Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

The turbulent relationship between Ra Im and Joo Won continues as Ra Im finds herself the 3rd-place winner in Joo Won's department store contest (which she never entered). As Joo Won struggles over what to make of, and what to do with, his Ra Im infatuation, his presidency of the store comes under threat when Park Bong-ho covertly uses his extended family ties within Joo Won's family to lessen Joo Won in the eyes of his influential grandfather. While Yeun Sul strategically manipulates situations to become director of Oska's video shoot, Oska makes things difficult for himself and all by skipping his own music video shoot to pursue Han Tae-sun as his protégé (of which Tae-sun wants no part). A run-in with thugs puts Oska in the police station, where Joo Won, now having him over a barrel, can spell out conditions for his release.

Episode 4

What brings you here?

I need to work.

But it's time to go home now.

Contact the stores on that list.

Tell them to bring me
brochures of their new...


You never bought anything from my store,

and you never entered any giveaway.

But you got a call saying
you got the third prize?

This will sound outrageous, but...

did you enter me so you could..?

Do I look that bored to you?

Would I give you a vacuum cleaner
when I can afford a company?

Is that really why you're here?

You have more issues
than just a cheap bag.

I really was crazy.

You're just someone
who wants a free vacuum.


did you say?

I'm sure you heard me.

I did hear you.
But I wonder if I heard right.

''I really was crazy.''

''You're just someone
who wants a free vacuum.''

How was that?

Have you always been a jerk?

Depends on the situation.

What situation is this?

The woman who briefly excited me
has a poor education, a lousy family,

AND no pride whatsoever.


Do you know how many employees I have?

I let you shoot a movie here.

I even set a table for
the first time in my whole life.

After all I've done for you,
you come here for a freebie?

Must I let my employees see that?

Couldn't you treat me
like how I treated you?

I... I just...

This is funny?

I'm pretty when I laugh, too,
don't you think?

Everything you said is right.

I shouldn't have come here,
whatever my reason.

I didn't consider your reputation.

I'm sorry.

If I embarrassed you, then I apologize.

I should go, but...

I really want that vacuum.

I'm still thinking...

Should I kick you as usual, or...

should I just leave all sad
and make you worry all night?

Either way, I don't get anything.

I'll take the vacuum while I can.

It's not like it'll break because I have
a poor education and a lousy family.

Stop it.

If you're embarrassed,
tell your employees you had a fling...

I said stop.

A fling?

No way.

C'mon, let me show you.

Follow me.

Let go.

Where are we going? Let me go.

Let go.

- Leave us.
- Hello, sir.

All yours.

What's this about?

After what you said,
I thought you'd know.

You're a fling?

Do you think you're worth
having a fling with?

I only hang out with girls
who can afford these.

I don't care about religion or race.
But I hate cheap girls.

Why the disgusted look?

You're all about
looking cheap and shabby.

Who do you think I am?

You don't care about brand names?

It's because you lack taste... and money.

You wanted to play.

Try this on for me.

Let go of me, now.

Put it on.

Need my help?

What if I do?

What if I wear this?

What will you do with someone
who isn?t worth having a fling with?

I won't do anything with you.

I'm helping you realize
just how far beyond your reach I am.

I can guess what
social class you fall into.


I honestly tried
to learn about your class.

You should've given me time.

Time? To do what?

To learn about poverty?

My effort means nothing?

I tried at least. What did YOU do?

Buying a vacuum here
would look bad enough already.

You know what really ticks me off?

It's the fact that
even though I warned you,

you didn?t think for five minutes
about who I am or what I do.

Here we go. One, two, three.

In our line of work,
it's all about teamwork.

The stunt person...

must trust the pullers and use
the energy to his or her advantage.

I'm sorry I'm late.

You look distressed.

I'm not.

You're lying again.

It's true.

I'm just hungry because I skipped lunch.

Your acting?s improved.

Thanks for the compliment.

- Rookies.

Focus. Don't miss a thing.

I'll train on my own for two hours.

You've gotten much better.

I can do it with my eyes closed.

The day I show up at the site
is the day you will have to retire.

We don't need stuntwomen for car stunts.

So why torture yourself?

I'm challenging myself.

Go ahead, then. It doesn't cost anything.

