Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 4, Episode 2 - Stemwinder: Part 2 - full transcript

Lee and Amanda are in hiding, looking for Alexi and Sonja while the Agency looks for them- and defection starts to look appealing.

Last week on
Scarecrow and Mrs. King:

Alexi Makarov was freed. He's
had nine years to plot his revenge.

The war game by Dart's
team will stimulate an attack...

and test our strategic
communication. It's called Stemwinder.

Scarecrow you've got Sonja
Chenko. Do a peacock dance with her.

What is that?

An agent initiates or encourages contact
with a target of the opposite sex...

in which intelligence
can be taken or given.

- I'm leaving.
- No, you are not.

Yes, I am. - Come back.

- My name is Sonja.
- I'm Lee.

We must have access to
Stemwinder in less than two weeks.

Scarecrow is going to hang.

This should do it. Give
the Soviets a good show.

I can get access to
Stemwinders radio frequencies.

The Russians are jamming six or
seven of our frequencies, we lost.

You're just as much
a traitor as Scarecrow.

No, sir.

I just don't trust the
stinking system. Sorry, man.

Shall I order a D-1 manhunt?

I trust him as a
friend. He's mine.

I love you.

Alexi's turned the
agency against me.

- I'm going with you. Yes.
- No.

I guess it's your tail too.

Amanda, I think those
federal agents are here.

- You okay?
- I guess so.

I've never been
a fugitive before.

I know.

You ran the avoidance patterns as
well as anyone I've seen, you know that?

Well, it was my neighborhood...

I know where the loose
fences and the mean dogs are.

They think we're traitors.

That's exactly what Alexi wants.

He's constructed this frame like a
Swiss clockmaker building a masterpiece.

But we're gonna
beat him, I swear it.

It's not just Alexi. It's the
agency, they are all over the place.

Yeah, well, I've got a couple of
rocks they won't be able to turn over.

While you were asleep, I, uh, got
a call through to one of my family...

my civilian eyes and ears.

The agency doesn't have
a complete list of them.

We're gonna get a place to hide and then
we're gonna collect my insurance policy.


- What's your insurance policy?
- It's money, firepower.

I always keep a cache hidden
away just for emergencies.

You stay right here.

We'd better make this
meet a touch-and-go.


Not sure. I spotted a couple
of UFOs. Maybe it's nothing...

You shouldn't
have taken the risk.

I couldn't leave you hanging,
man. You're gonna need this.

Now, there's 10 grand under the chow
mein, and two pieces under the Peking duck.

- Good luck.
- Right.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

Hey, there he is.

Over here.

Freeze, Scarecrow.

- Hold it.
- Uhn!

No, forget it. Go back.

Go around the other side.

Come on, let's go.

We're gonna get on that truck.
- Right.

Ready? Let's go.

The agency got to my family.

We don't have a home.

We have gone over this a
dozen times. I cannot do it again.

- You're gonna have to try.
- Why?

What right do you have to come in here
and terrorize me and my grandchildren?

Interrogate us like we are criminals,
occupy our house, tap our phone.

I wanna tell you something.

- I have some questions too.
- I'm sure you do.

Unfortunately, I'm not
at liberty to discuss...

Don't give me that.

You are at liberty to do anything
you darn please and you know it.

Where is my daughter?
When is she coming home?

Who is this Stetson man
she keeps mentioning?

I really wish I could answer
most of your questions.

Unfortunately I just don't have the
answers, that's why I need your help.

Mrs. King's ex-husband's here.

Joe? Oh, Joe, thank
god you're here.

You're a lawyer.
You'll know what to do.

It's okay, Dotty, don't worry,
everything will be all right.

I'll tell the boys you're here.

I'm Joe King,
Amanda's ex-husband.

- We've met before.
- Yes, when you returned from Africa.

I'm William Melrose,
Amanda's supervisor.

What's going on? I get a frantic
call from Amanda's mother...

and your people outside are acting as if,
uh, Amanda were public enemy number one.

This is off the record, Joe.

