Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 15 - Lock the Door, It's a Minotaur! - full transcript

On a Greek island, the gang confronts a terrifying mythological Minotaur.

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SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?
- Yikes!

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.





Let me at him. Let me at him.

Let me at him. Let me at him.



Puppy power!



Uncle Scooby?




MAN: Hurry. The sun is setting.

Quick, get off the streets.

Please, Irene. This is
no time to be stubborn.


MAN: We have got
to get out of here...

before the Minotaur wakes up.

Ahh! No! Too late.


It is the Minotaur.

I have returned
to claim this island.


The night belongs to me.


VELMA: Oh, Helos at sundown.

DAPHNE: The most beautiful
Greek island of them all.

Like, that yacht isn't
bad either, eh, Scoob?


It belongs to Lord Silvertree.

He comes here every
year from England.

Well, if the island's good enough
for him, I'm sure we'll enjoy our stay.

Jinkies, where's our luggage?

- I don't know.
- Me neither.

Don't worry, Uncle Scooby.
I've got everything under control.


Zoinks! Well, maybe not
everything, Scrappy. What was that?


SAILOR: The Minotaur of Helos.

I'm getting out of here.

And we're getting into here.

Me and my Uncle
Scooby aren't afraid of you.

SCOOBY: Oh, yes, we are.

I warn you, leave my
island or meet your doom.

SCRAPPY: Give me some
room and I'll show you some doom.

Hey. Let go. Let go.

Easy, Scrappy. The
Minotaur is gone.

- Gone?
- Gone?

That's okay, Velma.

I'll find that Minotaur and I'll give him
a left and I'll give that Minotaur a right.

And just one question.

What's a Minotaur?

It's an ancient creature
that's half man and half bull.

Like, say no more, Velma.
I'm half man and half chicken.

Me too.


Until now, I thought
he was only a myth.

Well, he's one monster
I'll be happy to myth.


Myth, ha-ha-ha.

Myth? Ooh.


That's a good one, Shaggy.

FRED: We'd better get into town.

VELMA: Right, Fred.

Let's find out what's
going on around here.

Wow, this place
sure looks deserted.

The Minotaur must have
scared everyone into hiding.

Well, he didn't scare me.
And I'm gonna find him.

Like, we better catch Scrappy
before the Minotaur does.

Okay, you Minotaur, come
on out and fight like a monster.

Like, we've gotta quiet
Scrappy down for our own good.

Right, Shaggy.

Oh, no, Scoob. You
released the brake.


Great work, Uncle Scooby.

We'll find that monster
a lot faster this way.

We're coming to get you.



- Scrappy?
- I'm okay, Uncle Scooby.

That monster can't
hide from Scrappy-Doo.

Like, remember, Scrappy,
it's finders keepers.

You find him, you keep him.

Gee, Uncle Scooby, if
the Minotaur isn't in here...

he must be out there.

Oh, boy, that's the best
news I've heard all day.

Heh-heh-heh, me too.

congratulations, guys.

Oh, no. Don't tell us, the
Minotaur's right behind us.


Yeah. Please.

The Minotaur is
right behind you.

Yikes, like, we asked
you not to tell us that.



minute, Uncle Scooby.

We're running the wrong
way. The Minotaur is over here.

SHAGGY: Do something, Scoob.

SCRAPPY: There he is.


Puppy power!

MAN: What are you doing?

Hey, you're not the
Minotaur. Are you?

Like, you'll have to
forgive Scrappy, he's only...


Hey, what's going on?

My olives!

Who are you?

Petros Skouras.

I own the taverna in
town and the olive groves.

SILVERTREE: And you are
careless with both, Petros.

Lord Silvertree.

My yacht's leaving for
England in the morning.

And my shipment of
olives had better be on it.

But the Minotaur...

Bah! That's just ancient
nonsense. Now get to work.

Gee, his yacht's a
lot nicer than he is.

Wait, Petros. I wanna ask you...

I cannot talk now.

Hmm, let's find the taverna.

Like, that's more like it.

I'd like to ask Petros some
questions about the Minotaur.

I was afraid she'd say that.

It looks closed. We'll just have to
stay out here and look for the Minotaur.

PETROS: Who's there?
- Scooby.

PETROS: Scooby who?



And Scrappy-Doo too.

Quick. Come inside.

thought you'd never ask.

Safe at last, eh, Scoob?

