Simon & Simon (1981–1989): Season 2, Episode 17 - Design for Killing - full transcript

I think I died and
went to heaven.

[Announcer] Tonight
on Simon & Simon...

You want us to guard
a rack of clothes?

This is the Tracy Penn
Fall Classic Collection.

If anything happens
to it, we all go down.

I don't think you're old enough.

I'm old enough for anything.

Just stay away from
her. Do you hear me?

Then he broke in and
grabbed the whole thing.

When I get through with them,
they won't be able to get a job

guarding a lamppost.

If this works...

you are gonna be
right in the line of fire.


♪♪ [theme]

Okay, Tracy. It's
a marvelous night.

The champagne is flowing.

All right, now you
make your choice.

He's standing right
here behind the lens.

Now, zero in.




Stay right there.

All right. Now he says
something halfway funny. Laugh.


All right. Gimme the wide angle.

That's great, Tracy.

Well, I think we've
done it this time.

Everything looks great.

Let's hold it down, folks.

It's going very well.
You're cooking, Tracy.

Now over here.

What is this?

What is this, some kind
of joke or something?


- [gasping]
- [Tracy screams]



[gasping, choking]

- No!
- Tracy.

[Tracy sobbing] No!

He's dead.

[gasps] No. He can't be.

Oh, please, God.


[door slams]

[messages rewinding]



[dial tone]


Rick. Hi.

Look, we totaled up the
damages for the bar furniture

and figured out that your share

comes to a little
over 200 bucks.

I hope the hangover
was worth it.


[dial tone]

[machine beeps]

Billy, I told you a thousand

times... Don't point.

- [beep]
- Hi, there.

- This is Seaside Mortuary.
- Ahhh...

Have you thought
about your future?

Have you thought about where
you'd like to spend eternal life?

[Woman] Billy! Billy,

you come back in here
right this minute! Ohh!

Well, kid oughta learn

that you can't go
around killing people.

[over machine] If you
would like to receive

additional information on...

- And then, when he grows up...
- [crying]

please press the
star on your phone.

Maybe he'll know that
these things aren't toys.

[Mother] Thanks.


Hi there. This is

- Seaside Sanctuary...
- What's that?

Oh, that. That's, uh,

somebody's machine trying to
sell something to our machine.

That'll never work. Our machine

is only a sucker
for a sexy voice.

[quick-speed forward]
[Woman] Good morning.

This is Celeste Dunn Designs.

- Your firm has been
kindly recommended to us.
- Celeste Dunn?

We wish to engage your services.

If you're interested in
discussing the assignment,

please call us at 555-2321.

[dial tone]

Celeste Dunn Designs.

Why does that ring a bell?

That's where that photographer
was killed yesterday.

- Murder?
- A murder.

A murder case.

- A murder case.
- Oh, boy. It's about time

we had something we
could sink our teeth into.

A murder. Great.

Uh, excuse me.

We're looking for Celeste Dunn.

It's about time
you two got here.

Is it?

Neither one of you are really

the Tom Selleck
type, though, are you?

Oh, well. You'll have to do.

Now, um, you're gonna have to be

on your absolute best behavior

'cause we're really
way behind schedule,

what with all the problems
we've been having.

The press showing
is, uh, oh, boy,

four days away. We
are never gonna make it.

- Mmm.
- You'll be perfect

for our post-preppy collection.

We may have to cut your hair

- a bit, though.
- [Rick laughs]


I really didn't want the
country and western look.

Where did you get that hat?

It's absolutely Neanderthal.

I like this hat.

Yeah, uh... excuse me, ma'am.

What he's trying
to say is, I think

you've got us confused
with somebody else.

Uh, wait a minute. You're
not from the modeling agency?

Uh, no, ma'am.

We're Simon &
Simon Investigations.

Oh, you're the detectives.

[sighs] Well, that
explains the hat.

In that case, we have
to go the other direction.

Follow me.

Positively Neanderthal.

Oh. I'm sorry. Oh.

Excuse me.

Nice hat.

Come on, Rick. Let's
go, let's go, let's go.

- Rick, we're losing her.
- But you didn't...

Come on. Pretty girl down
here. Down here. Come on.

It's wrong! It's totally
and absolutely wrong!

Now, Tracy, I can't go
through this again with you.

If you can't design things
the way I ask for them...

- This is exactly
the way you asked for!
- It's not short enough!

