SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 4 - Treasures of the Tonga Trench - full transcript

Lt. Krieg, while out on a short reconnaissance mission, locates mysterious gems in a deep ocean trench guarded by a large sea creature.

This is Sea Crab 1 on your frn dial.

We're leveling off
at 3,300 feet. Please confirm.

Negative, Sea Crab 1.
I show you at 3,299 feet.

That's 3,299, not 3,300.

Pick, pick, pick 35,000 feet
of ocean and I'm off by one.

I'll tell you what. I'll make up for it on
the parallel parking portion of the test.

Now how does that work again on hills?
Rudder into or away from the reef?


What are you doing?

- You are doing something, aren't you?
- Oh, Lieutenant, I'm driving now.

You want help getting ready
for the UEO Proficiency Drills?

I'll help. You want to act cute, save it
for Capt. Clayton, the UEO Inspector.

Not funny.

Katie, this is not funny.
You know what this does to me.

You mean that nausea thing?

I'm sorry.


Here's the drill. No lights, no power.

Stabilize your vessel,
ascend to 1,500 feet.

Hold your position there.

All right, I can do that.

What's going on down there?

Oh, damn.

"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray Lord my soul to keep

If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take." Amen.

Sea Crab 1. Come in, Sea Crab 1.


The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface lies the future.

Sea Crab landed and locked.
Lock-in collars secured.

Maintenance Team B
report to Docking Bay 3.

Lt. Krieg, wait a minute,
please. I'll be right up.

Okay, here's where we may have
the problem.

Now what I want you to do is
I want you to check the contacts

of all life-support circuitry
and then redo the oil packs.

Clayton will probably test
at 4 degrees centigrade.

You think maybe now you can
tell me what happened out there?


A current, probably. It must have been
some sort of rip current.

Currents don't move
the way you were moving.

It's a big ocean out there

and maybe there are still a few things
that you and I don't understand.

I need a favor.

No problem.
Just clear it with Clayton.

He's got me running
biomass sweeps right now.

I spent the last hour out in a Crab.

I've gotta know if WSKRS
picked up anything unusual.

A biologic, maybe?

A biologic? As in, something alive?

Yeah, something alive.

How unusual?

A 10.
A biologic 1O unusual.

Sorry. No, wait a minute.

Clayton had me running drills
with Junior and Mother.

Loaner might have seen
something when I wasn't monitoring.

Want me to check his memory?


Let's go, seaQuest.

You're at Clayton time now.

Let's go, this is a water rescue drill!

- Ten seconds.
- Let's go.

Come on, people.

Ensign, we gotta be in the water,
in formation, inside of three minutes.

Twenty seconds.

Gigolo of the sea.

I assume we're talking about the fish.

It's a member of the angler family.

The male attaches itself
to the female for life.

Lets her do all the work.

Not unlike the relationship
this science contingent

has with the military members
of your vessel, is it, Capt. Bridger?

Proficiency Drill 7-7404!

Your hypothetical:
Vehicle distress, location and retrieval.

- Prepare to move on my command.
- That's two minutes, Mr. Ford!

I've seen better organization
at a candy-tailed water ballet.

If I remember the manual, Captain.

Anything under three minutes
for this drill is considered excellent.

The Commander's men
still aren't wet.


Complete prep and step up.

A natural sonar for rescue operations.


- Congratulations, Commander.
- Thank you, sir.

Your dolphin was out of formation.

Lieutenant? Mr. Krieg?

What did you find?

Loaner's positioned 300 meters to the
north. You went south in the Crab

went pretty deep, too.

And Loaner didn't pick up
any biologics to the north?

Anything unusual?

- Big mahi-mahi count?
- No, anything else?

- No, nothing.
- You're sure?

- Yeah. I'm sure.
- Double-checked all programs?

I'm sure.

Are you okay, Lieutenant?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm fine.

All right, beat it.
Get out of here. Dismissed, go.

No, wait. I gotta tell somebody.
It might as well be you.






All right.

What I'm about to tell you
doesn't leave this room.

