicated bus rider.

And this...

I never even owned a gun before.

I'm afraid of guns.

I've had a couple of mornings

where the night before
was a little... blurry.

Man, I wish all I had
was a bad hangover

instead of... Amnesia?

Well, let's call it amnesia.

Have you ever had
amnesia before?


I don't remember.

[Rick] Well then what about, uh,

mental conditions in general?


[Brian] I'm sorry.

I guess you guys would have
to think that, wouldn't you?

What have I been
doing for three months?

I don't have any idea.

You imagine what
that feels like?

Okay. Now, look.

Your family must know
what you've been doing.

I just moved out here.

I have a brother.


We're not too
fond of each other.

I haven't talked
to him in years.

Look, here's a
thousand bucks retainer.

Will you take it?


we're not even sure
this money is yours.


That's what I'm
paying you to find out.

[A.J.] Okay, look.

I think this is what
we ought to do.

We ought to take
him back to the police.

No, no, no, no.

Downtown Brown.


Town will know
how to handle this.

Town's a good man.
You can trust him.

All right.

Hey, hey.

Hey, Town.

What did you do?
Close the place down?

You said special handling.
I thought I'd oblige.

- Hey, Town.
- Yeah, Town. You all right. Thanks.

No, my pleasure.

Ah. Bryan Gatewood.
Downtown Brown.

It's all right, Bryan. The
lieutenant's a friend of ours.

You can trust him.

Yes, you can. You can trust me.

So, you're Bryan Gatewood.

Yes, sir. That's me.

Hit the deck!

I'm arresting you, Bryan.
Let me have that please.

What? You set us up.

You have the right to remain...

Hey, we're supposed to
be friends! You set us up!

[all speaking at once]

If you can't betray your
friends, who can you betray?

[all speaking at once]

I can't tell you how much I
appreciate the favor, Brown!

We had the gun! How
the hell is going to hurt us?

[all yelling]

I got him to trust you!


What is it I'm charged with?

I'm charging you with the
murder of Julia Kessler.


Wait a minute. Julia Kessler?

I never met the woman.

- Never met the woman!
- There you go!

I went there to quit smoking.

Coming out of Omega
Clinic. My third session.

That is the very last
thing I remember.

I joined up to quit smoking.

Couple of meetings.

I just started M.P.A.

Medicated positive adjustment.

It's a patented technique.

Must have worked.

I'm in jail for murder. I
don't even want to smoke.

I'd like to gamble and
put him on a lie detector.

If the D.A. believes he
doesn't remember it can't hurt.

Well, I guess my
word's about all I got.

I don't even know why
you guys believe me.

It's common sense.

You don't kill somebody

and then wander around
with the gun and the money

claiming you don't remember.

It's a dumb defense.

[A.J.] Now if the Omega Clinic
is the last thing you remember,

it's the first place
we ought to start.

They must have
some records on you.

Yeah, we'll go by there tomorrow
and start asking some questions.

I think we ought to
get the answers first

and then ask the questions.

[Rick] Yeah.

Besides, why wait for morning

when answers are
just a black bag away?

Now, wait a minute. No.

You can't use black bag.

I'm using the black bag.

The public defender
shouldn't be hearing this.

By the way,

there's still a
caretaker at the house

and I believe he has a dog.

Hella, dog's no problem.

[phone ringing]

[dogs barking]

[doctor] Who are you?

What are you doing here?

Uh... Now I-I am warning you.

I have already
called the police.

You really don't need that.

Would you mind
just may... O-okay.

I'm a private investigator.

I'm working on the
Julia Kessler murder.

You're a private investigator?

Yes, I am as a matter of fact.

Uh uh uh!

No, no. My credentials.

Your credentials do not validate
your breaking and entering, Mr. Uh...


Simon... Yes, I know.

And you have every right
in the world to be upset.

But really I'm
just doing my job.

I mean I wasn't going
to steal anything.

I just wanted to get a-a look at
the files on Bryan Gatewood and...

Well, I understand that he was
one of your patients, Dr. Price.

Ooo, we do not discuss our
files with anyone, Mr. Simon.

I know, doctor-patient

See, that's why I... Hey, look.

No harm, no foul.

I'll just be on my way.

Another step and your credentials
are going to be very severely damaged.

Now we will just
wait for the police.

- No need to wait. We're here.
- Ahh!

Uh! Lieutenant Brown.

[doctor] Oh.

Oh, Lieutenant. Thank
you for getting here so fast.

