Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Sorcerer's a Menace - full transcript

The group investigates when a magician's ghost steals a priceless pearl.

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SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.





Let me at him. Let me at him.

Let me at him. Let me at him.



Puppy power!


Uncle Scooby?



DAPHNE: Jeepers, how exciting,
the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Just the place for opening a
new hotel and a magic show.




Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

Now, for my next illusion...

the lovely Lorraine will choose
two volunteers from the audience.

Hear that, Scoob?

Like, nobody's gonna get
us to volunteer for any magic.

Volunteer, uh, for magic?


SCRAPPY: Did you say
"volunteer," Uncle Scoob?

Oh, boy. I'll get her over
here for you right now.


A Scooby Scout
is always prepared.

Like, he is your nephew,
Scoob, but I'll get him for this.

Me too.

- Huh?
- Oh, boy, here she comes now.

Here they are,
our two volunteers.


If you'll just follow me.

You can thank me
later, Uncle Scoob.

Now we need an
object of great value...

like the famous black
pearl of Tonga Lei...

which has been on
display in the hotel lobby.

And now to make the
black pearl disappear.

SCOOBY: Disappear?

- Relax, Scoob, it's only a trick.
- Oh, sure.


Like, I hope.

Not even Morgan can open
that box without both these keys.

And now for my most
dazzling illusion...


No, Morgan. It's my illusion,
the one you stole from me.

MORGAN: It's the ghost of my
old teacher, The Great Haldayne.

- Ghost?
- Ghost?

From this time on, all your
attempts at magic will be cursed.

Beginning with the black pearl.

No magical ghost can play
tricks on me and my Uncle Scooby.


Puppy power!

Huh? Where'd he go?


MAN 1: Let's get out
of here! MAN 2: Help!

SCRAPPY: That ghost has
gotta be around here somewhere...

but he's not under here.

What could the ghost of
The Great Haldayne do to me?

LORRAINE: Well, for starters, it
could scare away all our audience.

Your assistant's right.

VELMA: It looks like the
show's over, for tonight, anyway.

Then I guess we'd better return
the black pearl to the security guard.

May I have the keys, please?

Like, you bet. We wouldn't wanna
come between you and that ghost.

SCRAPPY: Oh, yes, we would.

I'll bet he's hiding
inside that box.

Come on out, you fraidy-ghost.

MORGAN: Oh, no.
The pearl, it's gone.

Of course it is. That's
part of the trick, isn't it?

Not this time.

This false bottom was
supposed to hide the pearl.

My magic tricks
are merely illusions.

Oh, yeah? We'll see about that.

Hey, he's right.

There's nothing inside this
box except little pieces of wood.

Not quite, Scrappy.
Look at this gray powder.

MORGAN: It's just ordinary dust.


I've got to report this
to the hotel manager.

He's not gonna like the idea of
a ghost stealing the black pearl.

All this talk about ghosts
is making me nervous.

I'm going back to my room.

Like, great idea.

Why don't we all do
that before Fred says...?

We'd like to stay and
look around a while.

Too late. Well,
Scooby, we tried.


I hope you find something.

If word of this gets out,
my career will be ruined.

VELMA: We'll go backstage and
look for clues to that disappearing pearl.

And we'll check out the boardwalk
for some disappearing food.



Good thinking, even
ghosts have to eat sometime.

- Look, Scoob, a saltwater taffy booth.
- Taffy? Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum.

But where's the ghost?

Uh, let's concentrate on more
important things, like this bag of taffy.

Nothing up my sleeve.

And faster than
you can say... Huh?


thanks, Uncle Scoob.

SCOOBY: Uh-oh.


Hey, Scoob, wait for us!

Oh, you...

Nice going, Uncle Scooby,
you found the ghost.

I did?

But I warn you, my
magic is powerful.

Meddle in my affairs and you
will disappear like the pearl.


Come on, Uncle Scooby. That
ghost isn't gonna get away from us.

- He's not? SHAGGY: Aah!

There he is. We
got him this time.

Like, why does he
always have to say "we"?

SCRAPPY: Come on out,
ghost, we're onto your tricks.

I'll put an end
to your meddling.

- Shaggy, look.
- Look at what, Scoob?

