Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 2, Episode 18 - The List - full transcript

A.J. falls hard for a mysterious client who hires the Simon Brothers to prove she didn't murder a publisher who planned to include her in an annual list of San Diego's ten sexiest women.

A.J., you are so busy
listening to violins,

that this whole
thing is out of tune.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

[Woman] He wanted to
put me on that stupid list.

What stupid list?

"The Ten Sexiest
Women in San Diego."

She's no murderer.

One of the pictures was mine.

[together] You're on the list!

I was a finalist.

It's a shame to think
one of these lovely ladies

could be a cold-blooded killer.

Whoever killed him
deserves a medal.

It is my life,

and if you think I'm
gonna stick it on the line

because you happen to be
playing house with my brother...


♪♪ [theme]

[Man sighing]

♪♪ [blues piano]

Why don't you call
it a night, Mr. Simon?

[exhales deeply]

Maybe I should
call your brother.

Get you home, okay?

You feel like talking about it?

You wouldn't understand.

What's her name?


Amanda McKay.

[A.J. narrating] It's funny,

it was only a week ago.

I woke up.

I woke up before
the doorbell rang.

That ever happen to you?

[bell ringing]

[bell ringing]

[Rick] Mmm.

[Woman] Mr. Simon?

I know it's late, but
your ad said 24 hours.

Uh, yeah.

We believe in
truth in advertising.

I'm sorry, I badgered your
cleaning guy at the office

into giving me
your address here.

Uh, well, that's... that's okay.

George has got a good eye.

He wouldn't have given it to you

unless he thought you needed it.

Well, he was right about that.

I'm going to be
accused of murder.

Um, come on in.

Of course I didn't kill him.

I didn't even know the man.

Until this morning,

Hai Elton was just a name on
the masthead of a magazine.

You know, San Diego Scene.

What were you doing having
a meeting with the publisher?

He wanted to put
me on that stupid list...

"The Ten Sexiest
Women in San Diego."


Well, there are
women in this town

who'd kill to be on that list.

As far as I'm concerned,

that list is an
invasion of privacy.

I was on my lunch
hour yesterday,

and this photographer attacked.

He was a human swarm.

He just kept shooting,
and shooting, and shooting.

He wouldn't even
stop when I asked.

And I tried to get
away, but he chased me.

So you went to this
man, to Hai Elton,

and told him you did
not want to be on the list?

Mm-hmm. We had a
big fight in his office,

and everyone heard us.


I threatened him with a lawsuit,

and he just laughed.

He was so damn arrogant.

And then, he seemed to relent.

He, uh, asked me to
come to his house tonight,

said that he would reconsider.

I got there around 7:00,

and the door was wide open.

And he was lying on the floor.

He was dead.

Well, get in touch
with boys in Homicide.

Everything's still fresh,

you'll be involved
in the investigation,

but not as a suspect.

I can't go to the police.


I-I just can't.

And you can't ask me why.

[clicks tongue] Well, then,

I don't see how we can help you.

Well, then, I'm just
going to have to find

another detective agency.

Wait, wait. Just a
moment, please.

Could I have a word with
you for a moment, Rick?

Would you excuse us, please?

[Rick grunting]

Hey, let her walk.

Whatever it is she's
hiding from the cops,

I don't have
anything to do with it.

She's just scared. We just
have to go slow, that's all.

A.J., my radar is
picking up trouble,

and you are about
to fly right into it.

- Look at her.
- I have looked at her.

She's no murderer.

Oh, come on.

Rick, I want this one.


$300 a day, plus expenses.

[exhales deeply]

"Reliable sources report
that the celebrated list

"of San Diego's
ten sexiest women

"is missing,

apparently stolen from
the scene of the murder."


A lot of people could
have wanted that list.

[Rick] Mmm.

One of Elton's competitors, say.

He reveals the list just
before Elton publishes it,

and the hottest
selling issue of the year

goes down in flames.

Oh, I got a better
one. Listen to this.

"In addition to selecting
his ten sexy women,

"Elton gained
notoriety for including

hints of scandal
in their profiles."

Well, maybe a lot of women

would've killed
to get on the list,

but the way this looks,

one of them might
have killed to get off it.

It's possible.

If we can find out
who made the list,

maybe we'll turn up a suspect.

