Secret Garden (2010–2011): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

Oska and Jong Su find the truth of Ra Im's and Joo Won's condition hard to accept but easier to believe than the notion of dual insanity. Joo Won (in Ra Im's body) agrees to attend Ra Im's audition date for 'Dark Blood' but only if she agrees to move in with him (a card he'll play often to get what he wants from her). As they train together, recollections of JeJu Island arise, and they surmise that that's where their body-switching problem began. As they explore that idea, Oska embarks on a personal apology tour, making amends for his past immature behavior. While Yeun-Sul and Tae-Sun privately see about fixing the plagiarism suit against him, Yeun-Sul unexpectedly finds herself in a love triangle. Rain arrives, switching bodies back to rightful owners but leaving one in a life-threatening situation.

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Kim Ji Eun passed away three years ago.

And December 5th is not my birthday,
it's the anniversary of Ra Im's father's death.

The person who just left is Ji Yeon.

Kim Joo Won's doctor, Park Ji Yeon.

Gil Ra Im would never forget
the anniversary of her father's death.

During Kim Ji Eun's funeral,
we were the chief mourners for all three days.

Joo Won couldn't not recognize Ji Yeon.

She's number 1 on his phone.

You forgot the door passcode last time
and you even made me food.

That's right.
I felt this vibe then too.

Like Joo Won wasn't Joo Won.


Have you completely lost your mind?

Do you need to be hospitalized?

I'll tell Ji Yeon to come back so..

Oppa, wait!


Not the hospital.

Honestly, I'm not Kim Joo Won.

I'm Gil Ra Im.

What what what what's wrong with you!

What's wrong with you?

I know my situation is impossible,
scientifically unbelievable, and strange.

But it's true.


Joo Won.

Joo Won.

How long have you been like this?

What the heck did Ji Yeon do?

I'm not crazy.

I really am Gil Ra Im.

"You're the first woman who
asked to meet at a pork skins place."

"My butt is not that bad."

You said that to me.

What the?


Is this Punked?


Stop it!
Stop it!

I'm thirty five years old!
You expect me to believe that right now?

Because it's true.

When I was Kim Sun Ah's stunt
double in Welcome to Dongmakgu,

I said "Would you like some coffee?"

And you said "You're not going
to rub a hole in your sneakers, right?"

And you made me remember you.

You're really weird right now.

You're really weird.

Did you get hurt while filming without letting me know?

Your head?

I acknowledge that I'm weird.

But not like that.

It's because our souls switched.


It's up to you to believe or
not but that's how the facts are.

Honestly, I'm Kim Joo Won.

Rookie, "I make money well", Kim Joo Won.


When we went to Jeju island
and for a few days after we returned,

Gil Ra Im would have been totally weird.

Just like now.


Don't look at me with those strange eyes.

We're victims too.

You see this, right?

This isn't Gil Ra Im's phone, right?

Yeah, what?

I think you need to come over here right now.

Oska found out.

The situation over here isn't too great either.


I'll confirm it for you so let's go.

So Gil Ra Im is in here and Kim Joo Won is in there?

You little!

It's true.

In your dedication of your 6th album, "to my baby Rin Rin",

that was Park Chae Rin but you lied
and said it was your dog's name, right?

The muscles on the cover of
your 4th album were photoshopped.

During the high notes in your
concerts, you turn off your mike.

Hey hey hey!

Even if you're not my fan, the whole nation knows that!

Should you be proud of that?

Now it seems real.

Should I tell you the list of the women
who left this house in the mornings?

You're trying hard.


I was really confident that I wouldn't fall for that woman.

Because she wasn't anything,
I was confident I wouldn't feel anything.

But why didn't it happen as planned?

You're really Kim Joo Won?


This is Gil Ra Im.

I know the first thing you say
to calls you get after midnight.

"Which hospital is it? Did he die?"

How did this happen?

We don't know yet.

But I think we go back to normal when it rains.


We're not positive but that's our tentative guess.

So when did this first happen?

On Jeju island.

"You don't want me to sleepover here?

Do you remember?

Ra Im... it was you?

