Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 5 - Episode #4.5 - full transcript

Baby Drew Redhead dies in hospital and his parents Jenny and Marcus are suspected of foul play. Rachel and Janet interview them but whilst Marcus is calm Jenny is hostile, ringing alarm ...

Scott & Bailey
Season 4 - Episode 05

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- You're gonna talk to Janet?
- Dunno.

I might say something I regret.

If Gill had just said,

"Janet doesn't want
the sergeant's job,

but we would love you to do it,' I
would've understood.

Will Pemberton,
nice to meet you.

Shut it.

I'm interested

to see how long it's gonna
take Janet to apologise.

- You're gonna punish
her till she does?
- You don't know me very well.

No, you're a complete enigma.

Are you gonna tell Rachel
that you told me?

She knows what she needed to.

It's done.
Let's get on with the job.

Well, you know I'll have to talk to

- Why?
- It's Rachel.

- Do you want a mint?
- No, thanks.

No, you won't, she seemed fine.

Do I need one?

- Were you out, last night?
- No.

I had some friends round.

You're the only one getting upset
about all this.

Because you asked me to keep it a
secret, then you tell her,

so I look the two-face,
which means me say sorry,

which means I did something wrong -
and I haven't.

She's gonna have this
for all it's worth.

She won't take it personally.

Are you new ?

Right, after falling unconscious at
his parents' home,

Andrew Redhead,
13 months old,

was admitted to Oldham General
Hospital yesterday at 2:30pm.

On examination,
the medical staff were concerned

that his injuries -
multiple cranial fractures -

didn't fit with the parents'

Which was?

That he'd slipped
on a wet floor.

Suspecting serious injury,

they got Division involved.

Andrew never regained

and death was recorded during
surgery at 9:15, last night.

Now, there were no complications
during surgery,

so we're saying that his death

was a direct result
of his injuries.

Whether they were accidental or

Nobody wants to be on the wrong
side of a newspaper headline,

so we're erring on the side of

There's bound to be some grim-arsed
journo looking for a payday on this

so, outside this room, we keep our
opinions to ourselves,

unless any of you fancy keeping
Kevin company in Strangeways.

- Are the family known to us?
- No.

It's the first time they've come
onto our radar.

I'll be going to the case
conference following the PM.

Hopefully we'll get a better picture
of his home life from their GP.

Have Division secured
the house as a crime scene?

Yeah. The parents are staying
with the next-door neighbours.

I'm not sending CSIs in,

unless something significant
comes out of the post-mortem.

I want no more upheaval for the
family than absolutely necessary.

Pete, speak to the hospital.

I want to know if there
was something other

than the child's injuries
that made medical staff suspicious.

Janet, family liaison.

Inform the parents that we
like they coming to an interview.

Do it face-to-face,
might stop 'em panicking.

- Under caution?
- Yeah, I know it's tough,

but I think we have to.
I'm sure you'll handle it right.

I've chosen Janet as
FLO as we need to deploy

her differently
from normal liaison officer.

Needs our top interviewer.

Give them the support they need
but, importantly,

we go in careful.

We need you as our eyes and ears.

Gain their confidence,
get them contributing.

Might help us close the case down
quickly and compassionately.

I want you to accompany Janet.

This case is gonna
come in for scrutiny.

She'll need as much support as

Why aren't we waiting for a
paediatric pathologist?

Apparently, none available.

Massacre at the annual dinner ?

We need to wait until one's free.

It's not my call.

New coroner.

And you didn't bother to argue?

I remember when you'd have put up
more of a fight.

- Are you all right?
- Great.

Got a career-ruining
case on my hands

as I head to retirement.

I've got a toddler on a slab.


He's in insurance.

Primarily, my role is to help and
support you

while we investigate
the circumstances

surrounding Andrew's death.

- Andrew?
- We...

We called him Drew.

Is that what you'd like us to call

Drew's fine.
Drew's fine.

They're only trying to help.

What we'd like is for you to come
down to Oldham Road police station -

No chance. No.

I can't.

We need to ask you a few questions.

I'm sure we can answer them here,
can't we?

