Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

With his identity fully revealed to all the filmmakers, Joo Won expects Ra Im to appreciate him better. Instead, she's repelled by him having made her world all the more difficult. Jong-soo, caring for Ra-im, visits Joo Won to ask him to leave her alone. Meanwhile, Oska gets wind of Joo Won's latest ad campaign that has him vacationing with a contest winner on a romantic cruise, but he's still in the dark about Yeun-Sul as his next video director (who uses this situation only to get close to Joo Won). Since having a protégé is trendy, Oska sends his aid to find a kid (Han Tae-sun) he saw performing in a club, but (much to Oska's fury) Tae-sun has never heard of Oska before. After much thought, Joo Won decides to next get close to Ra Im by demanding payment for taking her to the hospital and treating her to lunch, whereby he discovers her infatuation with Oska.

Episode 3

Quit yelling at Ra-im.

I saw you push her aside.

You shouldn't do that.

She's like Kim Tae-hee
and Jeon Do-yeon to me.

I'm a huge fan of Ra-im's.

If you don't mind,
I'd like to treat you all to a meal.

It's not like you're asking us to buy.

It's your treat.

So thanks.

Let's go.

Move it.

- Please enjoy.
-Thank you.

What's going on?

We tried our best,
so I hope the food is good.

Thank you.

While you're enjoying your meal...

I'd like to borrow her for a while.

Please eat with me.

My office is on the 9th floor.

Wait. Let me go.

What fantastic taste.
What's so great about such a nobody?

You must be annoyed.

You're the real nobody, right?


I didn't know what you liked,
so I asked your friend.

She said you prefer
quantity over quality.


I was pulling out your chair for you.

I'm fine. Do it for some other woman.

No one's done it for you all these years?

I'll put these out
if you're done praying.

All dining tables need candles.

All I need are three beers and a snack.

Why didn't you tell me?

About what?

''About what?''

Oh, that I'm the CEO here?

Look at you.

I warned you before.

That you shouldn't yell at me.

Were you shocked?

You thought I'm a bum,
but I'm actually quite impressive.

Don't I look different?

Don't I look more handsome
and taller, too?

''Oh. That tracksuit
WAS expensive. I feel so bad.''


You just put me on the spot
by admitting to it so easily.

You said I'm pretty when I'm angry.
So I'm being nice.

Don't pull a stunt like this again.

Or come by the stunt academy.

It's not some playground
for bored rich people.

Could you please sit at an empty...

I was with them. Can I have some rice?

Don?t serve her.

A bowl of rice, please.

I'll take it from here.
You get back to work.

What are you doing?

Help me understand
what's going through your mind.

This is where I feel comfortable.

What didn't you like earlier?
The candles? The wine? My being polite?

All three.


This is all I have.

$20 for the treatment, $20 for the meal.

I know this food is expensive,
but I didn't eat, so we're even.

We don't have to meet again, right?

You're killing me.

All I wanted was...

for you to stop saying
''I'm sorry'' all the time.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Oh, are you?!

Is ''I'm sorry'' one of your lines?

Is it?!

Is it that hard to pause and pose
on the way down? Is it?

I'll beat you up if you
apologize once more.

-Get back up there.
-I'm sorry.

Stop being sorry!

What's wrong with apologizing?

I can say ''I'm sorry'' a hundred times.

I can say it all day long.
I'm grateful I can say it.

That's how I run my life.

But now, thanks to you, I know
people will treat me differently now.

What I had to say a hundred times,
now I have to say a million times.

Life isn't a fairy tale.

Most dining tables don't have
flowers, wine, or candles.

I don't need...

an immature department store CEO's
misguided acts of benevolence.

This is my final warning.

Don't ever let me see you again.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

-I'm sorry.
-Thanks a lot.


You're moving up.

-Thanks for the food.
-Yeah, it was good.


You're back already?
We're still setting up.


Chae-rin, you do it yourself.
And get a nice close-up.