I heard a noise.

And the guard was
not at his desk, and I...

Uh, cuff him.

[Brown] What are
you doing with this?

- What?
- Gun.

Well, we have a lot of
drugs here on the premises.

Some of them are
very strong, Lieutenant.

And there's always the
chance of this kind of break-in.

Ever since Julia
was murdered, I...

Just put the gun away please.

Thank you, Doctor.

We'll take care of him.

[doctor] Oh, thank you.

Glad to see you, Town.




The cuffs, you can
take them off now.

Oh, S.O.P, nothing personal.



I owe you one.

- Ah.
- Now we're even.

All right. Now look, Town. There is
definitely something not right here.

Pistol-packing Dr. Price was Bryan
Gatewood's personal physician.

And his file is as
blank as his memory.

Now, she has got to have
something to do with this.

Of course she does. She's
acting chief administrator.

That isn't what I meant.

A.J., what are you looking for?

Your client murdered
Julia Kessler.

He was driving her car.

We found love letters that
he'd written to her at her place.

Ballistics matches the bullets in
her body to the gun he was carrying.

I'm looking for motive, Town.

Well, where did the
money come from?

Where did he live?

Was he really a t the
scene of the crime?

Look, the man took a
lie detector test today.

He really, truly does not
remember killing Julia Kessler.

I saw the tapes.

And I don't care if he
doesn't remember the Alamo.

What I care about is
whether he did it or not.

What in the world...?

That's right. Marlo, I been stepping
out with other pooches behind your back.

Over other pooches,
would be more like it.

What happened to you?

Attack dogs.

Shepherds. One of them
bit the hand that fed him.

And the frisbee got
lost in a tree and the...

Well, you know a guy who
finishes a tough black bag job

and there's something inside
him that just tells him it's Miller time.

[Rick laughs]

Oh, sorry.

It's the last one.

It-it-it's the last...

Ah. [burps]

All I've got is carrot juice.

- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, listen. I ran into Bryan's
personal physician over at the clinic.

Name of Dr. Rita Price.

- The one taking
over for Kessler?
- There you go.

Ella sent over all this
research stuff over on her,

so I've been reading up.

Now it seems that Dr. Price
is kind of the whiz kid...

Ugh. Ugh.


You drink this
stuff all the time.

Yeah. I like it.

It seems that Dr. Price
is the whiz kid at Omega.

But she couldn't get
the project off the ground

without Kessler's money.

And after that, Kessler
took most of the credit

and all of the profits.

Betty Crocker.

I-I beg your pardon?

Betty Crocker.

Somebody else
does all the cooking,

she gets her face on the box.

Yeah, something like
that. What did you find out?

Man doesn't wear a
woman's deodorant.

Oh, well, I've been wondering...

No, no. You think
about this now.

You having a serious
affair with somebody,

you're going to have some of
your personal items at her place.

Not necessarily. I mean,

they may have been meeting
at his place, wherever that was.

Well, yeah. But you'd think
Bryan would've at least visited.

I couldn't even tell the
guy had ever been there.

They found the
love letters there.

Yeah, I know that.

I'd just feel a lot
better about everything

if I could've found a
man's sock with a hole in it

under a bed, behind a sofa.

You know, something like that.

[phone rings]


Hi, Ella.



We're on our way.


They just rushed
Bryan to the hospital.

Was that all they said?

Just that they'd
brought him here.

I don't suppose he made himself
a neck tie out at the mattress town.

He didn't look that
desperate to me.

No, just your average
happy-go-lucky Joe.

I'm Ella Carpenter with the
County Office of Defender Services.

Gatewood is my
client. How is he?

He's fine. He's
watching television.

Who are you?

I'm his priest.

They're with me.


Don't worry. It's only hives.

They let you out
of the can for hives?

Well, no. I was having
a lot of trouble breathing.

I had a bad reaction.

They had to give me adrenaline.

All I usually need is cortisone.

Reaction to what?


I've been allergic all my life.

You know, it's amazing
what you miss in three months.

I've missed two space
shuttles, about ten riots.

Are you allergic to beans?

Beans... Any kind. Lima...

Pinto, pork and, refried.

Peanuts are the worst.

Peanuts are beans?


Why didn't you say something?

We can get you a
special diet in jail.

I already told them.

When you're as allergic
as I am, you don't forget.

I don't blame them.

It was in the bread.

Enriched with peanut butter.

See, I would have read
the fine print on the label,

but, uh, they missed it.

