Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 4 - Episode #4.4 - full transcript

Whilst Rachel secretly dates superintendent Will Pemberton Janet feels the need for a boyfriend and unsuccessfully tries speed dating. Both are called to a hotel where an unknown woman is found dead in a bedroom booked in the name of Grant Meath. However the real Grant Meath has an alibi and when, following an appeal, Chloe Michaels comes forward to report that she met a man called Grant Meath through a dating web-site and he almost killed her in the same room her description of him does not match Grant. Evidence points to married James Tollis who uses the site to meet women at the hotel. He admits to harming Chloe but pleads not guilty to the murder. Before the case is concluded Janet is annoyed that Gill told Rachel the truth about her promotion.

~ You have been selected to be
our new sergeant. ~ I can't.
~ what I'm going to do
is offer it to Rachel.

Please don't tell her I offered it
to you first.

Elise has moved in with Aidan.

~ How is that? ~ Hard.

~ I'm gonna be a sergeant here.
~ That's good, isn't it?

~ Telling me you've been too busy?
~ I was prioritising.

Concentrate on the job!

I still say he's one of the few
bobbies -

and in 30 years I can count them
on one hand -

who looks at you face-first.

Ambitious, going for top post,
my bet.

Will Pemberton.

~ I'd like you to meet -
~ Rachel Bailey.

I've met Rachel briefly at the CPD
day at Signet House last month.

Investigative techniques.
The refresher course. He ran it.

~ I hear you're in our building now.
~ Hardly there. HQ mostly.

My office is there. I'm running a
project -

~ sexually-motivated crime. ~ Might bump
into you in a corridor somewhere.

~ If you ladies would excuse me...
~ We'll excuse you calling us ladies.

~ How did I do? ~ Very convincing.

~ Gill was flirting with you.
~ Your boss likes me.

Does that mean you're over me?

Nah! I have to get some sleep
tonight though, Will.

Can't keep living half broke.

And I'm not going to mess
this job up. shagging.

We'll have a meal...a bottle of

..and talk politics.

Oh, bugger that!

I'm thinking..."Do this.
We're adults.

It'll be good for Elise.

No big deal. It's only a meal."

I was so busy patting myself on the
back for being mature,

I didn't think about how it would

~ She was not what I expected.
~ Who? Elise?

Oh, say it again.

Eleanor Goodhead, Rach!

Janet. Come in.

Elise is so nervous. But I promised
her I love you dearly.

No, I was wrong. She's not dowdy.

~ And funny, smart, nice.
~ You're those things.

~ She can cook. ~ You can cook.

I'm not saying I'm not those things.
I'm saying she IS those things.

Listen, she's also...

..voluptuous. Which I don't wanna
start with but!

Can't leave that out.

OK, we'll give her that one.

It's odd watching your ex
kiss another woman.

Not that I want to be that with him
again. Obviously.

It's a bit like bumping into an old
work colleague to be honest. made me realise...
I want that again.

Yeah, you've said this -
a boyfriend.

Yeah. I dunno.


Anyway...I went home and drunkenly
booked myself in

for some ridiculous speed-dating

Which surely must mean that the
whole thing's over faster.

But now I'm thinking you should try
hard at my age surely.

~ ~ Chris?



Dee Street, body in the bath.

Boss wants us to start knocking
on doors before people check out.

Syndicate 8's gonna meet us there.

Yep. See you soon.

You could just get drunk,
pick up someone for a shag.

I need to talk to the press.
Have you got the briefing?

So far, loads of forensic
opportunities but not unusually a
lot of contamination.

The maid only discovered the body
behind the shower curtain
after she'd stripped the bed

and wiped down half the bathroom.
We've cleared the service lift

and we're working on clearing floor
five where the body was found.

We seized the guest register. Anyone
who was here when the first
officers arrived

is waiting in that room there.

Interview the reception staff first.

We'll let them know we'll be back to
get statements in due course.