You don't tell no one. Got it?
You're it, understand?

The only person I'm telling.

So if anybody else finds out
I'm gonna know.

How am I gonna know?

Because you're the only guy
I'm trusting this information with.

You understand?
You're the only person that I can

Have you ever known

I mean, been absolutely certain

that you were gonna die?

Are you sure you don't want to
discuss this with a priest or something?

I looked out the window and I saw this

thing coming right at me.

It was dark.

I don't know where it came from.
I don't know what it was.

But I just remember thinking
to myself, "Ben

you are about to die."

- What did it look like?
- I don't know.

I don't know. I mean you could
see right through it, but not really.

But it had this energy,
you know like static electricity

running all through it.

And I don't even know
how it grabbed me. Head, tail, but the

It had to be huge,

and the power.

I mean I could feel it.

And, the thing of it is

It knew exactly what it was doing.

It was intelligent.

Don't ask me how

but I could tell.

Are you saying you were
attacked by some kind of sea monster?

Lieutenant, sea monsters don't exist,
except in legends and fables.

That's what they said about Bigfoot.

Maybe you should
talk to Dr. Westphalen.

Sorry. No way.

- She'll think I'm crazy.
- No, she won't.

And she'll try and find it

and she'll get in the way.

Of what?

What is it?

I don't know.

Gem, mineral.
Something we've never seen before.

And unless I miss my guess,
definitely worth a small fortune.

Are there any more?

Are you kidding? There's a whole trench
filled with them out there,

and I'm the only

We're the only ones who know about it.

Now, I'd be willing to share

if you'd be willing to help.

It's a warm night.

The ocean's like glass.

And you're walking along
the beach with a woman so beautiful

so full of love

your heart aches just to look at her.

You stop.

Take her hands in yours.

Breathe deep,
as a gentle breeze caresses her face

and tickles your senses
with her sweetness.

And there

alone under a canopy of stars,
and the moon so bright

you swear God must have poked
a hole right through from heaven

just to whisper inspiration in your ear.

You kneel.

Slide a ring on her finger

and ask her to be your wife.

And tell me, Murray

what kind of gem
do you suppose is set in that ring?

Hot number like that.

It better be a diamond.

At least two carats if I'm expecting
any kind of reply to the affirmative.

A diamond outside at night?

It's gonna look like
a black hole on her finger.

No, you want sparkle.

You want dazzle?

You need light.

Well, I've got your light,

and a new jewel for a new millennium.

I call it Krieglight.

More rare than diamonds,
more beautiful than rubies or emeralds.

The lovely woman on the moonlit beach,
Murray, that's every woman.

And every woman's
gonna want a piece of

dancing on her finger.

The glow, it's natural?

Right off the ocean floor
and 100% organic.

No batteries or solar cells required.

And you can get me

Murray, what I can get you is gonna
depend a lot on what you can get me.

Listen, Benny.

I'm not prepared to talk numbers yet.

A few contacts in retail
I have to confer with first.

But if this little sea gem
is everything you say

your life is about to change
in a most dramatic way.


Just one thing, lose the name.

Krieglight sounds like something you
hacked up from the back of your throat.

Thanks for the private line.
I owe you one.

Who else knows about this stuff?

No one. No one knows.

Just you and me and that's the way it's
gonna stay, understand? Our secret.

Hey, Ben, if you can't trust me,
who can you trust?

- Ready one and three,
- Commander. One and three ready, sir.

Fire one and three.

- Ready two and four, Commander.
- Two and four ready, sir.

Fire two and four.

Ignition delay on burner four.

I suggest your cook bleed the gas line.

And speaking of your cook,
P.O. Reilly, where is he?

Well, you requested a spot inspection, sir.

P.O. Reilly wasn't informed
his presence would be necessary.

I suppose there's an answer
to my question somewhere in there?

Mr. Reilly has gone to the Launch Bay
to check out a Sea Crab.

He's donating his personal time
between breakfast and lunch

to qualify in EVA proficiency.

Will there be anything else?

You can count on it.

