Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Partly due to Rachel's ex-lover Nick Savage's ruthless courtroom cross-examination of her, his client Georgios Stelikos is found not guilty of the rape of drug addict Hannah Conway and murder of another girl but within days Stelikos is also found murdered. A hung-over and bruised Hannah is brought in for questioning but is she the killer? Rachel miscarries and also loses her flat when Nick claims it back after his wife, learning of his affair, throws him out. She moves in with Janet and her family and takes an interest in the case of Veronica.

I'm pregnant. You can't want a baby.
Why not? Am I not the type?

I'm having an abortion on Wednesday.

I can't do this.
What can't you do?

It's a baby. It's flesh and blood.

I've never dealt with a serial
killer before.

I've spoken to Cold Case, it's on
their list.

Don't do too much of it in my time.

Shall I tell Adrian about us?

Yeah, why not? If you want to ruin
my life.

Scott & Bailey 1x3
Original Air Date on June 12, 2011

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You shouldn't be doing this.

You ready?

I don't know.
Come on.

Come on.

You want to take a chill pill, you.

I don't know what the mad rush is.

They've started.
So what?

He's guilty, he'll plead, it's a
foregone conclusion.

They're not even going to want to
see any exhibits.

There's no way he'll plead.
Oh, he'll plead.

Even if he pleads for manslaughter,

there's no way he's going to plead
guilty to murder and rape.

I thought he was only charged with

The prosecution allege that in the
early hours

of Saturday the 2nd of August 2010,
the defendant, Georgios Stelikos,

raped and murdered by strangulation
Maya Woods,

whose body he then re-dressed and
abandoned outside her parents' home.

The prosecution also seek to prove

that on Sunday the 15th of May 2008,

the defendant raped and partially
strangled Hannah Conway.

What's the point? He's not going to
get anything extra

for a two-year-old rape.
The point is, he's a serial rapist.

Gill doesn't want him sent down for
12 years for murder and then back out

and not on the sex offenders'
register. How come I missed this?

It'd be when you were on loan at
syndicate five.

We turned up another four women,
they'd all attended at St Mary's

and they'd all been sexually
assaulted in exactly the same way

as Maya and they described Stelikos
right down to his tattoos.

But it was only Hannah Conway who
was willing to come

and give evidence.
Why complicated a straightforward,

in-the-bag murder charge with
iffy rape charges?

He drugged her and asphyxiated her
while he was penetrating her.

That's not just rape. That's
violent, pre-meditated rape.

And you think she should let him get
away with it?

Good morning. I'm leaving you to it,

just wanted to make sure the
prosecution said

everything they were supposed to say

in our opening speech. And did they?
More or less. Good luck, ladies.

Not that you should need it.
Not with the murder, anyway.

Bit of luck with the rape maybe.
Who's defending? Nicholas Savage.

Looks about as savage as a wet

Detective Constable Bailey.

DC Bailey.

You arrested Mr Stelikos at 7pm.

Yes. But he wasn't interviewed
until the following morning.

Is that correct?

And is it true that when he was put
into the cell,

you made a point of going with him?
Along with the custody officer?

Erm...I wouldn't usually do that

once I'd handed someone over to the
custody sergeant, no.

Perhaps I can jog your memory.

Is it true that you said to him as
he was being locked up...

'Sweet dreams, pretty boy.'?

Do you recall not saying it?

I didn't say it.

Mr Stelikos has made it very clear
that that is what you said to him.

So you decided that he was guilty

before you'd even interviewed him,
didn't you?

I didn't say it.
And that's why you belittled him

and spoke to him as you did.
Isn't it?


I didn't...

And doesn't it typify your attitude
throughout the whole investigation?

No. Didn't you and other members
of your team...

close your mind to other avenues of


Did you ever, at any point,

consider the possibility
that Mr Stelikos

had simply gone for an innocent
evening out?

The fact that Maya's drink was spiked

before she left the club with the

the fact that she had been

and his semen was inside her after
she left the defendant's flat -

Please answer yes or no.

..meant that by the time we had
identified him,

he was clearly a person of some
significant interest to us.

So, no, you never really considered
the possibility

that his version of events was true.

Did he spot the bump?

I just perjured myself. I just lied
in court.

How? It was nothing, it was tiny,
it was just stupid.

But he knew I'd said it to Stelikos
and it was the first thing he did,

so I was on the back foot, panicking
through the whole thing,

talking shite, babbling like an

Detective Constable Scott.