~ Are you setting an alibi time?
~ It's not clear yet.

The post mortem's later today.
We can close in when we know more.

But starting with 8pm yesterday
when the victim was at Reception

to 11am today when we closed the

~ We'll refine it later but work on
that for now. ~ Good luck.

Brief me back here at five.

We do have some CCTV footage of her
at Reception.

It's not great but it's not

She's wearing the same jeans, black
crop top and sandals that we found
in the room.

And it looks like she's carrying a
purse or wallet.

And her hair makes her
pretty hard to miss.

We've been able to produce this
still photograph that you can use

along with this briefing note in
your interviews.

Thank you very much.

Could we even it out a bit? I feel
like I'm tilting to one side.

When you've finished your tea give
us a shout.

I've got to leave by six o'clock to
get to the post mortem.

But what we know so far, there's
evidence of ligature marks
on both wrists.

Although whatever was used to tie
them we haven't found.

Bruises on both knees. When we
found her the bath was empty

but the skin around her hands and
knees and feet suggested she'd been
submerged for a good while.

So at some point while she was in
that bath,

there was water in it. Also, other
than the victim's clothing,

there's no personal items of hers in
that room.

No phone, no purse, no keys.

So whoever was there took whatever
else was left when they went.

Rachel is going to fill us in with
what we have as far as a victim
profile goes.

Although you can hardly call it that
at this point. Rachel.

Me and Pete interviewed the night

The victim booked in for one night.

She didn't have a suitcase. She paid
with a kind of zippered purse.

And because she paid cash she wasn't
required to show her ID.

Now, she checked in alone, but if we
could just jump ahead for a second.

According to the witnesses
in Room 515 next door,

there was somebody else in there
with her.

~ We just thought it was a bit loud.
~ They were having intercourse.

~ In the next room. ~ Yes.

It started about 9:30pm.

Went on for a good 30 minutes.

And how do you know it was 9:30?

Because it seemed so early.

And loud!

How many people do you think
were in the next room?

Well...two people. Of course.

And how do you know it's two people?

~ We heard them! ~ You heard two voices?

We heard a man...moaning...

In what way moaning?

I can't possibly reproduce it.

And then later...about ten...

..we heard a woman scream,
didn't we?

We thought it was know...


They weren't sure whether it was a
scream of pain,

as in somebody being hurt, or a very
loud orgasm.

I'm not sure they knew
the difference.

In any case, we know from their
account there was somebody in
Room 504 at 9:30

and it sounds like whoever was in
there was having sex, so...

that means we should get DNA and
prints. Rachel.

~ Pete. ~ The night clerk told us
when the victim checked in

she asked if there was a room under
the name of Grant Meath.

He remembers cos he thought she said
Meat and they had a laugh about it.

There was no room in that name.

So she checked in, presumably, still
waiting for Grant Meath.

If she didn't show ID does that mean
she didn't register at all?

~ She signed in as Lola Lake.
~ Surely that's fake.

Or she's got parents with a sense of

Interestingly, the only thing we
have of hers aside from her clothing

that could possibly identify her is
a necklace with a silver disc

and her name engraved and the name
is Lola.

But that doesn't show up on any
databases and there's no recorded
"missing from homes" that match.

On the back of that necklace there's
a number which may or may not
be a phone number.

~ Any idea of time of death? ~ All we
know is rigor mortis had set in

by the time the maid found her at
11am so she'd been dead for at least
three hours.

The latest 8am but I think more
likely between 10pm when your
witnesses heard her scream

and 6am when shifts change and
people would be waking up.

But whether whoever was in there left
straightaway or waited till there
were more people in Reception...

~ Lee. ~ There are a lot of UNs on the

It was a busy night.

I'd like a video compilation for
each of them, please.

In the meantime, let's focus on
finding this Grant Meath.

The night clerk also said prostitutes
come and go a fair bit.

Just because she died naked in a
hotel doesn't make her a prostitute.

Doesn't make her not one either.

