Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 3, Episode 12 - All Your Favorite Games - full transcript

There's nothing like a
good cigar after you've

after you just
swallowed the canary.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon and Simon.

Some do boozes. Some do junk.

I gamble, it's what I do.

Keep her alive over night.

Baby-sit a human time bomb.

Your in trouble, Frankie.

You're with the enemy.

This doesn't have to be rough.

I would hope not.

Hit it.

Hit it. Hit it.


♪♪ [theme]

You mind, Frankie?

Why are we stopping?

You said you wanted
a racing forum.

Ah, come on, Sarge. At
least get me out a little further.

Look, they sell them in here. We
don't know what we'll find later on.

Okay. Okay.

No, you stay in the car.

I'm not under arrest
just protective custody.

- I'm just as safe...
- Look, I'm telling you for the
last time...

This A.J.

Uh, good news.

You remember my brother Rick?

No, come on, Liz. He's
matured quite a bit since then.

Wha... Well, he's...

Let's see, um, traveled extensively in
the orient. Working for the government.


He's quite a sailor.
He owns his own boat.


No, no. Rick is much too
modest to ever call it a yacht.

Uh, how would I describe him?

Uh, a raconteur.

No, he has never served time.

Come on, Liz, look. Just tell Maxine it's
the best I can do on short notice, okay?

Don't worry, I'll put
him on a lunge line.


Okay. I'll talk to you later.


Big night, huh?

Big enough.

Gee, if the planets are in
proper alignment tonight

you might be able to
break 200. Whoopty-Do.

Mex-Cali bowling, you don't
use balls just a lot of lemons.

Makes it easier to
bowel a perfect game.

Want to come along?
Easy game to pick up.

- Rick, I don't want you
to get too excited now, okay?
- Okay.

But you are going to have one
of the most wonderful experiences

of your lifetime.

Yeah, I know, it's league night.

Now, I wouldn't
do this for anyone,

but my own brother.

Her name is Maxine.


Long silky brown hair.


Legs that go from
here to BA.J.a.

Oh, be still my heart.

The Siren voice that
will make your neck size

go from a 16 to an 18.

Oo, Maxine, the beast that works
the computer at the DMV. Forgot.

Two kind of women in this
world. Your kind and my kind.

Please, please, please, Rick.

Liz wants Maxine to have a date.
This is the only way it's going to work.

I ain't about that.

Do you know how much
I want to go out with Liz?

It's going to cost you.

Yeah, fine. Fine.

It's all right. Look,
I tell you what.

Why don't you just forget about the next
payment you owe me on the Chevy, okay?

- Okay.
- Here you go.

Okay, all right, look.

I'll spring for what you
still owe on the bug detector

you bought at surplus
Sammy's, okay?

I want two months free use of the
shower and access to the telephone.

Yeah, all right you go it

Look, just be polite, okay?

Tell her that were taking
them to a French restaurant.

These are ladies, Rick, okay?

What, you think I never
talked to a woman before?



Hey, Max baby.

Yeah, this is Rick
"I got mine" Simon.

Listen, uh, I understand we're
all suppose to go out tonight,

but I'm off the bus with one
of those French joints, right.

So here's the shot.

Captain's Courageous.

Uh, surf-and-turf out at
the new mall. You'll love it.

Oh, yeah, It's got a
world class salad bar.

Ice cold plates.
Beef on a board.

Yeah, they got a tank were you

can nail you're own lobster.

Yup, personally
I like little guys.

Go down with a fight.
You know what I mean?

Yeah, bib city. Pair of pliers
and every man for himself.

All right, look it, I'm going
to be wearing a T-shirt.

You wear a tank-top.
I'll see you around 6.


Hello. Frankie Gillard,

I like you to meet A.J.
Simon and his brother Rick.

Come on, you're going to be
spending night here tonight.

We're just fine,
Janet. How are you?

Uh, why don't you sit down
and make yourself comfortable.

- I'll be right back...
- Excuse me, could I have
a drink of water.

I have to take a pill.

Oh, absolutely.


- Yeah.
- As much as we might like

to spend the night with
that young lady there.

We already have
plans for tonight.