That guy, no, that gentleman.
Why doesn't he come by?

Mr. Money Bags who actually
has lots of money.

He quit?

How would I know?

You should. You're his
Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Tae-hee.


Clench your teeth.


I thought about
punching you for a second.

Speed dial #1

Calling: Ji-hyun

You were getting better.
Are you stressed?

I'm asking as a doctor, not a friend.

So I can treat you.

It's Woo-young. He keeps causing trouble.

You blame everything on him.

I need to know your condition to...

I'm sleepy.

I won't increase your dosage,
but take a break from work.



I have sort of a silly question.

What are the symptoms of lovesickness?

She does.

She doesn't.

She badmouths me.

She doesn't.

She does.

She doesn't.

She does.

She doesn't.

She does.

She doesn't.

She does.

She doesn't.

She does.

She doesn't.

She does.

She doesn't.



It was her fault.

She's a freak.

He tweeted a picture.

''Day three, reeking of fish.''

What a show-off.

Find out where this is.

It's obvious where this is.

Mt. Sungsan, boats.
It's Sungsan Harbor.


Why do you work for me?

You think I work for you?

Watch it.

Didn't my friend already pick this up?

She came by yesterday,
but left after arguing with Mr. Kim.

They had a fight?

No way.

Then the rumor that
he threw a fit in the ladies'...

Don't you know that's a secret?

Is it true that Mr. Kim
picked my friend to win third prize?

Listen to yourself.

The PR Team picked her.
Would Mr. Kim stoop that low for her?

He really didn't pick her?


Don't look at me like that.
You look too cute.

I don?t try to look cute, you know.

I just can't help it.


Life must be so tough for you.

I just have to give this to her?
No other message?

Wait, what did he say?

Hold on.

Yeah, what?

From Mr. Yoon?

A present?


For the precious relationship
between you and his daughter...

Precious, yeah right.
Why did you accept it?


It wasn?t exactly
an easy present to refuse.

What is it?

An excessively
environmentally friendly present?

Mr. Yoon was Minister of
Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food.

What do I do with these? Eat them?

Oh my.

So you approve?

Oh my, my.

They already look so sad and alone.

Mr. Yoon was Minister of
Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food.

If it?s not agriculture or fish,
it's food. Health food.

Deer are a symbol of
nobility and aristocracy.

Mr. Yoon has no doubt that these deer...

are a fitting present for you.

He should have doubted it.

Send them back.


It's today? OK, then.

I'm joining my grandpa for dinner.

Mr. Kim's a devoted grandson.
Once a month, he visits his...

I'm not devoted.

My grandfather changes his will
right after family reunions.

Once a month.




Hello, father. Gosh,
there was so much traffic.

I'll start with the main course.

Yes, ma'am.

What were you talking about?

You're the only one
who talks during dinner.

I wish you'd get
plastic surgery on your attitude.

It's so boring without my Woo-young.

Why is my Hallyu star in Jeju Island?

It's Thailand, not Jeju.
He's filming a music video.



I just talked to him. He's in Jeju.

That's so him. Super scatter-brained.


You need to stop criticizing
my boy all the time.

He's loved by everyone wherever he goes.

You look younger now that
you're married again.

Madam Park's your anti-ager, isn?t she?

''Madam Park''?

Did you just meet her at some sauna?

Don't you know the word 'mother'?

Whoa, slow down.

We're not used to her.

The more you do this,
the harder it is on her.

Why isn't my lawyer here?
Call him right now.

I'll check for you.

I owe you so much, Bong-ho.

Thanks for helping Joo-won.

Don?t worry, sir.

I'll do anything for him,
even give my life for him.

Good, good.

The department store
is practically yours anyway.

Mr. Kim is so passionate,
I have a lot to learn from him.

Although I do disapprove that
he only comes to work twice a week.

I heard about that, too.

I heard that Park...

...Mr. Park has been signing documents.

What's this about?
He's signing documents?


He copies my signature pretty well.

Kim Joo-won.

That's not the biggest problem.

Do you know what
your staff says about you?

Of course I do. I hear everything.

They all hate me.

I don?t work, have an attitude,
and I yell a lot.

I would hate me, too.

They say 'CEO' means,
''Crap, this Evil jerk's the Owner?''

Any employee that says that
to my face will get a promotion.

