Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 17 - Mission of Gold - full transcript

Amanda and Lee's honeymoon is unexpectedly and tragically cut short when Amanda is shot by gold-smuggling thieves.

- I still don't like this.
- Nobody asked for your opinion, Barney.

Brockett was serious when he
told you to stay out of the way.

What if you get caught?

He could have you arrested.

Barney, if I'm gonna dive on that wreck,
I've gotta do it when Brockett's ashore.

He's coming in this morning.

Look, Lee and his friend
will be here any minute.

Lee's a good man.
He can help you.

I don't need any help.

I can find all the
evidence I want by myself.

You're not a spring
chicken anymore, Gus.

Barney, go on.

Go find your
friends, landlubber.

I told my friends to meet
me down at the docks.

I figured I could watch
out for you from there.

Let's get going. We're
not getting any younger.

AMANDA: California was a
great idea for a honeymoon.

LEE: Getting married
was a better one.

You know what? Barney's
gonna love you. He's like family.

While my uncle was
traipsing around the world...

Barney sat in as
sort of a backup dad.

I spent more time in his
mess hall than I did in school.

BARNEY: I was starting to worry.
You were down there an awful long time.

I'm telling you, Barney, that little
piece of gold is gonna nail Brockett.

Yeah, let's see it.

Get your paws off. You didn't
think I'd find anything, did you?

I don't even know what you got.

Well, that, Barney,
is a gold doubloon.

Now I got something
to work with.


- Come on.
- The coin.

Forget the coin.

Let's get out of here. Come on!

AMANDA: You wanna
tell him we're married.

LEE: Amanda, he doesn't know
anybody we know except my uncle...

and he won't say a
word if we tell him not to.

Get down! Get out of here!

LEE: Amanda, in the car.

- Barney, what the hell is going on here?
- It's the gold.

Looks like it's clear, but just
to be careful, let me go first.

Oh, my God.

NURSE: Mr. Stetson?

Dr. Neely wants to see you.

How is she? Is she all right?

Follow me, please.

I'll be right here
if you need me.

Dr. Kinney to Radiology.

Uh, Mr. Stetson, I'm Dr. Neely.

She's out of surgery, but I'm not going
to kid you. We still have a long way to go.

But she is gonna
be all right, isn't she?

The next 48 hours
will be crucial.

It's a miracle she's alive. The
bullet went through her chest.

Fraction of an inch either way
and she wouldn't have had a chance.

- When can I see her?
- It's going to take a while.

And there's nothing
here for you to do.

Get some rest, but
leave your number.

I'll phone you.

Please, Mr. Stetson.

All right.




She's alive...

but it's touch and go. The
next 48 hours are going to tell.

- This is Sheriff Waterhouse, Lee.
- Pleasure. How are you?

I've told him what I could.
He's gonna need your statement.

It's not urgent, Mr. Stetson.

Barney says you'll be staying with
him, so I know where to find you.

Hey, I'm damned
sorry about all this.

We'll get to the bottom
of it. That I guarantee.

Thank you, sheriff.

Uh, Barney, I have
to make a phone call.

Hello, Mrs. West. Heh.

Yeah, it's Lee, uh...

Well, I'm afraid I'm not
doing so well right now.

It's Amanda.

There's been an accident.

The eternal metal.

You can't tell if this gold doubloon
was minted 200 years or two weeks ago.

Chemically impossible.

Forget about the gold.
You shot a woman, Scott.

A tourist.

Some poor damned
unlucky tourist. Why?

So I could still give you
20 percent of 38 million.

I wanna know what
you got me into.

- What if she dies?
- She won't be the first.

I didn't think I was
gonna let you know.

The Federal Gold
Reserve, three guards dead.

My partner's doing life.

He's got a million on my head.

It's the Harpers
Ferry heist. June.

Biggest in U.S.
history, I think.

You came to me in April
with some cute plan...

to raise some phony treasure.

You knew about it then.

You just can't fence 38 million.