- Seen Ortiz anywhere?
- No, sir.


Stop avoiding me.

We need to talk.

I'm not avoiding you,
and I'm just merely looking for Ortiz.

And talk about what?
You shortcut through the gym?

I know you, Ben.

Something happened out there
in that Sea Crab yesterday.

You're trying to act like it didn't.

Okay, so something happened.
I'll tell you all about it, be happy to.

But not now, because now
I've got to find Ortiz

gotta get over to
the Launch Bay, get back in a Crab

because you know what they say

once you've been thrown,
you gotta get right back in the saddle

otherwise you know
what's gonna happen? It's gonna

Ah, Lieutenant Krieg!

I guarantee, I will accompany you
to that Launch Bay

and personally see to it
that you don't go anywhere in anything

until you tell me what happened out there.

All right.

But I need you to promise

that what I'm about to say,
stays between you and me.

No one else knows.


I promise.

Have you ever known

I mean, been absolutely certain

that you were gonna die?

Marine topography team
set to launch in 15 minutes.

Make way, up ladder.

Sea Crab 3 is set
for deep sea video imaging detail.

Sea Craft 2 is set
for Acoustic Engineering Team Problem.

Hey, Miguel.

- What's going on, one of Clayton's drills?
- Come on, let's see. - See what?

Glowing rocks.
That's what you've got in the bag?

- You told him?
- No.

I did. They wouldn't let me
take a Sea Crab by myself.

- Well, how did you hear about it?
- Krieg.

- He told me no one else knew.
- That surprises you?

Must have told Reilly.
I heard him talking about it at breakfast.

Well, actually, I might have
mentioned something about it to Reilly.

Anyone else you might have told it to?

All right,
I talked to Nevins and McGhee, too.

What, it's a crime to share the wealth

McGhee? You might as well
have broadcast it to the whole boat.

Nice going, Lucas.
Oh, me, like you didn't blab it to him?

- Come on, let's see what's in the bag.
- Get your hands off, all right.

- Get your own.
- I just want to see them!

Okay, all right.

- Now listen to me, who's your pal?
- You were until you blabbed.

Come on, let's just see them.

- Look, you're gonna
- What are you doing?

- Come on, you're gonna spill it.
- I just wanna see them.


- No. This is not good.
- Between you and me?

- I swear, I did not tell these people.
- Save it.

- What are you doing?
- You do the same.

- Put them back in.
- Oh, man!

I need a Sea Crab. Now.

I'm sorry, Commander,
but they're all out.

Then I suggest
you get on the phone and get one back.

- Am I making myself clear?
- Aye, aye, Commander.


And you weren't even going to tell me?

And I'm sorry,
but I'm willing to make up for it.

If you just get a second Crab for me

I'd really appreciate it,
I'll give you 10, five, 5% of everything

- I collect on the first load.
- I don't want any percent

of any load you collect.

Your shiny rocks don't interest me.

I want to see the creature
you saw with my own eyes.

You have no idea what a discovery like
this could mean to all of us.

The creature.

Yo, people!

Ortiz, everybody, listen up.

Can I please have your attention please?

I don't know what you've been told

but there are potential dangers
to what you're doing.

You see, I've been out there


well, what I'm trying to say is that

we're not alone down here.

And there's something
that I can't really describe.

But it's big.

And I'm not sure it really likes us

and wants us messing
around out there, you see.

I've been out there, Lieutenant,
and I didn't see anything

except these.


We've all heard
about your sea monster.

Now, you're gonna have to
come up with something

a whole lot better than that if you expect
to keep all this for yourself.


If you don't want to believe me, don't.

But if we're going to be partners in this

then let's do it right.


First thing we gotta do is get organized.

Work in shifts, keep teams moving
around the clock.

O'Neill, you'll be in charge of scheduling.

Next, no one neglects their duties.

Capt. Bridger or Clayton suspect anything

we'll be shut down for sure. Got it?

All right, then.

Leave your names with Mr. O'Neill,
and report at your assigned times.

Okay, let's go get them, GUYS!