Wouldn?t that be cool?

That's something only Americans do.

You don't find that here in Korea.

Do you even care about the deptartment store?

Is work just a joke to you now?

The store won't just go bankrupt.

Not when Mr. Park's so reliable.

Then why don't you just
hand everything over to him?


Sales have increased
since Joo-won took over.

Anyone could've done what he did.

Don't trust that kid.
Think of LOEL as your own company.

Don't you worry.

Mr. Park.

Watch what you say in front of my family.

If you have complaints about work,
talk to me at the office...

Wouldn't it be more appropriate
to call me 'great-grand-uncle' now?

Of course, it's not that
I don't understand you.

You hate having your
great-grand-uncle reporting to you.

Mr. Park.

But the two are so blissfully happy.
You shouldn't do anything to ruin that.

What are you up to?

You may hate me, but why my sister?

She's much more refined
than that stunt girl you're dating.

She's worthy of your family name.

The rumors have spread.

I guess that proves I know
more about the store than you do.

You should've seen his face.

When I crush someone,
I crush them completely.

But sir.

I overheard while waiting for you.

I think you added a 'great.'

What do you mean?

You said 'great-grand-uncle'
when you should've said 'grand-uncle.'

What? Are you sure?

-Is that a big difference?

It's a big difference.


This is it.

There he is.

Han Tae-sun.

You know me.

Is Oska Dating Model K?

Who's Miss K?


It's her you don't know, not me.

So why did you say you don't know me?

You're here to see me?


To beat you to death.

You hung up on me that day. So rudely.

Can't you see I'm at work?
I'm busy. Get lost.

Who do you think is busier,
me or you, huh?

I'm a Hallyu star.

Look here, Mr. Hallyu Star.

Isn't your album important to you?

You're on the brink of
being called washed-up.

Why are you wasting your time?

Look at this guy.
You actually know all about me.

Tell me the truth.

Are you a fan of mine?



How much is it you want?
Do you want a blank check?


You're the last person
I'd want to work with.

I told you, your music stinks.


Be specific.

Is it the sound, or the melody?
Or my live singing?

You just copied the style
of American pop songs.

All you care about is popularity.

And recording?

You use a computer, not a live band.

I bet your 'live' singing's all fake, too.


You record everything in one go
and lip-synch all the time.


Maybe not.

Yeah, right.

You came all the way here.
Can't you at least be honest?

Who is he? How come he knows everything?

Hey. Did you join my anti-fan club?


Why's it so hard to reach you?!

I heard a typhoon hit Thailand.
How's filming going over there?

What? Where?

You're in Jeju instead of Thailand?!

You crazy idiots!

The director's calling right now.
I'll call you right back, OK?

What do you know, Mr. Lee.
I was JUST dialing your number.

Oska's not there, is he?

He had an emergency and...


What do you mean?

Thank you for accepting my offer.

I don't have anything to lose.

Bank account details

I'll wire you the money today.

Looks like I'll be getting my way.

Hello, Mr. Choi. How are you?

The director I hired
suddenly quit on me.

Really? That's too bad.

Woo-young is in Jeju.
I just found out yesterday.

Jeju Island? Why is he there?

Don't know.

He found a kid he wants to train,
but the kid ticked him off.

He's running around after him.

You know what a horrible
one-track mind he has.

The rich are like that.
They don't have to work for anything.

Do you have the right to say that?

That's why you need a director like me.

Because I understand rich people.

Anyways, we have a deadline.

We have to release
an audio clip and a teaser soon.

We need to start filming next week.

It's tight, but I can do it.

I know what you're worried about,
but it won?t happen.

My parents want me
to find a nice husband.

I'm pretty, so I don't need surgery.

And I have a good degree.

I wanted to work with celebrities...

before I marry and
settle down with a rich heir.

But now it's time to get serious.

And meet an heir.

I'm Yoon Seul.

I'm Lim Jong-soo.

Your resume looks impressive.
You worked in Hollywood, too.

I was just lucky.

I'm very disappointed that...

it was just luck.

I like everything fabulous.

The action, and the director's profile.

Then I'm afraid
you found the wrong person.

My action style
is more polished than flashy.

Good job.

Now, to the main point.

There are a lot of action sequences
and not much time to practice.

