Scarecrow and Mrs. King (1983–1987): Season 2, Episode 9 - A Class Act - full transcript

Amanda is finally given Agency training while Lee acts as a Ringer- pretending to be a trainee in order to spy on the other recruits- and a Soviet spy is assigned to take out the hidden Agent- only they think it's Amanda.

BILLY: No more discussion.
You're going and that's final.

LEE: But, Billy, I was scheduled for
a vacation. I'm going to the Riviera.

It's only for a week. France
will be there when you get done.

Okay, okay. I wanted
this to be a surprise, but...

Now, you know how you have been on
me about my field reports being behind.

I was gonna use this time
to bring them up to date.

On the beach at Nice or in
the casino at Monte Carlo?

All right. Look, what if I put off my
vacation and do the mugshot file update?

You've been asking for a volunteer
for that for months now, huh?

Do we have some full-scale
squirming going on here?

No, no. It's just Scarecrow doing
his usual total commitment to his work.

Oh, let me guess.

Does he wanna come in this
weekend and paint all the offices?

Or maybe he wants to
vacuum out the storage area.

All right, all right. Cut the
comedy routine, huh? I'll go.

I'll be bored to
death, but I'll go.

Well, look, I mean, I know Station 1 is no
picnic. It is regulation, however, and...

Chapter seven, paragraph
four, subparagraph six:

It will be the duty of every agent to
actively participate on a regular basis...

in training and screening
of new recruits at Station 1.

Thank you, Miss Field Manual.

Posing as a new recruit is just a refresher
course for maintaining your cover.

- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.

I'm gonna be the training officer, Francine
will be my assistant and you will be...

The ringer. This is
turning into a nightmare.

Now you stand there bellyaching
when I have here 10... Count them.

Ten requests from a
civilian for formal training.

- I have just authorized
that training. LEE: Oh.

She's very enthusiastic.

- She?
- Mm-hm. Housewife.

A housewife?

Mother of two from Virginia.


- Billy. Please, Billy.
- We have some work over here.

Billy, tell me you're not letting
me to go to Station 1 with...

DOTTY: Amanda.
AMANDA: Yes, Mother?

DOTTY: Do we have
another jar of grape jelly?

- Should be up in the
cabinet with the soup.

Uh, uh, uh, Philip, don't eat out
of the jar. Wait for your sandwich.

- How you doing, sweetie?
- Good.

- Five seconds left.
- Don't panic, Jamie. Don't panic.

Take it easy.

- Done.
- Gosh, you made it.

You're gonna get
your first aid badge.


Oh! Oh, no, no, no. You stay
here and eat. I'll get the door.

DOTTY: Ah, ah, ah!

- Hello.
- Oh, thank y...

Oh, my gosh. I don't know what
you're doing, but you can't stand here.

Mother will see you.

- What happened to your arm?
- I loaned it to Jamie for his merit badge.

Don't worry about your mother.
She'll think I'm delivering mail.

- She knows the mailman.
- Oh.

- We've got a visitor.
- Hm?

- Hello, Amanda.
- Oh, hello, Mrs. Dukane.

Oh, did you hurt your arm?

- Oh, no, no, just fine. I loaned
it to Jamie. DUKANE: Oh.

Well, bye.

AMANDA: Bye, have a good day.
- Yeah.

- How did you get my mail?
- We have our ways. You know that.

Try opening the blue one.


- Oh, it's from IFF.
- Mm-hm.


Oh, it's an
invitation to training.

They finally listened to
me after all those requests.

- Ten.
- Oh, yes. And now I'm finally going.

Oh, Lee. Thank you.

This is really very nice of you.

This was Billy's idea, not mine.

- It was a good one.
- Yeah.

- Will you be there?
- I'm a ringer.

I'm posing as a trainee to keep
an eye on things from the inside.

Now, look, class starts
day after tomorrow.

Are you sure you'll be
able to get away from home?

Look, I'll find a way.

Oh, great.

Well, I'll see you later.

Oh, uh... Lee, where's there?
I mean, where's training?

- Station 1. Mm-hm.
- Station 1. Right.

- Good day.
- Good day.

Station 1.

GREGORIAN: The risks are great,
Vardosk. VARDOSK: But worth it.

Think of it. We've placed one of our people
in the Americans' own training facility.

It's one thing to get Pavlovitch in,
another to bring off the assassination.

Pavlovitch will bring it off.