Eighty-eight military.

It's ridiculous.
A vessel this size should carry twice that.

What for?

Our main focus is research
and exploration.

If anything,
we should beef up the science staff.

Oh, now that would be smart.

Maybe you could add a trained whale
to your little dolphin show.

Be realistic, Captain.

You need personnel who can carry
their weight in a crisis situation.

I don't think I understand what you mean.

Good God, man.

I'm talking conditioning,



Your average tech-head
simply isn't strong enough.

Captain, I command this boat.

But first and foremost, I consider myself
a man of science,

a tech-head.

It shows.

What's that supposed to prove?

You do it.

You're wiry. Thin.

I'm talking muscle mass.

Brute strength.

Strip to the waist.

Let's see what you've got.

- What?
- As Captain you lead by example.

Muscle tone's an indicator
of discipline and diet.


But as UEO Inspector,
I think you should set the example for me.

I have nothing to hide.
I do 250 sit-ups a day.

Three hundred.
And 100 pushups.


And 25 of those.


Great upper body strength.

Flat gut

and the buttocks of a 16-year-old.

You don't believe me, do you?

Feel for yourself.

You think I'm kidding?

I've cracked walnuts with these cheeks.

Could you please call the Launch Bay
and have a Sea Crab stand by?

I just spoke with them, sir.
All Sea Crabs are presently in operation.

- This had better not be a delay tactic.
- No sir, we have a team fully prepared

to demonstrate
repair techniques on the outer skin.

We just have to wait
for the next available Crab.

Very well.

Perhaps we can settle a few things
while we wait, Captain, mano a mano?

Call us when you're ready.

Why are all the Sea Crabs out
at one time?

I don't know, sir.
But I certainly intend to find out.

Hurry UP-

One more day with this guy,
I'm going to go nuts.

What's the matter?

You afraid you gonna be
gobbled up by Krieg's sea monster?

No. I

just had this strange feeling.

It's nothing.

Never mind.

Swimmers, on your mark.

Get set, go.

- Nice race.
- Yeah.

I thought you were gonna
outreach me at the end.

I was surprised I was even allowed
to finish second.

Are you suggesting
that the Commander's call was biased?

No, I am suggesting
that you enjoy your victory while you can.

We still have work to do,
and the feeling may not last.

Did you do anything
to provoke it, bring it out?

No, I did not provoke it.

Nothing? No sudden moves?

- You didn't turn on alight?
- No, no lights.


Well, maybe I just
didn't go deep enough into the trench.


What was the reading on the depth
gauge when the creature let go of you?

Oh, wait, no. Better.

What direction did it go when it left?

- Up? Down? North? South? East?
- I don't know, Katie.

But it's like
we're married again, all of a sudden.

You push, and I'm supposed to
come up with answers that I don't have.

Pushing is just part of the job.
So is finding answers.

Ben, it's the only way I can help.

So you still believe me?

About the creature?


No one else does, you know.

I believe you.



- They're all the same.
- Oh, Nice try. Mine are better.


Three for two?

That's nice.
Little Miss Shiny-rocks-don't-interest-me

suddenly has to keep the best for herself.

Two. I went out and I took two.

Besides, they're for my morn.
You know how she likes this kind of thing.

We gotta talk.


Guys, what are you doing?

No. Stop right there.

Now we all agreed the rocks stay
together, it's safer that way.

Sorry, Lieutenant.
There's been a change of plans.

We talked it over.
It's nothing personal, Ben.

We just felt that
we really don't trust you with the stuff.

We decided?

Yeah, sure on the west ridge.

Who "we?"

- All of us, we.
- Now look

You ever think about airing this place out
once in a while?

I'd like to air you out of here right
now. That goes for all of you guys.

All right, come on. Get out of here.
Come on, let's go. Come on, now.

Are you suggesting that
I don't recognize my own rocks?

All right, guys. Everybody.

No, they are for my mother.

- Now cut that out. Come on, come on.
- These are mine, mine, mine.

Knock it off!

Come on.
Did you hear the Lieutenant?