This is the '80s, not the '50s.

If you want to design
clothes for matrons,

go work for a
uniform supply house.

This is the exact length
we discussed, Tracy. Look.

- It is not! Not!
- Ow! What? For...

I don't see how you expect me to
work with such imbeciles, Mother.

I can't. I just can't.

Tracy, come back here.

I told you I want a doll.

Brooke's got a doll.
I want a doll, too...

The Tracy Penn doll. I want one.

I want to see it on display in
all the stores for Christmas.

I am working on it, dear.

Hi. I'm Tracy Penn.

Y... I'm A.J. Simon.

I'll bet the A stands...
for... Andrew?

Very good!

What about the J?

Yeah. Nothing special.



I have a terrible
headache, Mother.

I think I'm gonna lie
down in my dressing room.

Would you like to
see my dressing room?

Um... Tracy.

I hope I see you again.

I... I hope so, too. [chuckles]

Got over her shyness
real quick, didn't she?

- [clears throat]
- Who's the, uh,
muscleman over there?

That's Gilbert Dunn,
Celeste's husband.


Wonder what he
eats for breakfast.

Small foreign cars, probably.

[woman chuckles]


These are the two
detectives that you called.

Oh. Good.

Hi. I'm Celeste Dunn.

Hi. I'm Rick Simon.
My brother A.J.

- How do you do?
- You've met Diana?

- This is my husband Gil.
- Hi.

I'm going to take
them to the vault, Gil.

Why don't you check and see

if those Italian pumps
have been delivered yet?

Oh, I just did. They're, uh...

- Excuse us.
- Nice meeting you.

I'm sorry if I couldn't be
more specific on the telephone.

But it wouldn't surprise
me if my lines were bugged.

I know that sounds
terribly paranoid,

but we're exactly one week away

from our fall press showing.

A year's work... and
the jobs of 127 people

are riding on its success.

This is the Tracy Penn

Fall Classic Collection.

It's our flagship.

If anything happens
to it, we all go down.

You're afraid of sabotage?


By someone who
will stop at nothing,

including murder.

And you want us to find out

who that someone is.

I already know who it is.

[A.J.] Uh, you do?


Uh, well, uh... Wait
a minute. You mean...

It's the same person who
murdered your photographer?

Jason Wolcott.

- Wolcott.
- Ah.

The top designer
in the country today.

Or he was until Tracy
Penn came over to me.

Have you told
this to the police?

Of course. They're

Well, I'm not really sure

what you need us for.

I need you to
protect the collection.

[Rick laughs]

You want us to guard
a rack of clothes?

Well, of course.

What did you think
I needed you for?

We're detectives.

We solve murders.

We locate missing persons.

We provide industrial security.

We do not watch clothes!


[muttering softly]

- Model.
- [springs creak]


Rise and shine!

Rise and shine.

- You rise. You shine. Get outta here.
- Hey.

We just got a phone call

from Celeste Dunn Designs, Inc.

Not the Tracy Penn
Fall Fashion Collection.

You got it.

Somebody broke in and
grabbed the whole thing.

Oh, we can't have that.

Who rides for justice?

It was Jason Wolcott.

He was the one who
killed Jean-Claude.

Now he steals her collection.

What more do you need?

Get a warrant, for God's sake!

Uh, please, Ms. Dunn,
could you be reasonable?

Try to understand that so far,

there isn't any evidence.

Don't tell me he didn't do it!

It's clear he's out to ruin me!


Where the hell - have you been?
- Home.


These two work for you?

Not anymore they don't.

And when I get
through with them,

they won't be able to get
a job guarding a lamppost.

Are you two hired to protect
these clothes of Ms. Dunn?

That's right. We secured
the clothes in the vault

last night around 10:00.
Checked all the doors

and windows. Told the
security guard to give us a call...

You should've
been here all night!

We weren't paying you to sleep.

As I recall, we're being
paid by Celeste Dunn.

If anybody's got anything
to say about it, it's her.

Uh, don't. No, sir.
You don't want to

do anything like that.

Do you have any idea how
they got into the building?

Well, no. We haven't
determined that just yet.

Ask Jason Wolcott.
He could tell you.

Now, Ms. Dunn, you're
gonna have to be careful

about making these accusations.

After all, Jason Wolcott

is a highly respected
member of the community.

And what am I, a social disease?

- God sakes, Celeste.
- No.