How? We don't even know
who the target should be.

We know that one of their top agents
poses as a trainee in each class, a ringer.

Find the ringer
and terminate him.

BILLY: We are proud of
each and every one of you.

Your applications to the agency show
your willingness to serve your country.

But the process of becoming an
agent is a long and difficult one.

Station 1 is only the
first step in your training...

which will include
physical exercises...

psychological testing and
our Dodge City maneuvers.

The truth is that most of you
will not pass this initial phase.

Yes, Mrs. King?

Sir, what happens if
we do pass Station 1?

Those of you who pass
preliminary screening will move on...

to advanced training
at another facility.

Thank you, sir.

You should know that planted among
you is an agent posing as a raw recruit.

This person, we call the ringer.

He or she is here to
observe and grade you.


let's take a tour of Station 1.

MAN: Okay. WOMAN: Let's go.

WOMAN: Take care.
Watch yourself right there.



I'd like you all to meet
Francine Desmond, my assistant.

This should be a very
important lesson for each of you.

In order to survive in this business,
one must always expect the unexpected.

If this had been a real assault, Mrs.
King, you would be dead right now.

Well, I guess you learn
something new every day.


Pavlovitch. Excellent.

Report to me when you have had more time
to further assess your fellow trainees.

The infiltration is
without incident?

Everything is going
exactly as planned.

It's only a matter of time until
their top agent is identified.

Pavlovitch have any
idea who it might be?

No, no. It's too soon to be certain.
This requires some observation.

If one of them appears to be
more proficient than the others.

Prior training always shows.

In a top agent, it won't.

I conceived the idea of an elite
squad whose sole purpose it is...

to terminate the
top Western agents.

Let me tell you that our
target will not be obvious.

WOMAN: All right.
Keep moving here.

AMANDA: This is so exciting.
- Yeah, kind of takes your breath away.

Well, I've never done
anything like this before.

Unless you count
high school gymnastics.

- This is sort of like balance beams.
- I'll take your word for it.

Listen, Amanda, did
you meet anyone yet?

- Oh, yes.
- Yeah?

- Everybody seems very nice.
- Hm.

Well, that's Peggy
Marlowe, the blond.

She's a model from New York.

And behind her, that's Brad
Jordan. He's a race car driver.

You know, he's driven
in races all over the world.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.

Oh, right behind him,
that's Dr. Simon Floyd.


LEE: Oh...

AMANDA: Uh, he's an author.
He wrote Reingold's Revenge.

Mother read it twice.

And then this lady, Lila Adams.

- Don't you know who they are?
- Yeah. I read their personnel records.

Well, if you already
know, why did you ask me?

I'm just checking on your
observations, that's all.

- Oh. Hm.
- Hm.


I think it's a pretty
strange bunch.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I mean, what could the agency
do with a model from New York?

I don't know. What could the
agency do with a housewife?

But you've sort of come
in handy in the past.

- Stetson, King, you're up.


Let's go.

- See you at the end of the course.
- Yeah.

Come on. It's a
hundred yards long.

We'd all like to get out of here
before sundown, Mrs. King. Mush.

I'm mushing. I'm mushing.

That's an awful long way.

There's nothing to it. You just
grab on tight and swing. Go on.


What am I doing wrong?

Almost everything.


WOMAN: Let's go.



BILLY: All right,
Mr. Stetson. You may begin.

And remember,
speed is not important.

The stirrup is
attached to the brake.

You may use it as much as
you like to control your descent.

Nice descent, Mr. Stetson.

All right, Miss
Marlowe. You're up.

- I'm not crazy about heights.
- What if someone were shooting at you?

That would probably
make a difference.


MARLOWE: Oh, help. Help me.

Easy, Miss Marlowe.
Stay as still as you can.

Will somebody help me, please?

I can't hang on.

Oh, no.

Don't panic, Peggy.
Help is co... [SCREAMS]

MAN: Great.


LEE: Amanda.

- Amanda. AMANDA:
No, I'm sorry. Oh, please.

LEE: Hey.
- Really.

Amanda, that was...

- That was not bad.
- Thank you.

Thank you so much.

VARDOSK: I understand.

From what you've described, I
concur with your assessment.

Do what further checking
you feel necessary.

If you are certain, then
proceed as planned.

Do not concern
yourself with that.

We will supply the method.

And Pavlovitch...

be careful with the break-in.
We must not alert them.

