Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 2, Episode 22 - Red Dog Blues - full transcript

- I am hiring you.
- The big one.

Murder one.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

We're from the San Gabriel Valley
chapter of the Knights of Columbus.

- Are you sure about this?
- Ah, piece of cake.

Play cards, paleface.

You're accusing the whole
department of corruption.

D.A.s have strong-armed
witnesses before.

What exactly have
you got to lose, huh?

Jared Swope's life.

Go for it.

♪♪ [theme]

I've never liked you,

but I thought you were
the right man for the job.

Now that's all changed.

You mean you like me now?

You know what this is about.

I'm withdrawing my
support for your campaign.

I've called a press conference
for tomorrow morning.

I'm going to announce
why I'm pulling out.

I thought the public
might be interested

in how you've been
doing business.

The bribes you've taken,
the extortion you've used,

your connection with Haydrick
and his underworld playmates.

Try getting elected
on that platform.

I was gonna look when you
admit you made a $2 million mistake

backing the wrong horse.

Go ahead. They're copies.

Face it.

You're looking at a loaded gun.

What a coincidence.

So are you.

I want the originals.

This is insane.

What the hell is going on?

Jared Swope?

What is this?

You're under arrest for the
murder of Steven Farrow.

You have the right
to remain silent.

In the event you
give up that right,

anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

Good heavens.

What's wrong?

[laughs] Nothing.


Whoo! My, my, my, my!

Oh, that's my sweater.

- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is.

- No, it isn't.
- It's yours?


You went out and bought
a sweater just like mine?

- Yeah.
- Why? You could have
borrowed mine.

- No.
- Why?

Yours has got a hole in it.

- What?
- It's got a hole in it.

- It does not.
- Yes, it does.

- How?
- Well, see, the other night,

I was helping Linda Dunlop
change her guitar strings.

We had a little accident...

You ruined my sweated.
That was my best sweater.

The hole can be fixed. Come on.

I'll let you have this one
when I'm finished with it.

Yeah, it'll probably
be full of holes.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Listen, I don't uh... I
don't have much time

because the preliminary
hearing is in three days,

so I need you guys
to start right away.

On what?

I am hiring you.

This is the big one.

Whoa. The big one. Loitering.

No, she said it was big.
Rick, it has to be shoplifting.

Are you quite finished?

Murder one.

- Wow.
- Congratulations.

You earned your wings.

We're very happy
for you, but, uh,

you have an entire police
department working for you for free.

What do you need with us?

Oh, the police have
done their job really well.

It's just that they have
a lot of cases like this.

I only have one.

So I want it airtight.

Well, you know, the
county can't afford us.

The county isn't
hiring you, I am.

No, you're not.

You know your
money's no good with is.

[chuckles] I know.

You see, I figure
you guys owe me

at least a year and a
half of free investigation.

- Hey!
- Oh, no!

"Janet, would you please
run this plate through DMV?"

"Janet, just one little
teeny tiny wiretap?"

"Come on, Janet, honest now.

We're gonna have that
prisoner back in six hours."

Mm-hmm. Sounds
familiar, doesn't it?

I hate it when she's right.

All right. We owe you one.

But the trouble is we
happen to be working

on a very big case ourselves.

Oh. Big case.

No, no. Don't tell me.

Uh, repossession. Divorce.

Murder one.

Lot of that going around.
Look, I'll tell you what.

We'll give you two weeks
part-time investigating, how's that?

What is your case?

The Farrow murder.

Damn it!

- Sam Elkins hired us.
- I knew it!

I get my big break
and up jumps the devil.

You mean your murder
one is our murder one?

Oh, Sam didn't tell you?

- No.
- No.

That figures. That
sneak probably figured

you wouldn't do it if
you knew it was mine.

- Now wait a minute. It's not Sam's fault.
- Oh?

We all assumed
the chief prosecutor

was gonna keep
this one for himself.

No. Larkin got to busy

and handed the whole
thing over to me this morning.

Well, that's... that's terrific.

Listen, we really are
very proud of you, and...

We're sorry, but...

