See You in My 19th Life (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Will to Finish What You've Started - full transcript

Thanks to a new job, Ji Eum is finally back in Mun Seo Ha's life - but will he recognize her? Another familiar face shows up, much to Ji Eum's delight.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

I've always wondered

why I could
remember my past lives.

I couldn't forget them

even if I wanted to.

But the most memorable
life out of them all…

was the warm and
ordinary summer days

with you.

I think

I can finally
understand why my mom

brought you to me.


I'll stay by your side
until you can stand on your own two feet.

Ju-won, marry me.


I was just an elated
kid in my 18th life.



I was reborn this
time solely to meet you.




I understand why
you're applying,

but the work may be different
from what you're looking for.

If you're still unsure,

why don't you try dating me?

I'm sorry.

I must have heard you wrong.

No, you haven't.

I'll repeat myself.

Would you like to date me?



What are you…

You know this is a
job interview, right?

You seemed reluctant
to hire me off the bat,

so I'm just giving
you an alternative.

Consider it a
trial run if you will.

Even so…

How could you
ask a stranger out?

What if we're not strangers?

Will you consider it then?

Have we perhaps met before?

I can't say.

I'd like you to
remember that yourself.

Are young people
these days all so brash?

Jeez, you sound like a boomer.

Is this about Ms. Ban?

Have you met her before?

- No.
- Right?

You've never met her either.

What's this about?

There seemed to be something going on
between you two.

You won't believe
me even if I told you.


Jeez, Uncle.

You have a tendency
to talk before you think.

- Jeez.
- I tried to take it slow too.

But after seeing his face,

I couldn't help it.

This is your 19th life.

How are you still so immature?

No one ever fully matures in their life.
We just pretend to be.

Simply put, the number of lives I've
lived doesn't matter.

What a grand way of saying
that you did something crazy.

Fill this up for me.

Here you go.

Director Mun.


I don't think he can hear well.

I think it's because
of that accident.

Why don't you
just tell him honestly

that you were Ju-won?

There's something I learned
while living multiple lives.

There are people
I can share my secret with

and people that I
should never open up to.

And which one is Seo-ha?

I'm not sure.

I can't think objectively
when it comes to him.

Don't let it eat at you
and just go for it.

What's stopping you
when you've come this far?


You know me so well.

This is what it
means to be seasoned.

Look at you.

Uncle, please!

I'm in my fifties now.

Have some of this kimchi
made with seasoned hands.

All right. I'll
give it a try.

You want to come in for a bit?

Don't you dare
make a move on me.

Will you keep sitting
in the passenger seat in Korea too?

Would it be weird?

People will talk.

Let's take it slow.



Aren't you going to pick up?

You traveled throughout Germany
to get gifts for her family.

Take care of it
from your end for now.


I'm off.

All right.


The number you have
dialed cannot be reached…

Are you guys kidding me?



I told you I'm tired.

That's why I'm here.

Who would take
care of you if not me?

I don't need you to take care of me.
I need you to take a hint.

I know you like it.

This is nice.

Are you wanting to make a call

or wanting to receive one?

None of your business.

You're only mean
to me, you know.

It fascinates me as well.

Strangely enough, I
get grumpy whenever I see your face.

Maybe we were enemies
in our past lives.

Do you know Seo-ha flew in?

You told me.


Why did he pick the hotel?

So he's working at MI Hotel?

That hotel is
pretty much done for.

He must cherish it
since his mother used to manage it.

What's it to you?

Do you still like him?

Jeez, cat got your tongue?


What do you think of me?

- Ji-seok.
- Yes?

Guess what these
flowers are called.



"Antique furnishing."




Ms. Ban?

Just run.

Why are you here?

- Wait!
- Run!

What's going on?

What's this about?

We can't let them catch us!
I'll explain later!

This way!

Director Mun.

I haven't run in ages.
I'm so out of breath.

So what's going on?

You looked bored.


I did it just for fun.

Aren't you thirsty?

