Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 19 - All That Glitters - full transcript

A long lost valuable earring from Granada shows up at a wealthy clique-dwellers birthday party.

ELISA: Senator, you don't
have to hide. It's a beautiful gift.

I take it all back. Your
taste isn't just in your mouth.

SMYTH: We've got more
gifts, party people. Hang tight.

That is sweet.

I think the inscription
might spark a little fly back.

"Your fundraising in support of our men
in uniform will always be remembered.

Best wishes and happy
birthday. Ron and Nancy."

Thank you, Austin.

And please tell the president...

that I shall always have a special
place in my heart for the military.

You should, we gave your daddy his
first billion-dollar munitions contract.




MAN: It's lovely.

"Some things are
destined to be together.

Only tomorrow will tell."

And it's unsigned.
How romantic. I love it.

This is absolutely wonderful.

To my little scamp out there...

here's to tomorrow.

AMANDA: Good morning.

LEE: Hi. How about a little hug?

- How about a little philodendron?
- Uh, what are you doing with these?

These were looking a little bad so
I took them home for love and care.

- I could use some of that.
- I don't think you'd like fish emulsion.

- I'll tell you what I would
like. AMANDA: What?

We're all ears, Scarecrow.

- Uh, help. A little help on the... Yeah.
- You need me to help you but... Yeah.

I said I would.

Tune in. I'm already late.

Visual aids, kids.

SMYTH: Up to date on the Hale collection?
- The Grenada Hale's?

Bonus points, Stetson.

- Go for the big spin.
- Prominent Caribbean family...

lost everything when
Grenada fell, including

their priceless
jewelry collection.

Of which this was one piece.


SMYTH: Now, we'd figured the
family jewels had disappeared...

with some sticky-fingered Cubans,
until this sprinky dink showed up...

as a birthday trinket for one of
Washington's top clique dwellers.

Loop the circuit on this, King.

I want verification of its
authenticity. Muy pronto.

Yes, sir. I'll get right on it.

- See you later.
- Yeah.

Bye, sir.

Need I tell you that,
that jewel pries the lid

off an old and very
sensitive can of worms?

- Project Sand Pebbles.
- What do you know about it?

I mingled with Hale while he was peeling
grapes with the Caribbean mainstream.

The next wave of agents groomed
him and suggested he start a network...

- throughout the basin.
- Indeedy-do.

Did a damn good job too.

See, Sand Pebbles was the cornerstone of
our intelligence activities down there...

until Hale's file
disappeared with the jewels.

The last thing I heard was that Sand
Pebbles was on a day-to-day basis.

We couldn't afford to
abandon the network...

and since Hale's list never surfaced
we weren't sure if we were compromised.

We're about to be.

A local tobacco stuffer
inside Castro's circle...

tells us el presidente's been
approached about the list...

and is negotiating
its acquisition.

So you think whoever
passed the jewels has the list?

I think it's worth a
sniff and a scratch.

I've activated an
Alpha-17 Clearance.

Anything you wanted to know
about the Grenada operation...

is waiting for you in a
morgue file at the Pentagon.

Get to it, then pop over
to the Danton Estate.

The clique dweller.

I understand you've danced
cheek to cheek with her...

at more than one
presidential gala.

- I suppose you could say that.
- Heh.

Sprinkle on some
cologne, get next to her...

but walk the velvet tightrope.

We don't want anyone thinking she's
mixed up in an agency investigation.


The fewer people
who know about this the

better chance we have
of getting to that list.

And a whole new bunch of
chums in Cuba Libre land.

Give my best to Elisa,
and behave yourself.


I'll give my very best.


Congratulations, Lee.


- On what?
- On your new assignment.

Smyth's memo just floated
across Billy's desk. Elisa Danton.

Mm-hm, you are just
the man for the job.

And a job is all it is, Francine.
Purely professional, okay?

Oh, how times have changed.

I seem to remember lots of
stories about you and Elisa...

that kept many a boring
D.C. cocktail party going.


Oh, my favorite one, you, Elisa
and that little French ballerina.

How did you ever manage all of that
in the back of an Italian sports car, heh?


