SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 3, Episode 2 - In the Company of Ice and Profit - full transcript

The Seaquest gets involved in a businessman's scheme to use refugees and an iceberg to further his financial and political gains. Ben Krieg makes a return as one of the refugees and Dagwood becomes an official member of the crew.

Weddell Sea, Antarctic

End it. You're forty there
minutes longer than allowed.

It must be horrible down there
cold. - But not enough.

So there was an erosion
since last inspection.

It's been ten years.
- And my mustache isn't growing yet.

Glacier stability is declining
faster than I calculated.

What does your data say?
- They're the same as yours.

The Middle East will for Christmas
get a big iceberg.

iceberg Claus Camel Frost.
- I'm more concerned about the flood.

Big iceberg, big dive.
Tony, put that down!

It will look lovely on my wall. - It is
artefact, and you must not touch them.

Are you playing me an elder?
- Give it back.

I understand, officer, Luke.

A shot and a shot!

And don't call me Luke.
- And the Duke of seaQuest?

Or the Duke of Sandwitch?
I'm starving.

There was a Count of Sandwitch
and the Duke of Earl. - I do not care.

Let's eat. - But
in some nice place.

I was tired of eating from a tube.

I happened to be this morning
had breakfast of toothpaste.

A thousand miles east
from the shuttle from seaQuest

Deon International
special metals and agriculture

Department of Energy
and global communications

What are you talking about? You doubted
and I said we would come in.

Excuse me?
- You know what I mean.

And who are you? - Wolenczak,
O'Neill and Piccolo.

You are not on the guest list
- Now play the elder.

Ensign Wolenczak.

My superior and I are
hung here ten years ago.

When he was eight?
- Formally, I'm 28 years old.

Stay away from the sun. - Larry Deon founded
Deon International only five years ago.

Is Larry here?
- No. - Excuse me.

We're from seaQuest.
- This is an employee club.

This is a general OUO pass.
Take a look.

Global access.

Welcome to Deon International.

Who is the new talent?
- Easy sergeant.

These are scientists with
seaQuesta, they're not dustmen.

I prefer it anyway
sailors. - They're not from the company.

You know the rules.
- I'm not on duty.

I have to get this.
- You have to be an officer, Tony.

Good to be with you,
otherwise I would have waited in the car.

Be happy not to
I want you to salute me.

When I become an officer, you won't
you have to salute me.

When you're an officer, I will
be in a nursing home.

Headquarters of Deon International
Caribbean Sea, coast of New Haiti

For the world, this is ordinary
humanitarian escort.

Deon International
helps refugees,

the tragic victims of the Macronesian rebellion.

What will the new Macronesian say?
President, Alexander Bourne?

Bourne is a buyer at
a very scarce market.

What else is there? To buy
solar reactors from OUO?

He must be good, otherwise
we will turn off the light.

Rescuing refugees is a great cover.

OUO will not interfere in civil strife,

but Deon has a responsibility
according to society. A wise move.

Go through the OUO blockade?
If they attack us, we will lose.

I doubt they will attack us
as we save lives.

Everyone on this planet needs it
dom. We're good guys now.

And where will the refugees live?
- Let's move on, Bill. Okay?

New job? - Boeing refused ours
an offer to build Teflon turbines.

It will affect ours
heavy industry index.

Buy them!
- Boeing is not for sale.

Every public company is on
sale. We get so rich.

We need to talk.
- Excuse us.

Researchers from seaQuesta
are in the Weddell Sea. - Why?

It's obvious, Larry.

Our mines are breaking the law
on environmental protection.

It made them ice cold
iceberg off the polar sheath.

A natural disaster with a profit motive.

Don't underestimate seaQuest.
- It's been in a dry dock for ten years.

Now we have the technology.
- No kidding with Hudson.

Yes, I heard those stories.

Who is this kid? - Officer
led by the science team.

He entered our club using a general
OUO passes. - Amazing.