I can't bear to curse at Ra Im's face.


"You've been caught by me.", who's that?


So the person who said,
"Don't 'blank' until you die" is you too?

It was me.

But I already got in huge trouble with Gil Ra Im about that.

So the golf course sauna..

Who's that?

Oh my god.

Oh my god!

So Ra Im..

She saw everything!

Then Seul?

You bastard, come here.

Ra Im's body will get hurt.

We'll just let it be and when things are
back to normal, let's set a date to handle this.

What's wrong with you?

An enemy's enemy's is a comrade.

Did you forget?

Just wait until you swap back.

What do I do?

What's wrong?

Oska oppa must think I'm a crazy woman.

Is that oppa that important?

Are you dating that oppa?

You're dating this oppa.

Oska and I had a special feeling that
exceeded that of a male-female relationship.


You won't meet Oska and I won't go to the action school.

How does that sound?

Honestly, Director Im and I had murderous
passions that exceed that of a male-male relationship.


Did the director leave?

Who cares?

Come sit.


Stop right there.

If I catch you, the punishment will be huge.

1, embrace.

2, hug.
3, cuddle.

It gets worse starting from 4!

I don't know if that punk is Gil Ra Im
but I'm positive he's not Kim Joo Won.

How could something like this happen?

Can you believe this?

And if I don't believe it?

If I don't believe it that means
they've both gone crazy together.

I hate that more.

Ah, figures.


What's wrong?

Did you cry?

Your eyes are totally wet!

They're normally wet.

Hey, you cried!

You cried, right?


Ah, you own LOEL department store stocks, right?

Come on..

I heard you're the head of the VVIP lounge now.

Congrats on your promotion!

What's this?

I was worried about your feet because you stand all day.

Ta da!

At least be warm and comfortable
on your way to and from work.

I can't usually wear things like this.


You didn't know?

If I wear things like this, I'm sooooo cute.

I'm the focus of attention no matter
where I go so it makes me very uncomfortable.

Oh no.

Just bear with it even if it's uncomfortable.

You'll age very quickly.

Anyways, I heard you were going to resign when I was fired.

President Kim said that?

Why did he tell you that?

You're the only one who knows.

I'm a bit of a rebel.

That's the problem!

If one of us is jobless, the other needs to keep it!

Turn in your resignation?

Can you buy rice with love?
You buy rice with money!

You're quite a rebel yourself.

Now she's threatening to go live with Joo Won abroad.

Maybe because she grew up poor
so she's not scared of anything.

It's because she has nothing to lose.

How should I crush her in order to satisfy this anger?

That's why I told you to let her be.

Don't you know that barley and people
only grow stronger the more you step on them?

How could I let her be?

I jolt awake at night.

Seeing as how she has Joo Won,
the boss of 30,000 people, in her palm,

I think you should give her some credit.

Just marry them.

Just keep her off the family registry, what's the problem?


Do that for Woo Young, why don't you?


My Woo Young even dated a valet from your department store.

A stuntwoman is much better than that.


How do you know she's stuntwoman?

I never told you.

You never told me?

What are you motives?

What do you expect to get if Joo Won marries like that?

You always act like you're asking
for advice while venting your anger!

I forgot about my massage appointment.


My son, what are you doing?



What brings you here?

I thought you'd be doing this.

Open it.

You're dealing with a lot of work.

I know.


My thanks.


You're the only one who looks after me.


So now let's stop making Woo Young do this.


What are you talking about?

It was enough to have fun with this when you were young.

Now I'm starting to dislike all this.

You already made a lot of money with my Woo Young too.


I made a lot and used it to pay for the cancellation fee.

If you had it, that means you earned it.

Why are you practically paying for the negative comments?

I saw your articles too.
Why don't you..


We're in the middle of an important meeting.

I'll call you.

Escort her out.


Okay, I'll go.

Anyways, think about what I said.


Take care, mother.

What are you doing?

I'm thinking about what mom said.


Wow. So my master is going to quit?

Not that.

About all the negative comments.

I've been recently getting this
feeling that I've lived my life wrongly.

What have I said all this time and
you're getting that feeling recently?

