Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Having coerced Nick into buying her a flat Rachel discovers she is carrying his child but decides against a termination. She also successfully traps the murderer of housewife Susan Metcalfe but gets an unexpected and grisly bonus which leads to another death and another charge. Janet, dreading her wedding anniversary party, presses on with the long cold murder case of her slain school friend Veronica, though the retired officer who passes his files onto her believes she was murdered by a serial killer still at large.

I think we should call things off.
What do you mean?

Do you know where he's gone?
Back to his wife?

He's got kids. Nick.

You've been had.

I want the flat.

No more demands on me
after this. Whatever.

Veronica. Veronica Hastings.

She disappeared and she was only
six. And then she turned up dead.

That's why I joined the police. To
find out why no-one was ever caught.

Is that what you wanted to ask me?
If we could re-open it?

Yeah. For my mother.

And Veronica.
Well, leave it with me.

It's the only way.

You can't make a mortgaged property
into a third party,

so it'll be a joint mortgage.

I take care of the monthly payments
but it's your name on the policy.

Does that make sense?


So you're happy?

I wouldn't go that far.

As regards this.

There's something else
that you may or may not wanna know.


I'm pregnant.

I don't believe you.

Nine weeks.


Well, you can't be pregnant.
You're on the pill.

Is it mine? It's you that puts it
about, pal, not me.

What do you want?
What do you want me to do?

Do we need to pay for a clinic?

You're assuming it's a termination?

Well, you can't want a baby!

Why not? Am I not the type?

You're ambitious.
You've got a career.

AND thought I was in a relationship
with a responsible adult until

You planned it.
No, I...


As it happens, I didn't.

Not got much choice, have I?

It won't be you
haemorrhaging down the toilet

feeling like a murdering bastard.
That'll be me.

Sorry, is that a bit graphic for you?

Anyway, thanks for that, Nick.

Along with all the other
pleasant memories.

Right, lads, story so far.

Where's Janet and...Rachel?

Delivering the death message.

I squared it with West Yorkshire
cos the body's with us.

Susan Metcalfe. 43.

Wife, mother,
primary school teacher,

living over the border in Riponden,
West Yorkshire.

Battered senseless. She was found
in the boot of her own car

in a lay-by off Saddleworth Moor,
4.40 this morning.

Courting couple out on a lake,
one saw blood on the boot,
called three nines.

Ambulance arrived just after five,
she's still breathing,

indications suggests
she's likely to prove fatal.

She dies 6.17 this morning
at the Royal Oldham.

They said it looked like somebody
had tried to eviscerate her.

Do what?
Pull her insides out.

Massive internal injuries.

She'd been raped every which way
from Christmas.

Are you listening?

Susan had been to the theatre
in Oldham with her friend,
Carol Manning.

Susan rang Carol at 11pm

as she can't work out
where she's parked her car,
not being familiar with the town.

Says she's near Cam Cabs
on Richworth Road.

Carol directs Susan
back to Buick Road.

Susan had remembered the name
of the street she'd parked in.

That's the last anyone heard from
her. Family report her missing
in the early hours.

Night crew talk to Carol,
the friend,

they're onto the CCTV
outside the taxi office.

OK, here's the bit.

Which shows her being followed
by some lad, man, boy, bloke,

who'd just left the taxi place.

He follows her. Look at him.

Heat-seeking missile.

He follows her towards Buick Road.

We've got them on three separate
cameras, still behind our victim.

Six minutes later, her vehicle
seen driving away from Buick Road,

but those are not her hands
on that steering wheel.

Look at that watch.

So the chances are, she's already
in the boot by that stage.

The good news is, we think we know
roughly where he lives.

Taxi operator says he asked
for a cab to the Walden Estate.

There's none available.

So he comes out and that's where
he bumps into her,

jangling her car keys looking lost.

Are you all right?

Just pull in.

So lots of nice fast-track actions
waiting for you on this one.

Andy's coordinating the

Something tells me this isn't
this little weirdo's first outing.

But let's make it his last. Finish
your brews, get your gear and go.

I want us giving this boy
an early-morning knock.


Late night?


I've a...

I'm having an abortion on Wednesday.

Does Gill know?

No. I'm not gonna get grounded.

I booked the day off
but I've not said why.


Why go for a scan
if you're having an abortion?

I don't know.

Just did. Wanted to see
what it looked like.

Mr Metcalfe.