Look, when you were
at the Omega Clinic,

do you remember a
doctor named Price?

Rita Price. Sure.

I was in one of her
group therapy sessions.

But that's all you remember?

I mean, no special
attentions or anything?

She was nice to me.

No. None special.

And still no memory
of Julia Kessler?

Well, I think now
what we've got to do

is find somebody who saw
you and Dr. Kessler together.

[phone ringing]



Are you looking for
something special?

I have a friend
who got a car here.

A custom job. I'd like
to get one just like hers.

Julia Kessler.

Oh, Dr. Julia Kessler, yeah.

The lady that was murdered.

- What?
- Wh-what do you mean murdered?

No wait, we just got
back from Mexico.

Oh, the police were
here to ask about it.

Um, I guess she bought the
car for the guy that killed her.

I sold it to him.

But I don't think I'm
supposed to say anything.

No, wait. Are you... Wait... Ho

Are you sure we're talking...

We're talking about
this lady right here.


Yeah, her picture was
in the paper yesterday.

Blonde, same hairstyle.

Um, her lover was, um

Bryan somebody and uh...

I guess they already caught him.

- Murdered?
- They were... You saw them in
here together?

Yeah, yeah. And I particularly
remember them because they paid cash.

You know, it was
my first cash sale.

And, uh, this guy
was real cool about it

like he had blondes
buying him new cars

with hundred dollar
bills every day.

I'm sorry. I'm very upset.

Would you mind if we...
I'll... We'll get the car later.

Okay. Um, why don't
you take my card?

Ah, yes. Thank you.

Thank you.

Did, uh, Towner say why he
wanted to meet us at this address?

Nope. Just left a
message on the machine.

You know, you look at
it from his point of view

Bryan was getting a pretty
sweet ride off Julia Kessler.

It wouldn't take much to
make that my point of view.

She was buying him clothes, cars

and he was just lapping it
up as blazé as you please.

Hey. Welcome to
Bryan Gatewood's house.

Come on down.

Well, we're both just
real proud of you, Town.

How did you find it?

Your basic detective work.

I was standing there when
Gatewood's former boss walked in

to return his wallet to him.


And you were smart
enough to look inside. My, my.

Oh, it was nothing.

Brand new address.

Plenty of room for
all of his old furniture.

And we found a number of personal
items here that belonged to the victim.

- Uh-huh.
- Uh-huh.

- Nice neighborhood, huh?
- Oh yeah.

Yeah. Conveniently located
near all major main squeezes.

In short, only two blocks
from where Julia Kessler lived.

Yeah, yeah. Uh, we
know. What have you got?

Technical term, what we refer to
in the trade as 'icing on the cake'.

- Mm-hmm.
- Ah.

Found it in the trash.

It's a rough draft of the
last letter he wrote to her.

May I?

Thank you.

My dearest Julia,
Been a long time...


Oh. Oh.

If you won't change your mind

I don't know what I'll do.

But I know you owe me, Julia.

You owe me everything.

Well this, just, oh,
that's pretty thin, Town.

You know what I mean?

You mind if we
take a look around?

Ah, my proof is your proof.



Do you remember when
we started looking around

and we didn't know
what we were looking for?

- Mm-hmm.
- Well, I found it.

You think that's weird?

- No, not particularly.
- Well, I do. I think it's weird

[together] to have peanut butter in
your house if you're allergic to peanuts.

Yes, indeed.

Why would Bryan have
peanut butter in his house?

For guests.

You would serve peanut
butter to your guests.

Nobody else would.

Well, now maybe Julia
Kessler came over here

for romantic dinners of peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches by candle light.

[A.J.] Right.

Or maybe this place
was set up by somebody

who was trying to make it
look as if Bryan lived here.

Yeah, somebody who didn't
know he was allergic to peanuts.

Somebody who's
trying to frame him.

Easy to say but
damn hard to prove.

Yes, but if we don't prove it, he's going
to get a one-way tour of the gas chamber.

No return ticket.

Hey, come on, A.J.
We got a little bit longer.

This beats chewing
up your credit cards.

You're going the
best two out of three

falls with a shepherd
girl. Take that.

Well, if we get caught
for breaking and entering

we're going to feel pretty silly
claiming peanut butter as our defense.

[door bell]

How much did it cost to
rent all this stuff anyway?

Ah, that's the best
part of it, A.J. We own it.

You remember Sticky Waller,
the clepto from Yerba Linda?

Violated parole. Had to
go back to the honor farm.