I didn't know then!

So I'm thinking of apologizing.

Do what?



I listed it alphabetically starting with
the director you threw the script at.

Hey! How many times do I have to tell you,
it was the synopsis not the script!

X-files isn't going to do an edited version?

Chae Rin, Eun Sol, Chae Ri, Ji Won, Min Ji..

I made these many girls cry?

I thought it was a list of winners
for the end of year awards.

I even hurt the Ingikayo PD? When?

During your 6th album!

You said you would have your first show on Ingikayo
than screwed him over and had it somewhere else!

But he let me have my 7th album comeback stage?

What a saint.

And you refused to appear for two weeks
because they gave the final slot to Big Bang.


I messed with Big Bang?

I had some balls.

But why are you doing this?

So I can go to Seul.


She's Joo Won now but when Ra Im
was Ra Im, she said I was older than 10...

so I should be around 17 now.

I'm going to repent and repent and
quickly become an adult so I can go to Seul.

What are you saying?

Let's see..

There's two people with the worst of offenses at five stars.

Choi Dong Kyu and Yoo Jong Won.

We were completely objective.

You could call it the standard
for how fair the rest of the list is.


I'm sorry for all the pain and suffering I caused.

I won't do that anymore.

My one wish is that in twenty years,
you two are the ones who plan my stage schedules.

You've accepted my apology, right?

Hello, sir!

It's me, Oska!

Don't hang up or be scared.

You know when I screwed you over for my 6th album, right?

Yes, yes, that!

I can't sign this contract, ahjumma.


What's the reason?

I'm involved in Oska's recent incident.

I want to live like a bitch but if
something bothers my conscience, I can't.

So if you don't sign with me, are you no longer responsible?

Even if it doesn't, the load does lighten.


Then before we cancel this, help me out once.

Musicians have a broad network, right?

Can you find out who else that songwriter has contacted?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

You too?

Oska can't have been the only one.

She scattered around the same
song but only the stupidest, Oska fell for it.


He's too old to call innocent.

But why are you helping Oska?
It seems like you two don't get along.

Because I'm more than enough as the person who bothers Oska.

About Dark Blood.

Do you think I can make it to the final audition?

If you get it, do you just want to be an actress?

Do you think that I don't have
what it takes to be the director?

I don't know when but now it's hard for
me to answer calls that come late at night.

The first thing I say to calls after midnight is,

"Which hospital is it? Did he die?"

After seeing three comrades go without even
saying goodbye, I feel like it was instead of me.

Like it was a scene I should have been at instead.

I should quit before I lose someone again.

I should quit tomorrow.

I think that every day.

When you get your own team,
you'll go through the same thing.

So I want you to leave this field when you can say goodbye

and before you get that midnight call from someone.

Look at this.

Drinking cappuccinos again.

You've got a text! You've got a text!

I told you not to do that with my face!

You passed the demo clip stage.

They said to come to the final audition.




I passed the demo clip stage!

I can go to the final audition!


Oh my god! Oh my god!

Let's start a practice regime again.

A bit tougher starting from today.

What are you talking about?

You're telling me to go to the audition for you?

You've been practicing until now.

I was just doing that so you wouldn't get upset.

How can I take the audition for you?
Make some sense.

You really think I can pass?


I'm not doing this to pass.

Even if I did it, there's no guarantee that I would pass.


I can't not do anything.

My dream has always been
to just be at an audition like that.

So just show up for me.

It's a private audition but one person
besides the auditionee can go with them.

It'll be a huge experience
just to see that kind of audition.


This isn't something you can ask of me.

I understand how you feel, but how can I do that?

I can't even ride an elevator.

You can't ride an elevator?

Something like that.

Answer your phone.

Yes, director.


It's me.

You're Gil Ra Im, right?

Yes, director.

It's me.

Go ahead.

Hang up.

Let's text.

The director must not be used to it yet.

You've got a text!

What are you going to do about the audition?

Come to the action school so we can talk.

Sorry. I'll get going first.

Where are you going?
Let's go together.

I'm going to look this way so Gil Ra Im just listen.


