Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 9 - Twenty Thousand Screams Under the Sea - full transcript

The Mystery Inc. gang chases a sea beast once feared by the ancient Aztec and uncover a scheme to steal jewels from a wreck in the Chilean Sea.


SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?

Hi. I'm Scrappy-Doo.





Let me at him. Let me at him.

Let me at him. Let me at him.



Puppy power.


Uncle Scooby?




VALDEZ: What a night
to be caught out at sea.

What...? What is that?

There's something down there.


No. No, it can't be.


Away. The ocean is mine.

Help. Someone.

Someone help me.


VELMA: "And the gruesome
Sea Beast of the Aztecs...

is still said to haunt the waters
off the coast of Acapulco."

Like, that's why we're
staying on the coast.

- No water for us, right, Scoob?
- Right.

SCOOBY: Yipes!

Where you going, Uncle Scooby?

Help! Like, help!

SCOOBY: Yeah. Help.

SHAGGY: Hold tight, Scoob.

We're gonna crash.

Hi, Shaggy. Hi, Uncle Scooby.

Did you come to
see my sand statue?

It's the Sea Beast.

SCOOBY: Yipes!

SHAGGY: Like, run.

Aw, come on. It was
only a sand statue.

Sand statue?

The Sea Beast is only
an Aztec legend, Shaggy.

From this guidebook.

It's not just a legend, my
friends. I saw it myself last night.

SHAGGY: Like, you mean...

- you actually saw the Sea Beast?
- Really?

In the storm. Off Miedoso Cove.

Miedoso Cove?
What does that mean?

Cove of Fear.

But that's where we're going for
the cliff-diving contest this afternoon.

I would advise
against it, my friends.

If you do go, be careful.

Boy, oh, boy. We're gonna
meet the Sea Beast of the Aztecs.

I'll give them a left
and a right. Let's go.


You don't want to
miss a minute of this.

- Wanna bet?
- Help.

SHAGGY: Zoinks! Like, I can see
why they call this the Cove of Fear.

Me too.

Wow, neato.

A guy could dive miles off here.

Right. And still
never hit bottom.

Come on, guys. They're
about to draw for position.

Attention, señors...

we will now choose numbers to
determine the order of the dive.

You mean they're really
gonna jump off these cliffs?


- Please, if you will each
draw a number. TIGER: Wait.

- Am I too late? OFFICIAL:
Tiger Morris. Welcome.

I've heard of him.

He's one of the best
divers in the world.

My plane was late
getting to Acapulco.

I was afraid I'd
miss the contest.

We just started, señor.

You may draw the first number.

I only hope it's a high one. I could
use the time to catch my breath.

Number one.

Just my luck.

- Well, let's get it over with.
DAPHNE: Good luck, Tiger.

- I can't watch.
- Go get them.

Do a swan dive with a
half twist and a triple gainer.

That's diving talk, Shaggy.


- He made it.
- Jinkies.

- You're joking.
- Yeah.

TIGER: Help. Somebody help.

What's going on?

There's something down
there. Something terrible.

Stay away.

What could it be?

SHAGGY: Like, just don't
tell me it's the Sea Beast.

It is the Sea Beast.


- I asked you not to tell
me that. SCOOBY: Yikes!

BOTH: Help!

Oh, no. Look.


- Help!
- Like, what about me?

I'll save you, Shaggy.



SCOOBY: Yikes!

FRED: Everybody's leaving.

follow those divers.

Sorry, Shaggy, we've got
to follow that Sea Beast.

Right. After me.


Puppy power.


- We'll, uh, check around up here.
- Right.

But the creature's
down this way.

You catch on quick, Daphne.


But if the Sea
Beast is down there...

what are we doing up
here, Uncle Scooby?

SCOOBY: Uh, well, uh...

staying alive, Scrappy.

Hey, what do you
suppose this is?

Uh, I don't know.



Hey, terrific. It's a geyser.

I bet you the Sea
Beast is behind this.

SHAGGY: Zoinks!
We'll soon find out.


SCOOBY: Oh, no.

Oops. It looks
like you're caught.

Let me help.


You can thank me
later, Uncle Scooby.

Hey. Wait for me.

DAPHNE: A cave.

VELMA: A sea cave, Daphne.

This must usually be underwater
except when the tide goes out.

A perfect hiding place for
the Sea Beast of the Aztecs.

Fred, Velma, look.

Something's coming.

Who's in here? Who is it?


