Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 18 - One Flew East - full transcript

The daughter of an anti-nuclear activist accuses the Agency of kidnapping her father while Lee tries to bond with Amanda's sons.

You say you've never
Had a taste of getting wet

Or seen a river rush its
banks A railroad trestle bent

But when the earth is arid
And the air is hot and foul

I'll share my secret waterfall
But please don't use my towel


Let me leave you
with one more thought.

Our government has
7829 nuclear warheads...

pointed at the Soviet Union.

They have about the same amount.

Do you think either
of us needs any more?

WOMAN: Members of the District
of Columbia literary society...

want to thank Mr. Mayfield.

Laura, I've got to talk to you.

Daddy, what's wrong?

Agents. The place
is crawling with them.

- They've come for me.
- You're exaggerating.

They've been
watching you for years.

Mm-mm. They know I'll be on
the Morning Show tomorrow...

to talk against deploying
cruise missiles in Europe.

If anything happens to me, this
diary is the key to all my research.

Daddy, you're making me scared.
Why don't I drive you to the airport.

- And we can talk in the car.
- It's too dangerous.

I love you.


- Hey.
- Move over.

- What do you want?
- Shut up.


Amanda, this
weekender is terrific.

I found a half dozen good ideas
for what to do with Philip and Jamie.

Oh, well, that's terrific.

And look, you gotta realize it's gonna
take them a little time to get used to you.

And vice versa.

But everything that I have
read on the subject says that...

I'm the one that has to start
breaking the ice as soon as possible.

Well, that ought to be easy with Philip.
He already thinks you're pretty terrific.


He's the easiest but, uh, I
think Jamie's gonna be tough.

Well, Jamie's always been my baby.
Just take a little more time that's all.


- Morning, Lee.
- Morning.

- Good morning, Amanda.
AMANDA: Hello, sir.

Listen up, you two.
I've got an assignment.

Uh, no. Wait a minute. Amanda
and I aren't on active duty...

roster for another 48 hours.

That's why I came
here, Scarecrow.

This one's got to be
completely off the record.

I got a phone call from
Congressman Lance Posner.

Laura Mayfield has been
ringing his phone off the hook.

- The daughter of Archibald
Mayfield. LEE: Archibald Mayfield?

That poet who was arrested for
delaying the underground weapons test?

Among other things.

Anyway, Laura
Mayfield is convinced...

her father's been
kidnapped by the agency.

What? Heh.
Kidnapped? That's nuts.

It sounds crazy, but Posner
wants to put this to bed...

before it hits the
front page of the Post.

She have any evidence?

Her father's research
and some sort of diary.

Look, uh, Billy, this sounds to me like
another of Mayfield's publicity stunts.

We could get egg on our faces.

That's exactly why I wanna
keep this completely off the record.

But I also want a
thorough investigation.

If someone starts yelling cover-up,
we're gonna look just as bad.

Um... Oh.

Here's her address.

See what she's got. But tell her
that you're from Posner's office.

I don't want any
agency exposure.

- I'm sorry, I interrupted
your day off. AMANDA: Heh.

I owe you both one.

- I can't believe this.
- Well, let's just get it over with.

There's a guy I wanna talk to...

he works at Justice, who
runs down missing persons.

AMANDA: Mm-hm.

Then we'll follow
up on Laura here.


- Stetson?
- Yeah.

Brad Donaldson.

- Still skulking about in the shadows?
- It's a living.

- I suppose so.
- Yeah.

- Excuse me, uh, waiter.
- Yes, sir.

Chocolate egg cream...

double cheese burger with onions
grilled and an order of french fries.

LEE: Mm.

So, what's shaking?

I thought the agency
created missing persons...

I didn't know you
started looking for them.


We've got a report that Archibald
Mayfield, the poet, was kidnapped.

By who?

By the agency.

Mighty flaky, those
no-nukes types.

A lot of them really aren't
here, even when they're here...

- if you know what I mean.
- Yeah. Well, politics and poetry aside...

I've got to file a follow-up.

- You got anything on Mayfield?
- Yeah, enough.

The poet peddled more than
inspiration on college campuses.

The local vice guys started closing in
on him and he split. Canada or Alaska.

And I hear the Eskimos
hate bad poetry.



- Thank you.
- Yup.

Power lunch. Fifties style.

Heart burn.

Thank you.

I appreciate the congressman
sending someone this quickly.

Well, you made quite
an impression on him.

I just hope it's not too late.