I'm afraid not. It's as
much to do with your rights

- as anything else.
- And if we refuse?

Well, I don't
think you wanna go down that road.

- Are you threatening us?
- No.


It's... It's just in everyone's
best interest

if we get this done as quickly as

But if we refuse...?

Then we would
forced to arrest you.

Arrest us?

Well, go on, then.

Arrest us.

Do it.
Arrest me. Arrest me.

Go on! Arrest me!

Jenny, it's all right.

It's all right.
It's OK.

My God.

she tripped earlier.


Would you like us to arrange
transport to the station?

No. No, I'll...
I'll drive.

Did you see how she jumped when he
touched her?

Squeezing her hand,
when she tried to speak.

Only you could turn a bloke being
caring into an admission of guilt.

Do you not think he was
trying to look after her?

No. I thought he was just trying to
keep her quiet, cos it suited him.

I clocked that.
It's a tricky call to make.

I don't know how I'd be,
if it was one of mine.

Boss, just heading back.

- How were they?
- Hard to tell.


- They're following us in.
- No, go back.

We've not finished the post-mortem
but, based on what we've got,

we're starting to agree with the
hospital -

serious injury,

I want you to initiate a full
forensic recovery -

the clothing they were wearing when
they took Andrew to the hospital,

their bedding, any bedding from
Andrew's room.

I want the parents kept apart from
now on.

- If they refuse?
- Arrest them.

No, actually, forget that.
Just go back and arrest them.

Marcus and Jenny are downstairs
with their solicitors.

As soon as they've finished,
get first accounts.

Keep it short and sweet.

I've got the next hour
in a case conference,

with a bunch of terrified GPs,

health visitors
and social workers.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah. Bit tired.

These cases don't help.

As soon as the tears stop, the
fingers start pointing.

I'm getting it in the neck
from the Divisional Commander

and ACC ranks.

What's happened to the toaster?

Sets the new smoke alarm off.

- Is this hot?
- Yeah, it's just boiled.

So we can't have any toast?

He's good, isn't he?

You are good.

Do you want a slice, as a reward?

Yeah, go on.

I need something before I go into
the interview room.

I hate doing these interviews.

All I ever see is a baby and a

There's nowhere to hide from it.

You can handle it.

What time did you leave work?


I'm not sure.

After lunch.

Look, if I can have my
phone back,

I can check what time Jenny rang.

I'm afraid we need to keep
hold of your phone,
but we can check for you.

Who arrived at the hospital first?

I think we arrived
at the same time.

She called me to say
that she was there,

just as I was pulling in...

..and we both took him in.

I couldn't wake him.

I called Marcus, then I took him to
the hospital.

What did you think was wrong?

- I just knew it was serious.
- Is there a particular reason

that you didn't
call an ambulance?

We live so close, I thought it was
better just to get him there.

I can see that.

Can you tell me
about the accident

he had earlier
that day?

He falls over all the time.

So what was different about this
particular fall?


If there were any signs,
that could've told me how
serious it was,

I wouldn't have waited, I'd have
got him to hospital straightaway.

I heard him crying.

Came straight in, found him lying
on the mopped floor.

I picked him up, checked him out,
like you do...

like you'd do.

If he was falling over all
the time, how can she be sure

that that specific fall led to
Andrew's death?

- She seemed so certain.
- They both are.

- He wasn't even there.
- Shock?

That makes you vague,
not adamant.

Andrew's health visitor didn't
remember him specifically

but, on checking her notes,
they had had one or two incidences:

missed clinics, check-ups,
refused entry...

On the whole, they'd had no cause
for concern.

Refused entry was no cause for

It could just mean
that she wasn't at home
when they called round.

Or hadn't tidied up.

Doesn't seem
she was bothered finding out why.

Whatever happened to that child

wasn't done by anyone
in that case conference.

Yeah but,
maybe they could've stopped it.

- How?
- By doing their job.

Can you hear yourself?

You sound like
the pond life out there.

If you'd seen how devastated those
at that case conference were -

- Scared!
- Take that self-righteous look off your face.