- Maam.
- Thank you.

I even had the whole
in preparation for this.

No, no.

Yes, yes. I want you
to postpone those plans

because this is my
chance to nail Sid Castle.

Now, I'm going to
tell you who that is.

That lady in there is my key to
locking him up into the next century.

Okay, the grand jury meets
tomorrow at 2:00 in the afternoon

and she's going to be there with names
and dates and documents and everything

if I can keep her
alive overnight.

Never a cop around
when you need one.

No, see that's my problem.

We think we might one
or two that we don't need.

There was a hit
attempt this morning.

Castle must of bought
a badge to pull it off.

God knows, he has the money.

Anyway, we're sweating
a suspect right now.

The sergeant who was assigned
to guard her, believe it or not.

So I need someone that
I can really, really trust.

Oh, Janet, that's the nicest
thing you ever said to us.

Yes it is.

Also, the most dangerous.

Asking us to baby-sit
a human time bomb.

No, come on. It's
only for 18 hours.

That is amazing, half the
time it just sort of rockets by

- when there is
only a swallow away.

- Sure does.
- Cute.

- Does she smoke cigars?
- What?

Well, you remember the last
babysitting assignment you gave us.

Big Sal, the guy straight
out of Quest for Fire.

You're going to love Frankie.

Just don't play cards with her.

Hi, you doing?


Is that good or bad?

Oh, don't mind me.

Uh, it's just what I do.

Some people stuck
on cigarettes. I gamble.

Yeah, well, I've been known
to place a bet or two in my time.

Not like me.

Um. Downers.

A gamblers crutch.


Okay, Janet, we'll
take it from here.

I'm never going to see Liz
again anymore anyways.

Doesn't make any difference.

I'll be a bachelor
for the rest of my life.

Frankie, I'll just see you
tomorrow at 2:00, okay?

You'll call later.

I can't do that.

See if Janet knows where you are

then she's in danger, too.


Sid. Sid, are friend is not
were she's suppose to be.

Hi-ya, boys.


Which means we
don't know where she is.

But it also means
that Ms. Fowler,

the darling of the DA's office,

has made her first real error.

I don't know. You know, I
figured after this morning

that she would hand picked
a whole new cop detail.

You know, whisk
Frankie out of town.

She never brought Frankie back to
her office and never even called the cops.

Look for the pattern, Pauli.

Never put your money down on the table
until you see how the cards are falling.

Janet Fowler has a
very defiant pattern.

Remember the time she cut
down Two Fingers Maloney?


Yeah, private detectives busted him
just when he was crossing the border.

And when she wanted
somebody to sit out Big Sal

before he squealed.

She hired private detectives.

The same two
detectives every time.

Simon and Simon.

Then all we got to do

is find them and
we find Frankie.

I don't think we even
have to do that much, Pauli.

If I know Frankie's pattern.

My flower is drying out, Pauli.

Go get me a new one.

From my favorite flower shop.

Always take the room that's far
away from the elevator as possible.

That way they have
to walk to get to it.

And run to get back.

- Check out the other rooms.
- Okay.

All right, Frankie, you just
wait right here for a minute.

Let me check this place out.

Why two rooms?

Uh, it's just nice to know
there's that nobody is next door.

All clear.

Great nobody,

but Spiderman can get up here.


Okay, make yourself comfortable.

I got to take a pill.

Don't you think you ought a
take it easy on those things?

Maybe try and
get a little sleep.

You're kidding, right?

This pill will take me
from terrified to frantic.

That's about as much
as I could hope for tonight.


You hear a cat?


No bugs in Albert's.

285 bucks for that thing.



Oh, I guess this is about as
close to honeymoon as I'll ever get.

I got to call my bookie.

No, no, no. No, phone.

Please, please,
just do it our way

and I promise no
one will find you

and everything
will be over soon.

And the only person using
the phone tonight is me.

I'm going to do that right
now to call room service.

DA's office is going to pay
for making me miss dinner.

[Announcer] Yes this fast
and Paris Red throwing away.

[Announcer] Leftie-Dog is...

Turn him loose, Charlie.