I'm DC Scott.
Manchester Metropolitan Police.

You know something?
This is DC Bailey.

May we come inside?
Have you found her?

Is this Adam?

I'm Janet, this is Rachel.

We're police officers.

Is there somewhere we can sit down,
Mr Metcalfe?

Melissa? I'm Janet, this is Rachel.
We're police officers.

Oh, Jesus. Oh, Jesus, no.

Want to sit down, love?

A woman's been found
matching your wife's description.

She was found in your wife's car.

She was taken by ambulance to the
Royal Oldham at 6.15 this morning

but I'm very sorry to have to tell
you that she died shortly after.

Matching her description?

You mean, it might not be her?

Well, we can't confirm that

until she's been identified
by someone who knows her.

But based on the description
you gave the officer last night

and given the fact
she was in your wife's car,

we think it very likely
it is your wife.

Sorry, did you say she's dead?


Did she...?

Was it a...?

Did she come off the road, then?
Was it an accident?


There are indications
that she'd been assaulted.

Who by?



I won't have the answer to all your
questions just now, Mr Metcalfe.

I've only got a limited amount
of information myself.

But we think we've found CCTV
footage of Susan last night

after you reported her missing.

And it does appear that she was
being followed by a man.

What man?

We will find him.

And when we do, believe you me -
What did he do to her?

Let's just be sure it's your wife
we're talking about before -

What did he do to her?

Can you bear with me, Adam,

because I don't know very much more
myself at the moment.

She wasn't interfered with, though,
or anything, was she?

There are indications that it may
have been a sexual assault, yes.



OK, we're calling to ask you some


Her husband made a positive ID.
Janet sent him over to the FLO
then she's following on.

Is Janet...


..and Adrian doing anything
next week for their, er...

Isn't it their 25th next week?

Is it? I haven't got a clue.
I could find out for you.

Rowan, that's Rachel.

You're with her.

All right, Rowan?

OK, house-to-house. Boring as paint.
I've been doing this about ten years

and once someone actually
gave us a lead(!)
How long you been on the beat? two.


Police. We're making some enquiries
about an incident last night.

Is your mum and dad in, love?

Mum, police.

Sorry to interrupt your Saturday
morning. Have you got a few minutes?

Turn it off, Luke.

We're making some enquiries
about an assault last night.

What kind of assault?

We're looking for a while male. We
believe he's got links to the area.

He might have seen something
that could help us. (SIGHS)

Er...could I sit down a minute?
Help yourself.


Is there anyone else who lives here
besides yourselves?

No, just us three.


Luke, is it?



Farrell. What were you doing
at 11'o'clock last night, Luke?

Where were you?

I was here.

No, you weren't.

It's a nice watch, that, Luke.

How long have you had that?

Do you mind if I take a look at it?

I need to go toilet. I need you to
stay exactly where you are, Luke.

One more move and there'll be two
sounds. Me hitting you
and you hitting the floor.

Oi! All right, Luke.

Excuse me, Madam!

Sit down!

Sit down!

I'm arresting you
on suspicion of murder.

In my handbag, front zip pocket,
there's a plastic bag. Get it.


Mum, do something!

Get onto the radio.
Tell them we've got one adult male,
suspicion of murder.

It's for Oldham. We need him in a dry
cell and I need a van here now.

When you're not busy (!)

The thing is, Mrs Farrell,

because it's so serious,
your house is now a crime scene,

and we're going to search it, so...

But it's our house.

What for?

Anything that can help us find out
whether Luke was or wasn't involved
in this woman's death.

So I have to ask you if you can give
me any keys to the property

because the last thing we want to do
is damage anything.

Mrs Farrell?

Keys. Mum.

Is there somewhere else
you could stay tonight?

I could ask my sister.
The keys.

I'm sorry.




That were my arrest this morning.

That house would have been next
on my list before you turned up.

But the $64 million question, Kevin,
is, would you have spotted
what I spotted?

Why wouldn't I? We're all looking
for a big fuck-off watch.

Do you want me to shoot myself?
Yeah, it would help. All yours.

Magic word?


Veronica Hastings.
Oh, yeah.

I've spoken to Mike Deerbolt
in Cold Case.

It's on their list but way down,

so Mike's happy if you wanna start
mooching about and putting the case
papers together.

But just be sure you run a day book
and record everything.

Great. And you don't do too much
of it in my time, right?

Yes, Madam, ma'am, boss.