We already got a suspect
hiding out at your place.

We have a client at my place.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

What we have to do
is find the photographer

that Elton used.

Now we know it wasn't
a staff photographer.

So all we have to do is
start hitting the freelancers.

There's a phone booth up here.

Pull over. I can
save us a day or so.


My, um, friend Lynetta,

she's very heavy
into photography.


Portraiture or landscape?


[Man] Okay, give it to
me. Give it to me. Terrific.

All right, great,
great. Another one.

Great, great. Now to me, to me.

All right. Make it
hurt, make it hurt.

That's good. Ha, ha.

Good, good. One more.
The Nelson, maybe.

- I love the Nelson.
- [Woman] Aah!

No, that's good,
that's good. Ahh, ahh.

Good. How about the
hair? Give me the hair.

Give me the hair. Whoa, whoa.

The hair, I love it. Okay.

You're hot. You're hot.
You're happening, you're hot.

Okay, go ahead, slug her.



Get her a glass of water.

[A.J.] Is she...
is she all right?

Oh, she's a pro.
Are you kidding?

She'll be ready in a second.

They're opening on
Friday at Mudworld.

Listen, I'd like to
help you fellas out,

especially since
you're pals with Lynetta,

but the cops got
the whole thing.

They were in this morning.

We looked at the proof
sheets, the negatives, too.

Yeah, but you know
who's on the list, right?

[laughing] Hey, Elton paid me

to take pictures
of dozens of girls.

[Woman] Are you feeling okay?

He gave me names,
I gave him photos.

Do you remember
any of the names?


I get paid for my eye,
not for my memory.

See? Pros, I told you.


Uh, listen.

I understand that the
price of film has gone up.

Guys, you don't understand.

The cops have closed
my shutter. Follow me?

I can't talk.

A guy on my line, I
need the cooperation

to get through police lines

so I can shoot car crashes
and mangled bodies,

and so forth.

Besides, Nick Fiesta
has got integrity.

Okay, girls. Slip off the suits.

[Rick] What?

Good-bye, don't even...

Hey, come on. Have we
ever betrayed your trust?


Well, have we ever

gotten you in trouble
for helping us?


Well, see, there? You
got nothing left to lose.

Come on, Janet.

Just give us one good
reason why you can't help us.

I will do better than that.

I'll give you three
good reasons.

Look, this Elton murder

is strictly a police

and the DA's office has
absolutely nothing to do with it.

And therefore, it could
be politically embarrassing

for anybody from our office

to stick our nose
anywhere near it.

And not only that,
I could be fired.

That's two.

You said you were
going to give us

three good reasons.

Uh... What's the third?

I... One of the
pictures was mine.

- Sorry?
- What?

One of the pictures was mine.

[together] You're on the list!

- Ahh!
- Ahh!

I was a finalist.

[Rick] Ooh, a finalist.

- Well, hello.
- Yes.

Police, uh, came
by this morning.

- Oh, and a suspect.
- Oh, dear.

[Janet] Oh, I am not.

- I am not.
- Yes, you are.

Well, okay.
Technically, I guess I am.

But I only met
Hai Elton one time

at the annual First
Amendment Dinner Dance.

He grabbed my
knee under the table.

Uh-oh. Freedom of reach.

That's a clear
motive for murder.

- Oh, absolutely.
- Uh, guys, see?

See, now, I think
you'll understand why

although I would
love to help you,

but this time,
you're on your own.

- Well, Janet...
- Mm-hmm.

I hope you didn't do it.

I would hate to think
of you as a murderess,

But, uh, you'd probably
look gorgeous in prison gray.

- Yeah.
- Oh, ha, ha.

I'd say she's in the
top five, anyway.

- Sexy...
- "Gorgeous in prison gray."

No, no. Everything's fine.

It's probably just a flu bug.

Oh, you did?

Well, I'm not there.

I know I should have called you.

I'm house-sitting for a friend.

I'll check with you later, okay?

Right. I will.


I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.

I really hope you don't mind.

I was just calling the office.

No, it's fine.

You work nearby?

Yes, I'm a secretary.

Oh, my goodness.
Look at this place.

What happened?

I've never even seen it
this clean and neat before.

Well, I'm a Virgo. My
tragic flaw is neatness.

Oh, boy.

I have been looking
for this for months.

