Scott & Bailey (2011–2016): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Angry at being dumped by married lover Nick, Manchester detective Rachel Bailey joins married colleague Janet Scott to investigate the murder, made to resemble a suicide, of Emel Yilmatz, a pregnant teen-aged Turkish girl. Somebody had sent her flowers and certainly the simple youth in the flat next door had a crush on her but her husband Gokhan was still in touch with Mana, his girlfriend prior to his arranged marriage, and Mana's embittered attitude makes her a suspect too. Whilst making an arrest Rachel is obsessed with getting revenge on Nick whilst Janet is approached by old friend Geoff to reopen a dead case.

So, what kind of a day have you had?


I think that we should
cool things off for a bit.

-What do you mean?

I think it's been fun, you know.

I just... Feel that I need more space
at the moment.

Mental headspace.


So I've spent all day trying to think
of a "not unpleasant" way to say it,

but I suspect that there isn't one.

I thought you were gonna propose to me.

I didn't really... I...


So that's... So that's it.

That just seems a little bit abrupt,
but if that's...

-Will you pay for the...
-Yeah, of course.

Okay. Well, I'll...

-Is there somebody else?

What is it, then? Are you...

Are you just...
Are you bored with me?

It's fine.

I know you're all shattered,
ladies and gentlemen, but here we go.

Turkish girl, 18 years old.

The husband found her at half six
last night when he got in from work.

Rang for an ambulance at six thirty
seven, saying his wife's killed herself.

He sounds upset, but, you know,
it might just be a matter of opinion.

The tape's there. Have a listen to it.

Division called us in
'cause, subject to post-mortem,

they're not happy the injuries
are consistent with suicide.

But he made that assumption,
the husband?

She'd been threatening to.

-According to him?
-Him. Yes.

But both outer doors
were locked from the inside.

He had to bust through a chain
to get access.

Put his foot through the door,
nearly broke his ankle, can't find her.

Eventually thinks to go upstairs

and he sees what you're seeing
in the photos.

Afternoon crew
interviewed him last night,

but he was in no fit state.

He's back in later today. If you
want to push that further for me, Andy.

Kevin, put that coin away
before I shove it up your arse.

Late night, Rachel?

-How did you get inside the building?
-I'm a detective.

Wouldn't it be better to do this
when we're both sober?

In the ideal world, yeah,
but then I'm sat at home going mad.

And I'm thinking to myself

what the hell it is that I've done
that's pissed you off so much.

So I thought, "You know what?
Just go and ask him."

-You haven't...
-I don't intrude,

I don't pester you at work.

And I once,
I once left a toothbrush here

and the next thing I know,
your cleaner's binned it.

And what happened to Barcelona?

That was only ever an idea.

Look, I think people just outgrow
each other sometimes.

0h! 0h, is that what it is?

I just don't think that we're as
compatible as it might have seemed.

Give me an example.


So, tonight, at the restaurant,
the way that you ordered the wine

and the way you drank it.

You do drink a lot.

-You knew that two years ago.
-There are other things.

Don't hold back.

The other day,
when you were late for work,

did you actually get washed
before you went to work?


At work.

And you wore the same clothes all day
that you'd worn the day before!

Are you implying
that I'm unhygienic?

We shouldn't have got into this.

What's those?

I won't let you tyres down.

I might slash them, though.

You ready, mate?


-How'd it go last night?

-Anywhere expensive?
-Cinnamon Club.

So has he proposed yet then, or what?

No. Not yet.

Mr Yilmaz?

Sorry to be meeting
under such difficult circumstances.

I'm Detective Constable Janet Scott.

And this is
Detective Constable Rachel Bailey.

So you're saying not suicide?

The post-mortem indicates that
the wounds weren't self-inflicted.

You mean, burglars?
But, no, but the house was locked.

I had to bust the chain.
The other... The other door was bolted.

Even the windows have got locks on.

Were there other reasons why you thought
she might have harmed herself?

She was pregnant.
And she was terrified of giving birth.

You know, being so far away from home.

Not speaking the language, everything.

A couple of times she said
she just wished she were dead.

But nobody'd do that to her.
Why would they do that?

Well, that's what we're going
to find out, Mr Yilmaz.

We're treating it as murder.

Mr Yilmaz, who else knew
Imal was pregnant?

My family, her family,

everybody at work,
everyone at the mosque.

