SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 22 - Higher Power - full transcript

An emotional time is at hand as the seaQuest's tour of duty comes to an end; Chief Crocker faces his retirement and the end of his marriage, Commanders Ford and Hitchcock are offered the same command, and Captain Bridger and Dr. Westphalen begin a romantic relationship. Most emotional of all is Lucas who realizes that his father is hardly a part of his life anymore. However, when the Earth's crust begins to crack open underneath his father's power plant, the world is threatened by an unstoppable rise in ocean temperature which will melt the polar caps. With lava seeping into the sea, Bridger must sacrifice the seaQuest in order to save the world.

Tonight on seaQuest:

- Lucas. - Dad.
- I love you.

- Shut it down.
- I can't.

- We're gonna die.
- And if you're gonna whine,

why don't you
just stand over there in the corner.

The last I heard
was that Wolenczak is dead.

- Mayday, mayday, this is the seaQuest.
- Going to emergency power.

We are abandoning seaQuest.

Most breakthroughs,
events history books define as progress,

don't arrive with the crashing sounds
of brass horns and drum rolls.

Real breakthroughs, ones that last
like fiber optics and the paper clip

sneak up on the page
from the back of the book.

Let's remember
that it took mankind 100,000 years

to make a simple drinking cup.

A hundred millennia just to drink out
of a cup instead of clasped hands.

So you see,
goodness takes time and sacrifice.

I mean, the World Power Project
has taken 15 years

and it's cost me my marriage.

Well, I don't know my son
as well as I should.

But I have to believe
that it's all been for a higher good.

I mean, think of it. We're going to turn
on the lights of the world forever.

And for everyone.
And for free.

The first world
and the third world coming together

to share
the benefits of this technology.

When was the last time
you had a day off?

- I don't know. Today?
- I'm serious.

So am I.

I take a day off at the end of every sea
tour whether I need it or not.

You're seven for twelve.
I'm nine for eleven.

If I make this one stand up,
you owe me another $300.

- Double or nothing!
- Oh, I can't do that, Shelley.

I'd be worried about your retirement.

- You want to recommend any of them?
- Recommend who?

Your crew.
Some of them are leaving, right?

- You can't have my crew.
- Why not?

Because they're the best
and you've got nothing to offer them.

What about sunshine?

Thirteen months in a sub would make
anyone put in for duty on a carrier.

I'm not going to
argue with you, it's our day off.

When the whole world
has a day off, it doesn't feel like one.

Come on, it's monumental,
it's a worldwide effort.

- Pretend it's Armistice Day.
- It's a power plant.

People everywhere
are getting electricity for free

- just another something for nothing.
- You're such a romantic.

What I am is out $300.
You gonna let me try and get it back?

You want to be out $600?

What I want is Cmdr. Ford.
How's about we play for him?

- He doesn't do aircraft carriers.
- Well,

he won't mind me playing for the
right to try and persuade him otherwise.

Playing what?


- One hour and counting.
- Engage the turbines, please.

We have a compromise
at the GOO-mile relay.

That's expected.

Mr. Rosenthal, would you advance
the maintenance schedule.

- We're showing an increased reading
- That's fine. That's fine. Carry on.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

Hi! You know,
I wrote that tune.

Guy's busier than a one-legged man
at a butt kicking contest.

It's a variation
of the scatter technique.

- The what?
- Scatter technique.

It was invented by a guy
I used to work with back in Vancouver.

You know, he'll go up to
one girl after another

sometimes a hundred a night, and ask
if they wanted to go home with him.

- Did it work?
- Well, he used to get slapped a lot.

- But he used to take them home a lot,
too. - The scatter technique, huh?

I guess I'm gonna
have to learn that one.

Come on, Crocker, you got it made.
You've finished your tour.

You got that gig running security
at Tucker Enterprises.

You and the little lady
are gonna get that condo in Oxnard.

- Hey, Lucas, you enjoying this?
- Tons.

- You gotta be pretty proud of him.
- Proud of who?

Your dad.
I mean, he's the reason for the holiday.

This is the biggest event
of the 21st century.

If I ever see him,
I'll tell him you're impressed.

The name of the game
is volleyball, gentlemen.

How about I bet on those guys
and give you points?

- How many?
- Ten. - Not enough.

The object is to get the ball over the
net more times than the other guys.

Think your people
can handle that, Bridger?

Just don't spend my money yet,

You playing?

- No.
- Why not?

- Because I'm angry.
- What are you angry at? Your old man?

- No, I'm not angry at him.
- I'd be angry at him.

- Give me the ball.
- Captain, what are we playing for?