Which means it's an opportunity
to show off your skills.

That sounds exciting. Who is the lead?

Oska. You know him, right?

A woman loves you very much

This woman loves you with passion

How much longer do I have to
watch you from a distance?

This is horrible, I hate being in love

When will you love me in return?

Come closer, just a little closer

If I move closer, you step away

But I love you and I'm still beside you

This woman is crying

This painting is by Kim Soo-kyung,

who is working in Germany.

It took three years to complete
and its vibrant colors and car motif...



It's SO heavy.

What's this?

I heard you left without it.

You won it.

I got it yesterday.

Who said this is for me?

Who else? Our CEO, of course.

You said you wanted it.

What did he say?


''This is just right for you.''

Why? You don't like it?

I knew it. We deserve the high-tech...

Why did you accept it?!

My gosh.

It's a freebie, of course I accepted it.

Should I say something like,
''Oh, I'm not that kind of a woman.''

This piece is receiving high acclaim.



Your phone is ringing.

Gil Ra-im



Hello? Can't you hear me? Hello?

I hear you. Talk.

Jeez. What's with this vacuum?

Take it back.

Don't order me around.
Throw it away or return it yourself.



What just happened?


It changed.

The lights were on in that house.

The lights?

The lights were definitely on
in that house.

That piece is titled ''The Black House.''

I was mistaken.

Let's stop. The paintings are all scary.

Your call has been
forwarded to voicemail.

You're avoiding my calls?

Where are you going?
It's Mr. Kim's day off today.

His day off? He's not at work?

It's me. Get me the address
of one of our rookies.

Kim Joo-won.

Kim Joo-won?

Why do you want his address?
Did he invite you over?

Man, and you acted
like you didn't like him at all.

Oh,jeez, OK.

I'm looking for it. Are you in a hurry?

Why Does Half the World Starve?

You can leave deliveries here.

It's not a delivery.
I'm here to see Mr. Kim Joo-won.

Is he expecting you?

Something like that.
He told me to return it myself.

Please leave your ID and
contact information at the gate.

My ID?

Excuse me.

Do you know where Kim Joo-won lives?

This is Mr. Kim Joo-won's home.

Yes, but which of these houses is his?

All the houses are his.


All of them?

What's this about?

You wanted it.

Then why say no that day
and give it to me now?

What are you planning?

Want some tea? Or coffee?

I asked why you sent this.

To come to my senses.


You didn't do anything wrong.
I know you think it's absurd.

It was actually all me.

I yelled at you for being beneath me.

When I picked someone who
can't appreciate flowers and candles.

Remember the day we met?

The day I took you to the hospital.

We should have stopped right there.

With me showing compassion
for a poor and neglected neighbor.

You're a poor and neglected neighbor,
nothing more, nothing less.

So keep the vacuum.

Everything you say really cracks me up.


I can?t wait for this year to end.

I ought to...


Yes, I'm poor,
but how am I your neighbor?

Do you know how far away my place is?

I don?t want you for a neighbor. Keep it.

Take this thing.


did you just do?

You don?t want it and I don't need it.

Go get it if you changed your mind.

What are you doing?!

Get out!

-Stop it.
- Let go.

How dare you.

What's wrong with you?

Why are you so stubborn?

You should've asked me
to get it for you.

Give me a chance to get through to you.

How could you go in there?
Why go that far?!

Isn't that what you wanted me to do?

I didn?t think you'd go in!

So why throw my motorcycle key?

Now I make you get the key, right?

Can't I just apologize?!

Are you going in there again?

I'll buy you a hundred of those,
so wash up first.

Let go, I'm warning you.

What brings you here?

I heard about Mr. Yoon's present.

I came to discuss that.

I caught you at a bad time.

Who are you, miss?


I met her recently. I'll tell you later.

She's not decent enough
to introduce herself?


You brought her to your house?
Are you guys close?

How many times?

How many visits here?

This is my first time.

Do you get paid?

- Huh?
- Mom.

Don't be so naive. You know what I mean.

I understand...

what you mean.

We just met each other recently.

I'm a poor and neglected neighbor
who Mr. Kim shows compassion for.


Be quiet.

- Mom, she's...
-You're letting me down.

She's hardly good enough for you.

Toy with higher-class girls.

