Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 17 - Episode #1.17 - full transcript

On the lunar anniversary of Gil Ik Seon's death, Ra Im learns from Boon Hong the shocking connection between her late father and Joo Won. Begging Ra Im not to use this connection to hold onto Joo Won any further (but not getting anywhere with her pleas), Boon Hong veers toward a tough love approach by calling a board of directors meeting in which to have Joo Won removed as president (a sacrifice he's willing to accept but which Ra Im won't allow). Director Ryan Jackson phones the Action School to congratulate Ra Im on getting the part of Jin in "Dark Blood,' but the happiness it brings turns sour on the set when an accident puts Ra Im in a coma. After days of not waking and doctors fearing she may be brain dead, Joo Won makes a resolute decision. With no one noticing his classic signs of ultimate farewell, he scans the area for approaching rainstorms.

What you just said... Is it true?

Did my dad really...

The firefighter who saved Joo-won...

is my dad?

You said so yourself.
That he saved other people.

Joo-won happened to be one of them.
Don't add any meaning to it.

I will compensate you.

I will pay you a huge sum.
Name the amount and it's yours.

So please don't use this
to cling to Joo-won.

Please... let go of him.

I am...

begging of you.

Whatever you want, I'll give to you.

I'll give you more than you ask, but...

Let Joo-won go.

He is not for you.


I beg of you.

Answer me.

I said I beg of you.

I said I'd compensate you.

I said I'll make up for what you lost.

I'd want to break up with the guy
if I found out about his past.

How come all you do is cry?

Do you really want me to ruin you
so you can never recover from it?

Break it off with Joo-won.
Or your father will have died in vain.

When you're done, come for the money.







Isn't your nickname ''The Monster''?

Episode 17
That's why Mr. Lim loves me.

Oh, hello, Joo-won.

Why are you here this late at night?

I came to get Ra-im, because it's late.

Where is she? Still shooting a scene?

She's working today?

Her schedule for the day was blank.

She told me she had to shoot a scene.

She does?

There's no way we wouldn't know about it.

Stop crying, will you?


It's Mr. Kim.

I'll go clean up.

Don?t say anything. Not a word.

The silly girl...


Is Ra-im home?

She's in the bathroom. Come in.

What are you doing here?

How did the shoot go?

You bet I killed it.

What are you here for?

Shouldn't you ask if
I want something to drink?

Oh, silly me. Would you like some tea?

Do you have coffee?


No coffee, then. Got any fruit?

No, actually.

I'll have fruit.

Go on.

-Get something.
- Do I have to?

I'll get some fruit.

You guys can talk.

Stay, Ah-young. I have
something to ask about Kim.

What about Sung-oh?

What fruit?

Tropical fruit.

It's actually about Ra-im.


We were on a date when Ra-im
suddenly said she had filming to do.

But she didn't.

I just went to the stunt academy.

Where do you think she was at and why?

I don't know.

I came home to find her here.

I don?t think so.

It'll be because today is
her father's death anniversary.

She's always sad this time of the year.

Did she tell you to say that?

Where's the fruit shop?

Why cry?

You lied to sneak off. Now look at you.

I know you had no work to do,
so what are you crying about?

Was my mom here? Is that it?

Tell me. Was she here?

Was she?

It's not about that.

It's about...

Prices have gone up so much.

I can't afford anything.

Did you have to ask for tropical fruit?

I'm poor. Why did you
ask for expensive fruit?

Stop crying!

Your ugly face looks
even worse when you cry.

Your face is frozen stiff.

This is expensive. OK?

Don't you ever forget
how expensive this scarf is.

I'll bring some fruit next time,
so go home.

Go and get some rest.

Where are you going? Tell me.

I'm off to find someone
who will tell me what happened.

Don't go. It's not like that.

It's not like that. Please don't go.

Were you there?

Answer me.

Don't make me punch my mom's assistant.

Was my mom there?

Sorry, but I don't know anything.

Didn't you hear me say
''Don't make me punch my mom's assistant''?

Sorry, but I don't know anything.

Your call has been forwarded to voice...

Where is my mom now?

She went to Hong Kong
to clear her head.

How come you didn't go with her?


-Well, I...
-It's fine.

She doesn't want to see me.
Tell her that suits me fine.

Also tell her that I will
do as I wish from now on.

