Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 13 - Promises to Keep - full transcript

TP, the enigmatic smart guy, is accused of aiding drug lords, but the truth is much more complicated- and far more personal to TP.

Keep moving, Harris. Give the
shooters a little breathing room.

WALKER: Coconut's about to drop.

And you girls stay in your seats until
the nose powder is in their hands...

or we don't have a case.


Mr. Numero-Uno, Raymond Peralta.

Who the hell is that?



- Have a Havana.
- Uh-uh.

- What's the panic?
- Uh.

You know, I'm afraid you could be in
for an arrest and confiscation tonight...

of such magnitude that, uh, you
could make two or three of the...

national newscasts.

Definitely not the blend of
the old Batista plantation.

Not this time, Percy. I
handled the security myself.

Foster, on the coast, is
the only one who knows.

Yeah, well, don't
exclude the DEA.

Please, Raymond, inspect
your confederates' stable...

to find out who's
feeding the Trojan horse.


WALKER: Stop them.

COP [OVER PA]: Drug Enforcement
Agency! You're under arrest.

Come on now, I told
you, I'm not ticklish.

AMANDA: Oh, come
on. Everybody's ticklish.

LEE: Amanda, what if
somebody walks in here?

AMANDA: I locked the door.

LEE: You're asking
for a retaliatory strike.


- Oh, you.
- Oh, no. Stop it.

LEE: Oh, you.

Oh, I didn't hear you come in.
It's like a mummy's tomb in there.

Ah, yeah. You
looking for something?

Yeah. Believe it or not, Legal sent
down for a tracer on the old Dunlap file.

- Oh. FRANCINE: Yes...

- so I saved you the trouble
of looking. LEE: Oh, heh.

- I'll let you two get
back to work. LEE: Ahem.



- Yeah. You think she heard?
- I don't think so. It's soundproof.

- The door's open.
- Just barely.

- You keep talking.
- All right.

- Just keep talking. Talk.
- Amanda.

Look, Amanda, that
is a blast-proof vault.

It's made of
two-inch boilerplate.

Drop whatever you're doing.

That's an
appropriately dull suit.

- Hello, sir.
- Good afternoon, Amanda.

Dr. Smyth wants to see
you at the Orion Club, now.

Tsk. That's odd. I've
never been to the club.

It's not only odd, it's a first. I've
never been to the Orion Club.

Nobody who has to work for a
living has been to the Orion Club.

If he asks you to stay for lunch, I
hear that the French dip is world-class.

- Snifter?
- No, thanks.

Bad news, worse
news. Bad news first.

- You've heard of Geraldine Hubbell?
- Yes, she's the new head of the DEA.

Word is she's a real hardnose.

- What's the bad news?
- She's heard of you.

Now for the worse news.

A sometimes contact of yours
from the Library of Congress.

LEE: T. Percival Aquinas?

He's a temp omega green source,
input only, under my supervision.

Where'd you get this?

Under my compote at
Hubbell's dinner party last night.

- Recognize the other man?
- Yeah. Raymond Peralta.

SMYTH: You know
what he does for a living?

Top of the drug pyramid
for the East Coast.

Your shot.

So, what's your friend
Aquinas doing with Peralta...

just in time to
scuttle a major bust...

which should have stuffed
our man Peralta in a bag?

- Why don't you ask him?
- Tried.

Had my boys shake his
house and dust his neighbors.

- Zip City.
- Now you listen to me.

T.P. Aquinas is a man whose only
offense is an overdue library book.

- Where is he?
- He's gone to ground.

Didn't report to work today.

Mrs. Hubbell's refusing my
affections until we explain.

Bring him to me,
Scarecrow, so I can rub him.

If he squeaks, I'll
know he's clean. Okay?

PERALTA: I lost 200 keys of
prime Colombian the other night.

They've taken such a
bite out of my inventory...

I won't see any
black ink this year.

That's why I always figured the
problem was inside your operation.

But the dock job the other
night started me thinking.

Divide and conquer, one of Caesar's talents
the DEA has adapted to the modern day.

- What are you talking about?
T.P.: Oh, families at war.

Brother versus brother, uh,
blood flowing through the streets...

and that nasty little Valentine's
Day business in the garage.

