SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 3, Episode 1 - Brave New World - full transcript

Seaquest and its crew reappear on earth 10 years after disappearing. The crew has no memory of what happened to them, but their skills and boat are still needed to stop a power hungry President of a new alliance.

If you can hear this transmission,

if any part of this message is getting through,

meet me at the Christmas
tree as fast as you can.


What's that?

I don't believe it.

What is it?

I don't know how or why, Dagwood, but
that's another planet. O. K. , just hang on.

Everybody fall back!

Get through here.

Oh, my god.

Just don't let them take away what you believe.

They can't all be dead, Dagwood.
All right, they can't be dead.

We'll find them. I swear
to god, we'll find them.

And if we don't?

Someday we'll carry their story back to earth.

Melanesian Basin,
The Pacific Ten Years Later

They say obsession is the
cancer of mental illness.

But if you ask me,

anyone who can ignore his gut was
never sane in the first place.

10 years ago, Captain Nathan Bridger
and the crew of seaQuest disappeared
off the face of the earth,

and for 10 years, I've been trying to find her.

Sir, we're in range of nexus. 5,000 Meters.

Hold position, Mr. Shepps.
Request permission to dock.

Aye, sir.

Following the economic summit of 2026,

the U. E. O. lifted the ban
on colonial deregulation,

putting more than 100,000 square miles
of undeveloped basins back on the market.

Overnight, hundreds of new
colonies sprang from the sea.

But without seaQuest,

the U. E. O. was unable to control
the explosion of commerce

or the fallout of wealth, power, and greed.

They found themselves outgunned and outmanned.

I could have retired,

but they offered me triple
the pay and any boat I wanted.

The problem was

the only one I wanted was missing.

Is there a problem, Mr. Shepps?

McGath hit the roof when I took
command of his U. E. O. supply hauler,

but I had my reasons.

If seaQuest was out there, a
slow-moving, long-distance hauler
was my best chance of finding her.

Besides, the way things were going, I knew
they'd get their money's worth out of me.

The Alliance of Macronesia,
formerly New Australia?

they engineered this ridge
and a dozen more like it.

They got rich fast, and it went to their heads.

The U. E. O. calls this a trade
embargo against a nonaligned nation.

I call it war.

Whitmore, Estes, Fredricks,
let's go! Come on! Let's go!

Sir, they've subducted the
colony's fresh water stations.

Engaged of battles.

Yes, sir.

For 10 years now, the U. E. O. has
sought a diplomatic solution to the
rising conflicts beneath the sea.

But with hundreds of U. E. O.
peacekeepers stationed in the pacific,

they have only two choices?

pull out and let the
colonists fight for themselves

or commit the world to war.

Specter one to base, sir.

My bandit got through the net. I need an order.

You have your orders, Lieutenant.

Negative, sir.

I'm outside colony perimeters.

Engagement is active, Lieutenant.

You have your orders.

Somebody's got to break this blockade.

If the colony of Nexus falls to the Alliance,

Macronesia will own the Pacific,

as well as the lives and
freedom of millions of people.

I'm not going to let that happen.

Got it, sir.

The Alliance bandit is down.

I'll hear you one at a time!

Yelling at each other will not do it.

- Please settle down.
- McGath and the U. E. O. can hold all the
emergency sessions they want to try and
block the Alliance,

but without seaQuest, it will take
a miracle to stop Alexander Bourne.

Gentleman of the Session.

The floor recognizes President
Bourne of Macronesia.

Mr. Secretary.

I have just been informed of a malicious,
unspeakable act perpetrated against this
council and against all for which we stand.

It is absolutely im?

Lucas Wolenczak.

That's Lucas Wolenczak.

Lucas Wolenczak.

I think we just got that miracle.

SeaQuest 2032
Sous-titrage: Team UEO Command

Script vo by: unknown names

Synchro by: Schwarzy26240

U. E. O. Central Command
San Diego Island - 1605 hours

Has he talked to anyone yet?

