Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 11 - The Three Faces of Emily - full transcript

When Emily Farnsworth brings an abducted English traitor to Amanda's house her life is unintentionally in danger.

What do you think, Thomas?

That's about it for tonight.

We'll know more tomorrow when
we put her back in the wind tunnel.

Won't be long now, boys.

We'll be going home soon.

Take your time, sir.

We're here for the night.

Guard her plans well, gentlemen.

She's the best, the best.

Mach 6, radar-invisible...

and she flies cold. No
heat-seeker's gonna take her out.

What in God's name...?

Here, Garrison.

Tell me again, how much?

A hundred thousand a page,
maybe. Just keep snapping.

Hey, Mom, smile.

- Was it a good one?
- Yeah.

Don't waste your film on
me. Save it for the beach.

- Okay.
- You know what that means, don't you?

Well, you won't believe it.
- Cut it out.

- Cut it out.
- But this is it. Ha.

I hope the Morrisons' car can hold it all.
- Me too.

Are you sure you don't wanna come
with us and do the painting some other day?

I've put it off long enough.
I gotta get it over with.

- Please? AMANDA:
You boys be good...

and do everything your
grandmother tells you to do.

- All right, we're ready.
- And have fun.

- Okay, bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

- Bye-bye, sweetheart. Mwah.
- Mwah.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

- Okay.
- Bye-bye. Jamie, fasten your seatbelt.


- Ooh, burnt sand. LEE:
Sounds like what I'm drinking.

- What are you doing here?
- Morning.

Uh, you wouldn't
have any half-and-half?

I ran out this morning.
What are you doing?

Coffee break. I like my
coffee black, just not this black.

Uh, why don't you try
the milk? It's better for you.

- Milk?
- Mm-hm.


- Uh, you need anything else?
- No.

- Would you like some sugar?
- I'm fine.

- Uh, how about the morning paper?
- No, no.

How about telling
me what you're doing?

- I need you.
- You need me?

I need you. I came
to ask you out.

- You mean like on a...?
- A date?

Yeah, well, sort of.

Oh, sort of.

Oh, you mean it's business. It's
not, uh... You know, it's not pleasure.

No. No, no. That's where
you're wrong. It is pleasure.

For you, it'll be pleasure.

Me, I may have to
work just a little bit,

but for you, it's just
straight-out pleasure.

- Oh.
- Mm.

Well, if it's gonna
be such a lot of fun...

why don't you just take the girl
that you're seeing now? Um...

Who is it, uh, Margo?
She's the current...

Margo and I aren't seeing
each other anymore.

Oh, well, you do
go through them.

Wait, now, look, she took
off with an airline pilot, okay?

I'm sorry.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

There is a diplomatic reception
tomorrow at the British ambassador's house.

- It would be better if I had someone...
- You need a person.

- Yeah, just somebody to walk in with.
- Uh...

I understand.

Good. Yeah.

And, uh, look, I don't wanna spoil the
surprise, but if you did come with me...

you just might see
an old friend of yours.

An old friend?

No, no. Murillo.

Seventeenth-century. Spanish.

They found it in a French château
after World War Il. It's the pride and joy.


Excuse me.

And here comes your surprise.

Where? EMILY: Amanda.

Oh, Mrs. Farnsworth. It's you.

It's so lovely to see you.

Oh, it's so lovely to see you.

Uh, that's Lady Farnsworth.

Lady Farnsworth?

Well, I'm afraid so, my dear.

It happens in England when you
marry Lord Farnsworth. OBE, MBE, BBC.

Well, I wish I'd known...

because I really should have been calling
you Lady Farnsworth, not Mrs. Farnsworth.

Oh, drop the lady
and the missus.

Call me Emily, please.


- Uh, ladies, shall we?
- Oh, yes.

Oh, we're friends,
aren't we? Good friends.

And that's what he calls me.
- Ha, ha!

Uh, Amanda, I wonder if you might,
uh, mingle alone for a little while.