- No, sir, I will...
- No way. I'm not crazy.

I'm afraid of heights.

No, you're not. I saw you
bungee jump on TV.

Ra-im, you either rest or
watch the monitor with me.


This is unbelievable.

Hey. What's wrong with you?

Remember what you said to me earlier?

''Who is Kim Joo-won?''

I never found out his name.

Are you kidding me?

Then I'll ask you again.
What's your relationship with him?

Answer me. How do you know him?

Hey, Chae-rin. Why are you so rude to me?

Why do you care how I know him?

Do I need to answer that?


I don?t think so.

I don?t think so either.

You don't have to answer this,
but can I ask what you ate upstairs?

Steak? Lobster?

-Total jackpot, huh?

That Mr. Money Bags guy
is the LOEL Department Store CEO.


We filmed there earlier.

The director was hassling Ra-im,
when he suddenly shows up saying,

''She's like Kim Tae-hee
and Jeon Do-yeon to me.''

He's totally stuck on Ra-im.

He let the filming crew stay for hours.

And he bought the entire staff lunch.

I'm back.

What was that about?

Did you really not know he's the CEO?

You just hit the lottery.
Your life just got better.

Are you gonna quit working?

Why would I quit?

There's nothing going on between us.

Just buy a new bag.
They're not that expensive.

Pick one out from Money Bag's store.


Did you see that?

She's never yelled at me before.

I should get going.

How about some ramen? Want some?

I like this one.


Let's change the lighting
and go a bit darker.

Should we?

My aura will brighten up
my surroundings anyway.

Jeez. You weirdo.

This one looks good.

I saw Miss Yoon yesterday.

Miss Yoon?

Yoon Seul.

She's a TV ad director now.

You didn't know?

She said she saw you.

You're not in touch with her?

Are we doing another shoot?


Hey, it's me.

I'm at LOEL to get
a few outfits for you.

There's a weird poster.

I'll send a pic of it right now.

What is it?

Hello? Hey.

What is it now?

Romantic Getaway with Oska

What's this?

Why aren't you picking up?
Do you know how many times I called?!

Of course not. But you should.

Show Chopin some courtesy.
You're some musician.

What's this?

How can I not know about
a romantic getaway I'm going on?

Fire your manager.
That went up three days ago.

What? Three days?

You're quite popular.

Thanks to your Hallyu stardom,
we get a lot of foreign customers.

It's almost like Itaewon.


Do you think I'm going to do this?

-You'll say no.
-Good call.

I'm not going on this trip.
I will not. Never ever.

That's OK. You'll change your mind.

Get out.



What's that? What's going on?

Ask him yourself. Here he comes.

How dare he...

- Dong-gyu, this...
- Hey.

What's this getaway thing about?


See, things just happened.

''Things just happened''?

It's scheduled for the week after
we shoot my music video.

Push back my shoot
so our schedules overlap.

We're sticking to our schedule.
The director's already in Thailand.

You hired someone?

Someone agreed
to work with me after all?

I ought to... I don't believe you.

Hit me and push it back just one week.


What now? What is it now?

Am I dating someone?

Oska's Trainee!

That's my interview with Man Korea.

He asked if I?m grooming someone,
because all stars have a trainee.

So I said I'm into grooming,
that I'm going a great job.

You're blaming the reporter? Really?

Find me an underling.
It would be cool if some kid...

went on TV and talked about me
being so cool as a mentor.

Mentor your own skills, OK?
You're not good enough to teach someone.

You strain your vocal cords,
but you never sing live.

That's why I'm good.

My singing worsens each year,

but I'm loved in China, Taiwan,
and Thailand. I'm a god in Japan.

Forget it.

What can I say when you
do music as a hobby?

Why are you so pessimistic?
Who knows, I might...

Hey. Find this kid for me.

He sings at a club in Cheongdam. He's...

about this tall.

You want me to go around
with my arm like this?

