Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 1 - Stemwinder: Part 1 - full transcript

As the US and her enemy countries enter War Games an old nemesis of Lee's frames him.

Eat, Alexi, eat.

There is more bread and fish.

As much as you want.

The dossiers?


you have many friends, but
there's a limit to what we can do.

I want you to think very
carefully about this plan.

I have, Andreev.

It kept me alive for nine years.

I have a heavy debt to repay.

I will need a contact in
Washington. Someone to assist me.

There is a person
there I have in mind.

You'll be on your own in
Washington, totally out in the cold.

You do understand that?

Relax, Lee. She's
always 10 minutes late.

I'm a bartender. You
get to know your regulars.

So we're regulars now, huh?

Well, five nights in two weeks.

Same booth in the back.

Salad for each of you, an entrée
you split, and, uh, no doggie bags.

You're regulars.

What a shame to lose that
smile. Was it something I said?

Heh, no. No, I thought
you were someone else.

A vodka, please. Very cold.

In my country, there's an old saying,
"A smile is a window. A frown is a door."

- To windows?
- To windows.

My name is Sonja.

Well, that is a very interesting
proverb, Sonja. I'm Lee.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Sorry I'm late. You have
change? I need to call home.

- Sure. Here you go.
- Oh, good. Thank you.

- Okay.
- I'll be right back.

Thank you.

I think I just got hit on by
a Soviet agent out trolling.

- Really?
- Yeah.

It's nothing to worry about.

I'll file a 760, the casual contact boys
will have a look and come up with an ID.

- Oh, you know what?
- Hmm?

- You know what Norman called us earlier?
- Mm-mm.


- Regulars?
- Yeah.

Really? Heh.

Heh, I kind of like it.
What do you think?

Well, I don't think
we're regular at all.

- Amanda, we are...
- Oh, come on. Listen.

We act like strangers at work.

We sneak around and we invent
stories about how we spend our evenings.

I would love to be regular.

Well, me too. And we will be.

We're talking about a
nuclear attack on D.C.

SIOP, the Single Integrated Operation
Plan is designed to prevent this.

The war game
conducted by Dart's team...

will simulate an attack and test
our strategic communications.

More importantly, it will prove to the
world that we can survive and strike back.

It's called Stemwinder.

Psychologically speaking, it
should pay some big dividends...

at the next
disarmament conference.

Where does the agency fit into this?
War games are not exactly our forte.

The Russians will be doing
everything they can to monitor the test.

Your job is to give them a window,
a small one, to peek through.

Why not give them open
access to the test results?

The brain game. If we hand
them the results on a silver platter...

they'll, uh, discount it all,
figure it's some kind of setup.

But if we make them work for
it, then they think they've scored.

- Hmm, what's the window?
- Radio frequencies.

You've each been assigned
someone we might leak them to.

Francine, I've given you Rostov. He'll
be coordinating with Soviet shoppers.

Neiman, Ivan the Terrible.

Scarecrow, you've got Sonja
Chenko, new kid on the block.

We'll do a peacock dance with her.
Mrs. King has had enough training to help.

Thank you, sir.

All right. That's it.

Once we get a viable target,
Dart will provide the frequencies.

Uh, Billy, could I talk to you for a
minute? Amanda, give me five minutes, okay?

- Sure. I'll meet you upstairs.
- All right.

- You'd better give this to somebody else.
- What's the problem, Scarecrow?

You know the peacock
dance better than anyone.

I'm not right for it.

Look, you said Sonja
Chenko is new on the block.

So give it to a younger guy.

No problem. Use
the age differences.

The more mature man, getting
a little antsy, looking for change.

The Lisbon variation.

The Lisbon variation?

No way.


The Lisbon variation to the
peacock dance, what's it that?

Uh, the dance is
pretty straightforward.

Um, an agent
initiates or encourages

contact with a target
of the opposite sex...

in order to establish a relationship
in which intelligence is taken or given.

