Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 4, Episode 6 - Episode #4.6 - full transcript

Well, that's a bit of a giveaway.

~ Are you shagging Will Pemberton?
~ Who said that?

You did when you didn't say no.

You are good.

Chris has got that sexy, knackered

I thought you were smarter than that.

~ Sexy, knackered? ~ Rachel Bailey, the
human Heat magazine.

Boss, shall I drive you home?

Don't take me for a mug.
I really don't like that.

Just to reiterate, I don't need
a plus-one, I need a stand-in.

Think about it. OK, Ta-ta.

Excuse me. Thank you.

Nice day for some sightseeing.

Excuse me. We need to move this RV
command post round the back

so folk can change clothing
away from this mob.


The victims are Tam Robbinson,
the pub owner, age 59,

and his wife Patricia Robbinson,
age 55.

There's a secondary scene in the
connecting flat upstairs.

Any idea who was killed first?

The assailant trailed the victims'
blood up and down the stairs.

The drip pattern suggests him first,
then her.

All the way back here,

looks like she was chased.

I'm sick of blood.

Both victims were shot at close

Him in the left temple
exiting above the right ear.

Her in the face.

If anything says strength of

about a person you've never met...

Provisional ballistics suggest

wasn't crouched in the corner with
her head buried,

she was looking right at whoever shot

Personality type of this offender,

somewhere between organised and mad

No visible sign of a break-in.

CCTV was disabled inside and outside
the pub.

The bodies were not moved

but the assailant transferred some
blood from his person

up and down the stairwell.

Everything else appears untouched
apart from the safe

which was open and empty.
There should have been £1,200 in it.

So not much more than a bag of sand.

The ballistics expert won't commit
to it until he's tested it,

but by the look of the marks
he's 98% sure

it was a reactivated gun.

Did nobody hear anything?

Mrs Alice Grange lives in that other
flat up there

so she was woken by a commotion
at 4:00am

which might or might not have been

She's hard of hearing,
so she came to the window

and saw a car driving out
of that car park.

Although she can't remember
the make or colour of the car

or even which direction it was
travelling in

because she wasn't wearing her

The Robbinsons' car,
a blue BMW saloon,


is in fact missing.

Mrs Grange also confirmed that the
Robbinsons have a 16-year-old son,

Simon, who we thought at first had
been abducted,

but we've since located him at
school. Who's our FLO?

~ Janet.
~ See how he takes the death message.

We also need to find two adult
relatives, preferably,

to formally identify the bodies.

If this is a premeditated burglary,

the person would know the owners
lived upstairs.

He wouldn't assume there was no-one
home at 4:00am on a Tuesday.

Maybe it wasn't premeditated.

Somebody broke in
on the spur of the moment

but didn't know the pub had a flat
connected to it.

The owner tried to stop it not

that the offender was armed and was

Which is why you don't brandish a
hockey stick at a thug with a gun

if that is what happened.

At this point we know very little.

I want more on the Robbinsons'

What happened in the last days of
their lives? Who did they see?

I want house to house,
statements from pub regulars,

suppliers, friends, family, the lot.
I'm fast-tracking what I can

including the prints on the hockey

But it will take days before we get a
any lead on it. Who's on exhibits?

~ Pete. ~ You and me will have a
sit-down after.

You're gonna be a busy beaver.

OK. TIE criteria and alibi timings
are on your briefing sheet.

Who is the girl?

That's your job. Find out.

OK, so I need to warn you

this is my daughter's school and
that is my husband's new girlfriend.

Shall we go through?

After you.

Simon, can I ask you where you were
last night?

~ Paul's.
~ At Paul Owen's?

He's in sixth form, too.

When did you last see or speak to
your parents?

Texted Mum...

after school.

Asked could I stay at Paul's.


I'm trying to locate your Aunt Dawn.

If we can't locate her,

is there another family member you
can stay with?

Don't worry.

We'll find somewhere for you to stay



Can I ask you who this is?


Half sister.

Didn't know her.

She died.

When I was like three.

How old was Carla?


Everyone is dead now.

Hey, come here.

Have you found Pat's sister yet?

Yeah, in Newcastle. She's coming
tomorrow to identify the bodies.

