Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 14 - Rumors of My Death - full transcript

When a dead body is found with a passport saying Lee Stetson a phony passport ring is uncovered.

- Unh! MAN 1: Hey,
Kevin, you all right?

KEVIN: Yeah, yeah, I'm
fine. MAN 1: Be careful.

There's something
weird down here.


KEVIN: Get me out of here.
MAN 2: We got a man down.

- Hurry up. MAN 1:
Get him out of there.

KEVIN: Get me out of
here. MAN 1: Come on.

KEVIN: Come on, man.


MAN 1: Hurry up, hurry up.
MAN 2: They got a man hurt.

Easy down there. Easy.

MAN 1: Let's get that
guy out. MAN 3: Is he hurt?

- What's the deal?
- Get ready to grab to grab him.

Come on up.

Come on. Easy.

- He looks okay to me.
- Take it easy.

- You all right?
- You're okay. You're okay.

Hey. What happened?
What's down there?

MAN 1: What is it? What's going on?
- What's going on here?

Hello. I guess this building
wasn't as empty as we thought.

Edgar, Homicide is still 30 minutes ETA.

They want confirmation
you have advanced remains.

Confirm remains.

OFFICER: Affirmative.

- Full skeleton, decomposed.
MAN 1: Come over here.

- But it doesn't look like an old
grave. MAN 2: Look down here.

Tell them to roll the ME's wagon.
Logan, shine the light on the arm.

What is that?


Don't they teach you guys how
to handle evidence anymore?

- What are you doing here?
TRASK: I heard it on the squawk.

You can go. I'll hold the
fort till the lab boys get here.

- This wasn't such an old
building. JASTROW: Six years.

They knocked down
the garage to expand.

Was there any
identification on the body?

No, it's too wet. Its clothes are rotted
off. There's nothing left. Just this.

Dispatch, this is
Fourteen Edgar.

Records can proceed with a temp
ID. The dead man is Lee Stetson.

Hi, how you doing?

Pretty good. Mom will be out in a
minute. She's on the phone with my dad.


Cool car. Think I could
have a ride sometime?

Yeah, sure. Uh, next time
I take her out on the track...

you come along and we'll
turn a few laps. How about that?


Hey, you forgot your lunch.

- Thanks a lot.
- No problem.

Hey, how you doing?
Uh, mom's on the phone.

Ah, I know, talking to your dad.

Hey, nice car. You know, for the
ladies. How about popping the hood?

Yeah. I guess we
could pop the hood.



- Heavy, huh?
- Easy. Easy. Unh.

- You know anything about a V8.
- More or less.

- Ah, good morning,
Lee. LEE: Good morning.

Amanda's talking to
Joe. Talk, talk, talk.

They talk more now than
they did when they were dating.


I wouldn't let him stay
long under that hood.

- He frightens my
mechanic. LEE: Oh, yeah?

- Hey.
- Come on, boys.

Get your lunches, let's go.

- Want some?
- No, no, no.

DOTTY: Let's go. What is
your mother talking about?

I'm right here, Mother.

- Jamie, these go back to Frank.
- Okay.

Philip, I found your math homework in the
bottom of your gym bag. We'll talk tonight.

- Good luck with the rummage sale.
- Don't put the rodent in the front seat.

Ah, take care, in case
he crossed any wires.

Oh, by the way, I buzzed
up your fuel injector.

- You what? PHILIP:
See you later.


Touch that car again it'll be
the last thing you ever touch.

Here we go.

Sorry I got hung
up on the phone.

- What's Joe up to?
- I don't know. He wants to have lunch.

- I think he's got something on his mind.
- Yeah, you.

Oh, come on.

I've been waiting for
it since he came back.

- I'm not even gonna talk about that.
- Mm-hm.

Hope springs eternal,
as they say, right?

- Remember what he said?
- Are you kidding?

You're a different woman
than the one he left behind.

You're more exciting,
more vibrant, more beautiful.

- I'll have to agree with that.
- Amanda, I am a man, okay?

I know these things. You're a
beautiful woman and he wants you back.

You're serious.


I can't believe it.

You're done very well for
yourself, Ron, over the years.

Not as well as you, Mr. Weathers,
but I have no complaints.

So why risk it?

I ask for myself as much as you.