Hey, look at it this way.
We're the underdogs.


You're the one that's
playing with a full deck.

No, I'm not.

[sighs] My two
jokers are missing.

It's really got me worried.

- Don't worry.
- Don't worry.

- You'll do fine.
- Yeah.


Listen, honey, good
luck with it, okay?

- All right.
- We almost hope you win.


- Rick?
- Mm-hmm?

You look really terrific today.

[A.J. laughs]

You put her up
to that, didn't you!

[door closes]

What is the big deal?
Guy buys a new sweater.

What is it, a slow news day?

Next thing you know, Ted
Koppel's gonna be all over me.

Why are you so edgy?
Is Sam getting to you?

I am not edgy.

I don't like courthouses.

I don't like marble floors.

I don't like portraits
of dead judges.

And I'm not edgy!

It's Sam.

Hi, Sam.

Excuse me. I'll call
you back, all right?

Busy day?

When I'm on a case, it's always

Saturday night in
the emergency room.

Well, I wish we had
some good news for you,

but we didn't find your witness.

Well... then I've got no case.

The D.A.s got
good, hard evidence.

Janet's gonna move to the
head of the class on this one.

Yes, I heard.

Listen, if you guys
want off the train,

I'll understand.

Conflict of interest.

No, we're gonna ride
to the end of the line.

Well, it could be a short trip.

Preliminary hearing's
day after tomorrow.

They're gonna throw
the library at poor Jared.

Steven Farrow was
one of the most famous

and loved citizens in this town.

Yeah, and I'm a nobody who's
losing friends fast in this town.

You didn't find Walter, did you?

Well, I... I didn't
say that exactly.

You didn't have to.

When I walk into a room full of
white people who aren't smiling,

I know I'm in serious trouble.

Well, I'm glad to see you haven't
lost your sense of humor, Jared.

- Who's laughing?
- [chuckles]

Uh, that'll be all for now.

We might need some coffee later.

It's so hard to find
decent help these days.

Uh, would you mind
waiting outside, Officer?

All right. Let's get serious.

You could be facing
the death penalty.

Hey, I'm sorry, Sam.

But I've been serous ever
since I got in this place.

In fact, if I get any more
serious, I'll go crazy.

Come on, Jared. You
gotta keep swinging.

All right. We haven't
found Walter... yet.

That just means we look into
a different window, that's all.

How long were you
Farrow's bookkeeper?

Four years.

I did my job. He
treated me right.

No reason in the world
for me to harm that man.

What we need is an alibi.

Now, uh...

You said you went to the track
that day with Walter Newcomb.

- Yeah.
- Who else saw you there?

You... you brought a program.
You had a hot dog, something.

Somebody else had to see you.

- Monty.
- Who's he?

It's a card game.

On the way out, Walter decided

to get into a Three-card
Monty game in the parking lot.

And, uh...

Ah. The dealer's
got to remember me.

Why you if Walter played?

He won.

He was $200 ahead,

and the dealer wanted
him to go double or nothing.

But I pulled him away.


He'll remember me all right.

What exactly is
Three-card Monty?

Ah, Bird, your hands
haven't lost their touch.

You know, I'm in a very
competitive business.

That's true. That's true.

You know, Bird and his
game used to stake us

to some pretty good leave time.

It's amazing how much money

some of those young
Marines had, isn't it?

It is. Hey, look, why don't try?

Okay. Here we go.
Three-card Monty.

Uh, red queen. Keep
your eye on the red queen.

Here we go.

All right, A.J. You watching?

You don't have it.

You gotta move your
hands much faster.

It'll help if you run
some patter over them.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.

All right. One more time.

A.J.? Red queen.
Keep your eye in it.

I'm gonna make it easy on you.

Bend the edge here, all right?

You think he'd follow this?

Go to it, Bird.

All right. Remember,
I take no money from

orphans, paupers,
or crippled children.

A little game they
play at the zoo.

The black for me.
The red for you.

Keep your eye on the lady.

Remember, the lady
could be on the left.

She could be on the right.

She could be in the middle.

