SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 3 - Games - full transcript

The crew of seaQuest rescue a warden and his only prisoner from beneath the ice cap. The prisoner escapes and reveals that he holds a deadly toxin which will be released unless the crew does as he says, which is launching the seaQuest's missiles against the UEO.

- Any news from our launch team?
- No, sir.

They've been out of contact
since they entered the ice prison.

Why would anybody build a prison up
here, in the middle of nowhere?

A thousand miles of frozen
desert in every direction.

Exactly, it's where escape attempts
become suicide missions.

Captain, Dr. Westphalen
has some preliminary data.

- She thinks you might be interested in.
- Thank you, Mr. Ortiz.

I'd better
go down and see what we've got.

Ladies. Gentlemen.

What kind of lowlife would you have to
be to get locked up on top of the world?

Low, very low.

Commander, we're approaching
the bottom of the glacier.

Watch out for those ice spurs. If any
of the glacier shears off, we're history.

Can you believe they keep this whole
place open for one prisoner?

So why won't they tell us who it is?

I don't know.

- Okay, we're docked and locked.
- Did you contact the Captain?

We lost our transponder.
We've been cut off.

- Sounds like the whole place is coming
down. - If things get too bad,

- you take off, understood?
- You get them in, I'll get us out.

Okay, pressure equalized.
Ready? Go.

Thank God you came.
Please give me a hand.

- Who are you?
- My name's Griggs. I'm the warden.

Hold on. I can't let you on
until I know who you are.

I told you. My name is Griggs.
I'm the warden here.

- What the hell is going on?
- The power station is on fire.

The reserve tanks are blowing
next to the main housing unit.

If that goes, the whole place
will fall. We have to get out of here now!

- Where are the others?
- They're all dead except for him.

Please, we have to go
before this place buries us all.

- Let's get the hell out of here.
- What is this?

- Death on ice. - Let's go.
- All right. All right.

What do you mean "death on ice"?

I mean,
you don't wanna thaw it out.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest
and its crew, we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

Hiya, Ben. What's in the box?

- Plutonium?
- Get out of the way.

Not until you tell me
what's in the box.

You want to know what's in the box?
I'll show you what's in the box. All right?

Only the answer
to all of my problems.

And that would be

- Underwear?
- You're so young.

Not underwear.
Self-heating thermal long johns.

- And I own 250 pair.
- Well, congratulations.

You don't get it, do you?

What's worse than being stuck
at the bottom of the Arctic?

- What?
- Nothing.

The answer is
there's nothing worse.

It's cold. It's wet.
It's dark.

I purchased these babies
for $25 a pair.

I could get at least twice
that from the local outposts.

- Get out of the way. - So you're going
to take advantage of people.

You know, you have an incredibly
warped sense of reality.

It's basic economics.
Supply and demand.

Now, if you'll step aside,
I can just go check my inventory.

This is a big mistake, Ben.
This is bad karma.

Yeah, well, after I'm finished,
I'll purchase some of the good stuff.

- These are the latest figures?
- Hot off the presses.

Well, the water's risen a foot and a half
since the last measurement.

- That's in two years.
- What else can we do?

- Quite a lot, I think, if we
- Excuse me.

Cmdr. Ford has just
returned from the ice prison.

I'll be right there.

I'll catch up with you later.
I want to hear what you think.

Seacraft 3-15,
report to Docking Bay 2.

Seacraft 3-15,
report to Docking Bay 2.

Get it locked down as soon as you can.

Be careful, those tanks are pressurized.

I thought you were going
to stay in contact.

We tried, but our transponder got crushed
when we entered the ice prison.

Little more than a Sunday drive

- Well, it's not a run I'd like to make
on a regular basis. - I don't blame you.

- What the hell is this?
- T-S 6,000 support chamber.

It's the top of the line
in cryogenic transport.

- Capt. Bridger, Warden Griggs.
- Warden.

- I'm sorry, it's frostbite,
many years ago. - I see.