Why are you looking at me?

Because I don't want to see your face.

What are you going to do about the audition?

If we return to normal before the
audition, there won't be any problem.

And if you don't?

We will.

How in the world..

You said you were going to make me practice.

Why aren't you telling him that?

What are you talking about?

I want to go to the audition no matter what.

Hey, you punk!

Does that make sense?

Is this something that can work after few days of practice?

What are you going to do with an ass like this?

Your life is on the line.

And what if I do it?


And what if I do it?


I'll do it.

If you want it that badly and if
Gil Ra Im's life is on the line, I'll do it.

If I try, a miracle might happen.

But on one condition.


What are you doing right now?

We're going to live together.

We finished talking about it.

Your arm cramped while carrying your bags.

Massage it.

If that body wasn't going to the audition, I would
ignore the fact that my body would bruise and hit you.

Treat others as you would like them to treat your audition.

Go back now.

Then I won't audition.


There's one bed so let's share.

Are you crazy?

Then I won't audition.

There's one bathroom too.
We should share, right?

You're really going to get hit.

Then I won't audition.

Do you want to die?

I'm not going to let you to go work anymore either.

I emailed Assistant Kim too.

Starting from tomorrow, all meetings will take place here.

They're not meetings you can act through.

So we're going to stick together 24 hours a day.

I should have done this sooner.

Why didn't I think of this?

I'm going to shower.

Aren't you coming?

We said we would shower together.

It's about time for you to cash
in on all the beatings you've saved up.

Then I won't audition.


Are you sleeping?

I said are you sleeping?

I know you're not sleeping.

I have something I'm curious about.

What is it?

The medicine in your bathroom.

What is it?

What medicine?

It's serious enough for you to hide?

Have you heard of claustrophobia?

When you're nervous in enclosed spaces?

It would be great if I was just nervous
but I exceed nervousness and feel fear.

So I can't ride elevators at all.

If I pass out or hyperventilate
and my blood vessels constrict,

in the worst case scenario I could have a heart attack.

This is a secret.

Only you can know.

So that's why everyone was surprised
when I said I would ride the elevator.

You took the elevator?

The first day I went to work after our bodies switched.

I didn't know about that at all.

Thanks to you, Director Park was probably really confused.

Good job.

You know, the more I look at you..


I realize I'm really good looking.

How do people talk to me?

They must get so nervous.

You crazy.

Do you want to sleep on my arm?

That's my arm.

What kind of woman is so rough?

Sleep on my arm and we can chat.

You are my everything

You are everything in my life

I love you I love you

The whole world seems beautiful

You are my everything

I'll be a star that shines on you

To the side.

That's right.


Spin it.

Even if we meet every day, I still miss you

My heart flutters all the time

Look to the side.

To the side.

Not forward.

When we can always wake up together

And eat together

I only dream of when that day will come

You are my everything

You are everything in my life

I love you I love you

The whole world seems beautiful

Let me outline the project plan presentation
for 2011's 10th annual Lunar New Year event.

1. LOEL Department Store's current condition.

2. 2011 Lunar New Year event

3. Differentiation strategy.

4. Stock targeting analysis

5. Expected effectiveness.

6. LOEL's Vision. That's the order.

Shall we go ahead with this?

I don't think I can say this is your best.

Leave it and go.

Nice nice.

This happened to Oska because of me.

You know her, right?

Help me out.

What does this have to do with me?

Can't you reconsider?

I don't want to get involved
with something like this. I'm sorry.

[Oska, Knew and Ignored Plagiarism,
The Songwriter's Shocking Confession]

[Retire Oska! Kill him!]

[If you lack the talent, you should
at least have a conscience~ Repent! Oska.]

[He's as messed up as could be... aren't you embarrassed?]

[Disappointing fans like this is... take responsibility!]

[Kill Oska!!! Kill him!!!!
Ostracize him from the entertainment industry!]

[I knew Oska would do that! I hated
him from the start! Dirty bastard~]

[Nickname: Oh-Skal]

[Excuse me.. I'm Oska's neighbor.]

[Oska would never do something like that, okay?]

I really...