Tried to, sir. Says he doesn't remember.

Doesn't remember what?


McGath's pretty hot, sir.

Says you deliberately shot
down that fighter sub.

Might want to have your story
straight when you see him.

Tell stories to children,
Lieutenant, not grown men.

Captain Hudson,

are you trying to start a war?

No, sir, I was trying to prevent one.

Oh, well, you're doing a hell of a job of it.

That sub fighter took out the
colony's entire supply of fresh water.

The Alliance crossed the line, sir, not me.

This young man's our ticket to
seaQuest and a way out of this mess
that you and the U. E. O. have created.

Lieutenant, your sidearm.


Your sidearm.

Mr. Secretary, you pay me a
lot of money to do what I do.

Go home.

Let me earn it.

Mr. Wolenczak,

my name is Captain Oliver Hudson,

and I need answers.

What am I doing here? Why am I being held?

You tried to attack Secretary General McGath.

We figure you must have had something
pretty important on your mind.

Or are you going to try and tell
me you can't remember that either?

O. K...

Where is seaQuest?

I don't know.

Where have you been the past 10 years?

I don't know.

Where's Bridger, Commander Ford, the others?

I said I don't know, O. K. ?

I can't remember. I can't remember anything.

All right, let's try something
just a little bit easier.

Do you know where you are right now?

This is the Ballard Institute.

The last time I checked, it was in San Diego.

And it still is. Only now it's a
command post, and San Diego's an island.

Map, please.

I'm sorry. No, this map is wrong.

Time, please.

There's nothing wrong with this map.
It's updated every hour on the hour.

Let's take a look at the past.

14 of May, 2022, please.

seaQuest makes an unscheduled
change of course to this area.

What were you doing there?

That's the Tonga Trench. We've been
there at least a hundred times.

Who told you to go there?

Dossier, NA-23. Bourne, Alexander.

This is President Alexander
Bourne of Macronesia,

and this is his Alliance,

his confederation as of 1430 hours zulu.

When's your birthday, son?


Uh, 23rd.


23rd of December. This year.


Hell, I'd go ahead and celebrate that
birthday just as soon as I could, son.

Why are you doing this?

Why do you want seaQuest?
So you can destroy what's left of the world? Is that it?

I'm trying to save what's left of the world.

Oh, of course. By starting another war.

The official U. E. O. line is it's not a war.

It's a conflict,

and we didn't start anything. It
started when seaQuest disappeared.

Where the hell is seaQuest?

Where's Captain Bridger?

What have you done with him?

Let go of me.

Take him back.

You've got to find Captain Bridger.

You've got to find him!

Bankkok, Kungpong Sound - 2320 hours

Where the hell am I?

Today at U. E. O. Central Command, Captain
Oliver Hudson was requested by U. E. O.

- Hey, give me some volume.
- ?Lucas Wolenczak of nuclear
submarine seaQuest.



Hmm? Jim! Am I hallucinating?

I don't know.

What's this?

Hey, mister,

park's closed.

I know him.




What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Commander Ford, I am authorized to take
you into custody by any means necessary.

Well, they're all in good physical health.

No mysterious virus, trauma, or disease.

Nothing to suggest a medical
reason for their memory loss.

Doctor, at this point I'd settle
for a non-medical explanation.

Well, Lieutenant O'Neill had a cyst
removed three days before they disappeared.

Turned out to be nothing,

but the tissue surrounding the biopsy
scar has only regenerated a few days?

a week at best.

Wait a second.

Are you trying to tell me
they've only been gone a week?

I'm saying

that possibly the reason these people
don't remember the last 10 years, Captain,

is because it hasn't been 10 years for them.

Non-medically speaking, of course.

We're just as anxious to get to the
bottom of this thing as you are, sir.

I appreciate your willingness
to cooperate, Commander.

Sir, any word on Captain Bridger?