I wanna talk to Emily.

Oh, that's what
this is all about.

You two are on a case together.

What can I say, Emily? She just
has this suspicious streak in her.

I'll be all right.
Just go ahead.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Our boy just walked in.

Look, while he's trying to put away
half the champagne in the place...

you might wanna make an
exit for the powder room, hmm?

- Yes, I don't want him to see my face.
- Mm-mm.

Thank you. Ahem.

- Good evening.
- Hello.

Diana DeVore from the
Society Page of the Dispatch.

- Oh, well, hi.
- I know you.

You're with the French
legation, in the chargé's office.

- No, I'm sorry. I'm afraid I'm...
- Oh.

You're American,
of course. Ha, ha.

I remember. State
Department, the Mideast.


Uh, actually, my
name is Amanda King.

I'm a housewife. I have two
small boys from Arlington, Virginia.


Wonderful talking
to you, Mrs. King.

A housewife from Virginia.

How much more exciting
than being a stuffy old diplomat.

Well, I... Sydney
Whitsett, Mrs. King.

- Is your husband about?
- We're divorced.

Oh, really?

Mrs. King, tell me, is it me,
or is it awfully warm in here?


Yes, you know,
I feel rather faint.

- Oh, you do?
- Perhaps some air.

- Oh, yes, indeed. Here, let me help you.
- Thank you so much.

If you just give me your
glass and I'll help you outside...

and you can get a nice breath of fresh
air and you'll feel much better. Excuse me.

There's the signal.

Yeah, and that's our lady.

Come on.

Thank you so much. It's been
awfully nice to meet you tonight.

Oh, I love it.

Amanda has 200 people here to
talk with and she chooses Whitsett.

Lee, dear, you must
learn to improvise.

Amanda might
just be very helpful.

Say, aren't you Jack Whitsett?

Oh, Sydney. That's
right. Lee Stetson, IFF.

Sir, my company is making a
documentary on British manufacturing...

and your firm would be perfect.

Uh, I wonder if I might show you
a couple of brochures on our work.

- Perhaps some other time.
- It will only take a minute.

I have a brochure in
my coat in the cloakroom.

Oh, Sydney, that
sounds very interesting.

- I think I'd like to see the brochures.
- Well...

Why not? In the cloakroom?

Yes. Yes, that's
the spirit. Ha-ha-ha!

I'll even buy you a drink.
How about that? Hmm? Yeah.


Thank you.

Wait up.

You forgot this.

Ha, ha. Uh, it's
right this way, hmm?


I really appreciate
this. Ha, ha.

Our work is very
impressive, it'll knock you out.

Oh! Oh, my gosh. He's fainted.

He was sick before,
he needed some air.

Aah! EMILY: Shh!

He'll be doing just fine. I
drugged the champagne.

Outside. Check the hall, Amanda.

Yes, Emily.

- It's clear. It's clear. EMILY:
Down the walk. Car's waiting.

Watch the door.

Amanda, put your
arm around our friend.

Your arm, dear.

Yes, that's it.

Now, prop his head
against your shoulder.

Ah. Yes, that's lovely.

Thank you.

Babysitter One, this
is Mobile Delivery.

I have the package
and I'm on my way.

Mobile Delivery, this is
Babysitter One. Abort.

Do you read? Abort.

Babysitter One, what
do you mean, abort?

A-B-O-R-T. Abort.

This entire safe house quadrant is blacked
out, we have no electricity. Do you read?

Mobile Delivery,
contact Mother Hen.

You heard?

Yeah. Now listen, nothing
else is available tonight.

I can get you men and equipment
this evening, but we need a location.

- Uh, Amanda?
- Hmm?

How long will your mother
and the kids be gone?

The neighborhood is gonna think I
brought a drunk man home from the party.

Just unlock the back door, hmm?

- All right.
- Good.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Well, good night. I
had a wonderful time.

Good night. It was
a lovely evening.