For my sake. [sigh]

It's my career and reputation

that's on the line here.

Oh? And what about me?

Don't you think I'm a
little concerned about this?

I am the vice president.

Could we talk to you
in private, please?

- Come on.
- What am I doing outside?

Got a little surprise
for you. Come on.

You know, I don't
think you realize

- how important
those clothes...
- We realize.

You made that quite
clear. As a matter of fact,

on a scale of 1 to 10...

Then why are you so damn casual?

I mean, you don't
know what [muffled]...

Thank you.



The Tracy Penn
Fall Classic Collection

by Celeste Dunn Designs.

We didn't just fall off the
turnip truck, you know.

Now, if I take my hand
away from your mouth,

you promise not to scream?

Sorry about that.

We didn't want
the police to hear.

We want 'em to go
ahead and file their report

saying that the Tracy
Penn line was stolen.

Who knows? They might
even come up with something.

They've been known to solve
a case every once in a while.

But I don't understand.

It's very simple. Rick
and I switched the racks.

We found some old clothes
down in one of the storage areas.

We hung them on Tracy's rack,

covered it up, and
wheeled it into the vault.

You mean the
thieves got away with...

Mm-hmm. Some
of your old designs.

See, what we did was we put
the real clothes in the bags there.

Then we parked
ourselves right over there,

and we watched.

And when the janitor
brought the bags out,

we picked 'em up and
took 'em home with us.


[laughs] You're both,
um... Well, you're...

brilliant! [laughs]

- Come on...
- Mmm!

Yes, we are.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.


What is going on over there?

I thought you said you
were in control of everything.

Look at you. You're
all over the road.

[sigh] I'm doing the best I can,

with Celeste calling the shots.

We both know I
can run that business

better than she ever did.

If there's a
business left to run.

I want those detectives fired.

You can at least
do that, can't you?

Only Celeste... Only
Celeste can do that.

Oh... [sighs]

Poor baby.

It's no fun being caught

between a rock and
a hard place, is it?

[laughs] You want to play rough?




Mmm, mmm. [chuckles]


First... what are we
gonna do about Jason?

Well, just, uh...

hope he has better
luck the next time.

If he does steal the collection,

be a big help to us.

He wants more
than the collection.

He wants Tracy back.

Her contract's with Celeste.

He wants more than her contract.

Hey. She's 18 now, Viv.

You are not going to be able

to keep the wolves from
snapping at her forever.

Excuse me, Mr. Wolcott.

We're ready for you, sir.

Is there any problem?

No, sir. No problem whatsoever.


This is very good.

I must admit, Celeste,

it's very, very good.

This is, uh, Celeste's
fall showing...

from three years ago.

It's dreadful. It's
beyond me how it sold.

It's also worthless.

Burn it.

And get rid of the racks.

Mr. Simon?

Uh, would you excuse us

for just a... a little bit?


[chuckles] Yeah.

All I need is one minute.

Okay. Go.

Tell me why Celeste is so sure

that Jason Wolcott's
out to ruin her.

Tracy Penn used to be
exclusive with Wolcott.

He found her, signed
her when she was 13.

One could say he made
her what she is today.

One could say

that you're just
a little bit cynical.

Me? Hey, I just work here.

Tracy wanted her own label.

Jason refused. He... wanted

to keep her modeling
his designs only.

Celeste got wind of it somehow

and finagled Tracy
into changing sides.

Now, Celeste was never real
proud of herself for doing that,

but, um...

business is business, you know.

And your minute's up.


All right, sweetheart,
that's lovely.

Okay. Now, tilt your head

just a little more to the side.

A little bit forward
with your head.

Okay? Great.

Okay. Beautiful.

Lovely. Okay.

A little to the side, please.

Now, stay with... Stay with
me, please. Stay with me.

All right, chin up.

Yeah. Nice.

That's it.

A little bit forward
with your head. Great.



Yeah. It's beautiful.

[camera clicks]

[no audible dialogue]

Chin down, just a little.


[camera clicks]

That's great.

Vivian says that Tracy
could concentrate better

if, uh, you weren't here.

Okay, shake your hair.

Oh, really. Great.

Well, why don't you tell
Vivian that I'm working?

Unless someone
wants to fire me...

or throw me out.

Didn't you used to be a
Mr. Universe or something?

[photographer] Chin up. Chin up.

I mean, I'm talking
about a long time ago.

Maybe I'm mistaken.

