See You in My 19th Life (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Agony of Parting With the One You Love - full transcript

Ji Eum asks Yoon Cho Won out to dinner and uncovers relieving news. A mysterious figure drops by the hotel.



Have you been well?

I'm sorry it's been so long.


Director Mun, just a moment.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Doesn't it feel like your worries
are just melting away?

When your past trauma haunts you

and you feel
like you're sinking,

think of these flowers.

Your kind gestures
are quite one-sided.

You say that,

but you look much better now.

Then isn't it fine?

You're such a strange person.

I am.

I may seem strange at first,

but I'm hard to forget.

You'll end up thinking
of me all the time

and eventually…

fall in love with me.

That will not happen.

I see. Are pretty
women not your type?

That's such a shame.

What do you like?

You, Director Mun.

I was talking about food.

Whatever you like.

Don't you have preferences?

Well, my preference is you.

But there's nothing
I can do about it,

so please respect my preference
by letting me eat what you like.

Ms. Ban,

you're not my type.

What's your type then?

I like older women.

People say I'm
mature for my age.

Could you consider
my mental age?

What do you say?

When will this
meaningless conversation end?

Doesn't that make
a day like today much better?

Director Mun, it's all right.

It's all right.

Here, Director.



Everything's all right.

You're okay.

I didn't know

that my death would
become such a shackle

to the people I left behind.

As for me, I've already gone through
19 cycles of dying and being reborn.




I only thought
about my own pain.


I'm going to
make you rice balls.

Wait just a bit.

All right, Ae-gyeong.

I'll play you some music.

So sing your heart out.


Here it goes, Ae-gyeong.

I enjoyed rolling the ball

I was happy when I sang

There you go.

With white makeup
on and a red nose

I sang of love

We promised -Amazing.

Our love would never

Ever change

Wake up, Uncle.

Are you dead?

You little brat.

Not yet.

I put a lot of effort into making this,
so you can't die before you eat it.

They say that ghosts that died full
look nicer than others.

Without you,

I have no one.

So eat up and
live long, all right?


Even if I'm gone,

you won't be alone.

I don't know
how long it'll take,

but I promise to be born again

and come back…

to protect you.

Can you be brave…

and wait for me?


How did you live on?

How else?

I just did.

You were only
about ten at the time.

And you had lost me
as well as your parents.


Thank you so much…

for living through everything.

I should be thanking you.

I'm grateful that
you're in my life again.

I'm grateful you
grew up so well.

Living a safe and ordinary life
together with you…

That's all I want.

Goodness, look how
much you've grown.

You shouldn't say that
looking like you do.

There, there.

Come here. I'll
give you a hug.

Come on, that's embarrassing.


Come on, give me a hug.

- Get in here.
- All right then.

My dear Ae-gyeong.

What's that sound?

I haven't eaten all day.

You two didn't eat anything
for his birthday?


What will I do with you?

- What?
- It's the anniversary of Ju-won's death.

That means it's
Seo-ha's birthday.


Do you want to go to the amusement
park with me on your birthday?

- Really?
- Yes, really.

You really have to go, okay?

Promise me.

I promise.

I can't fill the empty
space your mother left.

But I'll stay by your side until
you can stand on your own two feet.


come back to see you.

This piece was composed
during the Japanese occupation period.

It's about someone yearning
for their loved one.

But no one knows
the identity of the composer.

Then how do you know this piece?

Because I'm the
one who composed it.

You can't fool me anymore.

Learn it and play it
when you miss someone.

You'll feel much better.

Happy birthday, sir.

Every time I blew
the candles out,

I remembered the moment…

Ju-won stopped breathing.

My birthdays

were always linked to her death.

Ms. Ban?

Director Mun.

What brings you here?

I forgot the most
important thing.

There's something I need to say.

Ms. Ban, just what...

You see,

being confessed to on one's birthday
is a memorable event.


just remember this
on your future birthdays.

I like you.

Do you like me?

I'll answer that
on your birthday.

In life, timing is key.

And I think the
right time is today.

I can't let it pass me by again.

I like you.

Is Mr. Ha coming?

Get inside.

I have a guest over.

Well then.

Why is Cho-won…

What are you doing?

There were no plates.

Blow your candles out
before the day's over.

Take the gloves off
and leave within five…

No, three minutes.