Guy's something else.

He's in there for the night.

Any chance she's not the one?

We'll worry about
that on contact.

Anything wrong
with her, we kill her.

Oh, no, Mr. Whitsett.

I'm so sorry.

Close the door
all the way, please.

He nearly fell off the couch.

Yes, he's fine.

- How long do you expect the drug to last?
- Till morning.

- Till morning?
- Yeah.

I figure he'll be out
at least nine, 10 hours.

- On my couch?
- Mm-hm.

Look, I better check
on, uh, phase two, huh?

Right. We'll hold the fort.

Emily... what is phase two?

Did I miss phase one?

I realize all this must be
terribly confusing to you.

Well, it's just that,
you know, I go to a lot...

I go to a lovely party.

It's a little confusing because
I'm invited to this lovely party.

I get a wonderful
surprise. You're there.

And then this man
collapses and then I... Emily.

Where is your accent?

Oh. Ha, ha.

Well, sometimes I drop it.

You see, I'm an American.

- You're an American?
- Yes. From Santa Barbara.

You're kidding.


please tell me
what's going on here.

Amanda, sometimes in our
business, it's best not to know too much.

But I do want you
to know that we're all

grateful to you for
letting us use your home.


Well, you're welcome and
you're right. I'm sorry. I...

I shouldn't pry.

Oh, no, no. Of course, dear.

- Would you like a nice cup of tea?
- Oh, yes.

Or I could make you
some hot chocolate.

Or if you'd like, a little warm
milk could be very relaxing.

Oh, my gosh.

All right, just set it up back there.
- Uh...

Uh, what are they doing?

Phase two.

- Who are they?
- Uh, they're with us. Don't worry.

Oh! My drapes.

Do you think this is
going to upset her terribly?

Nothing to worry about.
She'll go with the flow.

Oh, my gosh!

I'm afraid she's being
swept away by the flow.

- Amanda, let me explain about all of this.
- No, all right, never mind.

You don't have to explain.

- What?
- I understand.

- This is phase two.
- Good girl.

I can have the false wall
up in a couple of hours.

- Yeah, good.
- Where do you want this, Mr. Stetson?

Uh, Emily?

Well, I think behind
wherever the desk goes.

All right.

Yeah, works for me.

You, Amanda? What do you think?

Oh, I don't know what to think.

The point is, what
will Mr. Whitsett think?

So our messenger boy
has awakened at last.

- Where am I?
- Ah. The plaintive cry of every man...

that drinks to
disgusting excess.

Who are you?

I am Tatiana
Federovna Romarcheva.


I see someone in Moscow
has mentioned my name to you.

You're KGB, head
of operations security.

And discipline.

Where am I?

In the Soviet embassy.

Which means...

that even if you are in Washington
D.C., you are on Soviet soil...

and you are in a
great deal of trouble.

But why?


You ask me why?

That is a question I should ask.

Why, when you are finally given
a task of tremendous importance...

do you act so irresponsibly?

Why, when you are not in
this country even one full day...

before you get drunk and pass
out at a diplomatic reception?

Last night?

Yes, well, actually, I don't
remember too much about that.

Perhaps this will help
refresh your memory.

Yes, yes, that's Mrs. King.

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- You're still here.

Yeah. Actually, I went
home, changed, came back.

Oh, it's... - Emily?
- Dining room.

- Whitsett?
- Dining room.

Dining room. Gray
walls, picture of Lenin?

- Yeah.
- Right.

- It'd be okay if I make some tea?
- Sure.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

- Quietly. Yeah.
- I will.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

Lee, what's Emily doing in the
dining room with Mr. Whitsett?

She's, uh, interviewing him.

Why, who is he?

Well, I mean, after all, he is in my
house, I think I have a right to know.


All right.

Sydney Whitsett is a
small-time British businessman...

who decided to earn some extra
dough through treason and espionage.

Now, under trade visits, heh...

he's been a recent
regular traveler to Moscow.