"Stormy Monday,"

T-Bone Walker,
on Liberty Records.

It was underneath the couch.

I figured anybody who would
jot down something like that,

that it must be important.

If you ever heard the song,

you'd know just
how important it is.

I like the 78
version on Bluebird.

You're kidding. I couldn't
find 78 Bluebird anywhere.

And you call
yourself a detective?

Have you tried
Jazzman on Third and B?

Are you serious?


You're amazing.

Since you're so good
at remembering names,

maybe you could help
us out with Elton's list.

You happen to hear any
names when you were with him?

No, we were too
busy arguing about me.

Why don't you trust me?

Because you don't trust us.

Hey, come on, Rick.

We got nothing, here, A.J.

Fistful of nothing.

A.J., believe me,

the things I can't tell you

have nothing to
do with this murder.

I believe you.

[Rick] The list.

The killer has got the list.

Now we can't get the killer.

What else we got?

We got, um, pictures.

The cops got the pictures.

Yeah, but we know

where the cops
have got the pictures.

Who'd Ernie Boyer
work for last year?

Uh, Drug Enforcement

DEA, that'll do just fine.

It's time to dust old Ernie off.

Now that's something
that's easy on the eyes.

[Officer laughing]

I don't get much
of that in here.

So, how long you been
working for Judge Roberts?

Oh, just a couple
of weeks, really.

I don't want to hold you up.

If you got something
you want to go do, I'm...

No, I don't go to
lunch for another hour.

Did you hear about
the Klepman killing?


Logged the weapon
in about an hour ago.

Hey, you want to see it?

Blood stains just
below the thumb hole...

[bell dinging]

[Rick] All right, porko,
haul your butt out here.

Two trips if necessary, come on.

Who the hell is that?

Oh, jeez. I know that jerk.

He's a fed... DEA, I think.

Drop it and stop it, bus bird.

We got federal
business. Come on.

[Officer] All right.

What have you been
doing back there, jeez,

playing with the evidence?

I ain't got all day out here.

Happy birthday.

[Officer] I'm not
logging in anything

till I see your shield.

I just came off a $5
million heroin bust!

I'm wired up here like
Radio City Music Hall,

and you want me to
carry a marquee that says,

"Hi, I'm Ernie Boyer, narc!"

- [slams badge]
- Log it!


[A.J.] I believe I have
everything I need.

- Thank you very much.
- Oh, anytime.

Just sign here and
give me your thumbprint.


I'm walking here, pal.

You just take a
number and wait. Log it.

I'm in a hurry, if
you don't mind.

I do... Wait a
minute. I know you.

You're Roberts' gopher.

I am Judge Roberts' head clerk.

Yes, that is correct.

That gutless, pinko,
bleeding heart.

We bust our chops to
get the slime in the corral.

These guys let them go

before we can even
stick a brand on them.

Look, Boyér... Bóyer!

You're lucky that any of your
cases come to court at all.

Most of them get blown
away in the streets.

You're a one-man body
count, you illiterate degenerate.

I got a tire iron outside
with your name on it!

Oh, yeah? I'd like to see you...

[both yelling]

There's more chemicals in here

than there is kidney and liver.

Come on. Let's go.

Yeah, figures she'd own a cat.

- [meowing]
- Come on. Let's go.

How long is she going to
be a houseguest, anyway?

As long as it takes.

Come on, it's good
for you. Go on.

Cat people, can't trust 'em.

Rick, I am
getting a little tired

of the same old song.

Take a look at this.

There are no labels
in any of these clothes.

It's like she cut them out
so nobody would know

where she bought them
or where she came from.

A.J., you are so busy
listening to violins

that you fail to see the fact

that this whole
thing is out of tune.

You and I have been in
thousands of places like this.

Man, what do we always find?

Some guy on the run,
some guy with no place to go.

Take a look around here.

There's not one
photograph on a wall.

There's not one plant
in this whole place,

not one note on a refrigerator.

There's not so much as a
Snoopy doll in this place,

not even a picture
of the damn cat!

Don't you get it?

Nobody lives here.

Boy, it's a shame to think
one of these lovely ladies

could be a cold-blooded killer.


Oh, my goodness.


Here she is.

- Hmm.
- Oh, whoo!

That's your friend Janet?

That is her. Mmm.