It's only us. From the
beach this morning.

Ah. Yes.

I am Miguel Valdez.

I warned you not to come here.

And you were
right, Señor Valdez.

We saw the Sea Beast ourselves.

But what are you doing here?

I come here when
the tide goes out.

It is easy to pick seafood
trapped here in the cave.

SHAGGY: Did someone say food?

FRED: Scooby. VELMA:
Shaggy. Scrappy.

Yeah. Like, fancy
meeting us here.



Now, where's this Sea Beast?

Come on out wherever
you are, and prepare to splat.



Okay, fess up.

I get the feeling you know
something you're not telling.

DAPHNE: Scrappy.


FRED: Señor Valdez,
do you think you could

take us to where you
saw the beast last night?

I could, but why
would you want to go?

We think there's a mystery here, and
it might help us get to the bottom of it.

Or to the bottom of the ocean.



If you believe it will
help, I will take you.

We'll be right back, Shaggy.

Oh, boy. Sea
Beast, here we come.


Like, we need reinforcements,
Scoob. Oh, thanks.



Hmm. Feels like something's
holding me back a little.


Uncle Scooby? Shaggy? Hey, you.

What'd you do with
my Uncle Scooby?

Oh, so you're gonna play
that way, eh? You asked for it.


Puppy power.


Ah. Nothing and nobody
talks back to Scrappy-Doo.

Shaggy? Uncle Scooby?

Uncle Scooby.

Oh, hi, Scrappy. Come on.
We're about to have some lunch.

Yeah. Baloney.

Not baloney, Scoob. Abalone.

You just open the
shell and pull out...

Zoinks! I've heard of pearls in
shells, but never a whole necklace.


Like, I don't suppose
that was you, Scoob.


- Oh, no.
- It's him. The Sea Beast.

I knew this was my lucky day.

- The Sea Beast!
SCOOBY: The Sea Beast!



Puppy power.

SCOOBY: Scrappy.

Uncle Scooby. Oh, I get it.

You want to get him yourself.

That's awful brave
of you, Uncle Scooby.




It was here. Right
here that I saw him.

Like nothing you've
ever seen before.

Velma, Fred, look down there.

FRED: Whatever it is, it's huge.


DAPHNE: We're drifting.
- It is the current.

Every night, it flows
directly into the cave.

It looks like we'll be seeing Shaggy and
the dogs again sooner than we expected.

SEA BEAST: Wherever
you are, I'll find you.

SHAGGY: I'll see your four
clams and raise you six clams.

SCOOBY: Okay. One,
two, three, four, five, six.

The tension mounts.


Shh. Can't you see we've
got a game going here?


Okay, okay. If you
want, we'll deal you in.

SCOOBY: What will we play?
SHAGGY: What will we play?

Well, how about go fish?

Oh, boy. Like, I really
hate a sore loser.

- Let's go, Scoob.
- Right.

Okay, Sea Beast, it's
just you and me now.

And this cave isn't big
enough for the both of us.



I got him, Uncle
Scooby. I got him.


Don't I got him, Uncle Scooby?

We've gotta get out of here.

But the Sea Beast is
back that way, Shaggy.

Like, you explain
it to him, Scoob.

Oh. Uh, well, uh...



FRED: Shaggy. Scooby.
DAPHNE: Scrappy.

- We're saved.
- Yeah.

Hold on, my friends.

Jinkies, what a wave.

Hey, look.

A number-one button
for my number-one uncle.

Hmm. How did the number-one
button get back into the jar?

Like, maybe the same way this pearl
necklace got into an abalone shell.

I thought pearls were
only found in oysters.

VELMA: They are, Fred.

I do not understand.
What is going on?

I'm not sure, Señor Valdez...

but I think we should check
out that necklace in Acapulco.

FRED: We're sorry to disturb you at
this hour of night, Señor Gonzales...

but we think this
could be important.

VELMA: Can you tell us
anything about these pearls?

They are rare.

And very valuable.
You see this clasp?

It bears the mark of Spanish
royalty from centuries past.

Where did you find this?

Like, if we told you, you'd
think it was ah-baloney.


Get it? Abalone?



SCRAPPY: Hey. What's this?
- No, Scrappy.

Tiger Morris? Hmm.

My shop is very popular.

Everyone who comes
to Acapulco comes here.

Now, please, good night.

Well, like, we didn't
learn much in there.

Wrong, Shaggy. One more stop
and we'll have everything we need.