I really don't understand you.

I don't need you to.

I really don't get you.

I don't get anything about you.

I told you to call when you returned,
but I had to hear it from others.

Then you never return my calls.

How many times
do I have to tell you?

- I don't celebrate...
- I know you don't celebrate your birthday.

I know that.

But can't you see that's why
I'm doing all of this for you?

We're different people.

We're going through
different things.

I know we're different.

And I know that it's
much harder for you

than it is for me.

But still…

I'm getting fed up,
so please stop it.

I really didn't
want to say this.

But I'm so upset.

You were still here?

What brought you
to Seo-ha's house?


Why are you giving this to me?

It took me four hours to bake,
so I don't want it to go to waste.

It should be good.

Do you like Director Mun?

Why do you need to know?

Because I like Director Mun.

And what if I do too?

Will you give up on him?

What happened to you?

Oh, my.

He was with Cho-won.


You mean your sister?

I think Cho-won has
feelings for Seo-ha.

Oh, no.

So you and your sister…

That won't do.

You should tell her now.

Tell her you're her sister
and that you liked him first.

That's better
than fighting with your sister.

Telling her would just
make things chaotic.

This is the issue
with reincarnating too soon.

This is so complicated.

What do you mean
by reincarnating too soon?

It's different every time.

But it's rare to be reincarnated
right after dying like I was this time.

So what happened this time?

In this case,

it may mean that
my life was cut short.

That there's a
chance I was murdered.

Dong-u, open the door!

Why don't you just
break the door while you're at it?

Hurry up!

Why are you here?

You rude little punk.
Is that how you talk to your dad?

Where's your older sister?

What older sister?
I don't have one.

Where's Ji-eum?

She's not my older sister.

Take your shoes off!

She's not older?

I got confused, okay?

How dare you raise
your voice at me?

This is driving me nuts.

- Why are you here?
- Open the bag.

Open it.

I brought you fried chicken.
Stuff it in before it gets cold.

Make me some ramyeon,

and give me
Ji-eum's phone number.

Forget it!

Why you little bastard!

Beautiful, isn't it?

You see,

being confessed to on one's birthday
is a memorable event.

I like you.



I'll be right there.


I need to stop by
the Finance Team first.

All right.

Director Mun.

I like you.

You were thinking
about yesterday, right?


Did you get home all right
with all the rain?

The rain had stopped by then.

I guess it did.

I was too forward yesterday.

It wasn't right to strike
when you were down.

I sincerely apologize
if you were taken aback.

Thank you…

for yesterday.

Are you thanking
me for my confession?

Wait for me, Director.


Just a moment, please.

Emily, it's for you.


Is this Ms. Emily Yoon?

Yes, it is.

I'm Ha Do-yun of MI Hotel's
Strategic Planning Team.

I would like to discuss
contracting you for our landscaping.

Are you available tomorrow?

Yes, I am.

I'll text you the details.

- Please add extra meat to one of them.
- All right.

Why did you use an alias?

He keeps avoiding me,
but I want to get closer.

I know it might not work,
but it's worth a shot.

I felt like I should at least
do something.

I contacted the selected
landscaping companies

and set up a
meeting for tomorrow.

And the Finance Team?

They rejected the budget proposal
for the renovation.

I anticipated that would happen,

but I didn't know Ms. Jang
would make her move this quick.

There's work
that needs to be done immediately.

Should I postpone them?

No need.

We'll get it done
no matter what.

Eat up.

I asked for extra meat on yours.

Thanks a lot.

- You like it?
- It's pretty good.

But what's the point
of being the chairman's son?

You should ask for a favor.

I'm keeping that card close to my chest
until I have to use it.

It'll be a negotiation,
not a favor.

What a show-off.

Doors closing.

Nice shot!

You saw that?

You're exercising
even during lunch hours?

I heard you swing long drives.

I need to practice
before facing you.

How was that shot?

Let's see.

Your form and driving
distance are great.

But you do need practice.

All right, let's duel
it out sometime.

Did you eat anything special
for your birthday?

You know I don't celebrate it.

I just wanted to do something simple
like treating you to a meal.

I know you live alone.

Well, I wasn't alone.


My wish is to see my nephew
smile on his birthday.

I have nothing to smile about
because of the hotel.

Because of the funds, right?