You're asking for it.

Stand straight, right there.

Hello, dear Eun-sol.

Plans for tonight?

Some sweet music and a comfy bed?

I'm really curious.

How does it feel to be
prettier than a rose?

You liar.

Am I really prettier than a rose?

Were you lied to as a kid?
Don't you believe me?

It's not that I don't.

Who's that? A guest?

An intruder.

Sorry to interrupt. I have a question.

I said no to that unromantic getaway.

And I said you'll change your mind.

It's something else.

Remember the house I mentioned?

The National Geographic-worthy one.

Ra-im lives in one of those.

You can?t seem to stop
mentioning that name.

She has no college degree,
she's vulgar, and she's violent.

Have you dated someone like her?

This is insane.

Sounds like Chae-rin before
her career took off. Why?

You're something else.
Ra-im's cool, at least.

Say you did something
that made her hit you.

Did that make you feel good?


Did you feel the strange sense of
anticipation, hope, or satisfaction?

Hah. Is that what you like?

Does she tie you up? Or use handcuffs?

It's not about that.

Whatever. Keep up the hard work.

I think Chae-rin wore that once.


No, he's mistaken.

Chae-rin wore my gown.

LOEL Department Store

A visitor?

You look much, much better in a suit.

That doesn't mean I don't
look good in a tracksuit.

What brings you here?

You're not happy to see me?

Should I be happy?

I don?t think I deserve
a cold reception, though.

I was nice to you even when you
showed up without a resume.

Do you have some grudge?

'Course not.

Don't you let your visitors sit?

Aren't you going to leave soon?

I won't be long. Let's sit.

The streets are full of cafes,
so I won't offer any drinks.

Sounds like you want me
to get to the point. I'll do that.

I heard you bought my guys lunch.

I felt I should thank you.

It wasn?t just your guys.
There's no need to...

I'm very grateful, but I hope
it never happens again.

Why is everyone
so upset about that meal?

Do stunt people hate it
when someone is nice to them?

Is that what you teach them?

Will you keep coming to our workouts?

There's no reason not to.

My students can be rough.

I'm not that soft myself.
I have some nice abs.

Quit trying to scare a poor,
unsuspecting trainee.

Things never end well
when you start abusing your power.

You misunderstand.

You're not poor or unsuspecting.

You might not have noticed,

but Ra-im is talented.
And she's doing just fine.

So don't...

get in her way.

I won't.


I do intend to help. As long as
you don't get in my way.

It's me. Where's Woo-young?

In the recording studio. I'm outside...

Recording studio? Alright, got it.

I think you're overstepping
boundaries here.

I mean, you shouldn't
be coming to his house.

I'm not here to see Woo-young.
I'm here to see his cousin.

What? Joo-won?

Yes. Joo-won.

What's going on?

Some other time.

Did you look over my file? Any feedback?

No. We hired a
different director already.

You found a willing victim?

Hah, thanks a lot.

I hope we don't have to
cross paths ever again.

I might be going out on a limb here,

but I think I said this before.

I decide whether or not we meet again.

It's your loss. I had some great ideas.

See you around.

Ms. Park? It's me, Seul.

Do you still want
that bag you were admiring?

We're friends, of course it's a gift.

Just come by.
But I need you to do me a favor.

Can you find out which director
is taking on Oska's music video?


You're not surprised?

Oh my gosh.

Wow, you have a cute side.


I guess that's why
some people don't like you.

Are you sure about that?

You didn't know?

Your background, looks,
and sense of humor. You're too perfect.

Other people hate that.


But I can't go around apologizing, can I?

Why are you here?

I came to see Mr. Choi Dong-gyu.

But then he told me you live here.

It would be so impolite
of me not to stop by.

Are you busy?

Nope. I'm off work.

That's great.

Today's my day off, too.

I see. Have a nice day.


He's so cold. Is there a
different cousin I should be seeing?

It's me.

Remember that girl in the ER?