Does that mean
what I think it means?

Probably. Just business.

Oh, yeah. Okay. That's the
dance. What's the variation?

Ugh, in the Lisbon, you
and I pretend to be lovers.

I can make that adjustment.

But I'm getting restless and
the relationship's deteriorating...

which sets me up for
the third person, Sonja...

and makes my attraction
logical, believable...

Hate it.

And statistical valid for
an American male my age.

Amanda, Russians
are suckers for statistics.

But of course if you
don't wanna do this...

No, I'm a pro. I can do
this. When do we start?



- Come on, it is only 10:15.
- I would really rather go home.

- And do what?
- Sleep.

- Don't you start on that again.
- I am not starting on that again.

You're too busy, too
tired, you're coming...

Keep it down.

I'm sorry. I would like to spend a
few quiet moments with you alone.

All right, then let's go to a club, have
a drink, listen to music or something.

Oh, that would be quiet and we
would certainly be alone, wouldn't we?

It would be a lot of fun, wouldn't
it? Fun? You remember that?

- We used to have it a couple years ago!
- I'm leaving.

- No, you are not leaving. Come back here!
- Oh, yes I am.

Give me a check, will
you? I'll be at the bar.

Give me another
brandy, will you?

And after the bar?

We walked along
the river, talked.

- Talked about what?
- Nothing, really.

The words were unimportant.

It was how they were said.

How did he seem?
His attitude, his mood.



The relationship with the
woman is troubling him.

Or so he wants us to believe.


In this game, we are
like mirrors on mirrors.

One never knows what
is real and what is not.

- Apple?
- No.

Stemwinder is activated
in less than two weeks.

We must have access by then.

- When do you see each other again?
- Tomorrow night.

Work Stetson.

Find out if he's
a mirror or a man.

You understand?

Rostov has not changed.

So little imagination.

Keep playing the innocent.

He will buy it all the way.

As will Scarecrow.

You got his prints?

On the glass in the bag.

Grandfather, we
only have two weeks.

Maybe Stemwinder isn't our
best opportunity to get to Stetson.

Stemwinder, heh...

perfect game within a game.

It's gonna be the noose...

with which Scarecrow
is going to hang himself.

- What's the matter?
- Nothing. Everything.

I'm very nearly eating
you alive. Oh, damn it.

Wait. It's what we both
want, what's wrong with it?

It's not that simple for us.

Sonja, uh...

For people like us,
every day is complicated.

It comes with the territory.

Besides, as good as it is...

I haven't spent six nights in
a row over here for the food.

I haven't had you over six nights in a
row so I'd have an excuse to cook, either.

I'll tell you a secret. I
bought it all, anyway.

Once I discovered America's greatest
treasure, the gourmet supermarket.

Then what can
possibly be wrong, huh?

It's my superior.
His name is Rostov.

I don't know, he dislikes me.

Perhaps because I'm
young, aggressive, a woman.

Who knows why?

He's threatening to
send me back to Russia.


To convince him that I'm worthy of
staying, I need something substantial.

Listen, I don't wanna lose you.

Maybe I can help.

You mentioned Stemwinder.

- Yeah. It's the hottest ticket in town.
- I'd be a hero.

Rostov would
have to let me stay.

I can get access to
Stemwinder's radio frequencies.

Front row center seats.

You'd do that for me?


Can you get it by tomorrow?

I mean, I know that's fast.

Don't you worry. I can get them.

And then we can mix
business with pleasure.

This is a real drag.

And then we can mix
business with pleasure.

I think we've got
ourselves a carrier pigeon.

Yeah, maybe.

There's something
about this Sonja.

It's just an itch.

I'm gonna see if T.P.
Acquinas can scratch it.

Keep me posted.

Meanwhile, I'll phone Dart and see if I
can get those radio frequencies ASAP.

- All right.
- Excellent.

- Excellent work, Amanda.
- Thank you, sir.