If I may, uh, shouldn't you review
your dispute with Mr. Jordan?

Peralta, you keep this guy around
to scare you to death, or what?

Maybe he's right.

Maybe this has gone on
too long for us to settle it.


Then why don't you and I, we, uh, charter
a plane for the Stanaklous Islands, huh?


No way.

Those plane rides with
you don't have return tickets.

You want Jordan
to come here again?

Last time he left those islands, he
had two new U.S. chiefs, you and me.

Traffic gets rough when
Mr. Jordan comes to town.

Yeah, well, still and all, given
the level of leaks and losses...

he'll have to come to
town sooner or later.

The Professor is right.
And sooner is better for us.

I'll set it up.

All right.

It would be just like Foster to
try and make trouble for me.

Professor, I wanna have Fortune
watch your back until this meeting.

- Oh, that's not necessary.
- Hey, I insist.

T.P.: Ah.

- Hi.
- I'm sorry I'm late.

That's all right.

I've been waiting under the cannon in
Fremont Park since 9. I finally gave up.

- Who were you waiting for?
- A desperado Smyth wanted me to find.

The DEA connected him with
Raymond Peralta's drug syndicate.

- T.P.?
- Yeah.

Oh, come on. T.P. is a
sweet man with a sweet tooth...

- who hasn't got a mean bone in his body.
- I know.

I cannot figure out why
he has gone invisible.

He's disappeared before.
Remember he was bird-watching...

and followed that yellow-tailed
something-or-other to Argentina?

Yes. That's why I always
meet him under the cannon.

- I can always get a message to him there.
- Maybe he's gone undercover.

He's not an agent.
He's an antiquarian.

- Explain this picture.
- I can't.

Well, you better try. T.P. shouldn't
be involved with Raymond Peralta.

From everything I've read, he's
involved in half the dope deals...

- and drug murders in this town.
- Yes, he is.

But you know something? If
my memory serves me correctly...

T.P. told me that he's on the
program as a guest baker...

in some medieval, Dark
Ages banquet or something.


I know he would not
miss a thing like that.


- I'll meet you back at the agency.
- All right.

I'll check it out. Bye.

T.P.: Ah.


MAN: Are these ready?

- Uh, you need some
help, T.P.? T.P.: Oh.

- Uh, am I trailing a ball of string?
- Oh, all I did was follow my nose.

Oh, heh, heh.
Well, it's 29 pies.

One for each of the characters in
the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer.

There's the miller,
this is the pardoner.

Lee, when did you suddenly become
interested in medieval comestibles?

What I'm interested in is you.

The word on the street is you're
involved in drug dealing. It's crazy, huh?

Heh. Well, this is a
town for wild rumors.

I wish you had just
said it was crazy.

Look, T.P., the DEA took your portrait
the other night with Raymond Peralta.

Why don't you come back with
me and try to explain it, huh?

Oh my goodness, look at this.

- You know what that means?
- What?

That means that the elderberry
pie is ready to come out.

- Elderberry pie. T.P.: I'll
be with you, just a minute.

Just let me get this out. Would
you give me another hand with it?

- I'd appreciate
it. LEE: I've got it.

- Have you got them? Okay, fine.
- Yes.

T.P: I wish I could
help you, Lee.

- But enjoy the reading of Beowulf.
- To hell with Beowulf.

T.P., come here.

You got a problem?


Let me loosen this a little.

FORTUNE: Thanks.
That's much better.

FRANCINE: You'd think the
citation for abusing prisoners...

would have made
him a little more careful.

FORTUNE: That guy?
FRANCINE: Oh, he's the worst.

So while he's gone, why don't
we just have a nice long talk.

FORTUNE: I'm not talking. I told you I'm
not talking. You can keep this up all day.

About time, blondie.

Now I want these cuffs off me, I
want out of here, and I want my lawyer.

Where am I? Doesn't
matter where I am.

Wherever it is, you sure
as hell don't know the law.

I count about 10 violations of my
civil rights and I'm not even trying.

You got one minute.

Who the hell's
that, a police nurse?

Look, this will be
a lot less painful...

if you just make a fist, raise
a vein, then just go with it.

- Whoa, whoa, slow down here.
- For what it's worth, I am truly sorry.