Pavlovitch's little
incident has worked.

It has forced their undercover
agent to reveal herself.

Herself? A woman?

Yes, a very clever
and devious woman.

One who has very convincingly been
playing the role of an inept bumbler.

- Pavlovitch is certain?
- Yes.

But as confirmation...

Pavlovitch is gonna look through
the files in the instructor's office.

This well tell us, beyond a
doubt, that it is Amanda King.


LEE: You dusted for prints?

Yeah, nothing.


What about the heat-sensing alarm?
That's a sophisticated piece of equipment.

Neatly disarmed by a
sophisticated burglar.

Sir, what are these folders?

Uh, files on the class, full
backgrounds on all the recruits.

With the perimeter security around
this place, you know what this means.

Someone on the inside. One
of the recruits. It has to be.

- Yeah.
- Sir, I think I found something.

What is it, Amanda?

Something odd, right
here in my own folder.

- Uh, why are you reading those?
- I'm just reading my own folder.

What's wrong with it?

Well, it says here that I
was brought up in California.

But that's not true, sir. I
was brought up in Virginia.

Oh, take it easy, Amanda. It's
probably a computer error or something.

It happens once in a while.

Oh. Well, I thought
I should point it out.

Thank you. We'll
correct it later.

- Could be something...
- Yes.

Scarecrow, any
ideas on these files...

or anyone who might be
curious about our class?

I don't know.

But I suspect Amanda and I might
find something out on our five-mile run.

Five-mile run?

I'm looking forward to it.

- Keep going.
- Come on.

Amanda, come here.

- This is the spot.
- All right.

This isn't so bad.

Yeah, the first lap's not too
tough. It's the next four that get you.

- The next four?
- Uh-huh.

The run around the
camp is five laps. Tired?

No, invigorated.

What's that?

I don't know. A
nail or something.

Yeah, this is it.

I knew it had to
have been doctored.

Amanda, this is the bolt from
Peggy's slide wheel. Look.

Someone poured acid
all over the threads.

- You mean it wasn't an accident?
- Nope.

- Someone knew just what they were doing.
- Who?

- That's what we're gonna find out.
- I got it.


Brad Jordan. He did
the best in that class.

Bet he knew all about the
equipment. He's a race car driver.

- He's mechanical. He can put the...
- No, no, no. Don't jump to conclusions.

Just because the guy's a good athlete
doesn't make him a potential murderer.

You're right.

Come on, we better follow. This
is being timed. Come on. Yup.

Excuse me.

- Hi, Lila.
- Did you find what you were looking for?

Oh, I'm sorry. I went into
your cabin by mistake.

You know, they
all look the same.

Try to remember next time.
Your room is not number six.

AMANDA: I'm real
sorry. I just got caught.

Come on. We have a class.

I think I have a candidate.

- A candidate for what?
- For the burning of the files...

and for the acid on the bolt.

- Okay, shoot.
- Lila Adams.

I was in her room. You'll
never guess what I found.

- You were just in her room? What...?
- Shh!

What were you doing?

I found a Russian
dictionary, big as life.

Well, that's probably
because she speaks Russian.

That's why she was
recruited, Amanda.

- Oh, well, I...
- Mm.

Let's go to class, huh?

Okay, so you all
understand this exercise.

I'll be showing you a series
of objects for 10 seconds.

I want you to concentrate
and memorize.







four, three...

two, one.


Okay, who'd like to go first?

- Mrs. King?
- No.

Go ahead, you'll be fine. Just do
your best and be as specific as possible.


All right. Um...

A pair of scissors...

some nuts, a
needle, ring, rocks...


a little, uh, blue thing. A
wood thing painted blue...

Thank you, Mrs. King.

Anybody else?

Dr. Floyd.

From left to right:

Two walnuts. A fountain
pen, gold. A wing nut.

Six coins, quarter, two dimes, a
nickel, two pennies, totaling 52 cents.

A pair of barber shears.
A hypodermic needle.

A class ring.

One blue golf tee.

Three uncut gems, two
diamonds and a ruby.

And an airline ticket, dated
yesterday, destination, Detroit.

WOMAN: Wow. MAN: Yeah, yeah.

Thank you.

There goes our guy.

- Who?
- Dr. Floyd.

Anybody that could memorize
all that stuff in 10 seconds...

could memorize everything
in the files in 10 minutes.

Amanda, a guy who has photographic
memory isn't necessarily guilty...