It'll be nowhere near as bad as you
think, believe me.

I've made a right fool of myself in
there before now.

Hannah's downstairs with her victim
support worker

if you want to go say hello.

Please give your full name and rank
to the court.

Janet Scott, Detective Constable,

Manchester Metropolitan Police
Major Incident Team.

DC Scott, were you the exhibits
officers in this case? Yes.

And in this role, did you attend the
post-mortem of Maya Woods?

Yes. What can you tell us about the
clothes the deceased was wearing?

It was immediately apparent to me
that someone other than herself

had dressed her, IE, after death
had occurred.

Apparent? How?
Her tights were on back to front.

When you takes your tights off,

there's always an impression left
where they heel goes.

So when you put them back on...

No woman would ever put her own
tights on the wrong way round.


Told you I wouldn't let you down.

Where's Sian?
She's gone to the loo.

Can I get you another coffee? No,
thanks. I'm shaking enough, look!

It's going to be tough in there

and you know he's going to bring up
your past,

but all you have to do is tell the

We might not get the rape conviction
Hannah -

..but we're going to try.

Yeah, damned right we are.

You remember, whatever happens in

whatever the outcome on the rape

that maggot is going down for a
long, long time for killing Maya.

And I was lying there, naked.

I don't know how I'd got naked.

He was on top of me.

Inside me and...he had his hands
round my neck.

I couldn't move.

I couldn't breathe. I thought I was
going to die.

Did you know why you couldn't move?

I think I realised that I'd been

Even when it was happening, cos...I
wasn't actually that drunk.

I mean, I'd had a bit to drink,
but I wasn't that bad.

And then what happened?

The next thing I remember, I was...

walking down the street, dressed.

I don't know how I'd got dressed.

Just knowing that I'd been raped.

I've just got one final question.

Were you asked to identify the man

who inflicted this repugnant
sexual assault on you,

in a formal identification process?

Yes, I was.

And was that man identified?


No more question, My Lord.

Miss Conway.

Are you someone who is capable of

coming into a court
and telling lies?


Can I take you back to the November
of 2007?

You had a job, didn't you, in 2007?

Where were you working?

Cross Keys pub in Failsworth.

And can you tell the court why you
lost that employment?

Miss Conway?

I took some money.

You stole some money. And it went to

didn't it? The magistrates' court.


And you told the court that you
hadn't stolen the money, didn't you?

Miss Conway?

But in fact you had done it,
hadn't you?

Because you were found guilty.


I'm going to repeat the question.

Are you somebody who is capable of
coming into a court

and telling lies?

Miss Conway?

I think you've made your point,
Mr Savage.

So, earlier in the year,

when Detective Constable Bailey
approached you.

How willing were you to come and
give evidence in court?

Bit nervous at first.

Reluctant? Is that a fair word to

Till she persuaded me.

How long did it take her to persuade

Days, weeks, months?

A few weeks.
So she was very persistent.

Even thought you'd made it very
clear to her

that you didn't want to come to

Just give me a minute.

Just give me a second.

You are skating on such thin ice,

I thought you were getting rid of

You told me that you were getting
rid of it. It?

Yeah, I was. But I couldn't.

Don't worry, I'm not going to string
you for maintenance,

because I don't want you to have
anything to do with it.

And if you continue in trying to pull
me to bits in there,

I will wreck your marriage and your

faster than you can say -
I'm just doing my job.

And you really shouldn't make
threats like that.

You are using things I told you in

And you should've told me about the

You can't just make decisions like
this. If it's mine -

Oh, I love this 'if'.

I think your assistant is wondering
what you're doing

talking to a nasty, manipulative
bitch like me.

Why do you always wear black in
court? Respect.

If we're in court, it's because
someone's died.

Gill reckons it helps the jury focus
on how serious it is,

what the defendant's done.

Well, what if they're innocent?

If they've got to court, then they've
done it, believe you me.

Hoops we have to jump through to get
them there.

I got 98% on my German test.

Languages. You see, you get that from
your dad.

That was one mother of a big
fuck-off ding-ding

you and me dad had this morning,

Oh, God.

Where is he?
I think he's went upstairs, sulking.

Two things. Syntax, get it right.
And the f-word, don't bother.


I'm sorry.

Ade, about this morning.

I was in court. There was no way
I could be late.

