Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 2, Episode 23 - The Skeleton Who Came Out of the Closet - full transcript

When the siblings of a candy mogul hire Simon and Simon to transport their over-sized brother to yet another mental institution, Rick and A.J. discover their sedated cargo is not exactly what they've been led to believe.

Be a good boy
for these two fellas.

They're going to take
you to your new home.

[Rick] What if he
wakes up hungry?

What do we feed him, the spare?

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

You mean he escaped?

We might have been a
little bit better prepared

if we had known
we were being hired

as a limo service for King Kong!

- Where is he?
- To whom are you referring?

[whispering] Don't scream.

Take me to my brother
before I do something

Alfred Hitchcock
never even thought of.


♪♪ [theme]

[no audible dialogue]

[no audible dialogue]

[no audible dialogue]

It's the new marketing report
on the Chocolata product line.

I trust you will be pleased.

Okay, Diana.

What is it this time?

I hear that you and Jim Bailey

are doing a little
pas de deux lately.

I also hear that our company

is supposedly
vulnerable to a sale.

Has Hendricks Corporation
been feeling you out?

Where do you hear such nonsense?

Jim Bailey and I have been
golfing partners for years.

Don't give me that.

If there's talk about a sale,

I want to be in on it
from the beginning.

I am the treasurer of
this company, after all,

not to mention
your little sister.

[man screaming]

- [clatter]
- What's that?

[screaming continues]

- What's going on down there?
- [objects falling]

Come on, let's go.


Mark! Take it easy, Mark.

You seriously think
that I would consider

selling this company
without talking to you?

You'd better talk to me, Gary.

If Father was alive, he
wouldn't allow you to sell.

Well, Father is not alive.

That's where you're so wrong.

He is alive... in Mother.

You want to sell this company?


You're going to have
to convince her first.

And to do that,

you're going to need
all the help you can get...

From me, from Denny,
from the man on the street.

[Man] I got his arms!
Somebody get his legs!


- [clamoring]
- [shouting]

- Stay in there!
- Grab his arm!

[Man] Come on, get him in there!

Get Dr. Griss.

[Man] Hurry up!


- Yes?
- [Woman] It's Dr. Griss.

It's Mark?

Yes, what is it?

I'm sorry, Mr. Horton,

but you're going to
have to move Mark.

I can no longer accommodate him.

[Man] Get one of his legs!

What seems to be the trouble?

You know very well
what the trouble is.

I've already tranquilized him

at a level that would
kill a normal man,

and it's not working.

I can't hold him still long
enough to get a needle in him.

Then get the tranquilizer gun.

Look, Doctor, if it's
a matter of money...

No amount of
money is worth this.

You're going to have
to move him, Mr. Horton,

by tomorrow at the latest.

Or else I'll simply release him.

[Man] No, no, no, no.
He's starting up again.

We have to find a
new place for Mark.


Don't worry. I'll
take care of it.

You'd better.

[door closes]

- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi, honey.

My regular and one plain
one for my kid brother, okay?

- You got it.
- Okay.

Should have known
this is where you'd come.

What are you talking about?

King Willy's makes the
best tube steaks in town.

Not to mention the view.

- There you go.
- Thank you very much.

You're welcome very much.

I guess I was just expecting you

to dig a little deeper
into your pockets...

Hey, come on. The bet
said loser buys lunch.

Nobody said where.

Here we go. King
Willy's with the works.

I put extra chili and onions on
yours, just the way you like 'em.

Should have known
you were a regular, too.

- Aren't you a sweetheart.
- Thank you.

- Keep the change.
- Thanks, Rick.

- I'll see you later?
- Absolutely.

- All right.
- Bye-bye.



A hotdog is just a hotdog,

but a King Willy's
is a meal unto itself.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm looking for
Rick or A.J. Simon.

They're right over there.

- Thanks.
- You bet.

Excuse me.

The lady at the Terrible
Twos Daycare Center

in your building
said I'd find you here.

Just couldn't resist letting
her in on the joke, could you?

[laughs] Hi. Rick Simon.

- Gary Horton.
- Hi. I'm A.J.

Don't let me interrupt.
Go ahead and finish.

No, no, it's all
right. Have a seat.

- You want one of these?
- [mouths word]

- Uh, no, that's okay.
- You sure?

On a diet.

Yeah, me, too.

So, really, all you're
asking us to do

is to move the patient
from one hospital to another.