What he's been
doing is selling secrets.

If you know all that...

why haven't you stopped him?

Well, the British... Actually, Emily.
- -decided just to let him run.

He's been small-time...

but it's clear that Moscow is
grooming him for something big.

Like what?

Ten days ago...

two soldiers stole the plans to an
Anglo-American super-fighter plane...

called Falconwing.

We clamped down on all the
known Soviet courier routes...

and bingo, Mr. Whitsett
shows up in the U.S. of A.

- Mr. Whitsett is the courier.
- Yeah.

You think Emily
can make him talk?

I know she can.

What are you, Whitsett?

A sloppy, greedy idiot
or is it more? Hmm.

Perhaps you work
both sides of the street...


And sell a little to
the Americans too?

- No, no.
- Or worse.

Maybe this bungling façade
is a cover for a double agent.

No. I have been faithful.

I'm doing my job just as
I've done all my previous jobs.

Now, I'll take care
of Falconwing.

That is where you are wrong.

I have been sent here
to run Falconwing for you.

But you can't.

Do not presume to tell
me what I can or cannot do.

But I've set
everything in motion.

Let me do this job just like I've done
all my other jobs, in Paris, Amsterdam.

Go on. Tell me.

You see, I'm gonna use an innocent
as the intermediary, a woman.

She's going to be the mule between
me and the men who have the film.

I see.

Remain in your chair.

Is that clear?

- Emily?
- Shh!


Yes, it's me. You're making tea?

- Oh, yes, would you like a cup?
- Oh, yes.

- There you are. You can have mine.
- Thank you.

Well, I don't understand.

I'm just doing a little
playacting in there.

If I can't act in the theater,
I act in the dining room.

Didn't I ever tell you I studied acting
at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art?

No. EMILY: Mm.

My first role was at the
Liverpool Repertory Theatre.

Really? I'm impressed.

Pardon, ladies, uh,
for the intermission...

but, uh, Billy wants to
know if you've got anything.

Yes, he just told me it's a mule job,
so you better have Francine on standby.


Oh. Well... back to Russia.

- She's an amazing woman.
- That she is.


Well, I guess I should just
go about my day then, huh?

I was gonna paint Jamie's room. I guess
painting the dining room is out but...

Yeah, wait. The dining room
is out, but Jamie's room, great.

Good. Then I'll just
run on to the paint store.

It's over on 6th Street, Wilson's.
They have the best color selection.


- I guess I should go now.
- Ha, ha. Yeah.

- All right, well, I'll see you later.
- Ahem.

- Mm-hm.
- Mm-hm.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Oh, Amanda.

I have spoken to Moscow...

and they have agreed
that I will supervise

your delivering of the
plans for Falconwing.

To that end, I, of course, will
arrange for your innocent intermediary.

But she's already been picked.

The woman in the
picture, Mrs. King.

I signaled the soldiers last night
that she was the go-between.

Then we will contact this Mrs.
King and use her accordingly.

Well, do you think that's wise?

I mean, without me,
there could be mistakes.

Hope for your own sake
there are no mistakes.

I heard. Amanda's the mule.

- Where is she?
- Paint store on 6th Street.

Well, we've got to hurry, Lee. She
doesn't know she's being targeted.

Those soldiers are
killers, if she doesn't...

Emily. Shh.

- We'll get her, okay?
- Yes.

I'll need my bag.

- It's showtime again.
- Come on.


Anyone here? Oh!

We're gonna try every
paint store. We can try it.

Oh, dear, I don't
really think... I'm

quite sure they don't
have the proper colors.

Uh, service, please. Service.

- Where is the proprietor? MAN:
Sorry. I didn't hear you come in.

I was in back, mixing
some special orders.

Well, I think you might cease
those petty chores and assist me.

Now, I want to see all
your red paint samples.

Well, quickly, quickly, let's not keep
madam waiting. I really don't think...

- Oh, now, we'll find something.
- Oh. Okay.