I tried to make this easy for you, but
now it's all up to the doctor's hands.

- I don't need a doctor.
- We just call him that.

Okay, no more time. I
won't be seeing you again.

Hold it. You guys aren't
Capitol cops, are you?

- Cops don't play games like this.
- No.

- FBI?
- No.

Do you exist?

In a manner of speaking, no.

You mean you're CIA?

Heh, the CIA has a turnoff
sign of 495. We don't.

What do you wanna know?

Who is this with Peralta?

It's Peralta's confidant. His right
hand man. He gives him tips, advice.

- For how long?
- I don't know, a year, maybe two.

He got started by selling bits
and pieces from DEA reports.

The boss wouldn't make a
move till he talked with him.

- What's his name?
- Heh, heh, heh.

You're kidding me. You
guys must know that.

Peralta calls him
Percy the Professor.

T.P. is Percy the Professor?

That's crazy. Billy, you aren't
buying that guy's story, are you?

Why not? We've got a file on this Professor
3 inches thick going back 18 months.

Well, I can't believe it. T.P.
Aquinas and Raymond Peralta.

- Doesn't Peralta work for Donald Jordan?
- Yeah.

Jordan runs the biggest drug
organization in the United States.

He's been holed up on an
island the last five years...

ducking a couple
of dozen indictments.

Peralta runs his
East Coast operation.

Here's the big man himself.

Now, if Aquinas is connected...

with Peralta or Jordan in any way,
I wanna to talk to him. Bring him in.

- But, Billy I just can't... BILLY:
I don't know what he's doing.

I don't know what kind
of game he's running.

But I want him
in here, right now.

Bring him in. And no
arguments, Scarecrow, got it?

LEE: Look, I don't
care what anybody says.

T. P. Aquinas has risked his hide for
me and this agency one too many times.

- You're shouting.
- Well, I'm mad.

I'm good and mad.

Actually, I'm more
worried than mad.

T.P. is the only other person I ever
trusted before I met you, Amanda.

Look, we'll find T.P. and
he'll clear this whole thing up.


- Uh, it was just business, Francine.
- I need to talk to you later.

Maybe something in my appointment
book can give us a lead or show a pattern.

Plus, I've got some leftover
spaghetti that should hit the spot, huh?


Well, I don't believe it.

Mm, your capellini is delicious.

Half the feds in D.C. are looking
for you and we're two of them.

- Oh, my Gattinara
'71. T.P.: I'll owe you.

I owe you a lot more than that.

And perhaps even a lot
more before this is through.

T.P., we're a
little bit confused.

The man in the kitchen said
you work for Raymond Peralta.

Well, he's right, in a
manner of speaking.

I would have explained the
whole thing back in the hall...

except that it was impossible with that
meat packer Peralta had protecting me.

- There's only three of us now.
- Ah, that's why I'm here.

Follow me.

Though I wouldn't expect you
to listen on an empty stomach.

T.P.: I've been involved with
Peralta for about five years.

It's similar to our
relationships, Lee.

But I'm sort of a source, say,
uh, a confidential adviser...

only with one
discernible difference.

What I give Peralta, he could
find out for himself anyway...

or it's a few days late. No, it's
more my, uh, charming presentation...

and, uh, loyalty that I've
used to sucker Mr. Peralta.

T.P., he's a drug dealer
and you're working for him.

- Oh, I know it sounds bad.
AMANDA: It sounds terrible.

I have two teenage boys
and it scares me to death.

Two weeks ago, the DEA
busted 6 million in Philly.

Last month, 10 million in Miami.
Now, I was the source of those raids.

Anonymously, of course,
but I kept complete records.

Fine. But why? I mean, no offense,
T.P., but you are a bookworm.

- This is for the
pros. T.P.: The pros?

As in DEA and FBI?

They've been after this organization
for years with little success.

So suddenly, five years ago, you
decided to start a one-man crusade?


Yes, it was quite sudden.

We were going for a Sunday walk.

Uh, when I say "we," I mean
Eloise and our 6-year-old son.

We didn't had
any warning at all.


LEE: Sorry, T.P.,
we didn't know.

It was before we met.

The killing was
gangland related.

