Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 10 - I Left My Neck in San Francisco - full transcript

The appearance of a hideous Lady Vampire ruins the gang's visit to San Francisco.


SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.





Let me at him. Let me at him.

Let me at him. Let me at him.



Puppy power.


Uncle Scooby?



JACK: Well, folks,
here we are at Alcatraz.

San Francisco's most
famous island prison.

SCRAPPY: Wow, oh,
wow, bring on the crooks.

Me and my uncle
Scooby will splat them.

- Won't we, Uncle Scooby?
- Crooks?

Like, relax, Scoob.

There haven't been any
criminals on Alcatraz for years.

That's right. The
whole island is deserted.



That is, except for the
Lady Vampire of the Bay.

Lady Vampire?

Lady Vampire?

Come on, Sally. You
know that is just a legend.

Oh, now, look what
you've done, young lady.

You've disturbed Daphne
with your vampire tales.

Oh, no, no. I just feel woozy.

Maybe I'm a little seasick.

But I'll be all right.

It's said that ghosts of old
prisoners still haunt their cells.


I think me and Scoob will just wait
outside and watch the weeds grow.


VELMA: Suit yourselves, guys.

Gee, Uncle Scooby.

I bet you wanted to stay outside
so we could look for the vampire.

I do?

I'll check over this way.

Here, vampire.

Relax, Scoob.

Like Jack said,
that's only a legend.

Come out wherever you are.


Aha. There you are.


Puppy power.

- Like, Scrap will never learn, eh, Scoob?
- Yeah.


I got you now. Oof!



Congratulations, Uncle Scooby.

You found the vampire.


BOTH: We did?


BOTH: Yikes!

Like, we did. We did.

One step closer, you
vampire, and I'll splat you.

SHAGGY: Zoinks,
like, run first, splat later.


Can we see Lefty
Callahan's cell?

You mean, the Lefty Callahan?

Who stole the world's largest diamond,
emerald and ruby all in one heist?

That's right. But by
then, Alcatraz was closed.

- So Lefty went to San Quentin instead.
- What about the jewels?

They were never found.

Well, folks, feel free
to wander around.

Velma, have you seen Daphne?

She wasn't feeling well.

Maybe we should look for her.

Where could Daphne be?


I don't know about Daphne, but here
come the guys, in trouble as usual.

But, Uncle Scooby,
the vampire isn't in here.

She's out there.

And with any luck,
we'll keep it that way.

FRED: Hey, you guys, you're
acting like you just saw a ghost.

than a ghost, Fred.

A vampire.

A vampire?


Yes, the Lady
Vampire of the Bay.


Come on, after her.

All right, you vampire.

Come back and
fight like a villain.

VELMA: Too late, she got away.

You guys picked a
great cell to hide in.

It belonged to the
Birdman of Alcatraz.

Perfect for a
couple of chickens.


Like, that's cute,
Velma, real cute.


Ha. Locked yourselves in, huh?

Well, I've got a skeleton key.

And that's all that vampire
will be once I get hold of her.

- Vampire?
- Vampire?

- Didn't you see it?
- No.

Well, I certainly did. And she
gave me the fright of my life.

I saw her disappear that way.

That way, huh?

Okay, Lady Vampire, here I come.

Ready or not.


Puppy power.

BOTH: Oh, no.

Look what I got, Uncle Scooby.

VELMA: You've got Daphne, Scrappy.
- Oh, whoops.

We saw the Lady
Vampire of the Bay.

- Did she pass you?
- I got lost.

I didn't see anyone.

Hey, Scoob, the
vampire has red hair too.

Maybe it's Daphne.



It's getting late.
Time to leave.

What about the vampire?

Ha. Let's hope we
leave her far behind.

My Uncle Scooby is not
gonna like that. He's gonna...



Come on, Scrappy, like,
the tour guide's always right.

Jack, it looks as if one
of your lights is broken.

I guess the red lens
must have fallen out.

Hmm. I wonder.

Remember, part of
your package deal is a

tour of Fisherman's
Wharf later this evening.

Oh, my goodness. I plan to attend
the opera tonight, so I better say no.

And I'm still not feeling well.

I think I'll go right to bed.

Oh, too bad. Fisherman's Wharf
is famous, especially for its food.

- Did you say food?
- Did you say food?

Like, let's not look a gift tour
in the mouth, huh? Ha, ha.

Huh. I guess I've got
some customers after all.

Well, I'll see you
later. Going up?

Look. A reading room.

Maybe we can find some
more information on the vampire.

FRED: Let's see.

Legends of Old San Francisco.

There she is. The Lady
Vampire of the Bay.

