See You in My 19th Life (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript




The first time I
remembered my past life,

I didn't know
what to make of it.

- Hae-wol.
- Mommy.

It's okay, that's
it. There we go.



I didn't know if
they were real or not.


And those memories frightened me but
also made me sad for some reason.

But I was sure of one thing.

My heart was yearning
to see her again.






What are you doing
out here this late?

When will you stop?

Stop what?

Why have you been
acting strangely these days?

My head is throbbing.

Ju-won, please.


- Mom.
- Yes?

There's something
about me that you…

Never mind.

Tell me.


you've been acting strangely

ever since we visited
the seaside vacation house last year.

You talk to yourself all day.

You beg for your
life in your sleep.

You keep begging
not to be reborn again.

I need to know if
something's wrong or if you're ill.




Who are you?
Is anyone there?

Mom. It's me, Hae-wol.

What are you doing?
Get off me this instant!


- Come here!
- Mom!

Mom! It's me, Hae-wol!


- I'm Hae-wol!
- Come here!


- Mom! I'm Hae-wol!
- Get out of here!

I'm scared.

Will she be able to accept me?


You are

my beautiful,


and lovely daughter, Ju-won.

I love you…

so very much.


I've never had a mom like you.

I'll make a promise.

I'll remember
you in my next life.

Even if I die,

I'll come back to
see you in my next life.

So don't be too sad.

And just keep living your life.


Ju-won, it's okay.

All right.




Excuse me.

- Mom.
- Ms. Ban.



Director Mun.

It's me, Ban Ji-eum.


I know.

Director Mun.

And this Ban Ji-eum

really likes you.

I like you.

Let's go.

You have soft hands.

We were just in a rush.

That's the only reason why
I held your hand.

Even if that was the case,

I'll remember
this for a long time.

Why were you acting
like that back there?

Ms. Yoon was very drunk,
so I dropped her off at her place.

Then I saw her mother.

I was reminded of my mom
who left me when I was little.

I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry about
my mom running away?

Where did she go?

I guess wherever she wanted to.

I was too busy
making ends meet to feel sad.

Family members don't always have to
live under the same roof.

We have our own lives to live.

At times, an enemy from your past life
becomes your family in the present.

In that case, it's
best to just cut ties with them.

That's so heartless.

It's not heartless.

It's serious.

Life is serious.

It feels like I'm reading a book
when I'm chatting with you.

An ancient book.

Is that a good thing?

I'm just saying
that's how I feel.

It's neither
good nor bad, so…

Were you going
to visit Ms. Yoon?


She grows flowers for a living.

It's her job to plant small seeds
and wait patiently

for them to bud
out and finally bloom.

I'm sure she'll wait for you,
so don't try so hard.

When did you see me try so hard?

That's something
I can feel, not see.

Care to go for a second round?

Did you mean to get ramyeon
when you said "second round"?

Convenience stores and ramyeon
go hand in hand.

I normally have a bottle of soju too,
but I'm holding back because of you.

You should treat me sometime.

Will one bottle do?



What's gotten into you?
You're curious about me.

How much can you actually drink?

You'd be shocked.

I tried almost
every single drink out there.

Sure. Of course you did.

You smile a lot in
front of me these days.

You look cuter
when you're flustered.

I mean…

Why are you so interested
in me smiling?

Because that's why I
was reborn this time.

This isn't my first go at life.

"Because that's why
I was reborn this time."

Did I go too far?

Jeez, I tend to go
overboard at times.

You're really funny.

I thought you said I was weird.

Yes, you are weird.

And you're fun too.

Director Mun.

From now on,
let me know when you think of me.


So I can congratulate you.

- Congratulate me?
- I pop up in your head

and make you smile.

Judging by your symptoms,

you've become a fan of mine.

That's not true.

That's usually how it is.

You're not aware of it at first,
but you later realize that you're a fan.

See? Your
heart is racing.

You're obviously a fan of mine.

You can't be so forward
and corner me like that.

Hey, don't look at
me with that face.

You got the wrong person.

I'm no one's fan.

We call that
"the denial period."


You're wrong.

I'm telling you.


Get in first. You're
going home, right?

He'll sit in the front.
Please drive safely.

Get home safe, Director.

You too.

Why don't you try dating me?

In life, timing is key.

I like you.

You see, being confessed to on one's
birthday is a memorable event.

Would you like to date me?

I like you.

Get a hold of yourself.

She just blindsided you.

You've been brainwashed.


It's nothing.

Let's go.

Brainwashing must be timeless.



Hey, Seo-ha.

How have you been?

I've been good.

Look at you all grown up.

- Let's go upstairs.
- Okay.

