Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 10 - Playing Possum - full transcript

When Billy is kidnapped the Agency is put on alert and Lee and Amanda have to work with a Soviet agent to try and find a bomb- and stop World War 3.



Hello? Mrs. Marston?

Is anybody here?

Mrs. Marston?

I am sorry if I startled you.

No, uh... No, you
didn't startle me.

I was looking for this address.


Oh, yes, I think this is in Georgetown,
but I'm sorry, I don't know exactly where.

Is anyone else here?

I'm sure there must
be someone upstairs.

I'm running half an hour
late on an appointment.

I can get lost quicker
in D.C. than anywhere.

Someday I'll buy a street map.

Well, uh...

I was just leaving.

- Uh, after you.
- Of course.

Thank you very much.

"Tie the retaining
cord firmly to eyelet C...

attaching the end to peg H
and driving it securely in place."

- Ah-ah. Sweetheart. Here, try this on.
- Oh.

Amanda, I will never understand
the male urge to go camping.

Ah, Mother, the boys love it.

Yeah, we have fun at Uncle Herman's. But
last time, Jamie got into the poison oak.

Not to mention you broke
your finger falling out of a tree.

See, they had a great time.

Oh, yeah, a great time. It's a throwback
to the Neanderthal macho instinct.

Burning food over an open fire,
ignoring civilized bathing practices.

- Watch out for that snake stick.
- Snake stick?

- For rattlers.
- Oh.

There are some big suckers.
They're all over Vermont.

- Seven, 8, 9 feet long. Yeah.
- Okay, come on. That's enough.

Wash your hands.
We're gonna have supper.

- Go on, scoot. Go on, go.
- Yeah.

Mother, it's just boy talk.

They'll be in the tent and we'll
be in the house 20 feet away.

Amanda, is there anything
you'd like to talk to me about?

- Like what, Mother?
- We could start with an explanation...

of why you left the house
this morning all up and happy...

and returned this afternoon
all depressed and confused.

Oh, depressed and confused.

I know when you're troubled.

You don't eat, you don't
sleep and you bite your nails.

I do not bite my nails, Mother.
I have never bitten my nails.

I'm gonna check dinner.

You look like you're
biting your nails.

I am not going to talk about
your work with this film company...

because I agreed it's
none of my business.

But I do have the right to be, uh,
concerned about your well-being.

Film people are different, Amanda.
They have strange views and attitudes.

I'm not so sure that they are the
kind of people you should be with.

Film people are not
always what they seem.

- And...
- Right.

- Right.
- Yes, Mother. You're right.

And I think maybe I better just go outside
and think about what you just said...

because it is so right.


LEE [WHISPERING]: Amanda, over here.

- You're all right. I was so worried.
- I'm fine, I'm fine.

I was away on a
classified mission.

- Have you been to the agency?
- Everything is gone.

I know it. I know it. Have
you talked to Billy or anyone?

No, no, no. Everybody is gone.
Lee, what happened? What's wrong?

- Operation Possum.
- What's that?

- I'll explain later. Now I need help.
- Right.

Do you bowl?

- Do I bowl?
- Yes. Do you bowl?

Yes. I was on the parent-teacher
team the year we took third.

All right, all right. Good.

Can you get your bowling things
and come with me right now?

- Right now?
- Now.

Right. Yeah.

DOTTY: Oh, well,
that's the spirit.

A positive move is the best
thing when you're depressed.

- I can see a change already.
- Oh, thank you.

- You mind handling dinner?
- No, not at all.

- You just keep up the momentum.
- Right.

Now, I'll call if I'm
gonna be very late.

PHILIP: Hi, Mom.
- Hi, fellas. Now, remember...

- no green beans, no
dessert, okay? BOYS: Aw...

- Oh, come on. Mwah. I love you.
- Sure you don't need anything?

No, I'm fine. See you
later. Good night, Mother.

DOTTY: Good night.
- Bye-bye.

AMANDA: Bye-bye.
- Love you, Mom. Bye-bye.