Why did I recognize you?

Why did I approach you?

You, whom I can't leave

Even if I leave you behind and walk away

All I see is you

Those painful words you said one day

If we had never met each other

Would it have been more painful?

You're crying

You're holding it in

You're raising your head

You're smiling painfully

The sunset smile is staining the whole world

I miss you

I want to hold you

I want to be by your side even if it hurts

I want to fall asleep by your side

I'm tired, I'm tired.

You looked so cool!

How did you learn so quickly?

Are you trying to reward me with cuteness?

I'm saying it because you really were cool.

At this rate, you might pass like a miracle!

You need another miracle?

A miracle already happened.

A woman without decent family, education and looks

is the Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Tae Hee
for a man like me who has everything.

They haven't put up a banner about
it in your hometown?

Be honest.

When I was all over you and you told me to disappear...

inside you were saying kyah, right?

You were totally excited.

How about gaining some perspective?

I'm worth a man like Kim Joo Won
who has everything to be all over me.

Look at this.

This is why I can't help but fall in love.

Speaking of kyak...

You really didn't scream in the mountains that day?



No, in Jeju island.

I definitely heard it.

I wasn't the only one, Oska heard it too.


Are you sure it was my voice?

You weren't confused?

I'm not sure.

It was a woman's voice so I figured it was you.

It really wasn't me.

Now that think about it, wasn't
that chicken soup place a bit weird?

The phones didn't really work
and that ahjumma owner was strange.

Now that I think about, she only gave me a chicken leg.

You ate it well.

Now that you mention it, it does seem strange.

You know that alcohol?

The flower alcohol I told you to give Oska.


Did you give that to Oska?

Yeah, I did.

Did Oska drink it?

He must have.



Then maybe that's not it.

I was wondering if the alcohol
is the reason we're like this.

If it's because of that alcohol,
I would have swapped with Oska, not you.

I drank that alcohol that day.



Honestly, I drank that.


You just said you gave it to Oska!

That doesn't matter.

I think that alcohol is the key.

Hurry up and change.

Let's go to that restaurant.


Jeju island?

[Secret Garden]

It looks too normal compared to the last time we were here.

Is it just you two?

The owner changed?

Why would the owner change?

We've been here for thirty years since my mother-in-law.

I'm sorry but did you recently change the interior?

Last time we came, there were
homemade alcohols on that wall.

We don't sell homemade alcohol.

We have soju and makgulli, what would you like?

That's not it.

That whole wall was full of homemade alcohol.

We've never done that.

How many ahjumma's work here?

Just two, me and my mother-in-law. Why?

Besides you, there's someone who throws
knives like a man and looks depressed, right?

Why do you keep asking weird
questions at someone's business?

We've never changed owners, we don't have a
depressed looking ahjumma, and we don't make alcohol.

Are you going to order or not?

What are we going to do now?

If it was really because of that alcohol,
where are we going to find it?

I told you not to accept it!

She said it was medicinal so I thought it was good for you.

Trying to look out for your body and our bodies swapped.

Great great.

If that alcohol was the start of the magic,
that alcohol should be the end too.

What do we do now?

Looks like we'll swap back and forth forever.

We'll swap back when it rains.

That's not even positive.

It's been over a week, why hasn't it rained like predicted?

They said the rain cloud that comes with
thunder and lightening just missed us.

That's why I said we should go to New York!

So why did you drink that alcohol?

It would have been nice if you gave it to Oska like I said.

What are you going to do about the time we wasted?

You're the one that decided to go.

Fine. I'll accept the punishment then.


1 embrace, 2 hug, 3 cuddle, 4..


I told you last time.

We're going to live together..

Do it.

I won't stop you.

But get out of here.

I already packed your things.

Grab everything and get out now!

Director, I said I'm apologizing, why won't you believe me?

I was young and immature so..

I'll apologize again later.

- What's up with you two?
- We got kicked out by my mom.


I really can't get used to this.

Wear nametags!

Just give us a place to sleep.

We'll take care of our own food.

Why should I?

Get out!

Then at least take Ra Im.

Ra Im..

What do you want me to take?
Her body and mind are separate!