Well, I wouldn't want to
go up against her in court.

Well, I don't know.
Wait a minute, look.

You seem to be holding your
own pretty well in this court.

He must've been
following me for weeks.

I never saw him when
we were playing that day.

He's used a telephoto
lens there, see?

All right, uh, who's this
guy you're playing with?

The only man in my life.

My boss.

[Rick sighs]

Well, matched up all
the names we've got.

That ought to take care
of about half the pictures.

That's enough to get us started.

Well, this is the
cheeriest he's been

since I first
darkened your door.

Why shouldn't I be?

Tracking down women's
a specialty of mine.

The special Hai Elton
memorial issue, huh?

[A.J.] Yes, ma'am.

The entire thing will be devoted

to the man, the legend,

you know, that sort of thing.

Yeah, but our cover's
going to be on the final list.

"San Diego's Ten Sexiest Women

Bid Farewell to Hai Elton."

I mean, how is that for hot?

We're going to
use all the pictures,

just do it up bigger than life.

Poor choice of words, actually.

But we would like your reactions

and maybe any thoughts
on Hai and his passing.

Hai Elton?

The man was a slug.

Whoever killed him
deserves a medal.

Oh. That a fact? Slug.

What caused your overwhelming
affection for the man?

The creep was always
after me for mixed doubles.

You play tennis?

No, afraid I don't.

Neither did Hai.


Police continue their search

for the brutal killer
of publisher Hai Elton.

Resources report

authorities are looking
for a mystery woman

who was seen arguing with Elton

hours before the killing.

Next, an exclusive exposé
of fast-food milkshakes.

And we continue our guide

to weekend love nest hideaways.

Tonight, live on 5.

[Man] One, clear.


[Man] Okay.

We'll just have to adjust
Ms. Aames' chair next time.

Okay, um, go ahead
and use the photograph,

but don't expect me
to say anything nice

about Hai Elton.

I criticize him often
enough on the air.

He was a, uh,
shallow, neurotic man

who used his magazine
to pick on personal targets

and to chase women.

Sounds like you speak
from personal experience.

Well, I was one of the
few who eluded him.

He found that
particularly intriguing.

Oh, he did?

Yes, he liked women
who were hard to get.


Mrs. Klein, usually,
we see your name

in society columns and
symphony programs.

Do your find your
inclusion in the Elton list

at all surprising?

Nothing Hai Elton
ever did surprised me.

Every breath the man
took was calculated.

Then you knew him.

Actually, I knew his type
better than I knew him.

I'm on the board of
several local charities.

Let's just say that
Mr. Elton's contributions

always came with
strings attached.

[Rick] Hmm.

A generous donation to
the art museum always led

to a bit of scandal
for his gossip column.

[A.J.] Hmm. Well,
in your opinion,

how do you think
you got on the list?

Well, that's easy.

My family helped
found this city.

That sort of background
appealed to a man like Elton.

When you're nouveau riche,

nothing's quite as
sexy as old money.

Alfred, these gentlemen
are from San Diego Scene.

They want to publish
my photograph

in a memorial
issue to Hai Elton.

- Hi.
- Hello.

How do you do?

The man is dead,

but the bad taste lives on, huh?

Well, Mr. Elton would
have wanted it that way, sir.

Yeah, I'm sure he would've.

Why don't you get out of here?

- Ahh.
- May we quote you?

- Out.
- Out.

Thank you.

You think we
struck a nerve there?

I think the guy is too
rich to have nerves.

She seemed amused
by the whole thing.

Why not? They can afford it.

- Yeah.
- Come on, let's get back.

I want to see if Amanda's okay.

Eh, you can handle that.
Drop me off at the office.

Damn it, Alfred.

I spend 15 minutes

creating a portrait
of equanimity,

and you destroy
it in five seconds.


we're being blackmailed
for God knows how much,

and you're worrying
about putting on a show

for a couple of reporters?


Until we know who
the blackmailer is,

we're going to have
to be nice to everyone.

It has to be the photographer
that Elton was using.

Who else could get his
hands on that roll of film?

I'll find him.

The question is,

what do I do when I find him?

Just get the film.


If anybody saw those pictures,

my God, the scandal
will ruin all of us.

Forget about the scandal.

I just pray that he doesn't
know about the murder.

Hello, hello.