Hmm. What a difference
a few words can make.

Words like "dinner's
ready" would be great. Oh.

- Come on. Green beans
too. There's a lot. BOYS: Ugh!

MAN 1: It was a gutter
ball. MAN 2: No, it wasn't.

I'm telling you now, the
entire office was empty.

The pictures were off the wall.
Mrs. Marston's desk was even gone.

The little closet elevator was
locked up tighter than a drum.

Gotta be something big to
activate Operation Possum.

What is Operation Possum?

It's an emergency situation
that neutralizes the agency unit...

when there's been a security leak, like
a snuffed mission or something major.

- That means the office is closed?
- The office as we know it is shut down...

but the agency is still
in operation somewhere.

Now, this is where
I'm to be briefed.

- Who's gonna brief us?
- Not us, Amanda. Me.

- Just you?
- Mm.

If I'm not gonna be
briefed, why am I here?

It'll look stupid, me
going bowling alone.


Lee, you wanted me to come
along so it wouldn't look stupid...

but it doesn't look natural if
you sit here and don't bowl.

I don't bowl, Amanda.

Not at all?

- It's okay. Come on, I'll show you.
- Oh.

Come on, come on.

- All right, all right.
- This is the bowling ball.

Put your two fingers in here and
your thumb in here. What's the matter?

- I should have been contacted by now.
- Don't you have a number you can call?

Operation Possum
doesn't work that way.

Whoever's in it when it
goes in effect stays in.

Whoever's out stays
out until he's cleared.


I don't call them, they call me.

Okay. Well, here. Better just go
ahead and bowl in the meantime.

Now, put your
little fingers in here.

- Come on.
- All right.

Just go up to the line
and knock all those pins.

LEE: All right.

Pick up the phone
in back of your booth.


- Thought you said you didn't bowl.
- Hold on a minute.

- Hello?
- We're under Condition Possum, Scarecrow.

- Are you armed?
- I'm always armed.

- Are you carrying classified documents?
- No. I wanna come home.

- Be at this phone in one hour.
- An hour?

- Okay, what else? Do I throw again?
- Lee. Lee.

- What?
- That man was at the agency this morning.

- What?
- You see that man with the beard?

In the game room up
there. You see him?

He was at the
agency this morning.

He asked me about an
address in Georgetown.

But I think it's pretty funny that he
was there then and he's here now.

That's a hell of a lot
more than a coincidence.

You know who that is?

That's Yuri Valoff,
a top Soviet agent.

- What do we do?
- Let's lead him out of here. Come on.

- Amanda, the keys.
- Yeah.

- I left my bowling ball in there.
- I know, I know.



Okay, he's right behind us.
This is where we lose him.


Let's see what he's
after, huh? Hang on.

LEE: It's a standoff, Yuri.

- Put the gun away.
- Only if you agree to talk with me.

All right.

- Amanda, you all
right? AMANDA: Yes.


Just down here, out of the way.

Come on.

I apologize for frightening
you for the second time today.

But it was imperative
that I speak to Lee.

Imperative? What,
for you or for me?

For the people of your
country and mine. For the world.

Yuri usually has the
right words and moves.

He had them in Angola, Central
America and even in the Silicon Valley.

We can speak about the
good old days some other time.

There is not much of
that to spare right now.

So will you listen?

LEE: Okay, Yuri. There's no
one around, no bugs. Satisfactory?

YURI: Satisfactory.

LEE: You wanted me
to listen, I'm listening.

YURI: Perhaps I should start by saying,
in our country, there are extremists.

LEE: No kidding.

YURI: As there are in yours.

One of these extremists is
Field Marshal Ilya Kreschenko.

Kreschenko? Yeah,
I've heard of him.

Been advocating a first strike
against this country for years.

- A first strike?
- Yeah.

He felt we were losing
the technological race...

that we could win a war now,
but not in the years ahead.

Unfortunately, as chief Cominform adviser,
he had access to all our technology.

- Had access?
- Kreschenko is in your country now.

With two of his aides, Vassily
Barkhov and Anatoli Ulanovsky.