Because it's worth it.

This is the first international security
passport on the market in four years.

I steal them, you sell them.
It's been profitable in the past.

WEATHERS: There'll be a
whole new round of questions.

The discovery of Luther's
body can't help but raise them.

Sure. And I'm in a perfect position to
make sure nobody gets any answers.

You can get top
dollar for it. It's perfect.

I took it, and everything that
could connect the body to it...

before the lab boys or
homicide could take a look.


You shot that man
six years ago...

because you were afraid he was losing
his nerve and was going to expose us.


He can still do
it from the grave.

Come on, it's a perfect ISP, Weathers.
It's worth a half a million dollars.

Come on, you still always
like money. I need it.

Find us a customer
so we can cash in.

customer? I got a waiting list.

Okay. Let me make a call.

But you know these
people, if it isn't clean...

they'll come after us.

Move on it, Weathers.
It gets dirtier every day.

I'll cover the trail.

And if Lee Stetson comes
around snooping, I'll cover him too.

BILLY: For some reasons, six years ago,
this character was running around D.C...

with top-secret documents
bearing your name.

Murdered, shot in the chest, at least
according to the preliminary report.

What the hell was
I doing in 1980?

March through September you were in Europe.
It's in here. And in your case file.

The body was found
in an access shaft...

sealed and filled with
cement and loose rubble...

when they finished the
building six years ago.

Billy, I just heard
that Lee... Oh.

Relax, Francine, as
Mark Twain once said:

"Reports of my death have
been greatly exaggerated."

- That's not what the blues are saying.
- They'd better be saying "no comment."

I took over the case. If it hits
the papers, it'll be as John Doe.

I want you two to get
down to the city morgue...

and meet a detective from
Capitol police named Trask.

- He'll give you everything.
- Including the body?

Including the body.

I told the cops to guard it...

and that our forensic team
will meet you there and claim it.

I wanna know who this
guy is, was, and fast.

I know it's been six years...

but it's just too crazy and
I've got a bad feeling about it.

You've got a bad
feeling about it?


You said he'd be under that
building for a hundred years.

TRASK: He should have been.
They got the itch to renovate.

- Can they connect us to the body?
- No. Relax. I'm covering all the bases.

Excuse me, Mrs. Babcock.
The senator is calling to confirm...

that you'll be meeting him today
at the Capitol dining room for lunch.

Oh, yes. Tell him yes.

Remember that last
security passport?

The Lee Stetson ISP?

The one I couldn't get
the night I killed Luther.

- What? Have they got it?
- No, no, no. I have it.


And I'm gonna sell it.

Oh, Ronnie, you can't. That's
insane. Why take the chance?

You sound like Weathers. He's got
half the convention business in D.C...

and you and the
senator live like royalty.


The district pays
me 34 grand a year...

to hang my butt out in the
line of fire five days a week.

They could charge
us with murder.

For a quarter of a million,
I'll take that chance.

Listen, sis, I want that money.

Six years ago, I let it
slip through my fingers

when darling Luther's
last living act...

was to fall backwards into a
construction shaft. I'm owed.

I just thought you
ought to know.

LEE: Can't wait to check
the contents of that briefcase.

AMANDA: The report said it was
handcuffed to the body like a courier.

Using my name.

They got the morgue vault buried
down here in the middle of nowhere.

Excuse me, officer. Stetson
and King to see Detective Trask.


- Oh, hi, Mrs. King. I'm Trask.
- Hello.

- You must be Stetson.
- Hmm.

You look healthier than
the last time I saw you.

Save the jokes, will you? I've heard
enough of them. What have you got?

It's all right. I'll
take care of this.

Oh, when I heard
you were involved...

I brought the physical
evidence together with the body.

It's not gonna thrill you. There
are no fingerprints, of course.

But we might get some tissue samples,
and if you can make a dental match.

What about the briefcase?

It was empty, except for an envelope.
Come on, I'll show you the whole thing.



- Thank God you're in one piece.
- We were shielded from most of the blast.

But if the sprinkler
system hadn't kicked in,

I think the smoke
would've finished us off.


How's Amanda?

Dr. McJohn says she seems fine.

She went home to
change her clothes.

That cop, Trask, got bruised
up a little but nothing crippling.

- Damage at the morgue?
- The explosion fire gutted the room.

Our John Doe's bones and the paperwork
they found in his briefcase, so much ashes.

All that's left is the ring stone
and the handcuffs he was wearing.

- They're in the lab.
- How did this happen?

The morgue is a public. Somebody
set the bomb before we sealed it off.

We're not certain the bombing
had anything to do with our man.

You know as well as I do,
someone is working overtime...

to keep us from
knowing who he was.

I was part of that man's
life when he died...

I'm gonna find out why.

- Well?
- The picture could be a problem.

No. Hair dye. A trim.

Some sun to give you a little
color. Use your ingenuity, man.

That's what somebody is
paying you all that money for.

You don't need to tell me
what I'm getting paid for.

Nor do I want to know.

Although I suspect it may have something
to do with the Zurich disarmament talks...

or possibly French
Arianne launch.

Keep guessing.

This thing is six years old.

Government ISPs
are issued for 10 years.

It's good.

And I suspect you know
exactly how good it is...

or your people wouldn't
even consider my price.

- You can age it?
- Sure. I can give you a glamorous past.

If this thing blows up on me, Weathers,
I'm coming after a lot more than my money.

Not to worry. This ISP
isn't another clever forgery...

it's the real thing made by the
man who made Lee Stetson's.

And another thing, an ISP is
a hard document to police...

even if they cancel
it or issue an alert.

There are always
so many other uses.

If my people approve the
money, you've got a deal.

Don't let them tarry, my friend.

I have, uh, a lot of
interest in this ISP.

We are halfway there.

But if anything, or anyone,
gets in Taggart's way...

he'll be down our throats.

Nothing's gonna happen. The
bomb took care of everything.

Heh, your man may have died twice,
but the agency's still very much alive.

And so is Lee Stetson.

Undoubtedly, he'll be curious,
and probably persistent.

For my share of the
half million, I'll make sure.

If there are any
wrinkles, I'll iron them out.

Well, you know, one man's
mystery is another man's migraine.

Hey, a body is found buried
under a hundred tons of concrete...

a briefcase cuffed to his arm
full of government documents.

What's that,
mystery or migraine?

With my caseload, that's
about a four-aspirin headache.

Documents? No, you
didn't read that in my report.

It was an empty envelope.

Listen, the, uh, uniform cop
who responded first said...

that the envelope
was heavy, even fat.

You came halfway across
town to cover this one.

I responded to a
2-14 on the radio.

The uniform cop
on the sight here...

he was doing his best to royally
screw up the evidence, so I jerked him.

That's what they pay me
for. What are you doing?

That was my name in that briefcase.
Now I'm stuck with the paperwork.

An ST-10, Interagency
ADB, and an FF-2.

You know, I think that bomb was,
uh, an inside job. How about you?

That's Arson. I'm Homicide. I
really haven't given it much thought.

Well, you're not supposed to have an ST-10,
ADP and an FF-2 on your boss' desk by 6.

That's right, I'm not.


I can't put my finger on it, but
there's something about Trask...

that's a little out of focus.

Well, he was right in front of
us when the bomb went off.

If he planned it,
it was pretty risky.

Yeah, well, maybe
it's worth it to him.


Hello. Stetson.

Yeah. Uh, hi, how you doing?

Yeah, she's right here.

Hold on.

- It's, uh, Joe.
- Oh.

- I have it.
- Oh.


Ah, wait a minute,
let me check and see.

Yeah, okay. That's fine.


Okay, I'll see you then.

Me too.


- I was right.
- You were right about what?

Mm-mm, I was absolutely right. He
is making a move. He wants you back.

- Well, he can't have me.
- No, he can't.

What are you gonna
say when he asks, huh?

You are gonna say
that you are taken.

Okay, I'm gonna say
I'm taken. All right?

Amanda, you cannot
lead Joe on like this.

I mean, this is not
like, uh, telling your

mother, or broadcasting
it around the agency.

Joe can keep a secret.


Well, he's gonna
wanna know when.

- So do I.
- Heh.

Yeah. When are we gonna stop talking
about it and set down some concrete plans?

- Saturday.
- No, Saturday is too soon.

We have got to get blood
tests, apply for a license.

- What are we waiting for, huh?
- We're chicken.


You're right.

Ha, ha, you are absolutely
right. We are chicken.

All right, I'll tell you what.
What is it, Tuesday today?

Blood test and
license by Friday.

Hold it. Phillip and Jamie have a soccer
game on Saturday with a picnic afterwards.

Monday, then.

Okay, I'll pencil you in.


Heh, come on. I'll get it.

- Hello.
- They yanked me off a priority code red...

electron microscope
hair analysis for this.

Cuffs and a stone
from your man's ring.

The stone is a chunk of
garden-variety turquoise.

No help.

I know you, Jack.

You made this personal
trip up here to show off.

Something with the cuffs, right?

From the outside, they're
standard-issue Satin 190s.

But pop them open, you're looking at
a MacKintosh double-latching interlock.

Used specifically, and only,
by the U.S. Treasury until 1984.

Is there a connection?

Uh, this is where it gets fun. I sifted
through years of Treasury records.

Thanks to some ingenious
deductive reasoning...

I came up with a name to go
with that collection of bones.

Punch up the temp file
I've got working. C-712.



Luther Spickens.


The D&I guy who dropped
out of sight a few years ago.

Six years ago. Spickens,
aka the Scribbler...

worked in Documentation
and Identification...

and those guys always
transport classified materials...

in briefcases locked
to their wrists...

With black satin cuffs.
You're gonna get that all over...

- Bingo. LEE: Oh.

Got any sweet gherkins?

LEE: There's only one
problem with your theory.

For two years after Spickens took
off, we suspected him of peddling ISPs.

Four of them.
I've read the file.

The last one turned up in the
pocket of a hijacker in Cairo in '82.

That's right. We have reports of Spickens
showing up all over the globe since.

Yeah, but nothing solid.

Supposition, innuendo,
assumption. No positive ID.

We call a file like
that bathroom fiction.

Someone could've killed
Spickens and taken the ISPs to sell.

It's a good guess, but
I'll leave that to you.

I deal in facts.

And for my money, we can read
old Luther Spickens his last rites, ah.


The stone from Spickens'
ring survived the fire.

Amanda's running a trace on his
wife. She could give us a positive ID.

On the body. But is it getting us
closer to the source of the ISP?

Well, they may have dried up.

They haven't been for
sale in over four years.

Nobody plants a bomb
if nothing is at stake.

With one of these,
we could start a war.

We all have one, every
agent, every general...

every senator that wants to go on a
junket to some foreign military base.

Two-point-four million top-secret
clearance in the U.S. by last count.

The really cute thing about Spickens'
and his ISP is you can't catch them.

- They're the real thing.
- So the guy made two.

One ISP for Uncle Sam
and one for the cookie jar.

Maybe he got greedy or scared.

But he became a liability. One way
or another, someone killed the goose...

Let's have it.

Your ISP, Scarecrow. Now.

Ah, Billy, come on,
you can't ground me.

We're only guessing here.

We don't know that
Spickens made my ISP.

Why hasn't it been
sold by now, huh?


- But I can still nose around D.C., right?
- For now.

We're already sending a flash
alert overseas to cancel your ISP.

That will cover our embassies
and our military bases.

- It could be worse.
- Oh, yeah? Tell that to Paterson, huh?

Ever since his
ISP was canceled...

he's been strapped to a desk
in Crypto for the last three years.

Might as well have
asked for my resignation.

Hey. If anybody gets out of the
country with a Lee Stetson ISP...

we'll all be looking
for a new job.



- It's starting all over again.
- You can thank your brother for that.

Look, no one was hurt and I
cleaned up some evidence.

What's next, Ron,
another murder?

I'll give you the
money to stop now.

- I don't want your money.
- Then why?

What are you gonna get
by making another mistake?

Oh, mistake?

Was it a mistake to include
you with me and Weathers?

Your cut got you off the street, got you
that nice apartment and the fancy car.

Was it a mistake to
buy the invitations so

you could rub elbows
with the D.C. glitter?


I would've met Alan anyway.

Look, I'm just a two-bit detective but
I can tell you don't really believe that.

You were in this up to
your rear end six years ago...

and you're still
in it, like it or not.


ALICE: You can put the car
away. I won't be going out.

Thank you.

- I'm sorry. I'm the only one here.
- That's all right.

I didn't think it was necessary for me to
stay in touch with the Treasury Department.

I thought it was all over.

But, uh, you think you
might have a lead on him?

Well, yes, Mrs. Spickens.
We found a man's body.

This is all we have.

We were in college.

I made us rings
with matching stones.

Where was he?

Uh, in a construction
site here in D.C.

- He died six years ago.
- He never left me.

Mrs. Spickens, we're trying to find
whoever murdered your husband...

so if you have anything you could tell
us that might help, we would appreciate it.

I think it's time I
showed somebody.

Excuse me.

I knew Luther was
seeing someone else.

I followed him one night to an
apartment he was keeping in Georgetown.

I found these.

He had kept his letters from his
mistress right out in the open...

where I could find them.

We fought. He stormed
out, I never saw him again.

Mrs. Spickens, this woman,
do you have a name on her?

All the letters are
signed with an A.

Even that was more
than I wanted to know.

Why didn't you tell the
investigators about these?

Because I didn't
think it mattered.

Maybe they can help you now.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Wait a second.

Are we on a 303?

AMANDA: Yeah. Mr. Melrose is
the only one who knows we're here.

LEE: Trask isn't here by
coincidence. AMANDA: Hmm.

Maybe he knows
about Mrs. Spickens.

Yeah, maybe.

I think I'll see how he wants to play
it. Take her around back just in case.

Then work your way around to
the street and watch my back.

- Yeah, be careful.
- Yeah.


Trask, what are you
doing down here?

I've been looking
all over for you.

I finally got smart
and called your office.

- You did? TRASK: Yeah.

[WHISPERS] Get back, get back.

TRASK: I got a good
lead on that morgue bomb.

- Where's your partner?
- She's inside.

Why don't you get her and
hop in? I'll explain on the way.

LEE: Okay.

- Lee!
- Unh!


I guess Trask was trying to cover
his tracks just like at the morgue.

Only this time he was shooting
from the hip and it backfired.

He thought we'd never ID the body.
When you found Mrs. Spickens, he panicked.

Have we got Trask
tied to Spickens yet?

We peeled the wallpaper
off of his apartment walls, zip.

There's no abnormal cash
flow in or out of the bank.

- Billy, it's gonna take a lot of work.
- Then you handle the follow-up.

Keep Trask's death wrapped in a blanket
until all the ants are at the picnic.


Okay, now it's my turn for surprises.
Treasury tossed through their records.

Your ISP was in the last group that
Spickens worked on before he got killed.

The ghost of Lee Stetson
Past was bad enough...

now we've got to worry
about Lee Stetson Future.

- This phone's clean. What do you want?
- You want to deliver at your place?

Let's just say it's
my security blanket.

I know her well and she
takes good care of me.

Weathers, I don't know
you and you don't know me...

but if there are any problems...

You don't need to threaten me.

I'm a simple man.

I like money, and I sell paper
that'll take you anywhere.

WOMAN 1: Thank you.
WOMAN 2: You're welcome.


- Thank you. You want some coffee, dessert?
- No, thanks. I don't think so.

- Well, we finally got together.
- Yeah, we did, didn't we?

Is it...? Is it hot in
here or it is just me?

It is warm. It's warm.

- They have the heat up too high.
- I think so.

The weather is really
pretty unseasonable too.

We've gotten no rain yet and...


Oh, this is silly.

Hmm, listen to us. We're stumbling
around, we can't even talk to each other.

- We know each other better than that.
- Yes.



I love you.

I'm getting married.

- You're getting married?
- I'm getting married.

Did you say you're
getting married?

I knew I shouldn't have
sprung it on you like this.

Oh, no, no. You could... You
can... You could spring it on me.

No, I'm... I... Yeah, ha,
ha. I'm surprised. But happy.

- You mean it?
- Yes, I'm really happy.


- Who is she?
- Um, name's Carrie.


And we've been seeing each
other since I got back to Washington.


- I want you to meet her.
- Oh, I wanna meet her.

I'd like for you to
be good friends.

Yeah, well, I'm sure we will be.

I hope I made
the right decision.

If it's your decision,
it's the right one.

It's strange, since I
got back to Washington

I swear we've seen
each other more...

- than we ever did when we were married.
- Yeah. It kind of does seem that way, heh.

I hope you weren't uncomfortable
with my being around so much.

Oh, no, Joe. We love
having you around.

You and the boys are my family.

That's why you're
the first to know.

- I guess... I guess I want your blessing.
- Oh, Joe.

Well, you know you have it.

I'm very happy for
you, sweetheart.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Amanda.

You were terrific. I...

- I just didn't know how else to tell you.
- Heh, it's not an easy thing.

I'll tell you one thing, if you
ever decide to get married again...

don't just invite me out to
lunch and spring it on me.

- Heh, I'm gonna drop it on you. No.
- I don't think I could handle that.

You said you had
something to tell me.

- Oh, yeah. Phillip got a C in history.
- C.

- Uh-huh.
- Right. Things are looking up.


- Hi. I'm Becky Sue.
- Hello, Becky Sue.


- Come on in.
- Heh, well...

- Uh, look, Becky Sue, I am not...
- Come right over here and sit down.

- Uh...
- Ha, ha.

Honey, I got chicken
and mashed potatoes...

all kinds of things
we can have fun with.

- Pfft.
- Does my big fella like beer?

Uh, Becky, I hate
to break this to you...

but, uh, I'm not your big fella.

You're not Steve from Nebraska?

No. I'm Lee from
the government...

the federal part.

Oh, hell.

- Ramona.
- Ramona?

Hey, look, I just offered
you a meal and a beer.

There's nothing wrong with that.

BECKY: He's federal.

All right, if you're gonna arrest
her, I wanna know the charges.

I wanna see your warrant
and I wanna see your badge.

And I'm a member of the bar so
don't hand me a bunch of garbage.

Ramona, I'm just looking
for some information.

You missed the
library by two blocks.

I'm here on a
federal investigation.

Now, I can have 10 or 12
officers here every day...

for the next two
years if you want...

poking around, asking questions.

Or you two lovely ladies
can answer a couple

of my questions and,
uh, I'm a memory.

What kind of questions?

I'm looking for a lady who
was here six years ago.

Honey, there have
been over a dozen ladies

in and out of here
over the last six years.

Could you be a
little more specific?

She was seeing a guy by
the name of Luther Spickens.

- Never heard of him.
- Really?

Well, this is what
he looked like then.

You recognize him?

I should have known.

Federal agent.

You're after that
senator's wife, aren't you?

I'm after the woman
who last saw him alive.

He's dead?


Look, she was
a real sweet kid...

so she was hot and heavy
with this Luther guy back then.

She got out of this dump.
She should get a medal.

- What senator are we talking about?
- The one from the Midwest. Babcock.

Your friend here was
her previous suitor.

AMANDA: I was gonna
tell him, but he was so

excited about his news
I didn't have the heart.

- Well, you did the right thing.
- Yep.

We're gonna just have to
keep it a secret a bit longer.

- We're gonna tell him though.
- Right.

Yeah. I mean, then he'll be as
happy for you as you are for him.


- Thank you.
- Hello. Mrs. Babcock?

- Yes.
- We're federal agents.

- We'd like to talk about Luther Spickens.
- I'm sorry?

How about Ron Trask?

If you have questions,
why don't you ask him?

He's dead, Mrs. Babcock.

LEE: Whoa! AMANDA: Oh!

I had just moved to Washington.

Ron was helping me settle in.

He had met Luther in a bar
and hatched the whole plan.

So he wanted you to
seduce Luther for some IDs?

Women seduce men for a lot less.

Luther was trapped
in a terrible marriage.

He just wanted
someone he could talk to.

What did you do with the IDs
once Luther delivered them to you?

Ron had an arrangement
with a man named Weathers.

He paid us and did what
he wanted with the IDs.

So why was Luther killed?

When I wouldn't run away with
him to France, Luther got demanding.

- Ron decided he was dangerous.
- So he shot him?


After that, I wanted to run.

But I was already in
with uptown society.

Alan and I were
married that same year.

Funny how things work out.

Where can we find Weathers?

At his convention center.

Well, I guess you'll find out anyway.
Weathers has a new ISP on the market.

- One Luther made?
- Yes.

Luther was delivering it
the night Ron shot him.

When Luther's body was found,
Ron somehow got the pass...

and gave it to Weathers to sell.

- It's yours.
- I know.

We called Billy over a half an
hour ago. Where's that backup?

Unit one, come in, please.

Still out of range for
these portable units.

That puts them at least 10 miles away.
We can't wait. We gotta find Weathers.

Look for a man over 60,
balding with a white fringe of hair.


TAGGART: Quiet out here today.
WEATHERS: Quiet and private.

- Shall we take a
look? TAGGART: Fine.

I'm on a tight schedule.

I see. I read the OPEC ministers
have a meeting in Sao Paolo.

They're on a tight
schedule too, aren't they?

Your balance in full.

Congratulations, Lee Stetson.

Use your opportunity wisely.

How will I know if
they've invalidated this?

Oh, somebody will put a gun
to your head and take you away.


So, uh, don't
sit on it, Taggart.

If there is a suspicion, it'll still take
some time to pull the clearances.

Wreak your havoc post haste.

I intend to.

And I intend to
cover all my tracks.


Come on, let's get down there.

- That's Weathers.
- What are we gonna do?

You've gotta get ahold of Billy.
That guy gets by me, he'll be gone.

- Take the car down and check Weathers out.
- Yeah.

All right. Wish me luck.


Mr. Weathers. If you'll just
lie still, I'll try to get some help.

You don't have to.

I've already got one
foot in the door. Ugh.

Tell Taggart...


when you get him, I'm
keeping a place for him in hell.


- Round up the local
security. MILLER: Right.

Jefferson, get up on that
thing and give us some eye.

JEFFERSON: Yes, sir. Let's go. BILLY:
Francine, get somebody on that thing.

Lee, Amanda, do you copy?


- Federal agent, emergency. MAN:
Wait a minute. Hold on a second.

Hey. Hey. Hey.

This is Peaks. Peaks at the upper
station. Get somebody down here right away.

Lee, can you hear me?

- Yeah, I copy, Amanda.
- Weathers didn't make it.

All right, what have you got?

He told me the name of the
man you're after is Taggart.

Taggart has your ISP.

Good. And he's not
that far ahead of me.

We copy that, Lee.
Billy, Lee's ISP is running.

- Give me that. What's the local frequency?
- You're on it.

BILLY [OVER DISPATCHER]: All units, this
is a federal APB. Detain a Lee Stetson.

Check all IDs and
pull Lee Stetson.

That is a federal order.

Hey, guys.

I'm a federal agent.

Don't mind if I take
look at that, do you?

Go ahead, but I'm federal.

Yeah, sure you are.

Why, uh, don't we just relax
and wait for verification on this?

Like hell, I'll relax. You...

Billy, this is Scarecrow.

Who just said that?

Bernard Peaks, center security.
We've got orders to hold this guy Stetson.

Billy, tell this pancake to give it
up. Taggart just got through here.

Lee? Let him go.
That's the real Stetson.

PEAKS: Let him go? LEE: Yeah.

You heard me. I said let him go.

Come on. Get out the
way, I'm borrowing this.

Amanda, where are you?

On my way to the hotel, sir.

- Where's Lee?
- In pursuit.

Okay, Amanda, we'll cover.





What are they doing?


MAN 1: Hey!




LEE: Get up.


I believe you've got
something that belongs to me.


- Come on. BILLY: All right.
We'll get you your own ID...

down at the federal
building. Let's go. Take him.


BILLY: Nice driving, Amanda.
- Thank you, sir.

- What a mess, heh.
- Heh.



- Mm. Ha, ha.
- Mm.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Ah, I just talked to
Alice. She's got a

tough road ahead of
her but she's holding up.

You know I actually think she's
glad to have it out in the open?

- We missed our blood tests.
- Yep, that sets us back another two weeks.

All right then.

Two weeks from today.


Heh, you having a birthday or
something I don't know about?


- Oh, well, then what is that?
- It's a cake.

- It's a cake.
- It's a cake.

Heh, I can see it's a cake.

- Uh, what's it for?
- Oh, it's a...

It's a sample wedding cake.

Would you like a taste?

- Uh, no. Uh, I think I can wait two weeks.
- You sure?

- Heh, yeah, I'm sure.
- Yeah, okay.


- You wouldn't dare.
- No.

[English - US -SDH]