If she's listening,
then that's even better.

Look how smart he is. He takes after me.

Have someone tail the girl 24-7.

If he wants me to watch, then I will.


Tae-sun's leaving today.


So he's leaving?

No woman I ever dated
played this hard to get.



Nothing... I mean...

Why did you tell me about Tae-sun?

You wanted to sign him
so bad, you followed him to Jeju.

I wonder how great he is.

Will you glare at me
if I say he's great?

Han Tae-sun is amazing.

Stop it.

Where are you going?

Tae-sun is the most impressive
person in the world.


I rushed over the minute you called me.

Thanks for telling me about Tae-sun.

But I also want to talk about us.

Can you really not forgive me?

I bet I can do much better
if you give me another chance.

I know I made a big mistake.

So why don't you
lock me up in your heart?

Then cling to me.


Cling to me.

Cling and beg whenever we meet.
Then I may reconsider.

Really? For real?

Then I really will.

I'll be devilishly charming.
And do this all the time.

Going somewhere?

I told you to think about my offer,
not about escaping.

And why are you going to China by boat?

I can?t take a taxi.

Can't you just be normal?
I thought you'd be flying.

If I were normal,
my music would sound like yours.

Give me my MP3.

I didn't come here to give you that.

Didn't I tell you to come for it?

All the songs you wrote are in there.

What if I pretend I wrote them all?

You won't.

How do you know?

You don't have the guts to.

Really, you are...

My point is, I'll draw up a new contract.

I already said no.

Stop saying no already.

Why, are you shy?

Yes, I know.

I bet you laughed when
I said I wanted to train you.

So change of plan.

Can you train me instead?


I'll revise our contract.

I'll have it say that you are my mentor.

Help me out here.
I know you really want to.

Why do you hide how you feel?

I really like your songs.
Give them to me.

The songs in here, aren?t they for me?

The folder name is 'Oska.'
Give me the songs.

Get lost. I have to board.

Come on.

Don't you want to train me?

Then let's do this.

I will let me be trained by you.
How does that sound?

You're so insincere. I hate you.

How come you hate so many things?
How will you ever succeed?

Come here. I need to tie you up.

What's got into you? Put me down.

I gave you a chance to come voluntarily.
I don't want to do this, OK?

I will compensate you.
I will pay you a huge sum.

So please don't use this
to cling to Joo-won.

Break it off with Joo-won.

When you're done, come for the money.

Lim's Academy of Stunts.

This is Liam Jackson.

May I speak to Gil Ra-im, please?

Liam Jackson?

It's nice to finally get to speak to you.
I've heard a lot about you.

I'm Ra-im's boss, Jong-soo Lim.

If you leave a message with me,
I'll make sure she gets it.

Please convey my congratulations to her.

She has the part of Jean in Dark Blood.

I don't understand. You're saying that
Ra-im's been cast for the part?

I know she wasn't able to
make it to the audition.

She almost missed it.
But she had her own special audition.

I was captivated by her
in just five minutes.

So you're saying...

What do you mean?

You got the Dark Blood role.

I did?

But how? I didn't audition that day.

You owe it to Joo-won.


He chartered a private plane
to fly the director back to Korea.

And took him to see you at work.

Please trust me.
I'll make it happen for you.

A private plane?

Wow, he really went out of his way.

Does Joo-won like guys, too?

Man, I'd love to date him, you know.


Sir, will you please excuse me?

We aim to make this a travel destination
for Hallyu fans from all over the world,

like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

People make a wish on a star.

Our event will have people
make wishes on star-shaped imprints.

The PR video will be ready next week.

I like the idea.

So if I put my hand here
and wish that you will fall over...



People will be lining up
within less than a month.

You have a call. I think
it's a very important one.

My mom?

It's me.



I think that'll do for now.

Where are you?
I tried calling you earlier.

I'm filming something in Cheonan.

I'm filming day and night,
so don't yell if I don't pick up.

Are you lying again?
Let me talk to someone there.

I'm not lying.

I can?t take long breaks,
so I can?t talk for long.

I'll get to the point.

A real miracle happened to me today.

I got the Dark Blood role.

You did? Are you sure?

You're so cool.
I can't believe you're mine.

I heard about it.

You hired a private jet.


Do you think that's why you got the role?