This isn't a who cares the most

No-one in that room does that job
because it's easy.

If they've made mistakes,
don't worry.

Somebody will haul them up for it,
they don't need you.

There isn't a single person in this
room, including myself,

who hasn't made a bad call,

been overworked,
overlooked something,

so you can wind your neck in,
cos I'm not having it.

Rachel, you carry on.

They said most of the time,
the mother seemed co-operative.

Andrew was a happy,
healthy child.

the mother seemed flaky.

They put the missed appointments
down to that.

They say
"Andrew's walking

"and speech development weren't
as advanced as they expected".

We'll come on to the walking
when we go over the post-mortem.


Say they were well liked,

he worked hard,
she was friendly.

Could be a bit rowdy at the
weekends, music, mates,

but no-one was suggesting anything

Let's draw up a list of regular
visitors to the house.

Onto the post-mortem.

We fast-tracked blood,
urine and tissue.

Confirmed two skull fractures,

back of the head,
blunt force trauma.

No paediatric pathologist available

but Professor Jackson's thinking
more thrown against a wall

or the floor rather
than a direct strike.

Moment of anger? Loss of control?

I think it's worth mentioning here

that I thought the husband
was quite controlling.

For the record,
I didn't think so.

So we're not looking
for a murder weapon.

No. What the hospital X-rays

didn't pick up was
three broken ribs.

According to Professor Jackson,
they'd have only shown up

on a radionuclide scan, which is
tricky to use on a small child,

not so good at detecting the skull

Do we know if injuries to the head
and ribs happened at the same time?

It's hard to be precise.
Very different types of fracture,

different bone densities,
different healing rates

but Professor Jackson's best guess
is yeah, same time.

What sort of accident can cause

skull fractures to the rear
and broken ribs at the front?

The post-mortem also revealed
historical fractures.

Andrew's left clavicle
and right tibia.

Problems walking.

The hospital had no previous visits
on record.

- Different hospital?
- Different name?

Could we cross-reference his
injuries with local hospitals?

With no specific dates?
You can give it a go.

- Maybe she treated him at home.
- Broken bones?

We're not expecting
much from our scene.

Not a lot to be looking for.

Possible tissue transfer from the

With a toddler, there's bound to be
tissue transfer all over.

We're concentrating on
the place the parents

claim the accident happened.

If we don't find anything,
that's not how he hurt himself.

Can you start drawing up an
interview strategy

based on the findings of the case
conference and post-mortem?

They live five to ten minutes away
from the hospital.

He works 30 to 35 minutes away.

So they leave at the same time and
get there at the same time.

What? She gets there two or three
minutes earlier

and waits for him to join her before taken
their unconscious kid into the hospital.

I'm not buying it.

See if the ANPR sheds any light.

They said they're backed up,
could be two to three days.

Waiting time on cell siting from
their phones...

- anything up to a month.
- Brilliant !

The hospital car park

could have a camera at
the entrance barrier.

I'll get onto it.

No, you should've heard her.

It's like, 'Janet's the best. Make
sure you support her, Rachel.'

It's like the pair of 'em are on
Operation Piss Me Off.

I could've slapped 'em both.

I know something
that'll cheer you up.

You're a miracle worker.

That Vice initiative you applied


No, I shouldn't be telling you.

I got it?

That's brilliant.

But who'll replace me on the

They'll step somebody up to cover you
for the three months you're away.


It's HR's call,
but would she want to?

I thought she wasn't
interested in Sergeant.

Who knows?

It will still be mine when I come

That's exciting.

Rachel Bailey, Vice.

Great for the CV.

I did get this on my own?

It had crossed my desk,
but it wasn't my call?


It would be self-defeating,
sending you away for three months.

It's not till the end of the year.

You just have to make
the most of me now.

when will Gill tell me?

Well, I sent the E-mail last thing,
so should be tomorrow.

Look surprised.

And, hey, cut this crap with Janet.

You're better than that.

Got the same shot of Jenny

coming through the barrier
12 minutes earlier.

She waited 12 minutes before taking
Andrew into hospital?