Speaking of which,

if they find you on their turf,

this Monty mob's gonna
put you in the middle.

Well, that's sort of the plan.

See, it's a floating game.

We don't know where to play it,

so we gotta get
them to come to us.

The only thing we know for
sure is it's a salt and pepper team.

Yeah, it's a white
dealer and a black shill.

Don't let that corner fool you.

Ah! I knew it was this one.

Turn it over.

You know, you really
have to pay attention.

Funny thing is that it
isn't this one, either.

[bugler playing
"Call to the Post"]

[Man on P.A.] And the horses
have reached the starting gate.

All right, sir. Here's
your red queen.

There's the two
knights in shining armor.

Now it seems this queen
can't make up her mind

which of these dudes she wants,

so she leads them on a
merry chase around the castle.

Now, where can she be?

And again, mister. You
must have ESP or something.

All right. Any
other takers here?

I'm only person one.

That's fine, that's fine.

But let somebody
else have a chance.

- Okay, who's next?
- I'm not finished.

You beginning to get
on my nerves, sonny.

Here's our fair lass and
two country bumpkins.

This lass cannot
make up her mind

which one of these
gentlemen she wants,

she she leads them on a merry
chase around the farmyard.

Now, where can she be?

How much money you got, sport?

Think you know where
the queen is, huh?

Well, let's see.

Uh, 10, 15, 20... 125.

You're faded.

Congratulations, sir.

I do believe that concludes
this afternoon's entertainment.

Thank you, one and all.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, guys.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Listen, fellas, we just
gave you 125 bucks.

That ought to buy a couple
minutes of your time, don't you think?

So what do you want, lessons?

I mean, who do I look
like, Charles Goren?

All right, look, I'll level with
you. I'm not a Monty dealer.

No kidding.

You burned up a lot
of our marks out here.

What's your game?


No. Private investigators.

We're trying to help
a guy out of a jam.

You know him?

This guy's looking
at the gas chamber,

and you can help keep
him breathing good air.

Me? What can I do?

Give him an alibi.

You were with him on the
afternoon of the murder.

You can testify to that.

Not me, man.

Hey, look, think you play a
pretty good game down here, right?

Let me tell you about the stakes
they're playing for downtown.

That guy's life is on the line.

It's 12 to one, and
the deck is stacked.

How about backing his bet?

Wouldn't you like to win
one against him for a change?

Can you guys guarantee we won't
get popped for common gambling?

Well, no guarantees,

but we got some
friends downtown.

I can give you two to one
nothing happens to you.

Make it four to one. We're in.


When I moved my business
out here from Jersey,

I thought things would
be quieter, more relaxed.


So you go down there and
blow away your biggest backer

like you were a
Bronx button man.

What's wrong with you?

I had no choice.

The man was going to
spill everything to the press.

He was gonna expose
you, reveal our relationship.

This is not Chicago in the '20s.

We use computers,
not sawed-off shotguns.

You're getting sanctimonious
in your old age, aren't you?

It's only been ten years since they
took your picture out of the post office.

You think you're the Pope?

I'll ignore that because
of the stress you're under.

What about those documents?

We're still looking.

If he didn't tell anybody
about them, we may be safe.

If Swope is convicted,

this whole thing may blow over.

He'll be convicted.

Ladies and
gentlemen of the jury.

My able opponent, Miss Elkins,

has offered two witnesses who
say that the defendant, Jared Swope,

was with them at the
time of the murder.

The entire defense
rests upon the testimony

of these two solid
citizens of our community

who between them have
spent 11 years in state prisons.

Even now, they operate
an illegal gambling ring

that bilks unsuspecting players
out of hard-earned money.

How am I doing?

Oh, you're on a roll.

And that's Janet on a bad day.

As a reliable alibi witness,

your Monty dealer is
gonna hurt more than help.

I think we're back to Walter.


Have you got any idea
where he might be?

We were able to
track down his wife.

She told us that he's gone
up to L.A. to see an aunt,

but she wouldn't give us a name.

Red Dog.

His aunt's name is Red Dog?