- I'll carry those.
- Thanks.

- Were you exercising here?
- I always do it here.

Hey, Seo-ha is here.

You didn't have
to bring anything.

Late dinner?

For our dad's memorial service.

You should've told me.

I'd love to say hello to him.

Director Mun, memorial services
are family only.

Well aren't you a peach?

Yeah. How nice.

You're like family to us, right?

- Of course.
- I started working out because of you.

I was impressed
by how you fought off seven guys.


That's stretching it.

- I heard you're competing.
- Yes.

I'll be on the national team if I win,
or serve in the military if I lose.

I have no choice.

Just do as you prepared.
Let me know if I can help you.

You're the best.

I know you've got my back.

Go home whenever you want.

Don't be ridiculous.

I'm sleeping over.

He keeps declining
my offer to live together.

I should go shower.

I'm going to shower.

Why is he sleeping over?

You called him, didn't you?

No, I didn't.

Why are you using a spoon?

It tastes better this way.

Hey, what's going on?

You said you'd come
early and help out.

Early, my foot.

I know.


You had a long day.

It's tough.

I understand.

It's tough for me too.

I saw my mom today.

The one who ran away?

No, not my current mom.

Yoon Ju-won's mom.

Should I fry some chicken?

No, thanks.

I'm not that sad about it.

No. I'm fine.

Don't lie. You're
obviously not okay.

Let's have a drink.


I didn't want to
drink alone either.

How did you see her?

Since I ran into Cho-won
while being around Seo-ha,

I keep getting
involved with them.

You saw this coming.


Seo-ha needs someone
who can help him forget Ju-won.

It's good for his sake as well.

I'm going to be with him

as Ban Ji-eum,
not as Yoon Ju-won.

What if he finds out?

You're bringing bad
luck. Take that back.

Be honest with me.

You're scared, right?

Aren't you scared
of what he'll say

once you tell him the truth?

Do you know where
Cho-won's garden is?

Why do you ask?

We need her.

She's talented.

You're saying that now?

I know.

I was being too emotional.

As her sister,
it must've been harder for her.

Do you know you've changed?

I did?

A bit.


a bit more than that.

Korea is very
different from Germany.

It's hectic and strange.

What's hectic must
be the hotel work.

Then is it Ms.
Ban who's strange?

Do you have to
nitpick at everything?

Life would've been easier
if you were half as laid-back as Do-jin.

Anyway, it's true
that she's a bit strange.

But she seems to do you good.

You used to be depressed
whenever you came to Korea

but not anymore.

I'm just thankful for that.

You're right.

She was strange
from the beginning.

I'm fascinated
whenever we're together.

So if you ever
see me going astray,

stop me.

What do you mean
by "going astray"?

Becoming a fan.

Becoming a what?

I must be going insane.

You startled me!

You told me to stop you.

Good night.

"Becoming a fan"?

Because that's why I
was reborn this time.

This isn't my first go at life.

What brings you here?

You didn't tell her?

I did call you earlier.

We came to confirm your portfolio
regarding the landscaping contract.

So that's what
the call was about.

I was still hungover
when we spoke.

You're here early.

Ms. Yoon, you have
a beautiful garden.

What's going on?

I'm here on
Ms. Ko's behalf.

I'm glad you're here.

Feel free to look around.

I'll prepare some tea.

This is so pretty.

You have a huge
variety of flowers.

Right? It's even
prettier over there.

How beautiful.

It's really pretty
around this time of the year.

- It really is pretty.
- Oh, my.

I can't believe I have a headache
on such a good day.

Ms. Yoon, are you okay?

I'm sorry. I drank
too much yesterday.

It's okay. It's because
you mixed drinks.

I talked too much, didn't I?

I can't remember because I was also
drunk, so don't worry.

Have a seat. I'll do it.

Gosh, how pretty.

So these are flower teas.

Be careful.

You can't even
hold much alcohol.

Did I…

perhaps ask you to drop me off
at my parents' place?


I never go there no
matter how drunk I am.

Why did I do that?

I guess talking about the past
made you want to go there.

If you don't mind,
could I ask you how old you are?

Why do you want to know?

It's odd.

We just met,

but it strangely feels like
we've known each other for a long time.

Have we…

met before?

I almost said,

"Yes, I was your sister."

Oh, no!

I'm sorry, Ms. Yoon.

It's okay.

Watch out.

What happened?

My hand slipped.

You should've been more careful.

My, my.

How kind of you.

I agree.

I'll prepare some new tea.

It's okay.

I'll just cut to the chase.

I'll leave MI
Hotel's landscaping

to you, Ms. Yoon.

