Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 8 - Episode #3.8 - full transcript

I think my brother is in there,
buried under the floor.

You'll be cautioning her
for concealing a burial.

You're jealous and you can't
even see it! Get out!

We're looking at more than one body.

You are being charged
with preventing a lawful burial.


Have you been invited
to this do tonight? What do?

Sammy's engagement do? Yeah. Why?

Just trying to fathom why she's
invited some but not others. Well...

I'm Sammy's godmother and Mitch was
at Bruges with Gill 400 years ago.

And Dave, in fact, so...
Oh, Gill's husband. Ex-husband. Ah.

So we're all family friends. OK.
I say "godmother".

I use the term loosely, having
not stepped inside a church since...

Blimey! Although, I did once buy him
an advent calendar.

Has she not invited you to this do?

So it's just...?
Yeah. The in-crowd.

Eh, listen. I've bought enough booze
to sink a battleship, Sammy.

That is the equivalent of twice
as much as what I think we'll need.

I'm aware that your mates
can drink for England,

but I do not want to wake up with
wall-to-wall vomit tomorrow morning.

If I do,
guess who'll be cleaning it all up!

It sure as heck
won't be my good self.

Yes, I do want you
to have a good time.

I've got no time
to get the house ready...

If that happens, I'll be
lining your mates up one by one

and they'll be singing
in very high-pitched voices!

Anyway, it isn't about your mates.
It's about you and Orla.

Well, I'm glad to hear it.

And make sure she brings this famous
engagement ring. I want to see it.

Oh, my God!

Did somebody fetch the cake?
..Your dad?

I'm putting the phone down now.

I don't want to knock any old ladies
down and deal with the consequences.

OK. See you in a bit.

Eh, kid. Have you hoovered?

What are you doing? You're gonna
find out what it's like to die now.

You all right, bitch?

Forgotten that.

Any smart moves and this knife's
coming through the back of the seat,

right into your spine.
What do you want?

Oh, sod that!

Green light. I want you
to put your foot down.

First chance we get, we're doing
a U-turn. Where are we going?

Find out when we get there,
won't you? Drive!

It's my son. He's expecting me.
If I'm not home, he's...

What? What will he do? Explode?
Pass out? Turn into a pumpkin?

Here. Turn left. Turn round here.

Indicate, bitch!

Someone needs to tell her.

Someone needs to say,
"Janet, you're 49 years old.

"You're flirting with someone
who was in nappies when you were
feeling your first collar!

"You look... ridiculous."

I think they're just mates.
Talk about lack of self-awareness.

She might as well have a neon sign
flashing on her forehead saying,

"I'm having a mid-life crisis."


It's... It's...

Yeah, what is it?

Horses for courses.
Is it?


Just... You know.

I don't know, Rachel.

I used to think the world of her.

I used to think
the sun shone out of her...

You know,
I was so impressed with her, Mitch.

Then you just end up thinking,
"Oh, Jesus!"

There's more rain forecast later.

So what?

I was just... changing the subject.


You really need to move on.
I have done, me.

Tell me what you're thinking.


We've never met.


Funny that. Is it?

I dunno.

Have I upset you?

Upset me?

Personally, have I upset you?

You've turned my life into one big
steaming pile of festering excrement

but other than that...
Me, personally?

Not that I'd make any great claims
for it before.

My life.

I wouldn't inflict my life
on anyone.

At any stage. Not on a dog.
But having said that...

What do you want? I used to have
a roof over my head and someone
who gave a toss about me.

And a job.
I had a job, used to earn money.

And, get this! I used to be able
to walk round the supermarket

without some ignorant twat
coming up and spitting in my face.

Not only that, I used to be able
to walk to the end of our street

without kids on bikes lobbing crisp
packets full of dog dirt at me!

Didn't know I was born, did I?
Looking back.

What do you want?

Ooh! Fortnight in the Bahamas?

80 grand a year?

Tea for two at the Ritz?
I want everything. Greedy cow!

I meant... I know what you meant.
Helen, you're drunk. No?!

Really? It's amazing
what the trained eye can spot!

No flies on you, eh? What you're
doing is very serious. D'you think?