The SIO was Tom Walters,
who they say will be more than happy
to talk to you.

Wow. Apparently it's the only thing
he DOES talk about.

Thanks, Gill, I owe you one.
One? Ha!

What are you and Ade doing
for your silver wedding?
Keeping quiet about it.


Parties are... Anyway...

I don't want to run the risk
of getting drunk

like someone I know did at her 40th,

and run up and down the back garden,
topless, at midnight,

in front of her few remaining guests
singing, 'I am 16, going on 17.'

I thought we weren't gonna mention
that again. Optimist.



(SIGHS) You won't...

..tell anyone, though, will you?

What you laughing at?

Yeah, but what, though? I'm gonna
go and join the house-to-house,

so I'll catch up with you later.

Have you got someone to go with you
on Wednesday? My sister, yeah.

Not supposed to drive after, so...
Are you OK?

That was the fastest detection she's
ever had and she's said nothing.

But she can't count chickens
until we get the blood results
on that watch.

She hates me. Are you sure you're
not letting your hormones...?

She's letting you interview him.
I arrested him.

So? Would she let Kevin loose on
this one if he'd arrested him?

What were you laughing at
just then, Boss? You.

Have you not finished
that interview prep?

You'll be out of time
before you've asked him a question.

I'm not gonna get anywhere near him
before tomorrow with
his solicitor poking about.


Will you have a drink?
No, thank you, Sir.

We picked one up first thing this
morning. I've been on the go
since six so... (MOBILE TONE)

Family to get home to, eh?

OK. Well, I'll give you what I've
got. Do you want to come through?

I made copies of everything connected
to the case in the last few months
before I retired.


Well, you know what happens, Janet.

Cold case. Evidence goes missing.
Statements go missing.

There's a flood or a fire and
30 years later there's nowt left.

Nowt you can do anything with,

Can I...

..can I borrow it? All of it?

You can have it. IF you're serious.

I'm serious, I told you.
That's why I joined up.

I thought I'd get him.

But he was the one that got away.

Do you think he's still alive?

I know he is, love.


Finally, you're home.
She's got period pains.

Why do I have to deal with it?
I've just got in.

Because I've been dealing with it
since 3.30 this afternoon.

Are you all right?

You rang?


What you doing for your anniversary?
Can I come?

Is that what you rang about?

You know giving birth?

I'll be up in a minute.

What's it like?


'And you can't imagine how you're
ever gonna come out the other side

without being ripped asunder.' do, and...'s brilliant and beautiful.

Even when you've got your legs up
in stirrups

and 3,000 stitches up your...

But that's the easy bit.

It's the next five, ten, 15 years
that do your nut in. (WHINES)



I can't do this.

What can't you do?

It's a baby, you know.

It's flesh and blood and...

..a brain and...a smile...

Do you want me to come over?

I'd rather be here, honestly.

This is why I don't want any fuss
made about this bloody anniversary.

What? What is?

Ah. You knew he was a geography
teacher when you married him.

I'd rather just ignore it completely

than go through the misery of
watching him HAVING to make an

I get home, and instantly
I'm on nursing duty.

Lady Gaga's farting about with
period pains and he's just sat
in front of the telly.

You wouldn't be without yours,
though, would you?

Even when they ARE driving you
up the wall.

Rache, I can't tell you what to do.

Whatever you choose, you'll still
torture yourself after it was wrong.

You've been dumped on from a great
height by a man who needs
his head examined.

Nobody envies you
the position you're in.

And nobody is gonna judge you
for it after.

What would you do if you were me?

I'd get rid of it.

Looks like you're right, Gill.

Not this little weirdo's
first outing.

What have we got?

They found a pair of jeans and a
shirt stuffed behind the fireplace,

behind the brickwork,
covered in blood.

But it's not from yesterday.
It's black.

How long have they lived
at that address?

1992. Year after lad were born.

Right, bring it in.
Let's have a look at it.

How was Tom Walters?

Oh, good. Useful. Thank you.

I'll ring Ade.
Tell him to get his arse into gear
and organise you a party.



Did you want to see me?

How's it going?

No comment.

'How would you respond if I told you
that it's Susan Metcalfe's blood
on your Rolex?' 'No comment.'

'And on your Nike's?' 'No comment.'

'And your sperm all over
what's left of her?' 'No comment.'

I've finished,
so if you want to get on to the CPS,
we can charge the little freak.

Look what Father Christmas left
behind the fireplace.