- of breaking and entering.
- Shh. Yeah.

Someone could have smuggled
a camera into the office.


Look, I appreciate
your help, I really do...

but, please, stop
playing detective.

I'll try.

I don't like this.



Are you asleep?


I'm sorry to wake you up.


Shh. Amanda. Amanda.

- It's me, Lee.
- Hm?

- Okay?
- Mm-hm.


What is that?

That... is a scarecrow.

- Nice touch, huh?
- Oh. Yeah, nearly scared me to death.

Yeah, well, it was a precaution
against any unwanted visitors.

I was checking on the generator.
Saw a light moving through my room.

What are you doing here?

Well, I heard a strange noise
outside and I thought I should warn you.

Well, that's very nice of you,
Amanda. Very glad that you did that.

I appreciate it, but I think I
can handle things myself.

- I'm going back to my cabin.
- I'll walk you back.

- All right?
- Sure.

- Are you all right, Amanda?
- I don't know. Are we all right?

MAN 1: Anybody injured? Hey,
you two okay? What happened?

MAN 2: Are they okay? BILLY:
All right, everyone. All right.

FRANCINE: What is this?

BILLY: What happened here?

I don't know. I think
the space heater blew.

We were standing out here
then everything just went.

The excitement's over. Get
them back to their rooms.

Okay, everybody. Back to
your cabins. Come on. Please.

- Come on.
- Come on.

What is that smell?

It's phosphorous. The
space heater didn't blow.

I'm gonna have the
lab people verify it.

Have them do a cross-reference on that
m.o., because I got a hunch on who it is.

- Leonid Vardosk.
- Phosphorous bombs are his signature.

Who is Leonid Vardosk?

The Eastern bloc's top exterminator,
specializing in Western agents.

Looks like I'm the
agent he's after this time.

Oh, no.

He can't get to me directly, so he must be
running an infiltrator through this class.

My cover has been blown, Billy.

- I'm closing class down,
Scarecrow. LEE: No.

Why? We don't know who we're after,
what we're after. It's way too dangerous.

If we close down
now, we got nothing.

But if we go on, business as usual,
we may have a chance to nab the guy.

It's not a good chance.

If we play it right, Billy,
we might just get Vardosk.


I'll willing to be the bait.

All right.

All right, I'll alert Francine.

But you be damn sure that you're real
careful these next few days. Both of you.

Yes, sir.

Perhaps, Pavlovitch, I
have failed to impress

upon you the importance
of this assignment.

We have no time for mistakes.

Contact us again in two hours.

Stop that pacing.

- What happened?
- The bomb didn't kill her.

This King woman is either
very lucky or very smart.

- Do you think she suspects Pavlovitch?
- It's a possibility.

- Then we should abort.
- No.

We're too close.

We'll just have to
think of another plan.

FRANCINE: Everybody, first thing you're
going to do is block your opponent's blow.

I want you to use all of
his momentum against him.

In one movement, pivot
and throw. Watch this.



BRAD: Gee, sorry.
WOMAN: You okay?

- Are you okay? LEE: Yeah.

Yeah, I'm fine. I think I
twisted my ankle though.

I think Mr. Stetson
should rest a few minutes.

- Yeah. BILLY: Pair Jordan
with Maschio over there.

FRANCINE: All right.

All right, Maschio, come on in.

Okay, don't let that deter you
now. Come on, step over here.

Remember your balance.
This is very important.

This was part of the
problem with the last case.

- Turn around. LEE: Well?

We just got the lab report
back on that explosion.

- What was the heat source for detonation?
- Your candle.


The m.o. has got Vardosk
written all over it, Billy. Ugh!

Maybe you should check that out.

Yeah, I will. Ow.

MAN 1: See what I'm talking
about? MAN 2: Yeah, that really works.

WOMAN: Whoa.

Mrs. King, are you okay?

- Fine.
- Sorry.

I guess I remember more than I thought
I did from that self-defense class I took.

Oh, no, no, no. Don't
apologize. It was really very good.

- Excellent form. Excellent.
- Excellent.

Mrs. King, I think maybe you
should take about 15 minutes' rest.

Good idea.


- What are you doing here?
- Investigating.

Come here.

Did you find anything?

Only this.

Look, I don't think
Brad is their plant.

- Okay, maybe it's Peggy.
- Why?

This morning, she did a
flip on me in the judo class.

She's some kind of a
judo expert. I'm sure she is.