You've not thought this through.
Feel free to think that.

Helen, this can only get more
and more serious.

If you stop this now, if you calm
down, let me stop the car,

we can talk through everything

Aargh! You dare stop this car
a second longer than necessary,

this blade's coming through
your earhole and out the other side!

With hilarious consequences. Not.

Not for you, anyway.
I want to know where we're going!

We're going... to get on the M62.


We're going to the seaside,
you and me, pal.

Rachel, have you got a sec?

We're missing a couple of statements
from the Kenneth Valentine file.

One of them's yours.
Because I haven't written it up yet.

Janet needs to get the file
to the barrister before lunch.

She asked you for your statement
three days ago. No, she didn't.
Yes, she did. Not.

Well, she's telling me she did.
She asked me for it
on Wednesday at 5 o'clock.

Which isn't three days ago.
It's not even two days ago.

That's one day and a few hours ago.

I said it would be ready
by the end of today.
She said it would be fine. Right...

It appears you've been talking at
crossed purposes-I can't help that.

She's telling you one thing
and asking me for something else.

It'd be nice if we were all working
with each other,

rather than against each other.
I couldn't agree more.

Right. You've got an hour and a half
to get it on her desk.

Well, that won't be happening!

With all due respect, Rob,

I've got to update
my progress report
for the Willow Vale nursing home.

I've got to complete
the video viewing log.

And I've got to finish
the learning module for diversity.

What with me being politically
incorrect and sending you that daft
email - which was just a joke!

All those things can wait.

She has to ring that barrister and
tell him that she's made a mistake.

That's not going to happen, either.
That barrister wants the file.

She said she didn't need it.
Lunchtime today was the deadline.

I made it clear that I couldn't.
Well, I'm asking.

No. I'm not asking you, Rachel.

I'm telling you.
It's interesting that she's got you
doing this instead of saying,

"Rachel, where's that statement
I asked you for which I said would
be fine by the end of Friday?"

This is...

Childish and... You wouldn't do this
if it wasn't the boss's day off.

I don't know what you mean.
I think you do.

Childish? Can we do this thing
so the barrister gets what he needs

so we can nail his arse to the floor
for murdering Kenneth Valentine?

Right, fine.

If you want things at a different
time to what's been agreed...

I said lunchtime.
..ask me instead of getting your
monkey to do it. Friday lunchtime.

Yeah, I made it clear...
It's always been lunchtime.

And I made it clear...
I made it clear that the end
of the day was not an option.

The fact that you chose,
in your pig-headed fashion,
to misread that as me saying

"that's OK, then" isn't something
I can help. Pig-headed?

I could see
that you weren't doing it.

Pig-headed? I had no option
other than to go higher up.

Yes, pig-headed.
It means being stubborn.

It means doing whatever the hell
you want when you know damn well
it's not what's been asked for.

It's passive-aggressive nonsense.
Don't try and intimidate me, Janet.

I'm not. If I was trying to
intimidate you, you'd know about it.

Don't make me feel inadequate,

Practise those tricks
on someone further down
the food chain, if you need to.

I just want the statement, Rachel,
so I can complete the file.

It really is that simple.

Anyone know where Gill is?

Home, as far as we know.

OK. Hang on a second.

MIT command. Member of the public
rang 999, said she saw a woman
in a car with a knife to her throat.

Took the registration number.
It's Gill's.

- What's that about?
- Will do. Bye.

Ring her home. They're activating
the red centre. Suspected abduction.

Sammy, it's Janet.

Do you know about hoovers? Aren't
they supposed to suck things up?

That's the plan.
'This isn't sucking.'

Is the bag full?
A bag?

Sammy, is your mum there?
No. She went to the supermarket.

Where? Down in Shore. She's supposed
to be back. She rang me.

When did she ring you?
'Over half an hour since.'

She was supposed to be coming home.
She's not answering her mobile.

How far away is the supermarket
from your house?

Ten minutes. Why?

Well, OK.
Look, I don't want to alarm you,

but we've had a 999 call
from a member of the public...

They've activated the red centre?

Superintendant Dodson's gone in
as the commander.

Superintendent Hugh Crossley,
SOCA tactical advisor.

What's already been done?
ANPR. She's on the M62.

Heading east towards Leeds. Has the
woman who rang 999 been interviewed?

Over the phone. She reported seeing
the assailant carrying a knife.

The driver had been tethered
to the seat by the neck.

Did we get a description of the
driver? It sounds like DCI Murray.

Right. I want firearms. I want
to know surveillance capability.

Air support already up? I'll find
out. If not, I want a fixed wing up.

I want pictures on these screens.
I want to see who it is in that car.

Can someone get me the
Assistant Chief Con on the phone?

I need a wee.

Bad luck.

On the bright side,

you make better decisions
when you need a wee.


Not that you will be making
any decisions.

No. That'll be me.

Your decision-making days are over
and done with.

Gone with the wind.
I want to help you, Helen.

Help me? Really?
Oh, that's good. That's funny.

I do and I'm sure I can. Is that
why you've charged me with a crime

that you wouldn't have known
had happened if I hadn't told you
about it?

Because you want to help me?
That wasn't my decision.

Is that why you're making me
go to court?

So everybody can think that I was
involved in all that gruesome shit

that was going on
in that bloody dungeon?

Because that is what people think!

It's why they throw things at me
and call me names.

It's why they damaged Louise's house
and that is why she chucked me out.

Well, that and the drinking!
Yes, but Helen...

Doing this isn't going
to make it better. Is it?

What were you buying
all that booze for?

You're having a party?

A party, yeah.



Shame you'll be missing it.

Did you say something about
an engagement?

My son.

Ah, bless!

Bless his heart.

No booze and no mother
at your engagement do.

Sometimes life's chock-full
of nasty little surprises.

On the plus side, he won't
be waking up with a hangover.

He won't be throwing up

That's something.

How long have you had
a drink problem, Helen?

It's not a problem.
I like being pissed.

I'm going to pass out if you don't
loosen this belt. No, you're not.

If you don't stop complaining,
I might tighten it some more.

The tracking vehicle's
a red Vauxhall,

one behind DCI Murray's car.

Is that it? Yeah.

I need to see inside the car.
I need to see who that is.

India 99,
can we zoom into vehicle, over?

'Zooming in. Over.'

Is that a woman?

DS Waddington.

What's happening with Sammy?
I've rung Dave.


What's happening?
Superintendent Dodson wants
you and you to join her at CID HQ.

When? Now.
Why us? She didn't say.

What about this?
I guess this takes priority.

I mean who'd...?

You're right. Stupid question.
Who'd abduct her?

You know as much as me.

Who WOULDN'T abduct her?
Number of evil gits she's banged up.

It's a funny thing,
but people don't.

They've generally enough demons of
their own to bother with. Someone...

Someone she interviewed when
she was younger, from years ago?

Someone she helped get sent down.
They've just got out
and they've held a grudge.

They're not criminal masterminds.
Surely to God you know that by now.

If it IS personal, it's more likely
someone she's pissed off recently
who hasn't had time to get over it.

When does she come face-to-face?
She doesn't.

She does do interviews on the telly

Anyone who was interested
would know that she was the SIO.

Anyone she's pissed off recently
has been sent down.
Not if they haven't gone to trial.

Anyone dangerous would be on remand.

It's Helen Bartlett.

What do you reckon? You spent
more time with her than anyone else.

It's her. It's HER!
What the hell's she playing at?

If and when we make contact,
I want you to talk to her.

OK. We know she's got her mobile
on her. We're picking up a signal.

She's not trying to ring anyone yet.
Gill's she switched off or dumped.

Gill's was last used in a car park
in Shore when she rang Sammy at 1130.

- How is Sammy?
- Dave's got him.

Dave's with him. Great, that's
killing two birds with one stone.

I had visions of him rolling up here
trying to stick his neb in.

Dave, not...
Yeah. Got that, boss.

I wonder what she wants. Until
she contacts someone we won't know.

We could ring her, of course,
but it's a risk.

I don't want to freak her out then
she uses the knife. No, we'll wait.

Until we get some indication of
her plans. If I was Gill,
I wouldn't just sit there.