OK, just spoke to the CSM
and then the lab.

Pete, two things.

The fingerprints on the hockey stick
were Tam Robbinson's.

And found a piece of gum, chewing
gum, green

stuck to the outside of the door
frame of the pub's back door

which is the presumed exit,
leads onto the car park.

The gum was relatively fresh, last
day or so

and it appears to have been pressed
into the wood

which has wrecked dental impression
but interestingly, there's no print.

~ Which suggests gloves.
~ Bingo.

What did I day about organised?

The lab is fast-tracking any DNA on

Simon Robbinson, poor kid,

spent last night at his friend's,
Paul Owen.

I've spoken to Paul's mother
on the phone.

Simon will stay with them
until his aunt arrives.

Paul's mum said both boys were in
all night Tuesday night.

Also, Simon told us that the girl in
the photo is his half sister, Carla.

Not Robbinson.

Passed away 13 years ago aged 17.

Why, if Carla died when she was 17,

are there no photos of her
over the age of about 12?

~ Odd or just me?
~ Odd. ~ Odd.

All the hallmarks of a break-in gone
wrong, but...

Could it be a contract killing?

Yeah, it's a line of enquiry.

Only half a glass for me.

I've got to be in work early.

And be out early.

Nice threads.

Did I already say this,
7:30 for 8:00?


I might fall asleep in this.

Delicious, thanks.

So I thought we could...

.. go for a drink before.

Depending on what time
I can get away.

It will be over by 9:30.
We don't have to stay for the buffet.

You're gonna deny me a buffet?

Gill is getting one.

Yeah? Long service medal?

Commendation for bravery.
Helen Bartlett.

Janet said Gill calls it
"prizes before pasture".


Apparently, she wants no fuss.

She's gonna hate seeing me there.

I might not wear the full dress

seeing as I'm coming
straight from work.


You could come in a sack as long as
it doesn't cover that face.

She's upset.

Nice to see you both on that sofa.

Were you at school today, Mum?

Unfortunately I was.

~ I'll just check on the tea.
~ Did you know Simon very well?

He's the one
whose girlfriend got so smashed

and had sex with him at a party.

~ Taisie.
~ They all take drugs, I heard.

How's things at your dad's?

Yeah, how's Alfie?

~ Still snogging?
~ Taisie, shut up.

You want help?

~ I'm fine.
~ Everyone knows about you two, Elise.

I think Elise may be having sex
with Eleanor Goodhead's son, Alfie.

~ Oh?
~ Everyone knows, Taisie said.

Last I heard she just had a little
crush on him.

And Simon Robbinson
does drugs apparently.

The secret world of kids is
terrifying me right now.

~ They are nearly adults.
~ Nearly, but they are not.

Well, they're legally old enough.

So it's OK to have sex with your
stepbrother sort of a thing?

It's not incest, Janet.

Well, aren't you modern?

I don't like it.

Gill knows by the way...
that I'm seeing Will.

She gave me a right earful.

~ She thinks I'm shagging my way to the
top. ~ Did she actually say that?


If Simon does drugs

he could owe money to a dealer who...

.. came to claim it
and found his parents instead.

Oh, yes, I'd love one of those.
Thank you.

How is the busy beaver?

Up to his ears in human detritus.

Pete, look up Ben Townsley.
He sounds like a nasty piece of work.

He's got loads of previous.

We got a result on the chewing gum.

DNA hit.

Benjamin Andrew Townsley.

Male. White. 34 years.

As the boss said, loads of previous.


In 2007, he was convicted for armed
robbery. Served five years.

The gum puts him at the scene
within the last 48 hours.

Do a house search and interview him

Can you tell me how your chewing gum
ended up on the pub's back door Ben?

Must have walked past, spat it.

Where were you going when
you walked past, Ben?

I might have been on my way to Liddles.

Yeah, I sometimes cut through that pub's
car park on me way to Liddles.

You cut through the pub's car park
coming from which direction?

~ My house.
~ It's a long walk.

~ I like to walk.
~ OK, Ben.

You say you took a shortcut
through the pub's car park.

So how did your gum get all the way
into the alcove

of the pub's back door
and onto the door frame?

~ Can you explain that?
~ I told you I spat it out.