- That is the problem.
- Heh.

You have thousands of agents
here. What makes these a problem?

Barkhov is a computer and
communications specialist.

And Ulanovsky is a genius
in advanced weaponry.

Field Marshal Kreschenko
has made himself...

an outlaw in his own
country by coming here.

He wouldn't do so unless
he had some kind of a plan.

And what that plan is
is what we must find out.


Work together? Ha.

I find the thought as incredible
as you do, but we have no choice.

Tell me something.
How did you find me?

Through the lady.

She has been observed in your
company on a number of occasions.

I followed her through some
dead ends until I found you.

Lee, could I talk to you
for a minute, please?

- Yeah, sure.
- Excuse us.

- What?
- I think I remember transcribing...

some wiretaps of conversations
between Barkhov and Ulanovsky.

Are you sure?

I think so.

I'm gonna operate on the assumption
that he's telling us the truth...

- until I see otherwise.
- Right.

I wanna protect your
cover, so follow my lead.

Okay, I will.

Uh, Valoff, Amanda here has some
information that just might be important.

- Go on, sweetheart, tell him.
- Right, um...

Well, I think I remember transcribing
some wiretaps of conversations...

- between your Barkhov and Ulanovsky.
- Mm.

You transcribed wiretaps?

- Uh, yeah. Sometimes she pitches in...
- Yeah, I pitch in...

- when I'm in the field.
- When he's busy in the field.

These men have been
under surveillance.

You'd have some invaluable
information in your computer.

- Wouldn't you just love a crack at it?
- We are not opponents on this.

You must trust me.


All right, back to the
bowling alley, then.

Come on, honey.

AMANDA: You really
think he can be trusted?

LEE: If what he's saying
is true, we may have to.

But I'll keep an eye on him.

It was Yuri Valoff,
there is no doubt.

He went into the bowling
alley after the American agent.

Then the agent hurried away
with his lady. Yuri followed.

They moved very quickly.

And we lost him.

But they do seem to be using this
bowling alley as some sort of headquarters.

We returned for instructions.


Yuri Valoff is the one
man who could stop us.

He cannot be allowed to do that.

If you're right about the bowling
alley, they will return there.

Wait for them.

Kill him and anyone with him.

And if you're caught...

kill yourselves.

I'm here.

Contact will have to
be delayed for a while.

Security measures.

I know the Possum
directive word for word.

Also the paragraph that covers
immediate and irreversible damage...

to national security,
which is what I got.

I'll run it by Billy.

Be at this phone in one hour.

- The back room. Your key still fits.
- An hour?


Okay, let's go.

All right.

Why does contact with
your superiors take so long?

Uh, my unit is on hold.

Operation Possum.

I've heard of it.

Mm. You've heard of it, huh?

Well, you have one
that's very much the same.

It's called Hibernation.

Uh, listen, sweetheart, uh, there's really
no cause for you to have to hang around.

- So go on home and I'll call you later.
- I'll just go home, wait to hear from you.

- Yeah.
- Goodbye.

- Amanda. AMANDA: Mm?

You transcribed conversations
between Barkhov and Ulanovsky.


Do you recall any
of what was said?


Uh, no, not much,
really, I'm afraid.

One of them hated the food,
the other one missed his girlfriend.

Just things like that.

- If only we had access to the
tapes. LEE: Yeah, well, we don't.

Computer access is
closed until I get clearance.

- Goodbye.
- It's all in her memory.

Every word.

- With hypnosis...
- Oh, no. Heh.

No, I'm sorry, I'm afraid
hypnosis won't work on me.

I have a doctorate from the University
of Psychic Studies in Murmansk.

I understand, but hypnosis
just won't work on me, you know.

Not that I'm afraid of it
or anything. It's just that...

Well, if you'd like
to try, we could...

but just don't be disappointed
when it doesn't work...

because I just don't think
it's gonna work on me.

- Make yourself comfortable, Amanda.
- Oh. Okay.


Okay, I'm comfortable.