Write me a receipt.

What? A receipt?

I worked my butt off for ten years...

medical school, my residency...
and you want a receipt?

-Call the hospital.

I hate it when you get nitpicky.

Why ask for a receipt?
You don't even know her.

I have to get to know her.

Send someone over with it.

I'm not your secretary.

My break ends soon.
Come for it if you want it.

He's falling in love.

Jeon Do-yeon

She's like Kim Tae-hee
and Jeon Do-yeon to me.

I'm a huge fan.

I'm sorry.

Are you slacking off?
Do 100 jumping jacks...

Oh my gosh.

Look at you, trying to act cute.
Why are you so jumpy?

Did you think I was joking?
I didn't want to see you again.

Why all the drama?

I'm not here to see you.
I want my money back.

Rich people are stingy, OK?

The hospital bill was $45.

I won't make you pay for
what you didn't eat.

I'm quite exact, you see.

I calculate with precision.
Five dollars more, please.

I'll give you the last $2 later.

Later when?

On my way home.

I don't have time to kill.
I need the money now.

I'm not asking for two million
or two grand. It's just two dollars.

Let's see you try and get it.

What's with your attitude?

Come back. Write me an IOU!


Your locker's still open.

She must resemble her mom.








Next are sit-ups. Pair up.

- Pair up.
- Pair up.

What now?

Can't you tell? I'm working out.

Go away. Go away.

- Ready?

One, two. One, two.

You can't just start.
I don't have a partner.

What's with the discrimination?
I need a partner.

Treat me fairly.

Or give me my two dollars
and I'll go away.

Do it right.

You'll regret it if I do.

When did you become so pretty? Last year?

What's wrong?

I was joking around.

Oh, did that hurt?
I was just joking around.

Ten-minute break.


Stop right there.

It's payback time.

I'm really mad at you.

Do I look happy?
I'm going to flip my lid.

Are you a convertible? Or a pot?

Why do you talk like that?

I put that nicely.
Because you're a big shot CEO.

I can say worse things,
but you won't like that.

So why do you keep showing up?

What's this about?

Do you like me or something?

Do you like me?

Do I look like a nutcase?
Or a moron or something?

Would someone like ME
like someone like YOU?

Do you think that's even rational?

Let me clarify, just in case.

Educated, beautiful women from
good families are lining up to marry me.

The line stretches for miles and miles.

But your background,
education, and skills are dismal.

Can you refute that?

You can't.

So why follow me around?

Why are you asking me?

Then who should I ask?

Ask yourself.

You keep popping into my mind.

I see you even when I don?t see you.
What else can I do?

Kim Soohanmu, a turtle and a crane.

I have to say that rhyme all the time.

What is it you've done to me?
And why me?


You hang up on me, yell when I show up,
yell louder when I feed you.

And kick me.

You're a real weirdo.

But that?s the problem.

Because you're so weird, I'm...

perplexed and intrigued.

I've practically...

lost my mind.

I'm going to stop coming by.

I'm off.

Bring me my two dollars.
I'll text you my address.


But I love you and I'm still beside you

This woman is crying

Let me go away

Love? No way

I'm totally over love

I won't even cry

Let me go away

Love? No way

I have no regrets at all

I won?t miss you

Please leave me

Love is a total lie

I must forget

Forget everything

I'm tired. I'm too old to dance.

I called you a long time ago.

Have some snacks.

Where's the kid? Found him yet?

You mean Han Tae-sun?

His name is Han Tae-sun?

He's at the club, right?
Did you meet him?

I met him yesterday.

He wants to sign? Did he ask for a lot?

Not really. Well...
I gave him my business card.

And said I work for you
and that you want to meet him.

Most people say, ''Oh, really?''


But this kid...

asked who you are.

What? He doesn't know who I am?

Is he some refugee?

He speaks perfect Korean.

I don't believe this.

What's his number?

He doesn't want to be bothered.
He doesn't care about celebs.