Are you dumb?
The director saw you for five minutes.

You're the one who made this come true.

Going somewhere?

How do you know?

I just noticed your voice change.

Why did yours change? Are you crying?

Because I'm so happy.

Sorry, but I have to get back to work.

OK. Be safe and see you soon.



Is something wrong?

Why are we here?

I wanted to take a look.

You come by often, don't you?

I do.

To look at paintings and to buy them.

I see.

Are you not going to
tell me what happened?

What do you think when
you look at these paintings?

Should I be thinking something
other than, ''I read about Picasso once''?

What happened?

I can help you.

You said you and Joo-won...

live with many facets
of your lives on display.

But I'm a stunt double who has to
hide in someone else's shadow.

That is just how different
I am from Joo-won.

Even when he's besides me,
it doesn?t seem like it.

I knew it wouldn?t be easy.

It's always the obvious issues.

I expected more from you.

Are you giving up on him over
something that's not about you two?

Do you give up that easily?

Run to him if you're far apart.

Hold him tight if you feel
he's drifting away.

Even if that will cause trouble for him?

That's the problem with that family.

They think love...

is something they can control.

What? A private jet?

He chartered a plane
because she missed an audition?

She really is something.

She has Joo-won running in circles.

I have been aiming at the wrong target.

She's not the one
I should be destroying.




Major Shareholders

How are you, these days?

Thank you. I also
wish you a happy new year.

Are you free for dinner tonight?

There's something I need your help with.

Thank you for joining our store.

Thank you. We're also very excited.

You won't be disappointed.

I'd like a jacket for myself, please.

You don't have to, sir.
I'm just honored you came by.

This is my grandfather's way
of doing things.

''Anyone can get a bouquet of flowers.''

''Forget the flowers.
Be their first paying customer.''

How about this one?

Do you want to try it on?

It's not bad.

-I'll take it.

What? What did you say?

OK, talk to you later.

Sir, a private word, please.

What is it?

The major shareholders
are convening to discuss...

your dismissal, sir.


The proposal was drafted by your mother.



I called you over because
I haven't heard from you.

I trust you sorted things out
with Joo-won by now.

How much is it? Name your price.

Forget about pride.

You've stalled for long enough.
It's time to speak up.

I am sorry.

You're sorry for what?

I gave it a lot of thought.

But we can't break up.

I didn't give you the time
to give me a no.

I'm really sorry.


If my dad died trying to save a life,

then that life means a lot to me, too.

It's a life my dad
sacrificed his own for.

I will protect him
for the rest of my life.

Why must you be like this?

Do you think I called you
to give my permission?

You will forever be Joo-won's weakness.

The one and only flaw
in his otherwise perfect life.

Why does my son
have to be gossiped about...

for associating with someone like you?

I will try my best.

I will do all in my power
to not to be a burden to him.

Shut up.

There's only one thing
you can do for him.

And that is to disappear.

But I really love him.

Our feelings for each other are real.

Can you not approve?

Can we not stay together?

Please let us be, ma'am.

I beg of you.

So you won't let go?


If that?s your answer.

It's me.

What on earth are you doing?

You gathered the shareholders?

Who gives you the right to dismiss me?

Is this really what you want?

You should've seen this coming
when you started dating her.

I believe I warned you.

About your duty regarding
the riches you have.

I have made myself clear.

Now it's your turn to. What will you do?


Take all I have.

I will not give her up.


OK, then.

If that?s your answer.

Don't look at me like that.
I won't harm you anymore.

You actually did nothing wrong.

I'll just meddle with
Joo-won's affairs now.

Do you think I won't?
Do you think it's an empty threat?

Do you want to see if I do it or not?

Joo-won can never beat me.

If a child steps out of line,
the parent must go further to stop him.

I'm saying I can do anything,
even if it means ruining his life.

The meetings begins in an hour.

It seems that Joo-won will learn
the toughest lesson of his life yet.

Because of you.

He's being tortured by his own mother.


Just a moment.

Please, wait, ma'am.

I give up.

We'll break up.

I'll let go of him.

I will disappear.

I will disappear, like bubbles.

So please, don't do this.

Don't ruin his life.

I'm sorry.

I'm so very sorry.

I apologize.

Must I go this far
to make you understand?

-I'm so...
- How annoying.


Don't call me that.