All these years, I never took my
father's paranoia’s that seriously.

Having government agents
poking around was a fact of life.

Hmm. Yeah, but going from
surveillance to kidnapping's quite a jump.

I know how it sounds...

but when he suddenly disappeared,
I took a look at some of his research.

It's pretty scary.

Do you know who this is?

AMANDA: Sidney Rollins.

Uh, I don't know. Wasn't he retired
from the agency a few years ago?

Not retired, fired.

Drummed out for breaking most
of the rules and bending the rest.

He was the architect
of agency programs...

that harassed people
like your father for years.

I think he's still at it.

Laura, we talked to a man
in the Justice Department...

who's very familiar
with your father's case.

He says your dad's on the
run from a drug investigation.

Justice? Donaldson at the
Inter-Agency Bureau, right?

AMANDA: You know
Agent Donaldson?

He ran a counter-intelligence

of the anti-nuclear
movement in the early '70s.

My father never had
anything to do with drugs.

Anyone who knows
him can tell you that.

He gave me his diary
just before he disappeared.

Take a look at it?

It's coded. Nothing too hard.

My dad and I used to play
with codes when I was a kid.

Dr. Carl Roberts, Royal
Baker, Clifford Sawyer.

- Do you know these people?
- Teachers, scientists...

outspoken against nuclear
policies like my father.

And all harassed by
Donaldson like your father?

That's right.

And I don't think it's a
coincidence they're missing too.

- You are aware they've disappeared?
- Oh, I wasn't.

But, uh, then again, they're
not the kind of high-profile...

- personalities that make headlines.
- I know it sounds absurd.

It's even a little crazy.

Look, uh, we're here to help you. We're
not gonna discount anything you say.

It took me this long to convince
myself and he's my own father.

LEE: I thought this was
gonna be a Sunday brunch.

But when Laura mentioned
Rollins' name, I got heartburn.

Was he really that bad?

Rollins surrounded
himself with zealots...

who were gonna save
America from itself.

And if a little thing like the Bill of
Rights got in the way, tough luck.

But he's been
out of it so long...

how could he have anything to do
with Archibald Mayfield's disappearance?

- He couldn't.
- Well, I sure as hell hope not.


I wish I could do something
about the Mayfields of this country...

but that's not my job anymore.

So you're not surprised to find
your name in Mayfield's diary?

No, I'd be disappointed if it wasn't.
We're fighting a war against them.

Those people are leaders
in science, the arts, industry.

Look, Mrs. King.

They're trying to bring this
great country of ours to its knees...

every day their organization
gets stronger and more dangerous.

When I was head of Covert
Actions, we were winning that war.

It wasn't easy and it
wasn't always pretty.

But we were
getting the job done.

And hurting innocent
people along the way.

There's a price on
anything of value.

I don't apologize for anything I
did. I wish I could have done more...

but then I didn't belong to the right
clubs like your new boss Dr. Smyth.

Oh, what the hell?

A good car is worth more than
a whole town full of politicians.

- No question about where he stands.
- Heh.

Rollins always did wear his gun
outside his coat for everyone to see.

- Sure hasn't changed.
- Yup.

- Guys like him never do.
- Thank you.

AMANDA: Mother.
- Uh-huh.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Sorry I'm late. I got stuck on
the George Washington Parkway.


What you doing?

I'm on my final
approach into Meigs Field.

I have crashed into the swamp twice
and overshot the runway once. Okay. Mm.

- Here we go.
- Where are the boys?

Hmm. They're next door,
working on a motorcycle.

AMANDA: Oh, yeah?

- Jamie didn't finish
his lunch again today.



Wonder if he's all right. Think I should
take him to Dr. Watkins for a check-up?

I have a hunch that Dr. Watkins
cannot cure what's ailing him.

- I think it's Lee Stetson.
- They get along really well.

Hmm, well, Philip adores him.
But I don't know about Jamie.

Do you remember, uh, Mrs.
Truesdale's youngest son...

how he acted when
she fell in love?

- Yeah, he was pretty jealous. But...
- Uh-huh. Yeah, I rest my case.


Woo-hoo. Ha, ha.
Here we go. That's it.

A perfect three-point landing.

On top of the Sears Tower.


LAURA: All they wanted was the
diary. But you'll never find them...

because it's the same people
who took my father. It's the agency.

The diary is the only thing
missing besides your clippings.

Who knew about it?

AMANDA: Well, we knew
about it. You knew about it.

Your father knew about
it, and whoever he told.