[Announcer] On the turn

[Announcer] It's Chetaz Best,
Paris Red. Chetaz Best and...

Chetaz Best wins
it by five lengths.

Paris Red, second. Leftie-Dog...

Ah, where's that food?

I'm with nine.

Got me with two of
everything. Noah's Ark.

[Announcer] The winner
was Blue Daddy, paying 1,550.

[Announcer] Second,
Doctor Balls paying 8 even.

[Announcer] Princess
Cleo paying 5 even.

[Announcer] Along the program
tonight, nine pari-mutuel races.

[Announcer] The exacta.
The perfecta. The quiniela.

[Announcer] And
the double perfecta.

[Announcer] The third race is scheduled
to run in 19 minutes. On a fast track...

Hi, Georgie.

How's your heart.

Real good. Feeling real good.

Nothing wrong, is there, Pauli?

I've been splitting
square with Castle.

No, nothing is wrong, Georgie.

Sid just needs a
little favor from you.

How do you like San
Diego State, A.J.?

Well, it's a good
engineering school.

It's rather week
in the classics.

I don't think she
wants to enroll.

Oh, you mean the game.

Yeah, like giving it
a ten point spread.

And I heard on the grapevine that
the quarterback's got a sore arm.

How do you know all this stuff?

Sweet Lou.

Sweet Lou Gillard.


I was born in a truck in the
Princess's Casino, Reno, Nevada.

My first rattle was a
roll of silver dollars.

They say I could shuffle a
deck of cards before I could walk.

Now they're just an
extension of my hands,

never without a deck.

I wish sometimes...

I wish, uh, I knew
how to put them down.

Didn't your father, um...

I mean, last year. Didn't he...

He did not kill himself.

Well, the, uh, papers said

he owed hundreds and thousands.

And he went out
a 12 story window,

but he was pushed.

He hade three 100
dollar bills in his pocket.

Well, if he owed lots money
and only had was $300.

I mean, won't that be
a motive for suicide.

Not for a gambler.

I know, I am one.

A gambler with
$300 doesn't give up.

All he need's is a two horse
parlor to win it two to one.

Then he's got 27 hundred,

and then a thousand straight up at
roulette and he's got $47 thousand.

That's enough to
get into a poker game.

Sid Castle did it.

Sounds like Sid Castle making
murder look like an accident or suicide

No ones ever
caught him at, though.

My did business with Castle.

A few weeks ago,

I went through
Sweet Lou's effects

maybe for the hundredth time.

And I came across this
sealed pinochle deck.

Now pinochle was probably
about the only game he didn't play.

Well, why would he
have pinochle deck then?

Because what was in
that box wasn't cards.

It was a key to a
safety deposit box

and in the box where a lot of
receipts, records, notes, photographs.

Proof of racketeering
and extortion.

Loan sharking.

His insurance policy
incase he got killed.


And your friend Janet

tells me it's enough
to put him away for life

if I'm around to identify it.

Ah, gin.

Okay, that's 300 for the
game. 300 for the boxes.

390 doubled for the
blitz. You owe me $990.

What, at a penny a point?

Oh, you didn't know. Um, to
a gambler, penny is a dollar.

Okay, forget it.
Make it 10 bucks.

What's that to me?

I got to call me bookie.

Ah, Uh-Uh. No, no, no.

You got to let me. I got a
dog is going to make me rich.

There will be another
race tomorrow.

You got to let me call him.

Listen, if I don't
something inside...

If I don't make that call,
I'm going to throw up.

I told you.

Some do booze. Some
do junk. I... I gamble.

It's what I do.

Uh, I'll make the
call for you, all right?

He won't expect it if
he doesn't know you.

Please, he's a
personal friend of mine.

Besides he has a phone set
up that makes it impossible

for anybody to trace
his incoming calls.


He's the only bookie
that handles the dogs.

Yeah, 278x.

[Frankie] Apricot
Cookie to win a dollar.

You're in trouble, Frankie.

[Georgie] Tell them I got
to change a computer disk.

He's got to change
a computer disk.

He's got to change
a computer disk.

You're with the enemy.
They belong to Sid.

