Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 7 - Episode #3.7 - full transcript

-Have you had enough of me living with you?
-How long is she staying?

-I'm not the mole.
-I never thought that.

Just wanted to know,
you know,

are you were up for being
my missus this week?

-Are you OK?
-Lynne's kicked me out.

Go to bed, love.

Scott & Bailey
Season 3 - Episode 07

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Get out. Both of you.


Go home, you stupid boy.

Janet, I'm sorry.

Get in my car.

-Where are we going?

but I don't want to treat the
neighbours to a street fight.

Get in.

You are disgusting.

Listen to me.
You are disgusting.

Is there no limit
to what...?

What are you doing?

Putting you in a cab
and getting you home.

Come on.


Bailey, give us a hand.

Anyone want a brew?

Have you spoke to Janet?

-Well, she's in at three.

Well, I knock off at four, so we've
only got to get through one hour.

It'll be OK. Everything will.


You are it.

You can stay at mine
as long as you want.

Lee, teabag in or teabag out?

after a squeeze.




Anything happening?

it's all very quiet for a Sunday.

But the boss is out at a scene.
We've heard nothing as yet.

Right, then.

See you.

-See you. -See you.




The boss just rang. We've got to
go and deliver a death message.

-Sholver estate.

Kenneth Valentine, 61 years old,
six foot.

His son Phillip reported him
missing at 11 o'clock this morning

after repeatedly
ringing him.

The line appeared to be dead.

Shop keeper putting the rubbish out
this afternoon found his body.

Gill was saying the shop's got
some old stone steps out the back,

leading to a kind of basement
courtyard thing.

So he's down there.

Doesn't look like he just fell.
Looks like he was attacked.

They live together.
Phillip Valentine lives with his dad

and his girlfriend -
Phillip's girlfriend.

The mother's not around
by the looks of things.

They'd had a disagreement, Phillip
and his dad, last night.

Look, Janet, I am sorry.

I will work with you but that's it.
There's nothing to say.

when we are working together,

there's plenty to say, so you can't
just sit there like a...

-You're reading me

a missing from home report,
I'm listening.

What do you want me to say?

"Oh, that's interesting!
The steps were stone, were they?"

-Phillip Valentine?

-DC Rachel Bailey and DC Janet Scott.

May we come in?

Earlier this afternoon,
there was a body found

in Oldham town centre,

close to where you last saw
your father last night.

Unfortunately, we suspect
that that is your father.

-Oh, my goodness.
-Oh, my goodness.

At some point we'll be asking you
to make a formal identification

but I must tell that there'll be a
Home Office post mortem on your
father's body,

as we're treating his
death as suspicious.

Oh, my goodness.

What makes you think that?

Well, that's what our senior
investigating officer is telling us.

I'm affraid we don't
know any more than that.

How... how is he?

Sorry, I haven't been and seen your father,
so I don't have any details

but as soon as I possibly can, I'll
get you updated.

I shouldn't have left him.

I left him in the pub.

-What time was that?
-About eight o'clock.

I left him in the er...
The Packhorse.

It was getting messy so I left him
to it.

-Messy as in?
-We'd been arguing.

We were drunk.

Said some bad things.

Things you...

Things you can't
climb down from, you know?

What was the argument about?

It's a one-bedroom flat.

As you can see, it's not possible
for three of us to live here.

We'd spoken to Kenneth about it
weeks ago, very reasonably,

and he agreed to go but he didn't.

He made a show of looking for
a place

but not too many people
want to rent properties

to someone with a
Doberman Pinscher.

And where's the Doberman Pinscher
just now?

-It had to be put down.
-When was that?

I'm sorry.
Is it Mrs. Bertis?

-Have I got that right?

Thank you. When was the
dog put down, Mrs. Bertis?

-My dad was livid.

It had a lump.

Has your dad been
staying with you long?

Me and dad had been
together for a pretty long time,

then when I met Abigail...

since then, it's been the three of

I had to move in because my
circumstances changed.

So your dad was staying here

and then Mrs. Bertis
came to stay too?

-And this is your property?

-Who owns it?
-My dad.

So it was you staying with your dad,
not the other way round?

In a sense, yeah.

Phillip does all the donkey work,
all the maintenance.

Can I just go over a couple of

-How did he take it?
-Upset but in a remote way

and guilty because he went home
without his dad.

His girlfriend seemed to take it in
her stride.

-It's rather a strange set-up.
-What does Rachel think?

I agree.

-What are you doing now?
-I was due to knock off at four,

so I'm thinking
of heading home.

The missing from home officers
will still be on duty, won't they?

Go and talk to them,
see what they picked up on

-when they went round this morning.

-Have you done a FWIN trawl?
-No, cos we drove straight out.

-Well, that needs to be done.
-OK, I'll do that.

Talk to the MFH officers first.

I thought you wanted
Rachel to do that.

I want both of you -
you and Rachel, Rachel and you -

to talk to the Missing
From Home officers, together.

Got to go.
Pathologists have turned up.

-Hello, love.
-Hi, Mum.

-Are you all right?
-I've been better.

Taisie said...

She said she heard noises
in Rachel's room last night.

-Yes, she did.
-Who was it?

Taisie said it was Kevin.

I don't want to talk about it, Mum.

I'm shattered.

I'm going to go and say goodnight
to the girls and go to bed.

Janet, is Rachel coming back?


Is there no limit
to what you'll do?

I'm a grown woman, Janet.
I can do what I want.

-Not under my roof!
-Come on, I haven't done anything wrong.

Taisie thinks the sun
shines out of your backside...

Taisie's 15.
She knows people have sex.

I'm not going to be accused
of traumatising Taisie.

-You're married.
-So were you when you shagged Andy.

Yes, I was unfaithful after
25 years of marriage.

Why bring him here?
Why not go back to his?

-Because it was closer.

-It was what?
-It was closer.

we weren't thinking.

We needed to get somewhere
quickly to have sex immediately.

That's how it goes.
I don't think you know what that's

I just dropped Pete at his mum's.

His wife kicked him out,
his world collapsed,

because of your sexually
incontinent, alcoholic mother.

Is that the best you've got?
That I'm like my mother?

-You are like her.
-At least she's alive.

-She's poison.
-At least

-I'm not like your mother.
-You're poison.e

Dried up and pious and judging

-Who does that remind me of?
-You're sick in the head.

You're miserable,

And you're frustrated and
jealous and you can't even see it.

Get out!

Oh, now I can get out.

I take it this is bad news?

You're tripping
over your face.

Do you remember when my phone went
and you answered it

and it was a fella asking for Suzy?

And I said it must've been a wrong

But you were suspicious and you
wanted to ring him back.

And I called your bluff and said,
"Go ahead," but you didn't.

I'd been with him in a hotel.

Last night I slept with Kevin at

Janet walked in on us, kicked us out.
She's washed her hands of me.

I stayed at Kevin's.

I don't know why I did it.

Well, I do but...
not fully.

No, I don't, I don't... I don't know
why I did it.

But I did do it.
I DO do it.

-Is this some sort of test?
-No, Sean.

I'm a very bad idea.


What you just said.
Is that true?

I'm not going to insult you with
"I'm sorry"

because that
isn't adequate.

And if you think you hate me,

I can top you.

I do hate you.


So I'm going to go and stay at
Alison's for a couple of nights.

And... And what? You want your flat

Only when you've sorted yourself out.
However long that takes.

-You think I want to go back there?
-All your stuff's there.

-I can pack it up in five minutes.

I've got places to...
No, don't you worry about me.

-I'd rather...

sleep rough than
stay another night there.

-Look, drop it. This isn't allowed.
-I know.

I don't know
what you expect.

I've split up with Sean.

-I'm in the shit.
-I don't expect anything.

I just want to tell you...
Look at me.

I just want to say to you...

..let the shit come down.

We've got nothing to lose,

Me and you both.

We're going to be late.

Don't come in with me.

The way Kenneth Valentine's
body was positioned

is not consistent with
a fall down these steps.

He's a bit too far from them

and there's no dirt or abrasions
on his hands and knees

to suggest he crawled
following a fall.

He's got a boot mark, a partial boot
mark on his head,

and the patalogist say the
way his ribs are broken,

three of them,
is consistent with an attack.

The cause of death is an acute
subdural haematoma on the brain.

Following the injury in the scull.

-Where's Pete?
-Whoever did it made a nasty job of it.

It's likely it was two hours
before he died.

Have we got a sighting later than

The landlord at Baxter's said
Kenneth Valentine left at 10:15,

saying he was going home.

It sounds like father and
son had been in the pubs

on Yorkshire Street
since 5pm that afternoon.

I'm wondering if Kenneth was heading
for a cab.

Where his body turned up
is just off Linwood Road,

where there's
a taxi rank.

Maybe he went behind the shop
relieve himself.

The family's potentially
of interest, isn't it?

Right. Phillip Valentine
moved in with his dad

after Phillip's marriage broke up
two years ago.

It's a one-bedroom flat, so Phillip
slept on the couch.

Last year, Phillip met Abigail

She moved in following the break-up
of her marriage.

They took the bedroom and poor old
Kenneth was consigned to the couch.

Since before

Phillip and Abigail -
but my guess is, mainly Abigail -

have been petitioning
Kenneth to move out.

- Of his own flat?

And on Friday, this Friday just

the day before he was last seen

Abigail had Kenneth Valentine's dog
put down.

-On the pretext that it had
a lump

but basically to get shot of Kenneth

because most landlords have a
no-dogs policy.

The wrong person died.
Someone should've killed her.

Phillip wasn't consulted.

Very upset that his dad was upset

but still pressed for him to move

Huge row ensued which rolled over
to Saturday morning,

when they tried to sort it out in
the pub.

Ends in a big slanging match.

Phillip left his dad in the pub,

got the bus home,
Abigail was there -

telly and pizza -
that's what they're saying.

And what are you saying?

they definitely both feel odd.

The washing machine was on when we
were there

and the MFH lad said
there was a bonfire

on the wasteland nearby when
they were there at midday.

Sorry, I'm late.

Abigail seems capable of
getting Phillip to do things

or go along with things.

11 o'clock on a Sunday
morning is very early

to report an adult missing.

For all Phillip knew,
his dad could've picked up a woman

and gone back
to hers for sex.

I wonder if it's the time
that Phillip guessed

to concerns son who was
genuinely in the dark

about his dad's whereabouts
would report it.

As opposed to a son who'd beaten his
father death.

I don't understand why they're all
crammed in that flat.

I mean,
all three isn't working.

It's not like they're fighting over a
penthouse in Salford Quays.

It's a one-bed flat in upper Sholver.

We need to CCTV the length of
Yorkshire Street.

We need...
Was that pizza delivered?

We need CCTV of any pubs.

Let's see where Phillip
Valentine went at 8pm.

See what route Kenneth Valentine
took at 10:15.

What was their argument like?
Was it getting physical?

What did the FWIN throw up?

Some robberies were tagged,
phone robberies.

-On Yorkshire Street?
-In and around

between 10pm and midnight,
at knifepoint.


I'm going to follow it up.

Have you not followed it up?

Well, the FWIN's still open.
It's not resulted in...

A violent crime at the right time
and you've not followed it up?

Go and talk to the robbery squad.
Until the end of the day.

CCTV from the bus Phillip says he
took home.

Honestly, the pair of you.
Beggars belief.

-Why didn't you follow it up?
-Why didn't you?

-Because I went home.

Pete, it's obvious you've got a
black eye.

-There's no point beating about the bush.

-Are you OK?
-Yes, ma'am.

How did you come by it?

My son.

I'm sure you could hazard a guess as
to the grievance.


Could you try and avoid
the general public today?

So the officers in the fun bus were
looking out for robberies

and this fella told them
he'd just been robbed

by two lads just
before midnight.

They'd frogmarched him
to an ATM at knifepoint,

these lads,
to withdraw cash,

so we were contacted via airwaves

and we drove,
we had a look.

We saw two lads that fitted the
description of the robber

and gave chase.

Do you know why Rachel and Janet

looked like they were reading the
news during the briefing?


Something's up.

Kevin asked not to be put with Janet


They must be at odds
about something.

They're never at odds.
He annoys her, she says so,

he gets on with it. That's how
everyone deals with Kevin.

Doesn't make sense.

Must be something big.

Yeah, so the tall robber,
he got away, unfortunately.

I brought the other one in,
Deepak Nadar. We interviewed him.

He gave a no-comment interview.

-Is he still in custody?
-Well, no. We bailed him.

did you get the victim to ID him?


There's four or five suspected

so the plan is we collate the
victims, get statements

and then get them all on to a VIPER

If they all ID,
we re-arrest

-and interview him for the lot.
-We got the CCTV footage

we wanted.
Some of it.

-Have you viewed it yet?
-We're waiting to get it all in.

-We did take his clothing off him.
-Sent him home in Asda's finest.

Did you go back over the route that
you chased him in daylight?

I can see in the
custody record

says you retained
Deepak Nadar's clothing

and that you gave him back
his phone and 300 quid.

That's what it says,
that's what I did.

Well, did he say where
the money came from?

Why did you give him
his mobile phone back?

-We were bombed out.
-Did you go through his clothing?

Robbery squad did, didn't they?

No, they didn't.

-Thank you.
-There you go.

I finished it with Sean last night.

Just thought you might be interested.

I used to be interested.

I used to mind what
happened to you.

I used to want to protect you.

I used to take pride in being
the person that you trusted

and didn't need to attack

and then you took the piss,

and now I don't give a monkey's.

I'm not impressed
with the robbery squad.

Panda car mentality.

Do what you're told, when it told
and don't do anything else.

There were five reported
robberies at or near ATMs

on Yorkshire Street
on Saturday night.

Total loss of 300 quid.

The custody officer,
when he bailed Deepak,

-handed him back - you've guessed it.
-300 quid in tens and twenties.

And a phone,
which is probably pinched.

The others pinched are probably
on a market stall.

Get POLSA to get the
chase route searched,

see what Deepak dropped anything,

-see what the other one dropped.

The ATM that they frogmarched this
victim to

is near where Kenneth Valentine's
body turned up.

-Did we get CCTV from the bank?
-No. Because it was Sunday.

Well, if the death is tied
up with these robberies,

we've narrowed the
timescale down.

He was last seen at 10:15,

they were chased
and one of them caught

just before midnight,
so that's where to start.

Tell them about the pizza.

The pizza got delivered to
Phillip Valentine at ten past ten

at his flat.

We spoke to a lad who biked it over,
delivers there, knows Phillip,

so Phillip did go home,
whether he went out again...

-Who's on CCTV?

-Get up! Get up! Get up!

What the hell's going on?

That little bastard
shagged my wife.

You've just assaulted
the little bastard.

You just commit a
disciplinary offense.

I'll have to report you to
divisional command.

Take him somewhere till I'm ready.

-Let's get you a brew.
-God Almighty.

You're just a pair of thugs.

Right, Kevin, in.

Would you like a coffee?

-No, thank you.
-Are you sure?

-I'm going to get a coffee from the shop.
-I'm fine, thank you.

Are you?


Come on.

What am I supposed to do with you?

I'm sorry, ma'am.

You're always sorry.
I'm sick of it.

I put my neck on the line for you.

I sat there in front of the
Assistant Chief Con,

a Chief Superintendent,

a Chief Inspector from the Discipline
Office of Professional Standards

and God knows who else

and told them what a wonderful,
dedicated detective you are

and begged for the privilege of
having you on my syndicate.

I love my job.
I do.

-And it is the one bit of my life...
-It's not a bit of your life.

Your job is your life.

If you want your job to be
just a bit of your life,

you have to keep
things separate

but you don't seem to be capable.

You keep dragging your personal mess
in here.

We keep having to deal with it.

I have to pick up the pieces.

You slept with a barrister. You
PNC'd the barrister's car.

Your brother murdered the barrister.


This particular mess today is
unacceptable, I know. I'm sorry.

But it's...

It's connected to all of it.
Everything that you've just cited.

And it's the end of it.

I'm getting a divorce from Sean

because I wasn't
ready to marry.

I knew that when I did it.

I think you knew it, too.

And I still did it.

Bad mistake.

You know, you once told me

that you'd made a bad
mistake with your marriage

and that had led to other mistakes.

My mistake,
in my personal life,

impacted me and only me in my
professional life.

I didn't bring my reputation into

I didn't bring my job into

-Do you honestly think

you have the career
you say you want

and carry on living
your life like this?

I'm not going to
carry on like this.

Do you honestly think anyone is ever
going to stick their neck out for you

ever again?

What do you want me to do?

Get back to work.

Do something clever
that takes my mind off

what a liability you are.

And what made me
so angry about it

and hurt

animally angry, basically,

is Taisie,
my 15-year-old.

She worships Rachel,
thinks she's beautiful, brave,

brilliant, funny -
a pinnacle, you know?

Taisie was at Rachel's wedding

I'm sorry,
have you got time for this?

Yeah, yeah. The POLSA team
is coming in half an hour.

Yeah. Taisie watched Rachel walk
down the aisle with Sean,

saw Kevin give his
best man's speech,

muck about in his kilt.

Took a million photos.

A photo of Rachel on her wedding

day is Taisie's wallpaper.
And then,

five months later, Rachel and Kevin
are shagging each other's brains out

in a bedroom next to hers.

I found her on the landing,

looking like she'd seen a ghost.

And Rachel will never get that.

She will never get what a
crime that is in my eyes.

And... I don't get Rachel,

I don't understand how someone

who's so clever,
so intuitive in the job

can be so devoid of empathy

It's like that prank email she sent
to you.

How could she have thought,
on any level,

that I would
find that funny?

Have you fallen out before?

Not like this.

Spats, specific things,

but we've talked it through and
sorted it out.

What's shocking about this is that
I don't want to

and I don't mind letting her know

I'm actually being quite
harsh and cruel with her,

which I don't even like.
It's not even like me.

It's actually...

pretty lonely and depressing
in itself but I...

I literally can't stop myself.

Well, chances are, in time,

you'll make it up.
You go back a long way, don't you?

-No, we don't.
-Don't you?

Two years. We met here.

We put together on a shooting
in Shaw

we were, well...

We were brilliant together.

There was a connection
which I mistook for a personal one.

I think...

there never really was one.

I think now I really know her,

I don't actually like Rachel.


OK, Clay as in
Charlie Lima Alpha Yankee?

Got it. Fabulous.
Thank you. Ta-ta.

So the SIM card in Deepak's pocket

belongs to a phone
owned by Andrew Blunt,

who was robbed just off Yorkshire
Street by two lads on Saturday night.

Not the victim that reported being
robbed to the fun bus at 11:50.

Blunt was robbed at 09:50.

He rang the police
when he got home,

so we could re-arrest Deepak
for additional robbery.

Let's give POLSA a chance to search
the chase route.

-How far has Janet got?
-I don't know.

There were five reported victims of
knifepoint robbery

at or near ATMs

in the town centre
on Saturday night.

-Andrew Blunt at 09:50.
-I've said that.

Judith Clay,
soon after ten.

SOCO's found Judith
Clay's Nectar card

near Kenneth
Valentine's body.

-Linking the robberies to the murder.

Draw up an interview
strategy for Deepak.

OK. I think I know who his mate is.

I spoke with Three of the victims
and all said the same -

big fella, shaved head,
stripy top.

-A robber in a stripy top?
-Yeah. I've had a look.

And although he wasn't on the system
until last week,

there's a report from an
officer of a sighting of Deepak

with a guy called
Nicholas Crossland.

And when I look Crossland
he fits the description.

He's just got out after serving
three years for knifepoint robbery.

I've got his file here.

I just wanted to give you an update,
Phillip, OK?

It's good news.

We've got a positive
line of enquiry.

-Things are looking positive.
-That's good news, isn't it?

-So we just wanted to let you know.
-Thank you.

What is the line of enquiry, if you
don't mind me asking?

We no in the position
to say much more at the moment, I'm affraid,

but hopefully it won't be
too long before we can.

But things are looking positive.

Did he suffer?

The post mortem didn't indicate he
would have suffered a great deal, no.

He would have been
unconscious pretty quickly.

-That's something, ain't it?
-Be quiet.

-Don't speak to me like that.
-Be quiet!

That's Deepak on the left.


-Where's he living?
-No fixed abode.

Very original.

-At his mum's.

This was filmed at 11:50.

So that's the fifth victim,
Simon Cornish,

if the reported
timings are right.

Now, if we go back to the CCTV of
Kenneth Valentine earlier on...

Leaves Baxter's at 10:15.

-Goes along Yorkshire Street.

Turns off there, we lose him for a
bit, then... 10:22...

-Is that Linwood Road?

You can't see it on this image
but the shop's on the end there.

Deepak and Crossland.


Stops to relieve himself but...

gets disturbed, so...

And never comes out.

-Poor sod.

first thing tomorrow morning,
we'll carry out simultaneous raids

on Deepak Nadar and
Nicholas Crossland.

What time do you want us in,

Nasty early.

-What do you reckon, Rob?


Will you stop jumping out at me?

-Let's run.

Let's just go.
Do a bunk.

-Me and you?
-Why not?

-You've left Sean.
-Not to be with you.

You're not part of the plan.

I mean,
Sean's not either but you're...

even more not.

Come on.

You dragged me into that
alley and ravished me.

-You did the same.
-You blew me away.

-Kevin, no.
-No what?


OK, Rob, that's us.
Ready to knock.

Mitch is set, too.

Any word from Kevin?

No. Still AWOL.
Speak in a bit.

-Yeah, we're good to go.

Has Kevin turned up?


I killed him so I could be
arresting officer.


Nobody move!

Good morning.
Is it Mrs. Nadar?

We're from the Manchester
Metropolitan Police.

I've got a warrant to
search this address.

Is Deepak at home?

Shall we go in here for a sec?

Morning, Deepak.

We're here to arrest
you on suspicion

of the murder of Kenneth Valentine
and also a number of thefts.

You don't have to say anything
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention when questioned
something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be given in
evidence against you.

Are you decent?

-Do you want to get out of bed for us?
-No. I'm not decent.

No-one at home.

-It's fresh.
-Someone has been here recently.

OK. Have a good
look round.

See if Crossland's been there
and has left anything of interest.

-All right.
-Hi, Rob,

it's all systems go here.
We've got Deepak

and we're searching the house.

-You've had more luck than Mitch.
-Crossland wasn't there?

Where's Nick, Deepak? Nicholas

Your big pal with
the shaved head.

-Where is he?
-I don't know.


you've not got a
criminal record

and you're obviously not the brains
behind this,

so if you cooperate with us,

we'll tell the prosecution
that you helped us

and that's going to make
a difference.

We need Crossland.

That is, technically,
interviewing him.

-I spoke to him for 30 seconds.
- You know as much as I do

The CPS will count that
as interviewing him.

You've eaten into our pace time.

It could be hours before we get
him set up with a solicitor.

-I got an address.
-You've got a guess of an address.


Police! Nobody move!
Show yourselves!

Get down!


Get him!
Get him on the floor.

Just stay down there!

I thought you
were never coming!

Well done, everyone.

He nearly had me eye out.
I'm thinking,

"Please, not me good eye!"

Three bald men slugging it out
and the oldies won.

Up the oldies!

Nothing to do with the fact
that it was two against one?

Nothing whatsoever.

To the briefing room, please, guys.

-Deepak and Crossland both checked in?

Well done, everybody.

I've got some very bad news, I'm

It's about Kevin.

In the early hours
of this morning,

Kevin was arrested.

Internal Affairs are in the process
of searching his flat

and they've begun
interviewing him in connection

with leaking information
to the press.

I've only just been told
and I've been told very little.

All I know is he's been under

They've looked into his bank
records, his phone records and his

and what they're saying to me is
they are 100% certain

Kevin is the mole who leaked all
that stuff about Helen Bartlett.

Early indications are he's talking.

He's telling them what he did.

He'll be suspended
and he will be charged.

These allegations against Kevin
go back months,

so we'll need to look at what work
he's done over that time,

witness statements he's taken,

everything he's done
in the evidence chain

because all that work
will have to be redone,

otherwise it will
be useless in court.

Janet and Rob, I'd like you
to coordinate that, please.

Has anyone got any questions?

I can't see him doing that.

I can't believe he did that.

Police officers don't tend to get
arrested unless they've done something.

Did anyone have even so much as a

It's likely Kevin will be bailed
by the end of today.

Do not contact him.

Do not respond to any contact
from him.

Eyes will be on us.

I know there's been a lot going on
over the past few days.

If anyone has anything to say,
please talk to me or to Rob.

My door is open.

I never knew he was going to hurt
anyone. I only wanted a bit of

I never met Nick till a couple of
weeks ago.

He said we was only going to do one.

He said we weren't
going to hurt anyone.

The knife was just for show.

I knew him. I knew the old man.

I didn't know I knew him till after,
when it was in the paper.

He knew my dad.

I didn't know he was dead.
I never knew.

This is a waste of tier three
training, isn't it?

He's a pushover.

I was kicking him.

I don't even know why
I was doing it.

I just got into it.

It was horrible.
I've never done anything like it.

I wish I'd never met him.

Wish you'd
never met who?

Nick Crossland.

-No comment.
-Any progress?

-If only.
-No comment.

Were you in Yorkshire
Street on Saturday night?

No comment.

We've had eleven
CCTV sightings of you

between 9:00 and 11:50 in
and around Yorkshire Street.

-Can you confirm that you were there?
-No comment.

This is a very boring film.

The other lad was lovely.

I thought Janet would have
to ask him to shut up.

We found a boot
behind a property

that you were staying
at in Bracknell Way

that matches the boot
mark Kenneth Valentine

had on his forehead
when his body was found.

We're going to swab those boots and I
expect to find your DNA inside them.

Is there anything you'd
like to say about that?

No comment.

Four out of five robbery victims
identified Crossland and Deepak

on the video identity parade.

That'll do.
Let's charge the pair of them.

Let's go to the pub.

I'm not being
very productive.

Come on.

OK. Janet?


No, I think I'll just go home.

I didn't think you'd come.


How did everyone take it?

We took it badly, Kevin.

We were sickened.

-Who did you blab to?
-Dave Packham.

Dave Packham?

He's scum.

-He doorstepped those schoolgirls.
-I know.

So why?

Cos I was sick to me stomach with
the boss.

The way she spoke to me.
Same with Dodson.

That look they get,

like I'm an incapable piece of
shit that's just being tolerated.

You know what I'm talking about.
Don't tell me that you don't.

When she told me I'd failed me
sergeant's exam,

she basically said I didn't deserve
to be on MIT.

Dave Packham approached me.

He was friendly.

We had some drinks.

He was interested in me.
He asked me things.

-About Peverel Street?

-Did he pay you?
-Not that time.

And you honestly thought
you would get away with that?

It felt like I was
getting one over

and then I couldn't
make it stop.

-Getting one over on who?

On Gill?

That isn't what you did.

You stuck it to Helen,
you stuck it to all of us.

Will you say sorry for us?

To Janet?
And Mitch.

- Legenda n?o traduzida -

And Lee.
And Pete.

Will you tell them I'm sorry?

All this running away nonsense.

Did you think that we were going to
go down in flames together?

I have no intention of going down
in flames with you or anybody else.

I know. I know.

It's just...

You're a wrong 'un,

-and I'm a wrong 'un.
-No, no, no, no,no.

I'm a fuck-up,
you're a twat.

I'm sorry.

-I'm going to go.

Thank you for coming.

I will tell them.

What the hell are you doing?

She saw a woman in a car
with a knife to her throat.

The registration number is Gill's.

Calm down.
Let me stop the car.

We can talk about everything
you're upset about.


I want firearms, I want
pictures on these screens.

I want to see who it
is in that car with her.

Subtitles by Deluxe
Sync: Marocas62