Not in federal gold. It makes
you hotter than a match head.

So you're counting on this
treasure hunt to wash it clean, hmm?

It already has. You see,
doubloons are irregular shapes...

hand struck,
easy to counterfeit.

The state's already authenticated
the entire lot is 18th century.

- You can't spend doubloons.
- Collectors will pay a premium.

Even with the big bite California
state's gonna be taking...

I'll still be doing
better than if I fenced it.

It goes through my
dummy corporation.

I disappear and I'll
never have to worry again.

So when's the auction?

Third-party private sales. But you
don't have to worry about that end.

The state certifies the audit
on the gold day after tomorrow.

You go your way and
never see me again.

Until then...

just close your
eyes or something.

out here the minute I heard, Billy.

I'm glad her mother
was able to locate you.

Yeah, she was very upset.

I can have a truckload of
agents to back you up before dark.

No, no. Thanks for
the offer, Billy, but, uh...

Listen, Las Palmas
is a very small town.

It might be easier if
we open this up quietly.

- Okay. You're there. You
call the shots. LEE: Thanks.

Lee, she's strong,
she'll be fine.

LEE: You bet she is.

Keep your fingers crossed, huh?

- You all right, son?
- Yeah.


I'm sorry you had
to walk into this.

Just what the hell did
we walk into, Barney?

Well, ever since Jeremy Brockett found
all this gold a couple of months ago...

the town has gone crazy.

Was the shooting part of it?

You'll have to ask
Gus Weinstein that one.

They were shooting at him.

Gus is a retired mailman who's
lived around here a long time.

He got the treasure bug by
reading the National Geographic.

Yeah, well, people don't shoot
at you because you've got a bug.

Well, Gus has it in his head that no
two-bit treasure hunter like Brockett...

could possibly find La Bodega.

Well, he's been causing
Brockett lots of problems.

- Let's go.
- Where?

I can either sit here and go crazy,
Barney, or I can do something.

Come on. Let's go.



It's open.

Mr. Stetson.

Call me Lee, huh?

All right, Lee. I was really
sorry to hear about your wife.

Yeah, well, I'm just about past
being sorry and starting to get mad.

Lee can help, Gus.
Tell him everything.

Sure, but not here.

I think we could
all use a drink.

- Good.
- You...

LEE: Well...

- Oh, yeah.
- Hello, there.

Would you please, uh,
put this on my father's tab?

So you mean to tell me that all that stuff
in your cabin is material on the Bodega?

I know more about the
Bodega than any man alive.

So you think Brockett
hasn't found the Bodega?

So far, Brockett's brought up
doubloons and ballast stones.

Where's the Bodega's cannons?

Where's the bell she was carrying for
the mission at San Carlos Borromeo?

Besides, Bodega was a supply
ship, she wasn't a treasure galleon.

Trust me, the gold that Brockett
found did not come from the Bodega.

Hey, I had a piece of it
right in my hand today.

Somebody didn't like that.

Believe me...

that coin could
have told me a lot.

LEE: Why don't you just ask Brockett
to show you one of his doubloons, huh?

I did. They're locked up in the
bank until he squares with the state.

Oh, I saw pictures
in the papers...

but you couldn't tell the depth of
the die marks or the details or nothing.

BARNEY: If Gus could get another
one that he could really examine...

he might accept it for real and
come down off his high horse.

Of course, how he might go
about that, I don't know, Lee.

I might think of something.

I might.

He said he could prove
the gold is phony...

if he could find the
right papers in his cabin.

What about this, Scott?

You told me you had everything
figured out to the very last detail.

What if the old man does have
something that could expose us?

Well, if he does, he
won't have it for long.

That rat's nest he lives
in is a regular firetrap.

Everybody knows that, right?


Miss Nunzio, I hope our little spot-check
here isn't too inconvenient for you.

Not at all. We're
always eager...

- to cooperate with the IRS.
- Ah.

The new tax laws
can be so confusing.