I'm a Hallyu star and
he called me a celeb?

Is this Han Tae-sun?

You know me. I'm the great Oska.

So what? Didn't your manager tell you?

I don't know you or your music.

If you want to meet me,
send a file of your music first.

Hello? Hello?


Are you trying to get me
to offer a better package?

Don't you understand Korean?

I asked for your music,
not your money, you brick head.

If you're trying to buy me, get lost.

Hello? He...

Wow, someone who
is a bigger jerk than me.

Listen to me very carefully.

I will show you who I am.

I love you

Oh, my darling

You're my love

You're the only girl for me

Do you know Oska?

Oska? The singer?

It's really him. It's Oska.

Sell it for what it's worth.
It served me well.

I'll sell it to the highest bidder.


Are you done composing?

I'm done.

You're the only girl for me

I love you

My heart's about to burst

I can't bear it

Did you hear that?

You're completely amazed, aren't you?

That song was No. 1 for eight weeks...

I'm completely amazed.
Sing something else.

Encore, encore, encore.

Who are you? Where's Tae-sun?

Why do you always embarrass yourself?

You're right. I shouldn't do this.

Bring me my car.

I will track him down.

Get going!

No new messages

Where are you going?

A blind date.


Cute, huh?

Won't you be hot?

Guys like it when a girl hides her body.


Don't drink too much
and make the guy carry you home.

You got a text. You got a text.

What are you doing here?
I'm here on a blind date.

-Somi from the PR Team...
-I asked her to arrange this.

I'm your blind date for tonight.


Let's order first.

Are you ready to order?

What's today's special?

Top grade tenderloin from the grill
and pine mushroom soup.

Is that your best?

-Are you sure?
- Pardon?

Then it's your best.

For two.

Yes, sir.


For the past five years, I...

Oh no, no way.

Have you been stalking me?

Why would I even...

Please excuse me.

Congratulations, Ah-young.


Five years of employment

You joined LOEL five years ago today.

Today's your employment anniversary.

Mr. Kim...

Isn?t that Kim Joo-won?

It's really him.

- He's so cute.
-Very handsome.

He's so cool.

Almost surreal.

You called me out here
to get just two dollars?

Did you hurt your neck?

Is it bleeding?

I'm off to the bathroom.

I don't know what you like,
but I can afford some beer.

I do owe you that much.

You don?t want beer?

I think...

you're the first girl
that I just can't fathom.

Can her family help my business?

Does she have good genes?
That's what I usually wonder.

But you make me wonder
just how much a bag costs.

Talking gibberish again.

If you cared for me even one little bit,

you'd have looked yourself
in the mirror first.

I'm not the kind of person
who'd call you here over two bucks.

Why did you even show up?

Don't you have another bag?
Were you running late?

Or... Can't you afford a new bag?

Answer me.

Did I use two bucks as an excuse
to meet a girl who can't afford a bag?

You got it wrong.

I'm just here for this.

I'll stay out here.
You go in and drag that kid out.

He needs to know I'm not
the kind of person he thinks I am.


He's kind of scary...


It's you. I was hoping to see you again.

What brings you here?

You met Joo-won?

Sorry, but I'm kind of busy...

Wait up.


I guess I don't know my own strength.

It's not your fault.

Oh, you safety-pinned the strap.

How smart.

I'm good at sewing things back on.
I have long fingers.

No, it's fi...

You're leaving?

Where are you headed?

What happened? Did you fight?

He packed up and left.

Where to?

No one knows.
He never stays in one place for long.

- He's not picking up.
-This is crazy.

Find him. Bring him to me
so I can kill him myself.

Got that?

How about...

How about a walk?

It's Oska, oh gosh, I love him.

Yes, hello, it's me, Oska.
Thank you for loving me.

Why won?t they take photos?

No one uploads pics of me
on the internet these days.

Cheer up.

He's the worst jerk in the whole world.