We got a great bargain on this.

150 for the whole shot.

And you think about all the
use we're going to get out of it.

[door opens]

Dr. Price isn't here.

- Rug men.
- She didn't want her any.


How long you been
working here, lady?

Two months.

That explains it. We
come every three months.

Part of the building
contract. Run aside.

I want to know. what exactly
did Sticky do to violate his parole?

He stole some rug
cleaning equipment.

We better hurry.

She's going to
come in any minute.

Mmm. Not unless she's
a very good swimmer.

I'll leave two feet of that stuff
between here and the kitchen.

Hey, Rick?

- Yo.
- This stuff is hardening.

Hmm. Nevermind that.

Look at what I found.


All right. I just called.

Kasnovski said
there ain't no rug men.

- Kasnovski?
- Kasnovski?

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

You mean the super's
name is Kasnovski?

That means this
is not 1742 Willard.


[both] 1748!

Ow, geez. Lo... I'm sorry, lady.

I'll tell you what. You just
consider this a free ride, okay?

Now, that foam out there ought to
settle down by sometime in the morning.

Uh, Leonard, I don't
think I heard you.

What time did you say
you left the liquor store?

Okay, man. Why don't you save
us both some time and cut me loose.

You know how this
game is going to go.

We dance around
for a couple of hours,

you play 20
questions, I play dumb.

Until my main man
comes down here

with a briefcase full of Latin.

And I waltz out of
here in five minutes.

[phone ringing]

Let me pull your coat
about a few things, friend.

In here, Latin's
a dead language.

All we talk it Turk,

and right now, that
means you, chump.

Maybe we'd better come back
when he's in a better mood.

What? Are you kidding?

With what we got in here?

Oh, come on. He'll love it.

Hey, Pizarro, you want to
take this meat back to the locker

and call maintenance?


This is big.

I could go to the captain
right now. That is still the D.A.

No, let's jump him and go right
to the state attorney general.

Ah, the hell with him.

Let's call the Supreme Court.

Have you guys got the number?

What is it? About
10:30 back in D.C.?

I suppose the Chief
Justice is in the rack.

Oh, hell, let's wake him. He won't
want to read this in the papers.

And get your feet off my desk.

Wait a minute, Towny. You trying
to say that you're less than satisfied

with the evidence
we brought you?

You bring me a blond wig

and what looks like a collection
of food for the poor at Christmas

and you want me to lead
the parade to the D.A.

Be fair. Come on, Town.
Put the pieces together.

Why would Bryan Gatewood
have a collection of food

in his cupboard
that could kill him?

Okay. But it is his place

and the neighbors saw him and
Julia Kessler coming and going.

They saw the same thing that the
sales lady at the car dealership saw,

a blonde-haired woman.

And I bet they didn't see
them together very often.

What makes you bet that?

Because the blonde-haired
was probably Rita Price in that.

Look, she does it
somehow with that M.P.G.

or whatever she calls
that brainwashing stuff.

She-she got Bryan
Gatewood to dance to her tune,

and then she got him
to forget all about it.

Now, she probably
got him his house,

uh, changed his address,
stocked his kitchen for him.

All to create a phony
lover for Julia Kessler.

Do you get it?

Oh, come on, Town.

The woman was sick and tired
of Kessler stealing her thunder,

treating her like a flunky,
taking all the money.

Excuse me, guys, if I
find it a little hard to believe

that Dr. Price is the
zombie lady of 14th Street.

She is an expert in
behavior modification.

Bryan was her patient and Bryan's
behavior has been severely modified.

He remembers
going into the clinic.

He does not remember coming out.

It's still all too thin.

I'm sorry, but you guys are
going to have to come up

with something a lot
stronger and a lot cleaner.

What you're going to have to
do is figure out the somehow.

And don't look at me.

My job is to put him in
here, not to get him out.

You guys got this backwards.

Uh, no. What is backwards is

that you have a man
in there who didn't do it.

Well, what do you want me to do?

Uh, Lieutenant, I thought I'd
answered all your questions.

What more can I do?

Oh, this has nothing to
do with the Kessler case.

This is another matter entirely.

You see, I've been out
here so very much recently

and seeing the fine work
that you're doing here,

I thought you might just be
able to help someone for us.

Oh, who?

Well, we called ahead. I
thought you'd been informed.

- Huh-uh.
- Well, he's a prisoner,

and, uh, we need him as a witness
in a very important murder case.

And we'd like to get him
cleaned up before the court date.