Let her find out about the refugees.
They'll tell the superiors,

like any newcomer
NCO eager for praise.

Captain Hudson will think
that one step ahead of us.

Treat them with dinner. Maybe I will
to hire that guy once.

Yes sir.
We can do it.

Why these girls
kept? - They're slow walking, Tim.

I can't believe it! They have
beef steaks and roasts!

It's been banned for twenty years.

You can probably do it here
you find all that is forbidden.

Do they offer California pate?

You really have no taste at all
or are you pretending? - No taste.

Joking. It tastes like a little foke anyway.

Who ordered this? - She.

Thanks, but we don't drink.

Maybe the lady wants dinner
with us, even though I'm not an officer.

I was joking, Tony.
- Private army may not

to hang out with those who don?t
Deon's tattoo.

Is this a company or a sect?
- We are the largest conglomerate

in the world free market.
- I can tattoo myself.

She sails out at dawn, sailor.

Mr. Deon will save
Macronesian refugees.

The OUO imposed sanctions. There she is
naval blockade. He must not do this.

Mr. Deon does what he wants. At least the team will
Give the poor people a place to live.

Lawrence Deon is a Private, a
his companies are converting inventories

water into the sewer. - Our actions
jumped 1,700% in six months.

We will not drink stocks
when clear water runs out.

He'll handle it. Give him time.

You have a connection, Mr. Wolenczak.
- Ensign, Wolenczak.

It is an act of privilege and responsibility.

Don't parade around with him.
- Excuse me.

Another iceberg fell off
from the Antarctic cover.

I'm not surprised. How much is it?
- The size of New England.

Carry is the Somali current.

The electricity will take it to the Arabian Sea,

which will drastically lower it
desert temperature.

Without controlling the flow of fresh water,

iceberg will melt and
flood miles of land.

Consequences? - You can expect
global and regional hunger

because of the losses in the underwater
and traditional agriculture.

You're thinking well. Give it back
get home. - I understand.

Can you switch me?
to a safe line? - Say.

Deon's Private Army
defies OUO policy.

That doesn't surprise me. He
it draws attention to itself

ever since he sold ABM at 23.

Will OUO intervene?
- From your mouth to God's ears.

Deon will grow old before
bureaucrats send us into action.

Take command, Mr. Ford.

With all due respect, lines
they have to be open.

What do you want to say?
- There are no secrets on the bridge.

In times of crisis, it triggers
contradictions and misinformation.

How do you know he's not planning
birthday party?

Maybe even yours
birthday. - I do not know.

But he's my NCO.
- He's my NCO.

My commander, my submarine.
Do you understand, Mr. Ford?

Perfect, sir.

East Coast of Macronesia,
the former New Australia

Everyone who strives to
be the commander at sea,

he has to study his own

officer qualifications

Everyone who strives to
be the commander at sea,

he has to study his own

officer qualifications

and previous assignments.

You are stupid.

You're stupid, Antony Piccolo.

I don't like him. - Hudson's not here
so long that one would not like it.

I don't think you're in command if you don't know
that George Washington had wooden teeth.

We are from different camps. He
is analog, and I digital.

And what am I?
- You're original.

He always tests me.
He asks what he already knows.

Maybe he wants to hear what you already know.

And you're practical. - More
one false praise.

I wouldn't worry about it.
- I'd. - I like you.

She's great, sir.

And it looks nice too.
- She's a fighter, not a flower.

I meant the submarine
SF-A2 spectrum.

I heard Fredriksova
has a psychological chip. - Exactly.

Fredie's a chip.
Does that bother you, O'Neill?

No, sir.
- Good.

She hit the prototype in
ridge at high speed.

She almost died.
The recovery was difficult.

The training was expensive. Programmed
We want her to be fearless.

I'll remember that.
- Remember.

- This is Lieutenant Fredriks.

Brody learns to operate safely?

He had no combat training for a long time.
It's good for one man.