- Where's the rest of your people?
- There aren't any.

My two assistants died
when the power plant exploded.

This is our only prisoner.

- He have a name?
- Zellar. Dr. Rubin Zellar.


- The bio-warfare criminal?
- That's right.

I believe the doctor has degrees
in biochemical engineering

as well as nuclear physics
and laser technology.

- He was your only prisoner?
- Well, Zellar's more than an inmate.

He's a living case study.
I'm a criminal psychologist.

Well, I'd heard
he'd been captured, but

- I'm not thrilled about having him aboard.
- I don't blame you, Captain.

But he's of no danger,
as long as he remains in the chamber.

I don't mean to seem ungrateful

but I wonder if I could trouble you
for some dry clothing?

- I'm soaked to the bone.
- Of course. I'm sorry.

- Cmdr. Ford will help you.
- My pleasure. - Thank you.

See that our friend here
gets hung up to dry, too.


You should have seen his face.

- So he looks like you.
- Very funny.

- Anyway, they took him down to C-Deck.
- Was he alone?

No, there was some other guy.
He was a warden or something.

Are you sure
it was the Dr. Zellar?

Who else would they drag
around in a cryo-chamber?

- Did you say Zellar?
- Yes, ma'am. He's down in C-Deck.

But I wouldn't worry, according
to Phillips, he's an icicle.

- Right?
- Right.

Scary looking, isn't it?

It's a sick world when we're forced
to invent something like this.


are you okay?

He's not what I'd imagined.

He's responsible
for thousands of deaths.

Most of them by toxic poisoning.
I can't imagine a worse way to die.

I remember in survival training,
they showed us this film

on the affects a gas bomb
could have on a human being.

- You couldn't imagine
the pain and agony - Yes.

I really must get back
to my work. Do excuse me.

What did I say?

Commander, we could take advantage
of all those currents.

If we hug the coastline,
we should gain half a day.

Well, Captain? How do I look?

I'm no fashion critic,
but I'd say you look fine.

It's been quite a while since I had
new clothes. I'm very pleased.

It's remarkable.

I think the Warden needs
a little touch of civilization.

Yes. A hot meal, some wine,
perhaps a game of chess.

- Do you play, Captain?
- I'm afraid not.

- Poker's my game.
- Of course.

I can, however, offer you
a tour of the seaQuest.

I'd like that very much.

I'd be happy to show
the Warden around.

And you say this entire
section is devoted to science?

Plus the decks
above and below.

Currently we're charting water tables
in relation to global warming.

It must be quite stimulating to have
such resources at your disposal.

We're very excited
by the possibilities.

- What's he like?
- Excuse me?

Zellar. You must have got
to know him very well.

Well, he's a private man,
almost shy.

' - Really?
Why do you ask?

I'm a scientist.
My work is fueled by curiosity.

How long were you alone
with him?

They pulled the support staff
about a year ago.

There were several guards until the fire.
But, for the best part of a year,

it's been mostly Zellar and myself.

That is a long time
to be confined with a madman.

It's too long, I'm afraid.
I lost myself toward the end.

I became obsessed with unlocking
the mystery of his mind.

I don't believe that's possible.
I mean, the mind is too complex,

too filled with contradictions,
especially a mind like Zellar's.

I think in many ways
he's no different than you and I.

I think that's about everything. The rest
is engine rooms and crew quarters.

- What's in there?
- Missile control.

- That's off-limits, of course.
- Of course.

Did I overhear you telling Capt. Bridger
that you play chess?

- Yes. Do you play?
- A mild compulsion.

- Would you care for a game?
- Yes.

My quarters in, let's say,
an hour?

Yes, an hour should be fine.

I do hope you didn't mind
my interrogating you.

I don't get many opportunities
to converse with someone

who's had your experiences.

Not at all. I only hope
you find the man

as interesting
as the scientist.

Well, until later then.


Oh, my God.

