Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1979–1983): Season 1, Episode 13 - Rocky Mountain Yiiiii! - full transcript

The gang investigates when a terrifying ghost frightens vacationers away from a ski lodge.


SCRAPPY: Uncle Scooby?

Hi, I'm Scrappy-Doo.

Scrappy Doo?




Let me at him, let me at him.

Let me at him, let me at him.


Ta-da, da-da, da-da!

Puppy power.



Uncle Scooby?




MAN: This is the best snow I've
seen on Pratt's Peak all season.

- Come on, I'll race you to the lodge.
- You're on.


Oh, no. What's that?

It's... It's the ghost
of Jeremiah Pratt.

Trespassers beware.
This is my mountain!

Let's get out of here.



Boy, oh, boy, a week
of fun in the snow.

SCRAPPY: Ruff and
double ruff, I can hardly wait.

For the height of the season, Pratt's
Peak Lodge looks awfully deserted.

- Yeah.
- Come on, Uncle Scooby.

Let's stow our gear
and try out our new skis.


Scrappy's right, Velma. Let's
all check in, then hit the slopes.

SCRAPPY: Follow me.

SCOOBY: Scrappy, wait. Yikes!

- Look out, Scoob. SCOOBY: Help.

That's my uncle Scooby. Eager to
check in and get out on the slopes.


You must leave at once.

Huh? Uh, okay.

Scooby, like, are you okay?

I think so.

Grave danger lurks here.

Zoinks. Like, what was
that about grave danger?

And when's the
next bus to Miami?

There's something strange.

MAN: I'm afraid my
housekeeper is trying to scare you.

She's doing a good job.

No. My Uncle Scooby
is not scared of anything.

He's big and he's brave
and... Right, Uncle Scooby?


I am Noah Reed, owner of
Pratt's Peak Lodge. Please come in.

SHAGGY: Grave danger? Did you
hear that part about grave danger?

Why does the lodge look
so deserted, Mr. Reed?

REED: It seems to have
something to do with him.

It's all because of him,
the ghost of Jeremiah Pratt.

- Ghost?
- Ghost?

I'll bet he's around
here somewhere.

Watch out, ghost. Here
I come, ready or not.

Mrs. Winters is
just superstitious.

Jeremiah Pratt died in 1865...

when he left his cabin at
the summit of Pratt's Peak...

to guide a covered
wagon over the pass.

SCOOBY: Scrappy?

There was an avalanche and
Pratt was never seen again.

Except as a ghost, right?

SCOOBY: Scrappy.


- Is that what scared everyone away?
- Exactly.

MAN: Come on, there's
no such thing as ghosts.

Hi, I'm Will Henry, the ski
instructor here at the lodge.

You wouldn't also be a
ghost, would you? Ruff.

Ha-ha-ha. You're
a cute little pup.

A cute little pup? I'm
rough and I'm tough.

Put them up and I'll show
you who's a cute little pup.

Here are your keys. Your
rooms are on the top floor.

- See you on the slopes, kids.
- Okay, Mr. Henry.

SCRAPPY: And furthermore...


FRED: Okay, gang.
Let's get settled in first.

VELMA: And then check
into this ghost business.

Right. Me and Uncle Scooby will make a
molehill out of that mountain man's ghost.

- Like, did you hear that, Scoob?
- Yeah.


Like, allez-allez,ghosts
in free.

Hello? Ghosts?

Too bad, Uncle Scooby.
Not a ghost in sight.

- Isn't that just our luck?
- Yeah.

Oh, well, let's see what kind
of view we have from up here.

Oh, well, we'll have to complain
to Mr. Reed about this, Scoob.

We won't be able
to see anything...

if somebody doesn't move
this ghost out of our way.

Huh. Like, did I say "ghost"?


- Zoinks! SCRAPPY: Oh,
boy. Ta-da, da-da, da-da!

Puppy power!



- Scrappy. SCRAPPY:
Don't worry, Shaggy.

I'm just winding
up to splat him.

Leave my mountain at once.

Ooh, let me at
him, let me at him.


Come on, Scoob.

Hey, wait. Where are we
going? The ghost is back that way.

Jinkies, what's going on?

- It's the ghost. He's on our balcony.
- Yeah.


Did somebody say "ghost"?

VELMA: The guys saw him right
outside. DAPHNE: Well, he's not here now.

Lucky for him. My uncle Scooby
was gonna get him and get him good.

Leave here at once!
You have been warned!

FRED: It's him. DAPHNE: Oh, no!

FRED: Duck! SHAGGY: Oh, no!


Okay, that does
it. Let me at him.

Like, too late,
Scrappy. He's gone.