Okay. Now just, uh,
chin down just a little bit.

- Okay.
- [camera clicking]

Up, and turn
back just a little bit.

Toward me. Toward me. Yeah.

Listen, moisten your
lips just a little bit.

Nice. Okay.

Thank you. Listen, kiddo,

we're gonna need a
lot more spirit on this,

a lot more fire.

Just forget it.

Okay, everybody, we're
gonna take a break.

What's wrong?

It's obvious. She
misses Jean-Claude.

She doesn't miss Jean-Claude.

What's bothering her is the jerk

that you got to
replace Jean-Claude.

Perry is the best we could do

on such short notice, Vivian.

We have to have those pictures.

If we don't have those pictures

to release at the press showing,

the fashion writers will have
nothing to use in their articles.

Even I could've found
somebody better than that.

Maybe we should try to see
if somebody else is available.

I told you I checked everybody.

It's the height of the season.

Where are you going to
find a good photographer

who is not working at
the height of the season?

There's got to be somebody.

It wouldn't hurt to
take another look.

Then get somebody else.

If you think you can.

But you'd better hurry.

It's three days to the
press showing and counting.


Hello, Andrew.

Hello, Tracy.

I take mine with sugar.

I didn't know models were
allowed to have anything sweet.

Well, some things need sugar,

and some things are
sweet on their very own.

That's true.

[Tracy] Thanks.

It must be very exciting
to be a private detective.


[camera clicks]

Really nice.

Okay. Yeah. Right
over here, now. That's it.

[camera clicks]

May I speak to you for a
moment over here, please?

Right. Yeah. I love it.


Oh, beautiful! Hold it there.

Yeah, a little more
of that. Go. More.


I want you to listen to me.

I want you to listen
to me very carefully.

This may be just about

the most important
week in Tracy's life.

Now, Tracy may be 18.

She's still my
concern, Mr. Simon.

Totally my concern.

She doesn't need

any more distractions right now.

So stay away from her.

Do you hear me?

Moisten your lips
for me. Stay away.

Not so fast, Mrs. Penn.

I happen to be a professional.

In fact, I happen to be

the professional who saved
your daughter's career last night.

Now, you correct
me if I'm wrong,

but it's my understanding
that if the thieves

had gotten away with
the Tracy Penn Collection,

it would've pretty much
ruined whatever it is

that's at stake
for you and Tracy.

Am I right?

Moisten your lips.

And one more little thing.

For your information,
the only thing

that Tracy wanted
from me was coffee.

[snickers] Coffee...

and a little casual

But if she should want
something else from me...

if she should want
me to take her out...

or even to take her
home, for instance...

I would make that decision
regardless of what you might think.

Do you understand?

Mr. Wolcott?

That'll be all,
Antonio. Grazie molto.

Yes, sir. Good
night, Mr. Wolcott.

I guess you were outsmarted.

It's only round 1, my darling.

Well, you'd better
not miss next time.

I won't.

Here's to our, uh...

soon-to-be renewed relationship.

Just make sure you get
your hands on the collection

before the press showing.

Are you sure that you
can talk your mother

into signing with me again?

If the collection disappears,
what choice will she have?

Celeste will look
totally incompetent.


Vivian could take you
to another designer.

Jason. You and
Celeste are the best.

Believe me, Mother knows on
which side her bread is buttered.

You really hate her, don't you?

Let's just say I'm tired of
her telling me what to do.

I mean, she doesn't even ask me.

She went to Celeste, arranged
the deal, then told me about it.

I had no say, no say whatsoever.

I was happy with you, Jason.

Really happy.

I resent Mother taking
me away from you.

So, those are the
real clothes, huh?

This? That's garbage.

Garbage? If it's garbage,

then why are you taking it home?

We like garbage.

Yeah. We're sort of collectors.

You know. Collectors, huh?

Good night. Good night.

[hinges squeak]


- Hey, Marvin.
- What?

- Come here. Take a look.
- What?

Somebody threw away two
perfectly good white guys.

You're kidding.

Take a look.

You're not kidding.

Hey, man. You guys all right?

[Rick grunts]


[Marvin gurgling]


Ohh... Ohh...


Oh... can I buy
into some of that?


You mean, like, money?

Oh, yeah. Ha...
Hang on a minute.

I got it here someplace.

[exhales] Yeah. [sniffles]

There you go.

Hey, now you're talking.