- Ford here. - Commander,
this is Williams down in C-Deck.

Sir, I think you better
get down here right away.

You're sure? There's no mistake?

The DNA match came back positive.
This is definitely Warden Griggs.

That means that Zellar's
loose on the boat.

- Well, how did he pass the ID scan?
- I'll show you.

He cut off his fingertips?

That's not all. When I was
checking the body, I found this,

a surgical cavity
cut into his chest.

My point is that we've studied
enough psychopathic criminals

to know that, short of lobotomies,
they're incurable.

The only answer
is to isolate them for life.

Check. Isn't that like giving up,
because the challenge is too great?

I don't consider
mass genocide a game.

But it is. It's the ultimate game,
at least to the perpetrator.

Zellar's mind, however depraved,
holds the key to unlocking his condition.

Perhaps an understanding
of all aberrant behavior.

I'm sorry.

I tend to lose a bit of myself
when it comes to my work.

I sometimes forget
that there are other pleasures in life.

Other indulgences.

What the Captain,
what is happening here?

Nice touch, Doctor.

- I'm nothing if not creative.
- Get him out of here.

I'm afraid we'll have to finish
our game later.

It's a shame, it was going so well.
Don't you think?

Easy. Easy.

- That'll be all, Chief.
- Aye, sir.

I hope Dr. Westphalen wasn't too upset
by my abrupt departure.

She'll get over it.

- Why'd you do it?
- Come now.

You're a military man.

Isn't it the duty of every good soldier
to attempt escape?

But you knew
we'd figure it out.

Actually, I was surprised
it took you as long as it did.

I have this terrible habit
of overestimating my opponent.

Just answer the question,

It's simple.

I wanted to play the game.

The game?

You really know nothing
about me, do you?

What's to know?
Your file's been sealed.

There's no history on you,
no pictures, nothing.

Yes, well,
I'm afraid that's the price

one in my chosen field
pays for success.

When the wars ended in 2010,

there was a groundswell
of idealism.

I became an embarrassment

to the very
governments that had hired me.

To purge their guilt, they decided
that it was in their collective interest

that I disappear.

So they burned my files

and put me on ice.

That's a very touching story,
Doctor, but the fact is

you murdered people.

Takes all kinds.

But tell the Captain this:

You'll know
as much or as little

about me as I decide.

I got you. Bag of bones.

- I thought you and I talked about this?
- About what?

About tapping into a billion-dollar
computer to play these games.

- Hey, come on, I was bored.
- You know this stuff makes you hyper?

Well, I'm a kid,
it's my job to be hyper.

Relax, relax.
I've got a new game for you.

- What do you want me to do with that?
- Open it.

Captain, this is a level-one
UEO sealed file.

- Opening it would be illegal.
- Why do you think I came to you?

Good point.

This thing is wrapped tighter
than Krieg's wallet.

It's gonna take me some time
to pop the lock.

- Work fast.
- Captain.

He's got a contusion
on the back of his head

and, apparently, he was swabbed
with some sort of venom-laced fungus.

I'm not certain what it is.
I'm analyzing it now.

But he seems to be
coming out of it.

He was discovered during the watch
change at the machine shop.

There was also some equipment taken,

a power-box generator, some optic lenses.

You're gonna be all right, kid.

- I want every crewman accounted for.
- I've already done that, Cap.

There's one missing.

- Get me Cmdr. Ford.
- Aye, sir.

Not much of
a conversationalist, are we?

If it makes you feel any better,

the venom will wear off
in a month or two.

- You son of a
- Hold. Wait outside.

You heard me. Hey, come on.
Get out. Get out.

I'm still missing a crewman. You don't
know anything about that, do you?

Who me?

Now, get up.

You have to ask nice.

- If he so much as blinks
- Don't worry, Cap, he's mine.

- You ready?
- Yeah, I've just finished.

Excuse me, Lieutenant,
could I trouble you for a wipe?