- Close your eyes.
- Hmm?

- Close your eyes.
- Yeah.

Uh, okay.

I want you to relax completely.


Release all tension
from your body.

You will feel
heaviness in your limbs.

On a count of three...

you will fall into a deep sleep.




You remember
listening to the tapes.

You are typing, Amanda.

You hear the voice of Barkhov.

"The food here is terrible. Why do these
Americans put everything in packages?"

Ulanovsky: "Tonight we
will go to the Balalaika.

You can have your borscht
and I will talk with Svetlana.

Svetlana, Svetlana.
The name is music."

Barkhov: "I have no dollars."

Ulanovsky: "I have $20
from the field marshal.

- Tonight, the Balalaika."
- You will finish now.

You stop typing,
turn off the recorder...

and fall into deep sleep.

When I snap my fingers, you
will awaken feeling refreshed.

I'm sorry. See, I told
you it wouldn't work.

There's gotta be a
telephone book in this place.

They'd been to that
restaurant more than once.

- Who said anything about a restaurant?
- You did.

- You were very helpful, Amanda.
- Here we go.

But deep recollection requires a
great deal of energy, so I stopped.

Uh, Balalaika Restaurant, E Street.
That's just a few minutes from here.

Come on, let's go.

Boy, you know, it
really is amazing.

I just feel great.

Will you be available? Without transcripts,
you are the only source of information.

I'll have the boys in bed by 9.

- You can call me any time after that.
- Whoa.

Would you be under surveillance?

No, our teams
aren't that obvious.

- Let's take the alley. Amanda, stay here.
- Right.

YURI: Cover me. Now!




- Good thing I turned when I did.
- Yeah, thanks.

- The other one got away?
- Yeah.

It was Barkhov. I saw him.

Come on, let's get out of here.

- I heard shots. I didn't know what to do.
- You did the right thing, stayed put.

It was necessary
to kill Ulanovsky.

He saved my life. Look.

- He was carrying a dosimeter?
- What's a dosimeter?

A device for
measuring radiation.

They are used in x-ray
labs, nuclear power plants.

Critical mass devices.

Does that mean a bomb?

Ulanovsky was an
expert in that field.

Well, now we know what they
were doing here in the States.

Damn it, I have gotta get that thing to
Melrose and I don't know where he is.

BILLY [MUFFLED]: Kreschenko.




You have not been cooperative,
Mr. Melrose, but you have been of some use.

Your disappearance has
left your unit without a leader.

And without a leader, chaos.

It's not a one-man operation.
We don't work that way.


Soon you will not
be working at all.

My answer to détente. You
know what this is, of course?

There's no way.

I could get it into your
country? There are many ways.

I chose the most simple.

Every part of this nuclear device
was carried into this country...

through your airport
security, undetected.


To hurry history.

If your generals do not
see this as a Soviet strike...

then our generals will see
it as the beginning of a war.

They must win or perish.

Nobody wins an all-out nuclear war.
Both our countries would be destroyed.

Oh, on the contrary.

This will be the ultimate
triumph of the Communist state.

I regret I cannot be
alive to witness it.

You think I'm mad.

It had crossed my mind.

I'm a practical man.

People grow soft
without challenge.

I have seen the erosion
of power in my country.

The response to your
gestures of friendship. Bah!

All that will change tomorrow...

when your government is
reduced to radioactive waste.

You are listening to
the voices on the tapes.

They are worried about
something, Amanda.

It's important.

"Why did he choose this place?"
Ulanovsky: "Because of the lead lining."

Barkhov: "I don't like it. It reminds
me of when my mother died.

It was cold and dark like this."

Ulanovsky: "The field marshal
feels it is appropriate. It amuses him."

Ask about radiation.

Amanda, do they
mention radiation?


Barkhov: "I think I can feel the
radiation." Ulanovsky: "That is impossible.

It is your imagination."

YURI: You have
finished your day's work.

You will fall into
a deep sleep...

and awaken refreshed.

- Did it work?
- Yes.

Oh, hello, Francine.

- When did you
get here? LEE: Heh.

A little late, obviously.

- What's this all about?
- Well...

LEE: Whoa, whoa!
- It's a dosimeter.

And this is a pistol. Put
yours on the table, Lee.

Francine, what are you doing?

It's okay, Amanda.
It's standard procedure.

I'm not cleared yet.

Being seen with one of Russia's
top agents doesn't exactly help.

No, not a whole lot.

Oh, but, Francine,
they're working together.


I can't wait to hear
the explanation.


Excuse me, but I have
to know something.

Lee, what's gonna happen
with that nuclear bomb?

What nuclear bomb?

Um, because if it's gonna
go off, I need to know.

My guess, Kreschenko's going to
detonate it unless we can stop him first.

I wanna know
what's going on here.

- Yeah, and I'd like to
go home. LEE: I know.

That's no problem. You've
gotta get ahold of Billy.

We need those
Barkhov-Ulanovsky tapes.

- No, there are no more tapes.
- What?

Somehow somebody erased
everything that we have on Kreschenko.

So all you have is what I
remember under hypnosis.

Lee, if I could just get Mother and
the boys on the train to Vermont...

I could come back
in the morning.

- Go.
- No. She stays.

- She has vital information. She stays.
- Francine.

It's Amanda.


Go on.


Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I know it's Amanda.

- We're all a bit edgy.
- Yeah.

- Billy has disappeared.
- What?

- It's what triggered Operation Possum.
- Oh, that's just great.

Just great. Somebody is using
the data banks as the public library...

there's a nuclear device in the
D.C. area, and Leader One is missing.

All right, guys, sit down.

I'll brief you on what
we've come up with so far.

AMANDA: Fellas?

Get your breakfast.

JAMIE: Okay.
- Amanda, it is dawn.

- What are you doing?
- I was gonna wake you up with the news.

- What news?
- Well, I just spoke to Uncle Herman.

You're all going to Vermont
this morning on the early train.

I don't wanna go. I
wanna go back to bed.

As soon as I find out what's
happened to your mind.

- Mother, you trust me, don't you?
- Of course.

The train leaves in an
hour. You have to be on it.

I'll follow you
as soon as I can.

Amanda, could I change my answer
to that trust question you just asked?

I am not budging until
I get an explanation.

Eat your breakfast.

All right.


- I'm a spy.
- Of course.


there's a nuclear
bomb in Washington.

And it's gonna go off unless we
find a man named Kreschenko.

We? Meaning you and the
other spies that you work with?

Yes, Mother, that's right. Now
listen. I would go with you to Vermont.

Except I have information
to find the bomb.

Information to find the bomb.

That's right, Mother. It only
comes out under hypnosis.

Amanda, you did this as a child.

You would tell absurd stories
when you wanted something.

Once it was a bicycle...

- so dragons wouldn't catch you.
- This isn't like the dragons.

If you really have a
viable reason for me

and the boys to leave
at the crack of dawn...

then all you have to do is tell
me, but, darling, don't lie to me.


- please.
- That's all you have to say.

Thank you.

All right.

Spies, bombs, now it's hypnosis.

Mother, just get dressed.

Boys, are you eating?

- How about some more potatoes?
- No, thank you.

you mean you struck out?

LEE: Just that. We struck out.

It's the only Balalaika in the
phone book. Are you sure?

Are you sure that was the name?

Yes, I'm sure. And this was a
bar, complete with belly dancers.

And no Svetlana.

We only checked the D.C.
book. What about the suburbs?

- Lunsford.
- I'm on it.


- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I put Mother and the boys
on the early train to Vermont.

Amanda, we've come up empty
here. You should have gone with them.

No, I said I would come
back, so I came back.

I know I'm your only
source of information.

She's quite right. This is
no time for sentiment, Lee.

Thanks just the same.

Got a Balalaika
Restaurant in Catonsville.

Let's hit it.

- Right. Hmm? LEE: Amanda.

- No. AMANDA: No what?

- No.
- I have to go.