You don't know
me, I don't know you.

There's a flap.

I've got 300 agents working
overtime trying to find her and Stetson.

It looks as if they might be
playing footsie with the Russians.

- Amanda? That's impossible.
- I don't wanna believe it myself...

but this agency has issued
a D-1 manhunt for Stetson.

What's a D-1?

Shoot to kill.

Ah, thank you.

- It's not the Ritz.
- Oh, it's nice.

But it's a roof
over your head...

till the police get back
your car and things.

Meanwhile, you'll find everything
you need, sheets, blankets, uh...

paper plates, plastic utensils
and glasses, fridge, hot plate, uh...

AM/FM clock radio.

Oh, yeah. Thank you
very much, Mr. Kurland.

Heh, that's what the Traveler's
Friends Foundation is all about.

Helping the victims of misfortune
and malfeasance, Mrs. Vanderhossun.

- Husson.
- Husson?


Thanks a lot. We
really appreciate that.

Bye-bye. TED: Bye.

- Cute place. You come here often?
- At least, it's something.

Yeah. Well, it looks like a
bad place to get surrounded in.

Is there such a thing
as a good place?



You may need this.

It's that kind of a game.

I hate this.

Mother and the boys
are probably worried sick.

I really need to get
a message to them.


I know how you feel, honey.

It'll be a big risk, but
we'll think of something.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Tea, Grandfather?

Chess is a fascinating
game of contradictions...

changing moment to moment.

Hunter becomes the hunted.

Prey becomes predator.

What are you, Grandfather?
Hunter or hunted?


Scarecrow is
alienated and alone...

but he's got time
to think, to plan.

He's a wounded wolf,
desperate but even more deadly.

Forget about
Scarecrow, Grandfather.


Go home to Vladivostok.

Live your life out in comfort.

You've earned it.

I will begin living again
when Lee Stetson dies.

That's a neat cover, Lee.
How'd you manage it?

- Insurance money.
- Heh.

- How's your tail?
- Uh, the dogs are getting better...

but I lost them the second turn
around the Washington Monument.

What do you hear?

You two have premiered on
the agency's most-wanted chart...

at number three,
uh, with a bullet.

And I suspect you'll, uh, top
the charts in a couple of days.

At least we know
where we stand there.

- Here.
- Hmm.

I'm more worried about Alexi. He's
here, pulling the strings, I know it.

Oh, uh, by the way, Sonja
Chenko is Alexi's granddaughter.

Who's she working
for? Rostov or Alexi?

- Or both of them?
- I don't know.

Our only hope is finding Alexi
before the agency finds us.

He probably feels the
same way about you...

uh, but how do two phantoms
meet each other in the shadows?

You can't exactly advertise.

Maybe you can.

Pour me one.

I'm American. I like ice.

Pass, pass, pass.

- Come on.
- Pass the ball.

Shoot it, Jamie. - Unh.

I'm okay. Come on, let's go.

Come on. BOY 1: Unh.

All right, shoot, shoot.

Hi there. BOY: Hi.

You fellas know Phillip and Jamie King?
Over there playing basketball, see them?

Yeah. AMANDA: I got a note here.

Could you give this to Philip or Jamie?
Don't tell them where it came from.

- You promise?
- Promise.

Here you go.

Take the note, and
take the ball. Bye.

Nice try.

Your story would raise
eyebrows in Moscow.

The KGB central committee is
toasting Sonja Chenko as a hero.

You believe that?

You believe I gave her full access to
Stemwinder or killed Phillip Dart to do it?

She is a beautiful woman.

She's also Alexi's

But Stemwinder was a nice, sweet
feather in your cap too, wasn't it?

Nice enough for you not
to ask too many questions...

not to worry too much about
being set up for a meet at Emilio's.

I had to go.

Order came by telex directly from
Moscow, signed by Andreev Krimsky.

The chief of KGB
Covert Operations.

And Alexi's lieutenant for nearly 10
years when they ran the European station.

What do you want?

