Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Unable to get Ra Im out of his head (to points of hallucination), Joo Won has to see her again. Since she dismisses his phone calls, he visits the Action School to talk to her, but since it's also Audition Day, he must wait in line, as an auditionee, and declare his special ability ("making money"). Afterward, Joo Won finds himself on a second mother-arranged blind date with Yeun Sul, who declares him her destiny. While training, Jong Soo sees that Ra Im's head (distracted by the memory of Joo Won's words) is not present and demotes her to heading the new training group. Fellow stuntman Jung Hwan correctly appraises the problem and forces Ra Im to phone Joo Won. At the office, Joo Won has just fired Ah Young offhandedly, not realizing she is Ra Im's roommate. At seeing Ra Im's incoming call (sent by Jung Hwan), he wonders aloud whether it's real or not. Put on the spot, Ra Im awkwardly summons Joo Won to training. Later, as Joo Won has Ra Im pinned to the floor, Ah Young, having been fired, walks in, bad mouthing Joo Won (before realizing it's him right before her). Joo Won gets Ah Young to recognize him but asks her to keep his identity secret from Ra Im. Taking them home, Joo Won is appalled at their living conditions, thinking it the worst. Joo Won finally reveals his identity to the Action School at their stunt shoot in his department store, leaving Ra Im stunned.

You still look great.

Miss Gil Ra-im.

You know her name?

- You keep quiet.
- How do you know my name?

Do you have to be so rude?

Remember what this poet said?

''When I called out her name...''

So on and so forth.

''When I called out her name,''

''She came to me and...''

Tipped me?

''Tipped me.''

Watch it.

Ra-im. That's not what I meant.

What's wrong with your arm?

-Are you hurt?
-Can't you tell?

He hands out tips, you know.

You don?t want him to touch you.

Do you, Ra-im?


I was going to blow on it.

It might heal faster if I do.

Aren't you here because of Chae-rin?

You're not worried?


How did it go? Did you silence her?

- You're curious?
- What do you think?

Then get going.


She took some
really nice pictures, you know.

Alright, alright, I'm going, OK?

I'll count to three.


-See you.


-See you.
-Two-and-three quarters.


That guy treats all girls like...

She's so...

Hey, I told you. When I'm talking...

Did you see the pictures?
What did she say? Does the media know?

Hey. Come here.

Hey, Oska's here.

You can go if you want.

I can't. I'm your assistant today.

Just go.

It's fine, sir.

You're a huge fan.

Didn't you shoot a film with him?

He won't remember me.
I was just a stunt double.

You're all set.


Yeah. He remembers me. Even my name.

I like that he said ''You look great''
instead of ''You look so pretty.''

But he's always surrounded by
really pretty girls.

Was he drunk?


Hey. My socks.


You forgot to wear socks?

It's normal at our age.

No. I swear I put them on...

So what's he like? Is he handsome?

He's got a bad rep
for being really rude.

Who cares?

It's not like I'll meet him again.
It's all a midsummer night's dream.

I'll just savor it for today.

How dare you just drive away.
How did things go?

Don't bug me. I'm really ticked off.

Why are YOU ticked off?
I'm the one who should be.

I offered to drive with the top on
but she just walked away.

Why did I even offer her a ride?
I hate myself now.

You what?
Someone like her is not your type.

You're dragging this on
to irritate me, aren't you?

I did as you asked back there, so spill.

You didn?t stay in the van.
You got back out.

Because she walked away!

I didn?t say you could get out.

You didn't, but I did,
so... It's all my fault.

Happy now?

Is your head there just for show?

If Chae-rin really did stir up trouble,

would I have let you stand there
and spew absolute nonsense like...

''I was going to blow on it''?

So you took care of it.

I knew you would.
You're evil and cunning.

Speaking of which,
I'll draw up a new contract.

I'd rather die than be her fan
just to get you to sign with me.

What? Why do you have to be her fan?

If you object, say so now.
I'll make you the most hated man ever.

Are you threatening me?

Legal lingo really is your strongpoint.

You've got a fan event tomorrow.
Don't forget to dress up.

You've got to be kidding me.

Did you... buy those pictures?

LOEL Department Store

It was a huge success
compared to last year.

It was your idea, sir, as usual.

So will you not badmouth me
if I leave early today?

You may leave.

You can take a long break
until the Christmas season.

So will you take a long break
until Christmas, too?

While waiting for Santa Claus?

I can't afford a break, sir.
I need to work for a living.

I believe you take secret breaks
when I'm not around. Must be exciting.

Not really. I have a weak heart.

I have to plan
our 25th anniversary celebration.

I wish the days were longer.

I wish you'd stop working overtime.

But your passion leaves me
in anticipation of your plans.

You should know by now.

We do this every year.

The scope of what we can do
is narrower than one would think.

I wish I could think of something
more sensational and appealing.

But it'll just be a waste
of money and effort.

How about we just do
what we did last year?

Are you OK?

No, I'm not.

I'll do whatever it takes
to get him fired.

Do you have a plan?

I'll tell my mom.

OK, thank you.


Thank you.

Take those banners down
and burn them ASAP.

Where's Dong-gyu?

Off to meet a director.

Someone to direct your music video.

A woman.

A woman?

Is she pretty?

Great, thanks.

How come..?

Didn't Ms. Park say I'm talented?

I'm embarrassed that you're so shocked.

I want to direct something
other than commercials.

Let me direct the music video.

I'm afraid I can't do that.
I'm not sure about you, but Woo-young...

I know.

You do?

I'm the only one who can control him.

I heard no one wants to take the job.

And Woo-young's
practically uncontrollable.

Didn't you quit filming a video
for his 6th album?

Leave this job to me.

I'm not trying to
get back together with him.

Our romance died long ago.

I came up with a storyline.

Why are you doing this?

I don?t want Woo-young
to remember me as his first love.

We'll soon become family.


A blind date? Of course.

7PM? I'll be there.

The usual place.


Why do I keep thinking of her?

Stop thinking of her.
Stop thinking of her.

Stop thinking of her.

Kim Suhanmu, turtle and crane,
180,000-year-old Dong Bang-sak,

chichikapo, sarisarisenta,
woriwori, sebrikang,

Methuselah, clouds, hurricane, wall.

Kim Suhanmu, turtle and crane,

Whoa, this is driving me insane.

Can you at least change?
There's blood on your sleeve.


I don't know why
I keep thinking about you.

But you're far from my ideal woman.

My ideal woman...


When did I ever fantasize about...

OK, I did, but you're not my ideal type.

She must be intelligent...

She can't be older than 24.


Her father must be one of
the Top 30 wealthiest...

I really am crazy.

Kim Suhanmu, turtle and crane,
180,000-year-old Dong Bang-sak,

chichikapo, sarisarisenta, woriwori...

Good job on the autograph session.

Are you still upset?

Alright, I'll leave.

Hey, you know...


That girl I was with
near Ji-hyun's hospital.

Gil Ra-im? What about her?

Do you have her number?

What if I do?

Do you have it?

I don't. I met her once, long ago.

Then you should've just said that...


Can you give me
Park Chae-rin's number, then?

Why her number?

Will you really... buy those pictures?

Can you drink that a little faster?

All I need is one phone number.

Oh, you must be busy.

I'll key it into your phone for you.

I was so shocked when you called.
My agency's CEO is very scary.

Phone, please.

Not yours. The number of
the girl dressed like you.


She acts tough, like a man.

Her eyes are all sparkly and cool.

Your stunt double.
I keep thinking about her.

What's her number?

That's why you called me?

Why else would I call you?

I couldn't find her on the internet,
and it's rude to have her followed.

You were the next best bet.

Fine. What do I get in return?

I'll tell you the whereabouts of someone
you want to see but can't locate.

Like Oska, who's been
ignoring your calls.

Miss Gil Ra-im?

Yes. Who is this?

You don't remember my voice?
It's a hard voice to forget.

Who is this?

We went to a hotel together.

I'm not always nice,
but I took you to the hospital.

And I tried really hard
to give you a lift home.

Why are you calling?

Let's meet up.

Us? Why?

Can't you just say yes and meet me?

No way.

Hello? Hello?

Why is she always so unpredictable?

Your call has been...


Good job.

I'm here to see Gil Ra-im...

Are you blind?
Don't you see the line here?

I'm not the kind of person
to line up, so get Ra-im for...

Everyone needs to line up, even idiots.

If you want to meet Ra-im, get in line.

Look, Ra-im is...

C'mon guy, get real.

Get in line.

Don't you see we're in line?

It's her.

But that woman...

is not the same woman
who enters my thoughts.

The woman who's sitting there,

compared to the woman in my mind...

is way more amazing.

You don't have a resume?

I'm being considerate.
In case I shock you.

Why come here without a resume?

I'm here to see the woman sitting
next to you. She ditched me earlier.

How's your arm? Is it all better?

-If you won't...
-Are you free later?

I have something to say to you.

-If you won't interview...
-I will, then.

What shall I do?

Is there anything you're good at?

I earn a lot.


That's a huge plus.

But is there anything you're good at
that we can physically see?

I'm loaded. And my hobby
is spending money.


We met when he mistook me
for Park Chae-rin.

And then he ended up
taking me to the hospital.


Please don't misunderstand.

I won't.

He's been acting weird since we met.

I don't know why he came here...

Gil Ra-im.


It's not strange at all. He's a guy.

And you're...

a great catch.

So, Mr. Money Bags.
Where did you study at?

This is just a formality.
Don't get stressed out.

Columbia University
in the city of New York.


I know that place very well.

They produce a lot of coffee.

Oh, coffee, right.

I think you're wrong.

Excuse me.

Remember, you have a blind date today.

Follow me.

What's with you?

What do you mean?

What's up with you?

Do I look like a pushover?
Or do you have a grudge?

Only people with grudges come after you?

Am I funny?

I've seen plenty of jerks like you.

What? I'm a jerk now for no reason?

Shut it.

You're loaded and you can spend?

It's Oska's money. He earns it.

He does. But I had a lotto begin with.

I said shut it.

How dare you laugh at us.
You're just a bum.

I'm a bum? I'd love to actually be one.

I try so hard not to work,
but I keep having great ideas...

Quit your annoying random tangents.

Why did you come here
and embarrass the heck out of me?

Hey. What kind of a woman
talks like that?

The heck what?

Why can't you say, ''I'm so embarrassed
that you came to see me''?

You don't know me well enough yet,
but you shouldn't yell at me.

What a joke.

Just tell me why you're here.

I told you. I came to see you.

Why do you want to see me?

That's the part that confuses me, too.

You'll just call me a lunatic
if I explain.

I want to be reimbursed
for the hospital fees.


The stitches you got. I paid for them.

While your boss or something
carried you out.

You left without saying thank you.

How much?

How much was it?

Is this where you train every day?
Can I see you if I come here?

You think that's what I'm here for?

Tell me how much.

Don't want the money?

No wonder I keep thinking of you.


That day, and today, too.

You were so weird. You still are.

You're prettier when you're angry.

What are you doing?

Let go.

I want to check your wound.
You should've showed me earlier.

It's scarring.

No beauty pageants for you.

That's all for today.

I forgot an important appointment.

We can't let it scar. Get it looked at
again. But call me first.

Her grandfather was chairman of
Daehan Shipbuilding. Her uncle's a dean.

She got her Masters in the States.

Can you explain what's going on here?

Last time we met through my father.
This time through my mom's connections.

I really wanted to meet you again.

Now that you've figured out
my walk, taste in perfume, etc.

Shall we sit?

You didn't need to do this.

Whose connections will you abuse next?

I still believe that an arranged
marriage has the greatest chance...

I know.

So I thought, thought, and thought again.

I still believe in love and fate.

I'm against arranged marriages.


But I already met my love,
the man I was destined to marry.

It's you.

Sorry, but you need to think some more.

I intend to put on a brave face
and fight my unhappy fate.

I'll be leaving now.

Have you never
fallen in love at first sight?

You must have. Then you'll know why I'm...

You look like an airhead,
but still, c'mon.

If a man ever says it's
love at first sight, punch him.

It's his way of saying
he wants one and only one thing.

There are some exceptions.

Like your own cousin.


My modern woman act fails sometimes,
but no one has resisted my Harlequin.

But this guy...

Oh, it's Oska. Look.

Oh my.

Just look at his face.

- He's totally my type.
-SO cool.

Where's your camera?

It's too late to avoid each other now.

Have you lost weight?

If I?d known we'd meet,
I'd have dressed up for you.

Excuse me, coming through.

Don?t stand in an entrance.
You're in everyone's way.

You're still like a careless kid.

I thought you were in the States...

You're here early.
I'm the reporter from...

Good luck with the interview.

Let's sit and talk next time.

If you need some time...

It's fine.

I don?t stop women from
coming to me or leaving me.

Because all women need
to meet me at least once.

So, may I know your name,
you adorable Miss Reporter?

Stand closer.

Sure, blind dates are fine.

Just not with women who believe in fate.

Someone who's good
wife and mother material.


Of course she has to be pretty.

Someone with a cool haircut,
tanned skin, who doesn't... smile...

Someone who yells.

Someone who can't enter
a beauty pageant because of a scar.

Am I crazy?

Mom, I just want to make sure...

Even if I do go insane,
will you still give me the inheritan...



This is all your fault.
What if I?m left with nothing?

You always talk about responsibility.

She even talks back now?

This is just my imagination.

When did she ever smile?

Am I REALLY going crazy?

Kim Suhanmu, turtle and crane,
180,000-year-old Dong Bang-sak,

chichikapo, sarisarisenta,
woriwori, sebrikang.

Kim Suhanmu, turtle and crane,
180,000-year-old Dong Bang-sak...

I want to check your wound.

It's scarring.
No beauty pageants for you.

Gil Ra-im.


You were so weird. You still are.

You're prettier when you're angry.

Focus, will you?

Why are you zoning out during practice?

I'm sorry.

Is it your arm?

No, it's fine.

Then what is it?
You can't film like this.

There's a job for me?

You're not ready.

You're in charge of training the rookies.


You're not allowed on set.

Guys, get ready to head out.



Look on the bright side.
You get to slack off.

I kind of liked that Mr. Money Bags guy.

He's cool, and he has good reflexes.

How do you know he has good reflexes?

I can just tell, from the way he talks.

Did you drag him out to beat him up?

I'm not some gangster.
And he doesn't care about stunts.

That's true. He cares about YOU.

It's not like that.

Oh, you're so defensive...

Will you stop teasing me?

I will if you pass me your phone.

My phone?

I left mine inside. Hand it over.

''Ah-young, Jung-Hwan, laundry,
local diner, Ms. Shim, 010...''

This is so sad.

6159 is that rich guy's number, right?

What are you up to? Don't do it.

Give it back. Don't press that button.

What about the VIP lounge?

It's nothing serious.

An employee let a
non-member in for some coffee.

A woman, right?

Are you dating her?


What... No... I'm not...

Then why waste my time?

Do I need to yell for you to understand?

Fire her.


But she worked so hard
over the past five years.

Instead of making a hasty decision,
you should pick up.


Is this really happening?

Gil Ra-im
It's ringing, huh?

I'm not imagining things, am I?

It seems like you are...



Give it back.

Tell him to come over.

It's me, Gil Ra-im.

Where the heck are you?

You should be here working out.
Do I have to call you all the time?

Come over before I yell.
Or turn your 5th vertebra into the 6th.


Hello? Hello?

What the heck...

Who was it?

It's the person who pops out of nowhere
and drives me crazy...

Which I hope never happens to you.


Who knows where the 5th vertebra is?

Take your drink with you.

For the 25th anniversary celebration,
we planned a lucky draw.

The winner gets to go on a
four-day romantic getaway with Oska.

The destination will be Jeju Island.




Is this your best? Are you sure?

Were you listening?

Then it's your best.

You may proceed.

You're all dismissed.

Mr. Choi, you stay behind.



I'd like our store to be used as
a filming set for movies or TV dramas.


You hated that idea just last week.

Didn't you just hear me say ''um''
to carefully broach the subject?

I did. I'm sure you've thought carefully.


But not the kind where they cry and
spew garbage like ''You're in my heart.''

How about an action flick
where they fly around with swords?

I was thinking of sponsoring one
that requires a lot of stunts.


Mr. Ji Joong-hyun passed away
in 2007 while filming a movie.

He was a mentor and friend
to Mr. Lim and to me.

As you know, our line of work
doesn't bring money or fame.

Our bosses can teach us, but
they can't give us riches or prestige.

Some people call us 'extras.'

Some call us 'stunt people.'

But we are stunt actors.

This pride is all that we have.

This pride might get us badly hurt,
disabled, or even killed.

If you're not sure this is your calling...

you can quit right now.

This may sound like a threat,
but it comes from my heart.

Are you guys scared?


Then chins up.

Keep those words in mind at all times.

Next, I'll see how competitive you are.

Let's move.

Get the ball.


Over here, please.

- Miss.
- Miss.

Are you OK?

Why stick your head in the ball's path?

What technique is that?

- Uh-oh.
- He's dead.





Like this?

Do it properly.

What more should I do?
Glue my arms to my side?

You should've warned...

You must be good
in order to hit my head.

You better win.

Or you go home in a body bag.

What? Win what?

I didn't even play this in the army.

Would you rather be the ball?

Don't you complain if you
get bruised or break something.

I won't go easy on you.

This isn't dodge ball.

That was a bad serve.
It's his fault, not mine.

It was too close to the net.

Why didn't you just head the ball?

Not with my face!

Give me a sign.

Am I the only one playing?

Why don't you guys
go after the ball like I do?

Are you just talk?



His nose is bleeding.

Are you OK?

What do you think?

Sue her.

You deserve to get sued.

See that? It looks like a cannon ball.

She could've killed you if she wanted to.

100 jumping jacks and
100 sit-ups to wrap up.

We'll do more if
I catch you slacking off.

See that?

She wants you all dead.

Sue her.

Make sure Sparkly Tracksuit
stays in line.

Don't end up paying the price
for his stupidity.

There seems to be a misunderstanding.

-This jacket's...
- Let's start.

One, two, three, one.

One, two, three, two.

Stop, stop.


You have met your benefactor.

It's time you tasted
some amazing alcohol.


Why are you here?

I told them to watch you.

You washed your hair. Why?


It's strange.

Why wash your hair when
you didn't really have to?

A woman uses her newly washed hair...

to get a guy's attention and...


Don't kick me again.

Why do you...


-Where are they?

I sent them away.

I thought we needed some time alone.

Are you insane?

Yeah, recently.

Then see a doctor.

Why come here to receive treatment?

Because you're the cause.

You, in those bloody clothes.

Now you're going to
haunt me with your wet hair.

Bloody what?

Don't ask.

I need to check if I need help,
so stand still right there.

Until I say otherwise.

You really are crazy.

That's why I need your help.

OK, fine.

I'll ask you two questions
that you must answer truthfully.


Did you graduate from college?

In Seoul? Someplace else?

Or overseas, maybe?

What's the second question?

Among your family and relatives,
including your extended family,

is there anyone I might recognize?

Does anyone have a company
or a museum named after them?

Or maybe a college building?

Do you have medical insurance?


I'm only getting started.

Get off me.

So you can throw me down again?

Is it so wrong for me
to ask for a few names?

Why are you even asking?

Get off me while
you still can voluntarily.

You think I can't beat you one-on-one?

There's something I wanted to say.

Now's the perfect time so listen up.

This jacket is really expensive.

You're a psycho.

Lime-Orange, that crazy witch...

What's up?

You didn't pick up, so I came over.


Is your next project a melodrama?


What crazy witch?

The one who got all mad
when I let you into the lounge.

She went and talked to my CEO.

I just got fired.

- Fired?

I should've known when my mirror cracked.

Life is so unfair. I'm so upset.

Sure, VIPs are important.

But he didn't even let me explain.

He just fired me over the phone.

Don't you think my CEO's a jerk?

Why didn't you say
it was my fault and not yours?

But it wasn?t your fault. It was hers.

I'll get my revenge.

I'm going to post a comment
that our CEO's actually gay.


I can tell from his looks.
And he hates women.

Who are you?

- No need to know.

Call us a cab while I lock up.
Let's head over there.

Over where?

You're friends with the CEO's secretary.

Tell him to put in
a good word for you to his boss.

Forget it. I already tried
and it didn?t work.

Nope. That would never work.

You're not helping me here.

I didn't get to introduce myself.
I'm the source of your troubles.


I'm the jerk CEO who you say
had you fired today.

As if.

So you're saying you're
the store's CEO... You are...

You do look like him.

And that crazy expensive tracksuit...

Do you know you're partly responsible
for not observing the company's rules?

Of course I do.


OK, now your friend
doesn't know who I am.

And I want to keep it that way.


Don't you watch movies?

That's what a hero does.
Before his big appearance.

Get it?


But in movies, the conspiring friend
usually gets her job back.

Or gets killed.

It'll cost less to rehire you.

You're SO practical.

But I'm also petty.


You called me gay
in front of your friend.

I'm sorry. My brain
was temporarily fried.