It was only the flaming dishwasher.
I appreciated it doesn't empty itself

and it was my turn but -
Can you get it out of your head

that it was about the dishwasher?

It was about so much more, Janet,
than the stupid dishwasher.

You're not seriously going to sleep
in here?

I'm watching telly. Right, Captain.
Bugger off, Janet. Thank you, I will.

Georgios Stelikos changed his story.

(READS) 'I dropped Maya off outside
her parents' house.

I watched her walk up the path.

I saw her let herself into the

And you've seen the police interview
with Mr Stelikos,

where he elaborates on seeing her
take the key out of her bag.

We now know that this didn't happen.

Because the police subsequently

that key on the floor at
Mr Stelikos' flat.

And that's when he was obliged to
change his story.

And that's all it was, a story,
a lie.

A lie he had to construct,

because Maya Woods was already dead

when he drove her body there and
dumped it.

The police failed to follow up other

And as a result, their entire case
against Mr Stelikos

became based on lazy assumptions,

made by officers who had decided
they could make him fit their bill.

And on top of the police's
relentless pursuit

of anything and everything that
falsely pointed

towards Mr Stelikos being
a murderer,

they also want us to believe that
he's a rapist.

But all they've got to justify their

is the reluctant testimony of a
registered drug addict.

Who Detective Constable Bailey

and then groomed to tell you what
she'd like you to hear.

And that is why you cannot lawfully
find Mr Stelikos guilty

of either one of these two charges.


Did I tell you that Hannah once
showed me

this photo of herself, from before.

Before he did what he did to her.

She was really pretty.

Had long hair, blonde, sweet looking.

She had...a life.

And she enjoyed it.

Well, you know, perhaps when this...
delightful man is behind bars,

she can get it back on track.


Jury's coming back in.
I'll get the bill.

You phone Gill. She'll want to be in
for this.

Have a nice day, Chief Inspector.

You're kidding.
You've said it yourself, Gill,

there's no accounting for the
complete dickheads

you can end up with on a jury., the murder?

Both counts, not guilty.


DS Roper. won't believe this.

He's got off. Both counts.

How the hell did that happen?

She shouldn't have complicated it
with that rape charge.

What happened, boss?
Don't, Julie.

How was that justice for my
daughter -

Got to go, Andy. I'll ring you back.

The man's as guilty as sin.
It's written right through him.

It's all over his face.
Mrs Woods, I'm amazed.

I'm, appalled. I hardly know what to
say to you.

I've been a police officer for
27 years and this - it's just -

They should never have got that
scruffy bit of trailer trash in.

That was what did it! This was
about my daughter dying,

in appalling circumstances.

Not that grubby article.

Come on, love.

She never used to be a grubby

You all right, boss?

No, I'm not.

I'm going to have to go and get


I don't make bad calls.
No, Gill, we know.

So how come I just made on then? Eh?

What the hell on earth happened in

A drink, I think.

Come on, I'm buying.

Two years, six months, five days and
I tell you what,

days like today, it can't come fast

You'll be bored out of your nut
inside a week.

You'll be knocking on the door
begging to come back.

Oh, don't you believe it.
Have you got any fags, Rachel?

No, I'm not smoking. Why?
I feel like one.

You haven't smoked a cigarette in
15 years. Yes, I have.

When? Days like today, Janet.
Days like today.

You bastard! Hannah!
You shitty little coward!


You're gonna die! You're gonna die!
Not worth it.

Leave it. No, I'll kill him.
I'm gonna kill him! No!

You're gonna wake up dead, arsehole.
And it'll be me that's done it! Oi!

Get off, bitch! You lying little

You told me whatever happened he was
going down for Maya!

You back off, lady! You do not do
that to one of my officers!


Go home.

Mad bitch.
Shut up and go.

You bastard! Pond life!
Shit for brains!

Hannah! Hannah, look at me.
Look at me.

Look at me. Assaulting a police
officer is three years.

You consider yourself very lucky.

Take her home.

Any better?

This is all my fault?
What is?

The whole thing. I gave him his

No, you didn't.
No, Janet. I did.

No, you didn't. You did your job.
You did what Gill told you to do.

This was Gill's big idea to find
other women who'd been raped by him.

You just -
I used to talk to him about it.


When we were investigating nine
months ago,

I used to talk to him, in the
evenings. That's how he knew I said,

'Sweet dreams, pretty boy.'
Because I told him.

He knew how I badgered Hannah to

I was nearly living on her doorstep
at one point.