No, it's a card game.

When he puts on
his lucky Padre cap

and heads up to
L.A. to play Red Dog,

he says he's visiting his aunt.

Where does he go?

Well, all I know is his
contact is a guy named Huey

who hangs out
around 115th Street.

Huey. What's he look like?

Well, a little bit
like Rosey Grier.

[Rick] Mm-hmm.

In fact, he could be
Rosey's big brother.

Rosey's... big brother.


Let's go.

Hey, you guys aren't really
gonna go up there, are you?

I wanna remember
what you look like.

[funk music playing on boom box]

[man mumbling]


You're probably wondering
what we're doing here.

Look, I'm gonna be real
up front with you, okay?

We're both armed.

Yeah, but we're not dangerous.

No, we're bonded couriers.

See, we're licensed
to carry weapons,

uh, 'cause we usually have
very large sums of money on us

which we've been known to
squander foolishly on games of chance.

- But we're not cops.
- No, no. Mm-mmm.

We're from the San Gabriel Valley
chapter of the Knights of Columbus.


Look at that face.

That look like a cop's
face? Absolutely not.

That is a solid, West Covina
Knights of Columbus face.

We're just looking for a
little high stakes Red Dog.


would you come into this
neighborhood without a gun?

[both laugh nervously]

[knock on door]


Thank you.

[people chatting]

- Are you sure about this?
- Piece of cake.

Bird taught me everything
there is to know about Red Dog.

Hit the seat or hit the alley.

Right. Sure. Mm-hmm.

- What's buy in?
- 200.


Can I get a receipt for that?

Just kidding.


What's wrong?

This ain't the game
Bird showed me.

The what?

Are you guys playing or what?

Point of order. Is this
the Red Dog table?

'Cause we asked if we
could be at the Red Dog table.

This is 115th Street
Cutthroat Red Dog.

Well, see there?
That explains it.

I was taught 73rd
Street Red Dog.

Play cards, paleface.


since I am new to this
particular variety of the game,

let me ask your advice, sir.

How... how would
you play that hand?

Draw from the pot.

From the pot.

Does he... Does he
mean the whole pot?

How much is in the pot?


Let's see. We got,
uh... Count that.

1, 2, 3... We got
600... Bet or fold.

And $23.


For the last time, bet or fold.

- Well?
- Well what?

Well, did... did... did...

did we lose... Did
we win or lose?

You won.

[Rick laughs]

And don't forget to tell
everybody where you got it.

Oh, right. Absolutely. We will.

As a matter of fact, we'll
probably be back here ourselves.

You'll probably get most
of this back, you know...

The pot wasn't covered.

No, it wasn't. Uh,
I was gonna, uh...

put, uh... I'll tell you what.

Instead of that,
why don't I just

sort of let you...

count out what the pot is due

and I'll just take the rest?

Excuse me.

Gentlemen, this has...

really been fun for me.

Hi. Walter?

How's your aunt?

Do I know you?

You got a bag?

No. No.

Another one of my
little... Ahem... jokes.

Excuse me, please.

Jared's in trouble?

Yes, he is.

He's been charged
with murder one.

And he claims he was with you

on the afternoon of the
murder which was last Tuesday.

He was.

We went to the track together.

I'll tell you what.

How would you feel about

going back down
to San Diego with us

and getting him out of a jam?


- Excuse me, gentlemen.
- Mm-hmm.

It's the custom of the
house that the winners

should contribute a small
portion of their winnings

to our local youth's
Christmas tree club fund.

Aw. That's a wonderful idea.

Isn't that nice? Yeah, terrific.

What's the usual contribution?

Whatever's fair.

Uh, how would you
feel about $623?

Oh, that's mighty white of you.

[laughs nervously]

That's... mighty white of me.

Did you find the file?

No, but we will.

All right.

I know the defense has
a couple of witnesses,

but my people can handle that.

I hope you can do that
with a little more finesse

than you used in
the first situation.

Don't worry about that.

I do worry about it.

It's not that I don't trust you.

I don't trust anybody.