- What do you reckon that is?
- GPS.

No, even better, dash cam.

They've both got 'em on their cars.

- This is from his car.
- He works in insurance.

It's supposed to lower
your premium.

I recovered the footage.

This is Marlow Road,
little side street,

right near the hospital.

There goes his no-claims.

They catch themselves,
these days.

- Any idea who those two are?
- No.

Well, it's a nice starting point
for an interview.

Locate the cab driver.

You seem in a better mood, today.

- Not really.
- Good, cos I wanted to talk

to you about something.

Just been, can it wait?

I'll have a few brews,
let you know when I'm ready.

I've got a vehicle reg for you to

Would you like to take a moment?

We met 'em outside the hospital

so we could say that...

..Jenny had been looking after him
when he took ill.

Which isn't true?


Why did you want us to think that?

We were worried
that she'd get into trouble.



Adjoah Ekundayo.

What sort of trouble, Marcus?

We didn't want people thinking that
Drew had hurt himself

when he was with Adjoah,

in case they thought...

We thought it would make life
easier...not easier, simpler,

if we just said that Jenny was
looking after him

when he became ill.

People think things, don't they?

We didn't want them thinking that
about Adjoah.

She's a great girl.

So are you telling me that...

So they lied to us about how their
son died,

in case we had bad thoughts about
the childminder?

If that's all there is to it,
I'll bear my arse on Bury Market.

It was Marcus' idea to lie.

He was certain that Adjoah hadn't -
couldn't hurt Drew.

I don't know. I don't know.
I just...

Drew's other injuries
that you said about,

they only happened since we started
using her.

I just thought it was weird.

But still you
continued to use her.

- Why was that?
- I just thought I was being paranoid.

Did you share your concerns with
your husband?


Now, you know, you begin to wonder,

Maybe I wasn't paranoid.

You can't have it both ways.

"I was worried about her",
but "I still used her".

50 minutes ago,
she's swearing

she didn't know about
his other injuries.

Now she's saying
they only happened

since Adjoah came on the scene.

Either way, she's lying.

She wasn't looking after
Andrew when he fell ill.

Adjoah Ekundayo was.

Draw up an arrest strategy for

If she's not at home,
we'll need to force entry

and treat it as a crime scene.

Notify the CSM to have a team on

- What about him?
- The boyfriend?

Nick Wootton.

Neither Marcus or Jenny
have much to say about him.

See if he'll come in for questioning.
If not, go for an arrest.

There's someone in.

- Nick Wootton?
- What?

I'm Detective Sergeant
Rachel Bailey.

This is Detective Constable Lee

Adjoah Ekundayo -

- Oi!
- Nick!

Adjoah, stay back!

You, get down!

Nick Wootton, I'm arresting you for
assaulting a police officer.

We had the toxicology reports back.

They found traces of cocaine in
Andrew's system.

Aren't there over-the-counters for
colds that give a positive on cocaine?

Yeah, but not the levels
they found in Andrew.

I hope it's accidental.

You're on a twisted bit of the
planet when you're hoping a toddler

took drugs accidentally.

Bin bags from the Ekundayo house
need going through.

I've located the taxi driver and -

I'll get Chris to speak to him.

We sent a strand of Andrew's hair
to be tested,

so we'll know if the cocaine was
administered more than once.

Do the same with Jenny, Marcus,
Adjoah and Nick.

- What are we saying about Nick Wootton?
- What do you reckon?

Violent. Risk-assessment
showed previous for ABH.

- Domestic?
- Night club scraps,

but I think he's
in the frame.

I think he's right up there.

He was off his face when we picked
him up,

so we know he's a drug user.

- Nosebleeds.
- What?

When we went to see Jenny,
she had a nosebleed.

Could've been brought on by cocaine

Could be a one-off
coping mechanism.

It's not the grief drug of choice.

Have you heard anything
from my Vice application?

I've got drug sniffer dogs

doing the parents
and Adjoah's house.

I'm sure my thumb's getting

The newspapers have got hold of
something grim involving babies,

foreign-sounding names,
asking for a press release.