Uh, Congressman Posner, knew about it.
Whoever he told. It's quite a few people.

- And don't forget Donaldson with
the IAB. LEE: Now, wait a second.

We don't have proof
to blame anybody yet.

What more do you need?

First of all, we gotta make
some sense out of all of this.

Yeah, what scares me is
that if they took my father...

and they're worried enough to
break in, why not take me too?

AMANDA: I don't think they will.

First of all, you don't
know anything. And,

uh, it would set off
a lot of alarm bells.

- Donaldson won't take the chance.
- Okay, but I'm still scared to death.

What now?

We place a 24-hour
guard around your house...

to make sure this
doesn't happen again.

What kind of guard?

Agency guard.

- How can you trust them?
LEE: We have to, Laura.

We're not congressional
aides. We work for the agency.

All this time, you took
my father, you used me!

- Get out! LEE: Wait a second.

AMANDA: We still wanna find your
father. LAURA: Make them get out.

The only way we're gonna
solve this if we work together.

Please call us.

We're leaving.

Amanda, that's as deep as you can go
without working for the Justice Department.

Okay, I'll see you tonight. Bye.

Amanda's drawing a blank running
down those other missing people.

Their families
reported them gone...

but they're the kind known
for dropping out of sight...

and then appearing weeks
later at a Bonn peace rally...

or at a missile test in Florida.

I found this for-your-eyes-only
request on my desk.


- I wanna listening in on some people.
- No.

You wanna tap the phone of
a United States congressman?

Someone went after Laura Mayfield.
Someone who knew about the diary.

The congressman is on that list.

- You're unofficial, Scarecrow.
- Yeah.

I'd have to sweat bullets
to get an okay for that.

I thought that was gonna
be the easy one, uh...

You didn't finish
reading the request?

The Justice Department?

Let me get this straight.

- You want me to tap these phones.
- Chip.

Chip, You're the best line
man the phone company has.

LEE: Mm-hm.

- And you guys don't exist, right?
- Right.

Okay, say I crossed a few
wires, purely by accident...

would there be,
oh, a bass boat...

a 7.5 horse motor...

and a nice new trailer to haul it
with in my driveway next week?

Billy, I believe we have found
ourselves a man with experience here.


Now the Justice Department's
gonna be the toughest.

- They wrote the wiretap laws, you know.
- I didn't hear that.

CHIP: Their lines are
constantly monitored...

for voltage drops,
induction drags...

and a few goodies
I can't talk about.


what can you get us?

How about a phone log...

you know, like your phone bill
shows you the numbers you called?

I can get you that for,
say, a sonar fish finder.

- Don't push your luck, Chip.
- Just trying.

Um... This is gonna
take a couple of days.


Your information,
Mr. Mayfield...

on our strategic nuclear
count is right on the money.

Now want I like you to tell me is
who has been giving you those figures.

You can do what
you want to me...

but I won't betray my friends.

You disappoint me, Mr. Mayfield.

I thought you were
ready to cooperate.

Heh. Keep it up.

Pretty soon I'll have to check my
collars to remember my own name.

Get him out of here.

Take him back to his room.

Shall we continue the
adromine injections?

Yes, but slow the rate. Getting
close to the edge of the envelope.

I don't wanna lose him before we
find out who's been leaking the data...

on our strategic
nuclear count and also

anybody else who's
aiding that little effort.



Not even a Rollins
on the janitorial crew.

Maybe he goes by another name.

Could I look around?

We can't have unauthorized people
walking the halls, Ms. Mayfield. I'm sorry.

Good, we'll check it out.

There's an inquiry about
you on the public side.

ROLLINS: I knew Donaldson's
bad judgment would make a problem.

Should never have
taken that diary.

Donaldson said he was
worried about an agency inquiry.

But we can't touch her here.

Get hold of Donaldson.

Tell him to correct his mistake
and take her out of the action.

PHILIP: Push up.
Push straight up.

Keep pushing.

Jamie, throw it.

- Throw it!
- Heh.


- Sorry, I'm not Larry Bird.
- I noticed.

Hey, hey, come on. It was a
good try. What do you want?

It was a bad pass and
this is a stupid game.

- So you're gonna quit?
- Chief, why don't you get the ball. Go on.

- So you're all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Why so uptight
with your brother?

I'm not uptight. I just hate
doing what he wants to do.

I thought you wanted
to shoot some hoops.

Well, I know you did.

We don't have to play, you know.

It's a little late
for that, isn't it?

Hello, are you there now?

- Is this Laura?
- Yes.

Donaldson's been following
me, I don't know what to do.

I guess I have to trust you.

- God, I'm scared.
- All right, where are you?

On Georgia Avenue,
near New Hampshire.

Okay, is there, uh,
store or anything nearby?

Robinson's sporting goods
store across the street.

All right. Go into Robinson's and,
uh, just stay around people, okay?

- I'll be there in 20 minutes.
- Okay.

Hello, message relay.



Mm. Smells like your mom's
cooking her world-class chili.

- Well, I could get a big bowl of that.
- Yeah.


Look, why don't you
guys go clean up. Huh?

- Bathroom's down the hall.
- Sure.


A friend of mine's
having some car trouble.

- And I'm gonna go help him put.
- Sure. Um, I can hold the fort.

I'm sure you can. Uh...

VCR's underneath the
TV, you got tapes, movies...

whatever you want, okay.

And let the answering
machine take all the calls.

- All right, take care.
- See you later.

Hey, Jamie.

- Everything okay?
- Sure.

- You're sure?
- Sure.


stepping outside, Ms. Mayfield?

Excuse me.


MAN 1: Hey, what's going on?

Out of my way. My
wife's having a seizure.

MAN 1: Called somebody?

LEE: Donaldson...

let her go.

This is IAB business,
Stetson. Keep out of it.

What did you do to her?

probably on something.

Now back off.

Come on. She's
an agency witness.

Let's talk to your Special
Agent in Charge about this. Huh?

MAN 2: He's got a gun.
- Everybody down.

MAN 3: Yeah, just stay down.

WOMAN 1: Is she all right?

WOMAN 2: Just go call the paramedics
right now. MAN 4: Is she okay?

Yes, sir. My responsibility.

It fell through the cracks.

I didn't think you'd
want the agency...

getting the idea that we
believed her kidnapping story.

Yes, sir, I guess they do now.

Ten minutes.

Let me go cool off Dr. Smyth,
you don't deserve to take the heat.

Agreed. But I don't know who
does and I need you to find that out.

- We can't ask Donaldson anything.
- I didn't have any choice.

He'd hurt the girl. It's
all clear in my report.

Nobody's questioning that.

They're into bigger things now.

Why did Donaldson try to grab
Laura Mayfield in the first place?

FRANCINE: Nine-ten update, Sir.

Laura's still in a coma.

They identified the
drug Donaldson used.

- It's TU-76.
- TU-76.

Boy, that is an old agency
drug. I didn't realize it was toxic.

That's why we took it out of
service. But, once it ages...

it decomposes into
a lethal compound.

Francine, get over to the
hospital and start firing questions...

when she comes out of it. Where was
she? Why was Donaldson following her?

And where can we
buy some answers?

Billy, she told Amanda that she
was concerned about her father...

and that she
suspected Sid Rollins.

And that triggered an investigator from
Justice to flip out and get himself killed.

Yeah. Is that Mayfield's diary?

Yes, the FBI found it in
Donaldson's apartment.

He certainly was up to
his nose in something dirty.

Look, I'm gonna be tied up all
day in this damage control meeting.

So start with Donaldson and see if
you can find some light in the tunnel.

I'd just like to find out where he got
his hands on some of our old TU-76.

Amanda and I will
get on it right away.

At least we guessed right when we
tapped Donaldson's phone at Justice.

Please, disable that thing
before somebody finds it.

They're already screaming...

because we killed one of them.
God forbid they find the taps.

Amen to that.


Okay, we're in.

Okay, put it on the clock.

According to Chip, we have less than a
minute before their security kicks us out.

AMANDA: Mm-hm.

Okay, here is Donaldson's file.

Okay, I'll check the directory and
see who belongs to these numbers.

Okay, first one...

First one is his home number.

Second one is in 892 exchange.

Let me check the
country directory on that.

Hobart, Rodney.

Hobart, Rodney.



- Briarwood.
- What's Briarwood?

It's a mental hospital Rollins leased on
his own back when he ran the agency.

Things that he did there under the name
of counter-intelligence cost him his job.

Took Smyth years to clear it up.

AMANDA: Closed in '74
when he left the agency.

And reopened as a
division of Hospimerica.

- Hospimerica.
- What is that?

It's a health care conglomerate.

Amanda, this is not so simple.

Sorry to run, but I'm late for a
Medicare hearing on the hill. Taxi.

Hospimerica has a big
lobby up there, don't they?

Over 20,000 beds
across the country.

Hospital care is our business,
I make sure it's profitable.

Oh, Briarwood, now, here we
go. What else you wanna know?

What kind of
operation do they have?

Oh, standard, three
OR's, outpatient, 250 beds.

Excuse me, don't you mean 300 beds?
Our research tells us you have 300 beds.

We leased out the entire east wing
to an outfit called Standard Research.

- What do they there?
- Aah. They're a private clinic.

Long as the rent's paid, we're
obliged to protect their privacy. Taxi.

- You don't provide their staff?
- Nothing. 50 beds. Two nursing stations.

- I'm sorry, I really have to run. Taxi.
- Thank you very much for your help.

- Okay. Taxi.
- Bye.

- So long.
- Bye-bye.

We've got maybe 24
hours to pull up stakes.

This Stetson is smart enough
to figure out the rest by then.

Donaldson's death gives them just
what he died to keep them from getting.

At least he shut up the woman.

What we need here is an accident,
something like an explosion or fire.

Only it can't look deliberate.
There's nobody around to talk.

Our connection to the
place can't be proven.


Draw a line connecting
Air South America...

with Global Citrus
Traders in San Pedro Sula.

We've got something
on Global Citrus Traders.

LEE: We do?
- Yeah.

Hear it is.

It's a blind trust, owned
by an organization...

called "National Endowment
for a Disciplined Society."

Yeah, an ultra-right-wing outfit that's
been harassing the anti-nuke movement.

I'll see what else
I can get on them.

So some right-wing crazies have
been funding Standard Research?

Yeah, which means 50
extra beds for Briarwood.


Pfft. It's not for
burnt-out fund-raisers.

This is sounding like
Rollins' old operation.

Yeah, but there no
direct connection to him.

If he's in there anywhere, you
can bet he's ten layers deep.


- I think it's time we check out Briarwood.
- How much back-up do you need?

Just Amanda. We go
charging in there with an army...

someone's liable to
wanna see a search warrant.

Yeah, right. And I don't think
Dr. Smyth would be quick to approve that.

Not likely.

Want to invite Mr. Stetson to
the skate competition Saturday?

He can have my ticket.

He's an all-right guy.
Would you just loosen up?

I don't like the guy. I'll
never like the guy, okay?

- Fine.
- Okay, fellas...

Uhh, dinner's in the oven...

and I'll be in the
editing room all night.

- What's going on out here?
- Nothing.

Junior's just jealous of Lee.
I'm going outside to practice.


Let's talk.

You jealous of Lee?

Hey, look, you don't have any
reason to be jealous of Lee, okay?

- Yeah.
- Well, when I was out in California...

it was knowing that
you and Philip love me...

that helped me get through that.

You know that. Now, come on.

I love you just as much as I love
Philip or your grandmother or Lee.

- Sure, whenever you're around.
- Oh, sweetheart, I know, I know.

Oh, gosh.

You know, one day you're gonna
grow up and you're gonna fall in love.

Will you stop loving me?

- No.
- No?

- No.
- Oh!

- Well, then you understand.
- Yeah.

You understand that just
because you love somebody new...

doesn't mean you stop loving the
people you already love, does it?

- That means I still love you.
- Yeah.

And you know that.
So you feel better.

- Yes.
- I love you. Give me a hug.

- I really love you.
- I love you too.

- All right. Everything's okay?
- Yes.

All right, go teach
your brother a lesson.

Go ahead. Go get him.

Dr. Dutton used that same
approach in chapter nine.

Until now I didn't understand.

- Hello.
- Hi.


Forget the books, talk
straight from the heart?

- Yep.
- Yep.

I hate to do this but back to business.
We have to go take a look-see at Briarwood.

- I know. I'm all ready to go.
- Good.

- Help me lock up.
- Yeah.

- Now we look for the rabbit hole.
- Mm-hm.

When the agency
secures a building...

we leave a way to get
out without tripping alarms.

Here we are.

- Got a pen on you?
- Yeah.

LEE: Standard
agency issue, acid ink.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

MAN [ON TV]: Yes, it looks
like that one's going all the way.

That will bring in three
runs to tie this ball game up.

Whoa. You recognize him?

LEE: Yes, Dr. Carl Roberts,
head of radiation at MIT.


That time of year Thou
mayst in me behold

Archibald Mayfield?

What do you want?

We're here to get you out.


And we're here to
see that you don't.

It's all set. This is an
old heating system.

If too much pressure builds up,
the boiler will overheat and explode.

I don't want damage
to the main building.

There's a 6-foot concrete
and steel bulkhead between us.

I shut off the safety valve. Pressure's
been building for a couple hours.

And I added a few
ounces of plastique.

No, I don't want the fire inspector
to find any trace of explosive.

This stuff doesn't
leave residue.

It's supposed to kick start
an explosion in the boiler.

When those pipes blow,
it'll rip this place to pieces.

Of course, the charge is the
catalyst. Where's the detonator?

Right under the boiler.

Just push the little button,
45 seconds later, kaboom.

What did they get you two for...

buying a foreign car or
supporting the metric system?

We're federal agents, sir.

Shouldn't you be outside helping
Rollins cleanse the country of...

us who stray from what he
considers the patriotic norm?

LEE: Listen, pal...

we busted our
butts to get you out.

Mr. Mayfield, whatever
is going on here...

the agency doesn't
have anything to do with.

Then why is
Rollins running this?

Rollins has got his own agenda,
which has nothing to do with us.

Do you know what's
going on here?

For the past six months...

Rollins has been grabbing those
of us opposing nuclear weapons...

and bringing us
here for interrogation.

What does he want from you?

MAYFIELD: Names of
others who share our views...

and those in the Department of Defense
who have been providing us with research.

- Classified research,
sir? MAYFIELD: Hell, no.

Same stuff you can read in
the Congressional Record.

He just gets it for us quicker.

- How did you find out about this?
- Your daughter, Laura.

How is she?

Sir, she got a little bit too
close to what's going on here.

- Is she all right?
- She is in the hospital.

We think she'll
be all right, sir.

But we need to
get you out of here.


All aboard, Stetson.
We're going for a ride.

- Ah. No thanks. I'll walk. HOBART:
Just get on the gurney, wise guy.

On the gurney.
Yeah, you're right.

Why walk when you can ride. Heh.

Lay down on your back.


Oh, this comfy. Heh.

Where are you taking him?

Got a couple of
questions for him.

LEE: I'll be fine.

- Mr. Mayfield, where are the keys?
- The guy's got the only set.

Call him. Pretend you're sick.

Go ahead, call him.

Help. Help, help!

Somebody please, help!

Oh, help, oh, it's my heart!



MAYFIELD: Somebody help me!

Come on, Rollins, tell your
gorillas to unfasten me, Huh?

I wouldn't want you
to fall and hurt yourself.

At least not until I get
what I want from you.

Which is what?

The names of anybody in the
agency that know about this operation.

You know, Mr. Stetson, you should
be supporting your fellow agents...

- not jeopardizing them.
- Wanna know what makes me sick?

You're no different from the KGB you think
you're protecting the country against.

Mr. Mayfield, take these keys and
let the other people out, all right?

I've gotta go find my partner.


What are you doing out here?

- You better come with me.
- Mm-hm.

First, I thought
Laura Mayfield...

was paranoid accusing
you of abducting her father.

But I had it wrong,
didn't I, Rollins?

I'm not interested
in your opinions.

Oh, yeah. You've gone
over the edge, you know that.

Give it up.

Take him back to his cell. Make
sure he dies along with the others.

I found her in the hall.

We're all right here with you.

Go ahead, shoot.

He's having difficulty deciding
which six of us to use the bullets on.

Damn it, shoot!

HOBART: The detonator
in the basement.

- Get out of here. AMANDA:
Come on. Come on.


MAN: Hurry.



Oh, well, that's terrific
news. Could I speak to Laura?

- Hi, Grandma.
- Hi, sweetheart. Don't start anything.

- Dinner's almost ready.
- That's okay. I understand.

Could you give her a
message for me please.

Could you tell her that Lee and
I will be by to see her tomorrow?

Okay, thank you very
much. Yeah, bye-bye.

Sweetheart, will you tell Lee
and Jamie dinner's ready?


Wow. Everything
looks so much closer.

Well, that's because the lens
is in the telephoto position.

Here, pull this back,
see what happens.

JAMIE: Now I see the
whole back of the house.

They call that the
wide angle view.

That's neat. But how does
the picture get onto the film?


To tell you the truth,
I'm not quite sure.

- Would it be in the encyclopedia?
- There's a good chance.

Why don't you go on in and
get started and I'll be right in.

- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi, Mom.


- I think I'm finally on the right track.
- Yeah.

Get in.

[English - US -SDH]