Your Honor, prefatory
to a motion to dismiss.

We're ready to prove that at the
time the murder was committed,

the defendant was, in fact, many
miles from the scene of the crime.

We call Walter Newcomb.

Raise your right hand.

Do you swear that the testimony
that you are about to give

in the matter before this court

shall be the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the
truth so help you God?

I do.

State your name,
address, and occupation.

Walter Newcomb, 2017 Stratton.

I'm a welder.

Please sit down.

Mr. Newcomb, please
tell the court what you did

on the afternoon of Tuesday
the 16th of this month.

I went to the movies.

I beg your pardon?

I was at the movies.

All afternoon.


Somebody got to him.

Well, he can be un-gotten.

They don't talk to him.

He's got a little girl.
She's six years old.

When the man says take
a fall, what can you do?

You don't give up.

Oh, you don't give up!

Hey, I would never give up.

When the walk me
to the gas chamber,

folks will say, "There
goes Jared Swope.

He was framed, but
he never gave up."

I'm sorry.

I really appreciate
what you're doing.

Home, James!

You've got to find out
what turned Walter around.

That'll help tell us
who's building the frame.

Jared just said
not to talk to him.

He didn't say not to watch him.

I like your style.

You're kinda cute yourself.





Oh! What? Yeah, what happened?

Oh, nothing.

Well, then what did
you wake me up for?

Oh, I was just thinking.

You know, Sam's such a...

refined, educated woman.

She probably knows what to do

with all of those extra forks
they give you, you know?


You suppose she'd ever...

consider having a
relationship with a...


Are you asking me if
a classy dame like that

could ever fall for
a big lug like you?

- Yeah.
- Absolutely not.

- I'm being serious here.
- Yeah, I know.

Hey, wait a minute.
What do we got?

[no audible dialogue]

[Rick] He's not
taking the money.

Boy, Jared called it.

He wasn't bought
off. He was scared off.

It's a county car.

[starts engine]

The guy was in county car.

So we followed him all the
way back to the county building.

Unfortunately, it was rush hour,

and we lost him in the crowd.

So we went downstairs to
look at the county records,

see who had checked out a car.

Funny thing.

According to their records,

that car had not been
checked out all day.

Janet really wants to
win this case, doesn't she?

Sam, just slow up.

Janet would not be
involved in anything like this.

Besides us, who knew
anything about Walter?

Hey, wait a minute.

Now all I told her
was that I needed time

to bring a witness
down from L.A.

I did not say who
that witness was.

You didn't have to.

They must have tailed you.

Well, if you're not behind this,

I would really like to know
what you know about this.

Yesterday, I had two witnesses

prepared to clear Jared Swope.

Today, neither one of them
will swear that the Earth is round.

What makes you think
this office is involved?

I've got a couple of very
good detectives on this case.

And let me tell you something.

They don't like
what they're finding.

Well, I don't like
what I'm hearing.


Sam, you're accusing the
whole department of corruption.

Well, you're not exactly running
a seminary here, you know.

D.A.s have strong-armed
witnesses before.

Well, not this one.

[Janet and Sam arguing]

and fight this hard just
to throw it out the door.

I mean, I certainly don't
need to tamper with witnesses.

I mean, you, of course,

can go running back
to daddy's law firm

and charge overtime
for writing wills.

What exactly have
you got to lose here?

Jared Swope's life.

You know, I am
afraid that we do have

some kind of information
leak in our office.

Really, Miss Fowler?
We can't have that.

But we need to discuss this.

Let's see. I have a
breakfast meeting.

Meet me here at
7 in the morning.

Yes, sir.

Thank you very much.

Give me the lock pick.

I'll give the trailer a good
going over after it gets dark.

Why you? Why not us?

Oh, I make less
noise than you do.

- Please.
- Hey.


Why don't you and
Sam get together

to see if you can
come up with a way

of talking Walter
back onto our side?

Well, Sam's probably gone
for the day now, you know.

Call her at home.

Well, to tell you the truth,

I was kind of, you know,
thinking about giving her a call.