I saw a convenience store back
there. Wait here.

How refreshing.

Do you feel better now?

You almost had a
panic attack back there, didn't you?

I know very well how that feels.

At times like that, I just run.

Then I find myself
only focusing on my breathing.

This is actually…

Was it during
the Japanese invasion of Korea?

There was a time
when I was a sole survivor.



I can't move!


It was like I was in hell.

There were bodies everywhere,

and people were moaning
and screaming from being burned.

I couldn't think straight.

I thought my heart would stop.

And I couldn't breathe.

I don't know whether I was
startled or simply wanted to live.

But I just started running.

All the longing
and heart-wrenching memories

must've vanished in
the wind while I ran.

I found the will
to live once again.

That was when I realized

that if I run, I can live.

During the Japanese invasion?

I read it in a book once.

The descriptions were so detailed
that it felt like I was there.

What was the book called?

The White Buckwheat Flower

It was just a draft
that someone I knew wrote,

so I doubt you can get it now.

What a shame.

Ms. Ban.

Be honest with me.

Are you a pathological liar?

You are, aren't you?

I won't tell anyone,

so your secret is safe with me.

Just tell me.

Come on.

Marry me, okay?

Marry me.

What are you doing,
proposing to me out of the blue?

That was a hint.

You wanted to know where we met.

- A hint?
- Yes.

A pretty big one at that.

Think long and hard.

Let's go.

- Goodness, look at these.
- A hint?


Oh, wow.

They even have this?



Director Mun.

Stoop down for me.

- Why?
- It won't take long.

This is a comb that mothers used
on their babies in the past.

Okay, the other side.


Doesn't it feel good?

I guess.

We can hang this
on antique furniture or door handles

to give off a sophisticated
and traditional vibe.

All right.


Well, aren't you handsome.


marry me.

Marry me, okay?

Do you even know what that is?

It's when we are together

to make each other laugh
whether we feel happy or sad.

I promise that
you won't feel lonely.

And I'll make you feel loved.


Marry me.

I haven't felt this way

in a long time.

I may be too old

To enjoy a heartbreak

But this song

Is about my heart

That feels strangely empty

Fancy seeing you here.

What brings you
here, Ms. Ban?

Are you here for work?

- I found him here.
- Sorry?

The person I wanted to meet.

I have a packed
schedule, so goodbye.

Come on. Where do
you think you're going?

What are you doing?

Be honest with me.

Why are you in this
shabby hotel and...

- What are you doing?
- It's called flamenco.

I saved you from
becoming a sex offender.

You're really something.

What are you doing?

Mun Seo-ha.

Are you seriously working here?

I heard you flew in ages ago.

How could you not call anyone?

If nothing else,
you shouldn't do that to Cho-won.

Ha Do-yun, are you
still working for him?

None of your business.

- Ms. Ban.
- Yes, sir.

What brings you here?

I had something to report to you
regarding the hotel.

- Follow me then.
- Yes, sir.

Come on, I'm not done talking.

She and I were talking business.

Is that true?

No, sir. I have no interest
in doing business with Daehwan.

You heard her.

Did you reach out to her first
after hearing that I wanted to scout her?

- People are already talking.
- About what?

About how the son of MI Group
is managing this hopeless hotel.

And how it seems like
MI Group abandoned him.

What the…

What was that?

If you dare to offend him again,

I won't let it go.

After you, Director.


Ms. Ban.

Did your distant relative
also teach you flamenco?

You could say that.

What was it about the hotel?

I haven't received
my interview results yet,

so I thought I would show you
my value a bit more.

Don't people normally
wait for the result?

rather than wait."

That's my motto.

Ms. Yoon Cho-won?

Long time no see, Mr. Ha.

It's Cho-won.

Is it refreshing, Cho-won?



You're looking good, Seo-ha.
How have you been?


I stopped by
because I couldn't reach you by phone.

Do you have some time?

He has a busy schedule today.

Why don't you
speak with me instead?