- It's all right, Commander.
- Yes, sir.

- Get him in here.
- My pleasure.

You disappoint me, Captain.
I thought you surely more inventive.

- You caught me on a bad day.
- Yes, well

before you freeze-dry me there's
something that you should know.

During my free time,
I took the liberty of hiding a toxin

on board your vessel.

I assume that you found
the cavity in Warden Griggs' chest.

I realize
that was a bit unorthodox

but it was the only way
that I could safely support the toxin.

It's encased in ice and at current
temperatures, probably melting.

If it's released

well, we'll have a whole new meaning
to the term "ghost ship."

- What do you want?
- Your word.

I take you to the toxin and you promise
not to stick me in the deep freeze.

Do we have a deal?

- What about these?
- Don't push your luck. Move it.

I wouldn't fire that, Chief.

The cross of energy fields
could be hazardous to your health.

You might want these.

This explains
why he hit the machine shop.

You got any suggestions
about what we do now?


He knows.

Yes, Darwin.

Attaboy, Darwin .

Do it again.

- Thank you.
- That's the damnedest thing I ever saw.

Cmdr. Ford, immediately.


I just found
our missing crewman.

Trauma team to C-Deck,
on the double.

I want all department heads
in the ward room in 15 minutes.

And, Chief, I want a deck-by-deck search,

Prefer to take him alive
but don't take any risks.

- I understand, Captain.
- Where are you going?

I have to take care
of something.

Allen, take D-Deck.
Billet, you come with me.

Bud, check the medical room.

No, Zellar says the toxin
is encased in ice.

I don't get it. Our security check
may have been glitched

but I know he didn't have it
on him when we picked him up.

It wasn't on him.
It was on Griggs.

He planted it in his chest.
I hope you're feeling up to this, Doctor.

I'm fine, thank you.

Zellar must have removed it
after his little tour.

How do we know
there really is a toxin?

Given the nature
of this particular beast

I don't think we have any choice
but to believe there is.

She's right. There's no
Russian roulette with this guy.

So what do we do?

- We freeze the seaQuest.
- What?

It's the only way we can guarantee that
the toxin won't be released accidentally.

I'm not sure how long we can keep
life-support systems operating

- under those conditions.
If the toxin is loose,

there's no guarantee
that we'll even need a life-support.

- Come. - Yes, sir?
You wanted to see me. Oh.

- Lieutenant.
- Sir.

I've heard that you've gone
into the garment business.

Yes, sir, I have, actually, recently

ventured into the retail clothing
arena, on a small scale.

I think it's time for you to have
a going-out-of-business sale.

I want you to distribute that underwear
to the crew, immediately.

- Understood? - Yes, sir.
And, who would I send that bill to?

- Bill?
- Considering our relationship,

you'll receive a customary
5% discount after takes.

Do I have to remind you that
there's a penalty for black-marketing

- aboard this boat?
- Certainly not, sir.

I hope you'll consider
my wares a gift. A very expensive


- Let's get started.
- Yes, sir.

Commander, can you stick around
for a moment, please?

I think you and I have to consider
a worst-case scenario.

Begging the Captain's pardon,
but from where I'm standing

- worst case is we're dead.
- I'm thinking of a larger picture.

What happens if this toxin leaks out
into the Arctic currents?

These waters feed out
into the Pacific Plain.

- Thousands of people could die.
- That's right.

- That's why we've got to go here.
- Dreo Fault?

It's the only place that's deep enough
to protect the whole area

in case we
have to abandon the ship.

- Scuttle the seaQuest?
- If we have to.

Well, what about the crew?

Well, we can offload them
in their launches on this ridge,

and then, if necessary blow off
the top of this fault and bury the boat.

You're serious about this?

- Plot the course.
- Then what?

Then we find Zellar.

Nathan, he's a game player.

- You're playing into his game.
- No, no. I don't think so.

We're playing
ahead of his game.

- This is all it's come up with.
- A deleted file'?

No pictures. No bio-data.

I don't understand.
How can they classify a deleted file?

That's what I wanted to know.
Sol ran a multi cross-systems

global search and dump.

That sounds painful.
What the hell is that?

The cross-reference came up dry.

So I triangulated, searching data fields
related to what we know about Zellar.

- And?
- Nothing. Wiped clean.

The only thing I could find was a piece
of testimony

- used in Zellar's UN trial.
- Show me.

What follows
are classified photos.

Island A-247, Indian Ocean.

500 members of a multinational
geological research team

were exterminated.

Due to the unknown origin of toxin,
removal of bodies was not possible.

No government has confirmed

However, bio-warfare specialist Dr.
Rubin Zellar has claimed responsibility.

Dr. Zellar was tried by a joint assembly
of the United Nations

and sentenced
to life imprisonment.

This is the last-known photograph of the
expedition team before their deaths.

All members of the team, lead
by Dr. James R. Westphalen, were killed.


They killed him.

Wait, where do you think
you're going?

- What do you mean, where am I going?
I'm gonna find Darwin. - No.

- You're going to stay on the Bridge.
- But - No buts.

You're gonna stay safe until I find this
madman. Is that understood?

- Is that understood?
- Yes, sir.


You don't think
he'd kill a dolphin, do you?

As opposed to, what, 500 human beings?

Where else could he be?

- Come on, my friend.
- I don't see him.

Darwin, come on,
you know that sound.

- Please. There he is.
- Yeah.

What are you trying to do?
Are you trying to give us heart failure?

Now this is very touching.

I had no idea you were
an animal lover, Captain.

- Really enjoying this,
aren't you? - What can I say?

I'm one of those few people
fortunate enough to love their work.

- What do you want now?
- Nothing very complicated.

I just want to send a message
to UEO Command.

So send it. You've obviously tapped
into our communications.

I had something a little more
personal in mind.

But I need your help.
I want you and your first officer

to report to the missile control room
alone and unarmed.

You have exactly
one minute.

He'll stop shaking
in a moment.

Seconds to spare. Amazing
what a little motivation can do.

You have only yourself
to blame, Captain.

What do you want now?

A bottom-line man, I like that.

Take out your launch keys.

I believe you carry them
on chains around your necks.

You can't be serious.

What about you, Captain?

Do you believe I'm serious?

The keys are DNA coded.
We're the only ones who can use them.

And so you will.

You went to all this trouble
just to destroy UEO Command?

I'm gonna do
far more than that.

I'm going to demolish

the whole charade
of the new peace.

When will people understand?

There's a balance
that must be maintained.

Dark and light.

Good and evil.

Life and death.

Without one, there can't be two.
They feed on each other.

They exist only
in relation to themselves.

Like you and I Captain.

Your launch keys.

- Take it out, Commander.
- Captain.

That's an order.

You realize you'll be held
responsible for this?

Commander, I think you better
take a look at this.

What is it?

We've just initiated
a missile-firing sequence.

Zellar. He's in the missile
control room.

Override the system.

Shut down the entire
missile bay, if you have to.

Initiating launch sequence override.

- Override access denied.
- Override isn't responding.

Let me try.

- Let him try.
- Go.

I can't break the line.

He must have
bypassed the Bridge controls.

- Override access denied.
- I can't stop it.

Activate launch sequence
on tubes one, three, five, and seven.

Prepare to activate
launch keys.

Turn on my mark.

I've got fire in the hole.

- Where?
- Tubes one, three, five, seven.

- We're in a launch countdown.
- I don't believe this.

Pre-launch sequence complete.

Mr. O'Neill, any luck
contacting the missile room?

No response.

What the hell
is going on down there?

Eight, seven, six,

five, four,

three, two,


Missile launch executed.

- I've got four birds away.
- Oh, my God.

- Mr. Ortiz?
- Sir.

- Target path.
- Tracking.

