SeaQuest 2032 (1993–1996): Season 1, Episode 5 - Brothers and Sisters - full transcript

The Sea Quest crew is on its way to demolish an abandoned munitions plant. As they get closer they realize it isn't abandoned at all, there are six children trapped inside. One of the children is sick and needs to be transported to the ship right away, while the oldest boy is very hesitant to leave and runs off. Lucas is thrilled to have others his age on the boat and gets to show the oldest girl on a tour of the ship. Bridger must juggle keeping the two youngest boys out of his hair while trying to help Commander Ford get the last child out of the compound before it collapses. He also has to deliver solemn news to the children concerning their parents.

Mayday. This is Col. Thomas.
Landau Munitions Depot.

We're in marine submersible,

one half-hour out. Bearing 2-9-5.

We've encountered severe
turbulence off the seamount.

Having trouble holding
Port rudder, Dan! Port! Linda!

- I'm all right. - Zero thrust.

Approaching crush depth.

Oh, God, the children.

We're going down.


That transmission was received
almost three years ago.

Col. Thomas and Sgt. Walker
and their families

were living at the
Landau Munitions Depository.

They were there to decommission
stockpiled weapons.

Apparently, what we just heard was their
unsuccessful attempt to leave the facility.

Our mission today is twofold.
One: To find the lost submersible.

Chief Ortiz is plotting
a WSKRS search pattern.

Thank you.
The primary mission is to

permanently seal the depository.

Well, if the structure's stable,
we go in and plant C-84 explosives.

If not, we

back off, fire long-range
at her supports.

The location was designed
so that a blast of sufficient force

would collapse the overhanging geology
and entomb the depot.

The obvious way to do this
would be C-84.

But Dr. Westphalen is against sending
any party over to plant charges.

Yes, I am. This is what the surrounding
terrain looked like 3 years ago.

And this is what it
looks like today.

Now, undersea slide has filled in
the opposite slope.

This causes
a funnel effect

which increases the hydrodynamic
forces exponentially.

Our external examination
of the depot shows

structural weakening
has already taken place.

All right. Do we let Mother Nature
do the job for us?

I wouldn't advise it.

If the depot is weakened piecemeal,
it might tumble down the seamount.

And that would scatter
a lot of high-yield weapons.

Among other things, Timberwind NTRs,
Tacit Rainbow AGMs,

MLRS reload pallets, quantums

Captain to the Bridge.
Commander to the Bridge.

- Report, Mr. Ortiz?
- We're being targeted, sir.

- By whom?
- The munitions depot.

The 21st century.

Mankind has colonized the last
unexplored region on Earth: the ocean.

As captain of the seaQuest and its crew,
we are its guardians.

For beneath the surface
lies the future.

I've received a warning signal
from an automated defense system.

A tube is flooding, Captain.
Launch imminent.

Sound collision.
Brace for impact.

All hands,
brace for collision.

- It's a dud.
- Damage report.

None showing, sir.

Captain, I believe that
torpedo was fired manually.

- There's someone down there.
- Send out the HR Probe.

- Give me visual.
- Aye-aye, sir.


There were six children
on the depot.

Their ages would range from six
to 16 now. If they're alive.

- They looked alive to me.
- What's your position now?

Captain, we're underneath
the docking bay. it seems deserted.

- Completely unprotected.
- Mr. O'Neill?

Sending on all frequencies.
No response.

You can go on in now.
But remember, they're just children.

Yes, sir.

All right. Be alert. Let's go.

- Branching corridor, Captain.
- Keep your group together.

- Commander, look at this.
- Stand by.

Entering the main complex.

It's been rigged
as a communal sleeping area.

How big are the bunks'?

Child size.

An old AU-26.

This has got
a nuclear warhead on it.

Hold it right there.

we found the children.

- Stand by.
- Who are you?

Cmdr. Jonathan Ford.
Who are you?

Zachery Thomas.

Did you fire at our vessel?

You didn't listen to the warnings.
You didn't go away.