I wanna show you a photograph,
OK, Luke?

For the benefit of the tape,
I'm showing Luke

photograph exhibit reference PT7.

Could you tell me who those people
are in the picture?

That's me, my mum
and my auntie and my sister.

And when was that taken?
Do you remember?


This last Christmas?


The one before?

Er...or the one before that.

Could you describe to me what
you're wearing in the photograph?

A paper hat.

What else?


What colour is that shirt?

Could you describe it to me?

It's green...



Have you still got it?

What happened to it?

My mum threw it away.
Why? dirty.

Could she not wash it?

No, I meant dirt...dirty with oil.

I want you to look at another
photograph for me now, OK?

For the benefit of the tape,
I'm showing Luke two photographs,

exhibit references DF2 and DF3.

Are you OK, Luke?


You seem a bit upset.


I'm just...

It's everything, you know.

Would you like some water?



Could you tell me
what's in this photograph here?


Could you describe it to me?

It's, like...'s, like, m-m-mucky.

When your shirt was stained with
oil, is this what it looked like?

That isn't my shirt.

That's not oil, in fact, Luke.

That's actually blood.

Could you describe the pattern
on that shirt to me?

That isn't my shirt.
What colour is it?

It's not my shirt.

How would you describe it?

Would you agree that
it's exactly the same sort of shirt

that you're wearing in that photo?

Would it surprise you, Luke,
if I told you

that we found that shirt in your
house when we searched it yesterday?

Do you think, given that we found it
in your house,

it's more than likely
that it IS your shirt,

the one you're wearing in that photo
at Christmas?


It's a bit of coincidence,
wouldn't you say?

To find a shirt, exactly the same
pattern and design -

It can't be, I told you,
it got thrown away. She...

She didn't, did she?

Who, Luke?

She said she'd burnt it.


My mother.


Hello, Mrs Farrell.

We need to talk to you
about something that's come up
during the search.


Would you mind coming down
to the police station with us?

Mrs Farrell?

I need to get dressed.
Of course.

Has something happened?

Just a bit of a development.

Is your auntie in, Yasmin?

Half-past-six she gets in from work.

I'll, er... I'll just see
if your mum's OK.

Mrs Farrell?

Have you got kids?

Two. Girls.

Girls are easy.

Do you want to get dressed,
Mrs Farrell?

Break your heart. Do all sorts.

Still do what you can, though,
don't you, for 'em?

Within reason.

I nearly yesterday morning
said something but...

What about?

What happened.


You've found them clothes,
haven't you?

He promised me
it wouldn't happen again.

What wouldn't happen again?

You know.

Are you telling me that you're aware
Luke might have done something
like this before, Mrs Farrell?

He didn't know why he'd done it.

Any more than anybody else
would have done.

He were terrified. Didn't know
what to do with himself.

I was there when he...

..came home.

Covered in blood, shitting himself.

Do you know what it was
that he'd done before?

You might as well tell me because
we're analysing that blood

and as soon as there's a match
on our database - (SOBS)

Margaret and Barry Whelan.


Susan Farrell, I'm arresting you on
suspicion of assisting an offender

and perverting the course
of justice.


He said he'd bumped into somebody
on the way home.

They'd seen him covered in blood.

I don't think they did.

Or they'd have said.
I was terrified.

Thought there'd be police
banging on t'door any second.

all hell breaking loose.

I said to him, 'Get up them stairs,
get in that shower

and I'll deal with t'clothes.'

Just...wanted shot of 'em.
Out of sight.

And I would have burnt them
but...we had nowhere.

I didn't want to touch 'em
ever again once they were in there.

And I would have told somebody -

Did he tell you what he'd done?

But I didn't realise the extent
of it till it was in the papers.

How did he tell you?
What did he say?

That he'd killed someone.


But you didn't realise
the extent of it.

Can you tell me exactly
what you mean by that, Mrs Farrell?

Margaret and Barry Whelan?

Don't tell me
you've never heard of 'em.

About 18 months ago.
Brother and sister in their fifties.

Lived in a semi up Crompton.
He's got Down's Syndrome.

Oh, God, that was awful.

Tied her up, raped her,
made him watch.

Oh, shut up. Makes even me feel sick.

I don't know how you sit
in the same room as him.

Why do they do it?

Sexual curiosity in his case.

Oh, we're all curious
at that age but...

Yes, Alison, he's sick, he's nuts.