Anybody decent up there?

Anybody indecent up there?





♪♪ [blues]

Where the hell have you
been? I was worried about you.

I'm sorry. I had to get out.

I went to that record store

to see if I could buy
"Stormy Monday."

You won't believe this,

but some guy bought
the only one they had

two hours before.

♪ Eagle flies on Friday ♪

♪ Saturday I go out to play ♪

♪ Sunday I go to church ♪

♪ And I kneel down to pray ♪

[Rick] Betty, honey,

how's my best friend
at the phone company?

All right. Listen, I
need a little favor.


Well, yeah, that, too,

but this particular
favor is work-related.

Yeah, a phone number.

A toll call made
yesterday morning

from A.J.'s place, about 11:45?

[laughing] Who, me?

Come on, would I check
up on my little brother?

Well, of course I
can hold for you.

Uh, excuse me, sir.

I'm trying to locate the
employer of Amanda McKay.

- Amanda McKay?
- Yes, sir.

I don't believe I know the name.

It's just to verify
her employment.

Well, I'm sorry. I...

There's no one working
for me by that name.

That's odd.

It said on the
insurance application

she was employed
by a Jeffrey Laird.

Oh, there you are.
That's your mistake.

My name is Philip Bloom.

I am sorry.

Somebody pointed
you out as Mr. Laird.

Perhaps you've seen
her around here, though.

Here's a fairly recent
photograph of her.

Uh, I'm sorry.

I've never seen
that woman before.

Well, thank you for your time.

Uh, Mr. Bloom, you
play tennis, don't you?


Golf, that's...

[Fiesta] That's hot.

- Oh, to the right.
- [shutter clicking]

Okay. Wet those
lips. Wet those lips.

Uh-huh, uh-huh. Open
the mouth a little bit.

That's beautiful.
Lower that right arm.

That's good. That's good.

That's good. Beautiful.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Towards me, towards me.

Wet those lips, wet those lips.

The wind is
blowing in your hair.

The sand is kissing your toes.

The stars are
yours for the touch.

Ahh. You're beautiful,
beautiful. Okay.

Lower the elbow.
That's good, that's good.

Fabulous. Towards me
a little bit more. Okay.

I love it. I love it.

Okay, babe. Terrific.

Now let's do it
without the suit.

Okay, great.

Oh, just a second.

I just realized I made
a little appointment.

So why don't you meet me
back here at 5:00, okay, querida?


Mr. Klein, very
nice to meet you.




- [water running]
- [whistling]

I want to talk to you.

Hey. Shh, be quiet.

Amanda's sleeping.

You want to hear about
Little Miss Muffet up there?

- I traced the call
she made yesterday...
- What?

Some federal office building.

Her boss's name is Philip Bloom,

works for the U.S.
Treasury Department,

only he says he's never
heard of Amanda McKay before.

[door opens, closes]

Well, well, well,
along came a spider.

You went to my office today?

That's right, lady. I like
to know who I work for.

You're on my time.

I'm not paying you
to investigate me.

You want a refund?

I don't want my boss
to know about this.

Is that so difficult to grasp?

No, I will tell you what
is difficult to grasp.

What is difficult to grasp

is why your boss would
say you don't work there!

That's not your business,
that's my business, not yours!

No. Wrong, lady.

Your business is not
just your business.

It is my life, and if you think
I'm gonna stick it on the line

because you happen to be
playing house with my brother...


You are way out of line.

If you want to
finish that thought,

I will be glad to help you.

You'd better know
what you're doing.


Good morning.

Oh. Good morning.

Breakfast in bed?

Yeah, I made a little extra,

just in case you were hungry.

Looks good.

You know, I came between
two brothers once before.

Really? Who?

Well, they were
mine, and I was seven,

and it was the worst
fight we ever had.

How did it end?

My mom stopped it.

She made us kiss and make up.

- Oh.
- Mmm.

[A.J.] Mmm.

[Amanda] Mmm.

[Amanda] Morning.

[Rick] Mmm.


Yeah, look, I think I
got something here.

Fiesta was shooting
with Bolex film.

It's got key numbers every foot.

Come take a look at this.

There's a pretty fair-sized
gap in the numbers there.

We got some film missing.

Fiesta said he gave all
the pictures to the police.