I would never have guessed it.

You can use my place.

The deck is very
romantic at night.

[starts engine]

There's a bottle of
champagne in the fridge.

I mean, you got the whole police
department working for you here,

and you call your old man
to check out a case for you.

To tell you the truth, I'm flattered
you would want the very best but, uh...

You went to them first.

They are working for Sam Elkins.

Well, at least I was
your second choice.



They should only
live and be happy.

So come here.

So what's the problem?

You're not getting
enough help with the case?

No, I'm getting too much help.

I've got a legitimate
case against Swope.

I don't need anybody out
there stacking the cards.

You think they're trying
to hang a frame on him?

I don't know.

This whole thing is just
starting to smell fishy.

But would you... would you go
out and check around and, uh...

see what the street has to say?

Maybe check the crime scene.

I don't know.

For you, honey,
I'll do anything.

I love you.


- Freeze!
- Ouch!

- Myron?
- Yeah Myron.

What are you doing here?

Help me up and I might tell you.

All right.

I'm working for Janet.


So she finally realized that
Jared was being framed, huh?

No, nothing like that.

She just wants some
further investigation.

Well, after all, you guys
haven't been helping,

so she came to the best.

Oh. And what are you doing here?

Same thing you're doing here.

A.J., this wasn't a
murder for petty cash.

It was for something
more important,

and it might still be here.

You're right.

Darn right I'm right.

Well, if A.J. doesn't
come up with anything,

I'll just have to cut some
kind of a deal with Janet.

Maybe she'll let us plead
guilty to a lesser charge.

Well, I... I wouldn't
worry about that.

A.J. will come up
with something.

A.J.'s the best in the business.

Present company
excepted, of course.

As a matter of
fact, it was, uh...

It was his idea, uh, for
me to help you tonight.

So can I help you?


Well, you...

could help me take my mind off
this case for a half an hour or so.

I think that was
the general idea.

I got just the ticket.

It's a '76 Cabernet.

The, uh, Alexander Valley.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I think our California wines

are beginning to give the
French a run for their money,

don't you think so?

Sorry. I don't know
a think about wine.

Oh, yeah? Me neither.

They guy down at Trader
Moe's told me to say that,

so I said that.

Yeah. That's definitely a cork.

[clears throat]

Yeah. It's ready.

So am I.

A.J., we've been
looking all night.

In 15 minutes,
it'll be tomorrow.

That's it. Forget about it.

There's nothing in here.

Maybe he's got a safe
deposit box or something.

Of course it would help if we knew
what the hell we were looking for.

Hey. The gas isn't hooked up.

What's that?

The gas, it's not hooked up.


Oh, my.

That's incredible.

It's Larkin.

That's the D.A.'s
chief prosecutor.

Yeah, but look who's backing
him for the state senate.

Haydrick. He's the biggest
racketeer in five counties.

Talk about your
unholy alliances.

We better get in
touch with Janet.

Phone's dead.

Let's go to my place.

I'm sure the defense is
gonna ask for a postponement,

and frankly, I think we
ought to give it to them.


Swope's guilty as hell.

Why give them time
to think up a case?

I'm not saying
that he's innocent,

but how do you explain what's
happening to his witnesses?

That's not our concern.

Well, why did his
most important witness

change his story
at the last minute,

leaving them with a
street gambler to testify?

What's your theory?

I think it might be a frame.

Who'd be operating?

Someone with access to all
the information on the case

and definitely someone
with enough clout

to get the police department to
do what he wanted them to do.

Maybe it's someone
high up in this office.

Maybe... maybe...

I'm sorry you said that, Janet.

I was really
beginning to like you.

[telephone rings]

Don't answer.


You just left.

Very stupid.

Dreadfully stupid.

I had no other
place to take her.

And you know how to
handle situations like this.


You never asked my advice
on how to handle Steven Farrow.

Oh, you would have suggested

a more violent course
of action I suppose.

Your best course of action, my
dear, is to keep your mouth shut.

It might just prolong your
life, though not by much.


Thank you, Carlos.

Janet, honey?