Well, you see anything you like?

My dear sir, I believe I said I
wanted to see all your red samples.

The entire spectrum.

Everything red you can put
your shopkeeper's hands on.

Walter, you'd better
check the wallpaper section.

Something in red and gold.
- Red and gold.

- What about something like this?
- Oh. No, that's rose.

That's not red. I want red.

Excuse me, I'm in the
wrong department. Ahem.

Lots of red.

Yes, that's better.

I'll stick by her. Get to the door
and make sure she doesn't leave.

Oh, sir. Excuse me.

Uh, well, I need your opinion.

Now, all the furniture in the
room that's going to be painted...

are authentic Louis
XV reproductions.

Those two men followed
me from my house.

- I want you to talk to them.
- Talk to them?

Yes. There shouldn't
be any danger.

Emily and I will be nearby.

Uh, madam. Madam,
this selection is atrocious...

it's not even fit for
the kennels. Ah.

You're right, Walter,
there's nothing here.

Mm-hm. I mean, it's...

Come along. We'll go to
Rockford. There's a lovely store.

- Oh!
- Okay, lady. You come from Whitsett?

Uh, yes, I come
from Mr. Whitsett.

Did he send you or what?

Yes, he sent me.

Well, you give our limey friend this.
Five o'clock is the time. You got that?

I give our limey friend
this and 5:00 is the time.

It's very easy.

Let's hit it, man.

Old Whitsett's got himself
a cute little runner there.

- Thank you so much.
- All right.


This is it. This is their
negotiation demand.

Not a bad price, $1,500,000.

What is this long row of numbers
and this weird word, "Stancrebs"?

Well, those digits are
an account number.

And the word is a telex code.

Standard Credit Bank,
Zurich, Switzerland.

Corner of E and 10th
Street, that's a local address.

That's their next meeting place.

And we only have till 5:00.

Not much time. LEE: Mm.

This calls for
something drastic.

How dare you leave me here this
long? You've been gone for hours.

I see your time alone...

has given you courage to
be rude to your superiors.


the two American servicemen have
made contact with your Mrs. King.

They require a million
and a half dollars.

Then if your friends agree,
tell them to deposit the money.

- And then?
- And then they get Falconwing.

Don't be coy with
me, Mr. Whitsett.

How do they confirm the deposit?

By prearranged code word.

- Which is?
- Which is my leverage.

Only the soldiers and I
know the deposit code.

Either you let me run this operation as
you promised or you don't get Falconwing.

Those are my terms.

I am to release you and you will go
about your business on your own?


Maybe I should show you what being
on your own has already accomplished.

Comrade, bring him in.

I'm going, I'm going.
You don't have to shove.

You recognize him?

Yes, vaguely. He was at the reception.
Some sort of a filmmaker. Harmless.

His name is Lee Stetson.
He is an American agent.

He has been trailing you
ever since you arrived.

We intercepted him.

Have you been comfortable
here, Mr. Stetson?

Go to hell.

You see?

Like you, he defies me.

Now, you will tell me the
remaining details of your plan...

including the code word.

Ugh. The things you
people do in your business.

Ha, ha. I admit, it's
not like other jobs.

Oh, well, back in the
bleach for this guy.


there's something I've
been meaning to ask you.

- What?
- Well...

how did a sweet, nice woman
like you who trained for the theater...

get involved in the
intelligence business?

Very much like
you. Accidentally.

It was in 1952.

James and I were living in
Cairo. That's my late husband.

- Hmm.
- He was posted to the embassy there.

I'd given up acting
a long time ago.

The foreign office needed
someone above suspicion...

to carry a message
from Cairo to Gibraltar.

And you got the job.

Well, I got the message
through and was hooked.

I came back to Cairo and told poor
James that I was going to London...

for formal operative training.

And here you are,
still going strong.


I'm afraid I have to
ask a great favor of you.

Anything, Emily.

It concerns Falconwing.