- Is that right?
- That's all.

You'll be driving the patient

from the hospital up the coast
to the hospital in Monterey.

I'll supply the
transport vehicle.

Shouldn't be more
than, uh, two days work.

[A.J.] Ah. Why, exactly,
are you moving him?

The hospital in Monterey has
come up with a new treatment

for Mark's
particular affliction.

He's been a chronic
patient for many years,

and if there's the slightest
chance to improve his condition...

- Just how crazy is this guy?
- What do you mean?

Well, I mean is he violent?

- Is he in a straitjacket?
- Rick, uh...

Is he some yo-yo with
Thorazine stuck in his arm?

[A.J.] Ahem, excuse
me, is there any chance

that the gentleman in
question is a relative of yours?

No, but he's a relative
of a close friend.

Actually, it's kind of sad.

He's a member of
one of San Diego's

oldest and wealthiest families.

Oh, dear.

Sort of a skeleton
in the closet?

I wouldn't go so
far as to say that.

Well, I guess... I guess, to be
honest, that's exactly what he is.

That's why I want this
handled privately and discreetly.

Mr. Horton, I don't know.

I mean, two days work
hardly seems worth it.

You know what I mean?

I'll pay you a thousand
dollars in advance.

On the other hand, we
could probably squeeze

a couple of days into our
schedule right about now.

I guess that
means we'll take it.

- Good.
- It's all right.

I'm sort of the
family treasurer.

Eh, come on, A.J.

It's the easiest
case we ever had.

I mean, how difficult
could one guy be?

- I suppose.
- Hello?

[Man] Here he is, you two.

This is Mark.




Didn't we see him
pulling a beer wagon

in a parade once?

"Easiest job we ever had."

"How difficult can it be?"

[Rick sighs]

He looks friendly enough.

All right, Mark.

I locked the wheels.

He should ride
pretty comfortably.

He should. I'm
not sure about us.

Uh, what if he wakes up hungry?

What do we feed him, the spare?

[laughs] No, he's
not going to wake up.

He's virtually catatonic.

- You sure?
- Sure, I'm sure.

Look, around lunchtime,
turn the I.V. on,

let it drain down into his arm.

That's his lunch.

There's a mild
sedative in there.

It'll make the trip a little
more comfortable for him.

What's wrong with him, anyway?

Well, he's just
permanently on the fritz.

Some people, their brain
circuits just don't connect.

You know what I mean?

Now, Mark, be a good
boy for these two fellas.

They're going to take
you to your new home.


All right.

You don't need to worry.

You could hit him with a 2 by 4,

it wouldn't even faze him.

That's what worries me.

[Man] Heh, spare
tire. I like that one.

You know, when you
said... Remember?

What do you feed
him? The spare tire?

- You work here?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Neurosurgery, no doubt.

[A.J.] What's he doing?

[Rick] Nothing. Keep
your eyes on the road.

- Has he moved?
- No.


Hey, pull over here.
We'll get some lunch.

- Here?
- Yeah, here.


That's amazing. He
hasn't moved a muscle.

I don't think he blinks.

I kind of feel sorry
for the poor guy.

One hell of a
chassis, but no battery.

You really planning
on eating here?


You ever thought about
donating your stomach

to science after you die?

Which probably will
be after you eat here?

I'll tell you what. I'll
go get us some grub.

Meanwhile, you feed junior.

- Uh, w...
- Don't forget to burp him.

[video game effects]

What do you recommend?



How about a little lunch here?

No, thanks. I never
drive on a full stomach.

Oh, no!


[van engine starts]

[tires peeling]

Hey, hey! Wait a minute!

Wait a minute now! Hey, Mark!

Come on, get a
hold of yourself, here.

Mark? Mark?

Get a hold of yourself.

- Uh!
- Rick?


You okay?

That is quite possibly
the stupidest question

I've ever heard in my life.

No, I'm not okay! I
just fell out of a van!

Didn't you see what I
was doing over here?

He wasn't exactly giving me a
backrub in the van, you know?

- You mean he escaped?
- Yes.

With the van.

Now, we're just outside
of San Luis Obispo.

Mr. Tucker is, oh,

five minutes away at
the most, heading south.

Would you like us
to call the police?

They can put out an APB on him.

No, I don't want
you to call the police.

Damn it! I thought you
two were professionals.

What did he say?

He said he thought
we were professionals.