Er, the doctors, next-door neighbours.

Why? Why is that relevant?

The nature of some of her injuries

might suggest whoever did it
knew she was pregnant.

You have to understand, Mr Yilmaz,

we are gonna ask you
some difficult questions.

But it's for Imal,

so we can fully work out
what happened to her.

It's the most important thing
we can do for her now.

And we have to start with you
because you found her.

0kay, so can you tell us

where you were between
two and four yesterday afternoon

and who you were with?

Yeah, I was at work, in an office

with twelve other people
till six o'clock at night.

Why? What were you thinking,
nasty-minded bitch?

I realise you're in a very dark place
right now, Mr Yilmaz.

I know it's not easy.

First one's free, love. After that,
they get a damn sight more expensive.

-He's upset.
-Yeah, wi' knobs on.

Question is, what's he upset about?
It's an arranged marriage.

Don't tell me he's in love with her.

She was expecting his baby.

Don't ask him to take it lightly.

Hi, this is Nick. Leave a message
and I'll get back to you.

0h, you arse.

My sister.

What time are we gonna be here
till tonight?

11:00, easy.

Rachel, it's Alison.

Just ringing to remind you

it's Holly's birthday party
on Saturday at two o'clock.

I don't know if you're still free,

but she'd love, love, love
her Auntie Rachel to be there.

If you're not otherwise engaged.
Don't promise if you are.

Hope you're not working too hard.
See you...

You're wasting your time.

-He's moved out.

How do you mean?

I saw him this morning.
The place is up for sale.

So, do you know where he's...

Back to his wife.

Mum, can you tell her not to go into
my room willy-nilly and just take stuff?

Nobody says "willy-nilly".

-Will you just...
-Even grandpas don't say "willy-nilly".

-0nly weirdos say willy-nilly.
-I'm putting a lock on.

-Adrian. No, you're not.
-I am.

-Ade, can you deal with this?
-Did you get that message?

-What message?

That's another one nobody says.

A fella rang last night. I did tell you.

-What fella? Don't swear.

Geoff Hastings? You went to school
with his sister apparently.

0h, gosh.

She disappeared, his sister,
and then she turned up dead.

She was only six. Veronica.

Veronica Hastings.

She had bad teeth
and a pretend leather coat.

-Did he say what he wanted?

Just would you give him a call
when you have five minutes.


No answer.

-Is it Nick you're looking for?
-Nick Savage. Yeah.

He's on leave for three weeks.

He's due back in on the...27th.

Is it urgent? I could try to get hold
of him, ask him to contact you.

No, thanks.
I'll catch up with him later.

I need to identify
where these flowers were bought.

Call me back. Thanks. Bye.

-Ah, funny.

I got a note off me mum.

-Imal's medical records.
-Thank you.

What's this, Lee?

Top-up card.

-In the husband's car?

Side pocket, driver's door.

Can I borrow these five minutes?

Hey, the husband's on a contract with
Vodafone, Gokhan Yilmaz.

What's he want
an 0range top-up card for?

-Nice one.
-Where's Gill?

Video room. Kevin's hauled someone in.

-Lad next door.

-What's he got on him?
-Communal loft.

Nifty little escape route

if you wanna make it look like
someone's locked themselves in

and committed suicide.


I knew you'd be happy.

How long have you lived
with your grandparents, Sean?

Since I was five.

How come?

Me mum took an overdose.

Not on purpose, but...

How did you damage your hands?

I don't exactly know.

Those are pretty nasty bruises
not to know how you did it.

I got off me face on Friday night.

I think it might have happened then.

Does he strike you as the sort of lad

who'd think to bring flowers
to the party?

Why would you need to if
you're dropping in through the ceiling?

Do we know
where those flowers came from?

Janet's on it.

Has he got a motive?

He liked her.

Wanted to look after her.

Did he?

It looks like Gokhan Yilmaz
has got a secret shagging phone.

Better go and have a word with him then.


He's finished with me.

-Nick dumped me.

-Day before yesterday.

-I'm boring.

He didn't say that.

And unhygienic.

He didn't say that either,
but, you know.

Are you all right?


It was a couple of weeks ago.
Whenever it was.

He was on about
a long weekend to Barcelona.

And he deliberately took me past
that jewellers, I told you.

And he asked me which one I'd choose
if I was getting engaged.

What does that mean?

That is not me inventing stuff
or misreading stuff

or making stuff up.

