Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 15 - Bad Timing - full transcript

Another old enemy of Lee's injects him with a biological weapon and Lee resorts to wearing a dead man's watch to prevent contagion.

PD-2 is a genetically
altered form of the bacterium...

that causes pneumonic plague.

Once introduced to a host,
it matures in 48 hours...

and then remains contagious for another
72 without any physical manifestations.

Death to the carrier is
certain soon thereafter.

The bio-dissemination curve...

and contagion profile reflect
the lethal potency of PD-2.

Estimated kill is limited
only by extent of exposure.

However, in such
a situation as this...

I am less concerned with
numbers than with individuals...

which is why I have
so carefully chosen...

the subject for this
particular field test.

LEE: Anyway, the axle
finally blew somewhere...

between Jeddan and Madinah...

and there we were surrounded
by a band of bedouin pirates...

who thought we'd be a big deal in
the local slave-trading bazaar, heh.

AMANDA: Is this the truth?

LEE: Is this the truth?
AMANDA: Mm-hm.

LEE: My word of honor, I
swear. AMANDA: Heh, heh.

LEE: Listen to this.

Luckily, Dave Sacks, heh, was
packing a copy of Nature Life.

It's his favorite Scandinavian
nudist colony mag.

I'm telling you, what can
I say? The guy is weird.

But believe it or not, we traded it
for two camels, an old Mauser...

and three days’ worth of dried
sheep's stomach, heh, heh.

- You're not buying any of this, are you?
- Not very much of it.

All right, all right, enough
of my convoluted stories.

What do you say we, uh, just go back to
my place and, uh, have some dessert, huh?

It's awful late. We
have to be at work early.

I know, I know.

- What are we gonna do?
- Same thing we always do.

Go home alone again.

But only for one more week.

- All right. I'll give you a lift.
- No, no, no, um...

Listen, I'm only a couple blocks
away. Uh, I think I'll take a walk.

I need to do some thinking, hm?







- Are you all right?
- Oh.

- Oh, my gosh.
- They came out of nowhere.

I don't know...
They got my wallet.

All right, we gotta
get you to a hospital.

Amanda, I don't need
to go to a hospital.

You got a bump on your head,
you might have a concussion.

Oh, I don't wanna go to the
hospital. I don't like doctors, okay?

- You all right?
- Oh. I will take a ride home, though.

Yeah, okay.


Well, that's a pretty impressive
list, Murchinson from Paris...

Egris from Istanbul, Doktor
from Berlin, Brassin from D.C.

Some of the best people
in counterintelligence.

It's exciting having them
under the same roof.

Good morning, Francine. I
need you. Business. Now.

Oh, uh, I'll go set up that
conference room, heh.

- Come on.
- You need me, huh?

- My place or yours?
- Neither.

- I've got a very important meeting.
- What happened to my place or yours?

MINSK: Stetson's meeting should
be beginning sometime this morning.

In less than 30 hours now...

he will begin to
infect the cream...

of the agency's
counterintelligence apparatus...

and countless others.

Moscow will be impressed.

The world will be impressed.

KELFORD: Now, relax, Scarecrow. We
don't let blood or use leeches anymore.


Besides, you hotshot
agents got to realize...

that you get the ouches
just like everybody else.

Oh, come on, doc. I don't have
any ouches. I told Amanda that.

Now, don't drag her into this.

Mrs. King was following agency
procedure when she phoned.

You ought to be glad there's
somebody in the world...

who thinks enough of
you to drag you down here.

Look, doc, I've got a very important
meeting in approximately 45...

Melrose phoned. They
postponed it for an hour.

Oh, how'd Billy know?


Now, hold your arm like that.


Well, I'm finished
here. You say goodbye.

Make the standard donation
in the john, meet me next door.

- Thanks again, Mrs. K.
- Thank you, doc.


- Well, are you happy now?
- I'm happy as long as you're well.

Mm-hm, well, you
don't know Dr. Kelford.

I'm gonna be in here for hours
while he rediscovers the human body.

I have a room full of agents
sitting on their thumbs.

- When is your meeting over?
- Depends on when I get it started.

I thought I would fix you a
little dinner to reward you...

for your heroics down here, huh?

- Really?
- What do you say?

It's practice for
the real thing.

Well, I'm a firm believer
in practice making perfect.

Me too.


PHILIP: While we're there, I want
you to leave me and Nancy alone, huh?