Hey, wait up.

Give 'em three or four sentences.

When you've done it,
go through it,

see if anything sounds halfway like
a headline, pass it back to me.

I need to take this.
DCI Murray.

I can manage.

I turned down the sergeant's job
before you were offered it.

- I know. Gill told me.
- I know, Gill told me.

I was trying to do the right thing
for the right reasons.

Gill expressly asked me not to tell

Look at your face.

"Winning the lottery
ruined my life".

Come on, Rach,
you haven't lost a limb.

You got the job.

You haven't even asked
me why I turned it down.

Shit, you're right,
I haven't.

Never even crossed your mind.

Sorry, I just...

Is everything all right?

Well, then, so why?
What's going on?

Because at the same time that I got
the job,

my family started acting like yours.

Everyone needed me at home

more than I needed
a promotion.

You're doing a great job.

Do you think Jenny's nosebleed

could've been drug-related?

Yeah, there's a thought.

Which means I could've got Marcus

- Maybe he was protecting her.
- Yeah.


Jenny always sends us a taxi
to come and collect Drew.

It saves her having to drive.
It's her money.

When did you first notice there was
something wrong with Drew?

As we got home,
he started fitting in the taxi,

so we took him into my house and
called Jenny.

She was in a state.

She said we should
wait for Marcus to call

and he'd tell us what to do.

Did that seem strange to you?

I thought it'd be all right.


So, from the moment that you
first collected Drew

to the moment that you handed
him over to Marcus,

were you, Nick or the taxi driver on
your own with Drew?

- No.
- Just take a moment and think.

Well, I can see you're looking for
something here

but, whatever it is, you're not
gonna find it.

What about when you took
Drew into your house?


Did the taxi driver come with you
into your house?

No, but only because
we weren't sure what Jenny -

So they were
alone with him

when they took him
into the house.

Yeah, but he'd started fitting
before that point.

We can't be sure
if his fitting in the taxi

and his death are connected.

Were either Nick or you on your own
with Drew in your house?


Do you ever leave Nick alone with
any of the kids you look after?

You what? Come on!
This is ridiculous.

Why are you
asking me about Nick?

Why is it all of a sudden
about Nick and me?

I'm answering nothing about Nick, and
I'm not putting anything down about him.

If you wanna stitch him up,
you're not having my help.

OK, I need you to calm down, Adjoah.

Can you tell me what it was about
that last question

that made you so angry?

It's not on.

Don't think I don't know why I'm

and Mr and Mrs Rich Bitches are sat
at home.

Don't think I don't know.

This is too easy for you lot.

Who wants to think
that people with everything

could do this sort
of nasty shit?

No need to challenge your world

when there's a couple of black kids
on the estate who'll do.

You went straight for arrest
without asking a single question.

You looked at my profile
and you said, "Suspect",

but you're not dealing with some

I'm studying law.

I look after the kids to pay for my

so don't treat me like some idiot,
cos I know how this works

and if she ain't gonna speak up, I

OK, as you're studying law,

you'll know that we've done
everything by the book.

This has nothing to do with who you
are or where you live,

but you're right, you need to speak
up for yourself.

That's exactly why you're here, so
take your opportunity,

say your piece,
be heard,

leave us with no room for any doubts
about your innocence.

So, Adjoah... there anything that you would
like us to know?

Some women can't cope.

Some people,

they just can't do it,
can they?

Go on.

He was always at work, or away.

He never took a day off.
She was out of her depth.

I'm good with kids.

I was forever keeping Drew for
longer than I was supposed to.

When you say that she couldn't cope,
what do you mean?

Well, she struggled, got down.
I don't know.

Sometimes, we'd come and collect
Drew and she'd be wired.

A bit out of it.

When she was,

we made sure we kept Drew till
Marcus came home.

No significant tissue transfer

in the Redheads' kitchen,

but she did say the floor was wet.

Any tissue could've been disturbed
before the floor dried.

Also chemicals
in the floor cleaner

could've affected our results.

I have a team doing the Ekundayo

- Sniffer dogs?
- Yeah, they've been.