[exhales sharply]

[clears throat, coughs]

[sighs] Mmhh!

[clears throat] Mmhh!


[Rick, groaning] Mmhh!

Ohh... [exhales lengthily]

Thank you.

Oh, that's all right.

What are brothers for?

Hey, why don't the two
of you come with us?

I heard the government is giving
away some cheese someplace,

and we're gonna find out where.

Ah... No, I'd, uh...
Uh, we'll pass.


Well, that's cool.

Come on, Hector.


You okay?

Uhh... Here you go.



- Uhhh...
- Ooh.

What happened?

Well, uh, do you
remember the guys

- with the automatics?
- Yeah.

Well, they asked us
to get out of the truck.


And then, as near
as I can figure,

they dropped the truck on us.

Sounds reasonable.

Open them.

Well, empty them.

[phone rings]

Well, this is very
distressing, Antonio.

Very distressing, indeed.

Telephone, Mr. Wolcott.

Who is it?

It's a woman. She didn't say.

She said it was
important, though.

This is Jason Wolcott speaking.


I'm completely
taken by surprise.

Meet you?


Well, why don't
you come over here?

Then where?


No, no, no. That's fine.

Yes, I'll come alone.

No. I won't say
a word to anyone.


I'm going out.

Leave this here.

We'll have a long discussion
about it when I get back.

[A.J.] I knew this wouldn't
work. We've lost the signal.

[Rick] Well, you gotta
be patient with this stuff.


[fast beeping]

Just gotta know how to handle

electronic equipment.


Now we're getting close.
Get over in the right lane.

Looks like we're heading
for the high-rent district.

Now entering Wolcott country.

Please, God, don't
let there be dogs.

[Rick] There are always dogs.

[footsteps, dog whimpers]

[Rick] What'd I tell you?
Never met a guard dog

didn't like beef jerky.


What do we give
him on the way out?


Ladies and gentlemen...

the Tracy Penn Fall Collection.

Well, well, well.

Would you look at this.

Place like this ought to
have a phone somewhere.

Looks like Celeste
Dunn was right.

Uh, we found, uh, these fabrics,

which we can prove
came from Celeste's shop,

and this bug, which
we can prove is ours.

This is ridiculous, lieutenant.

These two broke in here,

planted all of this to make
Mr. Wolcott look guilty.

I've never seen any
of this stuff before.

Demand to talk to this
Wolcott, not his hired help.

I am more than
Mr. Wolcott's hired help.

Oh, yeah?

Does that mean

you do all his
dirty work for him?

Maybe you're the one put
the scratch-and-sniff film

in Jean-Claude's camera.

No... Hey, hold it, hold it!

That's enough!

All right, now.

We gotta find Jason Wolcott.

- [tires screeching]
- Aah!


He's dead.

He's dead.

You're getting very
good at this, my darling.

Of course I hated him.

Wolcott was a slug,

a pimple on the
face of humanity.

He was out to destroy me.

I'm glad he's dead.

But I didn't kill him.

If I were you, I'd forget

about the slug and
the pimple and, uh,

concentrate on the
"I didn't kill him" part.

[A.J.] Police think they have
a case against you, Celeste.

It was your car.

But it was stolen.

[sighs heavily] Celeste...

when you declare war on a man

and that man is then
creased by your car,

"It was stolen" is not a
satisfactory explanation.

But that's the truth.

Don't you believe me?

Well, let's just say that, um,

"It was stolen, and I
was somewhere else

when the murder happened"
would be a lot better.

[A.J.] Where were
you at, say, 3:30 a.m.?

I was, uh, home in bed.

With Gil?

We have separate bedrooms.


And you didn't... We didn't.

His door was closed
when I got home.

And I was exhausted.

I was sound asleep
from 12:30 on.

I didn't wake up until the
police came this morning.


Where are you going?

To get you outta here.

I think we managed
to put her mind to rest.

How are we gonna
get her outta there?

We set a trap, and
whoever springs it's our killer.

Look how the
other guys bought it.

The photographer
has a thing for Tracy.

He gets hit with a
third-stage smog alert.

Then Wolcott, we figure,
had something going with her.

Next thing you know,
he's wearing tire tracks.

Little lady's got
something contagious.

You had all your shots?

Am I the only bait
we've got for this trap?

You know, if this works...

we're gonna be
right in the line of fire.

Hmm. If this works,

you are going to be
right in the line of fire.


Excuse me.