Okay. I guess it
can't be helped then.

This way.

Ms. Ban.

I'm sorry but please
come by next time.

I'll take your value into consideration
and let you know.

Don't be sorry and just hire me.

If you don't, I'm
even considering a bellboy position.

Who uses that term nowadays?

They're not called
"bellboys" anymore?

Goodness, since when?

If that won't do,
I'm also good with housekeeping.

I just don't understand
why you're going this far.

Don't try to understand
everything at once.

Things will all
come to you in time.

Gosh, you're unbelievable.

All right.

That will be all.


What is that?

I also want to save this hotel.

I'm showing you my value.

They all grew up so much.

Oh, right.

I forgot to give him this.

Director Mun.

I guess we really
are destined to meet.

Could you just tell me
when we've met before?

You see...

Forget it. Even
if I do remember,

it's not going to
change anything between us.

That may be true.

But I could still become
someone special to you.

I just can't talk
any sense into you.

I forgot to give you this.

Feel free to take a look.

This hotel used to be
teeming with people.

It was a lively
and radiant hotel

where they even handpicked
the flowers for the lobby.

What do you think?


Let's give it a try.

Thank you.

And sir.

There's one thing
I'd like you to know.

I'll be by your side

whenever you need help.

I'll stay by your side.

Look at you.

You've grown up
so much, Cho-won.

You're practically a
lady now, aren't you?

But what's her
relationship with Seo-ha?

You're looking good, Seo-ha.
How have you been?


Director Mun.

Good morning.


- So this is it.
- Be careful, sir.

- I swear I drank here before.
- Yeah, me too.

- We're allowed to!
- Careful, sir.

Focus, will you?

- Then let's…
- Let's all drink together.

- Sir…
- Right?

- Come on.
- I like that idea.

- We can drink here.
- Hello, Director.

Who are they?

They're Ms. Jang's
son and his friends.

- I'll leave after this drink.
- Come on. Let's drink together.

- I'll only have a bit.
- Let's drink together.

Drinking is prohibited in the lobby.
Please leave the premises.

Who are you? A newbie?

No name badge?

Please leave.


Do you know who I am?

Damn it. What's
your name?!

Hey, cutie.
Care to join us?

That's enough.

Let go.

Let go.

- Chan-hyeok!
- You okay?

What the hell?

- You good?
- What's wrong?

Put him on the blacklist
and restrict him from the premises.

But if Ms.
Jang finds out…

- Hey!
- Chan-hyeok.

It's been a while.

Hello, Ms. Jang.

How about some tea?



It's a misunderstanding.

Long time no see.

I'm not sure if
you've changed or not.

You do seem to be
doing better though.

You haven't changed either.

I didn't expect
you to work here.

I heard you helped my mother out
quite a lot when she managed this hotel.

I did

keep her in line.

Sang-a was always
worried about you

since you were so
delicate and frail.

Working in Korea would be difficult
if you're still unwell. Don't you agree?

Right. As
you saw earlier,

we'll be taking some measures
against your son.

This seems to be a habitual thing,
so it must have been difficult for you.

You see…

Even if he usually behaves well,
people will judge him for one mistake.

Please don't misunderstand.
He's a good kid.

That's something
I'll have to find out.

I'm afraid you'll have to meet him
outside of the hotel from now on.

Is that so?

People nowadays don't have
that kind of prejudice.

My son's bad reputation
isn't going to ruin mine.

You must not know
since you're new here.

But you'll gradually
learn in time.

I agree. I'll learn
things gradually.

And change things gradually too.

My goal is to straighten out

the disgraceful practices
that have been overlooked.


You understand, right?

Well then.

That stuck-up little bastard.

So that's Ha Do-yun,

- the director's secretary.
- Right.

- Do you see that chubby guy in glasses?
- Yes.

That's Team Leader Heo Jin-o
from the Planning Team at HQ.

As for the woman on the right,

she appeared on Starqueen
as the Girl-of-all-trades a while back.