He knew I was obsessed with pinning
stuff on Stelikos.

And I know it was all for the right

but...I gave him everything

that he needed to construct that

And he got away with it, all of it,
everything. Shit.


He's a barrister...

and you're telling him stuff like

No, he was my boyfriend. Do you not
tell Ade stuff?

Ade's a geography teacher and, no,
I don't.

So, he was a barrister. How many
barristers are there in Manchester?

Come on, what was the odds of him
ending up representing

that nasty little -
Well, clearly not that extreme,

because that's exactly what he ended
up doing.

Don't apologise to me, love.

It's not my daughter that's dead.


OK - You wonder why Gill goes on
at you sometimes, huh?

You still haven't made that leap,
have you? You what?

You're a detective. There are some
things you don't talk about

to anyone. Don't tell Gill
what you've just to me.

Because she'll leg you. You've seen
the mood she's in.

She'll have you off the MIT.


Shit happens.

We're just going to have to move on.

I just need to...

You know I missed the play that
Elise was in at school

because of this job? Because
three nights on the trot,

Her Ladyship had us buzzing around
clubs in Oldham.

And I didn't half get ear ache off
Ade about it.

But I thought - I thought, no, no,
it's worth it,

because we are going to nail this
murdering bastard.

and you're talking to Nick about it?

Oh...I'm bleeding.

The baby. I'm bleeding.

I'm sorry. We've both looked really

and we're not getting a heartbeat.

I'm afraid the baby's died.

I'll pop outside in a minute and try
ringing your sister again.


Er...what did they say again about
what's going to happen?

I wasn't taking that in.

There's like a suite that they're
going to take you to

and they're going to induce it.


So I'm not having an operation?

They want you to deliver it

They think it's better if they don't
have to operate.

You'll be home by tomorrow.

It's just weird having something dead
that's inside you.

What an odd day.


Gill Murray.

He looks like he's had a bit of a

Good morning.
What is it? Hit and run?

Hit and reverse over the body
several hundred times and then run.

I have no idea. It's a mess, I can
tell you that.

Look at this. If you don't mind me
interfering with your human rights.

Both his eyes have popped out.
Do you know, I have never seen that.

One eye? Yes. Two eyes?


Tattoo, like a star.

Inside left wrist.

No way.

Hallelujah. There is a God after

Georgios Stelikos.

I'm amazed Gill didn't send you

No, she erm...

said, 'Take off as long as you want

or come back in if you want to keep

She - No, she was um...


Do they know why it happened?

They think that the umbilical cord
was too narrow,

so it wasn't getting enough stuff -
protein - through.

They think it died over a week ago.

They advised me not to look at it,
so it mustn't have looked very erm...

I nearly said,

'I've seen more dead bodies than
you've had hot dinners, pal.'

But I didn't look at it.

Are you sure you're fit to be on
duty? Yes.

I'm sorry I was heavy handed with
you -

No, no, no. No, I need telling.

If you didn't keep me in line,
I'd be... God knows.

I'd have been back in uniform months

I am learning, Janet.

I will learn.

Cos I'd be bored out of my tree

without you to look forward to every


Why do you want?

Oh, I'm fine. Thank you.

You lying bitch.

I was as upset as you were.

You was?

You managed to get over it already,
have you?

We need to ask you some questions,

About what?
No, not here.

How much have you had to drink?


Can you tell me what day of the week
it is?

How're you feeling?

How many fingers?

How are you feeling?

I don't know. You tell me, bitch.

You call me that one more time,

What were you up to last night?

Dunno. Why?
Those bruises look nasty.

There was an incident last night.
And we need to ask you

some questions about your
whereabouts when it happened.

What we need is you, sober, down at
the station now.

Eat your butty, drink your tea.
What incident?


Stelikos is dead.

We don't know exactly, yet.

Not till the pathologist tells us.


Hannah, you made death threats to

in front of three police officers

So please believe me when I tell you
that nobody else is laughing.

This is ridiculous.
I begged Ian Fielding

to give it to another syndicate.
Why won't he?

We're the only syndicate with any
capacity. MIT is at breaking point.

They decided this at a strategic
leadership meeting last night.

I told him, 'You better tell command,
because they're not going to know

what's hit them when the press get
hold of it.'

Stelikos' family's kicking off
apparently. Do you blame them?

Do you really think she's capable?

She has enough on every day getting
herself out of bed.

Anyone's capable.