I'll telling you to take in both her body and mind.

Ra Im, you take his room.

He sleeps on the couch everyday anyways.

Says who?

If you unpack, you're dead!

Why is he calling?



I answered too coldly yesterday, right?

I was taken aback.

I've been the PD of a music show for four years and
that was the first time getting an apology like that.

Especially personally from an artist, not his manager.

That's why I was really touched by your call yesterday.

Ah yes.

No matter what I do, I make quite a splash.

The reason I asked to meet today is because
I have some information that might help you.

I've known for a while but I
haven't had a reason to help you.

But last night, a reason came up.

What information?

That female songwriter who you allegedly told to plagiarize.

I think she sold the same song to you and several
other artists with the intent to take the money and run.

Before your song was leaked, I think
I heard someone else sing the same song.

Try meeting that person.


Who is it?

Chae Ri.

Chae Ri?

"Ticket to the Moon", that Chae Ri?


Why are you..

We shouldn't have interfered if you
were going to take care of it like it.

I'm the one who's going to help you and you don't say hello?


Long time no see.

They told me everything.

I heard you need my help.

But what should I do?

I hate people whose names start with O.

Oska, Oh Seung Ha.

I don't like Chae's either.

Chae Ri, Chae Rin.

Is that the attitude of someone asking for help?

Ah, sorry.

Don't misunderstand!

We had a scandal together but..

I'll tell her.

I acknowledged it but his company threw a fit saying
it was unbelievable and I came off looking like a loser.

But you two did meet?


I'm going to tell her.

He said he proposed but was rejected?

Some lame pick up line like that.

I knew it but I let it go.

Do you know how many boxes of alcohol I drank with him?

How could he freak out like that?

I really hate O names but I'm helping out for you two.

Thank you.

So you got a song from her too?


I wanted to become a singer so I
asked for a song and that's what came.

I even recorded it but after I heard
your leaked song, I realized it was my song!

If it wasn't for you, I might have taken all the blame.

How many people did she give that song too?

I don't know.

Anyways, how old are you?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Hey, hey!


- I already like someone.
- You do?

Finish talking.

Oh right..

I'm done talking.

My company said they'll send you all
the documents so I hope your name is cleared.

See ya!

Okay thanks!
I'll treat you to dinner!

No, I'll buy you a bag!

It looks like it's all taken cared of so I'll get going too.


Excuse us.


I have something to say.

You don't need to say thank you.

I'm paying back my debt to you.

After you pay it all back, you're not going to see me again?

I remember everything.

Why you were hurt by me, why you rejected my proposal,

and why you appeared again to make life hard for me.

I remember everything now.

I was so humiliated, I couldn't even sleep.

I was so mad at myself, I wanted to die.

Even when things were this bad, I couldn't do anything.

I didn't know you would be hurt
by words that weren't sincere.

Things were so hard back then and
what was most precious to me was myself.

I really didn't know that would make me lose you.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry that I'm sorry about saying that I'm sorry.

I thought I was really mean and cruel but I must not be.

I don't like seeing you feel sorry.

I feel bad for you.

I'll go now.

To give all of me is not enough

To throw me away is not enough

You probably don't know how much I love you

Let's talk.

You didn't leave yet?

I looked at your music collection and you're the
kind of person who would like Oska's music, not mine.

But why did you try to sign me?

You said you're not going to sign with me anyways.

It still pisses me off.

You used me, right?

To wanted to sign me to tick off Oska.

We're not in the kind of warm
relationship to have love spats like that.

So what kind of relationship do you have?

What does it have to do with you?

You know Oska skipped on filming his music video
and followed me to Jeju island to sign with him, right?

You think I would have offered you
a contract without knowing that?

If you planned everything with that in mind then
you must know how much Oska wanted me.

What's your point?

Makes you jealous, right?

He chased me around so many times
no matter how often I changed my job.

Excuse me.

You know you sound like a girl jealously
fighting over a man in a love triangle?

You're pretty sharp.


It's totally realistic.

Take it easy on me.

You're here?

Ah, our money making Joo Won is here.