I've got a plan to
flush the old bear.

And I'm gonna need
some help in trapping him.

I don't care about the paper's policy. I
wanna know when the ad was bought...

how it was paid for, whether
it was done in person...

and I want that
information yesterday.

Billy, the old man's has had...
- What?

"Import-export agent seeks permanent
employment opportunities abroad.

Must relocate immediately.

Ten years international experience
with major U.S. company."

There could be any
number of explanations.

One. Scarecrow's put
himself on the auction block.

Every spy in town
has read this by now.

We're coffee and croissant
gossip, Melrose, and I don't like that.

Scarecrow didn't mention Alexi
Makarov. They let him out five weeks ago.

Sonja Chenko, Lee's peacock dance
partner is Makarov's granddaughter.


None yet, but we do have con...

Then let me butter your bread,
and cut your meat, children.

Scarecrow's hung us out to dry.

And that's the last mistake
he's ever going to make.

Kick out the jams, Melrose.

I want Scarecrow, dead or alive.

Billy finally got in touch with me
through one of our old message drops.

Sweet Rita, it's Rita
Avenue at Arlington.


Billy and I set up that drop 10 years
ago when he was still working in the field.

What is the final appeal?

It's the last white flag before
the real shooting begins.

Never thought I'd be reading
a final appeal from Billy.

Damn it. I've been on those streets for
10 years trying to make a difference...

because I thought I
could, I believed I should.

You just can't
drop that, you know.

- I'm gonna meet him.
- Sure you can trust him?


But I wanna trust him one
more time. I owe him that.

- I'm going with you.
- No, you are not.

Yeah. I said I'd watch your
tail, and that's what I'm gonna do.

The boys caught the bus
with just seconds to spare.

That note their mother sent was
the best thing that happened to them.

Yeah, at least we
know she's all right.


isn't there some way that we can
let her know that the boys are okay?

That we love her
and we miss her?

I mean, knowing Amanda,
she's just liable to walk in here.

She doesn't know this
house is being watched...

they're tapping our
phone, opening our mail.

Listen to me, I am beginning
to sound so paranoid.

Amanda is out there
with a strange man, alone.

Now, isn't there some way that we can let
her know that we're okay, that we love her?

Yes, I think there is a way.


What are you doing here?

Everyone's asking what's
become of you. We're so worried.

What about Scarecrow?

- Would you like something to eat?
- Not hungry. What about Scarecrow?

Scarecrow? Heh.

That's what brings you
so far away from home?

Is Moscow taking
the offer seriously?

What offer?


Heh, Scarecrow is a prize catch.

If the offer is valid, Moscow will give
him whatever he wants if he defects.

- You know how that works.
- Oh, yes.

A Western traitor
can live life as a czar.

Women, money, the
finest Black Sea dacha.

While loyal Russians serve
as rat bait in Siberian dung pits.

Please sit down.

I never believed
that you were guilty.

Not for a moment.

It was all so unfortunate.

If Moscow proceeds, you
will coordinate negotiations?

- Yes, I suppose so.
- Give him to me.

Alexi, please, stop this
vendetta. It's over and done.

You're a free man now.

Enjoy your life.

In Siberia I met a
man named Bachta.

He told me a fascinating story about
a black-market ring in Budapest...

run, he insisted, by a
KGB operative named...


Black-market offenses are
still capital crimes, Rostov.

Billy Melrose, just the
man I wanted to see.

- What word?
- Nothing yet.

I'm surprised, Billy, a
man with your experience...

and all the resources of
Washington at your fingertips.

- Meaning?
- Meaning I strongly advise you...

against pulling your punches.
You wouldn't wanna get blindsided.

I know what I'm doing.

And as long as I'm running
this D-1, I'll call the shots.

Of course you will, Billy.

Take a couple of
more steps then stop.

I'm glad you came, Lee.

If anyone else had
asked, I wouldn't be here.

- What do you have?
- Too much.

The frequencies the Russians
jammed Stemwinder with...

they were stolen from Dart's safe.
Your prints were all over the place.