Why didn't you ask this fat fellow
what he was basing it on?

Saying that about him having a wife.

Because it was in the middle of
the night and I was humiliated.

And he looked at me like I was some
sort of shag bandit rubber knickers.

Look, if he is the sort of duplicitous
so-and-so he's starting to sound like,

perhaps you're well shot of him.

-It was two years, Janet.
-I know.

I know it's a long time to be had on,

but look at Sharon in Criminal Records.

That bastard strung her on for 1 0 years.

I'm not Sharon.

I mean, where is he?
Why is he taking time off work?

You want answers, right?

Look, say he is married
and say he does have a wife somewhere,

presumably he's got another address.

So find out where it is

and go round and have a quiet chat
with him in front of his missus.

I could PNC his vehicle.

No, you couldn't. Rachel!

Janet Scott, I can't believe
you've just suggested that.


It's just one phone call.

Yeah, and it's just one discipline
offence that gets you sacked.

It's just one UB40.

0nly if I get found out.

Hello. DC Bailey, Major Incident Team.
Can you PNC a vehicle for me, please?

Yeah. PIN number 112 31.
It's for Intelligence.

Registration is Tango, Romeo, 5-8,
Victor, Lima, Delta.

It'll be a silver Mercedes CLK 220.

Possibly registered in the name
of Nick or Nicholas Savage.

Yeah, thanks.

You know, I'm just as culpable for not
reporting a discipline offence

that I've witnessed
as you are for committing it.



No, that's fine. Thanks. Bye.

Wilmslow, registered July, 2008.

-You really think you know somebody.
-Yeah. Don't you just.

Mr Yilmaz, when you're ready.

There's just one thing
we need to clarify, Mr Yilmaz,

and, you know, we all accept
that it's possible to overlook something

or forget something
when you've had a shock, so...

Your mobile phone that you gave to us.

Do you have another one,
one that you forgot to tell us about?

Perhaps we can jog your memory.

The number we're interested in is
an 07802 number.

Does that sound familiar?

Mr Yilmaz, our telecom officer

is doing a full analysis
of that number right now

and he's gonna find out
where it was used,

when it was used,
what calls have been made from it,

-what calls have been received...
-Right, there is another phone.


Sorry. I should have...

Where is it?

It's got nothing to do
with what happened to Imal.

How do you know that?

Mr Yilmaz,

do you know what happened to Imal?
Because we don't.

No, no. I meant...

Can we do this somewhere else?

I got involved in this relationship.
I shouldn't have, but I did.

What's she called?

Mana Sidhu.

Did you use this phone
to ring anyone else?

No. Just her.

Did she know that you were married?

I wasn't when I met her.

She knew I was engaged.

Did Mana know Imal was pregnant?

But she didn't wanna stop seeing me.

Even after she found out
me and Imal got married, so...

Did Mana know Imal was pregnant?

Look, some random nutter

has somehow broken into my house
and done this.

And that's who you need to be after.

You may be right, Mr Yilmaz,

but there are certain procedures
we need to follow

and now we know that Mana's part
of the picture...

No, she isn't.

We still have to eliminate her
from our inquiries.

Can you give us her address?

She lives with her parents in Leeds.

I don't know where.
Somewhere in Headingley.

And did she know Imal was pregnant?


Last time I saw her,

I explained, and I thought it'd be best
not to any more, see each other.

And since me and Imal were
starting a family

I wanted to, you know, do things proper,
put it behind me.

-Do the right thing.
-What did she say?

When you told her that.

-Bit of an argument.
-What did she say?

Threatening to tell Imal.

And did she?

Not that I know of, no.

When was this? When you last saw her?

-About four days ago.
-You spoke to Mana since Imal died?

Yesterday she rang me

and again this morning.

Mr Yilmaz, we're gonna take a break.

Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Just struggling at every moment not
to rip his spleen out through his nose.

Yeah, I could tell.
And I think he probably could, too.

Do you fancy driving over to Leeds

while Janet finds out a bit more
about this argument they had?


And take someone who can open doors
with their head. Take Mitch.

What's up with her?


Hello. Is that Mrs Savage?



I'm a colleague of your husband's.
Is he in?

Uh, no, he's just popped out.

He's just gone to pick up one
of the boys from a rugby match.

I could ask him to ring you back.
Shouldn't be very long.

No. I'll try again later.

Sorry to bother you.

That's all right...

35, 40 and 50 is a pound.

Geoff, it's Janet Scott.

Parsons, as was.

Hello, how are you?

Well, I'm very well, thank you.

Well, thanks for getting back to me.

Sorry it's taken all day.

No, no. You're all right.

It was to do with...

Me mother died.

-0h, I'm sorry.

So, well, anyway, I came across this box
in amongst all her stuff.

And it was full of newspaper cuttings

and cards and letter and various
bits and pieces to do with our Veronica.


And I just wondered
if I could show it to you.


-I brought her in.
-Geoff, can I ring you back

about fixing something up?

I'm just in...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course.
Yeah, yeah.

Nice to hear from you.

Yeah, you too. 0kay. Speak soon. Bye.

And you know what we talked
about this morning?

Right, well... I am not kidding, Sammy,
I want you to take a photograph

of your homework
with your telephone, completed,

and then I want you to text it to me.

How's Kevin getting on
with the boy next door?

Well, they found his knicker and spunk
collection under his mattress.

Hers, the knickers,
off the washing line.

-Don't make him a murderer.

But he hasn't got much of an alibi.

He was "down the park", apparently.

-He's got kids.

Boys. Nick. Plural.

0ne of the boys was at rugby.

I got a number and I called it
and she answered, the missus.

"0h, he just popped out."
Happy families.

You've been had, haven't you?

You've been well and truly had.


We fell in love.

I knew he was engaged, but...

Well, he didn't seem to think
it mattered.

Then, even when he got married,
he still wanted to see me, so...

But I think it had run its course.

So when he said he wanted to
draw a line under it,

when she got pregnant, I...

Yeah. Felt that it was probably
the right thing to do.

Have you ever been to his address
in 0ldham?


God, no.

Gokhan said that you argued
when he told you that Imal was pregnant.

-Is that true?
-Did we?

-This was four days ago.
-I wouldn't say we argued.

I told him a few home truths.

He said you were very upset.

I think he'd like to think that, but...


And would you be surprised if I told you

that he said that you'd threatened
to harm yourself?

But I didn't.

What would your reaction
be if I told you that

he said you cried and become hysterical

and threatened to tell Imal about
your relationship

and that he'd find out
in a few days' time

that you've thrown yourself under a bus?

I'm sorry, but that means
absolutely nothing to me.

The most angry it got was
me telling him that he was weak-willed

and that I was well shot of him.

Can you tell us where you were

on Tuesday afternoon, this last Tuesday?

I was at work, uh, in Leeds.

HSBC, Curzon Street branch.

Would you have any objection
to giving us your fingerprints

and a sample of your DNA?

If it helps.

You've hurt your wrist.


Just scraped it.


0n a wall.

Was there anyone else there
when you did that?

-Sorry to bother you so late.

It's just that my car's broken down
on the main road there

and I can't get a signal,

so I just wondered if I could possibly
come in and use your telephone.

0h, yeah. Of course. Come in.

Actually, my husband might be
able to help.


Nick, there's a lady here whose
car's broken down on the main road.

You don't fancy
taking a look at it for her?

There's not a lot Nick
doesn't know about engines.

Really? That's handy. Hiya.
Sorry to spoil your evening.

Well... Did it just...

-Just stopped at the end of your lane.

What a beautiful home.

-0h, thank you.
-Have you lived here long?

Er, 1 4 years.

I live in Chadderton.

-Do you?

Still, somebody's got to, eh?

I'll put my coat on.

Well, well, well.
Full of surprises, you, aren't you?

I didn't know that you knew everything
there was to know about engines.

You'd think two years
into a relationship,

that's something a bright spark like me
would pick up on, wouldn't you?

I mean, what? I must be slow, gullible,
bit of a pushover.

How did you find out where I live?

Did you honestly think that I wouldn't?

Look, Rachel, I'm sorry I wasn't
more open and honest at the beginning...

-I want the flat.

I think I deserve something,
you know, a bit of compensation

for having two years of my life wasted.



Don't touch me!

Look, I can't afford the mortgage
on the flat any more.

Really? That's odd.
You afforded it for the last two years.

The boys are starting a new school
and the fees are...

Not my problem.

I think you'll manage.
A bit of careful budgeting.

Sort out the paper work within two weeks

or I'll tell her everything
and the boys.

And I might just drop a line
to your Head of Chambers as well.