They checked that spit of
land he sometimes calls home.

The Alliance had already run through it. All
they found were a couple of starving locals.

Beautiful, isn't she?

How long to shake her down?

Shake her down for what?

She's not doing us any good sitting here.

Well... that depends.

Depends on what?

Well, for one thing, she's in a cornfield.

That's not an answer, Commander.

Ah, 4 to 6 months.

You've got two hours. I
want her wet by sunrise.

Two hours?

Two hours isn't enough time to see
if all her doors open and close.

Diagnostics won't even run when she's out
of the water, and we're at least 3,000
miles away from a body of water big enough.

Lake Michigan is 170 miles that
way. The Mississippi's only 40.

Well, hell, why not the Sea of Japan,

since you've already figured out how we're
going to get seaQuest out of this cornfield.

Just who do you think you're talking to?

Are you suggesting I don't have a
solid understanding of the situation?

You have two hours, Commander.

Expediency is paramount.

As XO of the seaQuest, I shouldn't
have to explain that to you.

With all due respect, sir?

who are you to judge what kind
of officer I am on my boat?

Me? I'm Captain of that boat.

The U. E. O. gave you seaQuest?


She was missing at the
time, but it's in writing.

So unless or until Bridger turns up,

she belongs to me.


if anyone else has something they'd like
to share with me, I suggest you do it now.




This would go a lot faster if we had Lucas.

Bring me Wolenczak.

Aye, captain.

Wolenczak has escaped, and he stole a sub.

Which is headed south, sir. GPS is
up and running. Like me to track him?

Absolutely not.

Sir, he's probably afraid.

He should be.

Stealing a nuclear sub's a serious offense.

Captain Hudson, weapons bay checks out, sir.

Plasma racks and laser
welds are all up to code.

All she needs is a couple tons of
warheads, and she's good to go.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

Engineering, too, sir.

Reactor and propulsions are both
condition one and critical ready.

If anything, seaQuest has
never been in better condition.

Except for the fact that the
memory banks have been erased,

which I can't explain.

All sensors and communication
systems are fully operational.

All right, then I'll brief you now.

Brief us on what, sir?

Not what, Commander.


Alexander Bourne and the
Alliance of Macronesia.

While you people were gone,

this man did terrible things to our planet.

My god.

How did this happen?

Subduction, particle liquification.

Turns land mass to soup.

You shoot it from the nose of a
Lysander-Class, it makes a weapon of terrible destruction.

Lysander-Class, sir?

Subfighter, high speed submersible,
capable of engagements underwater
at speeds up to 300 knots.

And because Macronesia's in bed with
Deon International, the largest
supplier of the Lysander-Class,

the Alliance outnumbers the
U. E. O. 4 to 1 in subfighters.

Looks like the Alliance
already has half the Pacific.

And if they get Nexus,

they could have the other half.

Point is that Captain Hudson must be an
extremely unhappy man to have done what he did.

Why the U. E. O. put up with such a
dangerous individual I shall never understand.

He is going to get a lot of people killed.

He's a tanker pilot, sir.
I wouldn't worry about Hudson.

Captain Hudson is a 22-year veteran of
the Navy who has the guts to act on his
own initiative and is not hidebound by
the dictates of committees.

Oh, look, General, we've had our way with
the U. E. O. in the past, and we'd be stupid
to let this man stand in our way now.

Well, if I have to, I'll sink the
whole damn colony and start over?

but I want Nexus?

and I don't see the point of waiting till
we've really angered our Mr. Hudson and
we have to go to war against these people.


there must be something
else we can talk about, hmm?

Yes? What is it?


they have found seaQuest.


In a cornfield.

Oh! Well, maybe they should build
a wall around it and sell t-shirts.

They've already moved her, sir.


is in the Pacific.

Uh, would you?

would you excuse us, please?

What about Bridger?

Intelligence tells me that
Bridger is still unaccounted for.