How's it going?

We're about to meet them.

Wait there.

Never mind. I can
get back on my own.

Wait there, Director.

- Hello.
- Welcome, Mr. Lee.

- How have you been?
- Long time no see.

- It's been a while.
- Hello.

This is the nephew I mentioned.

He's back in the country
and is a director at MI Hotel.

Nice to meet you.
I'm Mun Seo-ha.

It's a pleasure.

Hey, Do-yun.

What brings you here?

Where's Seo-ha?

Hey, Ji-seok.

Say hello before you go.

- I'll introduce you to my friends.
- Give it back.

Come on.

You guys know Do-yun, right?

- Do-yun?
- He's Seo-ha's secretary

and my old schoolmate.

- Hand it over.
- Now that I think about it,

you used to glare at me
like that at school too.

You said you'd become a prosecutor
and put me behind bars.

What does his father do?

What do you think?
He's just a commoner.

Actually, he might
have passed away early.

He used to be a
student worker at...

- Seriously?
- Have another drink.


Seo-ha, you were here too?

It's been a while.

It sure has. Have a seat.

What an expensive drink.

It's going to be such a waste
pouring this down the toilet.


Are you crazy, you bastard?

Who are you to run your mouth?

What's wrong with that?

Everything I said is true!

You bastard!


If you're human,
at least pretend to be one.

It's not right

to mock someone's parents.


Hey, Do-yun.

Are you ignoring me?


Mr. Ha.

Are you mad at me?

I told you not to
act up like that.

Come on.

What about the funds?

It looks promising.

I met with someone from Hanguk Bank
and the head of an investment firm.


You did great then.

Have you eaten?

Never mind. I'm
going to eat at home.

Let's eat together.

I had no appetite all day
because of the meeting.

Do-jin's waiting for me.

He can join us
then. Let's go.

Thank you.

Yes. Then finish
it like that, please.

Not at all. We
should be thanking you.

Yes, goodbye.

You're here early.

Were you the one
who changed the flowers in the lobby?

No, they were
there when I got here.

These flowers are hard to find.

What kind are they?

They're called gladiolus.

Someone I loved
really liked them.

There's another
person that you loved?

Ms. Yoon, what
are you doing here?


I'm Emily Yoon, and I'm here to discuss
the landscaping contract.

Excuse me.

Mr. Ha, a moment.

Yes, sir.

You didn't even think to check?

I told you that it's difficult
for me to see her.

It's just that her
name was written as…

I asked you to handle this
because I couldn't.

Cho-won's still…

I'm sorry.

Please excuse me.

Ms. Yoon.

Don't worry about me.

I'm tougher than I look.

Let me help you carry that.

It's all right.

I should've
thought this through.

I just hoped

I could help those two

bring this hotel back to life.

That's all.

Could you tell them that?


I know I shouldn't do this.

Ms. Yoon.

Are you free for dinner?


But I was sure of one thing.

My heart was yearning

to see her again.

- I'm going to get you!
- No!

I got you!

What's this?

Its head is facing the back.


What are you doing?

I made a peanut.


If Seo-ha and I were drowning,

who would you save?

Who would you save first?

You're good at swimming.

Well, Seo-ha's also
very good at swimming.

But he doesn't have a mom
and I feel bad for him.

I guess I'm drowning then.

Oh, no.

Do you also do that?

You tell yourself
you'll stop tomorrow,

but your feelings come back
once you see them.

Yes, I do.

When others say he's too cold,

I think of his warm smile
that only I've seen,

then I feel proud, you know?


And I know he's
actually very clumsy

and easily frightened.


He might seem meticulous,
but he's actually full of holes.

What part of that person
did you like so much?

I don't know.

When you like someone,
don't you like everything about them?

That's true.

Do you believe in
love at first sight?

I didn't believe it at first.

But then it actually
happened to me.

That feeling of being
intensely captivated at first sight…

Was their first
encounter that intense?

Hi, Seo-ha.


People badmouth him
and say he looks down on others.

But I know.

He's not looking down on others.

He just doesn't even have
the energy to spend on that.

That's true.

He may seem aloof,

but he meticulously keeps records
in his housekeeping book.

He also loves to take
care of his brother,

so cooking is his hobby.

A brother?

Did you know
he's great at driving?



Wait a minute.