Uh, she was a violinist, it
was a limo, and it wasn't easy.

I was in traction for a week.

- Oh.
- But that was then and this is now.

And like you've just
said, things have changed.

Uh, you know what they say
about leopards and their spots.

I'm not a leopard.

Well, maybe not, but I hear Elisa
has a pretty mean set of claws.

I'd be careful.

- Can I help you?
- Yes.

I wanna see the report
on operation Urgent Fury...

- and anything else you have on Grenada.
- Uh, yes, sir. How about after lunch?

I'm on an Alpha-17, Sergeant
Stillman. How about now?

You could be on a Triple-Omega
Presidential Directive...

and I still couldn't give you
the files. The computer's down.

All right, let's skip the computer
records. Get me the hard copy.

I've got over 15
million documents.

I can start digging, but
with the computer index...

I'd sure have a
better shovel, sir.

Yeah, I bet you would.
Okay. Two hours, I'll be back.

Yes, sir.

This is Stillman. General
Garrett left a standing order...

to be notified if anyone
asked about the Grenada files.

The agency. I'll be damned if
I'll have outside intelligence...

digging around a
military operation.

They're always stirring
up a hornet's nest.

Grenada was one
damn fine operation.

Those intelligence boys ought to look
at themselves instead of jumping on us.

They'll probably find
something to throw in our faces.

Not this time, McGill.

I'm going down and
check with a friend at G-2.

Maybe he can tell me
what they're coming up with.

Is there anything I can do?

Stay on top of this thing
and keep me current.

Yes, sir.

MAID: Excuse me, Miss Danton?


Oh, my God. Look what
the maid dragged in.

- Hello, Elisa.
- Hello.

I've got two of your dress shirts
and a pair of socks up in my closet.

I think I deserve a little
more than "Hello, Elisa."


You look wonderful.

- You feel better than ever.
- Yeah.

- Well, I wish this was just a social call.
- I like to make wishes come true, heh.

I know you do.

But you know why I'm here.
Dr. Smyth just didn't walk off...

with that earring you got the other
night without some explanation.

Darling, I'll tell you
everything if you

tell me who's got you
on a string these days.

I don't know what you mean.

We're alone at my private pool.

The sun's warm, the tanning oil's
imported and you're still dressed.

Not the Lee I used to know.

Who is she?

Listen, I'm the one getting
paid to ask the questions, okay?


You always were a rotten
poker player, Stetson, heh.


You've got something
written all over your face.


Seriously, I'm here
on business, okay?

Rather urgent business at that,
so could we please just get started?

Can we at least have
some champagne...

before we get bogged
down in international intrigue?


Yeah, sure.

Great. Should I have the butler
bring it to the hot tub or the sauna?


How could I have known someone
would recognize the earring?

Why would you
even take the chance?

Because I'm tired of playing second
fiddle to those gold-plated boors.

You risked bringing
everything down on our

heads because of
some childish infatuation?

For God's sakes, I
waited four years.

And I told you it might be a decade
before we could move the collection.

I never should've trusted a washed-up
supply officer with an overactive libido.

Listen, the Grenada
operation happened fast.

I was there. And you were
satisfied to let me do the dirty work.

- You couldn't have found anyone better.
- Or more stupid, apparently.

You actually left the other earring
with a note and your name on it?

It's in a pillow in her bedroom.
I can get it back, no sweat.

No. No, no, no. You've
already done enough.

I really don't wanna hang
next to you on the gallows.

They can't hang us for finding some
jewelry on that godforsaken island.

No, but they'd enjoy seeing
us twist for committing treason.

There's interest in
the Sand Pebbles list.

Sand Pebbles? I thought we agreed
to destroy that diplomatic pouch.

That wasn't what we were after.

A good officer takes
advantage of every opportunity.

Sand Pebbles is a
golden opportunity.

I do not intend to let
anything or anyone,

including Elisa Danton,
to keep me from it.

What are you gonna do?

We're soldiers, Carpenter. We
do what we have to do to survive.


What are you talking about? You said
you'd have the records here in two hours.

Oh, that is what I said, but
these records have been sealed.