We are professionals.

We might have been a
little bit better prepared

if we had known
we were being hired

as a limo service for King Kong!

Look, he doesn't have
much of a head start.

We can rent a car and
track him down ourselves.

And what would you do
if you caught up with him?

He's ten times more
dangerous now.

Oh, really?

Well, just how dangerous
is he, Mr. Horton?

Just be glad you're not going
to have a change to find out.

You're fired.

We're fired.

Find out where Denny
is. I want to talk to him.

- Yes, sir.
- Now.

[speaking Spanish]

[speaking Spanish]

Hey! Hey, mister!

Hold it!

[whistles] Hold it!


[speaking Spanish]

[Man speaking Spanish, laughing]

[continues speaking Spanish]

- Looks like you got a flat.
- Yeah, but that's okay.

Somebody will be
along any time now.

- You have a spare?
- Yeah, but the jack's busted.


[speaking Spanish]

[speaking Spanish]

I almost got it.
Hold on. Hold on.

[speaking Spanish]


- Oh.
- [exhales]

- Thanks, mister.
- Don't mention it.

- How's the view up there?
- Shh. No, no.

[speaking Spanish]

How do you like it?



Gracias, señor!

[door opens, closes]

Fix me one of those, please.

Well, I can see you're
your usual cheerful self.

Where's Mama?

Still upstairs.

Where's Denny?

Had a little job for Denny.
He may not make it tonight.

Here's your drink.

What do you have for Denny?

Hope it's not too taxing.

He has the attention
span of a spider monkey.

That's no way to talk
about your youngest brother.

Oh, I'm sure he talks
very fondly of me, too.

We all speak
fondly of you, Diana.

Well, I see you two are
right on time as usual.

Not nice to keep Mother waiting.

Has she come down already?


You're lucky.

I take it your presence
here suggests that you have

successfully finished
the job I gave you.

Everything's under control.

What does that mean?

Meaning I'm taking care of it.

I've got all the bases covered.

If he shows... [chuckles]

we got him.


Oh, you mean
Gary didn't tell you?


He escaped.

Put that down, Estelle.

That'll be all. Thank you.



[Gary] Who cares how?

What matters is that we find
him and we put him away again.

[Denny] Well,
maybe you should talk

to those two
detectives you hired.

- What were their names?
- Simon.

You know where he's
going to go, don't you?

He's going to go
straight to Billy!

Hey, sis, relax.

I told you I got all
the bases covered.

Where big brother failed
little brother will succeed.

- [chuckles]
- [door closes]

Shh. I hear Mother.

Good evening, Mother.

You want a beer?


- A.J.
- [finishes yawning]

You want a... Hello.

Who's that?

I don't know.

Think we ought to let her in?

I don't know.


Can we help you?

[cocks gun]

Aw, come on, lady.
It's after midnight.

It's been a rough
day. Knock it off.

- Where is he?
- Lady, please. We are so tired.

To whom are you referring?


She shot my lamp!

All right, lady.
That's it. I've had it.

- Give me the gun.
- You think I won't shoot?

At this point, I
really don't care.

Either shoot me and get it
over with, or give me the gun.

- She shot my lamp!
- I know she shot your lamp.

She's about to
shoot me... Aw, jeez.

If you think I'm gonna
cry, you're crazy!

Why don't you
have a beer instead?


[A.J.] Maybe
that's not her brand.

Smith and Wesson.

[still sobbing]


Here you go.

[clacking in bag]

[stammering] Is this
the man you picked up?

Yeah. That's Mark Tucker.

Mark Tucker? Ha.

- Mark Horton, you mean.
- Here's your coffee, Billy.

That's Gary's brother.

- That's Gary's brother?
- Yes.

I thought he was dead,
but... But he's alive.

- You do take it black...
- He's alive, and he's
out there somewhere.

All alone.

By himself.

Poor baby.

Maybe you'd like to
take it in the living room.

Baby? Hey, look. I don't know if
you've seen this guy in a while,

but he can eat tall
buildings in a single bite.

Mark was always big.

When he was 10, he
was as tall as his father.

He remembers his father
walking around on tiptoes,

so he wouldn't have to admit
that Mark was as tall as he was.


By the time Mark was 13, his
father gave up the tiptoe routine,

because by then,
Mark was six foot eight.

His father would
barely talk to him.

Hardly anybody
would talk to him.

Except his mother.