JAMIE: Don't worry. That means
I'd have to get close to her...

and I haven't had
all my rabies shots.

Know why you're saying that?
Because she called you Zorba the Geek.

Fellas, you're gonna have a great
time. Can't you be nice to each other?

It's very difficult,
they're brothers.

You two, go upstairs and get your stuff.
I'm not gonna be your Sherpa this time.

PHILIP: All right.
- Oh, my, look at this.

Wild rice...

heh, heh, heh, truffles...

ah, and chateaubriand.

Well, yeah, I thought I'd kind
of fix myself a special meal...

and see if there's a
good movie on television.

Popcorn used to do just fine.

Well, I decided
I'd go for a change.

Hmm, yeah, well, I can certainly understand
why they serve chateaubriand for two.

- Yeah, it's big, isn't it?
- Mm.

Oh, wine. Heh, heh, heh.

Yeah. Mother, you
have a great trip.

I will, darling. And you say
hello to Lee Stetson for me.

He's such a charming man.

BILLY: Scarecrow...

- you feeling all right?
- Heh.

Yes, I'm feeling all
right. How'd you hear?

Amanda told me.

- Ah, that figures.
- Well, she knew you wouldn't mention it.

She also told me that she made
an appointment with Dr. Kelford.

What'd he say?

Not much. He prodded a little,
poked a little, grunted a little...

took some blood and
says I'm gonna be fine.

- You sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

I'm fine, okay? I've got a meeting
to get to. Thanks for covering me.

Amanda was in my
office at 7:00 this morning.

Aw, Billy, you
know the way she is.

She was worried about you.
Yeah, I'm beginning to get the drifts.




LEE: Amanda, this is a fabulous Beaujolais.
- I'm glad you like it.

Someone once said that a good relationship
is like a fine bottle of wine...

the older it gets,
the better it is.

Well, that's very
wise. Who said that?


It was just a theory
though, until now.




Ooh, Amanda, this
wine is to die for.

- Lee, uh, Billy's
here. LEE: Hm?

Hey, what's up?

Sorry to bother you, Lee, but
when I didn't find you at home, I...

We have to talk.


- What is it, business?
- No.

Well, then Amanda
doesn't have to leave, right?


Dr. Kelford phoned in the
results of your blood tests.

They're not good.

- Meaning?
- You're carrying something called PD-2.

A bacteria. The chemical-warfare
people think it's Russian.

Cut to the chase, what's
the damage estimate?

Death is certain
within 72 hours.

And we don't have the antidote.

Until a year ago, a doomsday
bug like PD-2 was just a bad rumor.

Then an escapee from Russia...

wiped out an entire Finnish
village in less than a week.

Turns out he was a human
lab rat for the Scarlet Rose...

the KGB's ultra-secret
chemical-warfare group.

Now, the hush-hush autopsy told us
PD-2 was more than just a nightmare.

More than a nightmare.
What does that mean, for Lee?

McJOHN: We're sure they
hit Lee during that mugging...

which means that within 24
hours he's going to be contagious.

Not sick, mind you, contagious.

You see, the difficulty with PD-2 is
that, uh, the carrier has no symptoms.

I could have destroyed most of
our counterintelligence operation.

If Amanda hadn't insisted
on me seeing Doc Kelford, I...

- I could've taken out the whole
agency. McJOHN: Not really.

The bacterium dies after two
generations of transmission.

Ahem, the damage would've
been substantial, though.

- What about the remedy? McJOHN:
The Russians have it, of course.

We've been working on an
antibiotic since the Finland incident...

but, uh, we still
haven't cracked the nut.

It's gotta be administered before
Lee becomes contagious or it's useless.

The chances of coming
up with it before then?

In 24 hours?

If you need anything,
anything, let me know, it's yours.

How are you fixed for miracles?

Put us on a Magna Alpha
alert. Code double red.

Coordinate physicals for all personnel,
then jump on this Scarlet Rose.

Find out who runs it, where
they are and how we get to them.

If we can't count on Dr. McJohn's team
to crack this, and I don't think we can...

maybe we can beg, borrow
or steal it from the Russians.

Yes, sir.


Okay. It's gonna
be okay, don't worry.

I have to make the call
to Mrs. McMurty, Lee.


Listen, Amanda's waiting
for me up in the Q-Bureau.

I'll fill her in on this...

but, Billy, she's the closest
thing I've ever had to a family...

except for my uncle.