My favourite!

Horrible, hairy bastards set my
allergies off every time.

We found traces of cocaine in the
Redheads' bathrooms,

but the winner is three bags of
white powder found in the lounge.

Not tested yet, but the dogs were
dancing round it

like my grandad at a wedding,

so I'm pretty sure
it's not Canderel.

Well, that's a bit of a giveaway.


What was the story with our taxi

Corroborates Adjoah and Nick's

Witnessed nothing that could have
precipitated Andrew's illness.

Supported by the cab's CCTV.
What did we do before CCTV?

Anything from the Ekundayo bins?

Still going through 'em.

So far, all we've got
is skinning-up detritus.

Soon as.

We found cocaine at the Redhead

We've got next to nothing
on Adjoah and Nick,

other than opportunity.

And Jenny's concerns.

The clock's running down on Marcus
and Jenny.

If we rush a
half-baked interview,

they'll say they knew nothing,
we're back to square one -

four suspects
and no way forward.

Seems to me that
Adjoah's testimony

that Jenny was often wired

and out of it changes everything.

And the cocaine found in her
house...Yeah, yeah.

If we put that to Jenny,
it might get her talking.

Jenny's too guarded,

- What about Marcus?
- Well, I think he's different.

Honest - well,
maybe not honest,

but a shit liar.
He trusts me.

If I go in with the drug find, I
might be able to get somewhere.

OK, let's set up a meeting
with the CPS

and Scary Mary for after
this interview,

see what our charging options are.
You need to be quick.


It's a mate's.

- John.
- OK.

We'll need to speak to John, confirm
that the cocaine is his,

possibly start charges for

So, can you give me John's surname
and address?

I'm not dragging anyone else into

He's got a wife, kids, a job...

We'll deal with it sensitively.

I can't.

OK, we can come back to it.

Have you spoken to him recently?

Yeah, I called him and asked him to
get it out the house.

When was that?

Tuesday, Wednesday...?

Did you call him
from home or work?

- My mobile.
- Are you certain?

Yeah, positive.

So, using your
mobile phone history on those days,

we'll find a phone call
to a John, will we?

Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think it
might be yours.

Is the cocaine yours or Jenny's?

What does it matter whose it is?

Because, according to our toxicology

your son had
traces of cocaine

in his system when he died.

I'm sorry.

I understand how difficult that must
be to hear.

- Does Jenny know?
- I'm not at liberty to say.


if she doesn't know,

if she doesn't know,

then please let me be there
when you tell her.

Is that possible, please?

And why's that so
important to you?

Because she needs me.

I understand, but I'm afraid
we can't allow you to be there,

but I promise you,
we'll take care of her.

The cocaine was Jenny's.

She was struggling to keep it under

I didn't know how to help her.

That's why we used Adjoah so much.

Adjoah knew?

We never talked about it.

She knew we were going through

She was always there
to help out.

Nick scored Jenny some coke a few

Are you saying
Nick's a drug dealer?

No. He got her some stuff a
couple of times, just a couple.

Jenny was so paranoid,

She didn't want anyone
connecting her with...

with Nick.

That's why she didn't want them
taking Drew into the hospital.

Do you have any thoughts
on how the cocaine

might have got into Drew's system?

You couldn't keep him out of stuff.

When Jenny was using, was she ever
violent towards you or Drew?

Is that what killed him,
the coke?

The cause of Drew's death was
fractures to his skull,

so I'm gonna ask you that question

When Jenny was using cocaine,

was she ever violent towards you or



The CPS solicitor said
that Andrew's death could have been

as a result of something
accidental that happened

days before he was
taken into hospital.

Which means anyone -

Jenny, Marcus, Adjoah or Nick -
could've been responsible.

Does the cocaine not get us

Was cocaine the cause of death?

You could argue that
the blunt-force trauma

resulted from a head hitting the
floor during the convulsion -

- Brought on by cocaine.
- A bit of a stretch.

And the fact that Nick's had access to
cocaine has muddied the water even more.

The sniffer dogs didn't find any
cocaine at Nick and Adjoah's

and Nick wasn't on his own at any
point with Andrew.