You don't know where the bomb is. I may
have information somewhere in my memory.

I have to go.

Come on, let's go.

Make sure the automobile
is ready, then return.

I will need your
help in moving this.

Yes, sir.

Our sympathetic friends who own
this place have also been good enough...

to allow us to
use their vehicle.

Of course, they have no idea
what we will be transporting.

You can still change
your mind, Kreschenko.

And why would I do that?

Save a few millions
lives, including your own.

I am a soldier, Mr. Melrose.

A soldier is prepared to
give his life for his country.

They didn't ask you for your
life. You're doing this on your own.

A real soldier is
supposed to follow orders.

I have no alternative. They
refuse to act. I must force them.

I give you an honor.

You will be one of the first
casualties of World War Ill.

Uh, excuse me. We're looking for
a woman by the name of Svetlana.

- We think she works here as a waitress.
- You think wrong.

Now, if you'd asked me about a
Debby or a Doris, I could help you.

But Svetlana? Don't know.

Um, he doesn't, but
I do. I'm Svetlana.

- She's crazy. Her name is Debby.
WOMAN: Butch, we need you.

Don't mind Butch. Heh. You should
see him when he's in a bad mood.

- Yeah.
- You said, uh, you were Svetlana.

Well, actually my
real name is Debby.

But there are these two
guys, you know, and...

Their names?

Um, I call them
Barky and Anatoly.

I don't remember
their real names.

Anyway, it was just a joke.

Barky said he liked the name
Svetlana, so I said he can call me that.

- You know where we could find them?
- It's very important.

Um, well, Barky did
mention a place to me.

They said they
really hated it there.

What did he call it?

It'll come to me. It's just
not coming right now.

Don't worry about.
Take your time.

Uh, did you by any chance,
uh, go out with this Barky?

Well, he asked me to, but,
um, I didn't really want to.

If you don't mind
my asking, uh, why?

This is gonna
sound kind of silly...

but he reminded me of my
biology teacher from high school.

He smelled funny.

Like that chemical that
they float the specimens in.


Odessa. That's
what Barky called it.

- Odessa Apartments or something.
- On it.

Well, thank you.
You've been very helpful.

Sure, anytime.

Uh, say hi to Barky
if you see him.

Yeah, believe me, I will.

FRANCINE: Okay, here it is.

I have Odessa Drycleaners,
Odessa Stationers...

- and Odessa Funeral Home.
- Odessa Funeral Home.

Cold as mother's
death, formaldehyde.

- Gotta be the funeral home.
- Yeah.

Get ahold of the White House.
Tell them it's Condition Four.

Got it.

- Wait, uh, hold it. Amanda.
- Hmm?

- Amanda.
- Yes.

- Where do you think you're going?
- I'm going with you. This is my car.

This too dangerous.
Call a cab. Get far away...

- That bomb could go off at any moment.
- Yes.

AMANDA: I couldn't make it to
Vermont to be with Mother and the boys.

If it does go off, I don't wanna be sitting
in a cab alone with the meter ticking.



LEE: The safest place
for you is right here.

First sign of trouble,
you know what to do.





Billy. Come here.

Billy, are you all right?

- Here.
- Yeah.

Scarecrow, it's Kreschenko.

He has a functional nuclear
device here in Washington.

We know that. We know that.
Believe it or not, Amanda told us.

Valoff here hypnotized her.

- Valoff?
- Mr. Melrose.

- I knew we would meet one day.
- Yeah.

Billy, look. It's a long story. He's with
us on this. Where's that bomb to be placed?

- Arlington National Cemetery.
- What?

BILLY: It's due to go off
today during the ceremonies.

The president is gonna be
there, cabinet members...

I had Francine put us on a Condition
Four. The president has been alerted.

The bomb is armed for today?

The timing device was
originally set for two hours.

That detonation is
30 minutes from now.

- Let's move it.
- All right.

Thank you, gentlemen.

The funeral party
will be arriving later.

And so it's done.

And with it, our pages
in history are written.

Oh, be proud, Barkhov.