He has a small drug problem.

Well, where is he?

Just outside. I'll bring him in.

Dr. Price, this is
Randall Patrick.

Pleased to meet you

Oh. Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Mr. Patrick,

I understand you have
a small drug problem.

Well, no actually, I've
also had larger ones,

but right now what I'm
really into are the little pills.

You know, the
tiny little blue ones.

You got any?

Why is this man in handcuffs?

Uh, this is just a
police formality.

As a matter of fact, uh,
Randall is on work-release.

And, uh, doing quite well
except for his little problem.

What we'd like to do is,
uh, enroll him in a, um,

a live-in program
for full-time treatment.

And, uh, of course the county
will pick up all the expenses.

Ah, well, what
about security, huh?

Oh, I don't think
that will be a problem.

Randall here is
not very violent.

As a matter of fact, uh,

I think your own orderlies
should be more than sufficient.

Miss Heinz, I always
lock my door at night.

It's safer that way.

Well, is there anything else
you'd like to ask me about him?

Oh, I-I don't think so.

I think we can
take it from here.


Randall, we're
all pulling for you.

Thank you, Chief.

[whispers] Yeah.

So, uh, Mr. Patrick.

You're on a
work-release program.

That's right, Doc.

What kind of work do you do?

I'm a butcher.

Now, one of the
proven techniques

that we use here
at Omega is M.P.A.

Medicated positive adjustment.

Now, what that means is

that with a regimen
of safe prescription,

and really very
gentle, mood elevators,

we put you in the
right frame of mind

to change for the better.

Okay, now we also
believe in speaking freely

and in sharing freely both
our problems and our victories.

So, in the coming hours

let's all strive for a little
more candor and honesty

as we share with one another.

Some are here for
smoking, some for drugs...


Some are here for
weight problems.

Uh, but we all have
one thing in common.

We have problems and
we are trying to face them.

Together. We are
all in the same boat.


Mr. Patrick?

That's a crock, Doc.

I'm the only one in the boat.

The rest of you
jackals are in the water.

Well, now that was
certainly very honest.

Um, now who would like to start?

Mr. Thurmond,

I would like to hear about every
single little cigarette we smoked today.

Yeah, me too.

Mr. Patrick.


There will be plenty of time
for us to hear all about you.

Don't turn on the
light, Dr. Price.

Who is that?

What do you want?

Just a fair share.

I recognize that
voice. You're...

You're that private detective.

Simon, right?

Very good.

I figured you might.

Doesn't really matter, does it?

I'm just calling the police.


Go right ahead.

And I'll tell them how
you posed as Julia Kessler

to frame Bryan Gatewood.


I don't even know what
you're talking about.

Yes, you do.

Otherwise, you'd already
be on the phone to the police.

You made a little
mistake, Dr. Price.

There is no such thing
as the perfect murder.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Would-would you
please get out of here?

I'll let you think about it.

But I'll be back.

Dr. Price, you've got to come.

One of the patients,
he's going berserk.

We were five minutes
into the session.

It must be a reaction
to the medication.

- Ohh!
- Randall!

All right, now look, Doc.

I am in here to kick the junk,

but nobody said about my
Winston. I want my Winstons.


Look, Nurse Davis simply
misunderstood our arrangement.

Now, I can see you and I
are going to have a little talk.

I'll be back in to see you.

Frankly, ma'am, I don't
think that man belongs here.

I was checking his history,

and well, he is unstable.

He has a chronic record
of dangerous drug abuse

psychotic episodes,

and he's been put in jail
several times for assault.

He was arrested once
on a hit-and-run murder.

And suspected of another.

They charged him with
pointing a car right at a man

and stepping on the gas.

Yes, but they never proved it.

I don't think you're
getting my point.

Yes, I think I just did.

Sorry about the freak-a-stock,

but, you know, a guy's got
to have his spikes. Right?

Don't worry about it, Randall.

You know, I've been
doing some thinking, and uh,

You're really rather special.

Well, it doesn't
take most folks long.

Most of our clients
are docile people.

They want us to crack the whip.

They want to follow our rules.

They go to sleep
when we tell them.

They get up when we tell them.

They take their drugs
when we tell them.

You and me, we're the same cat.

We could go far.

Well, that's just
what I was thinking.

Just wish there was
something else we could do.

Look, maybe I should
go hit on Price again.

Or maybe you could, uh,

get the word out there's something
wrong with the case against Bryan.

You should've seen
my daddy fish for trout.