Young Turks struggling
for the drug trade.

And the shooter was an
up-and-comer named Donald Jordan.

Ah. Well, he certainly
made it to the top.

Floated to the surface like
spoiled cream. I watched him rise.

The best lawyers that money could
buy have kept Jordan beyond the law.

So I decided to
go after him myself.

Now, Peralta was the key to
getting into the organization.

Every day, I worked myself closer
and closer for the past year and a half...

and now I'm ready
to spring the trap, Lee.

T.P., Jordan is holed up in his
fortress on the Stanaklous Islands.

He is untouchable there.

Now, with 30 indictments
waiting for him, he is going to stay.

He's scheduled to arrive here
via Canada in less than 12 hours.

It's these seeds I've
sewn are bearing fruit.

Peralta and Foster are
at each other's throats...

and Jordan is coming in to
make peace. He has no alternative.

- You did all this alone?
- Indeed.

But it's a gossamer web that the
DEA could blow apart in a single breath.

That's why I need
your help, both of you.

Twenty-four hours and a place for
Peralta, Foster and Jordan to meet.

I know it's asking a
lot, but I'm so close.


It's going to be
tough to deliver, T.P.

Yes. Under any other circumstances,
Lee, I wouldn't ask. Will you do it?


T.P.: Well, it's unfortunate
about your man, Raymond...

but there was
nothing I could do.

Don't worry about Fortune, he
knows how to keep his mouth shut.

Jordan is pretty particular about
the place he wants for the sit-down.

He expects a list of options
by the time he gets here.

Oh, certainly. All I
need is a shopping list.

He's careful like
you wouldn't believe.

He wants six to choose from.

They all have to have a thousand-yard
landing strip for a twin-engine plane...

or an open field
with that kind of a run.

Fifteen miles from the
city with a vacant house.

It sounds like a
farm would fill the bill.

It's up to you.

I bragged a little to
Jordan about you.

- You could go far with it.
- Heh, heh. How very gratifying.

But I don't have that far to go.

- Lee?
- Uh, downstairs in the bullpen...

I think, Francine.

- Mm-hm.

I hope you don't
think I'm being nosy...

but I couldn't help overhearing
you and Lee when I was in the vault.


Well, let's just say that I know you and
he have become a little more than friends.

Amanda, we've had our
differences in the past...

but in matters of the heart,
where Lee Stetson is involved...

- you and I, we're soul mates.
- Uh-huh.

Do you love him?

Well, I guess there's no
sense in trying to hide it.

Oh, I was afraid of this.

Amanda, Lee is a sweet man.

And, in his own way, pleasantly
attractive. And he's charming.

But getting involved romantically
with him, it's a big mistake.

I have reason to know that in his
heart, he is a confirmed bachelor.

Never satisfied with just an hors
d'oeuvre, he has to have the whole buffet.

Oh, gee, Francine.


Maybe he's changed.

Heh, that is exactly what I said and
he dumped me like a truckload of coals.

Trust me, the next thing you
hear out of Stetson's mouth is...

- hasta la vista, kiddo.
- Hasta la vista to you too, Francine.

- Whoo, such a guilty
look. AMANDA: Mm-hm.

She really unloaded on me, huh?

Oh, well, I wouldn't say
she "really unloaded" on you.

- Ho-ho. Yeah.
- She did a pretty good job.

T.P. called with Jordan's list
of requirements for the meeting.

Now, there are a couple of places that
we can be as close as a hundred yards.

But once we make our move, T.P.'s
on the spot until we cover the distance.

He knows. It's how he wants it.

Until we've got Jordan in a
choke hold, T.P. is calling the shots.


T.P.: Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Oh, no, no, no, thank you, Mr. Jordan.

I'd rather stand.


Now then...

Now, gentlemen,
it is my belief...

that the current problem before us
can be solved with haste and efficiency...

by a unanimous vote of
support for the five-page outline...

which I have placed in
the file folders before you.

Can you see? Yeah.

I can't believe
we're doing this...

helping T.P. Aquinas take
on a major drug syndicate.

After everything that happened to his
family, you can't blame him for trying.

Yeah, well, I just wish he'd leave the
undercover work to the professionals.

He's being very
cautious, though.