I'll be dismissed soon.

Are you not going to do anything?

I can't give up dating Ra-im.
I chose the second best option.

Wow, I don't...

How is being dismissed because of
a girl the second best option?

Weird, huh?

Isn't Ra-im such an amazing woman?

She made me willing to
give up everything.

This is a historical event.

Jeez... You're the new Romeo.

So you'll let yourself be fired?

I have to.

If I try to fight back,
my mom will do something worse.

And you know who her target will be.

You mean... Ra-im?

Man... You rich guys have it rough.

Sir. Don't you worry.

If you really do get dismissed...

then I will resign, too.

Why resign?
You'll be fired automatically.

Really? Why?

Because I hired you.

What should I do, then?

Love won't get me rice. I need money.

Should I farm instead?
You can raise cattle.


Stop calling me that.


Are you... insane?


Stop there.

Come back here!

Alice in Wonderland

So it WAS you.

Are you here to see Joo-won?

He just went out.

I saw him leave.

Did you? Did he tell you to wait?

Not really.


I can't come by
for fan meetings anymore.


Because of Liam Jackson?

You got the role?

Do you know how many calls
I made to Japan?

I know very little Japanese.

I think I said ''I love you, too''
a gazillion times.

Thank you very much.

You're very welcome.

But you still owe me.
How about some pig rinds?

You made me bring you flowers.
You're an amazing woman.

Ah-young told me.

Your father bought you that.

Use this now.
Don't use an old handkerchief.

A handkerchief?.

You saw that?

I'm much more poetic than you think.

I impress people in unexpected ways.


Try it.


Go on.

I said no.

Are you trying to remind me that
I own bags that fall apart in public?

Or do you want me to relive
the humility over and over again?

It's not that. I just...

You threw me in to a hell that
I didn't have to know existed.

How come you're always so happy?

Did I do something wrong?

I don't have time for this.

Let's not meet for a while.


I start filming soon.

You don't know what this means.

You've had greater opportunities
served to you on a platter.

This is a crucial time in my life.

I can?t waste energy on things like love.

So don't call me.

I'm sick and tired of it all.

Yes, I know you are.

And I'm sorry, but I won't give in now.

How dare you end it just like that.


Don't do this, not when I'm going...

Do you know what I gave up for you?

Why didn't you give it up sooner, then?

Before I got tired of you.

Get out.

I don?t want to see
you or your relatives.

You're home earl...

Ah-young helped me out.

She's my fairy godmother.

Don't do this again. We can talk outside.

Don't be like this. I don't know
how to deal with this friction.

If we do have to fight,

I want it to be about why
you're late, why you ogled a guy,

or why you cooked for Oska.

The accident that you don't remember.

The one that happened 13 years ago.

That day...

A firefighter died saving you.

That man was my dad.


Conveniently for you, you can't remember.

But I'm reminded of my dad
each time I see you.

I can?t see you without
feeling sorry for myself.

Or feeling bad for my dad.

I lost my dad because of you.

Do you know what life was like for me?

You said that you'd be
the little mermaid.

Keep your word. Disappear like bubbles.

A firefighter died saving you.

That man was my dad.

Firefighter Sacrifices Himself

Gil Ik-sun

When the smoke thickens
and I can't breathe...

When there's no guarantee we'll survive,

please let me be ready.

And if, by your will, I lose my life,

please look after
my dear wife and family.


I'm back again.

Did you really save him?

You said...

''I'll be home early.
Don't eat dinner without me.''

But you never came home.

You couldn't come home...
because you died saving him?

I'm sorry, dad.

I'm sorry... for falling in love with him.


I am really sorry.

I'm sorry, dad.

Are you nervous? It's your first day.

I'm dead nervous.

I can't even do my buttons.
I can't find the buttonholes.

Do you want to buy my dream?
I had a great one last night.

You need money?

No, I swear it was a really good dream.

There's this beautiful dining table
in the middle of a snowy field.

You and Mr. Kim are at the table
drinking tea together.

Some kind of flower tea.

Flower tea?

Flower wine, maybe?

How would I know?
I can?t taste what's in my dream.

But there was another person there.

But I don't know who that is.

Anyway, while you two are drinking,

red rose petals start to
fall from the sky, like rain.

It was amazingly pretty.

Why do you want to sell it to me?