- Shaggy.
- Huh?

Oh, no. It's him again.

SCOOBY: The Minotaur.

Permit me to introduce
my friend, Nick Pappas.


NICK: Hello.

Nick works on Lord
Silvertree's yacht.

Yeah, during my summer
vacations from art school.

But this year, it's
been no vacation.

Because of the Minotaur?

Oh, yes. Our ancient
legends prophesied...

that this monster would rise from
his ruined temple to rule the night.

And he has. We're all terrified.

It sounds like we stumbled
onto a great mystery.

You're right. Let's take a look at
the Minotaur's temple right away.

Ruff and double ruff.

We're gonna take on
that half-man and half-bull.

Which half do you
want, Uncle Scooby?


DAPHNE: Jinkies, it's
dark in here. Stay close.

SHAGGY: Don't worry.

I know you're in here, Minotaur.

Come out with your hooves up.

Excuse me.


SHAGGY: Zoinks!

FRED: Relax, guys.

It's only a stone Minotaur
carved onto this throne.


Like, just testing you,
Fred. We knew it all along.

Sure. All along. Heh-heh-heh.

VELMA: Let's check
down this passageway.

SCRAPPY: And we'll lead the way.

Right, Uncle Scooby?

Uncle Scoob?


Uncle Scooby.

Come on, Scoob. Make your O.

I'm thinking, Shaggy.

Boy, my Uncle Scooby's plans to capture
these monsters gets better all the time.

- Will you hurry it up, Scoob?
- Okay.

Hey, I won.

Like, I think we
both lost, Scoob.



Puppy power!


There's a left and a
right and a right cross.

Heh, oh, hi, Petros.

Like, what are you doing here?

I came to warn you.

These ruins are dangerous.

They are the home
of the Minotaur.

You must leave at once.

- Leave?
- Sounds good to me, Scoob.

Even the way you say it.

Uncle Scooby, look
what I found. A silver coin.

Hey, how about that? You know, this could
keep us in food for our whole vacation.

Let's just wait here until
Fred and the girls show up.


You know, Scoob, for an old
throne, this is pretty well-padded.


SCRAPPY: Wow! Oh, wow!

We are in luck.

Look behind you.

- Yikes, the Minotaur!
- Yikes, the Minotaur!


And now you are mine.


You've got him, Uncle
Scooby. You've got him.



Well, you had him.


- Like, run for daylight, Scoob.
- Daylight?


Well, there's no sign of
the Minotaur down here.


It sounds like the guys
are having better luck.

This way.

SHAGGY: Head for the hills!

Quick, in here.

SCRAPPY: But the
Minotaur's the other way.

Now I get it.

Uncle Scooby knew this would be
a perfect place for a Scrappy trap.

All right, Minotaur.
It's the end of the line.


I got him, Uncle
Scooby. I got the monster.

You did?

Hmm. That Minotaur
looks kind of familiar.

Hey, what's going on?

PETROS: Get me down!

VELMA: Jinkies. Not again.

This is my olive storehouse.

DAPHNE: Gee, it looks
more like a bomb shelter to me.

It was. Back in the days of the
war, people hid in caves like these.

They buried their treasures...

and even to this day, not
all of them have been found.


PETROS: With the Minotaur
loose, we should not stay here.

SHAGGY: Good idea, Petros.

You know, I hear Paris
is nice this time of year.

Sunny, warm, ghost-free.


Let's go.

You're right. It's getting late and we
can chase this mystery in the morning.

Let's go back to the taverna.

SCRAPPY: Follow me.

Like, that's easy for
you to say, Scrappy.

PETROS: And now, the
specialty of the house...

stuffed grape leaves.


Perfect, Petros. But, like,
how about some ketchup?

Yeah, ketchup.

SCRAPPY: Uh, no,
thanks, Uncle Scoob.


The grape leaves were plenty.


The meal is on me, guys.

Sorry, my friend.
That's not money.

It's not?

VELMA: Let me see that.

I found it at the
Minotaur's throne, Velma.

Maybe we should take a closer look
at those ruins, especially that throne.

PETROS: Someone
must pay the bill.

Uh, ahem. You guys go ahead.
Scoob and I will take care of this.

But what about the Minotaur?

Like, he'll have to
pay his own bill, huh?


Okay, you guys. We'll
meet you at the ruins later.

I just hope Petros honors my
American Cowards Club credit card.


SHAGGY: Yikes!

Oops, nearly forgot.
Don't run off without it.



ALL: Hey! Hey! Hey!


Like, we're doomed, Scoob.

Doomed and double, double,
double and triple-doomed.


There's no way out this time.

All right, Minotaur.
Prepare to splat.






Like, we haven't gone anywhere
yet and we're already lost.

Maybe he knows the way.


SHAGGY: Zoinks!


This way.

Okay, you Minotaur...

it's time Scrappy-Doo
took this bull by the horns.


Puppy power!

Hey, where'd he go?


Hey, take a look at that.

Where were you?

Like, we were lost in a maze.

Jinkies, it must be the ancient
labyrinth of the Minotaur.

This is just the break
we've been looking for.

- Come on. SCRAPPY:
Come on, guys. Let's go.

Sorry, Scrappy. We're going to
the only safe place on this island.

Namely, off it.


If you want us, we'll be booking
passage on the next boat out of here.

Good idea, Shaggy. You
three check the dock area.

That's more like it. Let's go.

Like, this isn't exactly
what I had in mind.


Hmm, look at these marks.
Something heavy was dragged this way.

FRED: Look. A secret opening.

DAPHNE: Hey, that's funny.

What's a piece of painted canvas
doing in here with the taverna's olives?

Jinkies, that's
the missing clue.

DAPHNE: It is?

And Shaggy and the
dogs are in terrible danger.

We'd better get down
to the docks, and fast.

SCRAPPY: Gee, Uncle Scooby...

I thought we came here
to look for the Minotaur.

Like, we can't do all the work,
Scrappy. Let him look for us for a while.



SCRAPPY: Hey, look what I found.


- Found?
- Oh, like, tell me it's not the Minotaur.

SCRAPPY: It's not
the Minotaur, Shaggy.

- It's not?
- Nope. But it's his sack.

It's his, all right. I only hope
he doesn't come back for it.

SCOOBY: Yikes!

I am back.


And so am I.


Puppy power!

- So that's the way you're gonna
play, huh? SCOOBY: Scrappy!

MINOTAUR: And now for you two.

It's all over, Scoob.


We're done for. Goners.

SCRAPPY: I could play rough too.

Ruff and double ruff.

Make way for Scrappy-Doo.


Shaggy, do something.

There's only one
way out of this, Scoob.

There is? How?

- Faint.
- Okay.

SCRAPPY: Okay, you bully bull.

Olé and double olé.


You heard me. Are
you a man or a bull?


Scrappy, no!

Run, Scoob!

Boy, is my Uncle Scooby brave.


You did it, Uncle Scooby.

Good work, guys.
You got the Minotaur.

MAN: He did it. WOMAN:
The Minotaur is captured.

MAN: Incredible.
- I guess I did.


VELMA: You see, the Minotaur
was after the art treasures...

hidden during the war
and never recovered.

how did you know?

Our first clue was the pieces of
these beautiful old picture frames...

we found in Petros' campfire.

The villain found the paintings
in the labyrinth beneath the ruins.

DAPHNE: And used the Minotaur
legend to keep people off the streets...

while he dragged the sacks of
loot into the shed behind the taverna.

The heavy sacks made skid marks
that we found on the labyrinth ramp.

VELMA: We realized then that not
all the art treasures were paintings.

SCOOBY: Thank you.
- Zoinks!

The treasure consisted of
priceless stone statues as well.

SHAGGY: I get it.

The loot was hidden in the crates
of olives bound for Silvertree's boat.

Right. We realized that when we found
the piece of canvas and olive in the shed.

VELMA: The loot was
headed for England...

where it would be sold
on the black market...

by Nick Pappas.

And I almost got away with it.

Nick. I don't believe it.

But how did you know?

As an art student, Nick recognized
the value of the lost artifacts.

But the clincher was the
silver coin Scrappy found.

It was really a piece
from Nick's fancy belt.

See? One is missing.

Nice work, kids.

We'll see to it that our Minotaur
here returns the art works...

to the rightful owners.

Now we can get down to
some serious sightseeing.

Like, we've been up all night, Scrappy.
It's time for some serious sleeping.

SCOOBY: Right, Shaggy.


Hey, Uncle Scooby...

wait for me.

Well, I guess Scooby and Shaggy
are going sightseeing after all.



And Scrappy-Dappy-Doo too.


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