Yes, we just repay
mortgages and we bring bacon.

You've been away for a long time.
Pork is forbidden.

This pig will sit on your tail.
- Leave it for prom, Brody.

Lieutenant, latitude
is 18 degrees, 54 minutes south.

Length is 44 degrees, 11 minutes,
east. - Roger that, I'm leaving.

Fredie, don't hurt him.
- May I scare him?

Do you think they'll be scared?
- Maybe.

The ladies choose.

My God!

Be careful with that, Brody.
They are very expensive.

When does seaQuest arrive?
- Tomorrow at 1:00 pm.

At the right moment, we will announce
that they were tragically killed at sea.

So we're ready. Good.
- It depends on what they're planning.

So many melted iceberg will cause
disaster in the Arabian Sea.

And Captain Hudson knows that.
He'll have to destroy her before then.

But his conscience will not
allow. - If there is one.

There is.
- Then it'll be easy, gentlemen.

Manufacturing plants?
- They do.

Water contamination at
The Middle East goes according to plan.

Try to slow down the hunters
and test the technology

before we launch it.

Hi Tony. - Hi.
- What happened?

You know ...
- Are you okay?

Not really.

What's the problem?

I don't know how to read.

You do not know.
- Not so good.

I can't learn
something I don't already know,

Do you want to teach me?

Yes, I'll try.

Thank you.

When did the refugees disappear?
- We don't know.

Satellites haven't been working since
the OUO introduced a blockade.

President Bourne plays rough.
- How do we know he's guilty?

- Who else? - Larry Deon
performs a rescue action.

He is not a famous humanitarian.
- What will happen to Deon a hundred refugees?

It depends on their price
in the market it creates.

What market? - Maybe OUO
he didn't just need to have discussions.

We were supposed to save these people.

It wasn't your duty?
- Finding the culprit is.

You better join the team.
- I wanted to work on a tugboat.

And I joined the team.
I'm a quarterback.

Fredrick's, run.
- Everything is OK.

There's just a huge piece
ice. - Are there any other vessels?

No. Are you expecting visitors today?
- There's a boat full of refugees.

Be careful.
- All right. Brody, the reception?

Brody, hunter on the right.
- Who?

Is this part of combat training?
- No, avoid him!

O'Neille! - Excuse me? - Works
something. We don't play golf.

They seem to be Fredrick's
and Brody attack. - Looks like?

Have someone here who can handle me
answer! Our people are there! Go!

Probes are out of range.
Hunters are unidentified.

Good start. Safe
line, combat encryption.

The line is secure and encrypted.
- Fredriks, what's going on?

Tell me. We have company.

Identify and define them.
- I have no parameters.

I can't make a comparison.
Hunters appear to be unmanned.

"Donuts" unidentified.
Take the necessary steps.

I've already done that.
I hit another river.

What are you doing?
- It's a general uproar.

And as far as I'm concerned, sailor!
- No, it's a private matter.

I'm your superior!

She taught me to read, sir.

Who are they? - Donuts, Brody.
They're coming back. - Donuts?

Unmanned hunters. Look
you are a newcomer.

You always need this much time
to come to the bridge during the alarm?

No, sir.
- It is good.

I'm coming in. SOS!

They're after you again.
Catapult yourself!

Not easy to scare you, Brody?
- I'm scared to death. And you?

I have a chip.
I can't be scared.

Why do you call them donuts?

Because there is nothing u
middle, smart guy.

Makes sense. Good, Fredie.
I'm coming for you.

O'Neille, can you tell
coordinates to iceberg

and prepare the torpedo with
firing plasma? - Yes.

Then do it. Commander ...

I won't see it in the future
civilians on the bridge. - Excuse me?

This is a military submarine. It must not be
misinformation in times of crisis.

Take the helm. Let's go get our people.

Full steam ahead, Piccolo.
- Full steam ahead.

Let's go, folks.