- Pride, Commander.
- Just pride.


- What are you laughing at?
- You. I think you look cute.

- I'm not cute. I'm four points behind.
- Well, don't get hurt.

- We waited a long time to say goodbye.
- I'm still working on hello.

One. Two. Three.

I guess you're gonna
have to find another commander.

We're on-line in Moscow,

Jerusalem, Athens,

- Tucson, Glasgow.
- Yes.

Sydney, Tokyo, Beijing-

- We did it.
- Nairobi, Los Angeles,

New York, Paris, Brisbane.

We have another compromise.
Southern quadrant.

We're showing a
second degree surface failure.

We should
shut it down.

This is a
$100 billion project, Mr. Rosenthal.

We don't shut it down,
we fix it.

I hope all of your time aboard seaQuest
has been productive and insightful.

Thirteen months, we've logged
over 200,000 sea miles,

participated in
17 rescue operations,

completed three years
of underwater research.


I just hope your memories
of this tour are as warm as mine.

As many of you know,
this boat has been a dream of mine.

I'd like to thank all of you
for making this dream come true.

Some of us are going on
to the next tour

and others are moving
to newer opportunities.

But I'd like to wish
all of you great success.

- Thank you and good luck!
- Ten-hut.

- Mr. Shan, make way for homeport.
- Aye, aye, Captain.


- Nice speech, Captain.
- The short ones are always nice.

- Have you seen Lucas? - No, I was
surprised he wasn't here for the goodbye.

All this hoopla about his father,
he's taking it pretty hard.

Yes, his father may be a great man,

but he's a strong boy.

The great man hasn't been seen
for a year. I'd better check.

- We still on for dinner tonight?
- Absolutely.

About time.

Captain, the three of us chipped in.
We wanted to give you this.

It's a little something
to say thanks.

- Krieg picked it up.
- At a shop in Singapore.

- Wrapped it myself.
- Did you?

You know, someone once sent me
a strip-o-gram.

I spent about a half an hour
running around my room

trying to get a nude geisha girl
back into the box.

Thanks. I think I'll pass.

- How did he know what it was?
- 'Cause it was your idea, Ben.

He probably just started in the sewer
and worked his way back up from there.

Hello, Lucas,
it's good to see you again.

I apologize that once again, I can't be
spending the holidays with you.

But I spoke to your mother, and she
assures me that you're doing well

and that you're growing up, and

Anyway, I can't wait till
this project is finished

so that we can spend
some time with each other.

Yeah, right.

Hello, Lucas,
it's good to see you again.

I apologize that

Come in.

- You missed my goodbye speech.
- I'm sorry. I had other stuff to do.

You don't want to go back, do you?

Would you?

Look at what you've done for me.
Now everybody's saying goodbye

and giving you presents and stuff.
It's like a bad birthday party.

- Don't worry. I didn't get you anything.
- That's alright.

You don't have to do that.

There will be another tour.
You don't have to leave seaQuest.

Oh yeah, yeah, I know.

But now that he's done, you know, still,

famous for saving the world
he's gonna want to show me off

he's gonna want to parade me around
like one of his projects.

Once again, I can't be spending
the holidays with you.

But I spoke to your mother, and she
assures me that you're doing well and

That was my Christmas present.

- But it's the thought that counts, right?
- Do you want me to call him?

No, that's all right.

But if you do,
tell him I said, "hi."

- Dr. Wolenczak, you have a call.
- Not now.

It's a Capt. Bridger
from seaQuest.

Ask if my son is all right.

- Is his son all right?
- Well, yes. - He's fine.

Good. Tell him "thank you"
but I can't speak to him right now.

- He can't talk to you right now.
- It's quite important.

- He says it's important.
- Not now!

He'll call you back.

What a dad.

Come in.

- You look gorgeous.
- Thank you.

Santa came early this year, I see.

The crew.

They're all giving me
goodbye presents.

I know. This is lovely.

I think I'd be very jealous
if anyone else saw you looking like this.

- May I kiss you, Doctor?
- Of course, Captain.

I know it's a lot of money,
but we didn't get into this for money.

- I did.
- Honey? - Please.

Ben, how did you figure
there was money in this?

I guess I should have read the seaQuest
career opportunities brochure.

- They offered you a lot of money?
- Well, yeah, but

- I don't see myself on the bridge of a
supertanker. - I could see myself there.

- You need discipline to run a ship, Ben.
- I am disciplined.

So, Katie

What are you going to do?

I have been approached for a captain's
position on a supertanker, too.

- No way, which one? - The H.R. Clinton
registered out of Delaware.

That's the one
I was asked to captain.