He's got a screw loose.
He's a fruit loop.

But SHE hasn't got a screw loose.
His mother. That bitch.

What'll happen to her?

She'll go down big time, assisting
an offender on that scale. Ten years.

But it could happen
to anyone, couldn't it?
Finding out your kid's peculiar.

Wouldn't keep quiet about it, though,
would ya?

A normal person at the very least
would get drunk and blurt it out.

You don't know what you'd do
when it's your own kid.

Anyway, come on, we're gonna be late
for the clinic.

Boss is buzzing.

Force Command thought they'd never
solve the Whelan murder,
so she's flavour of the month. She?

We. Has it not occurred to her
to give Rache a pat on the back?

Has she not?
Perhaps you could suggest it.

Do you fancy going for a drink?

After work, over t'road?

I mean with the lads.
And Gill if she's not too -

I'd love to, Andy, but...I can't.
I'm meeting someone.


A friend.

Well, bring 'em. Him. Her.

It's not that sort of friend.

It's someone I was at school with,

Well, I can't explain.
Well, I CAN explain but...'s complicated.


Tom Walters reckons
that whoever killed Veronica

has gone on and committed
other murders.

And he believes
that he's still alive

because his latest one -
if his theory stands up -

was committed less than two years
ago in Bexhill.

And he thinks it was someone
who knew Veronica.

That it wasn't just a random attack.
She was targeted.

I don't know which question
to ask first.

Bexhill? That's...?
On the south coast, yeah.

So our guy obviously learnt
very early on

that there are 43 police forces
in England and Wales,

and unlike today,
none of them spoke to each other,

so you could do one in Oldham, and
if your next one was in Cornwall,

nobody was necessarily making
any connections.

Hang on, this one in Bexhill
two years ago.

Surely that's still under

Oh, yeah, it will be.

So why hasn't this Tom
talked to them, then?

He has.

He wrote to them, he rang up. But...

..he's eighty. He's a retired
policeman with a...problem.

And he's obsessed
with the one that got away.

They probably found someone nice
to talk to him on the telephone

and then wrote him off as a crank.

But you think he's onto something?

There...are...compelling factors.

Such as?

Well, I've never dealt
with a serial killer before,

but...they leave certain trademarks.

Some they're aware of,
others they're not.

Of the six murders
that he's identified,

there are similar trademarks,

..there's a physical similarity
to Veronica.

Same colour hair, slim build.

And they've all occurred
approximately, give or take,

every five years
since Veronica died.

So why isn't anybody onto it, then?


No, I meant officially.

Cold Case had it on their list.

Look, what I'm gonna do is read
everything and collate it,

and then hand it over to the
Serious Crime Analysis Section.

They've got a national database,

so any similarities with other
crimes will be highlighted.

So...there is hope that we can
get a bit closer to this fella.

Aren't you having a day off?

That...was yesterday.

Oh. OK.

Can I just...?

I'm pregnant. I'm having a baby.

So obviously you need to know that.

Have you got a due date?

August 4th.

Slap bang in the middle
of the annual leave season.

Great, Rachel. Well-timed.

It wasn't planned.
Why doesn't that surprise me?

When I'm back, I want to get on with
my sergeant exams.



(Victim's daughter.)

I can't get hold of our FLO and you
said I could ring you if I needed.

Yeah. What's up, love?
Our Adam.

He's been up all night off his head
drinking and he's not used to it.

'And I don't know where my dad is.

Adam said he was gonna go
and sort that family out

and he's been gone
nearly four hours.'

And he won't answer his phone.

And he's been messing about
with a can of petrol.

All right. Melissa, listen to me.

I'm gonna ring you back in ten
minutes. I'll find him.

I've a Metcalfe with a can of petrol.

DC Bailey. MIT. We've got a lad
in custody for that murder on
Saddleworth Moor on Friday night.

The victim's son is drunk
and he's gone off on one.

He might cause damage
to the suspect's home.
(I'll go round myself.)

You're going nowhere, girl.
You're pregnant.

You'll sit down in that office
and stay there. Sorry?


(Oh, shit.)

Yep. Thanks.

He's downstairs. He's put a petrol
bomb through the sitting room window.

Where was Yasmin? The girl?

I assumed she's round at the
auntie's house. She's only 15.

DCI Murray. MIT. I need to speak to
the person who just spoke to my DC.

(SIGHS) Which one do you want?
Her or him?



Don't do that.