Six million dollars
for technology development,

and the "D-17" can't stop
hunters ten years old?

Spectrum SF-A2
is perfect, Larry.

SeaQuest got them
when OUO returned it to service.

We sold a dozen
"D-17" to President Bourne.

He thinks they are perfect.
- SeaQuest will be our problem.

Because of us, they pushed him again.
- If we lose that iceberg,

we will fail the agreement with
To the Saudis about drinking water.

That's a matter of judgment, Larry.
You think Hudson is human?

And what do you think?
- I'm not gambling.

Can we win it?
- Not bribable, if you mean it.

I didn't mean that.

I can try.

Two Spectators were attacked,
and you want me to sit with your arms crossed?

We don't know who's responsible.
- Who else has this technology?

Larry Deon for three years
produces heavy weapons.

Why would Deon interfere with us
let's get to the iceberg?

We do not know. That's the thing.
- And this is not a debate.

I was counting on your force.
- I'll ask for a review for you,

if you attack them
without new provocations.

It's open.

I'm Dagwood.
- I know.

What can I do for you?
- Daggers are not human.

Lucas had to
report to the Navy.

And I want to sign up.
- Really?

Can I be in the Navy
if i'm not human? - It depends.

What can you do?

I can do this.

Captain, the sensors register
stroke. Is there a problem?

I'm with Dagwood.
- Good, sir.

This is an autograph picture
President Colin Powell.

You can't do this anymore
to get one. - Excuse me.

I'll think about it, okay? - You
you are the captain. You have to think.


Forward by a third of the power. Right.
- A third of the power, to the right.

Prepare sight gadgets
and five P-90 torpedoes.

Aiming devices ready.
Torpedo Plasma-90 ready.

Prepare the first torpedo.

First torpedo ready.
- Don't shoot!

You do not issue such orders.
- I register living beings.

The torpedo is ready.
- Keep it on alert.

What's the matter, Lucas?
Mr. Wolenczak?

I don't know ... Maybe they are
walruses, but there are many.

What if we were walruses?
- We'll put them in a circus.

Brody, get on the coast patrol
with Fredriksov and Wolenczak.

Equip them for battle.
We'll leave in three minutes.

Ford, get me the shuttle.
- I should go.

I want to see what kind
what are these people.

Brody, we're going for two
minutes and 46 seconds.

- I'm not on the bridge.

I see. Get ready, sailor.
You're coming with us.

See? I'm not that bad.
- Nice to meet you, sir.

There they are, Captain. One hundred
meters behind that ridge.

Don't shoot walruses. Fighters
they do not like to preserve the environment.

Take cover!

Brody, perform! - Floor
We are with a sniper fire.

Dagwood, get down!

Dagwood! - Stop the fire!

Stop firing!

Who are you?


Macronesian refugees
have taken this iceberg

in the name of the people and freedom.
Go away.

Go away!

You have 30 seconds to go,
otherwise we will start firing.

I'm Hudson,
captain of seaQuesta.

Bridger is the captain of seaQuest.
It disappeared ten years ago.

It's Nathan Bridger
retired. - That's a lie!

We will die here if we have to!
- I know him.

That's Lieutenant Benjamin Krieg.

We served together at seaQuest.

Krieg was a procurement officer.
I befriended him first.

He finished his service, seaQuest
has been in space for ten years.

He must think we're dead.
- The world has changed.

Krieg was always on edge. Maybe him
is this madness finally coming to a head.

Maybe Deon came to him.

He placed it on that iceberg
Craig and the freedom fighters.

They have been political pawns for years.

They certainly consider everyone an enemy.

That is an explanation, but not an excuse
to shoot at us. - What should we do?

Let's destroy the iceberg with
hundreds of people on it?

No way. - I think so
part of the Deon Plan.

The Deon International mines
polluted the southern oceans

and caused warming
that made iceberg fall off.