- Do you know her?
- No, I don't.

I heard she's good at flamenco
and also speaks Arabic.

She's apparently multilingual.


Are we planning to
open hotels abroad?

So what's the plan?

We'll only find out
once the director comes.

But I doubt he'll
find a solution.


Hello, sir.

Please submit a report

on why you think I
won't find a solution.

Mr. Heo will be taking charge of
improving the overall service.

As for Ms. Ko, please analyze
different renovation cases

- and submit a proposal.
- Yes, sir.

Any results on hiring
a landscaping company?

We've been receiving portfolios
from different companies.

I'd really like to get rid of
those artificial flowers in the lobby.

Yes, sir. I'll
make a list of potential companies

by the end of the day.

All right.
That will be all.

Director Mun,

you didn't mention my task.

Please support the team.

It was difficult
to assign you a single task

with all your different talents.


I guess his cold attitude
was always his charm.

I said, get...

If I start screaming right now,

what do you think
will happen to you?

Hello, we meet again.

Yes, hello.

Could you do me a favor?

- Sorry?
- Here.


You guys are hiring a landscaping company,
so I thought I'd apply.

I see.

I know Seo-ha won't even consider it
if he knew it was mine.

I'm applying under an alias,
so could you slip this in?

It'll be a huge help.

All right. Sure.

Thank you.

I should get going now.


What are you doing here?

I thought I could help you pick out
a landscaping company.

There's no need.

Feel free to let me know
if you ever need help.

Ms. Ban.


You do realize
how strange you seem, right?

I'm quite concerned,
to be honest.

I guess I'm not to your liking.

It seems to me
that you have ulterior motives.

An MI Mobity research engineer
working at our hotel?

I do have an ulterior motive.

But I can promise you this.

I'm not here to
harm Director Mun.

You'll never be able
to see through me.

Yes, sir?

Please bring me
the list of landscaping companies.

Yes, sir.

Were you discussing work
with Ms. Ban just now?

No, we were just chatting.

Anything I should know about?

I've never met such a strange
and suspicious woman before.

Me neither.

I would have remembered

meeting someone like her.

She's up to something for sure.

Even she admitted to it.

She did?

What's this about?

We can't let them catch us!
I'll explain later!

I just run.

Then I find myself
only focusing on my breathing.

I'll be by your side

whenever you need help.

- Who could she be?
- Marry me.

That was a hint.

You wanted to know where we met.



Marry me.

Marry me.

Marry me.

I'll grow up well.


Found it.

- What's with this today?
- It'll break if you force it like that.

I told you numerous times
to be gentle with it.

What do you think you're doing
at someone else's workplace?

You traitor.

You'll get promoted
with me gone.

Take the opportunity.
I'll help you.


So you're just going
to help me for free?

I told you that this work
is important to me.

I appreciate your offer, but...

I'll make you a
senior research engineer by this year.

I love you.



Can we meet right
now? I remembered you.


Why are you following me?

I need to see who this guy is.

Then run.

Hey. Wait up.

Hey, take it easy.

Oh, my goodness.

Look at how tall he is.

I told you he was perfect.

I wish I could be madly in love
with a guy like him.

Dream on.

A guy like that
only comes every thousand years.

- Get home safely.
- Hey.

Darn it. I'm so jealous.

Were you serious
about remembering me?

Didn't we

also run that time?

We did.

Oh, right. Here.


How do you have this?

I had a lot on my mind that day.

Let's go for lunch!

Come on, let's eat!


What are you doing, you punk?

What are you doing?


Hey, stop right there!

Come here, you punk!

Who are you anyway?

What is it?

Why are you smiling?

Are you the weird type?

Marry me.

So you are weird.

I'll treat you well.

What do you mean?

I'll grow up well.

How old are you?

I don't count my age anymore.

When were you born?

In 940.

You're bleeding!

You should've just gone home
and taken a nap if you cut class.

Why did you have
to hammer that wall?