That's her, all right. Just
wait until I get my paws on her.

"Like all her
Transylvanian cousins...

the Lady Vampire of the Bay
casts no reflection in a mirror."


This place is giving me the
goose bumps. Come on, Scoob.

Let's wait in the lobby.



- That's better.
- No, worse. Aah!

- It's the vampire.
- Yikes!


I'm warning you.

Do not meddle in my affairs
or it will mean your doom.

SHAGGY: That mirror
is drawing a blank.


Hold her until I get
there, Uncle Scoob.


Puppy power.


FRED: After her.

Where's that vampire?

Nobody does that to
Scrappy-Doo and gets away with it.

I got her. I've got the vampire.

Nice try, Scrappy, but
that's Jack, not the vampire.

It couldn't hurt to check.

Well, I guess you're
right. Not a fang in sight.

What's going on?

Daphne, it was horrible.


Wait a minute, Scoob.

Do you not see what I don't see?

Daphne's not
casting a reflection.



You missed another
appearance by our Lady Vampire.

Vampire? Let's try to
forget about her for a while.

It's time for our tour
of Fisherman's Wharf.

Sally's meeting me
there. Any takers?

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm
still not feeling well.

Daphne, you go back to bed.

And we'll get to the
bottom of this mystery.

- Not us, we're going with you.
- Yes, sir.

Aw, we'll miss the vampire.

Wrong, Scrap, old buddy,
I won't miss her one bit.

- Me neither.
- Hey, let me go upstairs and get my coat.

Like, we can't wait.
We'll meet you there.

But, Uncle Scooby,
we're leaving the vampire.

Uncle Scooby,
you're not listening.

Wow, what's with this place?

I'm not sure, Fred.

But it's very interesting.

Sure is foggy.

I think I might like Fisherman's
Wharf if I could see it.



Excuse me.

Help! Vampire!

Vampire. Aah! Help!

Gee, thanks for
leaving him for me, guys.

All right, vampire,
say your prayers.

I must've paralyzed
him with fear.

"San Francisco Wax Museum."

This time we were lucky, Scoob.

But next time,
we'll be prepared.

Hey, what's it
gonna be, funny guy?

One giant-size garlic
pizza, heavy on the garlic.

How heavy?

Like, uh, does that answer
your question, friend?

Well, if this doesn't keep
the vampire away, nothing will.

Shaggy, you can't fight
vampires with garlic.

- You gotta give them a left and a right...
- We'll see about that, Scrappy.

Right, Scoob? I think it's time
we tested our anti-vampire breath.

- Shaggy, we did it.
- Right, Scoob.

We're vampire-proof.


Hey, wasn't that Daphne?

Let's catch up with her.
It's dangerous out in this fog.

- Right.
- Like, she could run into a vampire.

she do that for us?

Looks like Daphne's
cutting through Chinatown.

Hey. Hey, we better
catch up with her.

SCOOBY: Daphne.

Daphne, you're
going the wrong way.

You might run into the vampire.


You fool, I am the vampire.


I am the Vampire of the Bay.


Like, we are the
cowards of the year.



I've been waiting for this.

SHAGGY: Like, waiting
is all the fun, Scrappy.

Let's wait a few more years.

SHAGGY & SCOOBY: Whoa! Whoa!

Don't worry, Uncle
Scooby. I'll take care of her.

Okay, vampire, put them
up and prepare to splat.

Hey, let me out.


Something tells me there's
more here than meets the eye.

Look at this, Velma.

Fresh paint.

The color of the lobby, but the walls
are dry, so where did it come from?

Hmm. I wonder.

MAN: Help! It's the
Lady Vampire of the Bay.

Quick. Now is our chance.


That way.


Jinkies, it is the Lady Vampire.

And she's disappeared again.

FRED: Velma, she's
stolen one of the tiger's eyes.

But why? It's only green glass.

Maybe. And the boat lens
was supposedly only red glass.

I have a hunch she's after the missing
jewels from the Lefty Callahan job.

Then we've got to find her. It looks
like she's headed toward the hotel.

Let's go.

SCRAPPY: Boy, wait
till I get my paws on her.

I'm gonna get that vampire
if it's the last thing I do.

Like, I think Scrappy's inside, Scoob.
Maybe we should leave him in there, huh?

SCRAPPY: I heard that.


Only kidding, old
Scrap, old pal, old buddy.


What kept you guys?
And where's that vampire?

Sorry, Scrappy, I
guess we lost her.

No, we didn't. There she is.


Good idea, Uncle
Scooby. It's faster this way.


Puppy power.


Lucky for us, it's a dead end.



Yeah, lucky for us.

Fools. You can't stop me.

Oh, yeah? Well, you're gonna need
wings to get away from my Uncle Scooby.

Like, I think she's got
them, Scrappy. Bat wings.



SCRAPPY: Hey, that
bat's flying into our hotel.

Let's get it.

Li... Like, let's not.

Say, maybe Daphne
could help us look.

But if Daphne's the vampire,
that's not the kind of help we need.


I'll see if she's up.

Zoinks, she's not
only up, she's flying.

Hi, guys. The vampire
gave us the slip again.

- Have you seen anything?
- Like, not exactly, but...


- Don't go in there.
- Why?

See, it's only Daphne.

But if the vampire turned into a
bat, and the bat turned into Daphne...

then Daphne must be the...

I know, I know.

If your hunch is right,
Velma, all the missing

jewels have been
hidden in plain sight.

The vampire's beaten us
to the ruby and the emerald.

But where would the diamond be?

I have a hunch. Scooby
and I will check out Denver.

But the diamond
couldn't be there.

- Right.
- Like, neither could the vampire. Ha, ha.

Wait. That poster.

Unless I miss my guess...

the vampire's next appearance will
be at the San Francisco Opera House.

The opera house doesn't
open until tomorrow.

No one's inside.

- Like, why don't we just keep it that way.
- Yeah.

That's my Uncle
Scooby, always kidding.

I know you guys can't wait
to find that vampire again.

Oh, boy.

We'll head upstairs.

You guys check down here.

You see the
vampire, just holler.

Are you kidding?
You'll hear us for miles.

Come on, guys.

Let's find a safe dressing room
and sit this performance out.



Hmm, I think I'll
check backstage.

Wow, oh, wow, what a
perfect place for a Scrappy trap.

You make a striking
Viking, Scoob.


Thanks, Shaggy.

Now, to find a costume for me.

Nice costume, Shaggy.



Nice fangs.

Psst. Scoob, that isn't me.

It isn't? Shaggy?



Sounds like my Uncle
Scooby's flushed out the vampire.

Wait till she hits my trip cord.

Looks like we gave the
vampire the old slip-a-roo, Scoob.


I got her, I got her. Whoops.


SCRAPPY: Hey, what are
you guys doing in my trap?

That's what we'd like to know.

I'll have you down in a jiffy.

I think I'm getting
the hang of it.

Not like we are, Scrap.

Jinkies, the vampire.


collection is complete.

We've got to stop her.

Maybe this one.



SCOOBY: Scrappy.

VELMA: We've got her.
- Hey, all right.

FRED: Now raise the cell so
we can find out who she really is.

SCRAPPY: Oops, I think
that was the light switch.

I was right.

Jinkies, the vampire's gone.

What's going on here?

I saw the lights inside the
opera house and stopped to look.

And I heard noises from in here.

So did I.

BOTH: Yikes, Daphne.

I'm glad you're all here because
one of you is the vampire.

SALLY: My, you're kidding.

And also a crook...

responsible for the theft of the
giant diamond, emerald and ruby...

originally stolen
by Lefty Callahan.

The ruby was hidden in the boat
light. The emerald, in the tiger's eye.

And the diamond, in the
chandelier. Right, Fred?

But who's the vampire?

VELMA: I figured that out when I
saw the opera was closed tonight.

Mrs. Cornell couldn't go to Fisherman's
Wharf because she was coming to the opera.

Which she did...

as the vampire.


- Yikes! FRED: Relax, Scoob.

She's not really a vampire.

But, like, she didn't have a
reflection in the mirror, Fred.

When I noticed the mirror
frames were different...

one with eagles and one without,
I realized there were two mirrors.

And the paint I found told us
one of them was a fresh painting...

that the vampire switched when the lights
went out so that she wouldn't reflect.

Then who is she?

VELMA: The only person who would
know where Lefty Callahan hid the jewels.

Lefty Callahan.

SHAGGY: Like, Lefty is a girl?

But we thought
Daphne was the vampire.

- Right.
- What about the bat in her room?

Lefty released it in the alley.

And the bat flew into
Daphne's window because

it was the only
dark one in the hotel.

Bats hate light.

Daphne was probably
getting a drink of water...

when you looked the first time, and
the bat flew out when she came back in.

Like, we're sorry, we thought
you were the vampire, Daphne.

Do you feel better now, Daphne?

I sure do. Thanks, Scrappy.

The only thing left to find...

is right here: The
missing jewels.

Well, I guess we
wrapped up another one.

- Right, Uncle Scooby?
- Yeah.



Gee, Uncle Scooby, you'll do
anything to make me laugh, won't you?




And Scrappy-Dappy-Doo.

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