We've given him enough time
to check out any unwanted eyes.


T.P.: That little extra
makes such a difference.

- T.P.
- Hi.

- How did you do?
- Oh, well, we did very well.

- We've got eight places that fit the bill.
- Yeah.

They're isolated, abandoned, have three
separate entrances and a landing strip.

Plus a bonus. Each
has a way in for us...

- when we drop the net.
- Yeah.

Ah, the Goss Farm,
Prince George's County...

Sayreville Mining Company, Brooktown,
Thatcher Place, Loudoun County.

You know, Mr. Jordan will have quite
a selection when he makes his choice.

- Too bad I don't know which
one he'll pick. AMANDA: T.P.?

After you get this thing set up, why
don't you let the agency handle it.

- Yes. T.P.: No, no, no.

You see, if I pull out
then Peralta will get

suspicious and he'll
end the whole thing.

Then you'll lose your
chance at Jordan.

I'm in this too deep to, uh,
bow out before the final curtain.

LEE: All right.

The minute you find out when and
where, I want you to give us a call, okay?

I want this so well-covered, you won't
kick a rock without uncovering an agent.

- All right. Oh, uh, Mrs. King.
- Yes, T.P.

If you're a fan of
16th-century morality plays...

why don't you sink your teeth
into that. Oh, it's, uh, paid for.

You be careful.





T.P.: Oh, a thousand pardons,
madam. I'm terribly sorry.

Let me get these for you.
It was entirely my fault.

I wasn't watching where I was going.
Is there anything I can do for you?

- Well, you could help me up.
- Help you up?

Oh, yes, I'm sorry.
I'll help you up.

Oh, thank you.
Thank you. Oh, that's...

T.P.: Maybe if you'll
take my case for a minute.

- Up this way.
- Oh, thank you so much.

T.P.: Let me get your boxes
for you now. Gonna be fine.


- Yes. If you would? There you are.
- Thank you.

Thank you very much.

T.P.: If I could have
this, thank you very much.

Hunts master to Bloodhound 1.

Mr. Aquinas believes he's
given you the slip, Campanella.

You may go back to the lodge.

Well, Mrs. Peever, you
make a dandy fairy godmother.

Thank you.

According to our sensors, Mr. Aquinas
now has enough spy dust on him...

to light up a fluorescent tube.

Oh, but Dr. Smyth,
he seems so harmless.

And I had such high
hopes for you, Peever.

I... I just cannot believe that
you had him and then let him go.

Relax, Billy. Everything
is gonna be okay.

Then why do I suddenly see my
career flashing before my eyes?

Look, T.P. said there was gonna be
a very important visitor at this meeting:

- Donald Jordan. BILLY: Jordan?

He's been out of our
reach for the past five years.

We follow T.P.'s plan, we can
put him in jail once and for all.

That's right. If we
yank him off the street,

we blow the only
chance that we've got.

Okay. I guess if T.P. can
put his life on the line...

- I can cross Dr. Smyth one more time.
- Oh, thanks, Billy. That's great.

Now look, I wanna pull
out all the stops on this one.

I'll order two TAC teams, air support,
and I want you to take a gyrocopter.

It's a wonder any of us live
long enough on this job...

to even draw a pension.

- Hold it right there, Lee Stetson.
- Uh, I'm in a hurry.

Oh, this won't take
too long. Come here.

I have just one word
to say to you. Stop it.

That's two words.
But why quibble?

You know what I'm
talking about. Amanda.

- What?
- She is just a housewife from Arlington.

She has never experienced your
scorched-earth policy of relationships.

- What?
- Now this...

- This...
- Affair?

A casual flirtation to you.

- It could devastate her.
- Oh.

I tried to tell her about it, but
she just doesn't know you like I do.

LEE: Oh?

- No.
- Well, don't bet on it.

There's a lot you can learn about a
person after a long weekend at Pinetop.


Especially if the
skiing is lousy.

Never took me skiing.

MAN: Hello there.

Oh, oops. Heh, heh.

JORDAN: Well, Raymond?

Aren't you gonna
invite me aboard?

Mr. Jordan, let me help you.


I would never have
recognized you in that getup.

Well, that's the
whole point, isn't it?