A successful Lisbon variation
depends on teamwork.

- Yes, sir. Lee did all the dancing.
- Heh.

I'll call you back.

Well, T.P, there's a tongue over
at the Library of Congress says...

that, uh, you're spending more time
here than over there. This your new office?

A man must surround himself
with the sources of inspiration, Lee.

Besides, with my briefcase
phone, any tabletop is my office.

Oh, Mrs. King, I would recommend
the tutti-frutti, it's the best in town.

No, thank you. This
is terrific, Mr. Aquinas.

There's this guy that I
bumped heads with a

few years back that
has this nervous habit...

of walking a coin back and forth over
the back of his hand, Alexi Makarov.

Ah, the Sorcerer, ha, ha.

He used to do that trick with a
coin to keep his hands limber.

Oh, and what wonderful hands.

Yeah, he fell out of
favor a few years back.

Uh, thanks to a sting
organized by our Scarecrow.

I read the case report.

Well, I just met a woman
who does the same coin trick.

Now, I was wondering, could there
be a connection. Is he still alive?

Well, it might be difficult to get
that close to the Gulag to find out.

Poke a stick around that
hole anyway, would you?


Stetson and King
to see Mr. Dart.

Okay. Name,
destination, time in, please.

One signature will do.

- Wear these while you're in the building.
- All right. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thanks a lot.

You're welcome.

My name is Kurtz. I'm
here to see Admiral Benton.

- What'd you say your name was?
- Kurtz.

I'm sure it's there.

Yeah, take the elevator
to the fourth floor.

- Guard.

This man needs assistance.

I think he's fainting.

Bryan, are you all right?
Here, loosen your tie.

- Who are you here to see?
- Admiral Benton. My name is Kurtz.

All right. Sign in please,
and take a badge.

This is Brackman.
Send up a medic quick.

And those are the Stemwinder
frequencies we want the Russians to have.

Thank you, sir.
This should do it.

- Give the Soviets a good show.
- We intend to.

Thanks for making the trip over.

- Good luck.
- Thank you, sir.

- Would you sign out, please?
- Of course.

- How's your colleague?
- Not good. He's at the hospital.

How clumsy of me.
Let me help you.

- Oh, no, that's all right. I'll get it.
- Thanks.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

Are you the party that
requested the limousine?


The call specified
a black limousine...

to be engaged for the
entire evening, correct?

- No, heh.
- No, I don't think so.

Did the caller leave a name?

There seems to be a
mistake. Excuse me.

You're sure that was Rostov?

Positive. He ran the
procedure down perfectly.

He was expecting a meet.

All right. Why would the KGB
station chief wanna meet you?

That's a good question.

- Same check-in signal.
- Mm-hm.

I'll tap the mike every
hour, tap, tap, pause, tap.

Tap, tap, pause, tap.

- Yeah, just to let you know I'm okay.
- Right.

Now, it's 10:00. I should
be out of there by midnight.


Look, Amanda, it's an agent's
option to spend the night.

I don't want to.

I feel a headache coming on.

- I'll see you at midnight.
- You bet.

Tap, tap, pause, tap.


- You're teasing me, aren't you?
- Hmm, maybe.

- You've been teasing me for two hours.
- Mm-hm.

- The champagne.
- Yeah.

- The music. Heh, I can't stand it.
- Heh.

Well, maybe this will help.

- The frequencies to Stemwinder.
- Yeah.

You did get them.

Was it difficult?

Oh, just like falling into bed.

That reminds me. LEE: Of what?

The other thing I
wanted this evening.

Poor baby, you look
so tired. Come with me.

I've got just what you need.

Okay, Lee, you're caught.
You can come on out.

- IFF.
- Uh, hello, this is Amanda King.

The word is bluejeans. Um,
I'm on a public line. It's not clean.

Could you get me the
night-duty officer, please?

I have, uh, a condition-one
alert, agent in dire jeopardy.