That stings.

You deserve it.

Why you little…

You should just cry
if you're having a tough time.

Don't act out and hurt yourself.

I can't believe that was you.

Didn't I grow up to be pretty?

You grew up to be
just as weird as you were back then.

Now then.

Marry me.

Everything is so simple
for you, isn't it?

This wasn't a
simple decision for me.

You're my first love.

This is something
that I've decided

after years of pondering.

You're going to this extent

solely based on one
childhood memory?

Do you know which memory
resonates the most with you

if you've lived long enough?

What is it this time?

And you're too
young to say that.

I guess you're not curious.

Then never mind.

It's about Director Mun.

He won't be there for long.

We have a reputation to uphold.

He'll only be there
until he's ready to join headquarters.

Let him do what
he wants for now.

Don't make a big deal
out of him being a director.

It won't look good on you.

This isn't about his position.

You wanted to see me, sir?

Is Director Mun

interested in any other subsidiaries
other than the hotel?

His reasoning is the problem.

He's entitled
because it was his mom's hotel?

It's been 20 years
since she passed away.

I had to work
from the ground up.

I worked hard for
this without any help.

Don't make me laugh.

Sir, please.


This is the current situation,
so keep Seo-ha in line.

Make sure he's doing his share,
but not overstepping anything.

It won't even take two years.
I'll transfer him in a year.

Yes, sir.

- I'll have to refuse, sir.
- Take it.

Keep up the good work.

You're required to do
the same task even in Korea.

Is that a no?

Then you can resign.

He's just kidding.

Take it.

I'll do my best, sir.

Free money.

This is a lot.


The number you have dialed is turned
off. Please leave a message after…


What? He remembered
that you were Yoon Ju-won?

No, he remembered
me as a nine-year-old.

Hold on.

So he remembered Ban Ji-eum
as a nine-year-old?

- Yes.
- Unbelievable.

You guys didn't
even meet that often.

He even had my handkerchief.

How touching.

I know.


Did you have your hopes up?

To be honest,

I did have this much hope.

I knew he'd never recognize me,

but I still had hope.

I guess I wanted
him to recognize me.

It's normal to forget the dead.

That's true.

Only I could recognize
you right away.

Correct. You're the best.

You have a call.


Gosh, it's Mun Seo-ha.

- What is this?
- Gosh.

Speak of the devil.

Put him on speaker.

Don't pick up.

Don't pick up.

Hello, Director Mun.

Hello. Well…

You said I could ask
you for help anytime.

How may I help you?

Hello, Director.


I'm sorry for suddenly
asking for your help.

Don't be.

I was quite excited
that you asked for my help.

You can call me anytime.

After you, Director.



Where are we going?

I needed a ride to get there.

And I wanted to go in secret.

You must not have any friends
seeing how you called me for help.

But then again,
I believe it's wiser to be alone

than to maintain
unnecessary relationships.


About that call…

Would you mind if I asked you

why you keep ignoring it?


Sometimes it helps

to open up your
feelings to a stranger.

I will be your secret journal.

You know, something
like "Dear Diary."

Dear Diary…

The end.


How could you ignore
my sincerity like that?

It didn't feel sincere.

I'll go on my own from here.

You can wait here.



Have you been well?

I'm sorry it's been so long.




Mom! It's me, Hae-wol!

In all the lives I've lived,

I could only feel

my own pain.

But not this life.

The people
I've left behind…

I'm witnessing
their sadness…

for the first time

in this strange
and new 19th life.


Please don't cry.


Why does she

remind me of Ju-won?

This is the issue
with reincarnating too soon.

She's made contact
with her previous life.

Were you the one
who changed the flowers in the lobby?

He keeps avoiding me,
but I want to get closer.

I like you.

Is Mr. Ha coming?

Do you like Director Mun?

Why do you need to know?

Hey! Ban Ji-eum.

What are you doing?

Because I like Director Mun.

Subtitle translation
by: Soo-ji Kim