Can I revise what I said?

Aristocratic features, cool and refined,

with killer sexy looks. Like that?

I can't believe I fired
an employee like you.

Ha ha, but you did.

I'd like to buy her drinks.
Can you think of a reason to...

Don't you worry. Just leave it to me.

But is there a reason why you're
trying to suck up to Ra-im?

Am I someone who needs to
suck up to anyone?

No, that's not what I meant.

Did you call?

-Where's the cab?
-It's fine.

Scrap it. I just got my job back.

You what? You even threw
your uniform on the floor.

I did? When did I do that?

I just dropped the box, silly.

Oh, right. Remember how I said
my CEO's gay and hates women?

Well, he's definitely not gay.

He likes A LOT of women.

I... I doubt he likes
that many women...

Oh, OK, not that many.
Not that many.

What are you talking about?
You're babbling.

Rookie, still here?

Watch your manners, girl.
Why are you shouting?

You're even louder.

Where does Mr. Secretary live?
How much will the cab fare be?

I got my job back.

Why don?t we go have some drinks?

I'm free for drinks, too.


You don't know yet,
but it's not just any kind of alcohol.

It's magic, magic.

Magic, I tell you.

So yummy.

Why aren't you eating?

It's delicious.


A pig is a pig because
it has a lot of meat.

Why are you eating the skin
instead of the meat?

Never tried pork rinds before?

It's delicious.

Then have some intestines.

You mean... internal organs?

You weirdos.

Don't you dare make me
call you tomorrow. Come on time.

Sorry. I'll apologize for her.

This is... where you live?

Yes. For the past four years.

Four years?


I don't usually ask,
but is it a monthly or annual lease?


It's monthly. We split the $300 rent.

Thank you so much
forgiving me my job back.

OK. Good night.

Drive safely, sir.

You're crazy, Joo-won. Crazy.

Get up. We need to talk.

Jeez. What is it this time?

Have you...

What's wrong?

Ever dated a woman who rents a house?

What? You woke me up to ask me that?

Yes or no?

You crazy fool.

Of course I have.

You have?

That model, Park-something.

The girl I dated in May rented a place
and so did that anchorwoman.

The girls in Kangnam mostly rent.
Three, four grand a month.

Not like that.
I mean where the rent is around $300.

$300 a day, you mean?

Some hotel suites cost that much.

I'm not talking about hotels.

Then what? Describe the place for me.

Think National Geographic,
with flies everywhere.

It's the kind of house they show
when featuring dirt poor people.

Oh, she's a foreigner?

Jeez, honestly.

Let's drop it.

Wait. Are you...

seeing Chae-rin?

She rents a place, too?

Are you serious?

Are you that excited?


Chae-rin's nicer than I thought.
She wants to apologize in person.

Don't beat her up
for not sounding sincere.

Sir. I'm a lovely person inside and out.

LOEL Department Store

I told the director I needed you.
Aren't you grateful?

I am.

I'm pretty cool, huh?
It goes with my beauty.

I guess.

I have something to ask you.
Answer truthfully.

How do you know Kim Joo-won?

Who is Kim Joo-won?

You haven't met?

Is he someone I know?

Maybe not.

Good luck today.

You're jumping off that.
No need to check the script.

You know our director hates wires, right?

Have fun.




Not good.

What are you doing?

You need to freeze.

Pause in mid-air.

I need to you radiate an aura
of anger and ferocity.

Try again.

I'm sorry.

No, no!



Not good!

I'm sorry.

Ready. Action.

Not again.

Are you going to keep us here all day?!

Your arms need to be at an angle!

Hold the pose!

I'm sorry.

We only have 30 minutes.
Why are you wasting our time?!

Do you know how hard it is to film here?

We're practically
the first team in history!

Sorry. I'll do it again.


He says we can film as long as we need.


Are they on drugs?

A direct order from the CEO.

He'll be coming down to say hello.

That's him.

It's an honor to have you here, sir.

I was watching from upstairs,
but I couldn?t take it anymore.

Filming is like that.
We all get carried away.

I don't know how to thank you
for allowing us to film here.

Then I'll tell you how.

Quit yelling at Ra-im.

I saw you push her aside.

You shouldn't do that.

She's like Kim Tae-hee
and Jeon Do-yeon to me.

I'm a huge fan of Ra-im's.