Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Hairy Scare of the Devil Bear - full transcript

Near the Grand Canyon, the gang discovers an area haunted by an old Indian legend, the Devil Bear.


SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?

Hi. I'm Scrappy-Doo.




Let me at them. Let me at them!

Let me at them. Let me at them!



Puppy power!


Uncle Scooby?



Just broken pottery
fragments and wall paintings.

I was sure we'd
find more than...


What's that?

It's the demon bear, just
like in the wall painting.


DAPHNE: So this
is the Grand Canyon.

Boy, it sure is scenic.

Zoinks! But, Daphne, not
everybody likes their scenery...

- straight down. SCOOBY Right.

The sun too bright for
you, Uncle Scooby? Here.

Hyah! Git along, mule.


Gee, Uncle Scooby...

will you teach me
how to do that?


- Uh, sure.
- What's that over there, Ranger Brantley?

Indian cliff dwellings.

Some archeologists are digging
there now. I warned them, though.

It's not the sort of place
to go poking around.

Then that's where we wanna
go. Right, Uncle Scooby?

Oh, no.

SCRAPPY: Charge!



That's my Uncle Scooby,
always rushing right into danger.

BRANTLEY: Professor
Carver, you've got visitors.

Not if they know
what's good for them.

The cliff dwellings are haunted
by an old Indian legend...

the Devil Bear.

- Haunted?
- Devil Bear?

Not after my Uncle Scooby
gets through with him.

He'll splat him.

Right, Uncle Scoob?


The Devil Bear's just
an old superstition.

Whatever it is, it's scaring
off my archeologists.

I saw it, and it looked
real enough to me.

Can you show us
where you saw it?

If you kids insist on staying, I can't
be responsible for what happens.

I've gotta get back
to the ranger station.

Thanks, Ranger Brantley.
We can find our way back.

Oh, boy. We're gonna catch
us a real, live Devil Bear.

Isn't that terrific,
Uncle Scoob?

Yeah, terrific.

Okay, Devil Bear, come
out with your paws up.

This is where the Devil
Bear took a swipe at me.

Look at it. A priceless
work of art destroyed.


The paintings made us
think we were getting closer...

to the treasure we believe
is hidden in these chambers.

That no-good Devil
Bear must have done this.

I'll fix it.

But the ones we've been finding
lately just lead us down to empty tunnels.

At this rate, we may
never find the treasure.

CHUCK: Jeff?

Come on, let's see what's up.

Gee, thanks, Uncle Scooby.

I never guessed it would
look like this when it was done.

Aw, shucks.

Like, you can't
even see the cracks.


Kids, this is Chuck Hunt.

He handles our radio
and electrical gear.

Hi. Jeff, you're
wanted on the radio.

Mr. Ellison at the museum wants
to know what's holding us up.

Wonderful. Pardon me, kids.

I didn't know there
was electricity out here.

There isn't, except what we
produce for the dig with our generators.

If that Devil Bear keeps showing up, then
we won't be doing more digging anyway.

The Devil Bear's not
in here, Uncle Scoob.

Or in here.

Or over here.

Don't worry, we'll find him
if we have to search all day.

Scoob, all this searching
is making me hungry.

Right, Shaggy.

I think it's time
for a little snack.

Yeah, me too.

SHAGGY: Gee, thanks, Scoob.

Thank you.

Oh, no.

SCRAPPY: Hey, thanks, Uncle
Scoob. You always think of me first.

SCOOBY: I got it.

SHAGGY: I got it. I got it.

SCOOBY: Where did it go?




Help! Help! The Devil Bear!

The Devil Bear?


Yeah. Help!

Hang onto him, Uncle
Scooby. I'm coming.

We've got that monster now.

Haven't we, Uncle Scoob?

What's going on in here?

My Uncle Scooby's
got the Devil Bear.

Or it's got him.



- We've got you cornered, you Devil Bear.


Puppy power!

Hey, where did he go?

No sign of the Devil Bear.

But look at all the paintings.

We must be getting close
to the treasure chamber.


Like, what's an old umbrella
doing in a cliff dwelling?


Jeff, is there anybody
here beside your group?

Only an old hermit. McGee.

He's living in the caves
down at the bottom of the cliff.

Maybe we should go down
there and pay him a visit.

FRED: Hello? Anybody home?

An army of Devil Bears
could hide in all this junk.

Nothing in here.

BOTH: Yikes!

But it sure could use a tune-up.

What are you kids
doing in my cave?

Your archeologist friends
send you down to spy on me?

Oh, no, sir.

Are you Mr. McGee?

That's me, sonny.

Antique dealer extraordinaire.

- Looks like we're safe, Scoob.
- Phew.

No Devil Bear will
follow us in here.

Oh. Shaggy!

It's here already.


What do you know about
the Devil Bear, Mr. McGee?

They brought it on themselves.

I ought to know.

I used to live up there
myself till they kicked me out.

That Devil Bear's the reason the
Indians left here in the first place.


McGEE: They walled the thing
up in one of those rooms up there...

and the legend says that if anyone
comes messing with those cliff dwellings...

the Devil Bear will walk again.

When you lived in the pueblo,
did the Devil Bear bother you?

Can't say that it did.

But I wasn't a-digging and a-poking
in every nook and cranny, neither.


What the dickens
is going on here?

All right, you Devil Bear,
listen, and listen tight.

You're dealing with
Scrappy-Doo now.

That's what I like,
a little respect.

Oh, it's you, Uncle Scooby.

Very clever.

That disguise will sure let you
sneak up on the real Devil Bear.


Uh, yeah. Uh... Huh?

McGEE: You kids
clear out of here now.

Your poking around will just
get the Devil Bear mad at me.

- But, Mr. McGee...
- Out!

Before the Devil
Bear gets you...

and that bunch of
claim-jumping scientific johnnies.

SCRAPPY: Hup, two, three,
four. Hup, two, three, four.

Boy, oh, boy. No Devil
Bear's gonna sneak up on us.

Right, Uncle Scooby?
Uncle Scooby?



Come on, Uncle Scoob, it's him.


Let's go. It's the Devil Bear, and
we gotta show him who's boss.

Devil Bear?

Shaggy, help!

SHAGGY: This is no
time to chase bears.

Like, I was just counting sheep.

Scrappy's after the Devil Bear.

Let's follow him, quick!

SHAGGY: Like, going up.

He's gotta be up here somewhere.


We've got him cornered,
Uncle Scoob. Come on.

Okay, Devil Bear, I'm
coming in to get you.


Come on out, you 'fraidy-bear.

Come on. I dare you.

Hey, Uncle Scoob, I
don't need reinforcements.


Like, don't you recognize a
retreat when you see one?

Quick, Scoob, the ladder!

SCOOBY: Yikes!


Come on, you old Devil Bear.

We'll splat you.

Shaggy, do something.

I am doing something, Scoob.

I'm checking the
Coward's Handbook.

Here it is. "In case
of bear attack...

- run!"
- Right.

Hey! I meant together.



Like, this is no time
to be hanging around.

Nice Devil Bear.

Uh-oh. End of the line.

SCRAPPY: We've got that
old Devil Bear cornered now.


Puppy power!

Hey, where did he go?

We were gonna splat him.
Splat! Weren't we, Uncle Scooby?


Shaggy, are you okay?

Like, I think so.

What happened to the Devil Bear?

I don't know. I just opened
my eyes and he was gone.

Jeepers, Shaggy, you've got
paint all over the back of your shirt.

Hmm. That's strange.

Hey, everybody, it looks like this
is how our bear made his getaway.

SHAGGY: Zoinks, like, he
must've taken the express elevator.

I'll bet this goes all the way
down to those caves by the river.

Maybe we better pay another
call on Mr. McGee in the morning.

SCRAPPY: Why are we
going fishing, Uncle Scooby?

First, we ought to catch that
Devil Bear and make him go splat...

with a capital S.

Oh, no. First, we're going
fishing with a capital "fish."


Right. Fish.

Aw, but we'll
miss all the action.

I think he's catching on, Scoob.

Oh, I get it.

We're gonna use the fish
for bait to catch the Devil Bear.

Right, Uncle Scoob?

Like, you tell him,
Scoob. He's your nephew.

Huh, Uncle Scoob? Aren't we?

FRED: Mr. McGee?

Let's try over this way.

He's gotta be here somewhere.

I got a bite. I got a bite.

You got a bite? Let me
give you a hand, Scoob.



Oh, it's just an old tire.

Like, we've got
plenty of those already.

I wonder if Scrappy's
having any luck.

- Huh?
- Huh?

SHAGGY: No, no, no. That's
not how you do it, Scrap.

You have to snap
your wrist more.

Like this:

With Uncle Scooby's help,
I'll do a lot better than this.

SHAGGY: Like, Scoob, I don't
think he needs our kind of help.

casting, Uncle Scoob.

Huh? Uh-oh.


Oh, I get it. A disguise.

Uncle Scooby's
after the Devil Bear.


Thank you.


I guess he didn't find him.



Uncle Scoob, can you see the
Devil Bear from that stalagmite?

Hmm. A hollow stalagmite.

FRED: Hollow except
for these batteries.

DAPHNE: But what are
batteries doing in a deserted cave?

VELMA: Exactly. Maybe these
wires will lead us to the Devil Bear.

The Devil Bear? Like, I'll just
hang around here with Scoob.


And, uh, help him
get back on his feet.

Okay, Shag. We'll meet
you back at the cliff dwellings.

Hang on, Scoob. We'll
think of something.

Look what I found.

Hold it, Scrappy.

Well, if you say so.


Hey, Scoob, wait for us.


Oh, boy. Geronimo!

I know. We're taking a shortcut.

But to where, Uncle Scooby?


Oh, boy, a waterfall.

- Waterfall?
- Waterfall?

Batten down the hatches. Full
speed athwart. Astern. Avast.


SCOOBY: Shaggy!


Scrappy? Scrappy?

SCRAPPY: Hey, Uncle
Scoob, that was fun.

Can we do it again? Can we, huh?

Like, sorry, Scrappy.
Only one to a customer.

It looks we're
behind the waterfall.

Well, I guess we can go
that way and get drowned...

or that way and
get lost in the caves.

Hey. Maybe we'll run
into the Devil Bear.


Like, all in favor of drowning?

I think we've been
out-voted, Scoob.

It looks like Mr. McGee's
cave runs right into the pueblo.

FRED: And these wires run into...
- A hidden tape recorder.

Jinkies, that's it. Come on, we've
gotta find Shaggy and the dogs...

and then catch us a Devil Bear.

look what we found.

Like, it's the Grand Canyon
branch of the U.S. Mint.



Isn't anybody on guard duty?



Sorry I asked.

Great, Uncle Scoob.
You found the Devil Bear.

But we promise to lose
him again as fast as we can.


Oh, that monster
needs a manicure.


Na-na, na-na, na, na!


Nice going, Uncle Scoob.

You've got that Devil
Bear right where I want him.


Puppy power!

I got him, Uncle Scoob.



He can't take much more of this.


Trinkets. Get your red
hot beads and trinkets.

Authentic Indian souvenir, sir?



Okay, guys, pull!

It looks like this case
is already wrapped up.

Right in a bear rug.

So the cliff dwellings
aren't haunted after all.

There was never really a
Devil Bear to begin with.

Our first clue was the five
claw marks on the painting.

A real bear would
only leave four.

And the paint on
Shaggy's shirt proved that at

least some of the cave
paintings were fresh.

So someone was making new paintings
to lead you in the wrong direction.

Someone who knew enough about
Indian art to fool even archeologists.

You mean Ranger Brantley?

No, your assistant.

Chuck Hunt.

But he was with us when we all saw
the Devil Bear right here in this room.

But we never
actually saw the bear.

Right. What we heard
was a recorded bear roar.


And the glowing eyes we saw
in the dark were just green lights.

Lights powered
by hidden batteries.

Just the sort of setup that the
dig's electrical expert could rig up.

Then it was Chuck. But why?

He found the treasure and
decided to keep it for himself.

I was gonna be rich.

I figured the phony paintings
would keep you busy...

until the Devil Bear
scared everybody away.

Well, you figured wrong.

Nothing scares me
and my Uncle Scooby.


Thanks, kids. Now everybody will
be able to see the Indian treasures.

Hey, guys, look. A
painting of a rain dance.

Like, everybody knows
that's just superstition.

Yeah. Everybody.

Oh, come on.
Let's give it a try.







And Scrappy-Dappy-Doo too!

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