Mark was always
his mother's favorite.

Although that wasn't
always enough.

- What do you mean?
- Mark and his father

had this big falling out,

and Mark left home for good.

I met him just a
short time later.

He was in such pain.
You know, inside?

[chokes up] Everybody'd always
treated him like he was some kind of goon.

Well, he does kind
of stick out in a crowd.

I guess.

But you know, people that
Mark comes in contact with

just... they never
seem to get beyond that.

I wish they would! They...

Oh, there's so much more
to Mark than just his size.

- There must be.
- When Mark heard that
his father had died...

Months after the funeral...

He went to Gary, and...

He demanded a place
in the family business.

Gary turned him down?

Gary not only turned him
down, he had him put away!

Mark just disappeared!

I couldn't find him anywhere.

Nobody in the family
would talk to me.

- Not even the mother?
- When I finally got to her,

she said that he had died.


I just started to cry
right there on the spot.

I got... I just got so upset,

[stammering] I didn't
think to ask for any details.

- Think she was lying?
- Oh, no!


I think she really
thought he was dead.

One of the servants
there felt sorry for me.

She promised
she'd... She'd call me

if ever she heard anything.

She called me today.

I couldn't believe it.

I mean, I... I had given up.

I really thought he was...
I really thought he was...

[whispers] Okay. It's okay.

- Tell me something.
- [sniffles]

Is he really crazy?

No! No.


That's good enough for me.

[A.J.] Mr. Tall
Guys? Oh, come on.

[Ric] Well, you know,
the way I figured,

Mark's gonna wanna wear
something besides his pj's.

And Billy said he always used
to get his clothes at Mr. Tall Guys.

Rick... [sighs]

Couldn't we let some
other David find Goliath?

No. We're gonna deliver Mark,
just like we were contracted to.

Oh! We're gonna take him
to the hospital and everything.

I mean, assuming we find him.

Well, no. That...
That part's changed.

But everything else
pretty much the same.

All we gotta do is find him.

- Oh. That's all.
- Yeah.

Ah. You know, boy,
when I think back on it,

even when you were little,

you had this
self-destructive streak in you.

- Stand up when you say that.
- Ah ha ha. Cute.

I'm very cute.

- Hi.
- Good morning!

What can I do for you?

Well, we'd like to
make a purchase.

We have $50 to spend.

I don't carry very
much in your size.

But I do have some
nice shirts over here

that I think might
be small enough.

What do you mean, small enough?

How does he take
measurements, on stilts?

Are you both
interested in something?

Well, actually, we're not
really interested in shirts.

Yeah, we're more
interested in tall guys.

Oh, I'm sorry. The
store's not for sale.

[A.J.] No, he's talking
about one particular tall guy.

This one. Seen him around?

- Do you know him?
- Sure. That's Mark Horton.

One of my best
customers, until he died.

About three years
ago, I think it was.

No. He's not dead.

- Mark? Alive?
- Yep.

Hmm. I better stock up
on some size 56s again.

Yeah. That's kind
of what we figured

he'd be by here, to kind
of update his wardrobe.

Well, I'm sorry. I
haven't seen him.

Yeah, well, there's $50
over there on the counter.

If he shows up, he's
gonna need some money.

Also gonna need some
help, so tell him Billy sent us,

and to give us a
call at that number.

- Hey, Rick!
- Yeah.

Mark was here. Out the
back. Cut him off at the car.

Funny boy.

[grunt, thud]

A.J.! Let's go! Come on!

How do you expect me
to drive? By osmosis?

Augh! Oh!

What the...

Now where is he...

[Billy] You keep asking
me the same question.

I told you. I don't know!

I don't know.

You used to be
lovers, didn't you?

We think you still
are. Where is he?

I don't know.

Oh. No no no.



[switchblade clicks]

I think you're lying.

How many times
do I have to tell you?

I don't know.


Where is he?

You go to hell.

[Man] Listen.

I'm getting tired of
asking you where he is.

Your mother's not even
gonna recognize you...

- You all right?
- Yeah.

You want some water?
Something to drink?

- No.
- Got away.

My leg couldn't
keep up with him.

Who was that guy?

Danny. Mark's other brother.

He's the youngest
and the meanest.

Huh. Nice family.

Mark managed to rise above them.

Your partner jumped ship. I
would suggest you do the same.

- Ah, what the hey. Just shoot him.
- Yeah.