We can't.
We have to evacuate this depot.

It's being destroyed.

- This is our home.
- Where are your parents?

They're gone.
But they're coming back.

Please point your spears
at the floor.

We're not pointing
our weapons at you.

Thank you.

We have hot food and warm clothes
back at the boat.

We're not leaving.

Who's that?

- What happened to him?
- Tony went into the torpedo tube

to open the outside door.
Then he got sick.

- He was exposed
to the outside pressure? - Yes.

- He's got an embolism.
- Med-tech, get over here.

- We need a stretcher.
- On the double.

- What are you gonna do with him?
- I'm taking him to seaQuest.

- No.
- This kid's about to die.

Captain, I've got Cmdr. Ford.

- What's the situation?
- We've got a kid with an embolism.

I'll have Dr. Westphalen meet you
at the hyperbaric chamber.

- We're on our way.
- No, he can't wait for a stretcher.

We gotta get him
out of here now. Come on.

- Tony!
- Cleo. Don't leave.

I have to stay with Tony.
Come on, boys. Come with us, Zach.

- I'll meet you back down at the launch.
- Come on, Zach, let's go.

- I ain't leaving.
- Come on, Zach.

Go on without me.
Send the launch back.

I'm sorry, man.
My fault.

Those clam doors are closed
for a reason, Lucas.

I don't need you on
the Bridge right now.

I heard there were
some kids on the boat.

- WSKRS are holding position, sir.
- Thank you.

You know what? it might be
a good idea for you to talk to them.

Try and show
a little sensitivity.

Their parents died 3 years ago
and left them stranded in that depot.

Yeah, sure.

- Do you know where they are? - They're
with Dr. Westphalen on the sea deck.

Lucas, remember, you are still
a part of this crew.


Zach, please, there's nothing
to be afraid of.

Matthew, Brawley, come here.
I wanna show you something.

Now, do you see
those bubbles?

Tony is sick because he's got
bubbles like that in his blood.

We don't like that, do we?

So we've put him
in a hyperbaric chamber.

Now the hyperbaric chamber
will get rid of the bubbles.

Do you know how
they're going to get out?

You see,
his feet are up in the air.

The bubbles will go up his legs
and come out of his toes.

And then the lady in there
will catch them.

And then
Tony will be just fine.

Now, bet you guys are hungry,
aren't you?

How would you like
some sandwiches?

- Chief?
- That's my specialty right there.

How about peanut butter?
Maybe some grape jelly?

Let's go get it.

He's not all right, is he?

No. No. He's very sick

but I believe
he's going to be fine. Honestly.

Do you know what you
can do best to help him?

Let him rest.

He's gonna be in there for hours.
And if he sees you out here,

he's gonna tire himself by, you know,
putting on a brave front.

Really, you know,
he needs to sleep.

Lucas, have you met Cleo?


Lucas, Cleo.
Cleo, Lucas.

- Hi.
- Hi.

You know, this is the most spectacular
ship on or under the oceans,

and Lucas knows every corner of it.
Would you like to show Cleo around?

- Yeah. Sure.
- Good.


I'd like you to
meet somebody.

This is Darwin.

He's great.
I never had a pet.

He's not really a pet. Actually,
he's more of a friend.

Come on,
I'll show you around.

See, what did I tell you?
You're a natural.

Tick-took, tick-took,

You're the most hateful man
on the face of this earth.

Status, Commander?

I sent Torrance up a level to check
for areas that haven't been flooded yet.

A few more rooms and I'll have
my sweep down here completed.

- Any luck finding the boy?
- Zach? No, sir.

But I am definitely
on the right track.

Keep me informed.
SeaQuest out.

Get out of here!

My dad just
dumped me here.

Never even asked
what I thought.

"It's for your own good, Son. It'll teach
you discipline and responsibility."

You know,
it's not so bad or anything. It's

Just that I'm living with 200 adults
who do nothing all day but run my life.

You're lucky.

You're kidding, right?