Alexi probably lifted it off something
I touched in Sonja's apartment...

then imprinted them on latex
gloves. It's an old trick. You know that.

Think of it from our end.

I've been tried and
convicted by Dr. Smyth.

Where do you stand, Billy?

I'm running the D-1.

If you're telling the truth, I'll go
with you all the way, Scarecrow.

If you're lying, I'll
shoot you myself.

Lee! Cars, front and back.

I don't know a thing about this,
Scarecrow. I swear to you, I don't.

It's Dr. Smyth.

Move in.

Come on. Come on.

Cover the exit.

Let's go.

You two, move upstairs.

This way.

Follow me over here, come on.

- Over there.
- Move it.

- What do you see?
- Nothing back here.

He's not here.

Cover the stairs.

They've gone this way, come on.

Up top.

C'est la guerre, Billy.

- I'm clean since Kenilworth Gardens.
- So am I. We lost them.

We deserve to be
nailed. I'm a jerk to

think that we could've
walked right back in.

I never figured Billy
for a double crosser.

I don't think he is.

I think he was just as
surprised as we were.

Yeah, maybe.

Amanda someone
has changed the rules...

and we don't have a
copy of the new rule book.

A final appeal has always been
a truce. It was an agent's right.

Rostov is the only one
we can count on now...

because he needs us
as much as we need him.

- We have each other, that's something.
- Yeah.

It's more than most people
in this business will ever have.

I didn't think we'd
have to go through

anything like this to
find out we've got it.


Look at this.

"Confirmed R". That's it. Rostov's
set my defection for tomorrow morning.

Now, if we can just
dodge him until then.

Wait a minute, this is from Joe.

- What?
- "Panda, Debbie Ann can't come home...

but we got the message,
and we miss her. J.J."

Wait a minute, now, your
mother called you Panda...

when you were a little girl,
who's Debbie Ann and J.J.?

J.J. is Joe. Like Jolting Joe.
Jolting Joe DiMaggio, you know?

- Yeah. Right.
- Debbie Ann is Debbie Ann Macabie.

She was my friend when we were 11.
She ran away and I hid her in the attic.

She wanted to go home, and was scared
of her daddy, so I snuck a note to her mom.

- At least the home front's with us.
- Yeah.

- You feel better?
- Yeah.

Boy, it was the worst
trouble I ever got in

when I hid Debbie
Ann Macabie in my attic.

No, it isn't.

This is.

Damn, right.

You know, this could be a bull
pen full of CPA's or an ad agency.

Except that these perfectly normal
folks come to work to spy on people...

to kill them, to topple
their governments.

Billy, please.

Billy, don't go getting all moody
on me, okay? It's just a setback.

Why don't you try giving yourself
some of your own best advice?

- I mean, you do it to me all the time.
- Yeah.

Stick to what you know instead of what
you think you know. Fine, what do we know?

That shouldn't take long.

Okay, so we don't know a whole hell of a
lot, but let's add this to our short list.

I asked my, uh, snitch
at the task bureau to

do me a drawing of
the man who tipped him.

The tip we followed to find
Lee at the supermarket?

Right. A lot
older, a lot grayer.

Alexi Makarov.

Right here in D.C.

Chalk one up for Lee.

I don't care a fig about your
bruised sensibilities, Melrose.

When you've got an infection you
don't put treacle on it, you burn it out.

I acted accordingly.

In the field, my
agents risk their lives.

Stetson trusted me.

I can't betray that.

Stetson no longer has agent
status. Mrs. King never did.

It's not a matter of status.

No, Melrose, it's
a matter of time.

Either we grab Scarecrow
before he takes a walk on us...

or you and I will be
dusting off our résumés.

I find job hunting so
déclassé, don't you?

Okay, Francine, don't give me
that look. I won't blow my top just yet.

We can do more for Lee and
Amanda on the case than we can off.

Oh, good shot, moonhead. Mom
said no playing basketball in the house.

