Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 11 - When You Wish Upon a Star Creature - full transcript

A strange alien entity terrifies crowds at a famed observatory's Laser Light Show, and uncovers some mysterious goings-on at the place.



SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.





Let me at him. Let me at him.

Let me at him. Let me at him.



Puppy power!



Uncle Scooby?





Evening, Professor Spaulding.

The Lazerlight Show sure
packs the crowd in, doesn't it?

What was that, George?

You're here earlier than
usual, aren't you, professor?

And with good reason: I've
just discovered a new star.

Excuse me. I've
gotta check the charts.

And, uh, don't let anybody into
the observatory room. Okay?

Sure, professor.

Wow, what a telescope.

Who couldn't spot
a new star with this?


What's that? What's happening?

a creature of the stars.

Here to claim the
Earth as my own.

MAN: No.


VELMA: I'm so excited about seeing
the Greenfield Observatory telescope.

It's supposed to be the most
powerful telescope ever built.

Next to mine, Velma.

I could see creatures
on the moon with this.

Ha, ha.

- Wanna have a look, Uncle Scooby?
- Sure. Ha, ha.

Careful. It's
pretty frightening.

Yikes. It's is a monster.

SCRAPPY: Boy, I fooled
you, Uncle Scooby. Ha, ha.

It was only a little spider.

Aw, but I bet you knew that all
along, didn't you, Uncle Scooby?

Spider? Uh...

Yeah. Ha, ha.

DAPHNE: Are we
almost there, Fred?

It should be just around
the curve, Daphne.

MAN: There's a creature.


SHAGGY: Zoinks,
like, what's going on?

DAPHNE: Something
about a Star Creature?

That's what it sounded like.

Oh, and we've hit a rock.

Well, I think we can
make it to the parking lot.

Like, what was that
about a Star Creature?

Now, you're talking.

My Uncle Scooby and I
will give him a left and a right.

Right, Uncle Scooby?


Well, that's it.
End of the line.

We've gotta get out of here.

But who knows what's
behind these doors?

There's only one
way to find out.

Zoinks, ha, ha! It's
the Star Creature.

Okay, Star Creature.
Prepare to see stars.


Puppy power.

- Wait, I'm no...
- Got you now.

Where you on the night of,
whatever night it was, huh?

You gonna talk, or
do I have to get rough?

Scrappy, that's
no Star Creature.

I'm Professor Spaulding.

Professor Spaulding,
eh? I bet that's an alien.

You mean an alias?

Nope. I mean, alien.
Like in "Star Creature."

You've got it all wrong.

I'm an astronomer
here at the observatory.

I'm leaving because
of that creature that

apparently came from
a star I just discovered.

From a star?

You mean, like, down
through your telescope?


And I'd advise you to leave
too. For your own good.

You can't scare us off.

We're not running,
are we, Uncle Scooby?


Like, we're fixing this
tire and driving away.


You guys do whatever you want.

We're going to
investigate this mystery.

SCRAPPY: Come on, Uncle
Scooby. We got us a mystery.


Boy, that old Star Creature
will be sorry he ever ran into us.



Puppy power.

Uncle Scooby? Where
are you, Uncle Scooby?

I know this must be part of some
brilliant plan to catch the Star Creature.

But even I can't
figure this one out.


Don't try, Scrappy.
Don't even try.

DAPHNE: Jeepers. Look
at the size of this telescope.

There's probably nothing
you couldn't see with this.

VELMA: This equipment must
direct the angle of the telescope.

But why isn't it pointed
up toward the sky?

are you kids doing in here?


Coming in here, messing
with my telescope.

FRED: But we didn't touch the
controls. That's how we found them.

There. That should
take care of it.

Jinkies, is that the star
Professor Spaulding discovered?

GREENFIELD: That's right.

And we're naming it
Greenfield 12-B. After me.

You are the Mr. Greenfield
of Greenfield Observatory?

Correct, and I would appreciate it if
you would leave the way you came in.

Looks like we'll
have to work fast.

- Just a little higher, Scrappy.
- Okay, Shaggy.

Whoops, gee, let
me try that again.

- Scrappy, wait.
- Like, not so fast.


- Zoinks! SCOOBY:
It's the Star Creature.

Hey, the Star Creature.


Puppy power.

Grab him, Scoob.




- Yikes!
- You did it, Uncle Scooby.

You got the Star Creature
right where we want him.


And double:


SHAGGY: Uh, excuse me, sir.

I'm from the Dollar A
Day rent-a-maid service,

here to show you a
sample of our work. Ha, ha.


We hear you're new in town,
sir, and might need our services.

Oh, dear, dust everywhere.

Lucky we made it in time, sir.

Now, just a little dust here
and a little dust there. Ha, ha.



On second thought,
we don't do windows.


This is interesting. Look here.

VELMA: "Made by
Star Laboratories."

Hmm. I think we
have our next clue.

Next clue? What
was the first one?

I'll explain on the way to
Star Laboratories. Come on.

Shaggy, Scooby.
What's the matter?

Like, we just saw a star.

A star? But there
are billions of them.

Yeah, but how many of them jump
out at you from the bushes? Oh!


Boy, you should have seen the way
my Uncle Scooby jumped right on him.

- He was terrific.
- Ha, ha.

Now, where exactly did
you see this Star Creature?

There he is.


Puppy power!

- Scrappy.
- Oh, no. It'll be awful for him.

Right. Poor Scrappy.

I was talking about
the Star Creature.

Yeah. Poor creature. Ha, ha.

SCRAPPY: I got him good
this time, Uncle Scooby.

Ruf! Oh, boy, oh,
boy. Scrappy-Doo.

I did get him, didn't
I, Uncle Scooby?

What's going on here?

We're sorry, sir. Scrappy
thought you were someone else.

The name is Grime. Hank Grime.

Does the name Star Creature
ring a bell, huh? Does it?

Oh, so that's what you're after.

I heard what happened tonight.

Take some friendly advice,
and get out of this park.

There's a bad feeling about it.

- Like, I know the feeling.
- Me too.

I gotta be moving along now.

If you're smart,
you'll do the same.

I think he's right. Let's go.

You're kidding? We're
leaving. We're leaving, huh?

- Hey, terrific.
- Hooray.

I think we'll learn some more
about this mystery at Star Laboratory.

FRED: Star Laboratories.
Everybody out.

SHAGGY: Like, at least "everybody"
doesn't include that Star Creature.

Right, but don't worry, Uncle
Scooby. We'll find him again.

Wait right there.

Uh, we'd like to speak to
someone in charge here.

Sorry, nobody goes in.
Too many thefts lately.

You mean, there have
been a lot of break-ins?

Not exactly, but we
deal in top secrets.

And they've been turning
up in the wrong hands.

Scrappy, come back.

Scoob, you can't go in there.

But if nobody's broken in,
how do the secrets get out?

Well, that's what
we'd like to know.


Hi, Uncle Scooby. No clues
in here, but we'll keep looking.

Scooby, we can't
get caught in here.


Zoinks, it looks like
we are caught in here.

It's about time we met up again.

Come on, and take
your splat, like a villain.


Prepare to meet your doom.


No. Oh, no. No,
we can't do it now.

We've got tickets to the Bee
Gees concert tomorrow. Yeah.

Can you catch us next
week sometime, please?

You can't scare
us, Star Creature.

I'll crack you into
a million pieces.

I think that'll be more like
seven years bad luck, Scrappy.



STAR CREATURE: There you are.

- Zoinks!
- Oops!


- Run.
- It's the Star Creature.

If we hurry, we could catch him.

If we don't hurry, ha,
ha, he can catch us.

DAPHNE: There he goes now.

JACOB: I don't believe it.
FRED: He is heading for the hills.

Not just the hills, Fred.
Look, Greenfield Observatory.

SHAGGY: Like, I've got a feeling
we're going back up there, Scoob.

Yeah? Why?

Oh, I don't know.
It's just a feeling.


Puppy power.

FRED: With the main entrance locked,
the only way to the telescope is this door.

The Lazerlight Show room.

Sounds like their
lasers need oil.

Jeepers, I can hardly see.

Maybe this is the Lazerdark
Show? Huh? Ha, ha.

Yeah. I almost can't see
the Star Creature over there.

ALL: Star Creature.

FRED: It is him.


starting the light show.

There's too much light.

Lucky that a Scooby
Scout is always prepared.

Star Creature, your
twinkling days are over.


Puppy power.

I've got the lights, guys.

SCRAPPY: And I've got
part of a Star Creature.

What did you find, Scrappy?

- Yipes! FRED: It
looks like a strobe light.

Probably part of the light show.

With a belt attached? Hmm.

- You again.
- Sorry, Mr. Greenfield.

But we're starting to make
some sense of this mystery.

- We are?
- "Space-suit exhibit."

Well, it couldn't
hurt to check it out.

Is Professor
Spaulding still around?

I don't know. He's been working longer
hours since he discovered the new star.


There he is, Scoob.