[Georgie] One of
them wears a mustache

[Georgie] and smokes
those little cheroots,

[Georgie] wears a hat.

[Georgie] The other is
younger and kind of blonde.

[Georgie] Tell them to
take a minute to warm up.

He'll take a minute to warm up.

Well, it's a lot simpler
in the old days.

You got a big black board.

Eh, it's progress,
Rick. It's progress,

you got to learn
to live with it.

You got to get out of
there or it's all over for you.

[Georgie] Now stay
calm. You got the edge.

[Georgie] They don't
know you're on to them.

[Georgie] Come on over here.

[Georgie] I got a
place I can stash you.

[Georgie] What
race was that dog in?

Uh, the fifth.

[Frankie] Apricot
Cookie, dollar to win.

[Frankie] That's it.

I got to use the John.

Go ahead.

- [knocking]
- Room service.

It's all right. I'll
bring it in just here...

Just charge it tomorrow, okay?

- Oh, very good, sir.
- Thank you.

- At last.
- Yup.


Frankie, dinner is here.
Hurry up before it gets cold.

[running water]

Well, we can't keep
even the water running.

Frankie. Hey.

You all right in there?

Hey, Frankie.

You, okay?

All right, get decent.
We're coming in.

No way for anybody to break in.

Easy for her to get out, though.

Why the hell did she do it?

She could of escaped easily
at anytime after the car went up.

For that matter, why did she
go to Janet in the first place?

Why did she agree
to come with us?

Yeah, well, maybe she got upset
when I couldn't come up with $990 bucks.

Nah, something the bookie said.

- I mean, what else could it be?
- Yeah, well, where does
that get us?

I mean, we don't
know where he is.

Local calls are free, so the
hotel won't even logged it.

Wait a minute. What was it she said
just before she made a phone call?

Well, she wanted
to place a bet and...

[Together] Her bookie was the
only one who handled the dogs.

That's $1.

Thank you.

Let's a move boys.

This ain't no free show.

You sell dog racing forums?

Here. Tonight's forum, $1.

Uh-Huh. Well, that's nice,

but uh, say for instance I
find something in here I like.

How do I make a bet on it.

I guess you'd have
to go to the track.

Well, yeah, but that be closed
by the time I could get there.

Must be another way.

Somebody has steered
you wrong, buddy.

Because that part of my life

is in the past.

I've learned my lesson.

How do you think
I got my moniker?

I don't know what
your moniker is.



Ah, well, Stretch, see I just
cleaned out a crap game.

I'm just hot as a pistol.
I want to play my heat.

- So.
- So, uh.

I'll be willing to pay, oh, $20
bucks for that racing forum

if I just knew where
to make a bet.

No gambling. All racing
material sold for interest

and information only.

Um-Hm. Well, I'll
keep that in mind.

Let's see that's an even 20
for the racing forum, right?

Thank you very large, Stretch.

[dial tone]

[message beeps]

It's out of order.

[automatic redial]

[phone rings]


I want to put a dollar on a
dog. I'm new blood in town,

but I got cash. Tell
me where to bring it.

You got a wrong number, Mac.

Well, I sounded just like
Frankie or Sweet Lou.

A dollar on a dog. You sure
he knows you meant a hundred?

A bookie would know.

Well, we can always get a
location for the number from

your friend at the
phone company.

I wish there was a better way.


Operator, 24 please.

Hey, Bruno. Rick Simon.

I need to reach out
and touch somebody.

Uh, its 555-4212.

I can't get Cuban
cigars anymore, Bruno.

Burn... Bruno.

I got a girl I want you to meet.

Uh, well, she's kind of a cross
between Donna Mills and Charo.

Yeah, that was my
first thought, too.

Name's Maxine.


Uh, yeah. Yeah.

Oh, sure. I can tell you
where to get in touch with her.

Yeah, I'll hold.

You think Bruno gave
us the right address?

He better have. When Liz finds
out what you have done to Maxine?

Yeah, come on. You know Bruno.

It's always a trip to
the old trading post.

Figure it this way, I
could of given him Liz.

That's not even funny.


It's a swing out.

- It's a what?
- It's a swing out.