Would you be kind enough to
tell me where I could find Tracy?

She's in the workroom.

And she doesn't
want to be disturbed.

I think I'll let
her tell me that.

[imitates soft gunshot]

[sighs loudly]

Put sugar in it.

Not too much.


My whole life is coming
apart in front of me.

It can seem that way sometimes.

I feel so helpless.

All I can do is cry.

Take me out on a date, A.J.


Make me laugh or something.

Oh, I don't know. You're
a little too old for me.


We'll get hamburgers.

Be a cheap date.

Tracy, I would like
to see you tonight.

But not a date, exactly.

How disappointing.

There's some questions
that I want to ask you.

Some very rough questions.

But if you're up to it,

I think you could
help us figure out

who killed Jason Wolcott
and who killed Jean-Claude.

You don't think it was Celeste?

I know it wasn't Celeste. I
have proof of that at home,

proof that I want you to see.

No, d... Look, don't even
ask me, 'cause I won't tell you.

But I do what you to see it.

Well, how can I help?

Are you sure you want
to? It's going to be rough.

I'm sure.

Then I'll take you out tonight.

But it won't be hamburgers.


Thank you.

Yeah. Uh, uh, uh.

I don't think you're
old enough for that.

I'm old enough for anything.

Not quite anything.

I've been trying to
figure out why I like you.

I think it's because
everybody else

wants to use me, even my mother.

But you don't.

You don't want anything from me.

Well, I don't think
I'd go that far.


[door closes]

Put it down!

Put it down!

All right, now
step away from it.

What was the plan, Gil?

That you wait here in the dark

until A.J. and Tracy showed up?

Hide and see if you could
see what the evidence was?

That might've been a
little bit of a problem.

'Cause if A.J. had
shown it to Tracy,

you'd have to kill both of 'em.

And Mama Penn wouldn't
like losing her meal ticket.

Maybe you were
gonna search the place...

see if you could find
the evidence for yourself.

Or maybe you figured
out A.J. was bluffing, huh?

Aw, come on. What was it?


You ready for some
rough questions?

No, but go ahead.

Were you having an
affair with Jean-Claude?

What if I was?

Jason Wolcott?

Hey, Tracy.

I'm not passing judgment on you.

You've had no childhood at all.

You went straight from 13 to 35.

And you missed a lot of
good years in between.

And I suspect you're lonely.

But listen to me.
I am not trying

to pry into your sex life.

It's just that the two men

who came between
you and your mother

are both dead.

I'll tell you what.

Let's just call the lieutenant,

ask him to come over here

and you can explain why you
broke into my brother's house.

Uh, that's far
enough right there.


Now you're gambling

that I won't shoot you
in cold blood. Right?

- [click]
- Think again, turkey.

I don't believe this. [chuckles]

I got real bullets in here,
and you keep coming.


Well, come on, then.

I lost my appetite.

Well, let's go to your place,

and you can show
me the evidence.

Tracy, there isn't any evidence.

That was just a bluff
for your mother's sake,

a trap, if you will.

By now...

that trap should be sprung.





You're home early.

What's wrong?

What are you two doing here?


What's going on?

Evening, ma'am.

Gilbert Dunn has given us,

uh, quite a
remarkable statement.

We'd like to have one
from you downtown.


Hey, you sure you don't
want to come with us?

Look, Rick, Tracy and I

are just gonna get
a platonic pizza...

- [laughs]
- and see a flick.

I'm serious.

Hey. I wouldn't ask
you if I didn't want you.

Oh, I'm, uh... you know,

feeling kind of achy and tired.

I think I'm coming down with
a cold. You guys go ahead.

[sniffles] Okay.

- Now, you take
care of yourself.
- Uh-huh.

Drink plenty of orange juice.


- Bye-bye.
- Bye.

[door closes]



[continues whistling]

Hi. It's me. I forgot...

What's going on?

I thought you were
coming down with a cold.

I am. I am.

But I don't think it's
gonna be too bad

- 'cause I'm doing
everything you said, see?
- [doorbell rings]

I'm taking vitamin C
and drinking a lot of fluids.

- Uh-huh.
- Don't answer that. There's no need to.

- It's just an old buddy
of mine from the Corps.
- Uh-huh. Yeah?

[sighs] Hi, buddy.


Nice hat.

[both chuckle]


Closed-Captioned By J.R.
Media Services, Inc. Burbank, CA