If there's one thing I know about
murder, it's that anyone's capable.

There are still some significant

in what you're telling us, Hannah.

Listen, I keep telling you,
I've been off my head.

I don't know what I've been doing.

I don't think I've killed anybody,

How did I do it?

Did I shoot him?

Ideally I would've garrotted him
with some rusty barbed wire.

And one round his balls as well.

What are you playing at?

Have you changed the fucking lock?

You stupid bitch.

Sorry, are we talking to me?

What you thinking?

Do you think? You don't, do you?
You just...

do whatever comes into your head

Are you drunk?

Where are you?

Burger bar in Chapel Street...

We had a deal.

What? You couldn't stand losing,
could you?

I'm sorry, Nick, you are way ahead of

I'm struggling to keep up with you.


rang my wife and told her that you
were having my baby.

Well, it wasn't me.

Well then who the hell did then?
I don't know. I have no idea.

Why don't you try your Miss Bimbo
Junior Counsel.

How well does she know Caroline?

Because she seemed very interested

when you came over to talk to me the
other day.

You're not shagging her as well,
are you?

Right, anyway. Well, the upshot is
that she knows

and she's kicked me out, so, guess

I need the flat back.

Hang on a minute.

You can't.
Can't I? Why not?

She's found out. You can't blackmail
me any more.

I have rented my flat out through an

So I would need to give a month's
notice if I wanted it back.

Yeah, well, you know, if you're
going to dish it out,

you need to be able to take it,
don't you? Rachel.

I lost the baby.

It died last night.

This is all your stuff.

I took the liberty.

You didn't think it was mine,
did you?


Sorry, we're closing in five
minutes, love.


There you go. It's hardly the
Malmaison but -

I know. I would've rung our Alison,
but, you know,

she's not got room to swing a mouse.

And anyway, I would've had to talk

and explain and go through it
endlessly, so...

I'm glad you're here. Ade and I had

a bit of a shouting match the
other day

and he's been sleeping in here ever
since. So, you know.

I think it's not bad thing if he's
forced back.

What's all this?
Oh, yeah.

Dig in if you're bored of an

It's that girl I told you about. You
know the one I was at school with.

There you go, boss.

Has that got sugar in it?



She loves you.

She'd do anything for you. You're
right up there with Lady GaGa.

I'm speechless.

You're pale. I'll make you something
to eat.

Thank you, Janet.

Thank you!

Yes, a light blue...

Volkswagon Passat.

A hit and run?

My car? Just outside the city centre
in the small hours, yesterday.

The thing is, Mr Helliwell, is that

the vehicle hadn't been tampered with
at all.

So what we were wondering is if the

that took your vehicle had access to
a key.

Was anybody hurt?

Do you have your own key?

Do you have a spare key? drawer.

Did you have any visitors yesterday?

Only my cousin.

What's your cousin's name?
She wouldn't steal my car.

Sian Cook. She's Hannah's victim
support worker.

We've got an address. Do you want us
to get round there now?

Maybe she's at work.

Either that or she's hiding
upstairs, shitting herself.

Yeah, or it still could be Hannah.

You know, leaning on Sian to get her
a car. Yeah, could be.

Right, what do you want to do?
Are you all right?

I might have to go and sit in the car
for a bit.

Do you want me to drive you home?
No, I'm fine.

You're not fine. You've got no

I told you you were daft coming back
to work so soon.

I'm fine.

Hello. DC Bailey, it's Sian Cook.
Hannah's friend.

Hello, Sian. I got your number off
Hannah. I need to talk to you.

Yeah, I need to talk to you too.
Where are you?

It doesn't matter where I am.

There's just something I need you
to know. OK.

It had nothing to do with Hannah.

What didn't?
What happened to Stelikos.

Hannah knew nothing at all.

How do you know that?
Because I'm telling you.

Yeah, I'm just asking how you know
that, Sian.

Because it was me. I did it.

I ran the pig over!

Where are you, Sian?
I told you, it doesn't matter.

Well, it matters to me,
because I need to talk to you.

Well, you are talking to me.
No, properly. Face to face.

I'm not going to prison.

Can you tell me where you are, Sian?


I don't want to die!
You're not going to die.

Where is she?

Hello, Sian? This is Janet.
I'm a colleague of Rachel's.

Do you remember me?

Listen, love. We want to help you.
We do want to help you.

But you have to let us know where
you are.