See when this phone rings
the box picks up the sound

and tells it to ring another
number. Frankie was right.

This bookie thinks he's made
it impossible to trace his calls.

[together] But

Your latest issue of Black Bag
Monthly just happens to offer a method.

No, but Surplus Sammy's did,
during the last clearance sale.

Got just what we
need out in the truck.

How much do I owe
Surplus Sammy's?

You don't want to know.

There is only one
thing bothers me.

We came in here, we
probably set off a silent alarm.

Alerted this guy
where ever he is.

He's probably long gone by now.

It's the only shot we got.

Okay, you go outside
and give this number a call.

[phone rings]

Whoop, wait up.

Got a dog player
giving us a hand here.

[dial keys]


[Announcer] And here's
the results from the fifth.

[Announcer] The winner Cookie
Dog. Second, Fly Away Miss.

[Announcer] Third,
Get Along Sammy.

Floral shop at this hour.

Here, hold the flashlight.

[Announcer] Fly Away
Miss, 280 to plays. 220 show.

[Announcer] Get Along
Sammy, 260 show.

[Announcer] Are next
feature place is the sixth.

Why a florist shop?

You've been seeing
too many movies.

It's not George Raft and a
bunch guys with black boards.

It's some yo-yo
with a telephone,

that's it.

Does the yo-yo with the
telephone work in the dark.

Not usually, no.

Well, it's like I said I'm
afraid he's long gone.


Anybody in there?

[dial tone]

He's gone, all right.

Looks like a heart attack.

Looks a little bit too
much like a heart attack.

Nitroglycerin tablets right
where they ought to be.

What, another Sid
Castle specialty?


Take a look at this.

Apricot Cookie, race 5, $100.

That was Frankie's last bet.

Wish you hadn't put it that way.

This just isn't your
lucky night, Frankie.

There's nothing like a
good cigar after you've

just swallowed the canary.

It'll be a murder wrap
for you if I turn up dead.

Nobody's going to buy
another Sweet Lou story.

That's one gamble I'll
just have to take, Frankie.

You got it, okay?

Piece of cake.

Nice car, Frankie.

Clutch slips a little.

We'll leave about seven.

No, we're all just going
for a little ride your car.


Your nerves acting
up again, Frankie?

How about one
or two of your pills?

Or nine or ten.

Get the pills.


No, no.

You shouldn't wander the
streets in your condition.

- They can't be out.
- You go tell them that.

Sid, maybe there was a hell of a
party around here last night, I don't know.

But there's another liquor store
on Deleon, let's go down there.


We can't go in and
out of a lot places.

We don't want to
leave footprints.

Handley's Market.

Sid, they won't
be open this early.

I know. There's a machine
next to the entrance.

Get four bags. Meet me.

Got it.

Hey, Braddock.

You got quarters?

Always carry quarters.


Go with it, Frankie. Go with it.

It's only going to
beat you anyway.

I've been this... I've
been this high before

and I still walked
away a winner.

Not this time.


The drive won't
take long, Frankie.

And when you wake, you'll be
in one of your favorite places.

And here's a dream
for you, Frankie.

Dream about the place where you used
to take those long walks with your dad

and throw the Frisbee
to Jimmy the Greek.

Remember, Frankie?


Jimmy, just cool it.


Don't worry about the dog.
He's just a big dumb guy.

You give him a Frisbee
and yours for life.

Nice place Frankie has here.

Hey, hey, hey. You put a
hole in my hat your dead.

Come here. Come here. Come here.

Call him by his full name he
thinks he's been bad. Dumb guy.

Awful lot of mail here.

Is she away often?

About once a month. Vegas. Reno.

Sometimes Tahoe, but I don't
think her luck was real good there.

She pays me extra
to take care of the dog.

Excuse me, Jimmy.

You sure she's in trouble?

Oh, yeah. She's
in trouble, all right.

A little bit worse than
crapping out at Tahoe.

Woof. Woof. Woof.

- Hey, Rick.
- Yeah.

Quit bitting the dog and
come over here for a sec.

Okay, what do you got?

Where is that?

That's in Sonesta Bluffs.