- Maybe they thought you'd say no.
- I haven't said no.

But you could afford to.

I don't know how to turn down
$400,000 a year.



- They offered you $400,000'?
- Yes.

They only offered me $300,000.

Maybe they're willing
to pay more for a woman.

Women make better captains.

- That is purely subjective.
- It's a statistical fact.

All things being equal, women make
better captains of non-combat vessels.

A woman at the helm
has a calming effect on her crew.

Well, Ben, there's another reason
you'll never captain a ship.

Don't write me off so quickly.
I could be a woman.

Hello, darling.

- I've missed you terribly.
- Who's that?

- My wife.
- Sorry I can't be with you,

- you'll be just fine.
- Your wife?

- Just keep me in your heart.
- Can she see us?

I hope not.

How'd you like
my goodbye gift, Captain?

I programmed a way
to make your wife talk.

Damn it, Lucas!
How dare you invade my privacy.

I was just

I get it now, Captain.
I'm sorry about your privacy.

- We've got 30 miles of raw
- Take north quadrant off-line.

Corning off the North Mount.
We've got control seizure.

Shut it down.

I can't.

Come in.

Can we talk?


To your face.

Your present to Capt. Bridger
couldn't have been more thoughtful.

It just came
at an inauspicious time.

You don't owe me
an explanation.

Well, I think
I owe myself one.

- Do you mind listening?
- No.

Nathan and I have become very close
over the last year

and when a bond
is established between two adults

and I don't mean sex,

is something that adults need
in a relationship.

You're saying I'm not adult enough to
understand what you're talking about.

- No.
- I understand.

And I'm glad you and the captain
can share

whatever it is you were sharing.
I'm sorry my present ruined it for you.

Then why is it that I feel
that you're angry with us.

Because "intimacy, and I don't mean sex,"
is important to me, too.

But adults always put their needs in
terms thatmake my needs unimportant.

Your search for science
is more important than my needs.

SeaQuest's exploration of the deep
is more important than my needs.

My father's pursuit
of an empire that serves mankind

is more important
than my needs.

"Wait in line, Lucas. Stand over there,
Lucas. Take a number, Lucas.

We'll get to you."

Look, however important
your father's work is

you're absolutely right to think
that you should come first.

Tell him that.

- I'd very much like to.
- Oh, yeah?

Good luck getting through.

Hey, Captain.
How are you doing?

I've been better, thanks.

I wanted to come down here
to say goodbye to you personally.

You know, I never even
thanked you for

delaying your retirement
to come aboard this boat.

Well, it was a chance to serve
one more tour with you.

It meant a lot to me.

- I don't know what to say.
- No, no, come on, open it.

I guess you're anxious
to get home, huh? To see Helen?

It's been an emotional time.

That's the watch that Hyman Rickover
wore the day they launched the Nautilus.

I can't accept this.
This is too precious.

Well, sure you can.
I want you to have it.


This is very hard

but I've fallen in love
with someone else

and I realize that the best part
of our marriage

was how much time
you weren't here.

I'm sorry.

But you always loved the sea
more than you loved me.


She's right, you know.

We only got along
from a distance.

What am I gonna do now?
I mean, one part of my life is over with

and the other part just up
and disappeared on me.

Is there a problem,
Mr. O'Neill?

I'm getting a confirmed uplink
from every satellite we're assigned to

- but nothing's coming back.
- I was shut out of the Internet.

- I'm not getting anything back, either.
- Did you run diagnostics?

Three times.

I tried emergency bands,
private sector transponders

and commercial broadcasts.
Nothing's coming back.

- It's like the globe's been unplugged.
- That's exactly what it's like.

The globe doesn't unplug.
Have you tried Sat-Com?

Sat-Com, Nor-Pac First Strike,
even Clonal-Rad.

Try the E-band.

Stand by for a UEO
Sig-Core E-band test.

Identity confirmed.

United Earth Oceans Signal Core
emergency band engaged.

Well, to be
totally honest with you

we're in here because I'm still
a little leery of Lucas' hologram.

So am I.

- Do you regret what happened?
- Not yet.

I talked to Lucas. I think he feels
pretty threatened by you and me.

Well, you're really all he has

and it's hard being 17
and not having a family.

You're right.

But do you think we could have
a nice, quiet little dinner?

- Absolutely.
- Thank you.

- What is it, Commander?
- I wish I could say, Captain

- but I don't know, sir.
- Look, Nathan,

World Power's gone off-line,
we've got a global blackout.

- But your redundant systems can
- Well, a power surge has frozen us out.

Everybody's working off generators:
police, hospitals, everybody.