You spat a piece of gum
and it stuck on a door frame?

You can do a bit better than that.

I spat it.

There were this woman there
in the dark.

She told me to pick it up.

I hadn't seen her.
So I picked it up.

But then I were like,

bugger you, so I flicked it.

Must have hit the door.

Show me how you picked it up.

Can you explain why there were no
fingerprints on the gum, Ben?

Dunno. Maybe you didn't look hard

Can you tell me what you were doing
on Tuesday night?

I were in my room till 9:00
watching TV.

Then I went down the pub near mine,
had a few pints,

flirted with that little barmaid,

went home,

wanked, passed out.

We've spoken to the auntie and

who goes by the name of Kennedy
after her birth father

is very much not dead.

She's 30 years old and according to
the National Insurance database

living in Rochdale, studying nursing
at college.

Someone needs to pay this long-lost
daughter a visit. Like now.

Has Gill said anything to you about
retiring again?

She said four months, months ago.
Not that I want her out.

I just want to be prepared.

She hasn't said a word to me.

Remarkably tight lipped
on some subjects.

When it's about her life,
no over disclosure there.

Do you think she's been acting a bit
weird lately?

~ I think she's tired. ~ The night she
let on you were first choice

for sergeant, she'd been drinking at
her desk.


I smelled booze on her the other


But do you think it's a problem?

I don't think we're talking gin
bottles in the lampshade, but...

maybe she's feeling the pressure,

feeling like every case is the one
she'll be remembered for.

Do we need to be mentioning this
to somebody?

Hopefully she'll go
before it comes to that.

~ We need to find out what she's
planning. ~ Yeah.

Carla, I'm Detective Sergeant Rachel

from Manchester Metropolitan Police
Major Incident Team.

~ This is my colleague...
~ Can we go outside so I can smoke?

Thank you. Thanks.

Your Aunt Dawn says that you were
estrange from your mother,

~ that she put you into care.
~ Care?

A residential drugs program.

She didn't care for me.

I cared for me.

It wasn't until I was in my flat
last year,

the kitchen caught on fire cos of
some shit I'd left on the cooker

and I barely got out, that's when I
started rehab properly,

that's what it took.

God took care of me.

When did you last see her?

Years ago.

I rang her once.


.. she said,
"I've already buried you."

Can you imagine saying that
to your own daughter?

It is a strange thing
for a mother to say.

Carla, we'd like you to come in
to the station with us,

give us some DNA samples
and fingerprints.

Can I come tomorrow?

Somewhere I've got to be now.


Here's my card, it's got the address

but we will expect to see you


I've always wanted to be

Janet, come in.

Simon's gone to see his Aunt Dawn in

We've given him time off school.

I've come to collect a copy
of his school file actually.

Of course.

Eleanor, I've been...

hearing some rumour

of trouble at a party recently.

Oh? Well, please sit.

I won't be two ticks.

I'm a little bit uncomfortable about

Both as Simon's Family Liaison

and as a parent with daughters
at this school

and one in your home.



I know it's entirely natural,
but I'm not comfortable about it.

And since I know, I think
it's only right that you know.

Since presumably it's happening under
your roof.

So that we can find a way with aid

to tackle it together.

I'm not sure what you mean.

I mean sex.

In my house?

Alfie and Elise, Eleanor.

My son is not having sex with your
daughter, Janet...


I can assure you.

Oh, I'm sorry, I...

I must have got
the wrong end of the stick.

No, no, I'm sure you haven't.

And I'm not surprised Elise has led
you to believe that.

I'm glad you mentioned it.

Because Alfie's become increasingly

with the way she dotes on him...

.. and doesn't make any attempt to
hide her feelings,

even though, I'm afraid,
they are unreciprocated.

Oh, well, if you have a problem
with Elise's behaviour in your home

you really need to speak to Ade.

Oh, I have. He just says it's a
schoolgirl crush.

And he really wants Elise to stay
with us.

He doesn't seem to see how it
affects Alfie.

It's extremely awkward for everyone.

Eleanor, Elise is entitled to have a
crush on whoever she wants.

If you and Alfie can't handle it,
then please send her home.

I'll just copy this file for you.


At least
she's not sleeping with him.

She's in love with him
and he hates her.

Nobody said "hate".

They are all laughing at her.

I thought that she'd chosen Ade over

so I was selfishly a bit pleased
that it was about a boy

more than anything, but I have to get
her out of there.

You can't interfere.
Then she'll hate you.

You can't stop how she feels.

Are you excited about tonight?

Too tired to think about it.

Wait a minute.
You said two weeks ago,

quote, unquote,

"We're coming out, Will and I.
I even bought a frock."

He's just getting
his Long Service medal.

And it will be full of wives.

Are you gonna let what Godzilla
said to you bother you?

I don't give a stuff what
she thinks about me and Will.




The drug program attended by Carla
Kennedy in 2013

was also attended by Ben Townsley
for his parole requirement.

The guy we interviewed
about the gum.

~ So they know each other? ~ They were
there together for three weeks.

Get her in.
Why isn't she here already?

She's coming in tomorrow to give

Use the time to dig.

Draw up an interview strategy.


I've got to nip out.

I'm out this evening.

~ Good luck.
~ Good night.

Guess I'll see you at the do.

'Hi, this is Will. I can't take your

but leave a message and I'll get back
to you.' (BEEP)



I can't get away.

Thing is Godzilla has asked me to
prepare this interview strategy

for Janet for the morning.

And she's going herself,
you know, to your function.

Janet is having a domestic with her

It's, well...
it's all been left to me, so...

Look, it's a bugger, I'm sorry.

I'll speak to you later.

Good luck.

Can you tell me about your
relationship with Ben Townsley?

We were both at Dean House.

Were you having a sexual
relationship with Ben?

Men and women have separate dorms.

Is that a yes or a no, Carla?


So... how would you describe
your relationship with Ben?

We passed each other in corridors.

~ Did you ever speak to him?
~ Directly?


We had our BPD group together.


Can you clarify what you mean?

Therapy term,
Borderline Personality Disorder.

What would have been discussed
in this therapy group?

I don't see how that is your

I'm not asking you to disclose
anything private, Carla.

I'm just trying to work out what
might have happened to your mother.

I'm wondering if you might have
inadvertently given

Mr Townsley information about your
mother and her husband

~ within the therapy group.
~ Course I talked about them.

Everyone talks about their arsehole
parents. That's what you do.

That's how you make peace with it.

Ben's got his own issues with his
own, I'm not gonna talk about.

OK, Carla, so,

not disclosing the therapy itself,

might you have mentioned the pub
they ran, the name of it,

or the address?


In these therapy sessions

how did Ben Townsley strike you?

He was angry. Climbing walls.

Stares at me.

I need water.

Why don't we take a break?

I'm not gonna have to see her, am I?

Your mother has been identified.


I don't want to see her.

I think she's hiding something

but whether it's to do with her or
him I don't know.

Where are we up to with Ben?

CCTV in the pub Ben was in on
Tuesday night

and the girl behind the bar
both confirm his account

from 9:15pm until 12:30am.

So far the search team has found
nothing incriminating in his room.

He's got no stuff in there at all.
No signs of life, as it were.

Ben's been good since 2007,
so why offend again now

for 1,200 quid, when he knows he
goes straight back to jail?

It's a grubby amount of money to kill
two people for but he's always taken

big risks for small rewards. Crime is
a habit for him.

Maybe Carla spurned his advances
and it's some kind of revenge?

I'm thinking she didn't spurn his
advances and it's joint enterprise.

~ She's got the parental abuse issues.
~ And the combination to the safe.

Who would give a drug-taking
teenager the combo to a cash safe?

~ Maybe they didn't give it to her?
~ The combo is Simon's birthday, easy.

~ Is Carla being fingerprinted?
~ She's down there now.

Let's stall her. See if we can get an
urgent oral authorisation

for some directed surveillance for

If she and Ben are in a relationship

after she leaves here,
she's likely to contact him.

We can think about getting a written

~ to keep an eye on Ben later if we
need it. ~ Who authorises urgent?

Detective Super Pemberton. He got an
award last night,

you might have heard.
He'll be in a good mood.

~ Hiya.
~ Ma'am.

Can I got to someone else for the

When you've got friends in such high

~ Don't. ~ Rachel, he's been allocated
as our authorising officer.

I didn't see you last night.
Were you hiding at the back?


You said you didn't want it to
affect my job. I had work to do.

Is there a problem I need to know
about? Have you fallen out?

~ I'd prefer not to ask him for a
favour. ~ Fine.

I'll phone him,
but next time you're on your own.

I was right,
this is affecting your job.

What's the hold up?

We're waiting for buccal swabs to be
sent over from another syndicate.

We've run out. Could you sit down?

Well, I've really gotta go.

~ Where do you need to go, Carla?
~ I've got college.

I need a smoke.
I've got lots of things.


Carla, you seem very agitated.

My mother was executed
for god's sake.

And I need a wee. OK?

Thanks, Will.
I really appreciate that.

Thank you. Bye.

~ Was that OK?
~ There's a full surveillance team

about to start a training exercise
down the road.

He's asked their trainer
to divert to us.

They'll need somebody to ride
shotgun. It should be you.

Get some lifestyle. And house Carla.

But we must follow up with some
written authorisation ASAP.

~ Boss.
~ Yeah?

I was just wondering when...

Don't you have to give 30 days'
notice before you retire?

Why? Can't wait to he shot of me?

No, the opposite.

I'm worried about what's gonna
happen when you go.

To be sergeant without you.

OK. Point taken.

You need to go.

Can we come back to this?


We've got an eyeball on her.

House on Colwell Avenue, number 14.

She went straight there.

Thanks, Rache.

14 Colwell Avenue.

It's on the PNC

and our systems, resident known to
us as a dealer.

Gill, Carla's gone to a house,
some kind of drugs den.

~ Not Ben's?
~ Mark Britton is his name.

Known dealer, previous for assault.
Shall we bring him in?

Let's make use of the surveillance
while we've got it. House Carla.

Let's draw up plans
for a dawn raid at Mark Britton's.

See what he knows about Carla.

~ And if he is dealing, arrest him.
~ Right.

So, was it all right last night?

The food was better
than I remembered.


'Leave a message for Elise.'


Anything happening?

We followed her back to her flat

and she's been at the window ranting
to herself for the last two hours.

Has Will still not called?

I haven't checked.

Keeping yourself busy, then?

Where are you?

Just about to get into my car and go

All right, see you.



Looks like Carla has been put to bed
for the night.

We've been here for over two hours.

She's not going anywhere
by the looks of it.

I suppose we have housed her.

I'll never get the overtime signed

I'll get the night crew to give
passing attention to her flat.

All teams, stand down.


Do you want some company?

It's after half 11, Rache.

You didn't answer my text.

I rode shotgun in a plumber's van

for eight hours on that

They actually wee in a bottle.

~ Are you OK?
~ Tired.

Yeah, well, it's been all consuming.

So, where is this medal?

In its box.


I'm really sorry.

About last night, I just couldn't
get away.

We both know that doesn't stack up.


Give me some credit, Rache.
If you want to go out, just say so.

~ Don't blame work. ~ I'm not blaming. If
I didn't do it, nobody else would.

Janet can set her own strategy.

There were other things I needed to

I needed to allocate actions,
review things...

I couldn't let the investigation
stall because I wanted to go out.

You didn't want to go out
is the point.

~ That's bollocks. ~ You spending two
hours at that function

wouldn't have impacted on any

If you said, "I have to finish for
Will's ceremony,"

~ everyone would have said fine.
~ No, they'd say, "Who's Will?"

Yeah, well...

If we'd been open about this from the


This wasn't just about you showing
your face for my sake, Rache.

It was meant to be for us.

The job comes first.
Other things have to fall away.

You let a lot of things fall away
from what I gather.

Christ, Will.

I've said I'm sorry
so can we just move on?

I was sleeping ten minutes ago.

You're the one who showed up at my
door asking me what's wrong.

I don't like things like...

dressing up.

~ Because I think it's daft and I'm no
bloody good at it. ~ Nobody likes it.

But everyone is dressed up
and it's a laugh.

Except everybody stares at me,

"She's climbing that ladder
in her red frock."

Other people will say, "She's where
she is cos she's bloody clever."

And you gave us authorisation for
that surveillance

without making us wait and without
an application.

Oh, Rachel,

I am too tired to do this now.

~ Would you rather I'd refused?
~ No.


people might think things,
it's what they do.

They are gonna thing about you
sneaking around too.

If you really cared what people
think, you wouldn't keep us secret.

~ Don't put so much pressure on me.
~ What pressure, Rachel?

I don't want to marry you.
I don't even want you to move in.

I would just like to be able to see
you occasionally outside bedrooms.

Well, I'm here. I'm here now and all
you are doing is shouting at me.

I'm being reasonable for...
11:40 at night.

But you don't like it
because you're a teenager.

I'm going to bed.

I will speak to you...


So you left?

It's just a stupid row. It's fine.

Rache, what did you say?

And what does that make you?
Some dirty old man?

~ Any luck with Carla's dealer?
What's he saying? ~ He's not.

Just waiting for a solicitor.
We found speed, cannabis, ecstasy,

five grand in cash, three phones,
latex gloves.

~ He's cutting speed with bath salts.
~ Any gun?

No. We caught him trying to flush
his stash down the bog.

Too bad he didn't swallow it.
Dealers, they are all scum.

How do you know Carla Kennedy, Mark?

~ She buys whizz from me.
~ Whizz?

'Phets. Amphetamines.

Wraps. Five a day.
But she'll snort anything.

~ How much does a wrap cost?
~ A tenner.

How long has Carla been buying
amphetamines from you?


She was off it for a while
but lately it's most days.

So that's 50 quid a day...

That's a big habit.

~ How does she pay for that?
~ Cash.

~ Always?
~ Sometimes she brought shit.

~ What kind of shit?
~ Shit.

TV, computer and that.

When was the last time you saw her?


~ How much did she buy Wednesday?
~ 40 wraps.

400 quid. In cash?

~ She didn't pay cash.
~ No?

How did she pay?

I tell you what, mate,
how about this, yeah?

What if I help you out...

.. and then maybe you can help me out?


you're gonna be charged.

Whether it's just for possession
with intent to supply

or also conspiracy to murder,

that's up to you... mate.

'For the record, I didn't know where
it had come from.

She brought me this BMW.'


'I can show you where it is.
It's all locked up.

But not in one piece.
Do you get me?'

Get the car. Low loader.

Full lift, full forensic recovery.
The works. Arrest strategy for Carla.

Open up! Police!


~ Police!
~ Police!


Show yourselves.

I'm not going!

~ Carla!
~ Somebody help me!


Get her.

Carla Kennedy, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of murder.

You don't have to say anything
but it may harm your defence

~ if you do not mention...
~ Ben Townsley is in here.

Leave her alone!

~ Get off!
~ Argh!

Get off him, you bastard!

Boss, guess who's been living in
Carla's cupboard

while we were outside her house?

~ How did you miss that?
~ You just told me to house her.

And I did.
I didn't know he was already inside.

~ Was that wrong?
~ Keep them separate.


~ I need to speak to Ben.
~ I'm afraid you can't right now.


I need to speak to him.

I don't like this feeling.
I really don't like this feeling.

Ben is not in this building.
He's at another police station.

He's OK. The police surgeon is on
her way to see him.


He doesn't have a mum.

He doesn't have anybody.

I'm all he has.

MAN: 'He's off his nut.'

Full-blown, drug-induced paranoid
psychosis times two.

'He was playing Grand Designs in the

using his knife to take plaster off
the bricks

and then hiding their drugs between

The custody officer called out
police surgeons to examine them.

They are not fit to be interviewed
and need to sleep it off.

Not much fun going cold turkey.


the pace clock ticks on.

'OK, boss.'

I shouldn't have stood the
surveillance team down.

~ We've got 'em now.
~ I screwed up and Gill knows it.

"DS Bailey, how can you justify me
giving you a dozen officers

for another eight-hour period?

24 people, that's £5,760."

Yes, I know. But still...

I found Pat Robbinson's gym card.

Chassis numbers match.

They are just fast-tracking
the prints now.

Yeah, all right. See you soon.

~ Oh, god.
~ What?

"Dear Janet, I thought you should

Alfie is going travelling
in his gap year.