And my intelligence tells me we should
take Nexus now before they do find Bridger.

Yucatan, Peninsula
13:51 25/01/2005Bridger's Island


Captain Bridger?


oh, whoa. Hey, hey, hey. It's all right.



This is Michael.

Michael is my grandson.

His mother left him at an
embassy when he was 3 days old.

They said the poor woman was
too sick to take care of him.

Oh, Lucas, it was bizarre.

One minute,

I wake up at the embassy in Brussels?

soaking wet, exhausted?

and the next minute,

they're introducing me to my grandson.

Are you going to try to look for your son?


if he's alive?

and his wife.

You think they might be dead?

I don't know.

There has to be a reason why he didn't
come back for the boy and his wife.

And I don't understand what happened
between Robert and I that he would
let me go on thinking he's dead.

Maybe they don't know you're alive,
Captain. A lot of people don't.

That doesn't account for all the
years before seaQuest disappeared.

Well, I certainly have enough
responsibility now, don't?

Maybe this is enough.

O. K.

It's working.

I don't believe it.

seaQuest is in the water.

Get a coordinate.

Got it.

Shut it down, quick.

I don't want anyone to know
that this island is inhabited.

There's got to be someplace
this boy is free of fear.

Are you sure you want to
leave him here to do this?


There's a war now.

I owe it to his parents to see that
he grows up away from all this.


I wouldn't be doing that in here.

Commander Ford,


I have to.

Hudson is on "C" deck.

I don't think Hudson likes
having Darwin on board?

or me.

Make it quick.

This Hudson's a tough guy,

but tough's not the same as smart,

Commander. That's where
you got it all over him.

Thanks, Tony, but this isn't a contest.

Everything's a contest, sir.

Uh, sir?

I got a bogie, 4,000 Meters and closing fast.

This is Commander Ford of
seaQuest. Identify yourself.

If you do not identify yourself,
I will have to declare you hostile.

Mr. O'Neill, sound general quarters,
condition one. Captain to the bridge.

Aye, sir.


3,000 Meters, bearing 0-1-0.
11 Minutes west at 200 knots.

There's two of them, sir,

and whatever they are, I haven't got
a profile, but they're carrying a lot of firepower.

Mr. Piccolo, bring us about,
hard starboard, ahead two-thirds.

Aye, sir!

1,000 Meters, sir, and bearing down on us.

Flood the tubes.

Aye, sir!

500 Meters.

Fire on my order.

Commander Ford,

stand down from general
quarters! Stow that alarm!

Sir, I have an unidentified bogie
that will not answer my call.

That's not a bogie, that's my lieutenant.


Captain Hudson, sir,

the Alliance has moved
into the outer Nexus basin.

I intercepted a message, got
some chatter about seaQuest.

I think this is the big one.

They're going to try and take
Nexus before we get there.

That's an affirmative, Commander.

Are we up to speed?

Let's find out.

Come on, people, let's move it!

Welcome aboard, Lieutenant.

Thank you, sir.

Bourne's got too many boats in this area.

We'll use seaQuest to draw their
dragna strike units away from the base.


assemble a strike force.

I want them in full assault gear in 5 minutes.

You and I will take the ground
forces and hold the colony.

Fredricks, you cover the Commander's forces.

Yes, sir.

Good luck.

There a problem, Lieutenant?

Uh, sir, I was just noticing that
Lieutenant Fredricks has a psych implant.

Is she under some kind of psychological care?

Is that a problem?

Well, I don't know, sir. Is it?

You better hope not, sailor.

Your life's in her hands. Now, move out.

Macronesian parade ship,
we have the President on board.

Full support aft.

I'm on point, sir. I've got you in my sight.

Roger that, Lieutenant. O'Neill?

we're in position.

How are we doing?

Launch is ready, sir.

Thank you, Lieutenant.

Mr. Piccolo,

lood tubes able 1 through
5, bravo 1 through 5, and,

Mr. Piccolo, make a lot of noise.