But you've got contingencies.
Dr. Wolenczak is a smart man.

Look, we don't have time
for Monday morning

quarterbacking from candle-lit dinners.

The last I heard was
that Wolenczak is dead.

Because the last communication
we got from World Power

was an automated report
of a catastrophic oscillation.

- Lay in a course. Full speed.
- Yes, sir.

Try to get back on-line
with our old systems.

It's gonna be weeks,
if we're lucky.

Without power, this globe is going
to regress in geometric proportions.

- Status? - On course.
- 150 miles an hour and climbing.

- Engines at full torque.
- WSKRS on bow lock.

- ETA three hours.
- E-band open and holding.

Are you all right?

- Captain, my father. - Noyce made
a giant assumption about your father.

Now you're stuck with it.
I know what that's like.

- Yeah, and your son died.
- I'll never be certain

and the not knowing eats at me
a little every day.

But I'll tell you something,
you know what's helped me?

- What?
- You.

You can't imagine how important
it is for me to have you here.

Now I want you to know how important
it is for me to be here for you.

- I know. I know.
- Okay.

We're off-line
and stabilized at zero output.

We're stabilized, but the Earth isn't.
Thermal indicators are rising.

- Ocean temperature will balance.
- It's not happening.

- It's just got to cool down.
- It's not. We've got to evacuate.

We can't. The shuttle has dislodged
from the air lock.

- We're going to die.
- Probably and if you're going to whine

why don't you just
stand over there in the corner?

- How soon until you can get me
communications? - I don't know.

I don't know who you expect to com-
municate with. - Just get me an uplink.

Lucas, can you hear me?

- Dad. Dad.
- You there?

Yes, I am.

I don't know how long I have,
but I want you to know

I need you to know

that you're my son.

And I love you.

Whatever's happened,
I want you to know that

- Two hundred miles an hour.
- ETA, five minutes.

- Three-quarter speed. - Three-quarter
speed. - Hull temperature rising.

- We're entering a thermocline.
- Five degrees, now ten.

WSKRS view.

- This isn't a thermocline.
- Mr. Obatu,

use target systems
to measure this.

Twelve feet wide beneath us,
10,000 at its source, three miles out.

Three miles and closing.

Dispatch WSKRS.
I want a closer look.

Twenty degree rise. We are at 90%
on the hull skin tolerance.

Thermoclines cool off 400 degrees
within a foot of their vents.

This isn't happening.
This ocean is cooking.

- Hull tolerance at a 105%.
- E-band.

Bill, we've got
an exposed river of lava

two miles wide running
underneath this power plant.

We've got a 20-degree increase
in ocean temperature

- with no sign of abatement.
- Can we salvage the plant?

To hell with the plant.
Didn't you hear what he said?

- We're destroying the ocean.
- A balanced ecology doesn't mean squat

- when compared to our cities collapsing.
- No, look, just a minute.

Guys. Listen. A rise in temperature
like this is going to melt the polar caps.

You're gonna need scuba gear
to stand on the observation deck

of the World Trade Center.
Your cities aren't going to collapse

they're gonna drown.

All right, let's go to alert on all
stations. This is going to get rocky.

- Going to emergency power.
- Maximize stabilizers. - Stabilizers full!

Mayday, Mayday, this is the seaQuest.
Location 13 degrees, 15 minutes.

Mayday, this is seaQuest
coordinates 15 degrees, 13 minutes.

Attention all personnel,
this is Captain Bridger.

Go to your emergency launches
immediately. We're abandoning ship.

I repeat,
we're abandoning seaQuest.

Mr. Shan, go to automated systems,
evacuate your helmsmen.

Aye, aye, Captain.
Penny, Russ, Susan, launch bay.

- Just giving up? - Some of us are.
We're going to abort the rescue mission.

Mr. O'Neill, keep E-band open and then
evacuate and take the doctor with you.

- Aye, sir. - No, Nathan.
- Kristin, don't argue.

Mr. Obatu,
switch your systems down here.

Ortiz, WSKRS control
at my station and then evacuate.

Hitchcock, you're in charge of the launch
bay and I want you out on the last one.

Yes, sir.

- What about my father?
- Lucas, the chances of survival

- Will eat at me a little every day.
- I can't risk sending anyone over there.

- It's suicide. - So maybe I die now
instead of a little bit later.

Besides his old man might be able to
help us figure out what's going on here.

- Let me go see if I can find him.
- Chief, I can't.

Cap, I don't want to waste away
on some bar stool in San Diego.

The sea is where I live.
It's where I'd prefer to die.

- Now hold on to this for me.
- What are you doing?