Doesn't matter,
not to the CPS.

We've got two houses where drugs
were regularly used

and we've got no other evidence.

We just have to accept
where we are.

Release all four on police bail.

We need a new strategy for the

- Which is...?
- I'm sure strategic command

and the review team will
come up with some things

- we've missed.
- They'll send someone in?

Yeah and, with me on the way out,
they won't be pulling any punches.

How did Pete get on with the

It's like you said, there are too
many variables to narrow them down.

Contact Marcus' work place.

He's always at work,
never misses a day

but, as soon as he got that call,
he dropped everything.

Let's look at any other day
over the past year

where he suddenly takes time off,
leaves work, an emergency.

See if a child matching
Andrew's description

with his injuries was admitted to any emergency
department on those days.

Sure you don't fancy
coming down the welcome?

- Chris is.
- What?

No, I wanna get home,
see the girls -

girl, singular.

- Don't blame you.
- Do you see much of your Sammy?

Only when I'm stalking him on

- Stalking's an offence, you know.
- Doesn't apply.

Mother's prerogative,
it precludes conviction.

- See you.
- See you.

I'm just checking
you haven't joined

a far-right terrorist

Give me a call.
Hi to your dad.

When they're ignoring you in the
same room, it doesn't hurt as much.

I found it hard to adjust when you
left home.

She hasn't left home,

she's just gone to live in one she
likes better.

She might as well have sprayed
"Unfit mother" on the door!

You have to find a different focus,
as they get older,

otherwise they'll have you dangling
off a hook.

You were a professional.

I don't think we've given
the dating a good enough run-in.

Straighten your face.

You're in your prime

and I've still got
a few years left.

Will you give up
on the fella front?

I'll give up when I know you're

It lasts a lifetime,
this worry lark,

so you'd better get comfy.

I've got enough shifty strangers at

I wondered if that job would
eventually put you off men.

They're not all rapists and
murderers, you know.

No, some of them are Morris dancers.

I haven't given up on wanting

Don't expect me to stop.

I've paid a 12-month subscription.


Marcus, are you OK?

Are you hurt?

Why don't you come
into the station?

We can deal with it properly.

Come on, Marcus,
let's get out of the rain.

If there's something
you want to say,

you need to say it in the police

Do you understand?

She did it.

Who did?

Marcus, if you want to make a
statement, you need to come inside.


If you do that, I'm going.

Tell me, then, Marcus, who are we
talking about?

She told me last night.

She didn't mean it, she didn't.

She was feeding him
and he...


She just threw him.

How could she throw him?

Just... Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!

I need to do what's right for us.

She's pregnant.

Marcus, we need to talk about this

under caution,
with your solicitor.


If I come inside, you'll lock her
up. They'll take my baby away.

If I can get through this,
I can protect him.

I won't get that chance if Jenny's
found guilty...

I don't know what to do.

Help me.

Why turn up and say it

and then refuse
to repeat it?

Maybe he wants someone to drag it
out of him,

it doesn't feel like his choice,
his conscience is clear.

- He's a bloke - who knows?
- Whether he says it there or here,

he still said it,
so why can't we charge him?

Our word against his.

He didn't volunteer to come in,
we've had to arrest him.

Defence could say
he was coerced,

he's mentally unstable,
we made it all up.

- Wouldn't be the first time.
- Juries aren't that gullible.

It wouldn't be the first time
one of our lot made things up.

Current climate, we still need more

We need a recorded
statement from him.

- She's never gonna say anything.
- Have you spoken to the CPS?

They said if we can get Marcus
to testify under caution,

it'll be enough to charge Jenny.

If you don't speak to us,

then what are we meant to think,

I know that you're
worried about what happens

to your next child

and I know that you think you're
doing the right thing

but I think you're making a mistake.

Just because they're not under the
same roof

doesn't mean you're not doing your
best for them.

If you really care,

if you want to put your
new child's welfare first,

you'll make a statement.

And, yes, the Social will get

Maybe take that child into care,
after it's born...