You can't mess people around

and imagine there won't be
any consequences.

You played silly buggers
but with the wrong woman, pal.

You made a mistake, that's fair enough,
and now you pay for it.

So you better start answering your phone
when it's me ringing.

Two weeks. I'll be in touch.

Oldham MIT.

Mitch, it's Rachel.
Is she keeping you up, love?

I've got small children I haven't seen
for three months, Rachel.

Westbound Services, M62, Birch.

Tell that they've got CCTV cameras
that are working.

Soon find out.

Just came to me out of the blue.

I've been staring at them
on the service station forecourt.

But the penny didn't drop.

That's her. We've got her.

-Is that time accurate?
-Bang on.

0h, that little bitch.

So she gets in with the flowers
and a few pleasantries,

gets Imal upstairs somehow,

strangles her, makes it look
like she's hanged herself,

then escapes through the loft.

How does she know about the loft?

How does she know
there's nobody in next door's?

Well, either Gokhan's told her
about the loft because he's in on it,

or he just has and she's remembered it.

As for next door,
she could have done a recce

or he could have, if he's involved.

This is planned. The flowers,
making it look like suicide.

This is so not Sean Whittle.

Who was it who put the idea of suicide

-in everyone's head in the first place?

Whose alibi we've verified, but...

Right. Well, whichever, even if those
are her flowers in there,

we're still waiting
for something concrete

to put either Mana or Sean
inside that house.

So is the lab checking next door's
for her fingerprints and DNA,

if we think that's how she escaped?

No. We thought we'd not bother.

Right. Let's pick her up.

What about him? Gokhan?

Not yet.

Hello, Manu Sidhu.

I've spoken to Gill,
I want you to lead this interview.

-It'll count towards your portfolio.

Anyway, I think you'll handle this one
better than me.

You're wasting your time, Scotty.
It's Sean Whittle.


I was too frightened
to tell you the truth

because of what happened to Imal.

I thought you'd think it was me.

I'm sorry, what do you mean?

Well, she was fine when I left her.

Smiling, happy.

But I was frightened
nobody would believe me.

So, just to clarify what you are saying.

Yesterday when we asked you

have you ever visited Imal's address
and you said you hadn't,

that wasn't true?

We're gonna ask you
that question again, Mana.

Have you ever visited
at 2 7 Inglis Avenue?

I wanted to tell her the truth.

About me and Gok.

But I didn't hurt her.

So you arrived at the address?

Ten past two.

I knocked on the door, but...

Then when I saw her,

she looked so little and ordinary.

I don't think she'd have
understood anyway.

Her English wasn't that good.

So I just gave her the flowers

and congratulated her on being pregnant.

And then I left.

What time was that?

Quarter past, twenty past two.

She invited me in
but I had to get back to work, so...

That's right, love, you're a complete
stranger and she invited you in.

She's lying through her teeth.

Why did you want to tell her
about you and Gokhan?

You know why.

Can you talk us through that?

I thought he deserved it.

Stringing people on,
thinking there'd be no consequences.

First he's going to
break off the engagement.

Then, he doesn't.

Then he's not going to get married,
then he does.

Then they're not going to have a family
and then she's pregnant.

And always an excuse, always a reason.

Some get out.

And, of course, I fall for it.

So... Yeah.

I thought she needed to know
what kind of shallow-minded

human being she was living with.

Forewarned is forearmed.

But, like I say, when I saw her
I couldn't say it.

There was no point.

But I certainly didn't hurt her.

We know whoever did it
made their way out through the loft.

And that's what
I'm struggling with, with you.

You see, I'm wondering if it was you,
how you would know

that you could get from one house
to the other through the loft.

Even if you had been
to that address before

I still don't know
how you would know that.

No, well...

I didn't.

It's the kind of thing you could
only know if someone told you.

What's she doing?

She's just giving her a fucking defence.
What the hell's she doing?

Yeah, well... Maybe.

And the only person who could

tell you that
is someone who knew the house well,

who lived there? Would you agree?

Yeah. I suppose.

Okay, to sum up.

Your intention when you set off

was to tell Imal about Gokhan,

and it was only when you got there,
saw her on the doorstep,

that you felt that you couldn't,

and so you just decided to congratulate
her on being pregnant instead?


I want to go back to when you
were buying the flowers,

the CCTV we've just shown you.

At that moment, that was your intention,
to tell her about you and Gokhan?


About what a "shallow-minded",
whatever he was?


Why do you buy someone flowers
to tell them that?

I just...

I can understand
if you're congratulating

someone on being pregnant,

but you said you didn't decide
to do that until you saw her.

I just thought
it was a nice thing to do.

It is.

It just doesn't tie in with intending
to tell someone something challenging,

devastating about the husband, does it?

Results from the lab.

Mana Sidhu's blood confirmed on
the banister of the Whittle's staircase.

And on the door jamb
going into the kitchen.

Got you, you bitch.

I'm wondering if you could
talk us through

what you imagined
that conversation would go like.

Give it to Rachel.

You know, at what point during
telling her about her husband

would you offer her the flowers?

Because this just isn't
making sense to me.

Hang on, Andy!

Taking flowers to me suggests
someone who's turning up with a smile.

Who's hoping to be invited in
for some reason.

He did tell me about the loft.

I'm sorry?

Gokhan. He told me about the loft.

And he said other things as well.

About if she was dead.

What things?

About how we could be together
if she didn't exist.

Stuff like this.

Look, you can't begin to imagine
the sacrifices I have made for that man.

I think I probably can.

I thought it was what he wanted.

What happened?

Rachel got a confession
just as the lab report came in.

-Well done.

You all right?

Yeah. Just never,
ever charged anyone for murder before

and felt sorry for 'em.

She strangled and hanged
an 1 8-year-old girl

and then murdered her unborn baby.

What's to feel sorry for?

It's him. She did it because of him.

Now he's gonna walk away 'cause,
in the eyes of the law,

he's an okay guy.

She made the decision to kill,

whatever hell he'd put her through.

You think and you talk shit
sometimes, Janet.

Thank you.


Are we gonna arrest him?

What for?

Implying things?
Feel free, knock yourself out.

He put ideas in her head.

Do you want to go into the video room

and watch that fantastic interview
you just conducted,

where you said to her very directly,

"Did he, at any point,
tell you to kill his wife?"

And she goes, "No."

"But did he, at any point, say it'd be
a good idea if he killed his wife?"

"No, but..."

"Did he tell you to go through the loft
and kill someone?"

"No, but..."

She took an inference he did not intend.

He was trying to get rid of her, Mana,
not Imal.

He's got to live with the fact
he's lost his wife and his baby

because he got involved
with that loony bitch, so,

if you think I should arrest him,

frankly, Rachel, I'm tempted to think
that says more about you

than it does about him.

Sorry, Janet.

It upset me when I found it,

realising that she probably never had
another moment's peace all her life.

After that teatime, when they'd knocked
on door and told her.

Parents don't. There's nothing worse.

I became a copper because of Veronica.

-Did you?

I'd got it into my head that
it was my fault that she'd died.


Well, I have this image in my head

and I'm not sure if it's a memory

or if it's something
that I've just made up,

but, when she disappeared,

all I was told was that she'd gone away.

And then, when I was about 1 5,
out of the blue

my mother said to me
something about, um, oh,

"You know that girl,
the one that was murdered, Veronica."

I had no idea until then that
that's what had happened to her and...

Anyway, this image, um,
it was the last time I saw her

and I was with her on a street in 0ldham
and a car drove up to us

and a man asked us
if we wanted to go for a ride.

And she seemed to know him,
but I didn't.

So I said no.
But she really wanted to. So she did.

But the odd thing is, aged six,

there's no way my mother
would have let me be out and about

on my own in a street in 0ldham, so...
I don't know.


I've always thought that
I saw the man who killed her.

And that's why I joined the police.

To find out...
To find out why no one was ever caught.

And you know, I did look into it, but...

When you're on the job,

you've enough on keeping up
with the new ones, so...

Is that what you wanted to ask me?

-If we could reopen it?
-Yeah. Yeah.

'Cause I thought,
when I found all this, I thought

it was something I ought to try
and find out about for me mother.

And for her. 0ur Veronica.

Well, leave it with me.

You realise that this is blackmail.

No, Nick, it's compensation.

Which carries a sentence
of up to 1 0 years in prison.

I'm not making unwarranted demands
with menaces.

Well, I find it pretty menacing.

Well, maybe.

But I would be happy to go face to face
with you in court

about whether it's unwarranted or not.

I want an understanding that this is it.

You can't make any more
demands on me after this.