We're on the edge of the red-light
district and this is a posh hotel

but it's also a knocking shop.

It's a relevant line of enquiry and
we'll pursue it like
all relevant lines of enquiry.

~ With open minds. ~ Just as long as
everyone treats her with respect.

The identity of the victim has not
been established

and police are keen for anyone -

It's odd that nobody's reported her
missing yet.

If members of the public have any
information regarding this incident,

~ please call the...
~ Does Gill know about us yet?

No, of course not. I wouldn't.

You should probably mention it.

I don't think Gill would be
remotely interested.

That her DS is sleeping with the
Detective Super?

Enough people think I don't
deserve this job already.

I don't want people thinking I threw
myself around upstairs.

I just think it's better...
to keep us between us. For now.

Whatever "us" is!

Actually... It's better for me if
it's out in the open.

It's less...muddy.

We're not doing anything wrong.

I just don't want to give anybody any
leverage to claim I'm not honest.

I don't like sneaking around.

Maybe I'm being daft but I...

..don't want the blokes at work

or even Janet to think that
I'm using this in any way...

Maybe I like secrets.

OK, post mortem results are in.

Lola drowned.

Asphyxiated due to submersion
is what we think.

Professor Jackson said she smelt
like a pub inside.

Foam in the airways, lungs
ballooned, water in the stomach.

There's also a nasty bruise
on her head. On the crown.

~ Was she raped? ~ It's hard to say.

There's been vaginal and anal
penetration but no tearing.

Which, in the case of anal, could
mean it wasn't forced.

No traces of semen so far.

Suggests whoever it was wore a

We swabbed for lubricants. Again,
consensual sex maybe.

Or a rapist covering his tracks.

~ There was nothing under her nails.
~ Makes sense if her hands were tied.

Yeah. But why were her hands tied?

Boss. A woman rang on the incident
line, Chloe Michaels.

She was at the Queen's Chamberlain
a few weeks back,

had sex with a bloke she met on
Clicker. It's a website.

~ She says he attacked her. She
thought it might be relevant.
~ Morning. ~ Morning.

Good. Bring her in for an interview.

Has anything else come through?
Anyone who knows Lola?

Clicker might mean Lola used a fake

I've asked Mitch to look
at the Clicker site for posts
related to sexual services.

~ And the number on the tag?
~ Yep. 0414 is a mobile phone prefix

used in both Australia and

I've got telecoms researching them.

Who are these parents who aren't
looking for their daughter?

~ Yeah? ~ I'm Detective Constable Chris

and this is Detective Constable
Janet Scott

with the Manchester Metropolitan
Police Major Incident Team.

~ Are you Grant Meath? ~ Why?

Can we come in, Grant?

Grant, we're investigating the
suspicious death of a young girl

at the Queen's Chamberlain Hotel on

~ Can you tell us where you were that
night? ~ Working.

~ Where were you working?
~ Oldham General Hospital.

~ What hours were you working?
~ 8:30 till 6am.

I do night shifts.

Have you ever been to the Queen's
Chamberlain Hotel?

Why are you asking me about this?

We're trying to locate a
Grant Meath who might have met a
woman at that hotel Friday night.

You think I'm that person?

We know fu- Having sex.

And...then when we were getting


You know... About to...


He started pressing my neck.

At first it was a rush,
like he was in charge.

I mean...sometimes in the heat of
the moment

you do things you wouldn't expect to.

But then I couldn't breathe suddenly.

I got scared.

I got him off me, this man.
And I got out of there.


Now this is just so that I can get a
better picture

and I don't want to embarrass you at

But could you describe in a bit more
detail the position you were in

when he tried to strangle you.

He wasn't strangling me.

He was...pressing.

There was pressure.

I was on the bed.

On my knees.

With my head down.

He was behind.

Is that enough?

You chose not to report it
at the time. Was there a reason?

Cos I was OK.

Were you scared to report it?

No. I just thought...