- Mr. Ortiz?
- They're locked and headed toward

Pearl Harbor.

It'll be all over soon.

All right

you got what you wanted,
now give me the toxin.

I don't think so.

You gave me your word.

I lied.

I wish I had a picture
of your faces.


Relax, gentlemen,
it's harmless. A simple fungus.

The worst it can do
is give you a rash.

Well, don't feel too guilty,

You had to believe me.
I factored that into the equation.

I thought you might. That's why
I did some factoring of my own.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- At first I couldn't figure out

what it was you wanted.

What was the one thing
that this boat offered you?

Then it hit me. Power.

That's why when you started this game
the first thing we did

was to disarm all the warheads.

- You're lying.
- No. I'm not.

I laid in a fail-safe override
on the flight clocks of all the missiles.

In fact, they should be going
into the drink just about now.

UEO has cruisers standing by
to retrieve the missiles.

- I should notify the Bridge.
- Yes.

- I'll kill you.
- I don't think so.

- Kristin.
- No.

He deserves to die.

That may be true,
but that's not for us to decide.

- Why don't you give me that thing?
- Don't.

How could you?

You don't even remember,
do you?

Innocent people die, and you don't even
remember doing it?

I've killed a lot of people.

You can't expect me
to remember every one.

Try Dr. James Westphalen. He was
in charge of the A-247 research team.

How unfortunate for him.

Listen to him. He's messing
with your head. That's his game.

That's what he does. Now, why
don't you just put the weapon down?

- I have to finish this.
- Then finish it.

Go ahead.

Shoot me.

Come on. Go ahead. Shoot me.

I don't think so.
That would be too easy.

I have another idea.

You're not the only
biochemist aboard.

I want you to know
what the others felt,

what my brother felt.

- Captain?
- Don't ask him. Ask me.

Well, do you want to live,
or do you want to die?

Answer me.

I want to live.

Well, I don't think so.


Put him on ice, Commander.

No. You promised.
You gave me your word.

I lied.

They're expecting
Zellar in Pearl.

They plan to move him
to a facility in the Sahara.

As long as he's not aboard
my boat.

- Is there a problem here?
- Sir.

Actually, there is.
It seems Mr. Wolenczak here

is refusing to follow your orders.

I wasn't the one trying
to rip off innocent people.

You call it a rip off,
I call it free enterprise.

- I call it a draw.
- I believe the Captain's orders

were for you two to hand wash
and deliver these to the local outposts.

Captain, I don't see why I'm here.
I wasn't the one ripping off people.

Let me try
and explain it to you.

There are two kinds of people
in this world who make me crazy.

Those who take advantage of people,

and those who watch
and then turn them in.

You two have a nice day.

Well, I hope you learned
an important lesson here today.

Maybe next time you'll think twice
before you open your big mouth.

- I've got it.
- All right, bring it forward.

All right, a little further.
All right, bring it forward.

- Make sure it's not Just a skosh.
- All right, hold it there.

All right. Riley, Mathison,
I want you over here.

- Let's secure it, get it ready
for transfer. - Right away, sir.

I wanted to see this thing
through to the end. I felt

I owed the others that much.

He would have been
proud of you.

Your brother.

Although, for a second
or two there

I thought maybe
you were gonna kill him.

Me, too.

I'm just about ready
to go off duty.

I was wondering if, maybe
we could have a game of chess?

I don't think I'll ever play
the game again.

Right. Just thought I'd ask.


Is poker a difficult game
to learn?

Not if you have
the right teacher.

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard
from Woods Hole.

The DSV in seaQuest means
Deep Submergence Vehicle.

SeaQuest is the deepest diving
submarine in the year 2018.

The doors behind me are closed when
seaQuest makes a deep dive

and these outer compartments
are flooded

to protect the crew from the tremendous
pressures of the deep.

SeaQuest is our look
into the future

which will challenge
the next generation of explorers.

Join us on the continuing
adventures of seaQuest DSV.