Please take good care of it.

Are you serious?

- Seriously?
- Yes.

They're serious!

Excuse me.
Sorry about this.

Mr. Ha, please
have a seat.

I'll bring some more tea.

- I still need to look around...
- Come on.

- What?
- Sit and have a cup.

But I didn't… Hey.

All right. Sit down.

Then I'll bring them
directly to Daehwan.

I'll be there
soon. All right.

Director Mun.

Do you know how anxious I become
when you call me like that?

Director Mun.

This is what I'll do.

I'll ask you out

three times

from today on.

If you say no every time,

I'll give you up then and there.

Why don't you just ask me
three times right now?

I can decline right away.

Give me a chance.

I'm confident

that you won't decline
me all three times.

What's going on with them?

I'm not sure.

Mr. Ha.

Are you seeing anyone?

Are you interested
in a blind date?


Go on a blind date with me.

I'll decline.


Why don't you like me?

Is it my personality?

Or my face?

Or is it because Seo-ha
is uncomfortable around me?

- If that's not it…
- Ms. Yoon.

I don't care about
your personality or appearance.

I'm just looking for someone
who's right for me.

Please elaborate.

I'll do my best
to be that person.

That arrogant thought
that you can do something about it

is why we won't work.

I hope to see you next time
as business partners.

I just arrived.

Yes, I brought everything.

All right.

Who is this?

- This is Ban Ji-eum of MI Hotel's...
- It's me. Dong-u.

I have no time to explain.

Just wire me some
money. I promise to...

How did he get my number?


How have you been?
You're a bit late for work.

I believe you were blacklisted.

I'm just visiting my mom.

Don't be so heartless.

She told me to
get along with you.

Let's grab a drink sometime.

Hey, let me go.



You'll pay for this!

Gosh, that was embarrassing.

What brings you to my office?

Would you like some tea?

You have an interesting son.

He called me "bro."

I find it more interesting
that you'd come

all the way here
to tell me that.

Security escorted him outside.

You can see him at home.

Hey, Mun Seo-ha.

Do you think…

I don't know anything?

I wonder what you know…

and how much

you know about it.

I'm curious.

Director Mun.

Why were you in there?

I need the hotel's budget documents
for the past three years.

What for?

I was going to take my time
and focus on the renovation first.

But she keeps pushing me.

I understand, but are you going to
check all of that one by one?






Hey, put them here.

This is how much I
got on my first sweep.

I wonder what she'll do
when I confront her.

Let's look through them.

- Aren't you clocking out, sir?
- No.

Did everyone leave already?

Ms. Ko already left.

Mr. Heo and Ms. Ban
have work out of the office.

Shall we have dinner?

I'll have to go
since I have a prior engagement, sir.

With whom?

The chairman?

I'm off.

Call me if you need anything.

I'm famished.

- Tteokbokki? What do you say?
- Wait for me.

- I'm so down!
- Yeah!

- I'm down!
- No, thanks. I have to go somewhere.

Han-na, you've been acting
strange these days.

A new boyfriend?

Not a new boyfriend.

But I do have my
eyes on someone.

Actually, some people.

- Seriously?
- Seriously?

Did she clock out already?

That's usually how it is.

You're not aware of it at first, but
you later realize that you're a fan.

I like you.

I feel like she's with me
whether or not she's actually here.

This is driving me nuts.


Hey, I just want to talk.

Ms. Ban?

What is she doing?

I just want to talk!

Stop right
there! Come on!

Hey, just stop for a minute!

You're dead meat if I catch you!

Oh, excuse me.


Let me go.

I said you'd be dead meat.

This isn't my first rodeo.

Okay, just let me go.

- No.
- One,


Jeez, you and your temper.

What did I tell you?

I told you we were done
and to never look for me again.

Are you serious?
Aren't you worried about us?

Not one bit.

You were elated when
I gave you money and said goodbye.

I hope you learn
from your mistakes.

Ban Ji-eum.

Hey, I'm not done talking.

Why do you keep walking away?

What are you doing?

And who are you? Let go.

Let go!

How dare you?

Director, are you okay?


You dare to make him bleed?

It was a mistake.

Stay right there.

- Wait.
- Ms. Ban.


I'll come back for you

if you don't send the money.

Damn it!

Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

Who was he?

We share the same parents

and are legally
in the same family registry.

What's with that grand reply?
So he's your brother.

I didn't want to
word it like that.

Reality is hitting
me hard right now.

I guess it now seems like
I approached you for your money.

usually grovel to you.

They don't mess
with you like you do.


it's upsetting.

If you're free,

why don't we go there?


Let's go.

They say the golden ratio
for beer and soju is seven to three.