Sian, listen. I know you're

and I know you've been through
something unimaginable,

but we can help you.
But I can only help you

if you let me know where you are.

I'm at the top of the multi-storey
on Ferris Road.

Listen, Sian, I'm going to hand you
back to Rachel now,

because I've got to drive.
But we're going to be with you

in five or six minutes, yeah?
And we're going to help you.

I promise you, we're going to help
you. Are you? I don't know.

She's at the top of the multi-storey

on Ferris Road. Be positive,
but don't lie to her.

Hi, Sian. It's Rachel again.


Just chat to her. Have you lived
round here long, Sian?

No, no, I'm just asking. I'm just

We've just been talking to your
cousin, he seems like a nice fella.

Have you seen any good films lately?

Force operations room.

Hello. This is DC Scott,
Major Incident Team.

We've got a bit of a situation at
the moment

with a suspect indicating she's
going to harm herself.

Sian, we're here.

Are you up to this?

I need a big bar of chocolate

and a cup of tea with far too much
sugar in it, OK?

Is that how you entice them down?

No, that's for you, you pillock.

Listen, what I need is for you to
stay upright

and stop me creeping forward,
all right?

You're an intelligent woman, Sian.

Can you tell me what you're thinking
and if you can see a way forward,

because I know I can.

I couldn't stand it.

I've seen it so many times.

Lives ruined by this unthinking,

It's not even brutality.

It's evil.

And nothing changes.

You get to court

and even the criminal justice system
lets you down.

It was a bad decision.

I always knew this is how I'd end

What do you mean?

It happened to me.

Do you want to talk about it?

When I was 15.

This bloke my dad knew.

I never told anyone. Not for years.

I spent all my teenage years being
innocuous, trying to hide.

Not wanting to be looked at,
like Hannah.

Trying to be so not there
that no-one'd even notice

if you didn't turn up to your own...

I never got married. I never had

I never went to college.

I never did anything.

And I could've. I could've done all
those things

if it wasn't for that bastard!

My whole life was...

But I knew I'd get him one day.

Or someone like him. And now I have.

But I'm not going to prison,
because of him.


I'm not going to lie to you, there
are things

that you're going to have to face up
to, but people need you.

People like Hannah need you.

How's she going to feel if she loses

Don't you think that she's had
enough to deal with?

And all those other people you've
helped over the years.

How many have there been? 40, 50?
How many?

A lot. A lot, I can tell you.

And they're not going to want to
read in the papers

that the person who helped them
through the worst thing

that ever happened to them
in their lives

has taken her own life. Are they?

And I'll tell you something else.

When they read in the papers and
they see in the news what you did,

they're going to know, they're going
to know

that that verdict was wrong.

That's what I think.

You can face what you have to face
and move on.

I really believe you can do that.

But I don't regret what I've done.


I think you did what all of us would
dearly loved to have done.


Look, just open the bloody door and
get out here before I kick it in.

No. Not till he apologises.

Look, Elise, I've had a long day.
I'm not in the mood for this.

I hate him. And I hate you too!
You're priceless, you.

You can talk a suicidal woman off the

but you can't get your own daughter
out the bathroom.

Elise! It's Rachel. Come you come
out, kid? I'm busting for the loo.

No, you're not.
No, I am.


Don't lock yourself in rooms.

If you banged your head and knocked
yourself out

and we couldn't get in -
We'd kick it in, cos we're trained.

Sorry, Rachel.

Do you know your mother saved
someone's life today?


I think you should say sorry to your
dad as well.

People just want to be given a way
out, don't they?

Once they've dug themselves in.
Most of the time.

I'd have been hopeless at what you
did today.

How are you feeling?
I'm fine.

You don't have to live in there,
you know, you can come downstairs.

I've been reading your
Veronica Hastings stuff.

What's his name? Your retired copper.

Tom Walters, Detective Super.

Has anyone ever noticed - if this
theory of yours is correct

and all the murders are linked.

All the victims are exactly the same

that Veronica would've been,
had she lived.

Exactly the same.

How weird's that?

If I find out you've lied to me,

you'll walk through that door for
the last time.

This woman -
Is he dead then?

..she makes Myra Hindley look like
a Blue Peter presenter.

Are you and Andy having a fling?

Please just think about it.
I'll think about it.

Has she ever... Has she ever what?
..cheated on me?

It's a wonder we stay sane, working
with these buggers all day.

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== Transcript by Chocolate ==
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