I'm only 15 years old, and I've been
like a mother to five kids since I was 12.

They all think I know
what I'm doing, but

We catch our food
with nets and traps,

and we never know
if there will be enough.

I take care of Matthew and Brawley
and Hope. They're always getting sick

because we can never keep any place
warm enough or dry enough for them.

I worry all the time that they'll get hurt,
and I won't know what to do.

And if there's a little time
for myself, then I sleep

because I always
feel so tired.

How could they just
leave you alone like that?

- Well, Nana was with us.
- Nana?

Zach's morn.
But she got sick.

We tried to take care of her, but

At the end, she told me and Zach
that we had to be strong,

look after everyone.

She said as long as we stayed
together we'd be all right.


There's no one here you need
to take care of right now.

And as far as I know,
there's nothing you need to do.

So how about
we do something fun?

What do you say?

Not good for Indian braves
to draw on Captain's navigation table.

It's my fault, Captain.
I'm sorry.

I lost sight of these two
for just a second, and they were gone.

They are slicker than an armadillo
on a west Texas highway.

I can tell you that much.
Come on, boys.

Let's go find Lt. Krieg. You'll love him.
He's a barrel of fun.

These are the latest
hydrodynamic projections.

- It doesn't look good.
- I know.

I've been changing helmsmen
every 30 minutes.

Maintaining a course
in these currents is exhausting.

Are Cmdr. Ford and the boy
on their way back yet?

We're working on it.


Okay, just hold on. Just hold on. I know
it's around here somewhere. Yeah.

You are gonna love this game.
It's great.

I like it, this room.


It's cramped, it's messy,

it smells like you.

Thank you.

And it's warm
like my home from before.

I'll find that game
I was telling you about.

Does he always follow you?

Yeah, yeah.
We sort of stick together.

You know,
like odd birds of a feather.

I found it.
You gotta see this. It's great.

It's a hyper
reality pirate game.

You gotta check this out. This baby
goes way beyond cyberspace.

Would it be okay
if we didn't play a game?

Yeah. Sure.

We could watch a movie.

You like movies?
I got some great interactives.

No movies.


- You know what I'd like?
- Name it.

- Could we listen to music?
- Yeah.

I've got

I've got classical.
I've got country. Neuro house.

Maybe a little old fashioned
rock and roll?

- How about something soft?
- Soft? - You pick it. - Okay.

I think you'll like this.

It's been so long.

It's perfect.

You didn't have music
at the depot?

We were moving.
We sent it all away.

That's three years
without music.

Well, sometimes we'd sing.

Whenever Hope or the twins got scared.
It would make them feel better.

So we'd all just get together,
and we'd sing.

Torrance has finished the security check
on his level, sir. All clear.

Good. What's the structure's stability?

Well, I'll be happy
to get out of here. Stand by.

What the

Must be some kind of playroom.

Commander Ford?


- Commander? - His unit's active, sir.
He's just not answering.

What's that noise?

Easy, Zach. Easy.
Take it easy.

- Commander.
- I found Zach, sir.

- Shut up about me.
- What's going on down there?

I have a situation in here, sir.

- Shut up and turn that thing off.
- SeaQuest, stand by.

Forty pounds,
positive resistance.

Forty pounds,
negative resistance.

Forty pounds,
positive resistance.


- Katie, about before - I don't have
time, Ben. I'm on duty in 20 minutes.

You know, "tick-tack,

Sometimes I slip into old habits
when I see you, you know?

Since when is insensitivity
an old habit?

We're not married anymore.

Leave me alone.

The "tick-tock" thing
was supposed to be a joke.

I came down here
to apologize.

I'm sorry.


that little girl
she's so trusting,

so hungry for love.

Even from me,
and I'm just a stranger.

She made me feel
what it's like to want a baby.

It's wonderful.


Then you. You come along
with your biological clock thing

and it was like
twisting the knife.

I can explain that.

I'm an idiot.

And I never see the line
until I've crossed it.