Have you been
talking about Mr. Ha?

That's right.

He may act cold,

but I know how
warm he really is.

He has a certain
look that only I know.

Even a certain gaze
and a certain voice that only I know.

So the person you like

is Mr. Ha?


Were you going to give up
if I said I liked Seo-ha?

No, but I would've
felt so uneasy.

I really liked him.

When they both left to study abroad,
I couldn't see him for so long.

But once I saw him again,
I remembered our past.

Then I kept thinking about him.

You must
really like Mr. Ha.

I guess I still do.

What a thrilling
time for you two.

Thrilling? I'm having
so much trouble.

Speaking of,
it must really be tough for you.


There's one burden
that Seo-ha can't overcome.

She's Seo-ha's first
love and your rival.

Yoon Ju-won.

How many times
do I have to tell you?

- I don't celebrate...
- I know you don't celebrate your birthday.

I know that.

But can't you see that's why
I'm doing all of this for you?

We're different people.

We're going through
different things.

- Yeah?
- What are you up to?

Not much.

- Okay.
- Why?

I was hoping to see you.

We just clocked off, Director.

You're right.

If you're unsure, just do it.

Do what?

You're worried about Ms. Yoon
after what you did earlier.

Well, that too.

Rest up then.


- Do-jin, come take this.
- Okay.

Starting next year,
let's just visit the columbarium.

Why all of a sudden?

It would be good
to get some fresh air together.

Come on, let's go out.

Let's go out and play.








Let me ask you a favor.

- What?
- Once school's out,

a girl in a Yeonju Middle School uniform
will be at the gate.

Could you give this to her?

Her name's Yoon Cho-won.

Why should I do this for you?

She's going to feel bad
if it rains as she waits.

If you care so much,
just give it to her yourself.

Do you even know my name?

What about you?

Do you know mine?

I do.

You're Mun Seo-ha.

I know yours too.

You're Ha Do-yun.

Take this.

Excuse me.

I think

I fell for you at first sight.

This is my sister.

Isn't she so pretty?

According to my mom,

she was not only pretty
but was also good at everything.

She was…

someone who was
loved by everyone.

Someone who knew everything.

She taught me to eat well

and to be courageous.

When she was gone,

the world became silent.

In life, timing is key.

And I think the
right time is today.

I can't let it pass me by again.

Watch your head.

There you go.

Thank you.

- Careful.
- Thank you.

Sit here first.

- Where?
- Right here.

Be careful.

Wait here.

Who is it?

Are you all
right, Ms. Yoon?

Goodness. You
can't even hold much alcohol.

Is someone there?

Hey, where are you going?


Why are you so drunk?


Are you an octopus or something?

Stand up straight.

Cho-won, get yourself together.

That hurts.

That's the point.

Why didn't you go to your place?

Mom, you're so pretty.

What kind of guy
did you drink with?

It wasn't a guy. I
drank with a girl.

If you were going to drink this much,
you should've drunk with a guy.

Are you not going
to get married?

Ms. Cho Yu-seon.

You haven't changed.

I can walk on my own.

Excuse me.

What are you doing here?

- I…
- Did you

help Cho-won get home?

No, I was just passing by.

I'm sorry.

Just a moment.

Didn't you stand
here before too?

"Ms. Cho Yu-seon.
You haven't changed."

Didn't you just say that?

Are you…

Are you…

my Ju-won?

You're Ju-won, aren't you?

You told me that
even if you died,

you would come back to see me.

That I shouldn't be sad
and should just keep living my life.

Because you said that,

I've been waiting
for you all this time.





- Mom.
- Ju-won.


- Ju-won.
- Mom.








Excuse me.

Ms. Ban.



When you feel like
counting leaves again,

just call me.


I'll come right over
and give you a hug.


I just want to
stay by your side.



Get a hold of yourself.

Why don't you try dating me?

- I like you.
- I feel like she's with me

whether or not
she's actually here.

I'm going to be with him

as Ban Ji-eum,
not as Yoon Ju-won.

What are you doing?

Let go!

How about a drinking lover?

Not a buddy, but a lover.

Mr. Ha, are you
seeing anyone?

Go on a blind date with me.

What do you mean
by "going astray"?

Becoming a fan.

I must be going insane.

Subtitle translation
by: Ji-hun Lee