FRED: Hey, what's
going on in here?

[WHIMPERING] The ghost.

That's not a ghost.

It's just a piece of
cloth. I'll show you.


See? There's no ghost here.

No, but there is over there.


Puppy power!

I got him, Uncle Scoob. I
got that mean old ghost.

don't think so, Scrappy.

No? He sure looks
like a mean old...

Magician, you
little troublemaker.

Conrad the Conjurer,
at your service.

My card.

Are you gonna put me down peacefully,
or do I have to get tough with you?

Your wish is my command.

That's more like it.

VELMA: The show's
over, Mr. Conrad.

- What are you doing here now?
- That's what I'd like to know.

And so would I.

Conrad has another magic
show down the boardwalk.

And we've been
cutting into his business.

Ah. Your show may be
flashier, but my magic's better.

We can discuss that outside,
away from my special equipment.

Trade secrets have a way
of ending up in your pockets.

We'd better get back
to looking for clues.

Shaggy, you and Scooby
check the dressing room.

Right, Velma. We're on our way.


Sure, when was the last time you
heard of a ghost who changed his clothes?

Oh, yeah.


- I don't get it.
- Looks like we're safe, Scoob...

nothing in here but
Morgan's magic wand.


- Hey, look, I'm a magician.
- Right, Shaggy.


No, you're not. Look...

the top turns over to make
the fishbowl disappear.

- It's just a trick.
- Gee, thanks for telling me.

Like, I feel better already.

Well, magic or not, I'll say
one thing for this room...

at least it doesn't
have any ghosts, huh?

Right, Shaggy. No...


Oh, boy, Uncle Scoob.
We got that ghost this time.

Now you'll pay
for your meddling.


GHOST: Oh, you...


Have a nice day.


GHOST: I'll get you this time.

There he goes,
Uncle Scoob. Let's...

Looks like the
ghost is clear. Get it?

The ghost is clear, huh?


Maybe he's hiding in here.



SCOOBY: Yikes!

Hey, where we going, guys?

We got a ghost to splat.

It's an old family motto, Scrappy.
Like, he who turns and runs away...

lives to splat another day!

Well, here it is,
Morgan's dressing room.

I thought Shaggy and
the dogs were in here.

- From the looks of things, they
were. DAPHNE: Wow, what a mess.

Looks like the only thing they didn't
touch was Morgan's gold pendant.

Let me take a look at that.

DAPHNE: Jeepers, it's musical.




Okay, Scoob, I think
we're safe out here.

Wow, oh, wow!

Stand back, everybody.

I'm gonna splat those
monsters good. Ha, ha.

Ruff and double-ruff.
I got them all.

Right, Scrappy,
all but that one.

I've got you now.


I'll teach you to interfere
with The Great Haldayne.

Oh, yeah?

Well, me and my Uncle Scooby
will teach you a few things.

Like, maybe later, Scrappy.


Much later.


Like, man the lifeboats.
Women and cowards first.

Phew. That glowing ghost
will never find us in the dark.

- Right, guys? SCOOBY:
You said it, Shaggy.


Right, Scrappy? Scrappy? Uh-oh.



Nice work, Uncle Scoob. We
got that old ghost surrounded.

Scrappy? Scrappy.

All right, ghost,
prepare to splat.

Ah, just the place. Ahem. Sorry,
sir, you'll have to step aside.


Now if you'll just hold this,
sir. Little higher, please.

That's it. Ready, Scoob?

Oh, you...

Hold it, everybody. Smile.

Like, I guess we left that
old ghost behind us this time.

Then how did he get
ahead of us again?


SCOOBY: Uh-oh.

Puppy power!


Help! Like, get
me out of this thing!

SCOOBY: Me too.

That magical mystery ghost
must be responsible for this.

Don't worry, Uncle Scoob. I'll
put you back together again.

Jeepers. What's
going on in here?

It's Scrappy, Scooby and Shaggy.

VELMA: Or Scrappy,
Shaggy and Scooby.

- Like, thanks, Velma, we
needed that. SCOOBY: You said it.

Me and Uncle Scoob are
hot on the trail of that ghost.

- Right, Uncle Scoob?
- Uh, right. Uh, pounce.