Yes, heh, they can.

Besides, I'm here full-time
until I finish the cataloging.

So can I show you
our authentications?

Uh, look, I'll leave the
archeology and so forth to you.

All I have to do is eyeball the
valuables for a spot estimate, heh.

As you can see, we
have an armed guard...

- outside at all
times. LEE: Mm-hm.

Both the vault and the safe are kept locked
and it takes two people to open the safe.

LEE: Hmm.

Thanks, Mr. Bishop.


NUNZIO: These are our samples.

LEE: Oh, wow. Oh!

- Impressive, isn't it?
- Oh, yes, very.

A fortune in new doubloons.

- New?
- Well, in 1673.

- Oh, yes, heh.
- From the Royal Mint in Mexico City.

See, the Bodega was dispatched
from La Paz in the spring of 1769...

with a load of supplies for
the settlement in San Diego...

then it was gonna continue
on up the coast to Monterey.

So the gold was probably
meant for the purchase of furs...

from the Russians who were
trapping up near San Francisco.

I see. I see.

Uh, Ms. Nunzio, um, I wonder... I
know this is going to sound silly...

but I wonder if I might...

- hold that tray of gold doubloons.
- Heh.

- You know, something to tell the children.
- Sure. Of course.


Oh, yeah, feel the weight.

- Here you...
- Oh!

Oh, don't worry
about it. I'll get them.

- No. Just... I'll get them all.
- I can't believe I just did this.

- It's okay. I can get them.
- I... How could I be so clumsy?

I mean, I can't
believe I did this.

I really can't.

I mean, gold doubloons.

Oh, what a clumsy. This...

- I'm sorry. NUNZIO: It's
okay. I think I got them all.

- Oh, have you got them all?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- There's a few more...

- Here are some right here.
- There's a few more.

- Okay.
- Here we go.


- You're sure? We've got them all?
- We got them all.

- Marks on them or anything?
- We got them all.

- We gotta get out of here.
- Okay.


Beautiful. I can cast a
wax duplicate out of this.

And then I'll really have
something to go on, heh.

What kind of a scam did you have
to pull to get those imprints, Lee?

Barney, I'll tell you
sometime, okay?

Is that smoke?

GUS: That's my cabin.

- No, Gus. It's not worth it.
- Gus.

Come on, Barney. Stay back.

- How's it look?
- Like I'm on the right track.

Sure you are. That's why
Brockett tried to plug you.

Now, look, guys, this looks
like a pattern, I know that.

The fireman seemed to think
the fire started here on the desk...

with that old lamp.

That's peculiar, seeing as how I only
light that lamp when the electricity's out.

And that hasn't
happened for months.

We're flushing those
birds from their roost, Lee.

Yeah, maybe, Barney. Maybe.
What's the damage to your research?

They burned me
out pretty good...

but most of what I had
on paper, I still got up here.

Also, now I got this.


You know, Gus, I wanna take a
look at Brockett's salvage boat.

- Can I use your tanks?
- Sure. You wanna go now?

No, it's too late. Security
will be heaviest at night.

I wanna take a look
tomorrow when they're away.



NURSE: Mrs. King needs her rest.

Five more minutes, Mr. Stetson.

Oh, my God.

She's stable, but still
in critical condition.

All we can do is wait.


She's gonna be fine. She's
gonna be absolutely fine.

Lee, I have never seen her give
up on anything that was important.

And she's not gonna give up now.

My God, what happened?
Who did this? Why?

I mean, it doesn't
make any sense.

LEE: Come on. I'll tell you
everything I know, all right?

Come on.

The guard's still
on the bow, Lee.

right, I'm going into the cabin.


Give me the camera.

Let's go.





I've seen this old
bench rat before.

He and his buddies have been
hounding my operation for weeks.

And I've seen you somewhere too.

Maybe in this morning's paper.

Yeah. I got caught in
your crossfire yesterday.

- I thought I'd check you out myself.
- My crossfire?