Because you and Mr. Kim was in it.

What about the other person?
It could've been you.

Oh. You think?

Good luck at work today.


Do Not Pass

Hi, I'm Jong-soo Lim.

Nice to meet you.

This is Gil Ra-im.


Thank you. Great stuff.

Just give it your best shot, OK?

-It's all set.

Are you finished blocking the roads?

-Then let's start!
- Ready.


It was a bit slow.

Can you try it again,
but faster this time?

He says you swerved a bit too late.

-This time...

That take was much better.

OK. I'll be right back.



Sorry, sir.

Why are you blocking the road?

We're shooting a movie.
Can you take another route?

Yeah, right.

Gil Ra-im!


She may never wake up.

I believe she's brain-dead.

It's been two weeks.

She is still asleep.

She looks calm. Which means
she's not dreaming about me.

I guess she is waiting for me.

She will wait.

Until I come for her.

Tomorrow. And the day after.

We have known each other for a long time

Just one look and I can tell
what you're thinking

I was your best friend and your shadow

We were always together

When you were tired, sad,
even when you were lonely

When you were crying after a breakup...

I dried your tears away

Gyeonggido Ilwon, Choongbuk area

1-1.5 inches

Rainy weather

Rainy weather

Here you are.




Ra-im was here some time ago.



Shortly before her accident.

What for? To see me?

She said no to that.

But she told me to be happy.

Like I'd never see her again.

It felt really weird.

How is she?

What was she doing?

Reading a book.

She was standing about here.

Which book?

I didn't care to ask.

But she wouldn't have
come to read a book.

I just remembered that today.

Alice in Wonderland

Last page of The Little Mermaid

The dagger shook in her hand.

The Mermaid looked at the prince,
then dove into the sea.

She disappeared into bubbles.

She disappeared into bubbles.

She disappeared into bubbles.

Someone sent you flowers.

For me?


I love you.

Always, always. From Joo-won.

I knew he would give in to me.

This sounds like when he was 20.

Get me the prettiest vase I have.


So Jong-hun went over to the cashier.

The owner of the diner asked
what the cameras were for.

He said ''That guy over there?s a singer.''

''Oh, then I'll get an autograph.
What's his name anyway?''

Jong-hun said, ''It's Oska.''

''Oh, it's Oska? Then I really
need to get an autograph.''

''But is he a man or a woman?''

Hey, you.

Your reaction is so fake.

This isn't a very funny story.

Are you kidding me? It's hilarious.

Are you pitying me because I'm old?

If you are, pay me with cash.

That was funny.


I'll give you something
worth a lot instead.


What's this?

Will it explode?

Is there a dead bird inside?

Sheesh. Why didn't I think of that?

What's wrong with you today?


These are the things
I wanted you to give me.

Are these really for me?

Yes. It's for rent.

Do you need help? Are you in trouble?

I can take them back.

No, don't.

Thanks. Thanks a lot, Joo-won.

Should we take a picture?

No way, that's just gross.
And portrait right infringement.

We haven?t taken one together
since my accident.

You'll regret it later.

Half of my life is spent regretting.
This will be nothing.

Yeah. You really are a jerk.



I knew all along.

That you lost on purpose.

I'm really...

grateful for that.

See this? This is you.

This is how cool you are. See this?

You're smart and strong.
I know you'll be alright.

Wake up, Ra-im.

How can a person sleep for so long?

Don't you see how worried we are?

Wake up.

Just wake up. And when you do...

I'll let you go to Joo-won.

With a smile on my face.

Please, just wake up.

I must clarify right now that
this is the first and last letter...

Kim Joo-won the elite
will write to a neglected neighbor.

So take pride in that.

The tree branches are waving in the wind.

I hope they wave in the wind
the day you read this letter, too.

I want you to see everything I saw.

I want you to stand by
the window I stood by.

Lie in the bed I lay in.

And read the books I read.

And if that keeps us together...

then it's enough for me.

Let's say we're still together.

Let's say we're like
other dating couples.

Let's say we're happy.

Don't love anyone else.

Think of me and live alone forever.

Don't get too chummy with Woo-young.

That's incest.

This will be...

the most selfish choice I make.

But it's my decision, so respect it.

You were always so cool.

So continue to be cool.

I will miss you... so much.

I love you.

I love you.