...sexting strangers, hooking up...

It's a lottery, isn't it?

But then when I saw that on TV...

..and somebody was dead...

I just felt so stupid.
It could have been me.


Chloe, I'd just like to go back.

Could you describe the man for me?

He was...

Big man? Small man?

Average man?

Average. But fit.

Two eyes, two ears.

Anything that you can tell us is
going to be helpful.

~ Maybe I just gave him the wrong
impression. ~ What impression?

That I wanted it like that.

And how would you give that


..I might have...wanted to try it.

OK, can you elaborate on that?

S&M. That kind of thing.

Do you think if I'd have reported it

~ she wouldn't have been killed?
~ No. Chloe.

Whether this is related or not,
this is not your fault.


I know you said earlier that you
didn't exchange names

but was there a name he'd used
on his profile?

Do you remember the profile name
that the man that you met used?


We've confirmed that he works at
Oldham General Hospital.

He clocked in at 8:36pm on Friday
night and clocked out at 6:02am

but these porters are largely left on
their own between,

so we need to look at CCTV to confirm
he was actually there.

But we think there's a resemblance
between him and...

~ ..unknown No.4.
~ A porter with a briefcase.

~ It takes all sorts.
~ He is odd, Grant.

When we told him someone had been

he seemed to enjoy the attention.

And he admitted to using Clicker but
he says he buys old cricket balls.

~ I'm scared to ask!
~ He's certainly not playing cricket.

Maybe he likes playing with old


Number four.

Chloe says the Grant that she met
was average size and fit.

This Grant Meath isn't looking fit
to me. Not cricket fit or sexy fit.

There are some similar things to

Lola booked the room. Chloe says she
was asked to book the room.

Arriving with nothing
as you're not staying.

~ And the S&M could explain
the tied wrists. ~ Got his prints?

~ Reluctantly. ~ Researching Clicker to
get the IP address on the message to

~ So we can action that account.
~ Grant is definitely a person of

Let's check out his lifestyle. Does
he use the personal ads on Clicker?

Interview his supervisors
and colleagues.

Find out how he gets to and from

Do a CCTV trawl around the hospital.

If he has sneaked in and out let's
get some evidence.

I thought I was so grown up the
first time I slept with a stranger.

I mean, I know some women regret
casual sex.

I just don't but...

Then a case like this comes up
and I'm thinking...

~ "There but for the grace of God..."
~ Exactly.

It's not like I was any brighter
back then.

Clearly, I was just luckier.

Any one of those times I could have
been a Chloe or a Lola.

I've never found anything casual
about sex.

Do I have to say hook-ups now?

~ When's this speed-dating? ~ Tomorrow.

Is it pathetic to have to pay money
to have conversations with strangers?

But apparently it's fast and fun and
if I don't meet someone
I'd like to see again

my next speed-date is free!
So I can see them again!

I'm seeing Will Pemberton.

Detective Super Pemberton?

Since when?

Since...about a month ago.


Wow! That's a pretty high-calibre
hook-up there, Rach.

I know what you're thinking.

~ I'm thinking, "Is she pouring rocket
fuel in her Weetabix?" ~ Rach?

The CLO's traced the computer.
It's a secure static IP address.

An office in the city that houses a
large imports company.

The CLO's meeting me there to meet
their IT team, track the router.

As long as your notes are in
English. No jargon. I don't speak

Please, don't say a word about Will.


Gonna get off. Try and sleep.

Do you want me before I go
to check your car?

Where have we got with the IP

Mitch has located the computer the
messages to Chloe were sent from.

But at least eight other
people share that computer.

And do any?

Match the description Chloe gave?


She was pretty vague.

Perhaps two or three of them but
we'll speak to all of them.


Boss...shall I drive you home?

Aw, go on.

Are you...

~ ..OK? ~ I'm deeply annoyed.

~ With me? ~ No! Not you.

You've been fine.

Better than I expected.

When Janet said no I was like, "OK,
Rachel, step up," and you have.