If that ghost is in here...

we'd better split up and
search high and low for it.

Then we'll search high for a change.
Like, maybe that lighting booth.

It looks like a good place to
keep us out of trouble, anyway.

SCRAPPY: Hey, look at that view.
You could see everything from up here.

SHAGGY: Zoinks! SCOOBY: Yikes!

Well, maybe not everything. I still
can't see that pearl-stealing ghost.

- Like, who's complaining?
- Uh, not me.


Well, Scoob, as
long as we're here...

we might as well look
over this lighting equipment.


Shaggy, look, the ghost.

I don't see any ghost, Scoob.
It must be your imagination.



It's my imagination?


- What is it this time, Scoob?
- Oh, nothing.

Wow, oh, wow, Uncle Scoob.
Oh, boy, you're pretty brave...

to call a ghost nothing.

- Ghost?
- Ghost?

We've got him
this time for sure.


Jinkies. It's Haldayne's ghost.

Now maybe we can find out
what's going on around here.

SCRAPPY: Puppy power!

Hey, come back here.

How can Haldayne's ghost
just disappear like that?


SCRAPPY: I got you now.

always gets his ghost.

VELMA: Sorry to disappoint you, Scrappy,
but you've caught Morgan's assistant.

The lovely Lorraine is
the ghost? Shame on you.

I'm not the ghost,
you cute little pup.

Cute little pup? Yuck!

I just came back to figure out how
Morgan does the disappearing tiger trick.

MORGAN: Conrad the
Conjurer was bad enough...

but now even my own
assistant is spying on me.

I'm afraid I'll have to
ask you all to leave.

Did someone say "leave"?
Like, now you're talking.

Scoob and I can be packed and
ready to go before you can say...


You see what I mean?
Ha, ha. So let's go.

We'll just have to look
for clues on the boardwalk.

DAPHNE: Jeepers. Now we'll
never get to the bottom of this mystery.

Maybe we will after all.

This is all beginning
to make sense now.

SCOOBY: It is?

VELMA: I think we can put an end
to Haldayne's ghost with my plan...

and the help of
this glassblower.

SHAGGY: Like, what about us?
VELMA: I'll need your help too.

Boy, I had to ask.

It looks like the black
pearl is back on display.

I'll bet that's a surprise
to Haldayne's ghost.

Now, you two know what to do.

Right, when the
ghost steps on that X...

we lower the cage over
him and run like cowards.

- Right, Shaggy.
- Well, half right, anyway.

How could those
meddling kids find the pearl?

It's still here.

But how?

VELMA: That's what
we wanted to ask you.

Now you will pay
for your interference.


Puppy power!

We got you now, you
pearl-napping ghost, you. Hey.

You're wrong, my little
friend, it is I who have you.

Now to reclaim the black pearl
and disappear for the last time.

SHAGGY: Get that ball.
- Hey, hey, hey.


- Hey. Hey.
- Hey, hey, hey.


All right. Jump ball.


I got it. I got it.

Thank you.

Well, it looks like we've
locked up this case.

Thanks to my Uncle Scooby.


Aw, shucks.

Nice work, kids.

But where did you find
another black pearl?

The same place Haldayne's
ghost did, on the boardwalk...

at the glassblower's booth.

Our clue was the gray
powder in the bottom of the box.

Right. It wasn't dust at all,
but tiny fragments of glass.


We realized that the real pearl
had been replaced by a glass copy.

And only one person
could have made the switch.

- Morgan the Magician.
- Huh?

But, like, Morgan was on-stage
when the ghost appeared.

That had us fooled too.

Until we saw you in the
lighting booth and realized...

that that ghost was
just a projection.

- Then how did the pearl get
out of the box? FRED: It didn't.

This is getting
really confusing.

This is what happened to
the glass pearl in the box.

Morgan hid the real pearl in
his robe until after the show.

He figured no one
would suspect him...

if everybody in the audience
thought it was Haldayne's ghost.

And I would've gotten away with
it if it wasn't for you meddling kids.

All right, come on, you.

SCRAPPY: Ruff and double-ruff.

That was a pretty neat trick.

Like, it sure works on glass,
but what about something solid?




VELMA: Does that
answer your question?


And Scrappy-Dappy-Doo too.


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