I think this whole thing
is shocking and absurd.


You don't need to worry.

He was born into your family
because he just got lucky.

He's not for me to toy with.

I'll get going now.

Wh-what... did she just say?

How dare that girl...

What's wrong with you?

Why are you letting Park do your job?

How did it go with Mr. Yoon's daughter?

I don't believe she rejected you.

Let's talk later.


What about Dong-gyu?

So where is Woo-young now?

Jeju Island.

I don't have the time to find him
and drag him to Thailand.

We're going to scrap Thailand
and shoot the video in Jeju.

So what's the problem?
Our getaway location is Jeju, too.

The schedules overlap.

I'm going crazy.

We have a new team doing everything
from scratch AND a crazy deadline.

We can't change our schedule.

That's why I called to see you.
Push it back just ten days.

The romantic getaway date
was announced all over.

We'll get in trouble if the winner
objects to the date change.

And 'TV Entertainment'
is sending a reporter.

Should I beg? Should I kneel and beg?

Meet up with the winner
and check that person's schedule.

If it doesn?t work out,
compensate him or her.

And contact 'TV Entertainment.'

Dear Mr. Kim.

But sue Oska Entertainment first.
Make sure it's on tonight's news.

Mr. Kim. Joo-won. Mr. Kim!

Your call has been
forwarded to voicemail.

What's wrong with you?
When the heck will you grow up?

Call me right now if
you don't want to go bankrupt.

You don't know me

You know nothing about me

You'll get to know me if you love me

I feel like I want to protect you

I've never felt this way before

I bet you won?t understand

You can lean on me

I know life was tough

And that you waited for a long time

We took our time in meeting up

This is no coincidence

My heart noticed you first

It tells me I've been waiting for you

How did you find me here?

You know what I hate the most?

People who don't know me?

That's fine.

People who mess up my name?
That's OK, too.

But people who know me,
recognize me, but ignore me?

I can?t stand it.

So what?

I know you've gotten some offers.

You must think
you're pretty great, but...

Give that kind of advice
to celeb wannabes.


When I sang on the phone last time...

I know that was a mess.

I wasn't feeling well, so I...

Do it again.


If you weren't feeling well,
do it again.

Are you serious?

I'm Oska, a Hallyu star, so...

I'll sing quietly.

I don't believe this.

I love you

Oh, my darling

-You're my...

Stop him sooner next time.


Shouldn't you hear me out
after all I did to get your attention?

I already know what you'll say.

You want to train me. But you're
not cut out to train someone else.

You want to shine alone.

I won't be your sidekick
so you can get attention. OK?

He's a total psychic.

You wait right here.



I sing pretty well, too.

Then sing while you wait for me.

I know you.

The entire nation knows me.

Are you on vacation?


People are always alone.

I'm alone, too. How about a drink?

Jeez, will you...

I would love to drink with you.

A car stunt?

Jung-hwan flips the car.
Joo-man's the chaser.


What's the plot? Is there a female role?

You won the jackpot.

This is Oska's music video.
Filmed in Jeju.

Oska? Really? When is it?


We leave tomorrow morning.
Check the equipment tonight.

See you all at the airport at 9AM.

- Dismissed.

And me? What am I doing?

Stay out of this project.

Huh? Why?

I wear a wig again? Let's just take her.

I can let you
stay behind, too, if you want.

Where's the wig? Give it a perm.

I'm good with the curlers.

Why can't I participate?

You don't have
enough experience for this.

That's why I need to try.
I really practiced a lot.

I can do well.

You saw the movie Death Proof.

I can do what Zoe Bell did.

Then go to Hollywood.
I won't let you do that.

Why? I want to...

Because it's dangerous.

If I could, I'd make you quit, but...

I won't because I respect your choice.

Get out. I have work to do.

Here I am

Here I am, right now

Here I am

I'm here now

I am here

Ah-young, it's me.

Can you help me out? It'll be tough.

I'd like you to lie to Ra-im for me.

Oh, right, I nearly forgot.

I bought an extra bag while shopping.
The strap on yours broke.

It's a bag?

I was going to buy one.

Was it expensive?

It wasn?t. Employees get
an extra discount.

A woman's life is determined by her bag.

You knew that?
I found that out only recently.