That's what people think.

If they wanna make a racket, they can meet
with my lawyers. I got strict security.

I might have thrown a guy off a
dock, but, uh, I never shot anybody.

Yeah, well, Gus says
you're lying about the gold.

My friend, if you're lying about
this, I'll come after you myself.

Hey, I'm sorry about the
woman. I'm sorry about the trouble.

I'm just protecting
what's mine. That's all.

Get them off the boat.

I'll take my camera.

That old Gus seems to be
the root of all our troubles.

I better take care of
him once and for all.

Why not send Tommy?

He messed up once already.

This time, it will
be done right.

That guy was on top of
me before I heard him.

Forget about it, Barney, huh?

The point is...

Brockett knows
we're digging around.

We're gonna have to
be a lot more careful.

I'll drop you off at your
place then pick up Gus.

All right.

Now I got you, Jeremy Brockett.


Well, well, you're here.

Good, you spare me the wait.

I recognize you. You're
one of Brockett's men.

You can tell your boss he couldn't stop
me, even though he tried to burn me out.

Tell him he's a fraud
and I can prove that.

The gold you brought up couldn't
have come from the Bodega.

Is that a fact?

Well, it's too bad you won't be able to
share your discovery with anyone else.

All right, drop it.

Now, sit down.

Sleep tight, Gus.


3, transport CO victim to helipad.

Navy chopper standing by.

GUS: Bodega...
- Wait. Hold it. Hold it.

Gus, what?

GUS: Bodega de Barco.


Right, Gus.

Bodega de Barco.

Okay, let's go. Lift up.

Gus, you're gonna
be all right, huh?

They're taking you to a Naval
hospital in Coronado on a chopper.

They'll fix you up, okay?

It's locked.

When I got the call, I
figured you'd be here.

- Yeah.
- So, what did he say?

Nothing much. He's in a fog.

- How bad?
- Stabilized.


Carbon monoxide poisoning is
unpredictable. Seizures, delusions.

Oh, are you a doctor?

No, I'm not a doctor, but I've
seen a few accidents like this.

Well, how did you happen
to be around this one?


I paid a visit to
Brockett's boat.

"Paid a visit" isn't the
way Brockett tells me.

Oh, yeah? Well, he's
getting pretty damn edgy.

I went to check on Gus, right?
Now, his scuba gear was gone...

so I go down to his
boat, only to find him

rolling in with the
surf, barely conscious.

Check this out.

- Bad air?
- Bad air?

It's full of CO.

Now, Gus wouldn't
be that careless.

- Meaning what?
- Isn't it obvious by now, even to you?

Brockett takes a shot at him
because he discovered a doubloon.

Then he burns his papers, Gus
doesn't give up, so he tries again.

No, it is not obvious to me.

And watch who you start
accusing in public. That is my job.

Well maybe you better start doing your
job or I'm gonna start doing it for you.

Look, if somebody I loved was
in the hospital close to death...

I'd want simple answers too.

But the facts just don't
add up to anything yet.

When the shooting occurred...

Brockett was with ten
witnesses at the Half Tanked bar.

When this happened,
he was with you.

He's got plenty of boys aboard that
boat that will do any kind of dirty work...

- to get an extra piece of that gold.
- We're checking them out.

But if I were you, I'd let
the law take care of justice...

and I'd take care of
the woman I loved.

blue, 346C. Code blue, room 346C.

Lee, it's Amanda.


- Where's that bicarb?
- Right here.

We need 100 milligrams
of lidocaine, stat.

- You better wait out here.
- No, no.

charge the paddles.

Better get a vial of...

Mr. Stetson, you can't
help us save her life.

But if you get in the way,
you will help us lose it.

- Now, get out of here, please.
Now. DOCTOR 2: Recharged it.

DOCTOR 1: All right, clear.


Burdette, please call Admitting.

Mrs. Burdette,
please call Admitting.

Almost lost her, but she
didn't give up. Not for a second.


She's holding on, so we're
back where we started...

with a long ways to go.

Young woman's a fighter.

That's good.

Thank you.

Oh, boy.


Well, that's it. All the files
have to do with navigation.

Degrees of leeway when the wind is
over the helmsman's left shoulder...

current set and drift.

Gus was trying to plot the
exact course of the Bodega.

LEE: Currents, storm track.

Barney, I don't know
how this is gonna help us.

Now, "model." What's that?

LEE: It's the Bodega. Gus created
a computer model of his ship.

Just like his wooden model.

It's perfect, down
to the last detail.


Hold on. Hold on. Look at this.

It's labeled "bodega de barco."

That's what he said over
and over this morning.

It's the cargo hold.

Barney, if Gus wanted to hide
some information about his ship...

what better place...

Than in the hold
of the ship itself.

You got it.

The model ought to be
on a table by the window.

- There it is.
- Ah.

Let's see.

- I got it.
- Good.

- I guess he wrapped the doubloon I made.
- Ah.


It must be one of those
documents he copied in Seville.

Yeah, 17th-century Spanish.

We're gonna need
help in translating it.

WATERHOUSE: All right,
suppose you two hold it right there.

- Uh, look, sheriff...
- You know, when I saw light on inside...

I had a feeling I'd find you
two snooping around in here.

Yeah. Look, can I, uh, show
you something in my pocket?

Very slowly.



There seems to be a minor
misunderstanding here...

but I'm not sure by who.

Yeah, never mind that. Do
you have a facsimile machine?

- Sure, back at the office.
- All right, then let's go.

Well, that's the last
of it, Mr. Brockett.

- If you'll just sign this receipt...
- Oh.

- There you go.
- Great.

On behalf of the State of
California, let me congratulate you...

and thank you for adding
to our store of treasures.

Uh, thank you for helping me get
this out of town without any fanfare.

It's safer that
way, for everybody.


Maybe next year, we can
bring up the mission bell.

You never know.

- Now what?
- We need to make a stop at the boat.

- What for? I thought we'd right head out.
- Eh, nothing major.

We just need to tie
up a few loose ends.

Transmission's coming in now.

This model is Gus' pride
and joy, he built it himself.

He wouldn't stick just
any piece of paper in it.

That has to be the
proof he was looking for.


It's from a logbook kept by the
harbormaster at La Paz, dated 1769.

"There was an error in the manifest
of the supply ship, La Bodega.

Manifest states cargo of gold
doubloons was minted in Mexico City."


"A disastrous fire befell
the mint three months ago."

Brockett's gold had
Mexico City mint marks on it.

So Gus was right.

Brockett didn't find
the Bodega's treasure.

He didn't find any treasure.

It's counterfeit.

There weren't any gold coins
minted in Mexico City in 1769.

The harbormaster
found the error...

nobody except Gus knew about it.

Not even the state archeologist.

Let me get her on the
phone and speed things up.

But where did Brockett
get all that gold?

That's what I'd like to know.

Let's go ask him.

- No. Not you, Barney.
- Oh, come on. Why?

- Things could get too dangerous.
WATERHOUSE: Let me speak to...

D.C. is going to wire
us the current status

of any missing gold
in this quantity, okay?

It can't be a very long list.

Wait for it, then stay
put or you go home.

- Do you hear me, Barney?
- I hear, I hear. I ain't deaf yet.


Of course hearing and
listening are two different things.

- All right, what's this all about?
- Like I said, tying up loose ends.

Don't look so surprised.

Did you think I was gonna share
my profits with a loser like you?

Come on, move it. Get in.

All right. Open up the hatch.

Go on.

Get in.


I wanna talk to you.

Hold it.

No, don't try it.


Get his gun.

Another passenger for our
little excursion to nowhere.


Set it for 10 minutes.

TOMMY: Got it.

- Ready?
- All set.

Let's go.

BROCKETT: Hey, no, no.
You... You're wasting your time.

It's locked from the outside.


You got any better ideas?

He's gonna get rid of
us in one clean sweep.

Who is?

It's Scott.

Norton Scott.

The Harpers Ferry heist?

Half the agencies in the
country are looking for him.

I'm not shutting
up for him anymore.

You know, he came to me with this
doubloon scam about six months ago.

Before he lifted the gold
from the Federal Reserve?

He planned it all out.

I should've known as soon as he shot
that King woman how cold-blooded he was.

He shot Amanda?

Hey, nothing's gonna stop
him from fencing that gold, man.

Don't bet on it.

Go on. You grab
something. Make some noise.

Go on!




- Help!
- Hold it.

You smell garlic?

Something like that.

Acetylene gas.

He's got this thing rigged.

We're inside a bomb.

One spark and you can forget it.

Hey, aluminum won't spark.






Let me out!

Open up!

- Hello? BROCKETT: Help!


LEE: Who is it? BARNEY:
Who do you think?

Barney? Come on, man. Get us out
of here. This place is rigged to blow.

Get as far away from here as
you can and keep an eye on him.

Come on, move.



Damn it.


It all fits, Billy. Scott
didn't slip out of

the country after hitting
the Federal Reserve.

Even when his partner started
talking exchange for a lighter sentence.

Yeah, Scott played it cool. He
set up shop out here in California...

using counterfeited
doubloons to launder the gold.

What can we do?

Brockett's spilling
everything he knows...

but Scott was smart enough
to leave out some details.

Yes, like the name of
his dummy corporations...

that he's having his
profits channeled into.

Exactly. But he's gotta make contact
with precious coin brokers first...

to turn those
doubloons into cash.

It will take time to track down the
metal and coin dealers on the west coast.

- Our only chance is to find him first.
- Maybe we should catch a plane.

No, there's no time for that.
We'll do the best we can from here.

- We?
- Yeah, it's funny, isn't it?

It's always been Amanda and me.

But she's got enough
to do right now.

Besides, I've got an old
friend to use as backup.

I'll talk to you later,
Billy. Scarecrow out.

It doesn't make any sense
for Scott to take off in a truck...

without some sort of camouflage.

You know, Brockett has his repair work
done at Las Palmas Beach Auto Repairs...

- just up the road on the left.
- Okay, let's take a look.

There he is.

All right, Barney, get out here.

Wait till I get inside, then close
the gate so he can't make a getaway.

Get some backup, Lee.

- Let Waterhouse put some men around...
- No.

No, Barney. He shot
Amanda. He is mine.

Get to a phone.
Call the sheriff...

and tell him to come clean
up the pieces. Now, go on. Get.

Scott, hold it.

Hold it!

You're not getting out of here,
Scott. Not unless you kill me first.

Sure, Stetson. If that's
the way you want it.

LEE: Oh, come on,
man. Don't disappoint me.

At least try a bribe
or something, huh?

You've got 38 million,
spread it around a little.

Why should I if I don't have to?

You're dead.

Lee. Lee!

Lee, stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Stop it, you're killing
him. Stop it. Listen to me.

Waterhouse has
heard from the hospital.

You hear me? Waterhouse
has heard from the hospital.

What? How's Amanda?

He didn't say. Just they
want you there right away.

You watch him, Barney.

You hear me? You watch him!

DOCTOR: You made good time.
- Get out of my way. I'm going in.

Of course you are. Lots of TLC is just what
the doctor ordered for a quick recovery.

Oh, she's gonna be
all right. I told you so.

- Wanna see her? She looks beautiful.
- Yeah.

I wanna tell you something.

After a few weeks in bed, I'm gonna
have her hopping around the house...



- Hi.
- Mm.


What happened?

I'll tell you all about it
when you get better, okay?


Did you get the
number of that truck?


You bet I did.


No honeymoon
tonight, apparently.

Aw, shucks.

I'm gonna go to sleep, will
you sit with me for a minute?

you, Mrs. Stetson.


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