I need you to meet with those
two men from the paint store again.

I'll do it.

You're a very
courageous young woman.

You know it's for our
two great countries.

And for you.

In a pool hall?

It doesn't open for
a couple of hours.

Now, remember, give
them the code word...

they'll hand you a roll of
film, then you get out of there.

- Right.
- Just stay alert.

Lee and I are right here.


- And you'll be right here.
- Yes.

You startled me.

This startle you too?

Uh, the, uh, code
word is "silver lining."

Now, I gather you
have something for me.

Don't be in such a hurry, cutie.

Now, have a seat.

Now, I think we
better have a little talk.

I was told that when I
gave you the code word...

you would give me a little
package and then I would leave.

- Somebody say you could talk?
- No.

- Then zip it up then, all right?
- Sykes.

Sykes, why don't you
go make the call, all right?

I'll keep sweet
cheeks here company.

I bet you will.

See, cutes, we got no real
reason to trust your pal Whitsett.

Maybe he just sends the codes...

- then no money shows up in Switzerland.
- Oh, no.

Maybe he's just trying to
take two bohunks for a ride.

I really believe Mr. Whitsett
will be true to his word.

Yeah, he's a real
prince, I'm sure.

But just in case, we picked a
bank with a 24-hour service desk.

- So we're gonna find out in a minute.
- Oh.

Overseas operator? I'd like to
make this a credit card call, please.



Is this the Standard
Credit Bank in Zurich?

Mais oui. This is the night
service desk. May I assist you?

Right. I'd like to check if there's
been a recent deposit in my account.

All I need to know is whether the
balance is between $1 and $2 million.

Ah, très bien, monsieur.

You could give me the account
number and the account code.


Account code:


If you will please wait one moment, I
will check with our computer records.

One moment, please.

She's checking.

- You're a fine-looking gal.
- Oh, thank you so much.

Hello, monsieur.

Oui. Yes, the account shows the balance
that you indicated as of this afternoon.

Au revoir, monsieur.

You yutz. Ha, ha.

Hey, partner, it happened.

The Russians ponied up, man.

Give her the film,
let's get on the plane.

Wait a minute, Sykes.
Think for a minute.

- What we got here is gold.
- What are you talking about?

The Russians' money is already
in place. They can't take it back.

What would the Libyans
pay for something like that?

- You mean, sell it again?
- Yeah, maybe two, three more times.

We're talking big money
here, Sykes. Big money.

Excuse me, but that's dishonest and I
don't think the Russians would like that.

- I told you to shut up.
- Oh, you did and I'm sorry. I should.

But I should point out it might not be a
good idea to double-cross the Russians.

They're Russian.

I don't like it. I don't like it one
bit. She's been in there too long.

Yeah, something's gone wrong.

I'll need some props.

Just give me five minutes.

I'll call Billy.

Right, you're right.
They'll never find us.

What about Whitsett?

We cut our connection
with him right here.

You mean I kill her?

- No.
- Yes.

Cleaning lady. Get rid of her.

Excuse me, lady. We don't
need any cleaning around here.

I don't clean, I don't get paid.

Amanda, get out of the way.

Mama, I'm gonna take you out.

Get the other one.


Oh, I'll be so glad
when this is all over.

It's the worst-fitting
wig I have ever worn.

Ooh. That's all right.

Amanda, you all
set for the final step?

Well, I understand what to
do, but I don't understand why.

- What's the problem?
- Well...

these are the pictures for
the plans of Falconwing.

- Right?
- Right.

And you captured the men
who stole the pictures, right?

- Yeah, right.
- And we have Whitsett.

Right. AMANDA: Right.

- So it's over, right?
- Wrong.


Bear with us, dear.
- Yes, ma'am.

We could wrap it all up now,
but that would be too easy.

All is going well.

Mrs. King has the film and
the two thieves are paid off.

All that remains is for
you to earn your money.


Where shall I inform
Mrs. King to meet you?