But I believe it
depends on your mood.

My golden ratio for
today is five to five.

- What about you?
- Seven to three.

All right.

Bottoms up.


That's nice.

Why aren't you
asking me about earlier?

You said he's your brother.

It's normal to argue
with your family.

You're right.

Every family has a story.

We all fight like cats and dogs.

That's how it is.


I'm listening to you.

I'm all ears.

I'll be your drinking
buddy tonight.

Look at you.
You know how to listen and all.

Ms. Ban...

How about a drinking lover?

Not a buddy, but a lover.

You really are relentless.

You just asked
me out, didn't you?

No, I didn't. I didn't
phrase it that way.

No, that was the nuance of it.

That wasn't my intention.

You're only doing what you want.

- Will you say yes then?
- No.

See? I knew
you'd decline.

I never fight a losing battle.

Did you know that soju
originated from the Arab drink, arak?


What is this?

To your health.

- Cheers.
- To your health.

To your health.

Thank you for being
my drinking buddy tonight.

Oh, no!

Director, let's sit
down here for a bit.

Let's sit for a bit.

Oh, my.

You weren't sitting down,

so I thought you needed
something to sit on.

What was on your mind?

What's on your mind?

What is it?

This is the problem.

Why does she

remind me of Ju-won?

There's no resemblance at all.

They look so different.

- So why?
- Director Mun?

You shouldn't pull my face
so close to yours.

I could just kiss you.

What's stopping you?

Shall we kiss?

I'll hold myself back
and spare you the regret tomorrow.

You're too drunk right now.

Tell me the same thing
next time when you're sober.

Hold on.

Are you not drunk at all?

It's strange.

I rarely get drunk
no matter what body I'm in.

What do you mean?

Do you have other bodies?

Something like that.

I was in a serious car accident
when I was little.

A girl I liked…

died while protecting me.

It took a while

before they got
me out of the car.

And I could feel…

her body…

slowly getting colder.

Ever since then, it
was difficult for me

to physically touch anyone.

Shoulders are for
people to lean on.

I apologize, sir.

I didn't say it wrong.

Come on. We go way back.

Then I'll call you again.


Things could get messy
between Director Mun and Ms. Jang.

But it's nothing serious, sir.

How are they already bickering?

What about that woman?

Ban Ji-eum.

Rumor has it that you hired a girl
who made cars.

You don't need to be
concerned about her, sir.

That's for me to decide.

She had a rough upbringing.

What if she causes trouble?

I don't think she's that type.

Money can give anyone

a change of heart.

I'm sure you know that.

It was your father's
death anniversary.

We held a memorial service.

You don't need to
concern yourself with him anymore.

You're just as inflexible
as your father.

You may go.


Is there another reason
why you called us back to Korea?

Fix that habit

of asking sensitive questions
just because you're offended.

You may go.

Mr. Ha isn't
answering his phone.

I guess it really is
better to live and suffer than to die.

I get to hear Seo-ha snoring.





Oh, no.

I'm sorry.

What happened to him?

You were a lady compared to him.

I just couldn't
handle him by myself.

You have it quite hard.

I'm okay. Can we
put him in the car?

Step down.

- Watch out.
- Step down.

Let's sit him in the front.

It could be a
problem if he wakes up.


Your legs.

That's it.

What did you mean
when you said it could be a problem?

He was in the backseat
during the accident.

So I think he only sits in the front
and can't drive either.

Ms. Yoon, are you okay?


I had no idea.

Be careful.

Was I like this too?

You weren't this bad.

- Let's put him down here.
- Okay.


Director Mun.

Director Mun?

What's your passcode?

Director Mun.

Do you know his passcode?

No, I'm afraid I know nothing.

Oh, actually…


- Yes?
- Mr. Ha.

Could you tell me
Seo-ha's passcode for his house?


It's just that he's very drunk.

I need to bring him inside,
but I don't know the passcode.

It's 0423.



Be careful.

We're almost there.

Okay. Be careful.


His legs.

- I'll bring some water.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Don't go.

Don't go, Ju-won.

Don't go.

Despite living so many lives,

I still struggle…

with these moments the most.

It's when I have to let go

of the person I love.


is still living in that moment.

Don't go.

Don't go, Ju-won.


I think I like Ms. Ban.

She keeps reminding me of Ju-won
and it's driving me crazy.

Since when were you this sick?


What would you do

if she came back?

What did you do to
Seo-ha yesterday?

What's been on your mind?

I was wondering
why you kept calling me by my name.

I hope they're dating.

This is something
that could endanger Ji-eum.

Director Mun!

Subtitle translation
by: Soo-ji Kim