He had his manners cut off
along with his umbilical cord.

What's your relationship with him anyway?

I've always wanted to know.

Everyone wants to know that.

We're close enough to argue
about stupid things, like a bag.

You're that close?

That's impossible.

Do you have some dirt on him?

You do. I knew it.

Can you share that dirt with me?
I really need some help.

What's YOUR relationship with him?

Didn't he tell you? That we?re cousins?


He had all the articles removed,
so not many people know.

Our grandpa has some issues
and it's bad for business.

Anyway, what did he do to upset you?

He's always talking about you.

You have something on him, don't you?

He's always talking about me?

Having fun?

With some friends from New York.

-You're on a date?
-You bet.

Don?t we look great together?


Watch out. He's a playboy.

And I'm his cousin, Kim Hee-won.

Joo-won's sister.

She's nice, unlike her brother.

Stop it.

They're so childish.

Blood is supposed to be
thicker than water.

Be nice to Joo-won.
His latest blind date dumped him.


He loves his blind dates.
He has no sense of romance.

And he's trying to organize
some romantic getaway.

I know.

So who was his latest blind date?

I got my friends to ask around.

It was some director named Yoon Seul.


Do you know her? Is she pretty?

I was at the recording studio.

As if!. You were with Chun Ji-ae!

Don?t smile at other girls!


-I have a question.
-I have a question.

-I asked first.
-I asked first.

- Did she get home OK?
-Your date.

Just one of many.

Did you drive her home?

What was this girl like?

Did she talk about me?

Hee-won said you got dumped. Did you?

Anything about me?

You got dumped?

Did she get rid of that bag?
Even a plastic bag would be better.


Are you're going to marry her? You won't.

You're just having fun.
So just have some fun.

It's the blind dates
you should worry about.

So what was this girl like?

You said Hee-won told you.
I got dumped, OK?

Now tell me about Ra-im.

What dirt does she have on you
that makes you so antsy?

Dirt? On me?

Don't deny it. I know everything.

Does she have photos of you?


I took photos of her.

Stop right there.


I said no to the stupid getaway,
but you haven't cancelled it.

You pushed your video shoot back a week.

You thought I'd just let this go?
Sorry, we have conflicting schedules.

You think Dong-gyu and I
would let that happen?


There are things that
only a CEO can understand.

Your shoot?s still on.

You're flying to Thailand in two days.
Pack your sunscreen.

You look horrible.


I can't believe Dong-gyu...

No answer?

Pick up, right now.

Pick up.

Your call has been
forwarded to voicemail.

Why pay for a phone you never answer?

I'm your bread and butter.
You answer to me!


Is it Dong-gyu?

You found him? OK.

Han Tae-sun's in Jeju Island.

Jeju Island?

He tweeted a picture.

Listen up, everyone.

Turn off your cell phones.


On an Uneventful Sunny Day

On an Uneventful Sunny Day
Someone Walks in My Heart

I Hoped For Coincidences
My Melancholy, Precious Woman

You Made a Mistake

On an uneventful sunny day,
someone walks in my heart.

I hoped for coincidences,
my melancholy, precious woman

You made a mistake.


Yes, this is she.

What? I did?

A giveaway? What kind?

It wasn?t you? You didn't enter me
in some contest?

I didn't.

Do you think someone
pretended to be you, then?


Someone from your department store's
PR Team called.

I won a vacuum cleaner. Third place.

Was there a mistake?

You bonehead.

If it?s not you or me,
then it's my boss. Who else?

He wanted to give you a surprise gift.

He's so cute. And sweet.

He wouldn't do that.

No soup?

Soup? Sorry, I forgot.

I know for sure that it's him.

How else would the PR Team
have your number?

That bag you bought last month.

Can I borrow it tomorrow?

LOEL Department Store

What brings you here?

I need to work.

But it's time to go home now.

Contact the stores on that list.

Tell them to bring me
brochures of their new...