What's wrong with you people?
Look at yourselves.

You call yourselves friends?
Well, friends trust each other.

You call yourself partners?
Well, partners share.

Hey, look. I know I can't tell you how
to behave. It's not my place. But

the way I see it,
you got two choices here.

You want to act like mature,
rational adults?

Then drop everything,
shake hands,

and walk out that door
with your heads held high.

Or, there's the other way.

Where you could forget about
how long you've known each other,

forget about teamwork,
about faith in your fellow man

or about how all the money in the world
isn't going to erase the poverty

that's choking
in your rotting souls.

If you can live that way,
if that's what you want,

then do me a favor.

Take everything I've got
and get out of here

because I'm ashamed
to share the same room with you.

Sounds good to me.
I can live with that.

Maybe I didn't make
myself clear.

You can have the rocks

but you can't have Murray.

Who's Murray?

Murray Goldwater.
Krieg's buyer.

That's right. And Murray has major
contacts in fine jewelry.

And that spells money.
Big money.

But he'll only deal
with me.

He's all yours.

We've been talking to
an R and D group.

They think this stuff's gonna make a
great light source for deep-sea colonies.

Buddy of mine markets
novelty items.

Low cost, high volume.
Makes a bundle in mail order.

You, too'?

Greed. It's human nature, Ben.
Why fight it?

You better get
a handle on this, or I'll shut you down.

You know it really does
stink in here.

This is Capt. Bridger.

We'll be operating lights out
until further notice.

All hands please report to stations
to begin emergency preparations.

This is Capt. Clayton.

Your objective during this lights out
drill is to demonstrate a tactile knowledge

of your boat and its systems.

Cheating of any kind
will not be tolerated. Out.

- Oh, we got to get to the Bridge.
- Give me your stuff. I'll hide them.

No, I got a better idea.
Why don't you give your stuff to me?

If Clayton sees us
with these, we're dead.

I don't know what I'm doing.
This is insane.

I could lose my commission over this.

Wait, hey, what am I
supposed to do with these?


Captain. Captain. Captain.

- What was that?
- Sorry, sir. We must have missed it.

What are you blind?
There's a scofflaw on the loose.

A what?

Hold it right there,

What is it?

I never saw anything like it.

Smells funny.

The little bugger's headed
for the C-Deck. Let's get him.

- What's going on here, Lucas?
- Commander, lights on. The drill's over.

- Commander, lights on.
- Aye, sir.

I was just checking up
on some of Dr. Westphalen's work.

Something about radiant flux
and how it's impacted

by marine conditions and deep pressures,
and that sort of thing.

Do you think he's trying
to tell us something?

Sir, I think
I can explain everything.

An expert on radiant flux'?

I've obviously come
at a bad time.

I'll tell you what.
Why don't you finish your drill?

- I'll leave, we'll talk later.
- No, I want you to stay here

and explain to me what's going on.
Am I making myself clear?


have you ever known,
I mean, been absolutely certain

that you were gonna die?

Now what?

Captain, please report
to the Bridge.

- Captain to the Bridge.
- What is it, Commander?

We've been struck. Still awaiting
a preliminary damage report.

You have any idea
who we're dealing with?

It's a biologic.
A very large biologic.

Oh, no.

I'm picking up
some kind of electrical interference.

It's coming around for another strike,
and it's moving fast.

On my way, Commander.

Damage report when I get there,
and have Dr. Westphalen join us.

Talk to me, Lieutenant,
talk to me.

I'd like to, sir, but I'm not sure
you're gonna believe me.

Try me.

It's giving off a charge, sir.
Almost electrical.

- WSKRS transmission's still breaking up.
- Launch a probe, Commander.

- What do you think? - Well, as bizarre
as Mr. Krieg's story sounds

- Ludicrous would be a better word.
- I know what I saw, I think.

- I believe him.
- You do?

- You do?
- Yes.

Medusas, jellyfish, squid, can all grow
to giant proportions in the deep.

You see, the only thing
that limits their size is their diet.

How big is this thing?
Best guess.