But we're all leaving early lately
because of the Star Creature.

Still, you might check
the observatory room.

If he's here, that's where
you'll find him. Good night.

- Scrappy. SHAGGY:
Scrappy, where are you?


Hi, Uncle Scooby.

- Oh, it's just Scrappy.
- Like, right, Scoob.

It's just Scrap. Ha, ha.

[IN UNISON] The Star Creature.


Grab Scrappy and let's
get out of here, Scoob.

- Right.
- Oh, boy. It's him.

Let me at him.
Just let me at him.

SHAGGY: Not that,
Scoob. That's the jetpack.

Oh, no.

that, Star Creature.

And that and this.
And one of those.


- Like, we gotta do something, Scooby.
- Here he comes.

Help. Yipes!

Guide him this way,
Scoob. I'll save you.

BOTH: Help.

Well, no sign of
Professor Spaulding.

But look at the digital reading.

It's back where it was.

But what could anybody
see at that angle?

Let's find out.



SHAGGY: Like, come
on, Scoob. Pull us up.

How did you get out there?

You wouldn't believe
us if we told you, Fred.

My settings. You've
changed my settings.

Professor Spaulding, wait.
Scrappy's still out there.


SHAGGY: You catch him,
Scoob. He's your nephew.


Look, Uncle Scooby. I'm flying.

Hey, neat. I could see
everything from up here.

Now, where's that Star Creature?

Come on out and prepare
to splat, Star Creature.

Shh, shh.

SCOOBY: Yikes!

That's great, Uncle Scooby.

You found us a real
soft spot to land in.




Uncle Scooby, that
could be the Star Creature.

I know. I know.

- Oops.
- I get it, Uncle Scooby.

We're luring him out into the woods so
we could give him a double-splat, right?

Uh, sure. Ha, ha.


- Uh-oh. SCRAPPY:
It worked. He's here.


Puppy power.

Scrappy, no.

SCRAPPY: All right, Star Creature.
You've haunted your last bush.

It's lights out for you.

I got him, Uncle
Scooby. I really got him.


Star Creature? Ha, ha.

Well, I thought I got him.







Uncle Scooby. Psst.

I know you know what
you're doing, Uncle Scoob.

But I think that's
one mean bear.


He's so brave, attacking
a wild bear like that.

SCOOBY: Yikes, help.

Boy, is that bear in trouble.


Go get him, Unc. Give
him a left and a right and a...

- Yipes.
- Are you through with him, Uncle Scooby?

Yep, I guess my Uncle
Scooby took care of that bear.

Wait for me.

Shaggy, Velma, Daphne.

Well, that finishes my work.

Well, we'll just, uh, wait for our
friends and let ourselves out. Thanks.

What are you doing, Velma?

VELMA: Just checking
something out for myself.

Scoob, we've been
worried about you.

Any sign of the
Star Creature, huh?

No, but this sign is certainly
interesting. Star Laboratories.


has come to teach you a lesson.

Yeah? Well, how about
a lesson in addition.

Star Creature plus
Scrappy equals splat.

Like, stay back.

Shaggy, you've hit
the telescope controls.

Everybody, duck.


We've got to do something.

- I vote for running.
- Me too.


You've got him on the
run now, Uncle Scooby.

Hey, look. A falling star.

Who's in here? You
captured the Star Creature?

That's amazing.

That's because my
Uncle Scooby is amazing.


Of course, it isn't
really a Star Creature.

When I noticed the telescope kept
being reset to point toward the city...

I realized something was up.

And this strobe light we found
told us the creature was a phony.

Using equipment from the Lazerlight
Show to create his Star Creature outfit.

But like, what was he after?

The guard at Star Laboratories
told us there had been no break-ins.

But that secrets
were getting out.

And everything
clicked into place.

The telescope was pointing
right at the windows of Star Labs.

SHAGGY: Like, that's how
the secrets were getting out.

So who is this character?

The only person, who had free access
to both the telescope and the laser show.

Mr. Greenfield himself.

Boy, you ought to be
ashamed of yourself.


When Professor Spaulding
discovered the new star...

and began working longer hours,
well, that upset Greenfield's plan.

And he had to find a way to
scare him and everyone away.

Meddling kids.

And dogs. Don't forget
the meddling dogs.

Right. Ha, ha.

DAPHNE: Isn't the
sky beautiful tonight?

VELMA: Look, everybody.
A real falling star.

Do falling stars really fall?

Oh, Scrappy. That's
just an expression.

Oh! Of course, I could be wrong.

Yeah. Scooby-Dooby-Doo. Ha, ha.



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