It's so pretty,
I think I'm going to faint.

Thanks so much, girl.

No problem.

Did you return the vacuum?

Don't mention that vacuum ever again.

Why is life so crazy these days?

It's a bad year for us.

Something happened?

I lost the opportunity
to work on a stunt in Oska's video.

Mr. Lim won't let me join.

Oska's music video?

Hold on.

I'd be there if I could
afford a plane ticket.

Why, hello, Mr. Kim.




What about me?

LOEL Department Store

The schedule and brochure for
the promotion of the resort in Jechun.

Construction will be completed
by early December.


I will do everything myself,
so tell Mr. Park to report to me.

I don?t want him to take
all the credit for this.

I need to impress my grandpa.

Revise my schedule so
I can give the presentation.

Got it.

Did you meet the contest winner?


I was just about to tell you...

Hold on.

Woo-young, you're dead meat.

You want to kill me, right?

Then get me out.
I'm at a police station.


I met someone about business yesterday.

You were right.
You should never sign with me.

I'd be jealous of you,
and that wouldn?t be cool.

Keep singing.
But don?t sign with anyone else.

Goodbye, then.

That was it, and I turned to leave.

I first thought they wanted autographs.

But you know I don't
just hand out autographs.

Would you... like my autograph?

So I was about to walk away...

but they blocked me.

So I raised my voice.

On your back, then?



Would you like to sign away
your whole life?

Once we bite, we never let go.

We're the Silver Hair tail Gang.

Are hair tails like bulldogs?

They're saying that I
insulted their boss' girlfriend.

But you know me.

I sleep with girls...

I sleep with girls,
but I don't insult them, do I?

I know you don't.

I know you want to
keep this from the media.

And that you hate prison food.

I also know that you messed up
my deptartment store's event.

I know you know I won't
let you off with a light scolding.

C'mon, be nice.

Should I?

Have you thought about
what you'll do for me?

Since when do you care?
Just tell me what you want from me!

Later. Look forward to it, as always.

Tell my lawyer to bail Woo-young out.

He's at a police station in Jeju.

Are you that excited?

What did you say about
meeting the winner?

It's not a big problem.

I finally got around to meeting
the first place winner yesterday.

I really didn't know I'd win.

I've liked darling Oska for eight years.

I don?t think he's a darling.

He is if he?s handsome, tall, and rich.

Darling Oska...

Call the second place winner.

Yes, sir.

Do you...

happen to know Oska?

The calcium supplement?

In the end...

we gave the lady some baby stuff
and the old man the prize he won.

And we contacted the 3rd place winner.

What? What place? Who?

Yes, her. She'll plan her own route
if we just get her there.

No. Send the 4th place winner.


Search for Oska's online anti-fans.

Find that person who uploads
his bad live performances.

The trip's on me.

Ra-im left already.


I'm coming, too. Hello, Jeju!!

Why already? The getaway is next week.


Her stunt team is filming
Oska's music video.

She said she wanted to watch.


Oska and Ra-im are on vacation
and I'm footing the bill?

We'll shoot the last scene right here.

This is the previous director's plan.
Stick to it. It's too late to revise.


Park Chae-rin's the female lead.
Call her agency.

Her schedule?s packed.

Are you trying to prove
just how incompetent you are?

No, miss.

She'll drop everything else
if you say it's Oska's music video.

When does the stunt team arrive?

Hope the flight was OK.

I hope you don't mind
staying with the actors.

It's just easier to coordinate
if we all stay together.

So Oska will be staying here, too?

He's been here for a few days already.

I'll let you unpack.
Meet me here in an hour.

Let's discuss everything over lunch.


Let's go.

Your keys.

It's you.

What are you doing here?
Are you on vacation?

Kind of.

''The Romantic Getaway with Oska.''

Wait, you won that?

- Really?
-Strange, huh?

You bet.

This isn't good.


I believe in things like destiny.

I think this is fate. Don't you agree?

Thank you for welcoming me.

You think I'll just welcome you?
I'll buy you lunch, too.

Have you eaten?

I'm starving.

I just got bailed out.

Bailed out?

I stole something.


A woman?s...


Then... you'll be arrested again soon.

That's a heavier sentence.

I can handle that.

What shall we eat?

You're ten minutes late.