Noise I can do, sir.


Go after it.

But, sir, you're jeopardiz?

Now, General!

Before they block our path to the colony.

Dragna, base.

Move 33 degrees south at 1-8-0 meters.

Hold seaQuest in position.

They went for it, sir.

Look lively, Commander.

Aye, aye, sir.

We're going in!

Eyes open! Stay sharp!

Mayday! Mayday! seaQuest, this
is Lucas. I'm being fired on.

That's an unfortunate situation, Mr.
Wolenczak, but we are presently engaged.

But I have Captain Bridger with me.

This is Lieutenant Fredricks in
Specter One. Sir, I need your call.

Bring the Captain in, Lieutenant.

But, sir, we'll lose Nexus.

I said bring Captain Bridger
to his boat, Lieutenant.

seaQuest has abandoned her
pursuit. Take Nexus now.

Lieutenant, do we still have a chance?

Negative, sir.

Nexus has fallen to the Alliance.


Come in.

Ah, Commander Hudson.

It's Captain now, Nathan.

Oh, I don't doubt it.

Thanks for finding my boat.

I know you didn't do it for me.

Why didn't you just go
ahead and build another one?

We can't. Men like Bourne
control those technologies now.

Men like Bourne don't give
a damn for a boat like this.

That's right, but treating seaQuest
like some scientific holy grail was not
only arrogant, Nathan, it was dangerous.

Because when it disappeared, every
aggressor on the planet came out of hiding.

Uh, sir?



Uh, no, sir. I meant Captain Bridger. Sir,

it's President Bourne.

Put him on.

I need your answer, Captain.

Uh, President Bourne?


seaQuest is not going anywhere
until you release those colonists.

I'll release them when I
consider it safe to do so.

With seaQuest inside colony borders,
trying to move them is, frankly, dangerous.


You've taken an independent colony by force.

That's an act of war.

You see, the operative word there, Captain,

is "independent, " so
accusations of war do not apply.

However, if it's a war you want?

I'll give you exactly one
hour to evacuate seaQuest.

How did this clown come to power?

What you're really asking is why haven't
I taken a shot at him before now?

My style's matured a little since
the last time you saw me, Nathan.

That's not what the crew says.

I wanted them to focus their anger on me.

I needed their undivided attention.

We've got enemies out there
now, Nathan, lots of them.

You know your enemy?


I know that he likes classical music,
a good Bordeaux, and he'll plunder
any colony he can get his hands on.

What I haven't known until
now is how to stop him.

But with seaQuest, you think you can.

It levels the playing field.
That's good enough for me.

But is it good enough to win?

Against this man?

My job's to resolve conflicts,
Nathan, not to start them.

I think you lead by the courage of your
convictions. I like to think that I do, too,

but that means that sooner or later one
of us is bound to be terribly wrong.

Now, even with seaQuest,

can we afford to be that wrong?

You have built a hell of a boat here, Nathan.


And I have to tell you,

skippering her has been a thrill of a lifetime?

even if the whole thing was designed
around this animal of yours.

Just a minute.

Darwin lets us live in his world.

Why shouldn't we allow him to live in ours?

I only hope the U. E. O. lets you keep the
patent on this hydropressure system of yours.

The swim tubes?

Every colony in the Pacific uses hydropressure.

You've probably made a fortune in the
past 10 years and don't even know it.

We're going in here?

the hydropressure system.

It controls the docking collars.

Any perimeter sensor system?

No, sir.

Visual contact only.

Monitors, though

Here, here, and here.

I've tapped into their environmental systems.

We can monitor changes in temperature
and sound that will help us determine
where the colonists are being held.

Got it.

We're in.

How's O'Neill doing?

I'm getting a lot of cross talk
coming from the upper civic decks.

I'd start there.

Jonathan, be careful.

They must outnumber you 1,000 to 1.