[cocks gun]

Suppose you want
me to go after him, too.

I think what we ought
to do is find Mark.

Now you're the
one that knows him.

Where would he go?
What would he do?

- He'll try to get to Gary.
- Hmm.

Oh, Liz, I'm having lunch
with Paul Bailey at the Regatta.

- Make reservations, please.
- Yes.

And find out where Danny
is. I wanna talk to him.

Yes, Mr. Horton.

[door closes]

Hello, Gary.

- How did you get in here?
- You mean, how'd I get
past the troops?

I came in through the roof.

I hid in the janitor's
closet down the hall.

I waited for your secretary
to leave to make some copies.

- You don't scare me, Mark.
- I don't wanna scare you, Gary.

I wanted to hurt
you for a long time.

But I don't even care
about that anymore.

I just wanna take
you for a little trip.

[chuckles] Where to?

- To see Mom.
- [laughs] No way.

I want you to tell her yourself

where her big boy's been
for the last three years.

- She already knows.
- Uh-uh.

If she did, she would
have come to visit me.

Mom always did like me best.

- Hi.
- May I help you?

- Here to see Mr. Horton.
- Do you have an appointment?

No, we owe him some money.

- Whoa! Hey! Hey! Take it easy!

Mark, don't do anything
you're gonna be sorry for.

I'm tired of you guys
following me around!

Yeah, well, there are things
we'd rather be doing, ourselves.

Now, Mark, look.
You've got this all wrong.

We're not working
for him anymore.

No, we work for Billy.

And she wants to see ya.
And we can take you to her.

- I don't believe it.
- Look, you're gonna
have to believe us.

We're the only
friends you've got.

- [cocks gun]
- Hey! Look out, Mark!

Look out!

[both] Okay, Mark.
Wait a second here.

- Get a hold of yourself.
- Calm down. Come on.

We'll take care of... [yelps]

No. Come on, Mark... No!

He's okay. He's just out.
You could call the police.

- [knife slams wood]
- Mm-mm!



What impressed us was how stable

your growth index has
been over the years.

Not only have you turned
out a superior product,

but your marketing
of it has been superb.

Stability, especially
in today's economy,

is a very valuable asset.

Gary, how can you sit there and
even think about turning down this offer?

I suppose it's money.

More could be arranged to be
passed into your personal account,

on a very discreet
basis, of course.

I realize this has to
be a family decision.

Do you want me to talk to
your sister and your brother?

No, I can handle them.
They'll do anything I tell 'em to.

You mother, then?

I've already mentioned
your offer to her.

She's adamantly against it.

Or so she says. I think she can be
talked into coming around, though.

[squeaking springs]


[whispering] Okay.

Just relax.






[knocking with head]

Hey! Come here! Come
on! Somebody! Hey!


Hey! Anybody there?

Well, what is it, Mr. Foster?


My name's not Foster.

It's Simon.

Andrew Simon.

Andrew Jackson Simon!

And I'm being held
here against my will.

You're a very sick
man, Mr. Foster.

Don't call me that.

Is my brother here?

Rick? My brother? Is Rick here?

You don't have a
brother, Mr. Foster.

As a matter of fact, you don't
have any family to speak of.

But don't worry. Your stay here
is being very well provided for.

- By whom?
- By your employer, of course.

- Mr. Horton.
- No way!

I don't know what kind of deal you work
out with Horton, but it's not gonna work.

I'm not going to stay here.

I demand that you
release me immediately!

I am not crazy, and you know it!

I know nothing of the sort.

Hey hey hey hey hey!

If I'm crazy, what's
wrong with me?

You're paranoid, of course.


Hey hey hey! Hey!

Come back here!



Relax. Relax. Relax.

Okay, now.

I just gotta loosen up.

Houdini can do
this, you can do this.

I want to see my brother,
and I want to see him now.

Your brother is heavily
sedated, Miss Horton.

We're not allowing
any visitors at this time.

Like hell you're not.

You get someone out here who
can take me to see my brother.

Or Horton Candy is
gonna pull out of subsidizing

that big new fancy
wing we promised you.

Those were the conditions on
which you took Mark back, aren't they?

I'll get Dr. Griss.

You do that.

Well, Mr. Lindhardt.

You're finally awake, I see.

You're faking, Mr. Lindhardt.

[whispering] Miss Horton is
outside, and wants to see you.