Sealed? Sergeant, I'm
an Alpha-17 authorization.

Sorry. I've received a
Code Vermillion restriction.

Code Vermillion?

I've only seen that
twice in my career.

I've never seen one. I'm the
first one in this building to get one.

- Who issued it?
- They never say.

But it had to come from
someone like God, now didn't it?

I mean, it is a Code
Vermillion restriction.

Look, sergeant, all I
need is five minutes.

That's all.

- Sir.
- Uh-oh.

I'm sorry. Files are sealed. If you
persist, I'll be forced to shoot you.

Some armchair shortstop
trying to hardball us, eh?

Now, that's a serious mistake.

Well, update, Stetson. Bare bones.
I'm already late for cribbage at Henry's.

Bare bones is all we've got.

Someone's slapped a Code Vermillion
restriction on the Grenada files.

Vermillion? Who comes up with these
colors, someone's interior decorator?

There are only four people with
the authority to override an Alpha 17.

The president, the secretary
of state, secretary of defense...

and the officer with most
seniority of the Joint Chiefs.

Why would any of these
be foolish enough to do it?

Here's one good reason.

General Bradford Garrett, senior
ranking officer of the Joint Chiefs...

coordinated the invasion of Grenada,
spent six months on the island.

SMYTH: And he was standing
next to me at Elisa's party.

Circumstantial, but sometimes the
small hook catches the biggest fish.

Just don't sit there.

We still got rumors about Sand
Pebbles being on the auction block...

so sweat the general a bit, eh?

I'm gonna wander
past the White House...

and launch an attack of my
own. I don't like being shut out.

It ruffles my pin feathers.


Hello, stranger.


That's too close to
the truth to be funny.


- You miss me?
- Of course, I missed you.

Good, good. Any luck
authenticating that earring?

Well, I started with Caribbean
artifacts at the Smithsonian.

Then I spent half a day at the Art
History Department at Georgetown.

And I've been on the computer
with the Louvre for nearly an hour.

It's the real thing.

The key is in the
cut of the ruby.

Now, it's something called
Louis Soixante Lace...

designed by a famous Grenadian
named Francois Villard de Beauchamp.

The earrings were commissioned in 1839
by Brigadier Hale as a gift for his wife.

- Hmm.
- They've been in the family ever since.

- Very impressive.
- Thank you.

We just found out that Pentagon Central
Shipping delivered that earring to Elisa's.

Think you could find out
who signed that order?

No problem. I can get a lot done when
I don't have any distractions in here.


Listen, uh...

Amanda, when all this is over, you
mind if I get back to distracting you?

I'll be looking forward to it.


McGlLL: Ooh!
- That's 40 bucks you owe me, McGill.

McGlLL: You're hot. I
think we've got company.

It's bad golf etiquette to stare
at a man's game. It throws it off.

LEE: I'm sorry about that, sir.

I'm Lee Stetson. I'm
with the agency, and...

Smyth wants to know why he can't
put his mitts on the Grenada files, right?

That's one of the
reasons I'm here, yes, sir.

That and Elisa Danton.

- I was hoping we could talk.
- No, we can't.

My private life's private, and my military
activities are none of your damn business.

Well, I agree
with that, sir, yes.

But, uh, you see, we're afraid
that the Grenadian invasion...

involved a very serious breach
in our intelligence network.

- That's why I'm really here.
- Damn it.

That exercise went smoother
than the skin on a baby's behind.

And I'm not about to have a
bunch of paper-pushing civilians...

with 20-20 hindsight
telling me any different.


Billy, Billy. What a surprise.

BILLY: Elisa, how are you?
- Very upset with you.

Yes, you. You all knew about that silly
earring problem and didn't come by once.

Lee came out the very next day.

A lot of help Lee Stetson was.

He's so starry-eyed about that woman
he's involved with he can't see straight.

I've never known Lee to be
anything but professional...

especially where there's
a woman concerned.

That's because you haven't
known him like I have, darling.

What a loss of good manpower.

I was wondering why Lee's
name hadn't appeared...

on the social duty
roster for a while.