One moment.

Amanda, what's the situation?

Sir. I'm sorry, sir.

- I asked for the night-duty officer.
- I thought this was condition one.

- What is your situation? Report.
- Uh, yes, sir.

Um, I'm in Sonja Chenko's apartment
and Lee and Sonja are not here.

He missed his last two
check-ins so I came in as backup.

He said he'd be out at
midnight and, well, he isn't...

so I thought something
was pretty wrong.

You're damn right there
is. Why do you think

I'm out of bed at
12:30 in the morning?

A team of bloodhounds
will be there in five minutes.

I want you to leave.
Meet me at the agency.

Why don't I stay here so I
can help them look for Lee?

Amanda, do it now. This is bad trouble
and I don't want you out there alone.

- Move it out.
- Yes, sir. I'm out of here. Goodbye.

Billy, Dart wasn't
expected home...

so his body wasn't found until
Stemwinder countdown began.

I talked to the
medical examiner.

He said his neck was broken
probably late yesterday afternoon.

Lee and Amanda were the last
ones on the log to see him alive.

The Stemwinder frequencies?

They're in the safe, but they
could've been photographed.

- Or not.
- We found two sets of prints on the safe.

We're running them but, uh,
would you care to hazard a guess?

Francine, would you
stop with the looks.

I put my money on Lee and
Amanda. They can explain.

Maybe, but you are gonna
call off Stemwinder, aren't you?

You give me too much credit.

Let's just say, I'm gonna make a suggestion
and hope like hell that somebody listens.


Hit him upside the head with
his bottle, man. He'll wake up.

If a wino grabs
you it's like a vise.

I've been rolling juicers
longer than you, Dupe.

Grab him.

Hey. Get him, man.

- There he is. DUPE: He
jumped over the thing. Get him.

- Move, hurry up.
- Let's go.

Come on, get out of the way.

Check in the car, man.

Come on.

She's struggling with a
post-perceptive avoidance reaction.

Spare me the psychobabble.

That's not babble. I
could give you babble.

Don't. I need something solid
now. This is Amanda King in here.

I know her, I can
get through to her.

Just my point, you have a bias.

You side with her and Scarecrow.

You owe it to her, Billy, to let
us be as rigorous as possible.

I don't like it, but there
could be questions later on.

Murder and treason
do raise them.

Mrs. King, concentrate, please.

I'm concentrating but I
should be out looking for Lee.

Mrs. King, please, just
answer the questions.

All right.

Now, Scarecrow found
himself in a dynamic situation...

yet you say he set
a time limit, correct?

He felt he could attain
his objective by then.

Mrs. King, I know
what his objective was.

I'm looking for a yes
or no answer here.

Did you believe him?


He promised.

Promised? That's a
noodle we can work on.

Field agents trust
facts not promises.

- Noodle? QUID: Put
the pressure on her.

Come on, Billy. You
know how it goes.

Better we succeed now.

Compared to what comes
later, this is a pat on the back.

First, the debilitary
drug series...

then sensory deprivation, and
finally induced psychotic phobia.

Sir, any word on Lee?

Uh, just a minute,
we're not quite finished.

- Maria.

- Nothing, yet.
- Thank you, sir.

Come on.

Enemy submarine-based launched.

Key map grid coordinates 2246.

Stemwinder war game elapsed
time, 1 hour 22 minutes, 30 seconds.

- How's it going?
- Into the dumper.

Just lost the downlinks from
the HP-1 over the USSR...

the land links from Pavepaw's radar,
and, uh, their secure frequencies.

Or they were.

That's it.

Twenty kilo tons from
a Vlota class sub off

Maryland just turned
D.C. into hot confetti.

A sub launch is supposed
to give the president

eight minutes to make
up his mind, 8 minutes.

But our communications
fall out after the first blast.

We didn't respond. We lost.

I thought Dr. Smyth was gonna get off
his rump for once and put a stop to this.

The National Security Council
told the president we lacked proof.

Oh, they've got it now.


The Russians are jamming
six or seven of our frequencies.

So Scarecrow did sell out.
- No, sir.

- Sir, if you'll excuse me...
- I will not excuse you.

- You're the housewife turned agent, huh?
- Yes, sir.

I think you're just as
much a traitor at Scarecrow.

No, sir. Lee and
I are not traitors.

I don't know what's
going on but it seems as

if everybody's asking
a lot of questions...

and pointing a lot of fingers
and being awfully rude...

when Lee's out there somewhere,
risking his life for his country...

- and we should be looking for him.
- Oh, we are. Rest assured. Billy.

Damage estimate. BILLY: Total.

We won't be secure
again for several weeks.

And the president just lost his
bargaining chip for the peace talks.

He'll want to kick a dog,
and I don't plan to be it.

Sweat the housewife and bring
me Stetson's beating heart. Okay?

Hot confetti.

Registering direct hit.

No, sir.

Sir, you don't really think Lee
stole those secret radio frequencies?

The important thing to do is to
bring Lee back in safe and sound...

and then find out what he did.

He didn't do anything, sir. Somebody's
just trying to make him look bad.

Just like falling into bed.

- He was undercover, so to speak.
- All right, all right.

- Now, let's start with Phillip Dart.
- Yes, sir.

You saw him just before he was killed.
- No, sir.

You said he was killed
at 4:00. We left at 2:30.

Uh, eighty percent
confirmed. Lee's handwriting.

- Has to be a forgery.
- This isn't a forgery.

Lee's prints were
found all over the safe.

He never went near the safe.

Then explain how the
copy of the frequencies

ended up in Lee's
lover's apartment.

- She is not his lover! BILLY:
All right, now just hold it.

Now, we have to clear up
some curious things here.

Yes, sir.

Now, why did you and Lee meet
with Soviet station chief Rostov?

We weren't meeting
with the station chief.

We were having dinner,
he came up to the table...

he said something about a limousine,
he said he'd made a mistake and he left.

You have to believe me.

Amanda we want to believe
you but it's awful hard.

For instance, Lee's report says that
Sonja made her first contact with him...

while he was having a drink
on the way home, but he wasn't.

He was having dinner with
you. Is this some new habit?

It's not exactly a habit, sir.

Well, the bartender says
it is. He calls you regulars.

Five nights in the
last two weeks.

Melrose, here. Scarecrow.

It's Lee. Get a trace.

Lee, where are you?

Well, that's exactly
what we've been try...

Yes, she's right
here. Sure, hold on.

He wants to talk to you.

Now, talk him in, because we need
him here to find out what's been going on.

- Hello?
- Hi, Amanda, are you all right?

Yes, I'm all right. But I'm scared
to death and I'm worried about you.

I'm okay. They zapped me with something
but I've shaken it out of my head.

Stemwinder's a mess.
Dart's dead. They think

we killed him for
the radio frequencies.

Dr. Smyth called us both traitors.
They've been grilling me for hours.

Hold on a second.

Amanda, it's a setup.

It's a crazy tutti-frutti
business, Amanda.

I gotta go.

Good, Amanda. We got a trace.

- Yes, sir?
- We have to throw a net around Scarecrow.

Get me a couple of trappers
in case he turns into a runner.


You heard me, Scarecrow.
Priority one. Do it.

All right, people. Listen up.

This net is gonna be top priority.
Francine will brief you in my office ASAP.

Peterson, Clark, you're
gonna be in charge in the field.

Keep your eyes open and use one
band, one band only. Understood?

You think we can stick with her?

We've got two helicopters, two
vans, two motorcycles, four on foot.

NSA electronic intercept backup.

Ah, if Lee so much
as tries to signal her

with mirrors or toss
her a paper airplane...

we'll catch it.


Subject's headed north
towards ice-cream parlor.

We'll take her from here.
- Standing by.

Hello, sir.

Bonjourno, Mrs. King.
Glad you looked me up.

You and, uh, Lee are becoming quite
the talk of the town. Have you seen him?

Uh, not since last night. I talked to
him on the phone about half an hour ago.

He said something about this
was a tutti-frutti business we were in.

I figured that, that
meant he might call you.

Tutti-frutti. Very good.

Oh, before we go on, Mrs. King, I notice
you brought quite an entourage with you.

The van, possibly the
motorcycle, the tourists.

Shoot. I should have seen them.

They're using their best men.
Take it as a compliment of sorts.

Chilly feeling, isn't it? To discover
you're not the hunter but the quarry.

- Yes, sir.
- Oh, uh, Lee was right.

- About what sir?
- Alexi Makarov was freed five weeks ago...

by a secret order of clemency
from Gorbachev himself.

He's had nine years
to plot his revenge.

I don't understand that, sir.

Revenge is usually personal...

and this Stemwinder thing
involves a lot of people.

He's Russian. He needs poetry.

Nothing worth doing
is worth doing simply.

Uh, T. Percival Aquinas.

Oh, yes, Lee. Uh, uh, you know, the
boy's a regular telepath, right on cue.

- Yes, sir.
- Heh.

Oh, I got positive word on our friend
from some Black Sea beluga fisherman.

Yeah. Thanks, T.P.

Save me the sordid details,
will you? Let me talk to Amanda.

- You.
- Thank you, sir.

We have to stop playing this telephone
tag. It isn't getting us anywhere.

Save it. I've got 20
seconds before they lock on

to this line and track it.
You've got to go home.

Go home? What are you gonna do?

I'm trying to find Sonja.

The agency is crawling all over her
apartment. She won't go back there.

Let me help you.

No. All you can do
now is lead them to me.

Now that we know it is
Alexi, you are in danger.

You've got to go
home, take the long way.

Use up their manpower,
but don't lose them.

They're your security
blanket. You got it?

I need time to play one
more card. Be careful.

- I love you.
- What?

Subject turning onto

Pennsylvania Avenue.
Pick her up, Blue team.

She knows just exactly
what she's doing.

- What did Aquinas say?
- Oh, the same.

We're trying to confirm if
Alexi Makarov really is alive.

It's a tip from a small-fry
snitch I use at the TASS bureau.

He says that Lee is in a
grocery store in Georgetown.

These Russians are
always muddying things.

I guess it's better than watching
Amanda King lead us around by the nose.

Paper or plastic? Okay.

- It's 59 cents a pound. MAN
2: Can you double bag that, sir?

- I'll get it for you ma'am.
- Would you watch my basket?

I need a cart to be taken
out to the parking lot.

Can I get a cart for a customer here?
- There's no price on this.

Where's the express line?

I have a coupon here.

You take a check?

- Let's head for the door.
- The pasta, you remembered.

That's right.

Well, as long as I've got
you, this could work out.

Did Jeanie ask you to pick up
a few things on your way home?

- Scarecrow.
- Backup. That's right. Back up.


This way.

- Francine, where'd she go?
- Who?

You know who. Sonja, I had her.

Scarecrow, maybe I can help you figure
out how they built this frame around you.

I trust you, Billy, I just don't
trust the stinking system.

Not until I can back
up my side of it. Uh-uh.

Oh, I'm sorry, man.

Hold it, Scarecrow.
Come on, he's running.

- Cut him off.
- Cover the exit.


- Hi, Mom.
- Hi, sweetheart.

Ah, I almost thought you forgot tonight
is my Eastern Star installation ball.

These all-night work sessions are
becoming chronic with you, Amanda.

- If it is work.
- Did anybody call me while I was gone?

- No.
- Anybody drop by?


Anything weird happen
in the neighborhood?

- Yeah.
- What, sweetheart?

Well, Andy Kaskill swallowed a live toad
and blacked out. Philip's over there now.

Wait till you see my outfit. It's gonna
make my date blackout with animal lust.

I have five or six different earrings.
I want you to pick for me because...

Okay, wait, hold it. Wait,
hold it, please. I'm sorry.

Let's just have a family meeting.
Drop everything, will you?

Put everything down for a second.
Just gotta talk to you, all right?

- Okay.
- Now look.

Uh, a man that I work with is,
uh, having some problems, all right.

His name is Stetson, Lee Stetson.
You've talked to him on the phone before.

Deadman. I thought it was Deadman.
- No, it's Stetson.

At any rate, there may be some
people who come by to talk to us...

and they'll be Federal agents.

They may wanna ask
us a few questions.

And, uh, well, they
think that Mr. Stetson...

may have given away a few
things that he shouldn't have.

- What?
- Secrets, sweetheart.

Amanda, aren't you being
just a little melodramatic?

Mother, I'm exhausted.

I work for IFF,
IFF works for the

government, the government
has secrets, okay?

- What kind of secrets?
- Nice try, Sherlock. A secret's a secret.

Why don't you just give your brother
a call and ask him to come home?

- Would you do that for me? Thank you.
- Okay.

- Amanda.
- Yes, Mother.

Heh, you're not mixed up with
any of these federal agents, are you?

Heh, Mother.

What about the other two?

No sign of them, sir.
We're covering the area.

Shall I order a D-1 manhunt?

That would be excessive force.

That's why I'm considering it. It
would give me excessive satisfaction.

We don't wanna risk
killing Scarecrow...

before we find out how long
he's been working with them.

We don't want him writing us
postcards from Moscow either.

I trusted him as a friend,
gave him a lot of rope.


Okay. Make it a D-1.

But give it to me. He's mine.

I'll leave the death-probable
order with you and

ask the president to
sign some blank pardons.

No more namby-pamby.
Pick up the King woman.

Grind her, Billy.
She's in it with him.

Trust me.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King have
been sticking it to us from the start.



No, keep the shades up.

Down is too suspicious.

How did you get in here?

- Through the front door.
- You're hurt.

A window got in my
way. Don't worry about it.

Oh, no.

Amanda, I came to say goodbye.

- What do you mean "goodbye"?
- Exactly that.

I can't even go
to Billy for help.

Alexi's turned the agency against
me. Ironically, that's how I got him.

Wait a minute. I'm
tangled up in this thing too.

Don't you see?

As long as I'm out there on the loose, I
can try and do something that'll clear us.

I've gotta find Alexi before
he goes under himself.

- Now, I may be gone a while.
- How long?

As long as it takes.



I meant what I
said on the phone.

I just want you to
know that before I go.

- I love you.
- Oh, heh.

I have for a very,
very long time.

I just... I was just never
ready to... You know.

I know.

I'm coming. Amanda, I think
those federal agents are here.

- They're gonna be here in a minute.
- Wait. You can't walk into my life...

hand me a package, tell me to
give it to the man in the red hat...

tell me you love me,
and walk out again.


You sure you haven't see them?

- I'll get word to you.
- I'm going with you.

- No. No. No.
- Yes. Yes. Yes.

Forget it.

I'm going to a place
that is so deep that

you may lose your name,
your way, everything.

Now, Alexi thought
he had me today.

- I know. I know.
- He won't miss twice.

I don't know what he looks like
anymore. I can't baby you out there.

You won't have to baby me.

Look, I'm gonna watch
your tail just like I always do.

We work best together
as a team, and besides,

we don't know what
Alexi is gonna do next.

It might be dangerous for
my family for me to stay here.

I can't do anything to help
them from an agency holding cell.

And I love you too.

I guess it's your tail too.

Oh, I'm sorry.

- This thing isn't gonna hold us.
- That's what I keep telling the boys.

It's them, Scarecrow
and Mrs. King.