You know, that place where

the kids fly those little
radio controlled gliders.

- These the big Navy
- Yeah.

Is that her Dad?

Oh, sure. He used to
come over here all the time.

I loved the guy so did she.

Dame shame about him.

About all she has left to
remember him by is the car.

- What car?
- The little silver one,

Sweet Lou gave her.

A French job, Fuego.

Can we take a look at it?

It's not here.

I figure she came and
got it some time early

What do you mean,
without checking her mail

or feeding her dogs?

That sound like Frankie?

It was here last night. I
check the garage all the time.

It's part of my job.

We have a security garage.
Cost our people extra.

I guess I better get the police.

Uh-Uh-Uh. Let's not
jump to conclusions here.

Nobody said it was stolen.

Well, she didn't take
it and it wasn't stolen.

That don't make sense.

Sure it does.

It does to us.

Um, you don't by any chance
remember the license number, do you?

One of them custom jobs.

Well, it's a just a number
four and F-L-U-S-H-R.

Four flusher.


Frankie, it's a
beautiful morning.

Time to enjoy the view.

Sleepy time,
Frankie. Sleepy time.

Easy, No, no, no.

I'll do it. I'll
do it. I'll do it.

Come on, Frankie.

She not going to OD, is she?

Give me a little credit.
I've done this before.

She'll sleep just long enough.

They won't find
anymore in her system

than about the upper threshold
of a heavy users nightcap.

Sid, you're sure this
going to work, yeah?

Dead sure.

Less than an hour.

It must be 85 out here already.

Come on, spread the
rest of that junk around her.

That old market
was a great idea, Sid.

I found everything
in that dumpster.

I got beer. I got hotdogs.
Hamburgers, pizza boxes.

It's the details
that count, Pauli.

Always the details.

Come on, we'll be back in
the club in about 10 minutes

and I want to be with a lot
of people when it happens.


- Whoa, hi, Mom.
- Hi, Mom.

What are you two doing
coming in at this hour?

What are you
doing here? It's 7:30.

You're telling me. My
canasta is do at ten.

Mom, why is your canasta
club meeting at my house?

Because the power
blew out in my building

and I've been
calling you since 5,

but of course the two of you
where out tomcatting around.

Take the shotgun, too.

Give me slugs to go with this.

If you stock the refrigeratorhalf
as well as you did that thing,

you won't be candidates
for rickets or Barry Barry.

Oh, give me the
little jet fire, too, okay?

Hey, how many trigger fingers
do you have, Billy the Kid.

Yeah, you're right.

Mean and lean,
that's the way to do it.

Well, we better
get a move on here.

Maybe we should of called ahead.

Then there won't have been the
slightest chance of catching him napping.

Eh, the element of
surprise is highly overrated.

Besides, Castle is not going to want to
dance with us. We're going to have to ask.

[screeching tires]

Nobody said it was
going to be easy.

Tell you what, you keep the
village idiots here off my back

and I'll see if I can get
some answers out this guy.

Mr. Simon, where have you been? Mr. Castle
has been waiting and waiting for you.

Right this way.

Right through there.
First door on your left.

I'm off at nine.

Just how dumb do
they think we are?

Don't answer that.

And this doesn't
have to be rough.

I would hope not.

All right, I'll take
whatever is under the desk.

I would hope so.

It's offered in friendship.

We want to look around.

No problem.

We're looking
for Frankie Gillard

Heavy player.

I don't think she's
here this morning.


No, I haven't seen her, Sid.

First things first,
get over there.

Maybe I should call the police.

We don't have to
do that do we, Pauli.

Now, unless that's
what you want.



Empty your pockets.

That's a lot of quarters.

Yeah, it sure is. I must
be doing something right.

I know a few people. I
could get the word out.

Maybe somebody has seen her.

Would you like me to do that.

No, I would like
you to drop the act.

What kind of demeanor
would you like me to adapt?

Wait one second.

You think I got Frankie.

I can't believe it.

This is yours, boys.

Take a look around.
My hands are clean.

Would you like a drink?

I know,

it's early, but
I've been all night.

This isn't an easy life.