He'll leave in a few weeks.
Elise has taken the news badly.

I thought it'd be nice if you gave
her a ring.

With good wishes, Eleanor."

Bugger off, don't tell me how to
look after my daughter.

Poor Elise.

Do you fancy going for a drink?

No, I want to get home, see Taisie.

~ Well, go.
~ Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

You should have gone to Will's award.
You said you would.

Having him in your life
has been good for you

and you throw that away over a dress
or Gill or whatever you think it is,


~ Thank you.
~ Listen.

I'm sorry I snapped yesterday.


You were absolutely right.
I'm glad, Janet.

Every time you've snapped at me,
I've done it ten times to you.

~ I do know that.
~ Thank you.

It wasn't about you.
It wasn't even about Eleanor.

I'm just finding it extremely
challenging not to interfere

with Elise, not to just haul her out
of there to protect her.

They are sober. They've slept.

They are in really shitty moods
which will worsen when we tell them

Ben's fingerprints are all over that
steering wheel.

The upside is they'll turn on each
other which is ideal

~ cos we've already lost 17 hours off
the pace clock. ~ OK.

Me, Mitch, Pete, let's scoot down to
Stockport Road nick.

Mark Britton told us that you gave
him a BMW on Wednesday morning

in exchange for 40 wraps of speed.

We've recovered that BMW which we

belonged to your mother
and her husband.

What can you tell me about that,

This car was last seen driving
away from the Fox and Hare pub

at 4:00am, after your mother and
stepfather had been murdered.

Can you explain this, Carla?

What were you doing at the pub,

A love protest.

How noble.

~ No comment.
~ When we examined the car, Ben,

we found your fingerprints on the
steering wheel.

What explanation can you give me?

No comment.

You can plead your head is too sore

but don't use that as an excuse
for not telling me

something you later rely on in court.

We're the last ones standing.

We've got no evidence
that either of them

were actually inside that pub.

Unless we find something,
they are walking.

Shall we go for an inspirational

I've got an hour more of this then
it's home to the wife and my book.


Still here, too?

I've made my bed, haven't I?

I see that.

I've been beating myself up.

I should have gone with you.


I was an idiot, Will.


You were.

But I've been thinking, Rachel,

.. I've decided that life is too
short, at my age...

~ to convince someone to stick around.
~ You don't have to convince me.

~ I want to stick around.
~ Yeah, I know, but...

.. it's not working for me, Rachel.

~ That'll be Rachel.





Bright and early, eh?

Rachel Bailey, Manchester
Metropolitan Police.

Pat's gym card.
Checked it last night.

It hadn't been used for months
until Wednesday morning.

Got the CCTV from the desk and who
should walk in at 6:30am? Carla.

Swipes the card. Goes to the
changing room.

Leaves 30 minutes later with wet
hair minus a layer of clothing.

There's no CCTV in her so management

don't know when that locker was

You could leave your stuff for a

But the point is people don't leave
their stuff for a year.

I was the first person in here today

and there was one locker still

They are stuffed. She's on CCTV.

It'll take time to corroborate
that it's the same gun.

~ Get DNA off it.
~ And determine who shot who?

Whoever shot him, shot her.

Think, shot at close range,

logic says the person who transferred
blood from one scene to the other

is the same person who pulled the

Of the two choices, a man you don't
know or your long-lost daughter,

which one are you likely to look
right at while they point a gun?

Who would you think you could talk
sense into?

Carla shot her stepfather
then went upstairs and shot her mum.

Remind me never to have kids.

~ We'll charge them both with murder.
They'll get life. ~ Yeah.

By the way, when I do put myself out
to pasture,

which I will when I'm ready,

which is not yet, I personally think
you'll be fine without me.

You'll know what to do.

And in the meantime
we can keep going over things.

~ I'll keep you under my wing.
~ Yeah.

I'd like that, boss.

Just after 6:00 this morning,

a walker spotted a body wedged
between two rocks.

~ The feeling is it's suspicious.
~ He went out to get some nappies
and never came back.

That was 15 years ago.

If you'd done things bloody properly
you'd have known about this hours ago.

They were chasing after him.

~ You've done nothing wrong.
~ Janet!

~ This is weird to tell you this now.
~ What?