It's worked out better this way.

It's so bloody annoying.

The lab's come back.

Lots of unidentified prints and a
partial DNA profile that isn't on
the database.

Traces of lubricant, so whoever it
was did wear a condom.

We've checked, tested, every sheet
in that trolley.

Lola was never even in that bed.
Nothing on her clothes.

And where's her purse, her phone,
her family?

~ Why didn't she want it - Janet?
~ Rachel, forget it!


no matter how long it takes
we will get a result.

Thanks for the lift.

We're going to bring her back in.

~ Bringing who back in? ~ Oh.

Chloe Michaels.

I suggested to Gill that we show
Chloe the wall

as an information-seeking exercise.
See if she recognised anybody.

~ As she's not going to make a
complaint. ~ She might change her mind.

Oh. OK. Forget that plan.

And if she does, and we've marched
her into the incident room,

showed her the wall with the
suspect, we've burned her.

Yeah, of course. Agreed.

Her evidence against him can never
really be used at court.

Yeah, Rach, I get it but you should
tell Gill if Chloe's not 100% decided
about pressing charges.

Why didn't you speak to me about
this first?

~ You weren't here so I spoke to Gill.
~ You're meant to speak to me first.

It is meant to go through me, Janet.

Oh. OK.

Er, well, Rach...

I'm sorry but um...I really didn't
think it was that big a deal.

It's just not protocol.

~ Are you actually following me?
~ I wasn't finished.

Because I needed to go to the toilet
if that's OK with you.

Are you hungover or something cos
you're really out of order?

I'm out of order?!

Every time you get a piece of
information or an idea
you go to Gill.

~ Well, maybe that's what I'm used to.
~ I'm the sergeant.

So I need to know what's going on.

If it had been me I wouldn't have
minded cos we're all on
the same side, Rachel.

Are we?

Really, Janet?

What is wrong with you?

This is only gonna work with us
if we follow protocol.

Yeah. Fine.

Well, I said that I was sorry!

OK. Thank you, Janet.

And this witness Chloe knows she's
going to be going through the courts
for at least a year

and the odds her accused will get a
conviction be honest...

Let's face it, the odds are down

Is it any wonder women don't
make complaints?

Six out of ten convictions isn't

It's four women humiliated for

But three in ten accused of
rape could be convicted of a lesser
charge like sexual assault.

So that makes just one. One.

Yes, but nobody wants to be that

Going through the courts for a year
for nothing so she says nothing.

You're furious about being asked to
be sergeant second.

You need to be thinking about your
next ranking.

"Where do I want to be in a year, two
years, five years down the line?"

~ I wanna be Gill. ~ So you need to show
them you got the talent to lead.

Yeah, except...

Except what?

Except I think I buggered that up
this morning.

So...get back in there.

Mitch has tracked the time the
messages were sent to Chloe.

And based on emails, were sent from
that same computer before and just
after the messages to Chloe,

they've identified the individual
who was using that computer
at that time.

James Tollis but he calls himself
Grant on his Clicker profile.

No previous. He's met a lot of women
on Clicker.

But so far nobody that we think is

And there's no traffic at all on his
profile on the day she was killed.

But it is possible he could use
other sites or a mobile phone app.

~ Yet to be determined.
~ Bring him in. Interview him.

~ Get his samples.
~ About Grant Meath's alibi.

He's on CCTV at the hospital
but not for his entire shift.

If he was there somebody's got to
have seen him.

Boss, also, when you said she wasn't
in the bed,

well, I was thinking last night,

the bruises on Lola's knees, given
that the room was carpeted...

If a person was on their knees in
the bath,

and someone was taking them from
behind, that would cause those

And so say she's got her head down,

hands are behind her back,

and she hits her head on the tap.

She's drunk, head goes underwater,
she can't get up.

She involuntarily swallows water,

epiglottis closes over, respiratory
arrest, unconscious.

Oh, Rachel. Cut Janet some slack.