A Coast Guard cutter
came alongside my charter...

and never gave
me a second glance.

- They're getting careless.
- Heh, heh, heh.

PERALTA: Come on aboard. Watch your step.
- Thank you.


The Professor got a list of options for
the meeting with everything you asked for.

I'm sure.

Maybe more than I asked for.

I did a thorough check on Aquinas when
he started to figure in your operation.

I'm sure you did too.

Clean. Too clean.

Should have figured.

When I decided to come to
the States, I updated his file.

There have been
some developments.

This explains a lot.

I assume you'll be leaving
for the islands immediately.

No, Raymond, you're wrong.

I came here to get this organization back
in line and I'm not leaving until I do.

- Now let me see his list.
- Sir, they're setting us up.

I know that.

It'll take a little
fine tuning...

but I wanna make
certain they fail.


- Stetson.
- Oh, Lee, uh, the meeting is set for 2:30.

Right, right. Peralta got word
to me that Jordan is here...

and he selected the
Goss Farm for the location.

That's great, T.P. What
you promise, you deliver.

- We'll be there.
- Oh, fine.

Oh, uh, Lee, would you do me
a favor and, uh, tell Amanda...

that I think she's the best
thing that ever happened to you.

- Well, you can tell her yourself.
- I'm listening in, T.P. Congratulations.

Oh, heh, thank you.

Thank you for everything.

Uh, well, I guess
it's up to me now...

and Good Deeds.

- Anything?
- Nothing but birds and rabbits.

I don't know. It's nearly
3:00. Something's wrong.

AMANDA: Hold it.
Here comes a limo.

All teams, look sharp.
This could be our man.

What the...?

Allie, allie, out in the free,
Scarecrow. Game's over.

What the hell's going on?

SMYTH: Tut, tut, no need
to adopt a defensive tone.

- Everything's going according to plan.
- Who's plan?

Well, mine, of course.

I knew you'd find Aquinas,
Scarecrow, so I had you followed.

Keeping up with him after that was
playing pin the tail on the donkey...

without the blindfold.

- Where is he?
- On his way to the real meeting place.

- That's crazy. Why would T.P. lie to us?
- To get you out of the way.

You, dear lad, were sent in
pursuit of the proverbial wild goose.

Remember when T.P. called
and said he had a good deed to do?

Yeah. "Now it's up to
me and good deeds."

When he gave me
that copy of Everyman,

there's a character in
it called Good Deeds.

And he's the only one
that would go to meet death.

- Oh, man. MAN: Patch me
through to the Comm Center.

Now I see why T.P.'s
good-bye was so final.

He's going to kill Jordan.

He expects to die doing it.

You know, it's possible to overdo
the circumnavigation, Raymond.

The what?

Well, while we're cutting any tails,
we're also trashing the timetable.

Why don't you trust me.

I used the Borgias' Florentine
model of triple blind-man security.

You know, Jordan isn't
gonna like it if we're much later.

Let me worry about
what Jordan likes, Percy.

I know him a lot
better than you do.

You can't let Mr. Aquinas
sacrifice himself like this.

If you got him on the
hook, yank him in now.

SMYTH: I'm doing
the fishing, Scarecrow.

If I don't play out the line, we won't
know where Jordan's holding his confab.

What's that schoolyard
doggerel? Um...

Little girls are sugar and spice

But the recipe for
bad little boys is:

Snips and snails
and puppy dog tails

Will you spare us the verbal
fruit salad, for once, huh?

SMYTH: No, I can't.

You just broke all the
playground rules, sonny.

Ix-nay inner-day.

- Does that mean we're off the case?
- Exactamundo.

Score one for Mrs.

I can't trust you.

But I'll keep you informed as
to how this pistachio turns out.

You're just going on a
glory hunt, aren't you?

And a good man's life
is hanging in the balance.

Oh, ye of little faith.

Check you later, dudes.

- What's going on?
- Come on.

- What's going on?
- Come on.

You think he cares
how this makes you feel?

Smyth's only concern
is the bottom line.

Don't take it as a
personal thing, Mrs. King.

No, I won't. Thank you.

If you want my
advice, write him up.

He'd love a little
visit from the labor

relations board at that
frou-frou club of his.