Yeah, but if we get to the
right one, all bets are off.

You hear something?

Yes, sir.



Johann Sebastian's Emperor?

Concerto number 5 for piano.



We're leaving.

Leaving? Sir, I don't understand.

I want you to assemble your forces
and vacate Nexus immediately.

Do it.

Now... May I go?

When I know they're gone.

Gentlemen, you may get me to leave
Nexus, but I can bankrupt the U. E. O.
when you try to defend this colony.

This is far from over.

That's the last one, sir.

The colony's been liberated.

Thank you, Mr. O'Neill.

Ford here.


let him go.

Yes, sir.

In all the universe,

all the worlds,

the one common fear is war.

What I'm about to tell you
now cannot leave this boat.

I'm afraid I'm the one who
erased seaQuest's memory banks.

Captain, why?

Because, Lucas, I didn't
think we'd make it back alive?

and secrecy was very important to
the freedom movement on Hyperion.

I made a promise to Tobias,
and he made a promise to me.

I think that's why we're all here.

After becoming unwitting, but desperately
needed allies to the Hyperion civil war,

we fell to destruction, and into a deep,
meditative coma in the icy Hyperion sea.

Some of us?

didn't make it.

We lost some very good friends.

That's what war does.

Tobias and some of his rebel friends
were able to liberate some rescue
pods and bring us back to earth,

but that was 5 days and 10 earth years later.

What seems to have happened is they
erased our memories and transported us
from the time we heard Scott's call,

transported us, wet and unconscious,

to the last peaceful thought we had in
our minds before we were about to die.

But I'm going to be leaving this boat.

I think Captain Hudson is right.

If world peace is going to be
maintained, then the seaQuest has to be
ready to ship out at a moment's notice?

and that's his job,

not mine.

I'm leaving the boat to raise my grandson,

and to find my son and his
wife if they're still alive.

I don't intend to drop off the face of the
earth. I intend to continue my relationship
with the scientific communities of the U. E. O. ?

and seaQuest?



No, Lucas.

It's time.

You know how much I love this boat,

but my life is filled with so much more now.

We'll keep in touch.

This man has been my right hand.

And my left.

You won't get any better.

In fact, the level of confidence
and integrity on this crew?

will astound you.


she's all yours.

Ship's company, attention!

It's open.

Well, it didn't take you long
to make yourself at home.

I'm sure you didn't come here to
insult my taste in decorating.

Hold my ankles.


Come on, hold my ankles.
Let me finish up this set.

Hold them.

Yeah. Look, I, um?

wanted to apologize for running
out on you the other day.

You didn't run out on me.

Yeah, I know. I ran out on myself.

That's not what I mean.

What I mean is?

you broke from U. E. O. protective custody.

And what's worse?

you stole a naval vessel.

Well, there were extenuating
circumstances, sir.

Yes, I know.

You were emotionally motivated?

to find your Captain.

I can understand that.

I can even respect it.

You would've made a fine
member of the seaQuest team.


sir, I am a member of the seaQuest team.

I'm chief computer analyst.

Sorry, Wolenczak.

No civilians on my boat, and no exceptions.

Have Commander Ford order you up a shuttle.

O. K.

O. K. , then what if I were to, uh?

sign up?

Sign up for what?

For duty.

You know, like,

as a lieutenant or something.

Hell, why don't you try for captain?

O. K. , well, then you tell me.

Well, first commission in this
man's navy is usually an ensign.


uh, Darwin is an ensign, sir.

No. Absolutely not.

You want to keep that animal around,
knock yourself out, but I've enough
paperwork without adding a porpoise to my detail.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, when you're on duty.

What about my hair?

You make it neat, presentable,

or the next haircut you get will come from me.

Can I still come and go?

You can go right now?

but you can't come back.

Ensign Wolenczak.

I'll have the papers drawn up,

make it official.

Yes, sir.

Oh, um?

Not till it's official, Mr. Wolenczak.