All right. I'll be right there.

Let's make sure his
straps are on nice and tight.

As a matter of fact,

make 'em a little tighter.


[sighs] Okay.

Just relax.

It's all mind over matter.

- Are you Dr. Griss?
- Yes.

I'm Diana Horton.

And I'm here to see
my brother, Mark.

Of course, Miss
Horton. Follow me.

How'd I do that?

[picks up rattling keys]

[whispers] Don't scream.

Don't even make a sound.

Your wildest dreams
are nothing compared to

my fantasies of
revenge at the moment,

so you take me
to my brother, now.

- Your brother?
- Blond-haired guy.

Had to be booked into this
joint the same time I was.

- Oh.
- Oh is right.

Now you take me to
him before I do something

Alfred Hitchcock
never even thought of.

Come on. Move it!

Is... he alive?


Could you give him something
to make him wake up,

so I could talk to him?

No, that would be impossible.

The sedative we
gave him is too strong.

I'm sure your brother Gary
told you just how sick he is.

Oh, yes, yes. I know all
about Mark's psychosis.

Game is over, doctor.

We're taking Mark, and
checking him out of here.

No, no. You can't
do that, I'm afraid.

- It's against...
- [Diana gasps]

[collapses to floor]

that, why don't you.

- Who are you?
- I'm Lindhardt. He's Foster.

- Who are you?
- Don't call me that.

I'm Diana. I'm...
I'm Mark's sister.

- Oh. The enemy.
- No!

No, I'm not. I came
here to talk to Mark.

I'd like to try and help him.

- Uh-huh.
- Sure. Sure you were.

You're on Gary's side, lady.


All right, I was. But...

But now I wanna stop Gary,
just as much as Mark does.


You got a car here?

- Yes.
- Well, she's on our side,
for the time being.

How are we gonna
get him out of here?

- Carry him?
- Are you crazy?

No. Bed's on wheels.
Let's roll him out of here.

Just a minute...

- It's okay.
- Here. Lock her in here
when we're gone.


Okay. Come on...

[groaning] A.J...

Come on, Rick.
What are you doin'?

Lyin' down on the job? Let's go.


- Oh, no. No.
- What? Wait a minute.

- I'm stuck here.
- Gimme a hand with this leg.

- Give you a hand?
- I can't get my...

- All right. Wait a minute...
- Just hold it! Hold it...

Wait a minute. All
right. Are you ready?

Yeah. Close the door.

- Let's go.
- I'm trying to get
out of there!

- Well, hurry up,
for heaven's sakes!
- I am. Hurrying.

Come on. Okay. Let's go.

- Where are we going?
- Police.

No, someplace better.

- You mean now?
- [phone chatter]

- Yes! Okay.
- [phone chatter]

Yes. I'll bring Danny.

[phone chatter]

Mother called,
Estelle. Where is she?

In the living room.

[A.J.] Hi, guys.

- [Danny groans]
- [Rick] Nuh-uh-uh-uh.

[opens switchblade]

What is this?

As you can see, my son
Mark is very much alive.

What you have
done is despicable.

And inexcusable.

It's a good thing I still own

the majority of stock
in Horton Candy.

Mark, take it easy.
You want another beer?

How many have I had?

About three. In the
last ten minutes, that is.

No, I don't think
so. I don't want to be

artificially stimulated
when she gets here.

[softly] How many does
it take before he feels it?

- Beats me.
- [sighs]

How do I look?

[both] Oh, fine.
Fine. You look fine.

Fine? Is that all you
can say, is just fine?

I haven't seen the woman
I love for three years.

- And you say I look fine?
- Oh, no!

You look like a million
bucks! And change!

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Yeah!

Look, you two. I
haven't had a chance

to say thank you yet,

for all the things you've
done for me, and Billy.

- It's all right.
- Don't mention it. Really.

You can do us a favor, though.

Sure. What?

Don't ever think
we're not on your side.


- [bell rings]
- Oh-oh. That's her.

Want me to go answer it for you?

- Yeah. Would you?
- Okay.

I'll just be right here.


Just cross 'em in front.

- Are we ready?
- Ready?


Hit it.

Hi. Come on in.


Oh, Mark...

- Oh...
- I missed you.

Not as much as I missed you.

- You wanna bet?
- Oh...

Yeah. [clears throat] Psst...

Wonder how they kiss?

[whispers] Give
'em some privacy.

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA