Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 16 - Episode #1.16 - full transcript

Ra Im realizes their latest transformation has left Joo Won in a life-threatening situation at the department store. Though her urgent calls save his life, he rests the blame for his circumstance entirely upon her, but he's also put out that she abandoned her audition to save him and goes at great length to regain her chances. Bong-Ho, called to the carpet over this situation, offers his letter of resignation. Oska, freed of plagiarism charges, continues efforts to win back Yeun-Sul, and tries getting Han Tae-Sun to sign with him. The significance of January 8th brings Boon-Hong to discover a horrifying connection between herself, Ra Im and Joo Won. It also leads Joo Won to uncover a lie perpetuated by his family and personal psychiatrist Ji-Hyun.

Let me out.

Let me out.

Get me out of here!

Dear God.

When my time is up, let me
save one more life before I go.

Even if we?re surrounded by
smoke and flames.

Dear God.

I am afraid and
I pray for rain, as always.



Kim Joo-won.


I said... I can't...

take the... elevator...


Kim Joo-won.

Kim Joo-won!

Answer me.

Answer me!

When there's no guarantee we'll survive,

please let me be ready.

If, by your will, I lose my life,

please look after
my dear wife and family.

Kim Joo-won!

Answer me.

Answer me!

Ah-young, the elevator.
Inside the elevator...

Is this Ra-im?

-Your number's...

Joo-won's trapped in the elevator.

He can't be.

He never takes the elevator.

But he did. And he's
trapped inside right now!

Call his assistant right away. Now.

A guy's trapped inside
LOEL Department Store's elevator.

He has claustrophobia.

Please save him.

Please, please save him.

Episode 16

LOEL Department Store.

Please hurry.

Poor Joo-won. This is all my fault.

Mister, please hurry.

We have to hurry.

Sir. Sir, are you in there?

Sir, say something. Sir.

What's wrong with you? Look at me.

Sir, I'm here.

Come on, get him out of there.

Sir, stand up, sir.

What's wrong with him? Help him.

Get him out of there.

Sir. Sir.

Go on, get in there, now.

Sir, we're here to get you out.

Follow that ambulance.



Director Jackson called her name,
asking why she wasn?t there.

I can't get a hold of Ra-im, either.

Has she gone crazy?

How could she miss
such an important audition?

Ra-im is actually not Ra-im.


- Hey.

What did you find out? How is he doing?

I couldn't get past the security, so...

I really... didn't want to hurt him.

I was just...

just really curious.

We should get out of here. Let's go.

This way.





Mr. Kim.


What happened? How is he?

I don't know.

What was he doing in the elevator?

Oh no...

How is he? Is he awake yet?

Write up a press release.

He says he had the flu
due to stress and lack of sleep.

If he?s worried about the press,
it means he's on the mend.


It's been a while.

Do you know me?

So it's a secret that I know you?

Got it.

Go on in.

Do Not Disturb

Are you OK?

Will you be OK?

What were you doing in an elevator?

Don't you listen to what I say?

I told you I can't ride elevators.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I wanted to show him
you could ride one just fine.

I didn?t think it would break down.

I'm really sorry.

Come closer.

I thought I'd never get to see you again.

I thought the same thing.

I thought you'd die.

I'm sorry.

Don't cry.

The audition. How did it go?

Why won't you answer?

Did you... not go?

I wasn't in the right mind.


You skipped the audition to come here?

Are you crazy?

You said it was
your lifelong dream come true.

What are you doing? You have to rest.

Shut it and turn around.
I need to change.

Is the worst over now?

Did you deal with the plagiarizer?

How do you feel?


All I can say is that I'm
very relieved that it's all over.

Can you pose for us?

But my right profile is prettier.

How about you take a picture
and send the file to that reporter?

Sure, I'll do that.

You got a lot of help from other singers.


I realized only recently that
no help in this world is free.

I'm grateful to those who helped.
It couldn't have been easy.

I believe Cherry helped, too.

Weren't you involved back then?

Korea's practically surrounded by water.

It's almost impossible
to avoid scandals with me.

I'm extra sorry and grateful to Cherry.

That will be all for today. Thanks.

Where were you?

When did you get here?

Just now.

Want some?

I just left the police station.


Weren't you worried? You leaked
the song that started all this.

I told you to sue for compensation.

Get to the point. I'm busy.

You really weren?t worried?

It's all over now. Thanks to Cherry.

I wanted to celebrate with you.

Why should I celebrate?

Celebrate with Cherry.

I have to go.

Where to?

LOEL Department Store.

What for?

Do you still have feelings for Joo-won?

Isn't it only natural?
He's such a cool guy.

He is NOT cool.
You know nothing about him.

So I need to find out about him.

Let me tag along.
I was about to leave anyway.

Where to?

I owe Cherry a handbag.
Can you help pick one out?

You want me to pick out
someone else's handbag?

I'm not asking you to buy it, OK?

You're a pro at picking out handbags.

What do you need my help for?

Don't follow me.

Why are you smiling?

To stop you from yelling.


Why do I like it that
you glare at me now?

It's like we went back in time
to the good old days.

Who said we could?

Who said we could go back in time?

To the time when
I hurt more than anything.

How can you forgive yourself so easily?

Don't be so sad.

I'll get you another shot at it.



I told you.

I'm much more capable
than you take me for.

You'll go to your grandfather?

That my final option.

Don't cry.

I don't want to see you cry again.

It's too hard on me.

I'd love it if such a miracle
would really happen.

Please trust me.
I'll make it happen for you.

I said don't cry.

Where are you going?

What happened? Why didn't you audition?

Did the jerk back out at the last minute?

Something happened to the jerk.

Like what? Where is he now?

Right here.


We switched back.
The rain is the key to the switch.

Are you saying you're Kim Joo-won?

Are you happy to see me?

Yes, very happy.

Sue me for compensation.


That hurt.

It's nothing compared to
what you've done.


Say that was payback
for me telling you not to confess.

Be thankful you're a neglected neighbor.

Or you?d have met my lawyer.

Shut your mouth before I punch you again.

Wait, we need to talk.

We don't.

It's about Ra-im.
Don't you want her to audition?

How can she when she missed her chance?

That's up to me to rectify.

How do I meet that director?

You can't. He left for Japan already.

He's in Japan?

I have a favor to ask.

Who are you?


You sound like the obnoxious Joo-won.

Do I have to explain
to everyone all the time?

It's me. It rained earlier.

Am I the weatherman?

This is too confusing.
We need a password.

I don't have time, OK?

You're a Hallyu star.
You have connections in Japan, right?

Many connections. Why?

Ra-im missed out on an audition
because of me today.

And the director flew to Japan.

Find out which hotel he's at
and his cell number or something.

Just two numbers.

What's in it for me?

What do you want?



Then get out of my house.

How can I? I have nowhere to go.

Move into some hotel.

So people will hear I got kicked out?

They're already placing bets
as to when I'll get disowned.

You're the one who
kissed Ra-im in public.

I had no choice. I'd been
waiting for that moment for so long.

So I need your help.

You really ARE crazy about her.

Can I speak to the CEO of Yamato TV?

I'm Oska, a Korean singer.

Yes, yes, thank you.

I love you, too.

Hello, sir. This is Oska.

I heard Mr. Liam Jackson
is staying in Japan.

How are you, Mr. Mayor? Oska speaking.

The CEO of Yamato TV told me to...

You received the call?

Yes, I'm ready.



Thank you.

I promise to call you
the next time I'm in Japan.


The number on top is his personal cell.

The other is the direct
number to his suite.

I'll say thanks later.

You'd have said it if you meant it.

The number you have called
is currently unavailable.

Please leave a message after the tone.

The person you are calling
cannot come to the phone at the...

This is Joo-won Kim from Korea.

I'm calling to confirm whether
Mr. Jackson has received the message...

that I would like to speak with him.

I'm using my precious time to leave you
a message for the 13th time already.

The person you are calling
cannot come to the phone at the moment.

This is crazy.

Is he the only one who's busy?
He thinks he's all that?

Is this really his num...


May I speak to Mr. Liam Jackson?

I'm Liam Jackson.

You've called me more than 50 times.

Who are you?

I will save my introduction
for when we meet in person.

The reason why I called you
more than 50 times is because...

I want to tell you that
you've missed the chance to see...

one of the greatest actors around.

I want you to see her in action.

I don?t see why I should do that.

The audition in Korea
has already finished.

It's because she missed the audition.

And perhaps lost
the chance of a lifetime...

in order to help a man
in a dangerous situation.

But she won't hold it against anyone.

She's just that kind of a person.

Well, I'm sorry about that.

But I can't go to Korea again
just for one person.

I'm going to Hong Kong as soon as
I finish the auditioning in Japan.

Why don't you fly to Korea
en route to Hong Kong?

Are you kidding?

I don't have time.
And besides, there are no flights.

If that?s the only problem,
it can be solved easily.

I'll send a private charter
to Haneda right now.

Do you seriously mean that?

See you in Korea.

Send a private jet to Haneda now.


A private jet?

It was an honor to meet you, sir.

I hope for a great success
with your business here in Korea.

Thank you.

I'm Joo-won Kim. Thank you for coming.

I don?t want to see your number
coming up on my cell phone anymore.

This is all for your movie.

Well, let's see what kind of results
come from your crazy actions.

Where is she?

It takes about 30 minutes by car.

As you already know,
I have to be in Hong Kong.

It's a one-hour round trip
excluding transfers.

I have ten minutes to see her.

Five minutes is enough.

You know this scene is all you, right?

Do your best.

I will. Thanks for hiring me.

Let's do this.



I've seen enough.

It's been exactly five minutes.

I hope this hasn't been
a waste of your time.

You should have thought of that
before you brought me over here.

Good luck.

Return your costume.

I'll change right away.

Do you know Woo-young, I mean, Oska?


You don't?

What if I do?

Let's go. His cousin wants to see you.


Are you sure he wants to see
the stuntwoman and not the heroine?

Don't you think he's crazy?

He does have unique taste.

Raise a hand if you want one.

- Huh?
-Come over.


Don't yell for treating the crew.

Those are no ordinary lunchboxes.
They're part of our memories.

I know that.

Thank you.

Glad you're thankful.

Wait here.

I'm off to have a chat
with that guy over there.

With the director? What about?

I'll tell him in advance that
you're my Kim Tae-hee and Jeon Do-yeon.

You're crazy, crazy.

Why are you here?

Because you're here.
I'm here because I missed you.

I can go, now that I've seen you.

I have something to take care of at work.


- Kim Sung-oh.


It's time to grill the fools
who stopped the elevator.

I'll ask you straight out.

The elevator stopping.
Was it an accident?

Uh... Yes.


Then you won't object
if I check the CCTV tapes?

I will ask again.

The elevator stopping.
Was it an accident?

Get back to work.

Yes, sir.

I will resign.

I will take full responsibility.

Are you implying that...

it was not an accident
and that you were behind it?



I wanted to confirm whether
you could ride elevators or not.

So you knew about my condition?


What were you going to do
once you confirmed my illness?

Isn?t that obvious?

Then why are you telling me the truth?

I'd rather be unemployed
than become a murderer.

You are well and...

I am glad.

Mr. Park.


You made the right decision.

I won't hold you responsible.

I accept your resignation.

Thanks for your hard work. Goodbye.

This could've been a serious injury.

We'll do the stunts from now on.
You just come up with the moves.

I'm sick of your nagging.

I'm back.

Did you get hurt?

The wound was this big.
There was blood everywhere.

How did the shoot go?

Did you see a doctor?

Do you feel better?

You didn't, did you?

Why is she so stubborn?

Answer the poor guy.
He asked how the shoot went.

What do you think?
I made history on set yet again.

Do you feel better now?

Much better. I'm telling myself
it wasn?t meant to be.

I'm over it now.

She says she's over it.
Any more questions?

You're still here?

-You're still here?
-I'm talking about you.

Yes, Ra-im.

How about some
fried chicken for just the guys?

Are you trying to mess with me?

Am I not allowed to?

I'm the director now.

Don't hold any regrets, Ra-im.

You weren?t supposed to do it.

You'll be OK now, dear girl.

Now I can rest in peace.

Sorry for forgiving myself so soon.

Do you really not like
roasted chestnuts?

I have to go now.
You're the prettiest here! I come next.

What is it?

You called me, so speak up.
Why are you just staring?

I want to know what goes on in your head.

I heard you won?t sign with Seul.


So sign with me. I'll help you
earn loads, like me.


Why not?

I don?t want to.

Why don't you want to?

How can you say no just like that?

I've been asking and begging.
Isn't it time for you to just give in?

Why are you asking and begging?

Do you like me?

Would I do this if I didn't?

I said I like guys.

I don't care, like them. I'll like girls.

Why did you help me in the first place?

We became partners of sorts
ever since you helped me out.

We're actually quite close.

At this point,
we might as well call it fate.

You're obviously mistaken.

You still don't know how to persuade me.

Stop messing around and sign with me.

What else can you do in Korea?

Will you go out to sea?
To catch shrimp that look like you?

I'll leave Korea.

You say that all the time.
What about army duty?

Think about my offer.
I'll hold this hostage.

Don't push your luck. Come with
an answer that?ll make me happy.



You have a visitor.

I came to get my stuff.

We changed back.

What's this?

If you're back to yourself,
shouldn't you want to stay here?

Should I serve tea?


Sit down. Time for a private fan meeting.

This is for year 2011.

Man, I really am shockingly photogenic.

I know.

Can't you sign it for me?

Aren?t we too close for that?

But I have to.

Then you can brag that
we're close friends, right?

Is Joo-won still staying here?
And not at his own place?

My aunt never takes back what she said.

If she hits him hard,
he hits back harder. A vicious cycle.

She's constantly calling me,
telling me to kick him out.


Thank you.

I've been curious about something.
Why do you let him win all the time?


How did you notice?
Everyone thinks I'm the victim.

Because you look happy you lost.


See, this is why
you're a really awesome girl.

Take good care of Joo-won.

The reason why I always lose on purpose...

Joo-won experienced
something terrible when he was 21.

He had a really hard time.

He was clinically depressed.

I just couldn't bear watching him.

He wouldn't even talk.

So I started to bother him.
I started fights and teased him.

Then he would at least get irritated.

What happened to him?

Hear it from Joo-won.

If and when he remembers.


He can't remember what happened.

I think it's some sort of
defense mechanism.

You should've told me
you'd be here. I went to your place.

What? Did Woo-young badmouth me?

Oska's not that mean.
I came to get my stuff.

He's an 'brother' now?

Have you heard from someone yet?

About what?

Did anyone call to say
'congratulations' or something?

What are you talking about?

Nothing, really. I'll take that.

You're going home, right?
Let's stop by a cafe on the way.

I just had some tea with Oska.


I am asking you out on a date, you know.

I know.

And I just rejected you.

What? Why?

So you'll be bothered all day.

Wow. Where'd you learn to be like this?

Why come inside?

I didn't drive you home
to say goodbye at the door.

You haven't hugged me
since I got kicked out.

And now you don't even
want me in your place?

You're staying with my brother.

Sit down.


Listen to me very carefully.

Stop calling Woo-young 'brother'.

As of today, I am your big brother.


If you call anyone else brother,
I will consider it cheating.

I absolutely hate it when a girl
expects the guy to just trust her.

Got it?

Don't glare at me.

First you steal my heart, then
you drug me to hijack my body.

And then you crash my party
and kiss me on the lips.

How dare you glare when I'm the victim?

You are such a storyteller.

Be thankful I'm good at it.

Because that's the only way
to explain my infatuation.

Go before I call the cops on you.

You got another one?


Was this you? You did this, didn't you?

No. You did all that yourself.
Stroke by stroke.

Do you want to lose a rib or two?

-Give it back.
- No.

What's Jan. 8th? Why circle it?

You don't need to know. Give that back.

Here you go.

Don't. Ah-young will be home soon.

I know what time my employees get off.

You really...

You know, you have very pretty eyes.

What part will be pretty tomorrow?

Should I guess?

I know the answer.

That was for all the hugs I owe you.

This won't do.

I'll have Ah-young work overtime.


He's at that girl's house right now?

Did he move in with her?

I don?t think so.

I think he just missed her and...



Where does he spend the night?

He's been staying with Woo-young.

Ra-im came by today for her luggage.

She left with her luggage
and he followed her to her house?

He's blinded.

He's lost his mind.
Why else would he be like this?

I believe he's in love...


Did Joo-won bribe you?

I'm sorry.

What about tomorrow, ma'am?

It's the day you always...


I should go.


Hey, Boon-hong.

Don't you ever call in advance?

Look at this.

She's the one who came to dinner, right?

The one who met Joo-won on a blind date.

What is going on here?

That's what I'm saying.
What is she up to?

She dates Joo-won
and has a scandal with Woo-young.

Who is she trying to marry?

What's wrong with you?
Treat her with some respect.

She said she was Woo-young's fan.

I bet he tried to flirt with her.

What does that mean?

Are you saying Woo-young
would steal his cousin's girl?

I hope not, though.


Come back here.


The tagline for the ad is,
''We held hands today.''

The girl puts her hand on the imprint.

And it turns into a real hand
that touches hers and shakes it.

Did you hire an agency?

Yes, I already did.

Make sure it's a reputable company...

that won?t mess up the graphics.

Go and check the other sites.


Why are you here?

To show you something.

Have you seen this?

For once it's true and it's hot.

I really love it.

What is this?

Can't you tell? It's about our scandal.

Did you call the papers?
To say it's not true?

Keep your phone on
and answer all the calls.

Deny it so rumors don?t spread.


I remembered something.

Like what?

During our last scandal...
I told you to do that?

To answer all your calls
and deny the rumors?

So that they don?t spread?

When I thought of us,
I only remembered our happy times.

That was me being blissfully ignorant.

You were hurting so much.

And I only just found out?

Don't you see I'm busy?

Go away.

What have I done to you?


Miss Yoon Seul?

I work for Star Daily.
I'm calling about your scandal.

That scandal...


not true.

I have nothing more to say.

I denied it, just like you told me to.

The rest is up to...

It's Dec. 5th on the lunar calendar.

My dad was a firefighter.

He saved many lives
until the year I turned 17.

And he died.

When she was 17.
That's 13 years ago.

January 1997

Lunar Dec. 5th


Sorry, but I'm not in the mood to talk.

It's important.

Then make it short.

Ra-im's father died 13 years ago,
on Dec. 5th, lunar calendar.


I looked up the date and it's
the exact same day as my accident.

Are you sure? You have
no memory of that accident.

I don't, but there are records.
I had the hospital fax them over.

I hoped they'd help me remember.

It IS the day I was
admitted to the hospital.

Isn?t that really strange?

Coincidences like that are commonplace.

They could be.

I was trapped in an elevator
a few days ago.

And I remembered something.

You were trapped in an elevator?


The accident that I can't remember.

The accident that you, my mom,
everyone told me was a car accident.

Was it an elevator accident?

Why did you all tell me
it was a minor car accident?

Why say I was driving alone one day
and got myself into that accident?

What do you mean
it wasn?t a car accident?

Don't pretend you don't know.

-What are you saying?
-I said don't pretend.

You know an elevator was involved.

You always knew.

My mom knows, Woo-young knows,
and you know. Right?

Why did you lie?

We wanted to protect you.

The accident left you shaken.

We had no reason to tell you
what your memory was suppressing.

So we said it was a minor car accident.

What exactly happened in that elevator?


No one actually knows.

We heard what had happened
after you?d been admitted.

So it's up to me to remember everything?

Why do you want to remember?

Everyone forgets details
about their life.

You forgot something that day.

You can put it like that. But...

it feels like... I lost
something very important that day.

Something important?

I don't know what.

It's just how I feel.

A terminal illness?


He thinks he's special,
but it's no disease.

Think about it, OK?
There's something he's not telling you.

Why else would someone healthy
just faint in an elevator?

Flu and fatigue. You read the article.

That's what's so strange.

How can he be fatigued
when he doesn't even work?

They say he has three months to live.

Now that I think about it,
he was polite to us for a reason.

- He was saying goodbye.
- Hah, whatever.

What about this one? It looks warm.

Are you getting it for him?

So he IS dying.


We're here to get
your boyfriend something.

In exchange for those boots.

Oh, right. I totally forgot.

It's pretty.

He needs a necktie, too.

I can't help with that.
I have to get going.

Where to?

I told you this morning.

You did?

Oh, right.

Sorry, sorry. Want my company?

No, it's fine.
Have a nice time with Mr. Kim.

See you.

Why doesn't he appear
in my dreams anymore?

Gil Ik-sun

Why do we meet here of all places?

How unfortunate.

How are you?

Are you trying to irritate me?

How do you think I feel
with you in front of me?

I'm sorry.

Can I ask why you put flowers there?

Are you trying to become my best friend?

Do what you came here to do.

Don't ask me questions.

I was wondering if
you came to see my dad.


This man, Mr. Gil Ik-sun. He's my dad.



Do you know my father?

My dad was an incredible person
who sacrificed his life to save others.

No one has the right to insult him.

Oh no.

How could this be?

Oh no.

I want an accessory,
something to clip to a bag.

I want it to look like this.

It's a cat.

What kind of jewels would you like?

No need to feel nervous.

One, two, three.

Trust your friends and use the traction.

One, two, three.

I didn't use the traction.
It was all my love.


At ease, attention.

Sang-min. You were 12
when I took the SATs.

I don't care. Because
you are here right now.

-Watch it.
-Who's there?

How dare you.

What was that, ''You're here right now''?

Be nice. He's just a kid.

''A kid''?

Have you ever seen such a huge kid?

I should...


Don't you see we're training?

You did great. You were very brave.

What is it?

I don't go around telling people this,

but I'm particularly
brave myself, you know.

What is it?


You're dead meat.

Quit laughing, all of you.

Are you all ganging up on me?

''Kid''? Is he your kid?

I don?t think they broke up.

I should've beat him more
when I had the chance.

-You hit him?
- Enough!

Are you a good cook?

I've had lots of practice.

It's so cold.

You're so annoying.

I'm freezing cold.


I'm hot, OK?

Are you?

Yes. You make me feel hot.

Really? I do?

What are you thinking that heats you up?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I wonder what you dream of at night.

Then... how about we...

-I'll cook for you.
- Not that.

Then no dinner.

Tomorrow, then.

You got a text. You got a text.

Where are you? Mr. Kim's mother is here.

What? What is it?

Sorry, but I need to go.
I have to shoot an extra scene.


Come back.

I should be your #1 priority.


I'll give you a ride.
My car's over there!

I thought you'd find out in due time.

So I decided to beat you to it,
so you can't use it against me.

I don't understand...

Something happened to Joo-won
13 years ago.

He thinks that accident...
was a minor car accident.

I think the shock...

erased his memory.

The day he cheated death...

a firefighter died in his place.

The reason I met you earlier today.

It was about him.

No way...

That's right. That man...

was your father.

I will compensate you.

I will pay you a huge sum.

Name the amount and it's yours.

So please don't...

use this to cling to Joo-won.


let go of him.

I am...

begging of you.