And a giant squid has been
known to grow to over 100 feet.

- Captain, coming around again.
- Should we try and target it, sir?

- No.
- What?

There are creatures down there that no
one has ever seen, or even dreamed of.

I'm not about to destroy it
without taking a look at it.

- Prepare a speeder.
- Captain, the creature is holding on.

- It's wrapped around us.
- It's blocking the Launch Bays.

Seal the hull doors.

I can't, sir. They're stuck.
There's been a breach.

Sound general quarters. Have security
report to the moon pools.

All right, let's move, move, move.

On the double. On the double.
This is not a drill, let's go, let's go.

Move it, move it!

All right, Darwin, come on.

- What have you seen, huh?
- Shining. Sees the shining.

- What kind of gibberish is that?
- Probably means bioluminescence.

Certain species that live in the dark
create their own light.

Let's go. Let's go.
Get her out of there before

See to it she's all right.
All right, listen up to me.

I want a defensive perimeter
set up around this pool.

I want you to arm your weapons
and have them at the ready.

But nobody fires except
on my command. Understood?

You two come with me.
Bill and Harry.

It's gone now, Cap.
We're standing by.

Did you see it?
Like, was it blue like energy?

Like static electricity?
Like pure energy? Yes? Yes?

I am no longer alone.

Dr. Westphalen, what exactly might
a creature like that feed on?

If it's in the squid family,
it would be a carnivore.

- Meat eater?
- I'll vouch for that.

- This thing definitely wanted me
for lunch. - Threw you back though.

It's glowing.

Don't just stand there.

"Sees the shining." What Darwin said,
he was talking about us.

This creature sees us shining.

Squid are very attracted to light.

Commander, lights out

I want you to raise
the probe light to high beam.

- Get the creature's attention.
- And then? - Run.

- It should follow you.
- Follow me where, sir?

- Away.
- Aye, Captain.

You still think
our science team doesn't pull its weight?

Oh, my guarantee, sir. Top dollar.

Just mention my name,
and Murray will treat you just right.

Oh, thank you, Lieutenant.
I'll do that.

Confidentially, Lieutenant,

I've always thought the supply officer is
the glue that holds the boat together.

Well done.

Thank you, sir.

Well, that's over. Clayton passed us.
What's your determination?

I went through the data
from the probe

and it doesn't have
the tentacles of a squid.

It is, however,
related to Mr. Krieg's glowing rocks.

The creature's bioluminescent.
Well, we saw that,

but it also must have
a very steady diet of bioluminescent fish.

Krieg's gold is fecal pellets.

- Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell
me the orbs are - Yes, Mr. Krieg.

- Fish poop.
- Glowing fish poop.

Oh, only for 48 hours.
Then the bacteria that was glowing

- will have died leaving Krieg
with simply - Fish poop.

You gave Clayton
fish poop.

What do you know.
Easy come, easy go, huh?

I gotta call Murray.

Captain, sir.

I think I've decided
on a disciplinary action for you.

- For what, sir?
- For what?

For unauthorized use
of EVA equipment,

for conspiracy to corrupt.

Captain, never, I mean

I saw it as,
and correct me if I'm wrong,

but a natural release from the pressures
of having Capt. Clayton on board.

Nice try.

I'm sure everybody
got a little out of hand.

But you were the one
who got the ball rolling.

And as an officer,
you should have known better.

You're right.

I apologize.

All the same,
you're confined to quarters.

Okay, not a problem.
I'll just finish my cleaning.

No. No cleaning.

You're confined to quarters,
as of now.

But, sir, didn't you hear'?

I mean Can't you smell?

Yes, I can.

Twenty-four hours, Lieutenant.
Twenty-four hours.

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Although the deep-sea creature we saw
on tonight's show doesn't really exist,

recently we discovered an ancient fish
we thought had vanished

millions of years ago.
It's called the Coelacanth.

Now the light that deep-sea creatures
produce is called bioluminescence.

It's created by a chemical reaction
inside their bodies,

and it's highly efficient
and gives off very little heat.

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