Where could she be?

I mean, she's not
at home. She's not...

- Oh, no.
- What is it?

Look at this. Larkin's got
her. They met an hour ago.

Now let's just think
for a minute here.

Where would he take her?

Larkin is working for Haydrick.

He might have taken her there.

- Yeah.
- That's a big place.

We can't go storm
it unless we're sure.

- Who says we can't?
- We can be sure.


[telephone rings]

- Hello?
- Joseph Frye, please.

Speaking. Who's thins?

This is Samantha Elkins, Joe.

I represented you
about four years ago

when I was in the
public defender's office.

Do you remember?

Hey, counselor, how you doing?

Uh, not too good, Joe. I
think I'm being stood up.

Why are you telling me this?

Because my boyfriend
is Dean Larkin,

and I know he spends a
lot of time out your way.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

That's okay, Joe.

I understand what you're doing,

and that's what you
get paid for, but...

Well, Larkin and I
had a breakfast date,

and I really don't wanna
hang around this restaurant

if he's out with someone else.

Would you help me, please?

Don't hang around anymore.

Thanks, Joe.

She's there. We
better call the police.

Call 'em. All right, Sam.

Let them know that
we're gonna be there.

But you can't! I've
been to Haydrick's!

It's a fortress. I mean, electrified
gates, armed guards, the works.

We're gonna try.

I counted three
armed guards out back.

Sam says there's at least a half a
dozen more patrolling the grounds.

I counted five.

Uh, two o'clock. Got
somebody coming in.

Don't suppose they
ordered flowers?

I doubt it.

Myron, wait till
we get into position

then give us 90 seconds

then create the diversion.

Gotcha. Don't do anything crazy.

They got my
daughter in there, Rick.

[starts engine]

[honks horn]

Hey! Hey, fella!

Hey, go in and call Stella

and tell her her lover
boy's down here.

There's nobody
here named Stella.

Hey, call Stella out there

and tell her her
and me's got a date.

You're drunk, fella.

Now get the hell out of here
before you get yourself hurt.

Wait a minute. You
don't have to drag me.

I can walk. I will walk.

Wait. Wait. Okay, look.

Wait just a minute. Mr. Haydrick,
you're a reasonable man.

I'll do anything you want. You just
can't take me out and kill me like that.

- That's not done anymore.
- Keep thinking that, kid.

Wait. You didn't get away
with killing Steven Farrow.

What makes you think you're
gonna get away with killing me?

Pal, don't make me
get out of this truck!

You go get Stella and tell
her to get out her with me.

Hey, I ain't gonna
tell you again.

Now turn that truck
around and get lost.

I'm coming, Stella!

Hey, stop the truck!
The gate's electrified!


What the hell is that?

Oh, no. Myron's jumped the gun.

Something's gonna be going
down over there. Let's go.

Rick! A.J.!

No! Not here! Just shut her up!

[Janet] No!

Get away from her.

I said get away from her!

Go for it.

You okay, baby?

You're all right.


All right. You, over here.

Over here! Come on! Move!

Now you stay right there.

All right. Come on. Up.


Move it. Move it.

Hey, fellas! Wait, wait, wait!

Hey, you're not drunk.

It was just a
little joke, fellas.

A little joke.

Hey, hey. Come on.

His wife's name is Stella.

And she hasn't been
home in three days.

But it was a joke.


Ha ha ha!

Couple of days ago, I thought
the man had me by the neck.

Next thing you know,
I'm saved by the women.

- Ah!
- Yeah!

So a toast to the prosecution

and to the defense...
since they both won.

I'll drink to that.

Myron, you would drink to
your laundry coming back.

What are you talking about?

Jared, I understand
you play the horses.

Well, I guess I better get back

and help out with
the People vs. Larkin.

Oh. Why don't you stay and
play hooky, Miss Prosecutor?

Hooky, A.J.?

You guys did a terrific job.

Did I forget to tell you that?

Yes, you did.

And yes, we did.

And, uh...

if you ever need
anything else, you just call.

I'm calling.

♪♪ [theme]

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