- Thanks for reminding me.
- You're welcome.

Geek eyes.

Hey, just because your mom's not here
doesn't mean you can break the rules.

I'm gonna give her a full
report when she gets back.

Uh, I was just
putting it away, Dad.

So you could actually do
some homework for a change?

- Why don't you...?
- Hey, hey, hey.

Come on, guys, come
on. Now, no fighting.

We gotta stick together.

Look, uh, I'm not
supposed to say anything...

so you can't ask me how I
know, but your mom's okay.

- Did you talk to her?
- I said no questions.

Now, you're just gonna
have to trust me on this.

Mm-hm, we trust
you, it's just...

Well, I don't know about
Phillip, but I'm a little scared.

Not much, just a little.

You're doing a lot better than I
am, because I'm a whole lot scared.

We can be scared together, okay?

Okay, how is this? Can you hear me?
- Loud and clear.

- Save it.
- Right.

- What's the range?
- Up to half a mile.

Uh, that's optimum. We won't
need more than 200 yards.

Well, here we are, this quiet dinner
in our cozy hideout, cleaning our guns.

Another typical evening
with the spy family.

I don't know how can you
be in such a good mood.

Well, I'm not.

It's just the way I handle my
nerves before a big operation.

Believe me, tomorrow's
as big as they come.

If Alexi shows.

Rostov sighted him near
the Soviet embassy today.

He's watching. He'll be there.

I hope I don't have to use this.

I'm not very good at
50 feet. At 75, forget it.

Well, if you need
it, it'll be a lot closer.

I hope you don't either.

Grandfather, drink some of this.

It's all I could get in an
American shop without a doctor.

Rostov has been in the
embassy three hours.

You're sick and freezing.

I can get visas
and tickets for you.

You can go south.
Montevideo is safe.

No. I have to get Stetson.

You have to help me.

- It's not working.
- It is working.

Rostov is gonna give him to me.

I'm gonna kill him.


I mean, you can't ask me
to keep running with you.

An outlaw against
my own government.

I'm 22.

I have my whole life to live.


I'm gonna kill him.


Go on. I'll track him.

I can't change his mind.

I thought not.

No matter.

It's set for tomorrow morning.
I've made the arrangements.

Stetson's not stupid.

He could be
springing a trap on us.

He would, if he could.

But because of the stupidity
of the agency and Dr. Smyth...

he can't.

Here are the arrangements.

Scarecrow wants
Alexi, and we want him.

And it will all work out, Sonja.

Just be pretty and let
me worry for both of us.


Mind your manners, Billy.

Lee, they set me up.

You get a chance to prove it...

but mind your manners
and grab a pencil.

Five number groups 831-1064-822.

Three lines of sight,
unprotected parameters.

I don't need to quote you
the agency TAC manual.

Then don't. We don't use
backup, not after last time.

Hear your boy's coming
by again, amidst the ducks.

This time we get the
Kewpie doll, okay?

Just exactly how did you hear?

So far, I've only told Desmond.

Did your ferrets tap my phone?

Mind your manners. The
old recognition sequence.

Thirty five number groups.

I got the crypto boys out of their
warm beds, but so far, zip city.

Some kind of private code?

Is that a casual question, or
is there something you want?

Yes, about 10 pounds of your backside if
you don't break this code for me, presto.

Francine, wait for
me in the motor pool.

- Go.
- Ugh.

You've been in my
face from the start.

You scrap the rules when it
suits your personal purpose.

You turned Lee's friends
against him. You spy on me.

All in the name of
justice, your kind of justice.

I don't believe Lee's guilty, and I'm
gonna give him every chance to prove that.

If you're gonna stop me, you're gonna have
to stop me yourself right here and now.

He's not coming here.

It isn't even time.

He's not coming here at all.

How can there be a mistake?

This is what I copied from
Rostov's letter dropped to Stetson.

Monox Reclamation, 8:30.


Stetson would never select such a place.
To an old spy, it just doesn't smell right.

Maybe Rostov picked it.
- Oh, undoubtedly.

A bureaucrat with
a tin imagination...

would think this a
delightful place for intrigue.

That's the answer
then. He'll be here.



Stetson would never agree.

But you know that, huh, Sonja?

- You don't trust me?
- Heh, you're my granddaughter.

I want you out of this.

I did it for you.

At least don't try to deceive
an old deceiver, Sonja.

Rostov must have pointed out
that you look good in Moscow.

You got them, uh, the
Stemwinder frequencies.

But if my plan had worked, the
agency would have eliminated Stetson...

and you would look even better.

Well, it's true. With Stetson,
Rostov can ignore your threats.

But this blood thirst of yours,
it can get us both killed...

even by our own people.

Don't do it. Don't even try.

That American cough syrup, a
wonderful medicine. A little test.

We survivors never
completely trust anyone.

It's how we survive.

You're helping
Rostov take Stetson.

Rostov left me no choice.

Neither do I.

Take me to Stetson or you will be
running from my wrath all your life...

even if you are
flesh of my flesh.

I have enough friends
left in the KGB...

to make your life a living hell.

Back up into the
shadows, you got no cover.

How's that? AMANDA Better.

I've got Rostov to your left.

Two men with him at
the top of the bleachers.

Yeah, I see them.

- Alexi?
- Not yet. Or Billy or Francine.

Maybe they're dug in
down here somewhere.

All right, here I go.

You see Alexi, sing out.

Loud and long. Good luck.

No sign of our friend.

You made sure he knew?

I somehow doubt Alexi is coming.

Perhaps you should allow
us to chaperone you to safety.

My men have guns aimed at you,
so let's keep this pleasant, all right?

Put the gun down slowly.

Thanks, Billy.

Take a look around, I got
a bad feeling about this.

I'm looking.

Lee, I've got Sonja.


This is fitting.

Just the two of us.

Perhaps it should have
always been just the two.

Heh, your Mrs. King has
been a great ally to you.

You're trapped, Makarov.
You're gonna lose.

Not so. All I need
is you and I win.

What other recourse do I have?
Deportation? Another trip to the gulag?

I'm dead now.

I simply want you to join me.


Scarecrow. Scarecrow.
Come on, it's okay.

It's over. Let him
up to breathe.

Okay, Scarecrow, let's take the
catch of the day back to Dr. Smyth.

I'm gonna enjoy explaining to him
how Stemwinder was really blown.

- Let's go. Come on.
- Yes, sir.

Well, I don't think I've seen the boys
this well-behaved in an awful long time.

Well, I sure enjoyed it.

Well, that part at least.

Maybe someday I can tell
you what this was all about, Joe.

Hmm, I know enough about
the agency to know that...

maybe I don't wanna know.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Okay, fellas, better get
upstairs and do your homework.

I wish you'd met
this Agent Melrose.

He was polite, but threatening. Heh,
I have a mind to write to somebody.

I'm sure he was just
doing his job, Mother.

Oh, all this brouhaha about a
couple of people from a film company.

I mean, is that how they spend our taxes?
I don't understand everything, I admit...

but people talking
about traitor and fugitive.

And you running off with
some strange man, alone.

I'm supposed to just stand here
and accept this as normal behavior.

The Ferguson's dog's in
the backyard again, Mother.

Get him if you can.

- Hi - Oh.

- Mm. I missed you.
- I missed you too.


- Listen, I have a big surprise for you.
- Yeah, what?

- Dr. Smyth...
- Mm-hm.

- Never holds a grudge.
- Oh, good.

He's so impressed, he wants
to offer you a full-time job.

Working with you?

- I think that can be arranged, heh.
- Oh, good, heh.

- So how is everybody?
- Oh, everybody's fine.

- Your mom? The kids?
- Fine. Fine.

Your ex?

- He's fine.
- Huh.

- You're jealous. Don't be jealous.
- Heh.

I love him. I'm always
gonna love him.

But I'm in love with you.

Amanda? Did you get him?

I'm working on it.