Did the director go somewhere?

He's on the filming set.


I just came by because I was nervous.

But why does it our formal speech
Joo Won make me more nervous?

Must be because you've messed
up several times with my boyfriend.



It's nothing.

I'll get going now.

You know Ra Im's audition is tomorrow right?

Of course.

The Hollywood crew is arriving today.

I was praying for rain but it hasn't rained.

I think I'm going crazy.


What are you talking about?

What is wrong with our Joo Won today?

[Korean loves Dark Blood]

[We love you Dark Blood -Korean Fans-]

It's warm.

Drink it.

Are you really nervous?

You strange woman.

I'm the type to make others nervous,
not the type to get nervous.

Do well today.

Let's go in.

Hold on.

Where are you? The President
suddenly came. What should I do?

Why today?

What should we do?

What is it?

Grandfather went to the department store.

He'll throw a fit if he sees that I didn't go to work.

I can go to work.

We have about an hour so I'll go now.

What about me?

You want me to go in by myself?

I'll be right back.

Can't I say I have to go to a
businessmen's meeting or something?

There's been a lot of meetings lately.

Give me the keys.

Can you do a good job?

You won't seem strange?

I can do it.

I'm good at it now.

It's cold so go inside.


What the heck is this punk doing?

After everything I said to him,
he still only comes sometimes?

He's been in regularly but it
just so happens that he's out today.

Whenever I see that empty seat, I do miss him so.

Because in formal situations like this,
it is always I who must fill that seat.

Where are you now? Hurry up Sir!

At this rate, I sometimes think it would
be better if I took over that seat myself.

What are you talking about?

How can you say something like that?

Do you want to see me divorce the president?

Even that seat is too much for you right now.

Why are you so harsh on him?

Looking at the way Joo Won does things,
Director Park has a right to say that.

You keep protecting him so he keeps dreaming fantasies.

You pathetic man.

That's not your seat.

Why don't you know that?


I'm sorry.

I suddenly had a businessmen's meeting.

Do you have a brain or not?


I'm sorry, I know you're busy.

We just came to buy New Year's gifts for friends.

Don't worry about us and take care of your business.

We need to run our errands too.

Let's go.

I'm going to drop by again.

Don't do this again!

You little.

I'm sorry!

Please take care!

Did something happen?

Your face..


must be so happy.

What's wrong with him?
Did something happen?

Don't even mention it.

Director Park said, "at this rate, I sometimes think
it would be better if I took over that seat.."

And then the madam knocked him out with,
"What are you talking about? Stop dreaming!"


I have an emergency so if something happens, call me.


Where are you going now?

What's taking so long?


Hurry up!

I'm nervous to death because I'm alone.


I'm going to wait outside until you come.

My hands and feet are going to freeze to death!

I just left the office.

If I speed, it'll be quick.

Why is it so slow?

You're going to take the elevator?


I've been walking around in order to conserve
energy but I'm in a bit of a rush today.


Well then..

[Control Room]

Go have lunch.

We just ate.

If I tell you to eat, go eat!
You don't know who I am?

Or do you not understand what I'm saying?

No sir.

Let's go.

What the?

He's really getting on?

What's wrong with him these days?

Is anyone there?

Hello? Hello?

Director Park?

You're there, right?

How did he know I was here?

I know you're watching me right now.

What do I do?

What should I do?

I wasn't here.

I wasn't here!

I'm not here! I'm not here!

I'm going to go crazy.

Director Park!

Don't do this.

I don't have any time.


Director Park.

Why isn't she coming?


Excuse me!

Is anyone there?

Someone's trapped in here!


I really came back.

So we really do swap when it rains..

I'm back.

I'm back!

It really was rain.

It really is rain!

Is no one there?

Open the door.

Open the door!


The audition.

Oh my god!

I can audition!

Kim Joo Won, I can audition..

The elevator.

Open the door.

I said open the door!

Open the door!



Kim Joo Won!


I told you I can't ride the elevator..


Kim Joo Won!

Kim Joo Won!
Answer me!

Kim Joo Won!

Answer me!

Answer me!

Kim Joo Won!

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