So she's living with her as Eleanor,

a sort of stepmother situation?

I'm not ready to use that word.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate her
or anything.

Yes? I'm Detective Constable Chris
Crowley and this is Detective
Constable Janet Scott.

Manchester Metropolitan Police
Major Incident Team.

Are you James Tollis?

Daddy, now!

Go and look after your brother.

We're investigating the murder of a
young woman who was found

at the Queen's Chamberlain hotel in
Manchester on Saturday morning.

We're speaking to everyone who was in
the hotel on Friday night.

I wasn't.

~ Sorry? "I wasn't..."?
~ I wasn't at the hotel.

OK. As part of our enquiry we've
spoken to a witness,

Chloe Michaels. She was in the same
hotel a few weeks before.

With a man.

We suspect that man was you.

Not here.

I'm minding the kids and...
wife's out.

Of course. Is there anybody who could
look after the kids while you pop
down the the station?

~ Am I under arrest? ~ No, James.
We just want to ask you a few

As you're aware, we're investigating

a young woman's murder at the Queen's
Chamberlain Hotel.

James has just nodded.

~ Could you please confirm that, James?
~ Yeah.

Whilst investigating this murder
we've found a witness Chloe Michaels.

by the name of Grant. Can you tell me
anything about that?

No. No. I don't know
any Chloe Michaels.

She alleges that she met this man
for a sexual encounter at the
Queen's Chamberlain Hotel.

Can you tell me anything about
about that?

No. I said I don't know Chloe.

I'm married.

Does the name Grant or Grant Meath
mean anything to you?

No. No, I don't know him.

Have you ever been to the Queen's
Chamberlain Hotel on Dee Street?

~ I don't think so.
~ You don't think so?

No. Not that...I'm aware of.


maybe years ago.

When would that have been?

~ I don't remember exactly. I don't
know. ~ One year? Two years?

I don't remember.

Do you ever use Clicker?


I bought a bike for Danny.

What about the personal ads? Ever
use those?

I already said, I'm happily married

I don't really look at
that kind of thing.

How would you feel if I told you that
after we spoke to Chloe

we were able to trace those Clicker
messages sent to her?

We traced them to your work computer,

specifically to the time
you used that computer

on the day those messages were sent.

Would you like to see a copy of
those messages, James?

James has nodded.
Would you please confirm that, James?


Did you exchange messages with Chloe?

I guess so.

I didn't remember her name.

Yes. I did.

Chloe said you suggested meeting at
the Queen's Chamberlain.

I don't remember where.

In the messages we just showed you
you specifically mention
the Queen's Chamberlain Hotel.

I guess it was there. Like I said,
I don't remember.

Chloe alleges that she met you for
sex in Room 219 of the Queen's

and that this sexual encounter
turned quite rough.

Can you tell me anything about that?


Did you have sex with her
at the Queen's?

It was just the once.

One time.

Have you ever met any other women
just for sex at the Queen's
Chamberlain Hotel

other than the night
you had sex with Chloe?

~ I don't think so.
~ You don't think so?


According to your Clicker profile,
you regularly meet women for sex

and on at least three occasions
in the past year

you've suggested meeting at
the Queen's Chamberlain Hotel.

Would you like to look at those
messages, James?

Would you like to take a moment to
read them?


I don't need to read them.

I wrote them...according to you.



Can you tell me what you were doing
between 8pm on Friday evening

and 8am on Saturday morning?


I was at home.

With my family.

And your wife will be able to verify
you were with her at that time?

~ We were sleeping.
~ From 8pm?! ~ No!

I don't know.

Maybe ten?

You seem upset, James.

What's upsetting you?

It's just...

My wife doesn't know about
these other women.

And I really don't want you to tell

All we need to do is ask her
if you were with her on Friday night.

I love my wife.

I'm investigating a murder,
not your marriage.

Chloe's the one
that wanted it rough.

She said she liked it rough and then
when it did get rough

she freaked out.