Always knew when
to move the fly.

Always knew when to let it lay.

If she realizes that
Rick's faking it...

Both of you knew the plan
when you were going into it.

- You're stuck with it now.
- I know.

I know that, but she's
an awfully smart woman.

- So were the trout.
- Agh.

[phone ringing]


Mr. Simon, uh,
this is Rita Price.

Hello, Dr. Price.

I've been, uh, giving
your proposition

some more thought and, uh,

I'm prepared, just to get
you off my back to, uh,

to offer you a one-time
cash settlement.

How much?


It's a deal.

I get the wig.

And I never see or
hear from you again.

Does that mean I
don't get to take you

to the doctor's dinner
dance next week?

Look, I mean it, Simon.

This is the end.

Take it or leave it.

I'll take it.

I want you to meet me at 7 am

in the field at
Chesapeake and Roscoe.

You know where that is?

Chesapeake and Roscoe?

Ah, well that's way
out in Kerney Mesa.

Um, why don't we just
meet down at the clinic?

Look, I do not want to be
seen doing business with you.

Bring the wig.

And make sure you're alone.

Well... I guess
we do it her way.

That's the boonies,
man. The flatlands.

Well, what else
am I going to do?

Well, how am I going
to cover you out there?

I don't know!

Well, I'll wire you and stand
a mile or two down the road.

Okay. Well, look.
Don't worry about it.

Rick's my ace.

He'll be there if I need him.

- Piece of cake.
- Piece of cake.





[in slow motion] Nice
and relaxed, Randy.

Pay attention, Randy.

Are you relaxed?

That's the word
for it, okay, Doc.

[chuckles] Oh, I
like you, Randy.

I'd like to be your friend.


If you'll let me.

Got a lot of friends, Randy?


Brothers? Sisters?

Nope, just me.

Oh, I'm real glad you came here

because I think we can
break your drug habit.

And with a little
additional treatment

I think we can help you
to control your anger.

Would you like that?

Sure, Doc.

What did you give me?

Oh, same thing we
give all our patients.

But more.

Because with you I
think we can do more.

That would be nice, Doc.

But you know what? For
right now, I'd just like to get up.

You know something weird?

I can't.

Oh, sure you can.


There. Deep breaths now.

You'll feel much
better in a minute.

Okay, and then there's a
little favor you could do for me.

Want to?

A favor for you?

That would be nice.

Fasten your seatbelt, Randy.
We're in for a bumpy ride.

Fasten your seatbelt.



We ought to get out to
the country more often.

All this peace and quiet is
supposed to be good for your nerves.

Oh, yeah. this little trip's
doing wonders for my nerves.

I think I hear someone coming.

It's them coming at you.

Rick with her?

Yeah, he's sitting close
enough to be holding hands.

I hope this radio is working.

Why don't you close your
eyes, Randy? Take a little nap.

Hey, Rick!

Rick, what the hell is going on?

They're in trouble.

Rick, come on. Open the
door! Open this door! Rick!

Come on! Wake up! Wake up!

I'm not going to school today.

Rick! Open it!
Come on! Rick! Rick!

- Rick, open the door!
- Ahh.

Rick, come on! Open up! Rick!

Help me Rick!

Open the door!


Open it! Open this door!

It's locked.

[Price] No!


You have nowhere to
run. Hold it Dr. Price.

- Ahh!
- Nowhere to run.

Are you all right?

Come on.

Anybody got a smoke?

There's more on the way
and it's all on the house.


- There we go.
- Thank you.

So for three months,
I was hypnotized

or drugged and
locked up in that house?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. She got just enough
dope in you so you wouldn't remember,

but she'd let you out
every once in a while,

you know, to go buy a
car and get a little exercise.

But I didn't kill anybody?

No, it's one thing to have
erased a person's memory.

It's another to get them
to kill someone for you.

All she needed was
somebody to satisfy the police.

Just as she thought Randy
over here would satisfy us

when we investigated the theft
of a car and drugs from Omega.

And the subsequent
hit-and-run death of A.J.

Yeah, she figured my record as
a hopped up, hit-and-run maniac

would be enough to hang me.

So, what was it that finally
got through to you, Rick?

Well, I'll tell you.

If we hadn't been brothers

and if I hadn't listened to A.J.
pestering me all those years

we probably wouldn't
be sitting here today.

- Pestering?
- Yeah. That's right. Pestering.

Moi? Pestering?

I never... Don't talk
with your mouth full.

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA