Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 3, Episode 6 - Episode #3.6 - full transcript

Catherine French believes her father Gerald's death in Willow Vale retirement home was no accident and Rachel discovers that the home has an unusually high mortality rate. When Gerald's body is found to be bruised and needle-marked a murder enquiry opens. Main suspect is chief carer Craig Wyatt,too charismatic for his own good and keen to point the finger at dim trainee Rosie,who was captured on CCTV striking a resident and who has a syringe in her locker. Gill and Janet believe they have got him and his motive.Meanwhile Rachel continues to outstay her welcome at Janet's,refusing to take Sean's calls,sending a saucy email to Rob and flirting with fellow officer Kevin Lumb.

-Why are you stopping at Janet's?
-Because it's just easier.

He must think something,
four nights,

-and yow don't go home
-He doesn't own me.

Someone's leaking information.

-One of this lot's taking back-handers!
-I can't do this.

-What is it you can't do?
-I wanna be on my own.

Scott & Bailey
Season 3 - Episode 06

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Do you like Tuesdays?

No. What I really like at the moment
is being unconscious.

I love sleeping!
Sleeping is so cool!

-What have you done to your hair?
-Thought I'd try something different.

-Your lovely curls.
-It's not permanent.

Look what she's
done to her hair.

I think it looks really nice.

She doesn't look like herself.

Rach, would you shut the door?
Mum's going blue here.

Have you had enough
of me living with you?

-No, that is the wrong question.
-Here we go.

The right question is, what do
I think of you living with me?

-Do you need me here at all?
-The answer to that is,

I think you're living with me

because you're ducking
out of responsibility.

You want to leave Sean
but you're too chicken.

Duck and chicken?
That is special.

You're making him dump you

and you know you're doing it,

which is the most cowardly way
imaginable of getting a divorce

and you're not a coward.

-Hi, Mum.
-How long is she going to stay?

Can I ring you back?

So, if staying with me

stops you jumping into
bed with unsuitable men

or sleeping under your desk,
then please,

please stay as long
as you like, Rach.

-I mean it.
-Thanks, pal.

-Janet, can I...
-Pin your ears back, ladies and gents.

The DCI from Rochdale's
been on saying

they've got a suspicion about a
nursing home on their division.

They've done some background.
Suspicions of neglect,

a couple of deaths unexpected,
nothing corroborated.

They had a woman in this morning
adamant that her father's death,

suspected heart
attack last night,

at the home, is suspicious.

She's confident what's
killed him is neglect.

Till we get a cause of death,
who knows?

But I want
actions started up now

so we're not catching up later.

Janet and Mitch,
talk to this lady, please.

Rachel and Kevin, go to the home,
talk to the manager.

Rob will brief.
He'll be back in ten minutes.

Rob will come up with two questionnaires,
one for residents, one for relatives,

and for the key staff

you'll be allocated
interview teams.

If you need me,
I'll be at the mortuary.

-Janet, can I just mention something?
-Mention away.

-I'm not the mole.
-I never thought you were.

I thought the general
opinion was it was me,

because of before.

-When you told Jill about Andy?
-Mitch the snitch.

I've no idea what the
general opinion is,

but you might be a bit paranoid.

-Anyway, it's completely different.

Telling Jill was the
right thing to do.

Leaking stuff to the
press is just wrong.

I agree.

I'm not the mole either,
by the way.

Have you seen my father's body?

-No, not yet.
-He looks... papery.

That place killed him.

He was fit and well.
His heart was strong.

He had his problems,
but not his heart.

When did the nursing home inform you,
Miss French?

11 o'clock last night.
Mrs. Greig phoned.

I got in the car,
drove straight up, got here...

..just before five.

I didn't even get
to say bye to him.

Thank you.

Did you have concerns about your
father's welfare going back a while?


I haven't been happy about things
and I said as much.

-What kind of things?
-The carers.

They're slapdash.

They turn a blind eye to
anything that isn't on the rota.

-What sort of things?
-My dad...

was effectively preyed on

by another resident
and they let it happen.

I said I felt it was an
inappropriate relationship.

She did nothing.
Mrs. Greig.

Neglect comes from the top.

People are dying in there
because that woman

is a profit-obsessed,
flint-hearted bitch!

Gerald took us all by surprise.

He seemed fine during the day.

Are you aware that the local care
authorities have made representations

that they're concerned
about your home?


We had a care quality control

three-star rating last year.

I'm confident we deliver good care.

You've had five residents
die in the last ten weeks.

Why do you think that is?

It can happen.
You get clusters.

It's unnerving for everyone,
staff as well as residents.

Did you know Catherine French was
unhappy with her father's care?

I certainly did.

They're untoward event forms.

Catherine French has submitted more
than 20 over the last two years.

That's about ten times as
many as any other relative

-during the same period.
-Why so many?

She's his only relative
so she felt responsible.

-And she has very high standards.
-Which you would.

You could cut the atmosphere
with a knife when she visited.

She put all the staff on edge.

We rubbed along.

Last year, there was an issue.

After that, the complaints
just went through the roof.

What was the issue?

Catherine walked in on
her dad with another resident.

-Ruby Spears.
-As in... walked in on them?

They were just
kissing and cuddling.

It was an awkward moment,

but they are two consenting adults.
Catherine wasn't happy about it.

Well, if she was so unhappy,
why did she leave him here?

She's a very busy woman.

We know this is gonna be
disruptive for you, Mrs. Greig,

but we'd like as much
cooperation as possible.

Interview teams will arrive
to talk to the residents

and we'd like all the
care plans made available.

Of course.
I'll buzz Craig.

He'll sort out
anything you need.

-You all right, love?
-No! I'm Winifred.

-I'm Rachel.
-Am I going home today?

I don't know.

-Are you going home?
-No, I'm just...

-I'm going back to work.
-Can I come with you?

-Do you not like it here?

What you doing out here,
you silly sausage?

-Come on.

Hello. Winifred's
gone walkabout again.

There you go, ladies.

Right, who wants me?

OK, so, in the absence of Jill,

a couple of things before
we go over to Willow Vale.

Obviously, we need to gather
intelligence without causing alarm,

so we'll start with
residents, then staff.

There's 30 residents, so we
need to identify key people.

Ruby Spears, Gerald's girlfriend,
is key.

I've just added their ages together.

Yeah, and off the back of that,

-probably goes without saying...
-Well, say it anyway.

Witness reliability.

We've got elderly witnesses,
some suffering from dementia,

some too ill to talk, some
might not even be alive

in the next few weeks
if anything gets to court,

so we need to film
the interviews.

We're not gonna cart them off
to a formal video suit,

obviously, so
we'll do it in situ.

Do you want PDFs, Rob?

It's just if we take prints
and swabs at the same time

as we're chatting to
residents and staff,

we don't have to use them
but we've got them if we need them.

Yes. Good idea.
Thank you.

Yeah, proactive with records,

research and index
everything really carefully.

Mitch has an analysis
of the recent deaths.

It's such a grey area.

You've got closeness
to death as a given,

you've got illness,

it's very hard to know
the probability of dying.

-The manager says it's a spike.
-The daughter says she would say that.

What were the complaints about?

She's sayhing that she seen bruising
on her dad's arms,

his hair was parted
the wrong way.

A girlfriend and hair.
Imagine that, Pete.

She's seen him be fed too fast,

she's seen him in
someone else's shirt,

seen a shirt that she bought him
on someone else,

loads of things that could mean

he's being badly looked after

or she's a nightmare or both.

What was your impression
of the manager?

She genuinely thinks
that everything's OK.

How much she gets out of the office,

I met a resident,

who seemed keen to break
free, but she was pretty hazy.

OK, press strategy.

Sorry, did I just cut you off?

So, Craig,
the senior care worker...

Who the fat lass fancies,
by the way.

Anyway, Craig, there's just
something about him.

Like he was
displaying everything,

doing everything
for our benefit.

-It's hard to explain.
-Go on!

Tell them the really suspicious
thing you saw him doing.

No, he did exactly
what he was supposed to do.

He came through the door
and then he squirted...

..the stuff out of the thing,

the... the antibacterial gloop,

and then he rubbed it in
like he was doing a demonstration

of how you should do it,
which is fine,

except that's not what normal people
normally do.

Nick him!
He's too hygienic!

-All right...
-You do it.

All right, come on, settle down!
Settle down!

Press strategy.
Very bland, basically.

Appealing for information from
the public in very general terms.

Sorry, I mistook it for a peach.

You better get some even bigger
glasses, then.

Mr. French didn't
stay up with you

-to watch the end of the programme?
-No, he went to bed.

Look in there.

-What do you reckon?
-I reckon you were quite something.

Show him.

Mrs. Spears, how long
have you been a resident here?

44-44-44, wouldn't you say?

-I wouldn't, no.
-Hello, Rosie!

-Hello, Ruby.
-A lot of biscuits gone into that backside.

Could you give us ten minutes alone
with Mrs. Spears, please, Rosie?

Oh, course. Yes.

Thank you.

-Have you got a tattoo?

Can we carry on, please?

Actually, get her back.
I need the lavatory.

Hey. What's she like?
The scarlet woman?

Bit of a bully.

-Hi, Jill.
-Gerald French's body

is dehydrated,
covered in bruises

and he's got a needle
mark in his arm.

It's a murder inquiry.
Get everyone back to base.

The needle mark's hard to see.

It's on a liver spot,
mole thingy,

not somewhere you'd
normally administer a jab.

Gerald French
wasn't on any medication
administered by injection.

No-one in Willow Vale is.

So it appears this jab
is unauthorised

and whoever did it
intended it to go unnoticed.

The substance injected is no longer
traceable in Gerald French system,

so it's a substance that's naturally
occurring in the body

and/or something
that dissipates quickly.

The pathologist confirmed
it was a heart attack

but an examining on his heart,

they found out in very good nick
for an 86-year-old man.

So the pathologist's view is it's
this injection that stopped the heart,

and if it's a substance
that stops the heart

but doesn't show up in the body,

the likely it's can be is,
any ideas?

-Potassium chloride.
-Go on.

It's what they
reckon that nurse used

a few years back in
the patients' drips.

They didn't get him.
It's a bugger to prove.

Pete, can you teleport
yourself back into the room!

-Sorry, ma'am.
-Where do you get potassium chloride?

-A salt substitute.

In a concentrated
solution, it kills.

It's in lethal
injections on death row.

So we're looking for evidence.

Who had the wherewithal,
who had a motive,

who last saw him alive?

Statistician from
the Medical Council

said that number of deaths
is not a standard deviation.

Good. Well, that's a start.

What did the deaths
have in common?

What were their care plans?

Were they buried or cremated?

We'll need full research
on these potential victims, Robb.

We may be looking
at exhuming bodies.

Tell me about the staff.

That's the core staff.

There's also cleaners,

laundry assistants, cooks.

The only member
of staff qualified

to inject is the nurse, Tabitha.

The senior care worker, Craig,
could have done it.

-He's the one you feel iffy about?

Tabitha discovered
Greald French's body

but Craig Wyatt and Rosie Clark
were both on duty that night.

I can't see Rosie handling a syringe.

She's just a kid.
She wouldn't say boo to a goose.

Ruby Spears reduced her
to tears in front of me

-and she just took it.
-Well, that's a motive,

if Rosie's being picked
on by the resident?.

She really is meek.

-So was Beverley Allitt.

30 residents,
30 vulnerable adults,

at least 30 relatives,
probably twice as many,

eight core members of staff.

We have to make a judgement call
about where to start.

I'm gonna start with staff.
Three key witnesses,

Tabitha first, then
Craig, then Rosie.

Are we to leave residents
and relatives?

No, look into possible
neglect and abuse

but prioritise the
murder investigation.

Does potassium chloride
dissipate quickly just in bodies?

Dunno, why?

Well, if it dissipates more slowly
on inert things,

it might be interesting to see if
there are any splashes on Gerald's bed.

Isn't she clever?

I put my head around Gerald's door
at half past ten.

I saw that he was lying awkwardly.

I went in
and discovered he was dead.

What shift were you
working last night, Tabitha?

8pm to 8am.

And how do the staff rotas work?

For this number of residents,
you need six members of staff.

One nurse, five care assistants.

-That's the legal requirement.
-Do you always have that number?

Staff don't get enough time off,
so they call in sick.

Then you don't have six.

-Agency staff?

So who's in charge of the core staff?

Craig sorts everything out,
any problems at all.

I'm agog to meet this Craig.

According to the nurse,
he can do no wrong.

He's a demi-god.

Nancy Greig
was saying the same thing.

And Rosie went all glowing
when he walked past.

He doesn't have
much competition.

He's in a very
female environment.

I can relate to that!

No, Janet's saying these women
like this fella.


Do you know anything about this?

-It wasn't me.
-It's from your email address.

Well, someone else must've sent it.

That's not possible,
though, is it?

Cos you'd never leave your warrant
card in your computer terminal.

It must be someone's
idea of a joke.

Well, Rob's not laughing.

Thanks, love. Thank you.
I'll give it you back.

-God bless you.

-It's the third time in two weeks.
-I'll pay you back, honest.

It's not the money...

It's the texts.

Worried the missus
might see them?


Well... better not text you, then.

Do you know what a
greengrocer's apostrophe is?


-Write down four potatoes.
-Are you kidding?


That's one.


This is also one.

You don't think
it was me, do you?


And I tell you something else,
potatoes is spelt with an "e".

I didn't do it!

Cross my heart and hope to die,
I didn't do it!

I did not send that!

It is not funny! It is
mortifyingly embarrassing.

And for Rob to go to Jill
with it, it is a big deal.

She doesn't think it was you
and he'll believe her!

He'll think it was me
because I nipped his bum!

Why did I do that?
Why the hell did I do that?

Janet, I'm sorry.
It was me. I did it.

-I sent it.

Because I thought it was funny and
everyone would think it was Kevin

and I thought you'd
think it was funny.

Do you wanna hit me?

No, I wanna kill you!
Tell Jill!

-Not a good time. Sorry.

Rob, this is toe-curling.
I'm sorry. I didn't send it.

All right, fine, OK.

-It's not my style.

I mean, I'd never send an
inappropriate email in any style.

It's fine. I just flagged it up
to Jill in case...

Because I wasn't really sure
what to do and I thought

if I don't and things were to...

God, nothing's
going to escalate!

It's just someone being a knob and me
being a knob for leaving my warrant card...

it's fine.


I'm sorry I nipped your bum.

Yeah, well, that was...

Well, it was definitely
an interesting

status situation in
front of everyone.

I don't know what
I was thinking.

Just forget it.
Please. I have.

Thank you.

The admin officer's out.

-Hey! I didn't send it!

No, I know you didn't.
She did.

-Well, tell Jill, then!
-I just have.

What did she say?

She's sending me on
a diversity course.

Sexual harassment
in the workplace.

"I know you are investigating
deaths at Willow Vale Nursing Home.

"You need to look at this."

Right, so, we're getting
a copy of the memory stick

made under forensic conditions.

Then the data will be
analysed from the original,

then forensics will get to work.

The jiffy bag...

You can give no description
whatsoever of the driver?


No description
whatsoever of the minicab?


In the absence of that,
we're hoping to identify

the sender of the
jiffy bag forensically.

Did we get swabs and prints
off residents and staff?


Whoever sent it
did so anonymously,

so they probably took
precautions, but who knows?

Pending that,
keep interviewing.

What's the nurse saying?

She says she couldn't have done it
cos she wasn't on duty till 8pm.

First time she saw
Gerald, he was dead.

The time of death's up for grabs

because the body was
insulated by the bedding,

which delaying rigor
mortis setting in.

Tabitha could've injected
him when she came on duty,

then discovered him
half an hour later, couldn't she?

Yes, but Craig and/or Rosie

could've injected him just
before they knocked off at 8pm.

I've nearly finished
trawling through the shifts.

Craig was on duty just before

or at the time of four
out of five deaths,

with Rosie, Tabitha wasn't.

Right, so, it's these two,
possibly together.

Rosie's on a
three-month trial period

at Willow Vale
which is nearly done.

The spike in deaths started
soon after she started.

Maybe we should
interview her before Craig.

But Craig would know how to give
an injection. He's got an NVQ
level three. I checked.

He's downstairs waiting
to be interviewed.

OK, let's kick off with Craig.

Craig, as I'm sure you're aware,

we're investigating the
death of Gerald French.

We're also looking
at other deaths

and other possible
failures of care

that may have occurred at Willow
Vale over the last few months.

So we're talking to staff
and residents and relatives

to try to build up a picture.

You're not under arrest
and you're free to leave any time.

Does all of that seem clear?


I just...

I just don't believe
that anyone at that place
would harm an elderly person.

-It gets me down

when people cast aspersions
cos we're the good guys.

I accept that there's gonna be

and little gripes about the care
from time to time,

because we're too damn busy
to get everything perfect,

but there is no way
that anyone at that place

would set out to hurt
an elderly lady or gentleman.

It must be very challenging work.

It is.

Especially in this climate with
the cuts and everything.

Well, you know all about that,
don't you?

We do, unfortunately.

But, I have to say,

hand on heart, it's the
best job in the world.

It's like he's on a chat show.

-And he's hosting it.
-You're making a difference.

A little joke, you know?

A hug.

When you see that little
look of appreciation,

there's no greater reward.

But, you know, I'm old school.
I'm vocational.

-I know!

Do you know what they start on now,
the trainees?

£306 a week.

12-hour days.

Well, you can earn more
on a checkout, can't you?

-Very possibly.

So who are you gonna get?

You're not gonna get the
cream of the crop, are you?

What sort of people do you get?

People who think it's an easy ride.

People who don't realise
what a tough job it can be.

He's limbering up
to implicate Rosie.

Gill, potassium
chloride's been identified

-on Gerald French's sheets.

You wouldn't
believe it sometimes.

Well, there's a young trainee,

heart of gold,
wouldn't harm a fly.

But she will literally
walk in a resident's room

and pick a cup off a tray

but leave the tray
unless you tell her

to get the cup and the tray.

Would that be Rosie?
The young trainee?


-Nice touch.

Make her say it first.

That's how things go wrong.

Rosie hasn't got a malicious bone
in her body,

but the system doesn't support her.

So she's out of her depth,

she's gonna make mistakes.

Do you know of any mistakes
she's made?

I'm just saying potentially.

OK, so is what you're saying

you don't have any concerns
about abuse at Willow Vale

but you think, for
understandable reasons,

there may be some issues
around competence?


Yep, that's it exactly.

OK, Craig. Thank you.
That's been very useful.

Can we just chat
through your movements

yesterday before
you left work at 8pm?


Shut down or clueless or creepy.

That's three specific
carers, Janet,

not all carers everywhere.

-Yeah, one of them did it, though.
-Craig did it.

I bet you anything.
We just need evidence.

Have you still not said good night
to the girls?

I'm just about to.
Mum. Mum.


I am never, ever, ever, ever
gonna put you in a home.

If you ever need looking after,
it's me that's gonna do it.

-Who knows what the future holds?
-Well, we know that. Never, ever.

Well, you seem perfectly
happy to neglect your children,

if this evening's
anything to go by.

That's me well and truly tongue-lashed.
Right, I'm going! I'm gone!

No, thank you.

Don't you think it'd be a good idea
if you went home to your husband?

The thing is, Dorothy, the home
thing and the husband thing

-is not shaping up too well.

And if you keep camping
at other people's houses,

I don't imagine it ever will.

I know.

It's a bugger, isn't it?

-Come on.
-Definitely Rosie.

And that's Winifred.


-Nasty little bitch!
-Pick her up.

Can we look in Winifred's room

to see if there's any clues
as to how this was filmed?

It's fixed and Rosie
doesn't acknowledge it.

Doesn't mean she
doesn't know it's there.

-Can we find out what that is?
-It's a conundrum.

Yes it is.
Hopefully not for long.

No, as in
it's the Countdown conundrum.

I think it's polyester.

Sorry. I can do these. I just can.
It's polyester.

And do your superpowers extend
to knowing when it was broadcast?


Rosie Clark, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of assault.

You do not have to say anything
but it may harm your defence

if you do not mention
something you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may
be given in evidence.

-Do you understand?

-Do I... Do I go with you?

-Can I tell my mum?

-Can I get my handbag?
-Where is it?

-In my locker.
-Have you got a key?

-No, it's... it's a...

-What's the combination?

Hey, lads, guess what Rachel's
found in Rosie's locker.

-A syringe.
-What do you want me to do?

-Still got a CSM there?

Get them to photograph
and video the syringe in situ.

Bag it and tag it.
Get her here.

-Have you arrested her?
-Yeah, for assault.

-Re-arrest her.
-Arrest her again?

Yes, arrest her again!

Rosie Clark, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of murder.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defence...


And up.

There was a clock in Winifred's
room with a hidden camera.

-It's been removed.
-We think

we're being pointed
towards Rosie.

And the person who keeps
pointing things out is Craig.

He was on duty when Gerald died.

-They both were.
-Craig can inject.

Anyone can.
There's videos on YouTube.

Why did she tell
you to get her bag

if she knew the
syringe was there?

I don't think she
knew it was in there.

I think someone,
Craig, put it there.

Sorry. It's Trevor from
the computer unit.

On you go.

I thought he was
having a heart attack.

-So did I.

Forensics are
fast-tracking the syringe,

so we should get results soon.

The footage shows
Rosie slapping Winifred,

but the accompanying
letter refers to deaths.

Someone, we suspect Craig,

is inviting us to
connect two things

which aren't
necessarily connected.

Pushing us towards Rosie.

Looks like Craig made the memory
stick, downloaded the footage.

There's a letter he wrote on there,
too, completely unrelated.

That's one hell of a
mistake for him to make.

Maybe he's getting
careless, panicking.

So working on the idea that Craig
not only made the memory stick

but also sent it to us

and wrote the note and possibly
set up this hidden camera,

suspecting he'd catch
something incriminating,

why has he done it anonymously?

-He wants to distance himself from it.
-Because he's part of it.

Let's arrest him for...
Is it a bit iffy?

No, it's fine. Arrest him
for conspiracy to assault.

Get additional evidence from
his interview and a house search.

Computer equipment

and anything that ties
him to the assault.

May we come in, please,
Mr. Wyatt?


Is there anything
you'd like to tell us, Rosie?

I'm really, really sorry.

-What were you thinking?
-I don't know.

You just did it?

I'm really sorry.

It's quite a handy
slap you've got there.

Do you do it often?

Would it be possible for me
to talk to Craig, please?

Why would you like
to talk to Craig?

He always knows what to do.

Well, no, you can't talk to him
just now, I'm afraid.

-Who did that?
-The film of you?

The alarm clock...

..was in Winifred's room.

-There's a hidden camera in it.
-Hidden camera?

Yeah, a secret camera.

-Well, who put it there?
-Who do you think?

Winifred's family.


Because Winifred hasn't
got any family,

which is why she needs to be
looked after by you.

But we're pretty sure
who did send it to us, the film.


Do you share your locker
with anyone, Rosie?

-No-one else has any access to it?


could you tell me what that
was doing in your locker?

I'd like to speak
to my client now.

I want this interview to stop.

-He told me to do it.
-Who told you?


What would you say if
I told you that Rosie

had assaulted one of the
residents at Willow Vale?


I don't know anything about that.


Well, unfortunately,
it did happen.

We've got evidence
of it happening.

What's your reaction to that, Craig?


Can you explain the reason
why it shocks you?

Because of how she comes across.

How would you describe the
way that Rosie comes across?


Can you think of anything
that might cause Rosie

to assault one of the residents?

I don't know
why anyone would do that.

How would you describe your
relationship with Rosie?


How would you describe
your relationship with Craig?

Craig's my boyfriend.

How long's Craig
been your boyfriend?

Since one week after
I started at Willow Vale,

when I was shadowing him.

He started saying things,

kept on at me to go in his car.

-And you did?

-Where did you go?
-Woods. Places.

-You stayed in the car?

And had sex.

He couldn't keep
his hands off me.

How often would that happen?

A lot.
He's my boyfriend.

Who knows Craig's your boyfriend?


He said people would
think it was...

-I forget the word.
-I can think of a few.

Who else knows that Craig
told you to hit the residents?

No, he didn't.

You told me earlier that he did.

No, he said,
with the ones with dementia,

they get in a state
when they get muddled.

He said if you slap them when they
get like that, it snaps them out of it.

It's OK, cos they
don't remember.

Do you think that's OK?

Craig said it was.

Do you think he's gone off me?

If you think that's OK,

why did you get upset
when I showed you the film?


..wh-when I saw it.

looks bad

when you see it.

Rosie, I'm gonna ask you again,

do you know anything
about Gerald French's death?


So you're buying it?


I think she's
chronically dependent.

I think she's totally
enthralled with Craig

cos he's the first man
to ever pay any attention to her.

I do think she's
got a screw loose,

but I don't think she's capable

of lying to us about
being involved murder.

Craig is,
and I think he's calculating enough
to have identified Rosie

pretty much on sight
as someone he can exploit.

I think he's been getting
twitchy about getting caught

so he's pretended
he fancies her,

she's done whatever he tells her,
he gets his cover

and... he films her.

Yeah, and his ego's boosted
cos she worships him.

He's horrible.
I want his head on a plate.

-What's your plan?
-Keep spinning him round till he falls over.

That is just...
pure fabrication.

So you didn't tell
Rosie to slap the residents?

-And you're not having

a sexual relationship
with Rosie?


Can you think why
she might say you are?

She's a physically
unattractive girl.

It's a fantasy.


I'd like to talk a bit more

about Rosie assaulting Winifred.

The evidence that we have
is footage from a memory stick

that was sent to us anonymously.

Can you tell me
anything about that, Craig?


Can you explain how
on that memory stick

there was also a draft letter

from you concerning your
council tax payments,

deleted but retrievable?

I think deep down I must've wanted
you to know it came from me.

-Sorry, I don't understand.
-I've been an idiot.

I'm sorry.

I suspected Rosie was
abusing the residents.

-I set up the hidden camera.
-And sent the film to us.


You'll find the rest of the footage
on my computer.

I downloaded that clip
onto the memory stick yesterday

and I sent it to you.

What was your reason for
doing that anonymously?

It sounds misguided, but...
I felt sorry for her.

- Legenda sem tradu?ao -

For who sorry?


-She's such a mess.
-And what did you feel about Winifred?

Winifred was the priority,

To safeguard Winifred.

That indicates that
the tape is about to finish.

Please feel free to
take a short break

while we set up a new one.

I'm going to liaise
with my colleagues.

How's it going?

He's working up a bit of a
sweat but not quite enough,

so I took advantage
of the tape change,

told him I was gonna liaise
with my colleagues.

-Which is true, here we are.

I'm a bit confused by the delay.


I... I'm sure that
you're familiar

with the television
programme Countdown.

And the edition that was on
the television in Winifred's room

in the footage that you sent to us
was on five weeks ago.

It hasn't been repeated.

So I'm a bit confused.

You're one of the good guys,

you're doing the
best job in the world,

and yet when you
suspect a colleague

is abusing a resident

and you manage to gather proof,

you don't go and report it
immediately to Mrs. Greig, the manager.

Can you explain that to me?

Sorry, I'm not...

I'm just trying to remember myself.

Well, that's fine.

There's no hurry.
We can come back to that.

this morning,

when we searched your house,

we found four glass vials
of a clear substance

taped to the side of the bath
behind the panelling.

What can you tell me about them?

Right, we've just had confirmation
that the vials do contain
potassium chloride.

Potassium chloride in
the same concentration

was also identified in the
syringe found in Rosie's locker.

There are a partial thumbprint of Craig's
on the plunger,

no prints from Rosie.

Let's re-arrest Craig
on suspicion of murder.

We'll know if
Gerald French's DNA

is on the syringe
while he's in custody.

We've got circumstantial,
no witnesses.

A jury's going to want
to know why he did it.

He did it, because he could.

I think Craig feels the
same contempt for old people

that he does for Rosie.

He thinks they're useless
but he needs them

because they need him.

He's a big fish
in a dysfunctional small pond.

A jury won't want
to believe anyone's

killing granddad for kicks,

certainly not a nice,
caring fella like Craig.

Everyone talks about him
in glowing terms, have they?

We'll have Rosie as a witness.

Chances are she'll come to her senses
and say how he manipulated her.

She'll be overwhelmed in court.

She is inarticulate.
She'll look like she's lying.

He's got the gear
taped to his bath!

They still want to know why.

Because he's a sadist.

Because daddy was a bully
and mummy was a whore

-or whatever.
-Can you see us getting a confession

-and sob story off that man?

And we can forget getting him
for the other deaths

because there's no
pattern we collect on to.

Statistics and rotas
aren't compelling.

A jury needs a motive.

Do you remember Iris McKenzie?
She was 84.

She died at Willow
Vale on February 10th.

What was she like?

Nice lady.

Her son described her as
extremely hard to please.

Do you remember Leonard Holmes?

He died at Willow
Vale on February 2nd.

What was your impression of him?

I don't think I had much contact
with that gentleman.

You were with him
shortly before he died.

His widow Lily described
him as a very difficult man.

Not so chatty now,
is he?

Ivy Banner, died
on February 21st.


June Sedgley,
died on March 26th.


Leslie Pendleton, died May 3rd.

Could be impossible.

People don't like to speak ill
of a dead loved one,

so it's striking when they do.

Is there anything you'd like to say,

He's not gonna say, "Yes, I killed
them cos they ignored me," is he?

They didn't appreciate him
as much as his twisted little ego
thinks is his due.

Gerald French's DNA on the syringe.


Knock on the door
and tell Janet to charge him.

-Oi, shit for brains!
-Hey, ugly mug!

-Get us a drink.
-Red or white?

-Big or small?

-A bottle.
-Piss off!

-You not got the money?
-I've got the money,

I just don't wanna
spend it on you.

-You didn't ring me.

-I said to ring me.
-I know you did.

So why are you ringing me?

-To see if you've...

Come to my senses?

-What then?

I just wondered, you know,

if you were up for being my missus
this week.

-Or if you're still being mad.
-Will you stop calling me mad?

I'm not fucking mad!
I tell you what is mad.

It's two people saying words
in front of other people

and signing a book

to say that they agree to
be stuck together for life.

You didn't think it was mad
at the time.

If you say to a
person to ring you,

wait for them to ring you.

And if you tell a person
you're giving them time,

then give them some.

Hey, Bailey!

Get your fat arse over here!

Do you think I'm gonna sit with you
just cos you bought me a drink?

-What did you get, then?


Hey, Scotty!
Come and give everyone a lick!

Hey, watch out, Rob,
the demon pincher's here.

I think she loves you!

Hey, Rob, welcome to the club!

Are you OK?

No, Janet, I'm...
I'm terrible.

-What's happened?
-Lynne's kicked me out.

-Is this because of Rachel's mum?

You told her?

I thought if I didn't,
Sharon would.

Is this what you wanted to talk to me
about yesterday?

Pete, I'm so sorry.
I was in a tizz.


Where are you staying?

My mum's.

Well, let me give you a lift.

It's the least I can do.

One for the road?

I chucked it all away
for a shag on a car with a lunatic.

The dust will settle.

You'll be back in your own bed
in no time.

Don't humour me, Janet.

I cocked up at work
yesterday, as well.

You should be in bed.

-What are you doing?
-I needed a wee.

Go to bed, love.

I've got some very bad news,
I'm afraid.

Nobody move!

You're miserable, Janet!

You're frustrated and you're
jealous and you can't even see it.

-Let's run.

Let's just go.
Do a bunk.

I used to want to protect you.
Now I don't give a monkey's.

-Hey! Get up!
-What the hell's going on?

That little bastard
shagged my wife!

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