Chloe alleges you pressed on her neck
so hard she couldn't breathe.

~ She asked me to.
~ Asked you to do what?

She wanted me... dominate her.

I wasn't trying to hurt her.
I swear.

OK. Well, Chloe's not making
a formal complaint.

But we do have CCTV footage from the
Queen's Chamberlain Hotel
on Friday night

of a man entering Reception
at about 8:45pm,

taking a lift to the fifth floor,

and returning at 10:34pm,

and that man strongly resembles you.

What would you say about that?

I need to pick up my kids.

Can I go now?

I understand that you don't want your
wife to know.

But we need to find out what happened
in that hotel room on Friday night.

~ You said I'm not under arrest.
~ That's right. You're free to go.

Are you saying you'd like this
interview to stop?

~ Yes. ~ OK.

But before you go we need to take
your samples.

~ Samples? ~ Fingerprints.

And a DNA swab.

You said you separated in March but
you'd been perusing the dating market
for six months.

More or less.

Perhaps that's why your wife left

I didn't say... I didn't tell you
that. Did I?

More or less.

Look, to tell you the truth,

I couldn't care less.

She wasn't right for me.

So have you been to this
speed-dating thing before?

Not really.

You just said "the usual" when asked
about your day and that included
coming here.

It's seem a bit...

James refused to give us
his samples.

Said he needs to speak to his

We've arranged for him to come back
in tomorrow.

Chris and Janet looked at the wall.

They reckon it's him.

Janet said he was lying all over the
shop, flapping like a fish.

Get a better view here.

Leaves the bar, 8:20.

Heads to the lift, toilet corridor.

Back out. Five minutes later,
back to the bar.

Out again at 8:45.

This time up in the lift alone.

By Lee's calculation,
the fifth floor.

Where he tied Lola's hands,

had several kinds of penetrative sex
with her and drowned her.

Back down in the lift, 10:34pm.

Exits, presumably, through that back
exit, broken CCTV.

Should we be arresting him?

If he did kill Lola, he's not about
to go out and do it again.

~ ~ If he comes in
tomorrow you can bet we'll arrest

Sorry, I'm still here.

So, I won't be able to be there.

'Oh? I was just making you some

Thank you. I'll ring you back if I
need any more information on that.

POLSA's found Lola's phone chucked
in the skip at the back exit.

There's selfies of her all over it.

We have an identity for Lola.

An unregistered phone was recovered
from near the hotel with several
text messages on it

about meeting in Room 514 on the
night of the murder.

And there were photos on the phone of the
victim in Australia.

But still no name. So Rachel pursued
Australian Telecoms

and it turns out that the number on
the victim's tag

does match a discontinued phone
number last registered to a woman by
the name of Annie Gibson.

I called New South Wales Police and
overnight they sent an officer to
talk to Annie's parents

and collect a photo. Rachel had a
sad conversation with Annie's
parents this morning.

Her father told me that Annie's been
travelling, that she was in

They spoke to her last week. He's
flying to the UK to identify her.

~ So who is Lola? ~ Her dog.

He was put down last year.

She was wearing a dog's tag
around her neck.

~ Should have picked that up. ~ New
South Wales police also managed to
trace her bank cards

to the YHA here in town. I'm going
to meet the CSO and the CSIs
there after this.

It's possible the killer has been to
that address at some point either
before or after her death.

The messages do come up on Annie's
phone as being from Grant

but as Mr Grant Meath, who Rachel
assures me actually does buy used
cricket balls off Clicker,

as he's admitted to being a work
bludger who regularly ducks out of
his shifts

and kips under the stairs while the
tax payer shouts him his salary,

I'm thinking James Tollis
is using his name.

Now, we're trying to fast-track a
subscriber's check on the phone the
messages came from.

Other than that, all we have by way
of a photograph is...

The bloke she met on the night she
was killed sent a selfie of his meat
and two veg.

~ That's him? ~ That's him.