You know, come to think of it
we haven't had any breakfast.

I'm beginning to feel
a little loopy, myself.

You just got low blood sugar. Don't
worry, will get something into you later.

No, no, can't wait.
Got to do it right now.

- Uh, he could get
something sent over.
- Oh, no, that's okay.

Come on, Andrew, don't you
want to get some breakfast with me?

- Are you sure you don't want
me to call some people?
- No, that's... that's fine.

- Get you some help.
- No, no.

It's a big town. It could be
days before you find her.

- No, problem.
- We don't want any trouble
on our behalf.

Everything is...
Oh, you validate?

For you, always.

What a sweetheart.

All right, I believe
she was there.

That doesn't mean
I believe she here.

Because you never hiked
down to that beach at 4 am

with a fishing pole
and a full cooler.

Sandspurs all
over Sonesta Bluffs

just like the ones on his pants.

There are sandspurs all
over San Diego County

just like the ones on his pants.

No, no, not the whole
county just the beaches.

Just some of the beaches.

All right, it's
possible. It's possible.

How fast can we get there?

10 minutes, easy...

There's no use getting your
blood pressure up over long shots.

Long shots are give-mes.

Long shots? This was your idea.

- Yeah.
- Besides, you're wearing that
I got killer heart burn look.

Of course I am, my
stomach's empty.

Look, would you at least admit just because
Sid Castle had sandspurs on his pants.

Does not necessarily mean
that he's been to the beach.

It does not necessarily mean
that he's been to Sonesta Bluffs.

And it doesn't necessarily
mean that he's taken Frankie.

It doesn't mean he hasn't.

Look, it's a good place
to fake your suicide,

especially if you know
she likes to go there.

You saw the pill. It was the same
kind of downer Frankie was popping.

Downers are about
as rare as dandruff.

Look, A.J., this
is about all we got.


Hey... Hey, hit it.

Hit it. Hit it.

- Frankie!
- I'm going punching it
as much as I can.

[truck honks]

[truck honks]


[truck honks]

- She okay?
- Yeah.

I'm coming in,
get the other side.

Here we go.

Hey, Frankie. Come on, hey.


- Come on.
- There you go.

I'm good.

I would not play any poker
for awhile if I were you.

How come?

Because you just used
up ten years of good luck.

Am I in debt.

I owe you.

Got her.

Well, what we need now
is a little post prandial jolt.

Oh, a little old
cognac, perhaps.

Maybe, some vintage port.

- Not on your life.
- Well.

It's in a bowling bag.

- Don Diablos.
- Oh.

Yes, you see the highest cold
shooter sort of numb the esophagus.

I'll say, that's
not all it numbs.

And then, the second course just
kind of greases right on uh, down.

Not with that knife, it doesn't.

Would you like to
borrow my whetstone?

Anybody care for,
say, half a Don Diablo?


Ugh, not in this life time, no.

- Frankie.
- Uh-Uh, no.

- Janet.
- Don't even point that
stuff in my direction.

I don't want to be weaving
around the grand jury this afternoon.

I think Sid Castle deserves a lot
better than an attempted murder charge.

I'll drink to that.

That was just my
warm up anyway, okay?

Let's get together
next Saturday.

Have a real party.

No, Frankie and I can't make it.

We're going to go down to
Quiñones and catch a few rays.

What is in Quiñones?


Um, it was my idea, really.

To get away from
uh, crap tables,

poker tables, croutettes.

The lot.

Starting Saturday...
Could I see the cards?

What, you mean these?

Yeah, just for 10 minutes.

- Oh, no, I can't do that. I promised...
- Please, Rick.

I promised A.J. a game.

Oh, come on.

You guys are going to play
cards right in front of her.

- Absolutely.
- That's not very nice.

Can't beat a habit by
pretending it doesn't exist.

That's right,

you got to kill the bear
right there in his own cave.

It's all right. It's all right.

I don't need any of this
penny anty action, anyway.

Penny a point.

Yup... Penny a point.

Penny, round penny.
Copper penny a point.

Lincoln penny a point.


Toss the two.

- Do I want it?
- Trust me, toss the two.


- What?
- Gin.


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