But I didn't mean
to be cruel.

Look, we never should have married.
I mean

I wasn't in love with you.

I was in love with the idea
The idea of us.

Top of our class, fast-track careers,
the best and the brightest.

Heck, I was marrying myself.

- Is that supposed to be a compliment?
- Sure it is.

An insensitive, thoughtless one,
but a compliment.


I used to fantasize
about having my own ship.

But you

You're command material.

My fantasies
never included children.

But now

I'm never gonna get a command
with a baby on my hip.

You'll get whatever you want
because you deserve it.

One day you'll even find
the right guy.

Of course, he won't be
as good-looking as me.

- Captain. - Cleo.

Listen. Zach is refusing
to leave the depot

and he's threatening
one of my officers.

- I'd like you to speak to him.
- Okay.

this is Capt. Bridger.

- We'd like to speak to Zach.
- Well, I don't want to talk to you.

You see?
That structure is collapsing.

We have to get him
out of there.

- Zach.
- Cleo? Are you okay? How's Tony?

He's in a special chamber.
He's getting better.

- I want you to come back.
- It's not safe there anymore.

- That's a lie! They're telling you lies.
- Zach, please, listen to me!

No, no, no. You come back here.
Everybody's leaving me.

We promised Nana.
You come back here now.

You get away. Get out of here.
I don't need you. Any of you!

- Commander?
- Give me a little time with him, Captain.

I'm not ready
to give up on him yet.

Have either of you boys
ever heard of the shell game?

No? Well,
it's really quite simple.

All you gotta do
is keep your eye on the ball.

Ready? Simple. Follow me.

That's right. Very good.
Beginner's luck.

Except now is where we move
into the danger zone.

You guys worked in Vegas,
didn't you?

There it is.

This is the most treacherous
part of the trench.

Earlier landslides
must have buried the evidence.

That's why WSKRS had problems
finding anything.

Can we get in there?

I am fighting the currents.
It may take some time.

Do the best you can.

- Dr. Westphalen?
- Captain.

- How are you doing?
- Tony's condition's improving.

I'd have to say
we're doing okay. Thank you.

- Lt. O'Neill, the wheel is yours.
- Aye-aye, sir.

Okay, guys.
What are you up to now?

The old shell game, huh?
Who taught you boys this?

Still not talking, I see.

Okay, you get over there
and sit next to your brother.

Let's see just how good you are.
Show me your stuff.

Right there.

All right. All right.
We go two out of three. Let's go.

Right there.

Wait a minute,
what the heck is this?

You tricked me. Where's the ball'?
Let me see the ball.

We don't throw things
in the pool around here, all right?

Now you boys have got a whole lot
to learn about sportsmanship.

I'll tell you what,
when I was your age

If I get my hands on you

- Chief?
- Don't even ask, Cap.

How is he?

Well, he needs to sleep for a couple
of days to let his lungs repair.

- Hadn't I just told you that?
- I heard something else in your voice.

- Is there something else?
- Yes.

I'm worried about the children.
What's going to happen to them.

I think they're a lot stronger
than you and I can even imagine.

They're gonna be okay.
They're survivors.

When they're together. That's where
they get their strength from, each other.

But what about if they're separated?
Nathan, there are six of them.

Have you any idea how difficult it's
going to be to keep them all together?

I mean,
two or three children, okay. Six?

The most important thing
is keeping them all alive.

And right now I have to worry about
getting a frightened 16-year-old boy

- out of a munitions depot.
- Yes, and then?

Then it's out of my hands.


Hey, what's wrong?

You have to
Lucas, you have to

- I'm sorry.
- Come here.

- What's the matter?
- Zach won't leave.

- They're gonna go get him.
- No, they won't.

He won't listen to an adult.
He hates them.

All they do is desert us.

I'm so sorry.

I was gonna try to force you
to take me back.

Listen, they're not gonna
leave him there.

I mean, even if they gas him to knock
him out, they'll bring him back.

You don't understand.
I heard it in his voice.