Come on.


SHAGGY: Now, you know we're only going
along if we don't have to go in the water.

DAPHNE: We know,
Shaggy, we know.

Just steer.

Aw, we don't really have to stay
in the boat, do we, Uncle Scooby?

- Yup.
- Aw.

Oh, I get it.

They'll scare him out of the
water then we'll splat him. Right?

VELMA: Pull up
right here, Shaggy.

Now, don't be long, okay?

Just relax, Shaggy.
We'll be right back.

Like, there they go.

And here they come.

That was fast.

SHAGGY: Here, Fred.
We'll give you a hand.

- Yikes!
- Like, it's the Sea Beast.


And about time.

Put them up, Sea Beast.


SHAGGY: We're goners
this time for sure, Scoob.





Okay, Sea Beast, do your worst.

Like, I don't think you
should have said that.


Zoinks! We gotta bail.

Bail, bail, bail, bail.

If that's your worst, wait till
you see Scrappy-Doo's worst.

- What's going on? DAPHNE:
Where's the boat we rented?

I think we're gonna
owe a little overtime on it.

Like about a century or two.

My friends. Over here.

DAPHNE: Oh, Señor Valdez.

I was concerned when I
heard you were out here.

We have to get to the harbor
patrol offices right away.

- Will you take us there?
VALDEZ: Of course.

FRED: Gosh, thanks a lot.
VELMA: You were a lifesaver.

DAPHNE: See you soon.

Here we are, guys.
Harbor patrol that way.

Aw, what do we need them for?

SEA BEAST: You never know.


The Sea Beast.


Puppy pow...

DAPHNE: We've got to
get to the harbor patrol.

SHAGGY: Right. Like,
before he gets to us.

There's no escape for you now.

FRED: There's got
to be someone there.

But there's not.

- Wait, someone is there. We're saved.
- Hi, guys.

- We're sunk.
- Yeah. Sunk.


Everybody inside.


- Push harder, Scoob.
- I'm pushing.

Yeah, push harder, Uncle Scoob.

Push that door open so I
can give him a left and a right.


DAPHNE: The door
pulls open, Scrappy.

Oh, I see what you mean.

SHAGGY: Let's get out of here.

This way. Follow me.

Wait for us.

SCRAPPY: We'll meet
up again, Sea Beast.

- Now, what do we do?
- Over there.

SHAGGY: Oh, no.
Not the water again.

- I'll take the water any day.
- Me too.

Wait. What about us?

Grab the kite.

You mean this? Like, help.

FRED: Hold on, Shaggy.

I'll go help reel him
in, Uncle Scooby.

- Reel? SCRAPPY: Wee!

SCOOBY: Yikes!

SHAGGY: Zoinks!

- Help!
- Help!

That's it, Fred.
Let's shake him up.

You got him now, Uncle Scooby.


There, Fred, steer
into that yacht club.

- Help!
- Help!

That's my Uncle Scooby.

ALL [IN UNISON]: It sure is.

It's okay, kids. Now we got him.

SHAGGY: But who is
it? SCOOBY: Yeah. Who?

VELMA: It's easy to figure out,
once you know what's been going on.

Well, that leaves us out.

When you found the pearl
necklace in the abalone, Shaggy...

that confirmed my suspicions
about the sunken galleon in the bay.

When we found there
was no treasure onboard...

we realized the current
that pulled us into the cove...

Had pulled the
treasure there too.

Where they were gobbled
up by the abalone. Like, I get it.

So the Sea Beast was
only a disguise to keep

people away while the
treasures were stolen.

He had to make an
appearance in the cove...

to keep cliff divers from
discovering the treasures.

SCRAPPY: But who is it, anyway?

VELMA: It's Tiger Morris.

The book in Gonzales'
jewelry store told us

he'd been in Acapulco
at least since yesterday.

But he told us he'd just
gotten in on the plane.

He had a duplicate
number-one button in his hand...

to make certain he would be the first to
dive, and then scare everyone else away.

Oh, so that's why
the two buttons.

And I would have been rich
today if it hadn't been for you.

Thanks, kids. We'll
take it from here.

Well, that was really
an exciting mystery.

- No argument there, Daphne.
SHAGGY: Hey, guys. Come look.

- It's my tribute to Uncle Scooby.
- Jinkies. How did you get it so lifelike?



I think they found
us out, Uncle Scooby.

Yeah. Scooby-Dooby-Doo.


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