Yeah, well, the sleazebag is
holding out on us and the cops.

I'm going to go down

and shake that other
roll of film out him.

I'll go with you.

You mind?

[radio chatter]

[shutter clicking]

[Man] Hey, Ricky.

A.J., long time no see.

I've missed you.

Well, Shore, how's business?

- Booming.
- Good, good, good.

If Homicide ever makes
it onto the big board,

we're going to own
half of Wall Street.


And you'll be a great broker.

We'll see you around.

That's the problem. I've
been seeing you around.

All around.

It seems as though you
guys have been spending

about as much time
on this case as I have.

Us? Oh. Hmm.

- Who was your client?
- Client?

Oh, no, no. See, we just came
by to pick up a family portrait.

This guy, Fiesta, has got a great
sense of light. Don't you think so?

Yeah, I do. I know
just what you mean.

Take a look at this composition.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh. See?

- That's very nice.
- Mm-hmm.

- Who is she?
- Why don't you tell me?

'Cause we don't know.

Look, Shore, all we
want to do is talk to Fiesta.

Is that too much to ask?

I don't think so.

He's right over here.

Of course, you will let me know if
you find out anything, won't you?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Absolutely. First thing.

Here you go.


Well, did they find what they were
looking for... whatever that was?

We don't think so. The
cleaning crew came in.

Whoever it was in here
must've heard them and took off.

Judging from the M.O.,

the same person who
killed Hai Elton killed Fiesta.

The cleaning crew see anything?

I mean, did they get a
description of the guy?

I didn't say it was a guy.

Well, let's go, A.J.

Good luck on this one, Shore.

I think you're going to need it.

I think I owe you an apology.

Amanda was with us
when Fiesta was killed.

With one of us, anyway.

She's off the hook.

She's off your hook.

She won't be clear
with the police.

Not till the killer's found.

A missing roll of film.

Think Fiesta was
trying blackmail?

Looks like it. Also looks like
the killer didn't find the film.


I hope Shore doesn't, neither.



Ah, look at this.

Cops always use the same locks.

I think they got a gross of
them right after the Korean War.

If you don't hurry, it's going to
be daylight before we get in there.

Here. Hold this.

[exhaling forcefully]

Did you know...

that a lot of photographers
keep their film in the refrigerator?



Did you know that if you left

a head of lettuce
unwrapped in the refrigerator,

that it would disappear completely
within two to three months?

I'm going to put that in
my bachelor cookbook.

- Did you know...
- Mmm.

That all canisters
of unexposed film

have a strip five
or six inches long

so you can load the camera?

Makes sense.

All of them are like that...

except this one.

That poor little fella.


Oh-ho-ho! Look at this.

That's hotter than
Mama Gomez cooking.

Well, one of the highlights of
Elton's sexiest woman feature

was always the Home
Wrecker of the Year Award.

Well, looks like he was planning
a major demolition job here, huh?



Good evening, Mr. Klein.

We were just going to call you.

The, uh... The others, of course,
are a good deal more revealing.

I must say this is
a new one on us.

No. Now, A.J., you
remember Mrs. Schmidt?

She was having an
affair with another woman.

- That's no reason
to kill two people.
- Oh, shut up.

Or I'll have to shut you up now.

Like you did Fiesta? What
was it with Fiesta, anyway?

I mean, was it because
he had the pictures?

Or was it because he
knew that you killed Elton?

Oh, A.J., come on.
Don't be ridiculous now.

Mr. Klein here is a
pillar of the community.

Why did you kill Elton?

It was an accident.

We had an argument.

He was going to
expose my wife's, uh,

affair in the magazine.

You see there, A.J.?

I told you Mr. Klein
wasn't the vicious type.

He was just protecting his wife.

Who's going to protect
Terry, the anchorwoman?

Hmm? Oh, she's okay. She
doesn't know anything about that.

Look... gentlemen.

I am not a killer.

That's why I hired
these two men.


[tires screeching]

[horn honking]

[honking continues]


[Amanda] Thank God it's over.

No, darling, it is not over.

I'm sorry.

Look, all the police have
is our unsubstantiated word

that Klein is the killer.

Any concrete evidence is going to
be extremely difficult to piece together.

I'm right back where I started.

This whole thing's
been for nothing.

No, it hasn't.

No, it has not been for nothing.