Today we are making the grandest,
boldest move ever for the revolution.

We should depart. We must
pack and get to the airport.

I'll be happy when this is over.


This cemetery is immense.

If the bomb is already in
place, we'll never find it.

Look, that hearse said
Odessa Funeral Home on it.

Hold on, everybody.

He's turning around?

Barkhov, go.


He's following us.

Keep your speed up, Barkhov.

I have a little surprise
for our friends back there.

BILLY: Five minutes to detonation,
Scarecrow. We better nail this guy quick.

Everybody, he's got a grenade.

Well, you're driving well,
Stetson. Just keep it up.

I think I can get him.
Listen for my signal.

And keep the car steady.

Okay, now, Stetson.

Get up. Get up. Get up.

- All right, where's the bomb?
- Tell him, you traitor.

Traitor? You talk to me of treason and
there you stand with American agents.

- Tell us, damn it!
- I have diplomatic immunity.

I shall be out of your
country within 24 hours.

BILLY: You idiot!

You really don't know, do you?

You and millions of people are
gonna die in 15 minutes if you don't talk.

YURI: It's true.

Kreschenko set
the timer for today.

Now it was a suicide
mission you were on.


- All right. I'll show
you. LEE: Come on.


BARKHOV: I assisted
Ulanovsky with the assembly.

If you're very careful,
it can be disarmed.

All right, Mr. Stetson, remove
the screws from the outer faceplate.


Lift it up and off.

Now you've exposed
the inner housing.

The next step is more precise.

The four bolts must
come off in sequence.

- Beginning where?
- Lower left.

Work clockwise.

Lift it up and off.

Now you can see the
heart of the mechanism.

From now on, extreme
caution is necessary.

I know Ulanovsky's work.

This will be very delicate.
Valoff, you must assist.

- What is needed?
- Two round pieces, one on each side.

They must come out in tandem.

Quarter turn left, pull
out, second quarter turn.

Both at the same speed, please.

All right. Mr. Stetson,
you can pull your side out.

- Oh, my God.
- What? What is it?

Those wires. They
were never there before.

Kreschenko must have added them.
He's re-armed the bomb differently.

What do the wires do?

Three wires, all connected
to the fissionable material.

- One will disarm it, the other two will...
- Will detonate it.

Thirty seconds, Scarecrow.


I think you should
pull the blue wire.

Ought to pull the blue one.

- Fifteen, 14...
- Pull the blue wire.

BILLY: 13, 12, 11, 10... AMANDA:
Think you should pull the blue.

BILLY: nine, eight...
- A good tug.

- seven, six...
AMANDA: That blue wire.

- Five, four, three...
- A good old tug.

BILLY: two, one.


- You did it. You did it.
- Ha-ha-ha!

AMANDA: You did it.
See, I knew you could do it.


How did you know?

You know, when the dishwasher at home is
broken, I just jiggle the blue wire. Heh.

- It is. It's always the blue wire.
- Ha-ha-ha.


MAN: Thanks a lot, Steve.

All right, people, listen up.

Operation Possum is over
and home base is safe again.

I want this place back in order and
totally operational by the end of the day.

Yes, sir.

- Lee?
- Mm?

- Lee, did Yuri get home all right?
- Yeah, he arrived yesterday.

I also got word that he is receiving
the Hero of the Soviet Union medal.

- Oh, that's nice.
- Yeah.

You think you'll ever
work together again?

- Amanda, we're on opposite sides.
- Right.

- What about Barkhov?
- He'll stay with us for a while...

but eventually, he'll be sent
back to stand trial for treason.

- So it's all wrapped up.
- Hmm.

- Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah.

You know, it was a damn good thing
that you were an easy subject for hypnosis.

I wasn't so easy.

- Yes, you were.
- I wasn't easy.

- You were very
easy. FRANCINE: Lee.

- All right, it was easy...
- Excuse me. Lee, excuse me.

Um, I can't seem to figure
this thing out. This is...

Well, you... Uh...
Try the blue wire.