Which means? - Deon knows yes
we have to destroy it,

lest it dissolve in the Arabian Sea.

He also knows Hudson won't do it
while the refugees are on it.

He obviously knows you are
a famous humanitarian.

For now, I agree with you.
Don't ruin it.

Deon wants the electricity to go away
iceberg to the Arabian Sea.

Why? He spent billions of dollars
to the construction of solar reactors

along the shores of Saudi Arabia.
This is confirmed by our satellites.

And they will be destroyed.
- Yes. But what if they weren't

solar fusion plants,
but for water production?

Deon is a market leader.

Oil, cyber technology,
solar energy ...

iceberg will naturally melt,
its factories will purify the water,

and he will hold it in his hand first
market for water production.

Water scarcity is better than
oil shortages. - Exactly.

A true genius.

Without mind abilities you can't
you create the largest corporation in the world.

I was thinking about you. It's hellish
plan, i think you are absolutely right.

Thank you.

How To Get Rid Of Craig And
his people from that iceberg

and ruin Deon's business?
- I think I can do it.

- Krieg was a friend of mine.

Lieutenant Krieg?

We need to talk, Ben.
- Don't shoot!

Don't, it's a trap.

Hi Ben.

It is impossible that you are Lucas.
- Yes. - But you're all dead.

Captain Bridger, Darwin,
Commander Ford, all ...

Lucas would be 28 now.
- I can't explain it now.

But I'm Lucas. We're alive.
You have to trust me. - No.

I only trust mine. - No
let you die here.

What's the matter?

The past has become
a present full of nightmares.

Deon set the game for you.

Come on, Ben. We'll help
you. - Will you help us?

OUO turned our backs on us! Deon
gave us a place to live.

Even if it dissolves tomorrow,
we live here today.

No, Ben. You are pawns.
- And maybe you're a pawn for OUO.

After that they will let you die.

You once told me the world belongs
to those who give him the greatest hope.

I love you, you are my friend.

Let me take you home.

If that's all you have, we can't
we bring Deon to the international court.

Anything I got? - Revolutionaries
homeless are bad witnesses.

For the last three years, he's been trying to
enters the White House through a basement window.

He's crazy. He was running for
President with the slogan "You go for peace."

Whatever that means.
- Larry Deon is guilty.

And what should we do?
Shame on him before the world?

Last time we did this,
tripled the price of steel.

The auto industry is almost gone
it did not go bankrupt.

None of that. Destroy
iceberg and return home.

I tried.

Mr. O'Neille, what is it
with the rescue shuttle?

Mr. Brody, target the target.
- Target, sir.

It's you.

How does it feel?

Both new and old. As if
I did the right thing.

Maybe you could stay.
- We have different missions now.

You need to save the world,
and I have to change it.

We can do it together, Ben.

We're no longer on the same page, Lucas.

You're late.
- Let's go, Captain.

What? You parked in front
Larry's private yacht?

To the bridge, Captain.
We will revoke the order for iceberg.

And then what? - Then we'll leave
by shuttle to the Arabian Sea.

When iceberg arrives there,
you will go back.

I can't do that.
On the other hand, why not?

Move it!
- I'll bookmark the page.

Hard reading. Confuse you if
you don't read every page.

The rescue shuttle is out of range.
We can open fire.

Piccolo, call the captain.
- I already did. Does not fit.

Has anyone seen the captain? - Maybe
Darwin holds a lesson in naval ethics.

Don't, he's our captain.

What happened, sir?
- Nobody shot the president.

Mason. He asked me to change
life for a iceberg ice.

Would you agree to that?
- Negotiations with terrorists are ...

Against OUO rules. I know.
- I'll get him taken to headquarters.

In vain. Deon will just lift
the price of cheese or something.

Send it back to
Deon International.

Let him know we sent him
back to the best man.

Well done, sailor.

Welcome to the submarine.

Analyze careers
of their superiors.

You're getting better, Tony.
- Yes.