You'll be cleared
almost immediately.

It's just going to be a formality
now. It's not like before.

Before, you were
a major suspect.

Amanda, I don't know
what the problem is.

I don't know what
you're running from.

But it is tearing you apart.

It's keeping us apart.

A.J., Shore wants... Aww!

I'm sorry.

That's okay.

[clears throat]


Listen, Amanda. I'm
not real good at this,

but there's something
I got to say to you.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.

Um... I'm sorry.

And, uh, if you don't get
over here and hug me,

I'm going to apologize for
about an hour and a half.

Uh, Shore wants
to see us. Our office.

I'll, uh... I'll go
wait in the car.

- [door opens, closes]
- [sighs]

I guess you know I'm
falling in love with you.


And I... I think...

I hope you feel the
same way about me.


I don't care what you've
done. It doesn't matter to me.

We can face it together.

I know we can.

Oh, A.J., please,

I just need a little time
to get myself together.

Would you talk to
the police without me?

Just this last time?

Everything is
going to be all right.

I promise it.

Now here is what I got:

two homicides,

no physical
evidence to speak of,

no gun, no fingerprints,
no pictures, no list.

You tell me Klein is the killer.

Well, he is up in smoke, and
the negatives went with him.

All right. What about Mrs.
Klein? Maybe she'll corroborate.

Mm-hmm. What do I do? Go up to her
at the funeral and say, "Hey, Mrs. Klein,

"I hear your husband
killed a couple of guys

"because you were having an
affair with the TV weather lady.

Do you have any
comment on that?"

What makes you
think your deposition

is going to cut ice
with the DA anyway?

You two are mercenaries,
and you are being paid

by the prime suspect.

- I know you got the McKay woman
stashed somewhere.
- [knocking]

As a matter of fact, she's ready to
come forward and give evidence.

Hey, we're in the
middle of a meeting h...

- Detective Shore?
- Yes.

I'll take it from here.

Fine. Just keep me informed, you know,
so that I can keep my records straight.

You'll be informed.

What's going on
here? Who are you?

I am Amanda's boss,

but my real job is
taking care of her.


What do you mean,
"taking care of her"?

She was an important witness
in an organized crime case

in the East three years ago.

We gave her a new
identity, a new job.

The Protected Witness Program.

We've already moved her twice

when the other side
seemed to be getting close.

We thought this
would be the last time.

She, uh, loved her life here.

[chuckles] That's
why she hired us...

So she wouldn't have to blow
our cover and move away again.

Yeah, well, I guess she
made the right choice.

Looks like she's
in the clear, huh?

Well, no, she isn't.

See, there's still going to
be a full police investigation...

Newspaper and
television coverage.

She'd be in grave danger.

Excuse me.

Hey-hey. Hey.

- Are you going
to move her again?
- We've already moved her.

Well, where?
Where'd you take her?

I'm sorry.

Hey, you!

Hey, I'll find her,
fella! I can find her!

- A.J.
- I can do it, Rick!

- I know you can.
- She liked it here.

- That means she wants
to live in a sunbelt.
- A.J.

I know she's got a
cat named Amelia.

I know she's got two brothers. I
know what kind of music she likes.

- Do you know how long
it'll take me?
- Not long.

If I wanted to find a missing person
real quick, you're the guy I'd come for.

You may be the best there
is. And if you decide to do it...

- What do you mean, "if"?
- If you decide to do it,
I'll help you.

We can do it. We can find her.

But what about the
guys that are after her?

They're not as good as you are,
or they'd have found her by now.

And not even the
government's going to be able

to build a screen
that will keep you out.

You're going to find
a way through it...

A door, a crack, something...
And you'll find her.

But you stop and think about the
guys that are going to be following us.

The sooner you find her, the
sooner they're going to kill her.

[sighs] I'm sorry, kid.

[Amanda's voice] Dearest Andrew,

by now you know you
must never try to find me.

I want you to
know that I love you

and I'll never forget
our stormy Monday.


[piano playing]

If I could only see
her once more.

If I just...

turn around and
she'd be there...

[piano stops]


Hi, Rick.

Hi, Jimmy.


Think maybe we
ought to call it a night?



Come on, kid. Let's go home.

Whoop. Easy.

It's all going to be okay.

In about 100 years
or so. Come on.

Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA