Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 12 - Any Number Can Play - full transcript

Amanda's mother turns out to be dating a man with a false name and a debt to the mob.

It's like this, senator. You
make your payments...

and I don't send
those pictures of you...

and that attractive
congressional page to the papers.

I cannot take any
more out of my account.

My wife will notice
and she'll ask questions.

Then you and I have
a problem. What to do?

Here's an idea. Instead of
paying in cash, we can barter.

- With what?
- The vote on the handgun bill is close.

If one influential senator
went over to the other side.

You're despicable. That is a
landmark piece of legislation.

If you think I'd give up a
lifelong dream for some stinking...


Stop your name calling.
I'm trying to help you out.

I mean, the consequences
of changing one vote...

is a lot easier to take
than public humiliation.

Think about it, senator.

You don't have to give
me your answer now.

Take, say, uh, until the vote comes
up tomorrow to make up your mind.

I'll be in touch.

MAN: Good evening,
Mr. Trent. It's been a while.

Harry, my friend.

How's it going?

Not very well, I'm afraid. Um...

In fact, I'm not sure when
I'm going to be able to pay you.

I'm not worried about the
money, take all the time you need.

Harry, hang in there.

Your luck's gonna
change. I can feel it.

- Just another half hour.
- You said that an hour ago.

My luck is changing now, Dotty.

And if I can double up my bets.

You've lost an awful lot
of money already, Harry.

I wanna go home. Now.

- Dotty.
- Now. And I do know how to call a cab.


DEALER: Here we go, folks.


You know, this is the best evening
we've spent together in weeks.

AMANDA: Mm-hm.

- Worked out pretty well for everybody.
- Hm.

Fellas got to go fishing with their
dad, Mother went out with Harry.

That's the third time this week.

- Sounds serious.
- Yeah.

She likes him and he likes her.

- She thinks he's pretty special.
- Yeah.

- Well, special does run in the family.
- Heh.


- Your mother?
- You're right.

- No, no.
- No, Amanda.

I'll get your coat. Go ahead. Go
ahead. Go ahead. Get out the door.

Out the door. Go, go.


Hello, dear.

- Hi, Mother, how was your date?
- It was fine.

What's the matter?

DOTTY: Oh...

I found out something
very unsettling about Harry.

- He gambles.
- What do you mean he gambles?

He plays craps in the
back room of a private club.

I mean, you know:

11. Come on, Little Joe.

Snake eyes. Hard way eight."

[IN NORMAL VOICE] That's how
it goes. He loses a lot of money.

- You had no idea?
- No, I didn't.

I mean, Harry is a very private person.
I don't even know his phone number.

Don't. I know what you're
thinking, that's strange.

- Mother, do you know where he lives?
- No.

You don't know his phone number,
and you don't know where he lives?


- What do you know about Harry?
- I know that he's wonderful.

That he's witty, that he's charming
and that he's adorable and that he...

That he drives a
gorgeous Bentley.

- Amanda?
- Yes, Mother.

Captain Curt is a million laughs
and I have a good time with him.

And Mr. Johansen is the
last of the red-hot lovers.

And Mr. Aiken... Heh.

Mr. Aiken, I mean, he
makes a good fourth at bridge.

But Harry... Harry is...

Well, I feel like maybe I could
have a relationship with him...

something deeper.

- Maybe even something permanent.
- Mother...

you've got to find out lot more about this
man before you start thinking that way.

I can't just go out and
ask him a lot of questions.

- That would be too embarrassing.
- Mother, listen to yourself.

If we could just...

Well, if we could just make
a few discreet inquiries.

Don't say "we," Mother.

Amanda, you work with
a lot of government types.

Now, if they could just find
out just a little bit about Harry.

- Mother.
- You know...

Mother, that would really
be bending the rules.

Ugh. Okay, I'll ask.


Oh, darling. I feel so
much better. Don't you?

- Yeah, I feel better.
- I knew you would.

Did you have a nice evening?

Oh, yes, pretty quiet, just
me and my popcorn, my book.

DOTTY: Yeah. Heh, heh.

You know, you're a lot like I am.
You love to read a good dictionary.

Good night, love.

As you may have heard, Senator Castleton
apparently committed suicide last night.

Francine, what did
you get from metro?

Cause of death is definitely
drowning. No sign of foul play.

And we found this note:

"I can no longer bear the
burden of my personal shame...

and I won't disgrace the family
I love so dearly." That's all.

Despite his straight-arrow public image,
I think the senator had something to hide.

This has to be a
blackmailing, Billy.

There have been so many
rumors of blackmail floating...

about this town lately that the FBI
has established an Extortion Task Force.

This one's yours, Francine.

I want you to liaison
with the ETF...

and then follow up with the
Castleton thing in particular.

- All right.
- If we turn over the right rock...

maybe we'll uncover
the senator's shame.

I may have made a
mistake with you, Trent.

Hey, how was I supposed
to know the guy was suicidal?

It's your business to know.

I don't normally involve myself with
small-time, bedroom blackmailers.

You came to me.

You felt you were ready for bigger
things, I took a chance on you.

Now we've lost one of
your more illustrious clients.

I've still got my
ace. Van Hagen.

He's into me for big
bucks at the Kenley Club.

Classic case of dumb luck.

Lucky for you, you mean.

Lucky I decided to give
the gambling clubs a shot.

Lucky I checked out
his car registration...

or you wouldn't know he
was using this Beaumont alias.

It took my resources, I'll remind you, to
uncover his CIA connection and his value.

I have information about a major defection
to be called the "Berlin Shipment."

Very sensitive. Only two
men qualified to handle it.

One is in a hospital recovering
from his last mission...

and the other is your...

dice-playing friend. I
want the details on it now.

Hey, if the guy's CIA, he's a special
case. I can't afford to push too hard.

You can't afford not to.

I don't normally give second
chances, Trent. Try not to waste it.

In a cosmopolitan city like
D.C. gambling is a fact of life...

though I do think it's smart that your
mother doesn't go back to that club.


Can I ask something? How
did she meet Harry, anyway?

Oh, she was window-shopping
in Grant's jewelry store...

and Harry struck
up a conversation.

Took her for a ride
in his Bentley, ask her

for a date, then another
one, another one.

Everything seemed
great until last night.

Mother said Harry
lost a lot of money.

- Oh, boy.
- What's the matter, another strikeout?

Well, yeah, I've checked
the IRS, the Social Security...

property tax rolls and the DMV.

So far the only Harry Beaumonts
I've come up with are a 7-year-old boy...

in Alexandria and a retired
army cook in Takoma Park.


I mean, Mother said Harry was a
private person, but this is ridiculous.

I think our mystery man is
working under an assumed name.

Yeah, I don't like this.

All right, then...

what's the standard
procedure in a case like this?

Standard procedure?

Well, that would be to, um, assemble
a personal profile through interviews...

and, um, surveillance of
locations frequented by the subject.

In this case, the Kenley
Club. Pick you up at 8:00.

- You don't have to.
- Amanda...

we're talking about
my future mother-in-law.

- Yeah.
- Besides, I might get lucky.


Okay, Mother, I'm leaving.

I did the right thing
breaking my date with Harry.

- Didn't I?
- Yes, Mother, you did.

Yeah. Of course I did.

Have you talked to any
government friends yet?

Mother, look, those
things take time, okay?

Are you sure you're
gonna be okay tonight?


I wish I could stay home with
you, but I forgot all about this film.

Wish you didn't
look so depressed.

I'm not depressed.
I'm just disappointed.

I was so surprised to find Harry doing
something illegal and he seems to like it.

I mean, maybe I'm falling in
love with him. I do love his laugh.

He laughs just like your daddy.
Oh, he had the most wonderful laugh.

You know, when we first met, I
don't know something just clicked.

I mean, it was like we were... Like
we were soul mates or something.

I guess it sounds
kind of silly, doesn't it?

No. I think you
were both very lucky.

Yeah. We were. Oh.

We had some wonderful times together.
It is so rare to find a man like that.

Once, and then let alone twice.

Oh, Amanda, I just don't
wanna mess this all up with Harry.

Mother, if it's
special, it'll last.

Amanda, I said the same
thing to you when you were 16.

I know, and 17 and 18, and
you were right every time.

- Let me ask you a question.
- What is it?

Why wear that when you're gonna
see a documentary on tractors?

- It's the premiere.
- Oh, I see. And a date with Lee.


Good night, Mother.


On a scale from one to ten, he's an 11.
And she doesn't wanna date him. Heh.

Ah, my daughter's crazy.


- I don't see Harry.
- Yeah.

Well, what do you say we
try our luck while we wait, huh?

- Have you ever played roulette?
- Yeah. It's pretty easy.

I played at the PTA's
Monte Carlo night.

Well, it's not so easy
for everyone. You see...

the strategy lies in making bets
that minimize the house's edge.

MAN: And spin.

Field's nine. Pay the field.

CROUPIER: Freeze bets, please.
No more bets. No more bets.

MAN 1: You must hit the board.
CROUPIER: 20 black. Lady wins again.

Amanda, where was this
PTA of yours, Las Vegas?


That's Harry. You see
the man on the right?

- Yeah.
- Good evening, Mr. Beaumont.

Oh, good evening.

Twenty two black.
Lady wins again.

He doesn't look
too happy, does he?

Yesterday you said not
to worry about the money.

Look, uh...


I almost called you
by your real name.

Don't worry, I won't say a thing.
Harry, I'm a reasonable guy.

I know you're
strapped for cash...

so I'll settle for this.

Code named "Berlin Shipment."
You know what I'm looking for.

You'll just have it for me
tomorrow. Believe me...

if I wasn't in a
bind, I wouldn't ask.

My friend, cash this
out. We'll be right back.

- Did you get the plates?
- LBK 192.

LEE: LBK 192.

Yeah, this is Scarecrow. I need a
make on a Bentley, D.C. plates...

- LBK 192.
- LBK 192.

Did you recognize the
man who spoke to Harry?

Never saw either of them before.


What? Look, are you sure?

- Okay, thanks.
- What?

The car is registered
to one Guy Van Hagen.

He owns an international
airfreight company.

More importantly, he does a
lot of work for the government.

Van Hagen, Amanda. As in...

CIA. Yeah, I know.

My mother's seeing a spy.

Hi, sweetheart. You're
home early. How was the film?

There was no film, Mother.

Canceled for lack of interest?

Mother, listen, uh, we
have to talk about Harry.

Now I didn't wanna
say anything before...

because I didn't want to upset you,
but I went to the Kenley Club tonight.

- If he's married, I don't wanna hear it.
- Not married, but he's not Harry.

His name is Guy Van Hagen
and he owns an airfreight company.

Oh, Amanda, that
doesn't make any sense.

Why would Harry
use a phony name?

I don't know, Mother. He might be
in some kind of trouble. I'm not sure.

Look, he had a conversation with a man
who was about six feet tall, brown hair...

slicked straight back.
He was flashy looking.

Yes. He was talking to him.
They were talking about money.

Harry, whatever his name is.


Amanda, that's it.
He's in debt to the mob.

If we don't do something he'll
end up with a cement overcoat.

You got to calm down. You're
really jumping to conclusions now.

You're right. There's got to be
a perfectly logical explanation.

Oh, poor Harry. I
could kill him. Oh.

I'm so mixed up. I don't know
whether to be mad at him.

I don't know whether
to be afraid for him.

Look, Mother.

We can't do anything until
tomorrow anyway, all right?

So I'll ask some
more questions...

and we'll see if we can
get to the bottom of this.

I hope it's not the
bottom of the Potomac.


LEE: Yes, thank you
very much for your help.

Yes, yes, we'll handle it from
here and keep you informed. Okay?

Thank you very much.

- Guess who I was just talking to?
- Who?

- Guy Van Hagen.
- Great. Are we gonna talk to him?

No. We really can't afford the
time to fly to West Germany.

But this is Guy Van Hagen.

AMANDA: This is Guy
Van Hagen? LEE: Mm-hm.

I got in touch with him through
the CIA. Now he's not an agent.

He's more of a company
cousin, unofficially official.

But he carries a
Delta Green clearance.

He's in West Berlin
assisting in a hot defection...

something code-named
the "Berlin Shipment."

Does he even know
Harry Beaumont?

No. But he does have an
employee that fits his description.

Guy named Harry Berrigan.

Berrigan, Harold T. Age: 57.
Occupation: personal assistant...

and relief chauffeur.
Employer: Guy Van Hagen.

Hmm. Van Hagen told me that he house-sits
for him when he's out of the country.

So that explains the car.

Yeah. What about the fake
name and the guy last night?

What kind of a man has my
mother gotten herself involved with?

I don't know. But I think
I'd like to talk to him.

Amanda, what do I do? First you tell me
Harry isn't Harry, that he's Guy van Hagen.

Then you tell me he's
not Guy. His name really

is Harry, but his
last name is different.

I mean, what is going on?

That's what we're trying to find
out. You're gonna have to sit tight.

Sitting tight is not one
of my strong points.

Mother, there's
nothing else you can do.

I'll talk to you later, all
right? Okay, bye-bye.


I hate to sit tight.



- Dotty. It's Harry.
- Harry. Harry, I've got to talk to you.

Well, I haven't got much time.

I've been called away on business,
I have to leave town right away.

When I get back...

Ah, ah, ah. Wait a
minute, Harry Berrigan.

You're not going
anywhere until I talk to you.

- How did you find out?
- That's not important.

Now I know all this has to do
with the money you're losing.

I don't care about that. What I
care about is you and I wanna help.

There's really
nothing you can do.

Yes, there is. There's
always something, Harry

Now look...

I'm not going to get off this
phone until you agree to see me.

Well, you can drive me
to the airport. But hurry.

Okay. All right.
What is it? Okay.

5830 Lincoln Way.
Mm-hm, I got it.

Stay. Now, don't move
until I get there. Okay.

Harry, I don't have a car. Oh.

Okay, just get ahold
of yourself, Dorothy.

Cab. Of course. Heh,
heh, heh. Call a cab.

You wanted to see me?


I've had an update from
my European sources.

The Berlin Shipment is
moving within 72 hours.

Now if I don't get the
information soon, it'll

be worthless and I'll
be out a lot of money.

- How are you doing with Van Hagen?
- Great. I should have it tonight.

You better be quite
certain on that, Trent.

I'm not at all sure about him. It
might be a good idea to hedge my bet.

Simons, why don't you get
over to Van Hagen's house...

and see if you can
find anything useful.

What about him?

He may work out yet. If not,
uh, you'll dispose of him later.

- You just wait, okay?
- Yes, ma'am.


Harry, I know that you're in way
over your head, but it is not your fault.

I mean, mobsters are
clever, they can trick you.

Oh, dear, is this
Mr. Van Hagen's home?

- How did you find out about this?
- That isn't the point.

The point is, what
do we do about it?

We're not doing
anything. I'm leaving town.

Do you think it's a
good idea to run away?

Better than losing my kneecaps.

These guys don't turn you
over to a collection agency.

- They turn you over to the morgue.
- Okay. I have a cab waiting outside.

What are you
waiting for? Let's go.

LEE: Why is it you only get a
flat tire when you're in a hurry?

Oh, well, since Harry doesn't know
we're coming, he won't mind if we're late.


LEE: Check that side.


- I don't think anybody's home.
- Better get ourselves inside, huh?


I better take a look upstairs.



More of the same upstairs.

- Look at this.
- What?

It's from the Kenley Club.

Remember that guy handed
Harry a napkin last night?


"The Berlin
Shipment. All details."

Doesn't look good for
your mother's boyfriend.

Look at this. This is
mother's newspaper.

Mother's handwriting,
this address...

which she didn't know when I
talked to her an hour and a half ago.


No answer at home.
What's going on?

I can't tell.

Without a program, it's getting real
tough to tell who the players are here.

Look, why don't we try Billy.


Somebody searched
Van Hagen's house...

probably looking for info
on the Berlin Shipment.

And now Van Hagen's
assistant is missing.

And that's not all, Billy.

Ah, there's a good possibility
that Amanda's mother is with Harry.

Amanda's mother? How'd
she get mixed up in this?

To tell you the
truth, it's a long story.

Damn it, the Berlin
Shipment is Alpha 1 priority.

Someone's mother
should not be mixed up in it.

Okay, Billy, I'll
tell her. Yeah.

Oh, listen, the guy
shot out my tire.

You're gonna have to send
someone out here to pick us up.

- Okay. Bye.
- Tell her what?

Billy is issuing an agency
alert on Harry and your mother.


We're gonna have to go to your
house. He needs a picture of her.

Mother had this taken last
Christmas with the boys.

It was their Christmas present
to me. Oh, would you look at that?

She had the worst time getting Jamie
to smile, he had his new braces on. See?

- He was so self-conscious.
- Heh, heh, heh.

Hey, come on.

Come on, it's no time
to be like that, okay.

- You've got to think positively.
- I know, I know. I'm just, you know...

a little scared. Heh.

I know you are, but you've got to think
that everything is gonna work out okay.

DOTTY: Amanda, is that you?
- Mother.

DOTTY: I thought I heard
someone talking in here.

- Mother, where have you been?
- I have been on the patio.

Amanda, you have no idea
how much trouble Harry is in.

- Hello, Mr. Stetson.
- Mrs. West.

We went to Van Hagen's
house, but Harry wasn't there.

We found your newspaper.

We must have just crossed each
other. I was right about everything.

I was right about the mobsters,
the money, the gambling.

- Harry, you're here.
- Yes. Thanks to me.

Harry, uh, I'd like you to meet Amanda's
gentleman friend. That's Lee Stetson.

- Hi.
- How do you do?

He works with her
and maybe he can help.

Look, I was just thinking maybe it
would be better if we didn't call the FBI.

The FBI? Now, wait a second.

Will you help me talk some
sense into this stubborn man?

When you are dealing with blackmail,
you have got to get the feds involved.

I have seen Efrem Zimbalist,
Jr. Do this a dozen times.

Mother, that was television.

- Yes, that was
TV. DOTTY: I know.

- But those were from actual case
histories. HARRY: Maybe it'd better...

- Police might be sympathetic.
DOTTY: That has to do with jurisdiction.

AMANDA: Sympathetic isn't the right
word. HARRY: Understanding, maybe.

DOTTY: Names changed to protect innocent.
AMANDA: Understanding might not...


Could we all just sit
down and talk about this?

- Sure.
- Sure.

DOTTY: Sugar, Mr. Stetson?

Cream. I know that from work.

- Go on, Harry.
- Well, anyway...

the boss was away so much...

- I started driving the Bentley
once in a while. AMANDA: Mm-hm.

And then I started borrowing
a couple of his jackets.

Pretty soon I was believing
that I was the rich one.

- How'd you find out about the club?
- From another chauffeur.

I've always had a kind of
a weakness for the dice...

and I just wanted to
have some fun, but...

So I used some of Van
Hagen's ID to get in the club...

and then I started calling
myself Harry Beaumont.

All the people in there
use some pseudonym...

but, I don't know, it just
sounded classier than Berrigan.

And it was exciting. Heh.

I'd never played for such high
stakes before. Until I started to lose.

- How much money do you owe
Mr. Trent? HARRY: Nearly $50,000.

But he wouldn't have if Trent
hadn't been buying his markers.

Sure. Trent dangled the carrot.

- I took a big bite. AMANDA:
Don't be too hard on yourself, Harry.

It's a classic blackmail set-up.

Or so I understand.

Why would anybody
want to blackmail Harry?

Well, I don't know. Did he,
uh, ask you for anything?

Yes. The last time I saw him he
said I wouldn't have to pay him...

if I'd give him something
called the Berlin Shipment.

The Berlin Shipment. Well...

- Have any idea what that is?
- No.

I thought it might have to do
with Mr. Van Hagen's business.

He's in airfreight.
But I checked his log...

and he hasn't scheduled
any flights to Germany.

I was just gonna hide out in my
cousin's apartment in the Bronx...

until I could figure out what to do,
then Dotty talked me out of going.

When you came in, we were talking
about whether to go to the police or FBI.

I mean, Harry has got to
have some kind of protection.

Well, uh, I don't think there
is enough time for the FBI to...

send someone out here.

AMANDA: I'm not really sure
this is a matter for the local police.

LEE: Yeah.

Why don't you call that
agent that, uh, helped you out?

Remember when we
had the security mix up.

- Who was that?
- What's his name?

- Oh, Mr. Melrose.
- Melrose.

- Right.
- Melrose.

Yeah. Mr. Personality. Ugh.
Well, at least he was efficient.

All right, okay, I'll see
if I can find his card.

Miles Trent, also known as
Trenton Miller, Miles "the Squeeze"...

and about a half
dozen other names.

Harry picked him out of
a metro police mug book.

He's got a rap sheet longer
than our arms put together.

It's mostly, uh, two-bit stuff
though, cons, boudoir blackmail.

Then Senator Castleton would
have been exactly his type.

One congressional page broke
down when questioned her.

Seems that she and the senator
shared more than a political affiliation.

Well, if Trent is trying to find
out about the Berlin Shipment...

- then he's moved up to the majors.
- Yeah, but not alone.

Trent doesn't usually
dabble in gambling...

and Harry owes him 50
grand in markers he bought.

Where does a guy like
Trent get that kind of cash?

- Somebody's got to be bankrolling him.
- Trent's a front man?

- Yeah. BILLY: We could...

bust Trent on blackmail charges,
but that wouldn't guarantee...

- that he'd tell us who's backing him.
- Right.

What we've got to do
is set up a situation...

that'll send Trent running to his
man. I think Harry can help us do it.

Francine, call Van Hagen in
Berlin and tell him to stay alert.


If you've got a plan,
let's hear the rest of it.

Just one more thing, before we go on,
um, Amanda's worried about her mother.

- Now you've met Mrs. West...
- Okay. Okay. I got you.

Tell Amanda not to worry.
I'll take care of her mother.


Mr. Melrose, Harry is not going to agree
to anything without a full explanation.

Now if we have to, we will bring
in a lawyer. We could bring in Joe.

- Mother.
- Amanda, we're talking about Harry's life.

All right, now what do you
mean you'll handle things?

We'll conduct an investigation.

Harry will have to be thoroughly
interviewed. It'll take some time.

How long, and
where will he stay?

HARRY: Dotty... DOTTY:
Who will be protecting Harry?

- I've had experience with these people.
- Dorothy.

Please, let the man talk.

- Of course, Harry.
- Will I be charged for the gambling?

Probably not, but at this point I'd
say that's the least of your worries.

Agreed. And I'll certainly do
everything I can to cooperate.

Good. We'd like to
get started right away.

- I've got a car outside waiting.
- Could I have just a minute with Dotty?

Sure. Of course.

- Thank you for helping my mother, sir.
- My pleasure, Amanda.

HARRY: I'm ready.

Mother, you all right?

- Harry said the sweetest thing to me.
- Aw.

You gonna tell me what it is?

Of course not.

Call for you, Mr. Trent.

TRENT: Thanks.

- Yeah? HARRY:
This is Van Hagen.

So you're finally
giving up your alter ego.

Oh, what's the use? You've got
me between a rock and a hard place.

If word gets out I'm in debt, my
business will go belly up faster...

than you can say Chapter 11.

Meet me at the bridge in Rock
Creek Park in half an hour...

- and you'll get what you want.
- Okay.

Good work, Harry.

BILLY: Bieber, cover the north perimeter.
O'Neil, Anderson, you come with me.

MAN 1: Hold it, Van
Hagen. MAN 2: Freeze.

MAN 1: Right there. MAN
2: Don't do anything stupid.

MAN 1: We don't wanna hurt
you, but we'll shoot if we have to.

MAN 3: Hold it right there.

Mr. Van Hagen, you are under
arrest for conspiracy to commit treason.

MAN 1: Is he Van
Hagen? MAN 2: Yeah.

Hey. Wait, wait,
hold it, hold it.

Come on, follow me.
I'm with Van Hagen.

Come on. They'll have your car covered,
but they haven't seen you yet. Come on.

You did just fine, Harry.

I appreciate your help in
getting me out of this mess...

- but I still don't know what's going on.
- Sorry. That's the way it has to be.

AMANDA: Did they see you?
- No.

- Come on, let's get out of here.
- Fine.

She'll do the driving,
and you'll do the talking.

I want some answers.

LEE: Those were
federal agents back there.

I picked up on that. The
question is, who are you?

We worked for Van Hagen.

Why weren't you
helping him back there?

Because we're helping
ourselves, Mr. Trent.

Or is it, uh, Trenton Miller
today? Or Miles "the Squeeze"?

Still having that extortion charge
hanging over your head in New Jersey?

Then there's your
latest, Senator Castleton.

Heh. I bet he's a
lousy poker player.

- What do you want?
- We just wanna do business.

For the past couple of years, we've
been helping Van Hagen sell bits...

and pieces of information
about CIA operations.

When we found out
about the Berlin Shipment...

we decided it was our way to make
a killing and take an early retirement.

- So we set him up.
- That was your work?

Yeah. Figure we got about 12 hours before
he starts shooting his mouth off about us.

We intend to be
in Brazil by then.

So if you wanna know
about the Berlin Shipment...

- you gotta deal with us.
- Mm.

- How much?
- Say, half a mill.

You're crazy. Heh, heh. I
haven't got that kind of bread.

So get it.

- Just how much more? TRENT
[OVER PHONE]: 200 grand.

There was an
unexpected development.

You swore I'd have
the info by last night.

Now don't you even think
about trying to hold me up.

I can't raise any more cash.

LEE: Tough luck, pal.
- No, no, no.

I've got to have
that information.

There must be some
kind of deal we can make.

What have you got
that's worth dealing for?

- Client list.
- My list? Heh, heh.

Come on, that's my meal ticket.


- Client list.
- Forget it.

All right, damn it, my list.

And the 300 grand
cash that you've got.

Okay, but I pick the
place for transfer.

For all I know, you're
working with the FBI.

I don't plan to end up in
one of their training films.

The Kenley Club, 6:00.

Action's light and I can
keep an eye on things.

That's good. That's good.

Only we make the exchange
so it looks like a legitimate win.

Because for all we
know, pal, you're the FBI.

Can you fix it?

Can we fix it?


Yeah. Craps dealer owes
us a favor. I think we can fix it.


We got a lot to do before 6:00.

And the first thing we do is
take over the Kenley Club.

MAN 1: Put it all on red.


CROUPIER: Here we go.

Place your bets, please.

MAN 2: Double vodka, please.

CROUPIER: Bets down.

MAN 2: Let it ride.

CROUPIER: And seven
out, line away, pay the dog.

New shooter coming out.

LEE: Here we are, here we are.

Yeah, boxcars for 10 grand.

- You got it. TRENT:
That's a sucker bet, friend.

Three hundred
thousand on the pass line.

I'm afraid you can't do that, sir.
Table limit's a hundred thousand.

I'm sure you could bend
the rules for a regular.

CROUPIER: I'm sorry, sir. It's club policy.
- But we can check with the manager.

Your bet is covered,
Mr. Trent. Good luck.

All right. Come on,
send them down.

New shooter, coming out.

Crap 11, any seven.


- Give it a throw.
- Okay.

- You want boxcars.
- Yeah.

AMANDA: You got them. LEE: Yeah!


CROUPIER: Line away. Double
the field. Straight up pays 30 to one.

Three hundred thousand
on your ten. Congratulations.

- All right. Let me just...
- Come to daddy.

- Yeah.
- Ooh. Let me roll those dice again.

All right. Same
shooter coming up.

LEE: Ha, ha. AMANDA: Okay.
Place your bets. Here we go.

BILLY: Federal
agents. Nobody move.



WOMAN 2: Oh, no!

WOMAN 3: Oh, no.

Okay look, there's a guy
down at the end of the street.

Pin him down with a couple of
shots, we can make it to my car.

- Where's my information?
- Right up here.

Look, I just lost my partner
and $300,000 in there.

You take me to your
buyer, I'll dictate it to him...

in exchange for safe
passage out of the country.

- That wasn't part of the plan.
- Neither was that.

How do I know
you didn't set us up?

You better make up
your mind fast, mister.



- We all set?
- Yeah, smooth as silk.

We're tracking them, but there's
a breakup on our transmitter.

All right, then let's go.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- There was some trouble.

EDDINGER: Who's she?
- My source.

Her partner bought it
when we made the transfer.

Source? What about the Berlin Shipment?
- I got all the information you need.

But I'm gonna need
some cash and a passport.

That's the woman that was at
Van Hagen's house yesterday.

Yeah, that's right.
We were there.

- We were working for Van Hagen.
- Shut up. Take his gun.

I don't know what's going on,
but I don't intend to wait to find out.

Make sure he
keeps his mouth shut.

And this young lady I'll
take along for insurance.

Nobody move!


LEE: Don't.

- Watch him. AMANDA: Right.

LEE: Come on.

AMANDA: You okay?

Yeah, but I think this
fellow's luck just ran out.

Thank you. Move it.

Can't thank you enough
for what you've done for me.

You're safe. That's
what I wanted.

Oh, I'm more than safe.
I've had a second chance.

Thanks to Mr. Van Hagen...

there are no charges against me and
I've got a job waiting for me in Europe.

Oh, Harry. It's wonderful.

I mean, you're going
to be living in Gstaad...

and you're going to be a
Swiss banker's chauffeur.

I mean, you're a very lucky man.

I don't know about that.

A really lucky man
wouldn't be going anywhere.

Listen, after I get settled,
maybe you could come visit me.

- Do you ski?
- No.

Perfect. Neither do I.

Bye, Dotty.

Hey, Grandma, you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Come on, Mother, don't look
sad. It's not the end of the world.

- You'll see Harry
again. DOTTY: Heh.

Maybe, but it won't be the same.

You know, when the
moment's gone, it's gone.


PHILIP: I'll get it.

DOTTY: Amanda, let
me give you some advice.

If you ever find that you
have a good thing going...

don't hesitate.

LEE: Hi, you must be Philip.
PHILIP: And you work with my mom?

LEE: Yeah, Lee Stetson.
PHILIP: Philip King.

- Hi, come on in. LEE: Hi.

Mr. Stetson.

I'm surprised. I
mean, I'm delighted.

Would you please call me, Lee.

- Oh, of course,
Lee. LEE: All right.

These are for you.

DOTTY: Well...

Thank you.

LEE: You ready to go? Okay.
- Yeah. Let me just grab my coat.

Is this, uh, another premiere?

- No, just dinner.
- Dinner.

Dinner. That's nice.

Have a wonderful time.

- See you later, Mother.
- Bye-bye.

- Bye, Philip. PHILIP: Bye.

[English - US -SDH]