I want my mum.

Adam, we're moving you.

We're taking you
to another police station.


Come on, love.

Mrs Farrell, I've got
some difficult news for you.

Your house has been the subject
of an arson attack.

A young female, who we believe
to be your daughter Yasmin,

was asleep in bed upstairs.

She was taken by ambulance to the
Royal Oldham at 7.30 this morning

but died shortly after arriving
at A&E.

You're lying.

Can you hear that young lad
sobbing his heart out?

He's the one that did it.

He petrol-bombed your house
and he killed your daughter.

My colleague's just gone in there
to arrest him.

She really doesn't want to.
Do you know why?

Because he's the son of the woman
that Luke raped and mutilated.

And left to bleed to death
in her car

in the freezing cold at four in the
morning in the middle of nowhere.

So, not to put
too fine a point on it,

if you hadn't hidden those clothes,

if you'd done what ANYONE in their
right mind would have done,

your daughter,
or what's left of her,

would not now be in a body bag
in a fridge down at the mortuary.

So you think about that.



So, come on.

What? I don't know why.

Just, I got to the doors of the
clinic, I turned round and came home.

I think it was mainly cos I couldn't
stand to spend a whole day
with our Alison.

I've told Godzilla and she said,
'Ooh, Rachel, I'm delighted for ya.
How lovely.'

She did not.
No, did she bollocks.

She said, 'Ooh, August?
Well-timed, knobhead. (CHUCKLES)

She's a bitch. I'm sick of her.
She's a nasty, miserable old -

Oh, hi, Boss.

Classic. Yes. One-nil. (LAUGHS)

What was you and her laughing at
the other day?

Oh, well, I'm not supposed
to tell anyone. But?

But seeing as how she never said
well done to you last Saturday...

I brought the boy.
He just passed his driving test.

So guess which one of us
is getting off our face
and which one's drinking pop?

Congratulations, Sam.
Well done, son.

Go and find the girls. Talk to them.

Where's Janet?

Dunno. She's somewhere.

You all right, Adrian?

Ey-up, Andy.

The important point is
that she's human just like us.

So if she doesn't always remember
to pat you on the head

or even just be nice to you,
just remember that no matter
how much pressure you're under,

she's under about ten times more.
All right?

She's still a bitch...
Hi, Gill. arsehole bastard, defective
Chief Inspector Godzilla bitch.

Thanks for coming.

Aw, thanks.

Hi, boss.

Mum! What? Telephone!

Excuse me.

I'd like to see you in my office
first thing Monday morning.

Right. And it will be going
on your personal file.

What will?
An email.

From the Chief Comm.
I think you know his son.

PC Rowan Rutterford.

'On only his second day on patrol,

my son witnessed one of the most
incisive, impressive, dynamic and
inspiring pieces of police work

I have heard of in recent months.

The reason he joined the force
was played out in front of him.

Please pass on my congratulations to
Detective Constable Rachel Bailey.'

Well done, kid.



Yeah. Sorry? Sorry? Hello?

'Janet, it's Geoff.'

Sorry, have I rung at a bad time?

Oh, erm...Geoff. Hi..., no, er...
it's and Ade's 25th,

so we're having a bit of a bash and
I couldn't really hear anything.

Well, that's, er...

I was ringing cos I wondered
if you fancied meeting up again...

..sometime...for a drink?

Erm...yeah, sure. OK, why not?

Great. Well, erm... ring me or...?

Yeah, I'll ring you.


I look forward to it.

Yeah. Bye, then. Bye.

Are you talking to your boyfriend?
Jesus, Andy!

Didn't hear ya.

I saw the pub
the other night.

Shall I tell Adrian
you're seeing somebody?

I'm not seeing anybody.

He's a friend.
Well, he's not even a friend.

He's the brother of a friend
who got killed.

Shall I tell Adrian about us?

Yeah. Why not?

If you wanna ruin the party,
wanna ruin my life.

You can do it right now
in front of everybody.

Or not.

I'm not seeing anybody, Andy.
It was a one-off thing, you and me.

And it's not going to happen
again...with anybody.



Can you please answer yes or no.
I've just perjured myself.

I just lied in court.

Bugger off, Janet.
Thank you, I will.

Don't tell Gill
what you've just told me.

Back off, lady. You do not do that
to one of my officers.

You should have told me
about the baby.

You're gonna die! You're gonna die!

You really shouldn't
make threats like that.

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