I'm trying to save my crew
and then, maybe my boat.

It goes with the job.
Will you please get on the launch?

- If you do find my father,
tell him I love him. - I will.

- You two, out!
- No, sir.

- That's an order, Commander.
- You can't save seaQuest by yourself.

- Mr. Shan.
- No thank you, sir.

Okay. I need some time
in my quarters.

- Okay people, let's go! - All personnel,
report to evacuation stations.

All personnel,
report to evacuation stations.

Security team, Alpha and Bravo,
confirm lock-down on all decks.

Security team, Alpha and Bravo,
confirm lock-down on all decks.

This is gonna be a tough one,

Sorry I can't be with you.
You'll be just fine.

I know.

I love you, kiddo.

- I'm okay.
- I'm not.

Jordan, quick, up there,
come on, let's go.

- Come on, come on.
Dr. Wolenczak? - He's behind me.

- Where's the seaQuest?
- Let's get out of here. - How's my son?

- I don't know. Is this everybody? - Dead.
Everybody's dead. - We've got to go.

- I need to see my son! - He needs
to see you, too. He has for some time.

- We've got 'em, sir.
- Good.

- Hello, I'm Lucas' father.
- Nathan Bridger. - Where's my son?

- We had to abandon ship. - What?
- I've sent them all up-world.

- This World Power project was
a noble idea. - Most of them are.

- What will do about this project?
- I don't know. I don't know.

We got to think of something.
Take those people up top.

- Cap, this is my ship, too.
- Chief, you've done your job. Thanks.

- How are we going to close up the ocean
floor? - Seismic activity.

We've gotta plug the hole,
and it'll take an enormous force.

What about a million mega-tons?
That's our nuclear capacity.

- But how do we deliver it?
- We auto-pilot seaQuest

- right into the heart of this thing.
- It will destroy your ship.

Maybe, but it's
the only chance we've got.

- Give me everything you've got.
- If these aren't false readings

that lava well's
at least 200 miles deep.

Captain, what exactly
are we doing?

We're going to dive seaQuest
into this lava well,

- then we'll detonate her warheads.
- What's the good news?

That is the good news.

Come 20 degrees left at half speed
and activate the automatic-pilot.

Captain, it's time.

Arm all weapons.

arming sequence initiated.

Commander, on my mark.

Three, two

one. Now.

- Thermo-nuclear launch on-line.
- How long do we have?

I have no idea.
We'd better go.

- We've lost the auto-pilot.
- No, wait.

- There's nothing more you can do.
- Tell Lucas he's the best.

Captain, no!


Auto-pilot re-engaged.


- Lucas! Lucas!
- Dad!

You all right? You all right?

Where's Nathan?
Where's Nathan?

Out there!

Nathan. Oh, Nathan.

And now, for my next trick.

Look, I appreciate the offer,
but I'm still a submariner.

- Face the fact, seaQuest is gone.
- I'll think about it.

There's nothing bigger
than a carrier, Commander.

Yes, sir.

It says here to include the names
of at least three persons

who will recommend you
without reservation.

Come on, guys,
it's just a recommendation.

- What for?
- The seminary.

- Father Krieg?
- All right, med school.

- Dr. Krieg? - Okay, a manager
for a fast food franchise.

Better. I'll recommend you.


I think I'm gonna take that captain's
position on the H.R. Clinton.

What makes you think
there won't be another seaQuest?

There'll never be
another seaQuest.

You know,
this is depressing.

It's supposed
to be depressing.

Ben, don't open the box.

Come on, we can use the laugh.

Ladies and gentlemen,
live from Singapore.

Each and every one of you can have
a great life, ladies and gentlemen!

The future is yours. The monies
of the world are at your feet.

Success is your birthright.
Personal power is your destiny.

Listen to me,
I know what I'm talking about.

Three words, it-can-happen. Build it,
and it will come one day at a time.

- Who the hell is this guy?
- I don't know.

It's supposed to be a
nude saxophonist.

- How did it go?
- Okay, I guess.

Dad said even though
he's gonna be really busy

he promised to show up
for my birthday next year.

But I doubt it.

Don't worry, Lucas,
next year is going to be great.

- What are we gonna do?
- Well, first of all,

there's a small matter
of building a new boat.

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Scientists are working on various ways

to extract energy from the Earth
instead of from the sun.

In Hawaii,
a small geothermal power plan

has been built above the magma
chamber that's under the island.

In recent experiments
using our submersible, Alvin,

we tried to extract energy
from undersea vents

thousands of feet underwater
in a world of total darkness.

Join us on the next
exciting episode of seaQuest DSV.