James is due in later today with his

and we will be taking samples off

Janet, ask him about Grant Meath

Peter and Mitch, can you get a
statement from his wife today?

James insists that he doesn't know
Grant but what if we bring Grant
Meath back in?

~ Show him a photo of James, ask him if
he knows him. ~ Excellent.

Do the text messages say anything
other than arranged time and place?

"I'm hot, rich and ready to make you

I'm gonna make you feel like
you've never felt before.

You're a naughty girl,
gonna rough you up."

I know it's practically trendy these
days, this S&M business,

but James used the words "wanting it

when talking about Chloe and he
seemed to indicate that the rough sex

was Chloe's fault. That he was a
passive victim who hadn't a clue

~ what he was doing. ~ I know this is
out there but what if we got James
to do us a selfie?

~ Of his penis. ~ I'd be fascinated to
know which bit of PACE
covers that procedure.

I'm serious.

That one in that picture is clearly

and not a huge proportion of men

If we got James to give us a
photograph we could tell at a glance
if it was a match.

Couldn't he just have got a picture
off the internet?

That doesn't prove anything.

In any case, unless there's
something distinctive about it,

one's much like another, I'm afraid.

It's like an ear impression -
they're not that unique.

You can show him the photo and say,
"Is this yours?"

But nobody is going to agree to whip
it out for you.

OK, Lee, by the way, is going to be
acting FLO

and bringing Annie Gibson's father
in today

so can we take this gentleman off
the board, please?

Rachel, would you like me to bring
Grant Meath back in?

~ I'm gonna send Pete and Mitch.
~ Good idea.


Thank you, Janet.

~ I need one of those.
~ Here, have this one.

Thank you.

Rachel knows by the way.

Knows what?

That she was second choice.

Oh. Ohh. OK.



I didn't tell her.

No. I told her.


Why would you do that?

I just did.

As our SIO, how could you think, for
a second, that it would be good
protocol to ask a member of your team

to keep a secret from another one,

and then go and reveal that secret

And for the record, Gill, it went
against the grain not telling her.

I never said a word. Then, for no
particular reason,

you went and told her
without warning me!

How could you not see, as my friend,

what an extremely uncomfortable
position that would put me in?

~ I let it slip. ~ Yeah.
And left me in it.

If I had to describe it
I'd say Grant was pleased.

~ Awestruck even. ~ That his name was
linked to a murder inquiry?

No, that James Tollis, head boy at
St Thomas A Becket High School,

knew, much less remembered Grant

Grant was regularly bullied
by a gang of popular lads
that James ran with.

James Tollis bullied Grant Meath?

No, not James, no. Grant says that
he, Grant,

was "too far down the ladder to be
bullied by someone like James".

He was just amazed he even
remembered who he was.

This man's life gets sadder
by the minute.

~ 'Cheers, boss.' ~ He's here.

James. Detective Constable
Janet Scott.


~ We'll just go through here.
~ What happens?

~ Now - ~ If I say I did it.

But it was an accident. I had no
intention of harming her.

I threw her phone in a bin out
t'back but it didn't feel right
to throw that away.

She was messed up but she was sweet.

I've just arrested him. He
confessed. Right at the front desk.

Handed me her purse, corroborated
the phone in the bin.

He's in the custody suite with

Great! Well done, Janet!

~ Did he ask for an intimation
warning? ~ Yes.

Tell the custody officer
we will tell his wife when we do
the house search.

Rachel, get a search team together.

He alleges she asked him to have
intercourse with her from behind
in the bath,

hold her head under the water while
she held her breath.

~ He says it was an accident. ~ And
cleaning up after was an accident

I look forward to that story.

Andrew Redhead, 13 months old.

His injuries didn't fit with
the parents' explanation.

~ Are you threatening us?
~ We need to ask some questions.

Arrest me!

Look at your face. "Winning the
lottery ruined my life."


Don't take me for a mug.
I really don't like that.