Humor me, Billy. What's she
like? Young, glamorous, sexy, rich?

Not really. She's
just a lovely woman.

I don't think Lee could have done
much better than this particular person.

And who is this
particular person?

You'll have to ask Lee, Elisa.

I get the feeling that that's
still classified information.

Classified information, hmm?

If he's not going public,
then he's still a free agent.

I think you're wrong.

Billy, you're talking to Elisa Danton.
I'm never wrong about this sort of thing.

In the circles I travel,
I can't afford to be.

Thank you.

Busy schedule?

Uh, yeah, routine.
Odds and ends.

Including something, uh, quiet
and intimate with Elisa Danton, right?

Oysters Rockefeller?
Chilled champagne?

- Dinner, actually.
- Uh-huh.


Listen, Billy, Elisa's got a dozen
date books that could give us a clue...

as to who sent her
that hot piece of ice.

This evening was all the
time she had available.

I see.

- Oh.
- Uh...

How do you know about this?

- Oh, just an educated guess.
- Uh-huh.

Elisa slid up next to me at
lunch with a trotline in the water.

Every hook is baited and
waiting for you, Scarecrow.

Look, you are the second
person that has come up to me...

and warned me to watch my flank.
Why is everyone so concerned, heh?

- This is Elisa Danton, Scarecrow.
- Yeah.

You two have a
pretty steamy history.

And Elisa has a
memory like an elephant.

Well, thanks for the
caution, Billy, okay?

But remember one thing, I'm
not a freshman agent anymore.

- I can handle myself.
- Maybe...

but, uh, I'd suggest you just stay
away from the oysters, all right?

A diamond tiara for
your thoughts, darling.


You do stay busy, Elisa.

Short attention span.
Boring company.

- Boring?
- Mm.

The names on this calendar are
right out of the pages of Who's Who.

How can that be boring?


Even filet mignon every
night gets tiresome.

- Besides, variety's the spice of life.
- Hmm.

At least...

that's what you used
to whisper in my ear.

- Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
- Heh.

Still ticklish in all the
old familiar places?

We have got a lot of
ground to cover tonight.

Exactly what I was thinking.

- Business.
- Before pleasure?


You have changed, haven't you?
I'm not at all sure that I approve.

I wanna talk some more
about the names on this list.

Now, you've been seeing a
lot of General Garrett lately.

He was at your birthday party.

You're barking up the
wrong tree, sweetheart.

Grumpy Garrett and I are
like old hunting buddies.

We get together every now and then
to scratch and sniff, and tell rude jokes.

The most romantic thing he ever
did was to name his Jeep after me.


Did you ever name
your Jeep after me, Lee?

No, I never did.

I know what you need.

You need me to slip into
something a little more comfortable.

ELISA: I won't be long, darling.

Be a dear and open
another bottle of champagne.



LEE: Elisa! MAID:
Up here, Mr. Stetson.

LEE: Elisa! MAID: Hurry.


MAID: Please, hurry.

The fire department's
on an automatic alarm.

I'll get everyone out of the
house and direct the fireman.

Whoever raided the Hale mansion must
be desperate to keep us from finding him.

That's why he took the
risk to break in on you.

Now, there were seven cases
cut. You didn't see him find it?

All right, then I'm gonna guess
that it was the other earring.

He'd planted it for you to
find in one of these pillows.


Why'd he cut so many?

That's what I'm wondering.

If he planted it he'd
know where it was, right?

Unless it wasn't the same guy.


BILLY: Melrose here.

We're not chasing
our tails, Billy.

This guy is serious. He
damn near killed Elisa.

- How is she?
- Smoke inhalation, possible concussion.

Could've been worse.

The good news is she'll probably have
to go to Paris to replace a lot of clothes.

- What about you?
- Knee deep in bad news.

Dr. Smyth has brought us
up to a full-scale scramble.

Well, for once, I approve of his extremes.
Somebody let the genie out of the bottle.


We're gonna be sorry if we
don't cork it back up soon.

Another thing. Amanda narrowed
down the delivery schedule.

That first earring came from
Captain Carpenter's office.

More interestingly, Carpenter
took part in the Grenada invasion.

Morning, corporal.

- He's been here since midnight, sir.
- Who?

What a snafu. We're
backed up at least six hours.


Bloody hell.

That's just what the Pentagon
Logistical Liaison Commander said...

when I woke him up.

It didn't do him any good
and it won't do you any good.

- Says who?
- I've got enough clearance...

to go over his head, your head,
and just about anybody else's head.

I've got a number on
Pennsylvania Avenue...

that rings right next to
the oval bed, so to speak.

All right. Okay.

But tell me what is it you
want and I'll just give it to you.

If I can still find it, that is.

I'm not really sure. I'm only
fishing. But I'll bet you know.

- Is this a military matter?
- Military? Maybe.

We're interested in a package
that was sent to Elisa Danton.

Our records show it
came from this office.

This is a central pick-up point.

Miss Danton's a very popular
lady with men in uniform.

We must have picked up and delivered
a dozen or so packages for her party.

Not picked up and delivered,
originated, right here.

Well, yeah, that's possible.

If they've got deliveries and their offices
are close by, guys often bring them over.

That way the origination
point is shown local.

Okay. We can check that out.

You were at the party.

That's no secret. There were plenty
of officers from the Pentagon there.

It was her birthday.
What are you getting at?

- And last night about 8:00?
- Why?

There was a fire at
the Danton Estate.

Elisa Danton was knocked
out and left for dead inside.

How well did you know the lady?


- Was she hurt badly?
- No.

Are you close?

No. No.

She just invited me
as a courtesy because,

uh, I worked with her
on her last fundraiser.

And last night, captain?

I was at home watching
an old Doris Day movie.

A Doris Day movie?

- Were you alone?
- No, at the bachelor officer's quarters.

I, uh, I drifted into the rec room for a
while. Somebody there must have seen me.

I was shooting baskets with
Lieutenant Jones until 7:10 about.

Here's Lieutenant Jones' number.
You can call him if you want and check.

I don't see how my watching
a Doris Day movie or not...

- rates an OSC-3 clearance.
- You did a tour in Grenada, right?

That's a matter of record. Why?

Like I told you, just fishing.

This is a very stupid idea.

I didn't wanna take a
chance using the office phone.

We don't have anything
to talk about. I told you that.

We've got a thousand
things to talk about.

What did you do to Elisa?

She surprised me in the
bedroom, I had to take her out.

- The fire was an accident.
- She could have died.

The world might have
been a better place.

Now Stetson from the
agency is snooping around...

asking questions about Grenada.

Exactly why you
should be thanking me.

You could have been court-martialed,
tried for theft, murder and treason.

- And don't you forget it.
- The treason is yours, not mine.

I've had a very interesting
response to the Sand Pebbles list.

You don't mind if I enrich
your bank account, do you?

Who's buying?

- The Cubans are very interested.
- The Cubans?

The Cubans will destroy
every agent they find.

Pangs of conscience?

How pathetically touching.

Especially for a guy who's in so far
over his head he can't see straight.

Wise up, Carpenter.

Did you ever really stop to think just
how thin a 20-year pension really is?

Especially for a man whose
tastes run to expensive jewelry...

and, uh, thoroughbred women.

Thanks for your help,
Lieutenant Jones.

We'll be in touch if we need
any more information. Bye.


Come in.

Well, we struck out with Jones.
He confirms Carpenter's story.

They were playing basketball
till well after 7:00 last night.

But I found a Captain
Rodriguez who's a Doris Day nut.

He claims Carpenter showed up when
Doris was singing the Geiger-counter song.

- That's absurd, Desmond.
FRANCINE: Oh, I know it is, sir...

but she sang it anyway,
1949, My Dream is Yours.

It was on Channel 6 last night.
Anyway, I'm looking for a time for the...

Never mind about that, okay.

If he was with Jones until after 7,
there's no way he could've made it in time.

Yeah. I sort of figured that. I just
didn't wanna say that I was stumped.

Why not? We are.

You know, I'd half
counted him out already.

He was really rocked when
I told him about the fire.

BILLY: More than likely he sent the
one earring, if he's worried about her.

The question remains,
who went after the mate?

His partner, naturellement.

He could've had a partner when he
knocked over the Hale Estate on Grenada.

And now he's trying to repair the
damage of Carpenter's love's labor lost.

Carpenter sent the bauble not
expecting anyone to recognize it.

His misfortune...

I've never seen a 4-carat Louis Soixante
cut, D-color yummy I don't remember.

When you think your teeth are sharp enough,
get him in here and chew on him, Billy.

Oh, heh...

I forgot to boast. I rattled a
few cages on Capitol Hill...

and got the Senate Armed Services
Committee to subpoena the Grenada records.

The only way to get around
Garrett's hermetic seal.

Like I said, I don't
like being shut out.



MAN: Are you ready?
- Right behind you, fellas.

I don't run, major.

If I did, I'd have started in
Korea and never stopped.

It's tactical, sir.

For the pride of the
Army and your command.

The agency attack is spearheaded by
a very murky character named Smyth.

Austin Smyth. Director
of Covert Operations...

loves cloak and dagger,
the dagger, especially.

He mixes in too many
parts politics to suit me.

Flirts with the movers and the
shakers, he is one, friend of Elisa Danton.

My point. Pick your fights, sir.

Smyth sidestepped your
orders on the Grenada records.

- He's got clout, he could misuse it.
- That's true enough.

He's made me
look pretty impotent.

McGlLL: You weren't hiding anything.
- Heh, only protecting my turf.

McGlLL: But now it could
get to be a witch hunt.

Stay above it, sir. Let me take the
flak until they wear themselves out...

then step in to deliver
the coup de grâce.

Could be a strategic
withdrawal under fire.

You wrote the book, sir.

They have documented everything
down to the dimensions of a foxhole.

What's Garrett hiding?

How about the bombing of the Hale estate?
Here's the order for it and he signed it.

It's an order for an air strike.

The defensive cover for
part of a mop-up team...

pinned down by a division of
Cubans guarding the airfield.

Yeah, except those Cubans turned
out to be laborers and engineers.

There's something wrong here.

I know Garrett's tactics.

He used the same style
in Korea and Vietnam.

He does not believe in close air
support in a land action like this.

Right. Talk to Garrett.

See if he can tie
Carpenter into it.

If so, then, like
the man says...

I think our teeth will be sharp
enough and we can bring Carpenter in.

So he just happened to be
called away this morning?

The general logs, I don't know how
many thousands of miles every year...

- in the performance of his command.
- Where is he now?

That's more or less classified.


I'm cleared, major.

So am I, but that doesn't
mean he tells me everything.

Why don't you start
with his general staff?

There's one captain who does
nothing but the travel arrangements.

All right. How long is this particular
piece of red tape going to be?

I'll cut as much as I can for you,
but this is the army, Mr. Stetson...

we've got warehouses
full of the stuff.

What are you doing? I thought
we weren't ready to sell that.

We weren't, until you started giving
the stuff away, one piece at a time.

You're the one who started selling
the spy information, one piece at a time.

You didn't turn
down the profits.

You almost killed
Elisa. I ought to kill you.


How you gonna do that?

Marksmanship medals
are one thing, Carpenter...

but this is a bit more personal.


Warehouse is used for
storing personal belongings...

of military families
posted abroad.

The guys found this under a low
shelf, about 10 feet from the body.

- Battle ribbons.

BILLY: This one's for the Vietnam
conflict, this one's for Korea.


- I'm not familiar with this one.
- That's the Grenada campaign.

The Pentagon security
team told me about it.

- All places a lot of guys served.
- How many served in all three?

If the guy was in Grenada and
then in Korea 30 years earlier...

we're talking officer country.

General Garrett.

- This was torn off.
- There must have been a fight.

That's what it looks like.

Carpenter was a career military
man. He wouldn't run from a fight.


But he was shot in the back.

Nobody knows why
Carpenter went there...

he doesn't have any
responsibility at that warehouse.

Well, why would one go
to a storage warehouse?

You have something to
store, like the Hale jewels.

Or a Cuban agent list.

Although we're putting everything through
the strainer, you can bet it's gone now.

Any luck with Garrett?

I tracked him through NATO to
NORAD and COMSUBPAC in Hawaii...

and found out he
never left Virginia.

He's golfing today. I sent
Amanda to his country club.

Shouldn't you go? I'm afraid we've
got a three-star murderer on our hands.

Yeah, so am I.

I don't think he's on the links.

I have a hunch.

A general like Garrett
doesn't like to do paperwork...

he'd leave that up
to his aide de camp.

Now, I checked out who
his aide was in Grenada.

It was a Major, then
Lieutenant, Sally McGill.

She probably signed
most of his orders.

A good aide could do
her general's signature...


almost to perfection.

I've gotta go, Billy.


Francine, we've tried all channels.

We're not even getting a
decibel from Lee's transmitter.

All right. Just keep monitoring and let
me know if you get through, okay? Thanks.

Is he still off the air?

Oh, either that or
his receiver's on the

blitz. I don't know.
Communication can't tell.

If he was just away from the
car, we would at least get a ring.

Wait, there's one other possibility. If
Lee is using a distant tracking device...

he would shut off the radio phone to
keep the interference down to a minimum.

That must be it. He's
following McGill in the car.

Then they've left the Pentagon.

What got him interested in her?

I mean this business about her maybe
signing Garrett's orders in Grenada.

- That's pretty thin.
- She did send him on a wild-goose chase.

That could simply be her
loyalty to General Garrett.

I think we should go with Lee's
hunch. It's the best bet we've got.

Maybe. Amanda called
from the country club.

Garrett left before noon,
before his game was finished...

and before Carpenter
was murdered.

That was a quick trip. I was hoping to
have a couple of quail before you got here.

I can't stay anyway.

I've already taken the first salvo
from the agency. No direct hits.

This was a good idea, I
think, Sally. You were right.

Wait for my moment,
that's the ticket.

Why don't you
check what I brought?

See what I missed,
anything else you might need.

- What's the hurry?
- I explained. I've gotta watch our flanks.


GARRETT: I don't know what you think
you're up to, major, but I'm not amused.

McGlLL: I'm not here
to amuse you, general.

Explain please,
major. That's my pistol.

Yes, it is, and the one you used
earlier today to kill Captain Carpenter.

Thirty five years in the military
and I've never been outflanked.

Never thought I would be.

Certainly not like this by
one of my own soldiers.

McGlLL: Life's full
of surprises, general.

Open it.

GARRETT: And these?
- You can guess.

The Hale jewels. Or some of
them, anyway. Don't miss the note.

"I have shamed my country and violated
its trust in me as an officer. Garrett."

You always could spin
a phrase better than me.

But my handwriting's
not really this neat.

Still, who'll know?


My fingerprints are
on here now as well.

Tactically perfect.

Your uniform's in there with
one of the decorations missing.

They'll find it with
Carpenter's body.

Oh, and if you look, there's
a bottle of tranquilizers.

It's the easy way.
I'm prepared to wait.

Easy for who?

The blood of good
people are on these stones.

You're not gonna profit by it without the
living memory of putting a bullet in me.

That's really not a
problem for me, general.

You see, the note
works either way.

At this close range the tattooing from
the powder will serve as a self-inflicted.

LEE: Hold it!


She's hit. She dropped her
gun but she may have another.

You call the agency,
202-555-4040. Do it now.


I can do this all day,
McGill, but you can't.

That's it, McGill.

It's all over.

Two tries, two misses. You
don't have to get hurt any worse.

Come on.





Behind all that society glitter and
glamour, she's really a very simple person.

I'm sure she is. I've read about
her for years in the society columns.

She might be a little groggy,
she inhaled a lot of smoke.


All these young interns have
been so wonderful, miracle cures.

We haven't met.

- Uh, Amanda King.
- Uh, she's my partner.

Partner, yes. So
wonderful to meet you.

Nice to meet you. I've
heard a lot about you.

I haven't heard nearly enough about
you. Come on in. We need to talk, alone.


[English - US -SDH]