He's lost it.

Zach has been our father,
our protector, since he was 13.

He's not like you.
He's not a normal 16-year-old.

- He can really get out of control.
- He'll only hurt himself.

Lucas, he's going to die.

Are you sure
he'll listen to you?

No, Cleo, are you sure?

I'm gonna take you to Zach.

I'm gonna steal a launch.

Just come with me before I change
whatever's left of my mind.

Hear that?

- The current's getting stronger.
- The noise always comes.

That noise gets louder
every time I hear it.

You're afraid to die.

You don't get one of these
if you're afraid to die.

But it's stupid to just sit here
while this place collapses around us.

- Then leave.
- We can't leave without you, Zach.

This place is my home.
I'll never leave.

- Attention! Security breach. - For Bridge
link, please use Channel 6 or 7.

- Lieutenant.
- Security breach. Docking Bay 3.

- We've just dispatched a launch.
- What?

Bay 3. What the hell's going
on down there?

- Chief, I
- Report, Ensign.

- Chief, I lost a launch.
- You what?

Lucas tricked me, and that girl
was with him and

You ask me what these kids need
is a good swift kick in the britches.

Fine. I'll have
Cmdr. Ford shoot them.

Chief has a point.

Not that they need
to be beaten,

but children need role models
for their behavior.

Well, Zach hasn't had one.
He's had to be one.

He's been responsible for his family
since he was 13.

That's three, young,
impressionable years.

Then we come along, and we invalidate
every good effort that he's made.

He is, after all,
captain of his crew.

This boy's father was a colonel
in the Marines, right?

- Thank you. Chief.
- Aye, sir.

The wheel is yours,

Not much time left, Zach.
What do you say?

- Cleo. - Zach.

- Who's he?
- This is Lucas. Lucas, that's Zach.

- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing in there?

Zach, you have to come back with us.
It's a better place where they took us.

But we promised to stay together here,
until they come back.

They're not coming back.
Nana knew that. It's what killed her.

But we can stop this.
We can leave here.

- No!
- What are you, nuts?

She risked her life
to come back here and get you.

- This place is disintegrating.
- I don't like you.

Now wait a minute.

Zach, no.

Captain, the probe's inside
the wreckage of the shuttle.

- And?
- Three bodies inside. One female.

- The parents of the children.
- Yes, sir.

Looks like the shuttle
was slammed into the rocks.



I think the children should know

Their parents were trying to get back
to the depot when they crashed.


Commander Ford.
Move out. On the double.

- I said on the double!
- Yes, sir!

Now, Mr. Wolenczak!

Nicely maintained,
Mr. Thomas.

Your father would have been
proud of you.

It is my sad duty to inform you
of your father's death.

Upon returning to this depot
his shuttle was crushed by currents,

six kilometers to the east.

All hands on board perished.

Time to go, son.

So what's gonna happen to us?

You mean,
will they split you up?


Capt. Bridger said he would do his best
not to let that happen.

He's a man of his word.

Do you think
we'll ever see each other again?

Yeah, sure we will.

If you want to.

This is for you.

It's "Take Me With You".

Mr. Wolenczak and Miss Walker,
to the Bridge, please.

I'll take you there.

A moment of silence
for brave men and women.

- Commander.
- Tubes 1 and 2, fire.

The greatest legacy
of your parents' lives

has been the strength and courage
that they instilled in you.

And in recognition of that, the United
Earth Oceans Organization

bestows upon you
its highest civilian honor.

That's great.

And, as for you,
Mr. Wolenczak, you are grounded.

Let's get these kids home.

Hello, I'm Bob Ballard from the Woods
Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Man has lived in space
for more than a year

longer than anyone has lived
beneath the sea.

The longest an aquanaut
has lived underwater

has been about 70 days,
and that was in a nuclear submarine.

Undersea homes called "habitats"
have been built around the world,

but they're used mostly
for scientific research.

See you on the next exciting
adventure of seaQuest DSV.