I mean, taking a top agent and his
partner out of the field like this is bull.

Don't you think so, Marty?


You all right?

Oh, my gosh. You gotta stop this thing.
Lie him out flat, let him get some air.


What's the matter?

LEE: Come on, get up.

Pull over, Marty.


Everybody out of here!
Out the back. Let's go!

Go on!

MAN: Eagle 3 to Comm Center...

we have a positive reported
lock on the white rabbit.

Hi. Anybody find an earring?
I lost one like this. No?

All right. I'm just gonna look around
a little bit, see if I can find it, okay?

It's around here somewhere.

the transmission, Comm Center.

FRANCINE: Oh, boy.

MAN: Referring to
Locator 27 for coordinates.

- We will lock onto target, continue
tracking. FRANCINE: Here, maybe.

MAN: Standing by
for any further action.

Well, maybe later I'll stop
back, okay? Thank you.

RADIO]: You were right.

Comm Center is on alpha prime alert.
I did get a look at the operations log.

There's only one priority watch in the
D.C. area and it's in Loudoun County.

- Okay, Francine. Thank you.
- Loudoun County, Thatcher's Farm.

- T.P. wouldn't waste good research.
- Dr. Smyth doesn't know where he's going.

We could get there
before the TAC team.

They won't be more
than a mile behind him.

T.P. stops, the
fun's gonna begin.

Jordan has got his own security.
How do we get through that?

This thing is rigged
for remote operation.

We can use it for a diversion.
We've got a gyrocopter on the trailer.

If we're going to that party,
we're gonna drop in unexpected.

We're really sorry about this.
We'll try to send somebody.

Well, I stand
corrected, Raymond.

I presumed Mr. Jordan's plane would
be here on the ground waiting for us.

Like you presumed, just
because he asked for a runway...

Jordan would be flying?



teams are converging on your position.

ETA, six minutes.

As I expected, thank you.

Which gives us only two
minutes before we disperse.

Ideal location,
Mr. Aquinas. Thank you.

Sorry we won't be able to
use the farmhouse today.

Looks comfortable.

Now if you'll please
wait in the car.

Well, I think you should see
some statistical comparisons...

I've extrapolated,
uh, for Mr. Peralta.

Not today, thank you.
Please wait in the car.

They're all in the middle
of the field, talking.

T.P.: Yeah, well, uh...

T.P. just got into
one of the limousines.

Let's hope he stays there.

- Any time you're ready.
- Right.

If I thought the North American division
was in jeopardy from either of you...

we wouldn't be standing
here under God's blue sky.

But you are here, Mr. Jordan. You
wouldn't be if we weren't in trouble.

Certainly not.

But as a matter of fact, your
particular trouble is peering at us...

through his bifocals from
the rear of that limousine.

The Professor?

- What about it, Peralta? JORDAN:
Raymond couldn't have known.

And Mr. Aquinas is
nothing if not careful.

Surprising he tipped his hand.

All right, get what information
you can out of him...

then make a very public
example of his death.

- Gentlemen, we've used up our time.
- Hey, they're already here.

All right, but the main force
isn't. Come on, we can take them.

JORDON: Check the van!

MAN: Nobody here. It's empty.

JORDON: It's a gyrocopter.

Bring him down.


LEE: Get out of the way,
T.P, he's headed right for you.

LEE: T.P. called from
Honolulu. AMANDA: Oh.

Yeah. Suffering from his
forced vacation. Ha, ha, ha.

I told him the review board
ruled it justifiable homicide...

and, uh, the DEA wants to
take him to lunch or something.

You know, T.P., though...

if it's not in the encyclopedia,
he's not impressed.

AMANDA: At least he got what he wanted.
- Yeah.

- Amanda. BILLY: Scarecrow.

AMANDA: Uh... LEE: Ahem.


- How are you holding up?
- Oh, pretty well, all things considered.

- Oh, no, what happened?
- Well, not much, really.

I'm just not sure whether
or not I did the right thing.

- You think I did?
- You broke up with Lee.

- It's for the best.
- You're damn right it is.

I wanna hear all about
it. Was it really ugly?

Did you have a big shouting match?
Did you give it to him really good?

Francine, thank
you, I took care of it.



[English - US -SDH]