A liquor store on the
corner of 10th and E Street.

Bad neighborhood, few customers.

I approve.

I will see that she is
there within the hour.

After you meet her, you will proceed
to Dulles Airport for your trip home.

Then Moscow, where you may
collect your retirement money.

I knew my plan
would work. I knew it.

For that, you may count
yourself a lucky man.

Now, I must ask
you to wear this.

We are in the rear
of the embassy.

To take you out, we must pass
through some very high-security areas.

- I understand.
- Come.

I will escort you.

Hey, mister. You
make up your mind yet?

- Mrs. King, good evening.
- Hello.

I gather some mutual friends have
asked you to deliver something to me?

- Yes. I have it.
- Good.

Okay, everybody freeze!

Now, move. Move.

You two. Move. Move.

You two move.

You, the money.

Oh, man, this is the
third time this month.

Come on, hurry up.

- Come on.
- All right.

I will have your wallet.

And the lady's purse.

Here's the wallet.
But there's nothing in

the purse but some
film. It's of no value...

Ow! GUNMAN: Now it is mine.

Well, aren't you
going after him?

- I've got what I want.
- Thank you.

- Good job, Scarecrow. And you, ma'am.
- Billy.

- You both did a great job.
- Ha, ha.

Go on.


- Oh! Oh! Oh, my gosh.
- Ha-ha-ha!

Well, partner, we pulled it off.
- Right.

It couldn't have
worked without Amanda.

Oh, well, there is just one
little problem. He got the film.

That man was Vasily Korovshin,
a very good KGB agent.

- KGB?
- Yes.

I asked for his presence myself. Made
it look as though it came from Moscow.

I told the Soviet embassy
that Whitsett looked unstable...

and suggested he should
be watched on assignment.

- Korovshin has been on him all along.
- Oh.

Amanda, this whole
episode with the soldiers...

wasn't the only time
Falconwing has been in danger.

See, we could have
followed Whitsett...

and when he drew out Garrison and
Sykes, we'd have arrested them all.

But the Russians wouldn't stop. They'd
go after Falconwing time and again.

And eventually, they
might have succeeded.

No, the only way to keep Falconwing
away from them was to give them Falconwing.

That's what we did. To be delivered
by one of their own top people.

- Now they have it.
- That's right.

Amanda, Lee switched the film.

- Oh, wow.
- Ha, ha.

What they have is an
incredibly clever set of plans...

to an airplane that
doesn't function.

Even a computer analysis
couldn't show the flaws.

They take months and spend
millions before they find out.

By that time, our
plane will be in the sky.

Oh, I don't believe it. I
mean, this is really brilliant.

I mean, all the setting
up and the planning.

First taking Whitsett, then
redoing my house and...

My house.

- We've got to undo that redo.
- Oh, uh, God.

I forgot to alert the crew.

- My mother and my children...
- Come on.

- Come on.
- Oh, no.

Ooh, hurry now. And please
don't break any of those dishes.

Mrs. King? AMANDA: Yes?

Uh, over against
that wall. Thank you.

Mrs. West, hello.
Jamie. Hello, Philip.

Anything on the back
porch, get rid of it.

I'll get it.

Hi, sweetheart, hello. Hi,
did you have a good time?

It was great.

Look like you got a little sun.

Did you have a good time?
- Yeah, Mom.

I had fun, except one night,
I ate clams, then threw up.

Oh, sweetheart.

Mom? AMANDA: Hmm?

- The walls are...
- Gray.

Why on earth gray, Amanda?

Well, uh, we thought it would
be rather an interesting change.

But I don't think it
was such a good idea.

I agree, Emily. I
think I'll redo them.

- They're not even dry.
- Thank goodness.

Well, come along, tell me.

- Tell me about your trip.
- Oh, yes, let's hear all about the trip.

We'll go in the living room.
- Yes.

Good idea.

It's me. Go, go.

Get out of here.
Get out of here. Go.