Well, if anything
should happen I'd...

I just want, you
know, her sons and...

Just let me know what you
want, it'll be taken care of.


That's as much
as we know so far.

McJohn and his people are
doing everything they can.


Francine finally got a line
on that Scarlet Rose group.

How are you, Amanda?

Guess who's been the head
honcho for the past three years.

- Who?
- Anatole Doneck.


When did he drop out of sight?

Mm, 1983, Germany.

Yeah, that's
right, that's right.

We shut down the Heinhoff gang in
Berlin. I put a bullet in Doneck's knee.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute. When I was mugged the
other night, I saw someone in the shadows.

I couldn't see his face, but he ran
with a bad limp and he carried a cane.

It could be him.

It could be that he's running a field
test on PD-2 and waiting for me to die.

Well, if he's
here, we'll get him.

Oh, your escort's
waiting downstairs.


Amanda, if you'd like to go with
him to Mrs. McMurty's, you may.

- Amanda...
- What's Mrs. McMurty's?


It's an isolation facility.

They have to keep me
under protective custody.

I mean, it's high security, Amanda,
but they do everything they can...

to make you as comfortable
as possible. What do you think?

This town isn't that big. Kick some
butts. If Doneck's here, I want him.

And I don't care what
we have to do to get him.

SMYTH: Well put, Melrose.

A dash of vitriol, a pinch of venom
can make a mighty effective physic...

when used judiciously.

I hear the sun's gone
behind a cloud for Scarecrow.

Not yet. We've got 17
hours before he's contagious.

You've initiated a Magna Alpha.

Double red, no less.

- Justification?
- Lee Stetson is the best agent I've got.

One soldier doesn't
an army make.

Besides, Scarecrow knew the
risks when he filled out his W-4.

See, sometimes, one of us has
to pay the piper, even our friends.

A lot more people than Scarecrow
are gonna be paying the piper...

if Doneck starts spreading
PD-2 around the world.

Now, we've got to nip this
thing in the bud, damn it.

You got a problem with that?

Heh, heh, relax, Billy.
It's still your garden party.

But watch where
you're stepping, okay?

DONECK: Are you sure
it's been discovered?

Absolutely certain.

An agency Magna Alpha
alert has been issued.

Stetson's been secreted away...

probably to some
medical facility.

No, no, no, our psychological
profile indicates...

that he would never seek
out medical assistance.

That's one of the
reasons I chose him.

How did this happen?

How is irrelevant.

More importantly, all of
Washington is looking for you...

and the key to PD-2.

You should return to Moscow.

For what reason?

While I am inside the
walls of this embassy,

the president himself
couldn't touch me.


Stetson has destroyed
my plans again.

This time...

I reserve the right to
be present at his death.

Amanda, you saw the
film Lawrence of Arabia?


Remember the scene where he...?

He puts his hand over
the flame of a candle?

- He doesn't move, doesn't even flinch.
- Mm-hm.

Finally, someone asks him:

"What is the secret? How
do you keep it from hurting?"

And Lawrence says:

"The secret is not to keep it from
hurting. The secret's not to mind it."

I think that's the way
this business is, Amanda.

I can't say I ever learned
not to mind the pain...

but sure as hell
learn to live with it.

As long as I could fight
back, make a difference.

Amanda, I can't do it.

They might find Doneck, McJohn
might come up with an antidote.

- I can't sit this one out, do you hear me?
- I knew that before we even came here.


I'm an omega-class prisoner.

Any escape attempt from this place
requires a shoot-to-kill response.

A D-1 manhunt goes
into effect if I do get out.

How do we get
through these bars?

That's what I thought.




this thermite wire
is state-of-the-art.

It'll burn through
platter. Here we go.

All right.

- Got it? AMANDA: Mm-hm.

LEE: Okay.

All right, let's stand back...

because in a few seconds,
we are gonna have a little spark.

There should be a silent
alarm, we'd better move it.


We'll get right on it.

headed for the far gate.


AMANDA: Good. LEE: Come on.

Go, go, go.

Okay, boys, guns in the
back of the jeep. Now.

Down on your bellies.


How long ago? How
the hell did that happen?

- Is he armed?
- Billy? Billy, it's Lee. Line two.

Hold on.

Lee, where are you?

Listen to me, Lee,
you're already on a wire.

There's gonna be a scramble.

He wants a meet.

Hold the dogs until you hear
from me. Yes, I said hold them.

Billy? Billy, even you can't keep
the bloodhounds tied up for long...

and he is dead on the
streets once they're set loose.

Thanks for coming, Billy.

Better me than the bloodhounds.

- Where's Amanda?
- She's out of the line of fire.

- Lee, what the hell is going on?
- I'm going after Doneck.

We have every available man in
the field looking for him. We'll find him.

- Let us handle it.
- Any leads?

I'm contagious by
midnight. I've gotta do this.


And I've gotta do this.

Lee, you're a walking time bomb.

Come on back with me and don't
make me use this because you know I will.

Heh, no, you won't.

Leatherneck outfitted me
with this about an hour ago.

It's a hypo, time-activated, contains
enough cyanide to take out a platoon.

- A dead-man's watch.
- It's counting down to 11:30 tonight.

Plenty of time
before I'm contagious.

- Scarecrow, listen to me...
- Just hear me out, will you, Billy?

Now, it takes two
keys to undo this watch.

It activates if anyone tries
to remove it without them.

Amanda has one.

I want you to take the other.

And give me the next 12 hours.


I can buy you some time.

But if the mirror breaks, they're gonna
come after you with a vengeance...

and there's not a damn
thing anybody can do.

Melrose here.

I'd like some travel documents.

Stetson, Lee.

No, one-on-one. I'm the courier.

Destination is
Anderson. Thank you.

- Lee was right. Doneck is here.
- That's fantastic.

Now, he's holed up in the Soviet
Embassy. We can't touch him there.

It's sovereign territory.

Set up three teams.

If Doneck steps a centimeter
outside of that embassy, I want him.

We need a reason to bust him.

Jaywalking, shoplifting, kicking a
dog. I don't give a damn, just get him.

I'm burying Lee in a ton
of paper and red tape.

It'll buy him some
time but not much.

If they find out
that he's missing...

Billy, that limb you're climbing out
on, it can't take much more weight.

I've been there
before, Francine...

and for a lot less, you
know what I mean?

How you doing?

- I'm into the agency computer network.
- Ah.

My entry codes still work.

Billy knew I'd use them.

- Billy's a good friend.
- Yeah, the best.

He's taking a big
risk covering for me.

I've pulled everything that
the agency has on Doneck.

Here we go.

He was stationed in
D.C. from '79 to '83.

I've got a list of all
his haunts, girlfriends,

and how he got his
kicks on Friday nights.

- Hmm.
- It's not much. I just need one break.


Yeah, you'd better answer it.


Yes, sir, he's right here.

Yeah. Billy.

You're sure?

Don't worry, I won't. I won't.

- Okay, keep me updated.
- What's happening?

- The break I wanted?
- Mm-hm.

Yeah, T.P.? Stetson.

Heh, yeah, I'm laying low.
You heard about it, huh?

Look, T.P., there's
something you can do for me.

I need an up-to-date blueprint
of the Soviet Embassy.

ASAP, you got it?

Yeah, yeah. And one other thing.

I'm looking for Fritz the
Cat. You got any ideas?

Heh, good.

Good, all right,
I'll talk to you later.

Doneck is holed
up in the embassy.

Now, we can't be touch
him there, at least not legally.

My guess is he's not about to take a
casual stroll from now till midnight...

so we're going to have take
the mountain to Mohammed.

Wait, that's crazy. You can't break
into the Soviet Embassy, not alone.

Amanda, we made a deal,
right? Your support, no questions.

- I'm gonna hold you to that.
- Right.

FRITZ: This is pretty wild.
This is a real interesting box.

Sort of like one of those
crazy Chinese puzzles, huh?

Is there a way in? Any way?

There's always a
way to score, Lee...

just depends on how much
you're willing to put on the line.

How about everything?

All right. This place
is loaded to the hills,

I'd better get started
on it right away.

How much time have I got?

Five hours is all
I can give you.

Are you both completely crazy?

Billy, Amanda is not
part of this decision.

- Now, just hear what I have to say...
- No! There's nothing to hear.

You're talking about a suicide
mission, pure and simple.

This watch, my friend, activates
in nine hours, pure and simple.

McJohn has three teams working. I
have 10 men surrounding the embassy.

Doneck might make a mistake.

We might be able to
appeal to the White House.

Billy, I have less time to live than most
people have for a good night's sleep.

"Might" does not sound
like good odds to me!

Odds? You wanna talk about odds?

What do you think the odds are
of you getting Doneck by yourself?

A million to one, if
you're really lucky.

Put yourself in my shoes.
What would you do?

He's gonna do what he has to do.

- I think we should help him.
- Officially, my hands are tied.

Unofficially, personally, I can't stand
still any more than Amanda could.

- If you need anything, just ask.
- Okay, I'm asking.

I want a TX-10 tranq-dart gun...

and a chem-kit with something
to get Doneck talking...

then I want someone standing
by to cook up the antidote.

- You got it.
- Thanks.

Could you get Amanda
back to her house?

Amanda, Fritz is gonna
show up there pretty soon.

- If I'm late just keep him occupied, okay?
- Yeah.

Now, just give me a
minute to get out of here.

- A lot can happen between now and 11:30.
- I know.

You're going to be
closer to him than I will...

so you take the key.

If we get the
antidote, cut him loose.


Short notice, Katrina.
Thanks for coming.

I'm part of your family.

You don't need to thank me.

I just wish I were not here.

Not like this.

What do you have?

Lee, Doneck is a pig.

He drinks too much vodka
and brags about your death.

This has a map of Doneck's location
in the embassy, just as you asked.

LEE: Thank you.


Lee, Doneck is a fanatic
about his personal safety.

His suite is perhaps the
most secure in the embassy.

Guards are posted constantly.

How can I help?

Let me, please.


FRITZ: All right.

Now, this is gonna take a
minimum of five men to crack this.

And a whole lot more time
than a couple hours prep.

How many men have you got?

Which is the best way in?

There's only one
way in, old buddy.

Right here.

It's an old aqueduct. It
runs parallel to the street.

President Grant had it put
in to bring fresh well water...

- into the White House for his bourbon.
- Heh.

You gain access here, on D
Street, and you head north.

Now, exactly 77 feet, say it.

Seventy-seven feet.

You start digging
and you come up...

right here in this old storage
room. But look out, it's hot.

It's wired for sound
and movement.

Assuming you can get
past that without a problem...

you are inside, my friend.

Then I figure you know where
you're going and what you want, right?


Listen, nobody's asking, but if
you want my advice as a pro...

Thanks, Fritz. Thanks
a lot. I owe you one.

Good luck, my friend.

See you later, Mrs. King.


Amanda, what is it?

It's from IFF. A
messenger just brought it.

They work fast.

I asked Billy to handle
this for me last night.

Amanda, I've never had a beneficiary
for the agency life-insurance policy...

and I wanted you and your boys
to be taken care of. You know, just...

Just in case.

When do you have to leave?

Billy's here at 6.

I want more time.

is getting nowhere fast.

PD-2 has some sort of bio-molecular
lock, they can't seem to crack it.

We can't wait. I told Lee I'd
bring his shopping list at 6.

Everything is set.

I've camouflaged the paperwork in
a dozen different files to cover you.

All you have to do is say
the word and we move.

Francine, I
appreciate your help.

And I realize all
the risks involved.

This time I think you'd
better cut and run.

No way, Billy. No.

I'm already too far out
on that limb with you.

Besides, I owe Lee a lot.

Anything I do for him now,
just consider it a down payment.

I've told myself the same
thing a hundred times today.

But a down payment isn't going to
be enough if he goes out there alone.


Dr. Smyth.

Took a walk down to
Pennsylvania Avenue.

Scarecrow's name came up.

Surprised? I might have something
besides a lump of coal in my chest?

It's no matter.

Fact is, the White House turned thumbs
down on any deal we might have made...

to stuff some new straw
back into Scarecrow.

Diplomatic considerations.

They also made it abundantly
clear we're to keep our mitts off...

lest we risk losing a
hand. Enough said?


Time to move, Scarecrow.
Everything's set, let's go.

Uh-uh, no way. This
one is mine, Billy. Alone.

Sorry, Scarecrow, you're
out-voted. Two to one.

Three to one.


LEE [OVER RADIO]: Amanda...

we're making good progress
here. We're about 2 feet in.

Everything's quiet up here.
Francine's checking on backup.

LEE: You ready? This
baby's about to come down.

Here we go.

We're all set. McJohn and
the med team are standing by.

- How are Billy and Lee doing?
- Okay, but we're running out of time.

I should be down there
with the keys to the watch.

Those keys are useless until
the antidote is inside of Lee.

If that's gonna happen,
it'll be up here, not there.


Katrina has neutralized the floor
sensors. We're through and clear.

Amanda, we're going in.

- Ready when you
are. LEE: Right.

- Look, Billy, if you want out...
- Save your breath.

Let's go.

You're the navigator,
get them upstairs.

As you leave the storage
room, go right, down the corridor.

Amanda, we're in
the hallway, it's empty.

Halfway down the
corridor, turn right.

Go past the doorway and
take the stairway going up.

AMANDA: You're on ground
level, off the main corridor.

Now, there's a service elevator
to the left. It goes to the third floor.

- Where are they now, Amanda?
- Uh, ground floor.

It's pretty sticky
from here on out.

Can we save him?

If Lee can get it, the antidote will
neutralize the PD-2 almost immediately.

The question is whether we
can get it inside him in time.


LEE: We're in the elevator.
Third floor, coming up.

Doneck's suite is in the southwest corner.
Turn right and go down the corridor.


Amanda, get us
another way to Doneck's.

There's no alternative. The last
corridor's blocked with a permanent wall.

LEE: That's it.







LEE: All right. Now, my
friend, I want the antidote.




Amanda, we've got Doneck.
Tell Francine to stand by.

We've made contact,
med team on alert.


Got him.

All right, Doneck.


- I want the formula.
- Unh.

The complete formula
for the antidote of PD-2.

You got that? The
complete formula in English.


The pathogen is a genetically...

altered strain of
Yersinia pestis.

It is impervious to all
standard antibiotics...

to modify
tetracycline as follows.

You got nine minutes.
You gotta get out of there.

And R-1, attach...

It's clear.

- If you're gonna make a
move, do it now. LEE: All right.

Amanda, I'm attaching
the microphone to Doneck.

We're out of here.

At the C-6 position.

At R-2 administer...

7 5 0 milligrams I-V-Q-3-H...

for 24 hours.



Then 5 00 milligrams Q-4-H...

for 48 hours.

That's it. That's all I need.

As soon as Lee gets
here, bring him to me.




How bad you hit, huh?

You haven't got time.
Unh, get out of here.

LEE: Would you shut up?
I'm gonna make time. Here.

You're never gonna make it. You're
never gonna make it carrying me.

I'm sure as hell not
gonna leave you here.


LEE: All right. Amanda...

Billy's been hit, make sure
a medevac is in position.

- They're not gonna make it out.
FRANCINE: Amanda, where you going?

Lee, you don't
have... Just get out!


Come on.


I can't make it.

You gotta, man.

Come on.

We gotta get out of here.

BILLY: Leave me,
Lee, and save yourself.

- I'm out of time.
- I told you. I told you.



you gotta pick up Billy in
the aqueduct, you hear me?

Pick up Billy in the aqueduct.

AMANDA: We've got the antidote.

- What?
- We've gotta get the watch off of you.

LEE: Here.


FRANCINE: Come on. McJohn and
the medevac are on their way. Come on.


Come on, doc.

The AMA may not
put a seal on this...

but it'll do the trick.

I've got a 4:00 conference
call with Dr. Smyth.

- He's got a few
questions. LEE: Hm.

Luckily, I've got some
pretty good answers.

And having the antidote to PD-2 is
going to smooth a lot of ruffled feathers.

Ah, you risked a lot
for me, Billy. Everything.

- Just balancing the scales a little.
- Heh.

You're turning into a pretty
efficient team, you two.

I'm glad I thought of
putting you together.

Well, that's why they
pay you the big bucks.

Drop you by your
place, Scarecrow?

Uh, no. Uh,
Billy, I've got, uh...

- Well, you know...
- Yeah, yeah, I know.

All right, see you guys later.

- Yes, sir.
- Yeah.


- Looks just like we left it.
- A hundred years ago.

Yeah. Come on, I'll help you clean it
up. It's good practice for the real thing.

- Well, I'm a firm believer in practice.
- Me too.


Haven't we played
this scene before?

- Yep. Then the doorbell rang, remember?
- No. I tend to block out bad timing.

Hmm. See if this helps.

- How was that?
- It helps.


Want some more?


- They're home early.
- And I'm gone.

No, no, no. We need
practice in this too.

- Come on.
- I guess so.


- Ready? DOTTY: Amanda?

- Ready. DOTTY:
We're home, darling.

[English - US -SDH]