..but at least you'll
know that child

will be safe and protected,

which is something at the moment you
can't guarantee.

She said he wouldn't open his eyes.

She was off her face and thought
that shit'd wake him up.

She was trying to wake him up.

She tried everything she could.

She tried resuscitating him.

She was so scared, panicking.

She broke his ribs trying.

She only gave him cocaine
to try and wake him up.

She told me last night.

Jennifer Alice Redhead,

you are charged that on Friday 27th
June 2014,

you did murder Andrew Marcus Redhead
contrary to common law.

- I didn't do it.
- You're also charged that,

on Friday 27th June 2014-

- I swear on my baby's life...
- that you did unlawfully and maliciously

administer to Andrew
Marcus Redhead a noxious thing

so as thereby to endanger his life.

Everyone gets a name check,
even the social worker.

Poor cow only met the family once.

- Do we get a mention?
- "The police".


Marcus will need somewhere safe to

Find him a B&B for the night.

We'll look into
long-term arrangements

once we've spoken
to the CPS.

Anything else I need to know?

They printed Adjoah
and Nick's address.

- No pictures.
- Yet.

They'll be witnesses
to the prosecution,

so we've got a duty of care.

Assign Mitch as their witness
protection adviser.

He can brief them on safety.

Mitch can speak to their social
worker, as well.

Do him good
to look her in the eyes.

- Why me?
- Cos it's your job.

Well, how come you never give
Cockney Rebel the crappy jobs?

What can I say, Mitch?
Some of us have just got it.

I get it. Going for
old blokes, these days?

As if!

- He's more your speed.
- Thanks.

Gill seemed to think that too.

No, you know...

He's got that sort of, you know,
that sexy, knackered look.

- "Sexy, knackered"?
- Yeah.

Like lived-in, cowboy sexy.

Oh, just what I need -
someone to milk and brand me!

- Thanks.
- Right, OK.

Excuse me a second.

Gill, did you get my E-mail
about DS Bailey?

Yeah. Great news.

She'll do well.

Nice of you to take an interest.

Same again?

- Yes. Thank you.
- Not for me.

Have you heard from HR about my

Question or statement?

- Question.
- My turn:

Are you shagging Will

Who said that?

You just did,
when you didn't say no.

I thought you were smarter than

- We're not doing -
- Anything wrong?

We've had to live through all your
past relationships,

Rachel Bailey,
the human Heat magazine.

Now, suddenly, you've gone all coy.

You must think you're doing
something wrong,

or else you wouldn't
be trying to hide it.

Don't take me for a mug.

'Have I heard from HR about your
placement?' I don't like that.

Doesn't affect my job.

You already know things
you shouldn't before me.

Doesn't affect your job? Where's it
gonna stop?

I do something you don't like,

you have a little pillow talk,

- get me sorted?
- I wouldn't.

We don't.

He wasn't anything to do
with the selection,

- he just signed the form.
- How long's it been going on?

Because I'm starting
to question recent history.

Were Rachel and Will together when
we met at that function?

- Were they laughing behind my back?
- No.

- When you went up for Sergeant?
- No.

How do I know that?

How does anyone know that?
How will they?


Why should they matter to me?

Come on, like it or not, you're not
the same as them.

If you're not a straight, white
bloke, there'll always be questions

about why you got something they

And the first thing
that springs to mind

is you must be shagging someone,
and you are.

I don't care, I know the truth.

Good for you.

Cos it shouldn't matter

so, if you really don't care, then,
great, brilliant.

You're a better man than I am.

The victims are Tam Robinson,

the pub owner,
and his wife Patricia Robinson.

- I'm sick of blood.
- How's Alfie?

- Still snogging.
- Shut up!

I think Elise may be having sex

with Eleanor
Goodhead's son Alfie.

The night she let on that you
were first choice for sergeant,

- she'd been drinking at her desk.
- I smelled booze on her the other morning.

- Can't wait to be shot of me?
- I'm worried

about what's gonna
happen when you go.

I wish you wouldn't
put pressure on me.

What pressure, Rachel?

I would just like to see you

outside of our bedroom.

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