I don't think we've got much choice.
She's got something
fastened round her neck.

Anyway, Gill knows to keep her
talking till we can do something.

Helen, if it is Helen, doesn't know
it but she's surrounded.

I've got firearms officers following
in two vehicles half a mile behind

and that red Vauxhall is us.

Does Gill know that we're...?

Her field of vision's limited
by the restraint. She's on her own,
as far as she knows.

Is it worth getting someone
to go and pick her girlfriend up?

If we're confident that it is Helen,
she had a girlfriend, Louise.

She might know what's going on
inside her head.

Yeah. Let's do that. Clive?

Maybe you should talk to her -

Is that normal?
No, not normally.

You'll be talking to Helen.
If she tells us anything useful,
we cut out the middle man.

Do you need me, ma'am?

When Janet goes into the negotiation
cell, I'll need a runner.

I want two people who communicate
well. Who better than you two?

Why do you need a runner?
She has to be in isolation.

If I have to give
any nasty orders to firearms,
Janet can't know anything.

Not if she's trying to have
an honest negotiation with Helen.

Do you want a swig?


Thank you.
I've got loads.

It makes me fart, lager.

We wouldn't want that!

It might make things easier, though,
if you were a bit pissed.

When the time comes.

That's what I'm doing, anyway.
That's my plan.

Until you share with me what the
plan is, Helen, I'm in the dark.

Do you think anyone's missed you?

I have no idea.

What'll happen when somebody does?

I don't know.

Oh, come on.

If you don't come home and...
What's he called? Your boy?

John. If you don't come home
when John expects you, what's he...?

What's he going to do?

I don't know.
Probably won't even notice.

Why are you targeting me, Helen?

I saw you on the news.

After you persuaded the CPS to
prosecute me. I didn't persuade...

You make recommendations. I wasn't
even a Senior Investigating Officer.

I was 13 years old.

And I'm being vilified for something
I was forced to do by a psychopath.

If it wasn't for me coming forward,

the world would have known nothing
about what he'd done.

Yes, but I wasn't...
I admitted what I'd done.

It took me a bloody long time
to do it, fair enough, but I did it.

And this is the thanks I get?
Well, fuck you!

If you think I'm standing in court
to waste breath defending myself

just to get stared at and spat at
and insulted...

I'm not hanging around for that.
I've had enough.

And someone... is coming with me.

And that someone is you.

And then they're all going
to realise that they made a mistake.

Whoever it was.

Whichever bunch of twats -
including you - made this decision.

So stop trying
to wriggle off the hook.

And next time, hopefully,

hopefully, people are going
to think very long, very hard

about what they do to people.

You're coming off
at the next junction.

Helen, I want to be clear
what you're talking about.

Are you talking about suicide?


Yeah, I am. That's the one.

And I'm taking you with me.

Louise, um...

They've driven across the M62.

They've come off the M62 at Howden

and now they're on the A614
which goes to the east coast.

Is there anybody there
that she knows or anything...?

Anything at all?

Where's Flamborough Head? Why?
That's east coast.

She talked about it once.

She went there once
on a school trip.

When they were little.

She said it was
the loveliest day.

She always wanted to go back.
We always meant to,
only we never found time.

Louise, at some point soon we'll
want to make contact with Helen

and I'm wondering, subject to
what Superintendent Dodson thinks,

if it might be best if YOU were
to make that call, initially.

How would you feel about doing that?
If it helps.

She's got a knife. She's got
DCI Murray trapped in the vehicle.

We could stop the vehicle,
that's within our capability,
but we daren't spook her.

We want to talk without scaring her
into doing something rash,

for her own sake,
as well as DCI Murray's.

Ma'am, Louise is saying
she could be heading to
Flamborough Head on the east coast.

Flamborough Head. It's got some sort
of sentimental attachment to it.

She visited there as a kid but...

As well as that,
isn't it, like... big cliffs?

Is it?
Yeah. I think...

It's the sort of place
that people go to commit suicide.



But why would you abduct someone
if you're going to do that?

I suppose if you got it into
your head to take someone with you.

What's going to happen to her?
We're going to talk her down.
That's the plan. And then what?

Let's get them back safely
before we worry about-

Will they shoot her? She's abducted
a police officer, Louise.

She'll be arrested.

We could set up a road block now
we've an idea where they're heading.

No. It's too much of a gamble.

God knows what she'd do
with that knife.

The more she drinks,
the more erratic she's going to get.

The more she drinks
the more docile she's going to get.

Be nice if they just ran out
of petrol, wouldn't it?

If they came to a standstill
without us forcing it.


Louise is offering to ring Helen, to
break it to her that we're on to her

then hopefully we can hand things
over to the negotiator - to Janet -

without freaking Helen out.

Why are you crying?
I'm not.

It's not much fun, is it?

Not being in control.

Is that how you feel?

Is that how you feel, Helen?

Not in control?

I feel full of the joys of spring,

Life's just one big long cabaret,
eh, old chum?

No, it isn't.

That's not what you really think,
is it?

Not if the plan is to end it all.

Shut up!

I made a mistake.

I'm sorry. I understand that now.

You're just saying that.
I'm not. I'm not.

I get it.

I'm sorry. I just...


I see a lot.

I see 14-year-olds dump
old-age pensioners in the canal
after they've suffocated them.

I see pathetic men leave
eight-year-old boys in wheelie bins

after they've raped them.

It's not my decision.
Things HAVE to go to a jury.

For your sake. So everyone will
know you weren't guilty.

There'll be no shadow of doubt.

Chances are you're going to get off.
You must know that. Bollocks. No!

You're missing the point.
You're pissing in the wind!

The damage has been done,
so this is what's happening.

We're going to drive off
Flamborough Head and into the sea.

Do you remember
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

It won't be like that
cos it could fly.

I'm not driving off
Flamborough Head! You bloody are.

Oh. Hello?

It's the lady wife.

What do you want?

Hurry up. I'm busy.

You've got to stop
what you're doing.

You've got to let the police officer
stop the car.

You've got to let her go.



Where are you?
I'm in Manchester.

This lady wants to talk to you.
'What lady?'

Janet. You know her.

Do I?

Keep your fucking foot down!

Yeah, you do.
She spoke to you before, when...

When I was arrested?

Helen, please don't do this.
We can work it out. I'm sorry.

'You had your chance.'

I was struggling as well.
'I have to go now.'

You're going to make things worse
for yourself.


She's hung up.

What's going on? Nothing's
going on. Why aren't we there yet?

What's she saying? Nothing.
Why did she ring you?

Who said you could ask questions?

I'll drive to where you want to go.

I'm not driving into the sea.
We'll see about that.

Now what? Helen, it's Janet Scott.
We met before. Do you remember?

How could I forget?
What's going on, Helen?

Are you all right?

'Never better.'
You don't sound yourself.

Well, I may have had a few beers.

'What's going on, Helen?'
I think I said.

'People are worried about you.'
No-one's worried about me.

Louise is worried about you.
I'm worried about you.

Oh, bless!

Bless you all. I'm so popular!

Helen, you've got yourself
into a situation

and we need to find a way out of it.

Tell me what you're worried about.

Nothing worries me any more.

Tell me what you're thinking.

Tell me what you'd like somebody
to do that could help you.

You're all tossers.

She won't engage with us.
She keeps hanging up.

I think... Whatever she's
got planned, she's going to do it,
come hell or high water.

Do you want to move
the firearms units up?

You need to be in a position
to stop her now.


You do what you have to do, Helen.

But I'm not driving into the sea.

If my son hears about how I died,
it won't be because I killed myself.

Tell Janet to ring the number again
and to let Helen know
that she's surrounded.

And then what...?

What's going to happen is I'll be
handing command over to firearms.

Go on.

You answer it.

It's you they want to talk to.
I'm not talking to them.


'What's going on?'

I'm with Helen Bartlett.
We know that.

'She's got a knife and a belt
round my neck fastened to the seat.'

Gill, she needs to know...

You need to know that you've got
two firearm units within 50 yards.


'Are you all right?'

I've been better.

The incident commander
would like you to tell Helen

that she's surrounded.

I came here once.

Hang on, Janet.
She's telling me something.

Sorry, Helen. You what?

I came here... once.

Did you?

School trip.

I was nine.

We went to a... bird sanctuary.

Then we came to look
at the lifeboats.

I wanted to stay here.

For ever.

I certainly didn't want to go home!

Janet, will you tell Sammy
I love him if anything...?

Nothing's going to happen.

Who's Sammy?

My son. He's not called John.
I lied.


I don't know.

He's getting engaged.



Who knows?

One day.

Gill, can you tell Helen
she's surrounded?


I'm being informed

to advise you

that we're surrounded
by firearms officers.

So now might be a good time
to leave this place alive.

I promise you'll get help
and I will say - I WILL say -

that I believe I made a mistake.


I don't feel too good.
Helen, what have you done?

Gill, what's happening?


This is what it feels like.


Helen! Helen!

Oh, my God! Helen!

'She's cut her wrists. She's passed
out. I can't do anything!'


I want an ambulance.
Get me an ambulance - NOW!

Helen's fainted. She cut her wrists.
She's down. Get the officer out.

Move in. Surround the car.
Minimum force.

Armed police!
Nobody move!

Get this fucking thing off me!

Hello? Can you hear me?

Are you OK?
Course I'm not OK!

I'll go and tell Janet.


She's out and she's fine.

Are you OK?

Are you?

I think so.
Well done.

I'm not sure
I actually did anything.


I'll ring the troops.


She's fine. She's out.
We got her out.

And who was it?
Who was it?

Helen Bartlett.

Helen Bartlett.
What's happened to her?

It's Janet. She's fine.
Cut her wrists.

We don't know.


What beer?

I don't know about you but
I could do justice to a cup of tea.

Sod that! I want a proper drink!

How's your mum?

Much the same. How's yours?

Much the same. How's Sean?

Well, I don't know. I haven't heard
a single word from him.

I've had a few shitty text messages
off his mother, but...

I guess I asked for that.
Oh, I'm sorry.


Which bit?
Your marriage.

Yeah, well.

Can I just say...?

I don't want to go on like this.
Rachel. No.

I can't stand it and if it does
go on like this I'm leaving.

Don't say that!
Well, when are you going to...?


Get over this?
Get over it?

All right. Forgive me.

What? What?

Well, you're enjoying it.
Don't be stupid!

I am not. I HAVE not enjoyed this.

Any of it. I've been having
a really shit time, actually.

Because of it.


I'm sorry. I am. I realise that
I might have reacted too much,

given everything you've been through
with your mother and your brother

and Sean and... everything.

I applied for
my sergeant's exams again. Good.

Good for you. I'm going to turn up
this time and pass them.



And I'm sorry.

I am sorry, Janet, for what I did.

I'm sorry, too.


Helen Bartlett died
in the ambulance. Dead on arrival.

What a life!

Sometimes, you know,
we do make mistakes.

So, do you think they'll go ahead
with this engagement party tonight?

Yeah, actually, knowing Gill.

She'll make a point of looking like
she's untouchable.

I might crash it.

You want to get back in the office
and finish that statement for me?

Can we come in?

Oh, hello.

Dave sent us up
to see if you're all right.


Someone thought you might be upset,

Dave! Has he not fallen over yet?

Heading that way.

I have plans myself!

I'm here because you didn't
invite me but I wanted to say hello.

You can crash my parties
any time, kid.

Are you all right?

Hell of a thing.


Thought I'd had it, pretty much,
at one stage.

Course, it wouldn't be
the first time.

Little bastard waved a gun
in my face once.

In Hulme.

But this...

She, um...

I've never seen anyone actually...

die before.

I've seen more dead bodies

than you've had embarrassing
and inappropriate sexual encounters.

Yeah. Never seen anyone actually...

Are you two speaking? Well, she
finally apologised properly, so...

Me apologise?
It was you that apologised. When?

This afternoon. When?
She did. When?

When you said sorry. When?
She did. She's lying.

In the pub! What pub?
We went to the Grapes.

What were you doing in a pub
in the afternoon?

What do you think this is,
Life On Mars?