I think it's time we checked
out Pratt's old cabin. Come on.

Mr. Reed said the cabin's
up there, at the summit.

And while you check out the
cabin, we'll check out down here.

- Check out what, Shaggy?
- Like, check out of the hotel.


I don't get it.

We'll meet you
back at the lodge.

Good thinking, Uncle Scooby.

We're gonna practice skiing so
we could catch that frozen ghost.

Like, that sounds pretty
safe. What do you say, Scoob?

Let's go.

After all, what could
happen on the bunny slope?

Hey, look. The bunny
slope's the other way.

Then, like, what's this way?

Danger! Zoinks!



Now, this is skiing.

And this is panic.

Ho-ho-ho! Help!

Come on, everybody. It's fun in
the snow time. This way, guys.

Wa... Wait!




Shaggy, help!

I don't think you should
have woke him up, Scoob.




Nice skiing, guys. Uncle
Scooby, you're the greatest.

Oh, no!

Oh, no. Watch out
for that tree, Scoob.



Oh, boy, I gotta remember
to ask him how he did that.

SCRAPPY: Come on,
guys. Follow me. Whoo!

SCOOBY: Oh, no.
- We're gonna hit!


- The ghost!
- The ghost!

You found him.

[STUTTERING] Worse. He found us.


Boy, we got him surrounded.

We'll get him from the left
and we'll get him from the right...

and we'll get him from the front
and we'll get him from the back and...



Nice work, Uncle Scooby.
What a great idea. Oop!

We've got him
this time for sure.


FRED: This must be it,
Jeremiah Pratt's old cabin.

It probably hasn't
been used for decades.

Do you really think
we'll find a clue in here?

Maybe sooner than
we thought, Daphne.

"Property of Jeremiah Pratt."

It's his diary.

That's odd.

The last entry
has been torn out.

But the pen's pressure
indented the next page.

Well, what good does that do us?

It means we might be able to read
the last entry, and I have an idea how.


Oh! Where are we? Zoinks!

Like, we're up the
river without a paddle.

And without a ghost.

Scrappy, will you stop
talking about the ghost?

- Could I say one more thing about him?
- If you promise it's the last.

He's right behind you.

BOTH: What?

Your meddling days are over.

Just try something. I dare you.

There's no escape for you now!

This is it, Scoob!





You heard me, ghost.
Take one more step and I'll...

SCOOBY: Scrappy.


SHAGGY: Like, faster, Scoob.

- He's right behind us.
SCOOBY: I know, I know.

Aw, don't worry about me, Uncle
Scooby. I could take care of myself.

SHAGGY: Right, but the ghost
can take care of all of us. Run!


PRATT: I know you're
in here and I'll find you.

Oh, yeah? You can't...



- What'd he say?
- Oops.

Uh, sorry, Scrappy.

But he's getting away.

No, like, we're getting away.

It all has to do with staying alive,
and you may be too young to get it.

Too young? I am not too young.
I get it. Don't I, Uncle Scooby?

Hey, look, a
sub-zero escape route.

Sure, I get it. I'm not too young.
I get it. I get it. Well, most of it.

Some charcoal could help
us to read these indentations.

It's working.
"December 18th, 1869.

Hired to guide government
shipment of eagles over the pass."

Eagles? Well, that's
a strange shipment.

And before he got across,
the avalanche must have struck.

That's all I can make out.


Like, we made it.

Yeah. Phew!

Hey, where did you come from?

Me and Uncle Scooby
trapped the ghost down there.

The ghost? Terrific.

VELMA: Jinkies, let's find him.

Okay, ghost, Scrappy is coming
to get you. Ta-da, da-da, da...

SCOOBY: Oh, no, you don't.

Like, we'll wait up here, uh,
in case, uh... Well, just in case.

Good idea, Shaggy. We'll be here when
they scare him up through the trap door.

Ha-ha-ha-ha. Yeah, well, I'm
just full of good ideas like that.


- Yes. SCRAPPY: I'll go
get us some more logs...

for the fire so we could see
him good when he gets here.

If the ghost shows up,
hold him till I get back.

SCOOBY: Oh, sure.
- Zoinks!

Like, what if he meets
the ghost out there?


Come to think of it, the
ghost is already a ghost.

- What more could Scrappy do to him?
- That's right.


Just to be safe, Scoob,
maybe you should...

- look out front for the ghost.
- Me?


Well, okay.

All clear.


If that's all clear,
you can look out back.

Okay, Shaggy.


SHAGGY: Scooby, like,
close the door, okay?

SCOOBY: Huh? Oh, sure.

Excuse me.

Yikes! The ghost!

Yikes! Yikes! Yikes!

SHAGGY: Scoob, what is it?
- The ghost!


That's ridiculous, Scooby.

Ghosts don't knock.


Hi, Uncle Scoob. I'm
back with the firewood.

What'd I tell you?



All right, so I was
wrong. Heh-heh.

Ghosts do knock
the door down. Oh!



- Oh, boy. He's here.
SHAGGY: And we're not.

I'll get you trespassers yet.

The ghost must have
left some trace in here.

- Velma, Fred, look at this.
- A secret room.

VELMA: Jinkies.

Boxes of explosives.

And digging tools. But
what are they doing here?



Sounds like the guys
are in trouble. Come on.

Like, somebody help!

Happy landings!


- Yikes!
- Look out below.

SCRAPPY: Now I'm mad, and
I'm not gonna forget this, ghost.

Shaggy, Scooby.

Scrappy, are you all right?

How embarrassing.
Walking ice cubes.

You can thaw out in the sauna.

SHAGGY: Thanks, Mrs. Winters.

It sure is quiet in here. Like,
you can hear a drip drop.


Yeah. Drip drop.


Ah, another customer.
Hot enough for you?


Zoinks! Ho-ho-ho! It's the
ghost. Run for your lives.

But I've been waiting for him.

You'll have to wait a little longer.
Like, maybe about 99 years.

Hey, what's happening?


The ghost. The ghost.

Don't tell them that. Don't tell them that.
Ho-ho-ho-ho. They'll only wanna chase it.

Oh, uh, right. Never mind.

It was the ghost, and
I'm gonna get him.

Okay, ghost. Do I have to get
rough or will you splat peaceably?


I've got him, Uncle Scoob.

What is going on here?

Oops. Maybe I don't got him.

I was just fixing a leak
in the sauna when...

We're really sorry, Mr. Reed.

Yeah. Uh, you don't have
to get all steamed up about it.


We better clean up this mess.

Jinkies, I hope we didn't
hurt Will Henry's skis.

"WHP." Hm...

Now I think I know what's
going on around here.

ALL: You do?

FRED: And I'll bet
you have a plan.

Naturally. But we'll
need everyone's help.



HENRY: This is the kind of night
even I could believe in ghosts.

More cocoa, anyone?


What was that?

Sounds like an avalanche.

Wait a minute. I see something.

It looks like a covered wagon.

Could it be the lost
wagon of Jeremiah Pratt?

VELMA: Well, I'm
going up there to find out.

SHAGGY: Like, I can't believe we let
ourselves get talked into this, Scoob.

- Me neither.
- Boy, oh, boy.

The ghost will be here any
minute. I could hardly wait.

SHAGGY: And we can hardly stand.

How did it go, Velma?

Perfect. That explosion you set
off attracted everyone's attention...

including the ghost's. Look.


At last it's mine.

- Zoinks, it's the ghost.
- Yikes!

Listen and listen tight, ghost.
It's time you had a big dose of:

Ta-da, da-da, da-da!

- Now. SCRAPPY: Puppy power!


Oh, no, like, there
goes our plan.

And now to take
care of you for good.

Hey, get your paws off my paws.


- What's that?
- It's a real avalanche.

And look. It's uncovered
the real covered wagon.

FRED: We've only got one chance to
escape the avalanche. Jump for the wagon.

Is everyone all right?

Like, everyone but the ghost.

But he'll thaw out by spring.


VELMA: He was after the lost
wagon of Jeremiah Pratt all along.

Right, and the ghostly
rumblings we heard

were the explosives
he was using to find it.

But what was he after?

What we read about in Pratt's
journal: A Wagon of Eagles.

- Eagles?
- Oh, come on.

What would he want
with a bunch of birds?

Back in those days, Scrappy, 10
dollar gold pieces were called Eagles.

That's what he was after.

And unless we miss our guess...

the WHP monogram on Will Henry's
skis stands for Will Henry Pratt.

He was using the ghost to scare off the
tourists so he could find the wagon alone.

Jeremiah was my great-great-grandfather.
That gold belongs to me.

VELMA: I'm afraid not, Will.

That was a government shipment
and rightfully belongs to Uncle Sam.

And the credit goes
to my Uncle Scooby.

Aw. Heh-heh-heh.

Like, I can't believe it, Scooby
is really gonna try that ski jump.

Okay, Uncle Scooby. Let's go.

VELMA: Jinkies.

SHAGGY: Be careful, Scoob.


ALL: Hooray!

VELMA: Terrific.
SHAGGY: Three cheers.


And Scrappy-Dappy-Doo too!

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