She made up an excuse. She said
she learned in a self-defense class.

- I didn't believe it.
- It's true.

- It is?
- Yeah, it's in her file.

I talked with her self-defense instructor.
She was the best he ever had in his class.

Okay, okay, so much for Peggy.

Better get to your
defensive driving class.

Oh, my defensive driving.
Okay. You be careful.

No, you be careful.

Oh, I'll be careful.

It's just driving. How
hard can it be? Yeah.

All right, pick
up a little speed.

Look out.

Bootlegger turn. Now.



Sorry. I'm just not used
to driving so fast, Francine.

You expect me to teach
you the bootlegger's turn...

when you can't complete
the beginners' course?

The beginners' course?

The beginners' course.

All right, on to phase two.

- Go?
- Go.

- Oh, my God.
- Let's go.

Okay, run them off the road.

- You mean...?
- Hit them.





All right.

Now reverse bootlegger.

I did it, didn't I?


You want me to follow them?

- Let's not push our luck.
- Right.

- How you doing?
- It's getting better.

WOMAN: Bring it
over here. That's good.

We picked up a radio
transmission coming out of here.

It was garbled. We
couldn't decipher anything.

- Any luck finding the transmitter?
- Probably hidden in the woods.

Stay alert. These are sharp
people we're dealing with.

Why don't we try
throwing him off balance?

What do you mean?

- Let's bring up Dodge City for tomorrow.
- Force their hand?

Rig the rotation so I go first. That way,
the rest of the class is out of danger.

I'll have to blanket
the area with agents.

What, and scare him off?

No, Billy, it's better
if I take him on alone.

Maybe one backup.

You're taking a big chance.

Yeah. It'll be worth
it if we nail Vardosk.

Believe me.


Okay, one last test.

- I can't believe I actually...
- You now have no more brakes.

But don't use the parking brake.


WOMAN: You okay?


AMANDA: I'm sorry.

AMANDA: Did I hurt anyone?

LEE: Are you two okay?
BILLY: What happened?

Oh, well, I guess it's my fault.
We should have quit earlier.

She's right, sir.
We should have.

AMANDA: Oh, well, I'm really
hungry tonight. Aren't you, Dr. Floyd?

- Are you talking to
me? AMANDA: Yes.

I guess it's the exercise and the being
outdoors that really gets my appetite.

You're actually
looking forward to this?

Well, it's not the best
food, but it is food.

Swill, that's what
it is. Absolute swill.

Empty calories, high-fat,
high-carbohydrate non-nutritive bulk...

with the same fiber content
as a piece of cardboard.

Well, I usually just eat
the fruit and the vegetables.

I guess everybody
from the land of gurus...

hot tubs and bean sprouts
really is a vegetarian.

BILLY: Ladies and gentlemen,
this will be your last night at Station 1.

In the morning, you'll be leaving
for more training at Dodge City.

Dodge City is a
pursuit-and-avoidance course...

specifically designed to test your
ability to think and act under pressure.

In order to successfully
complete this course...

you will have to run the
entire Dodge City gauntlet...

including what we affectionately
term "assassin's alley."

Further instructions will
be given to each of you...

at your respective
starting points tomorrow.

And remember...

only those of you who successfully
finish will be going on for more training.

Any questions?

Never mind.

BILLY: Okay.
FRANCINE: Good luck.

Tell me more about Dodge City.

Okay. It's basically the same setup
as most police departments use.

You move through a course where
cardboard figures pop up out of nowhere.

Some are armed, some have hostages
and some are just innocent bystanders.

Now, you have a split second
to decide whether to shoot or not.

Ooh. It sounds difficult.

Yeah, it's very difficult.

Well, I'll just do
the best I can.

I know you will.

If you feel uncomfortable about this,
if you decide you don't wanna do it...

- I mean, I'm sure Billy will understand.
- No, listen.

Mr. Melrose arranged
for me to take this course.

I'm not gonna disappoint him.

Nothing's gonna stop me
from going through Dodge City.

VARDOSK: This change of plans at the
training camp is either set procedure...

or they're very
close to Pavlovitch.

That doesn't mean
that we must fail.

We'll stop her before
she gets to Dodge City.

They won't be expecting an
assassination on the highway.

That's in your hands, Gregorian.

There shouldn't be any problem.

There shouldn't have been any problem
with the phosphorus bomb, but there was.

As backup, Pavlovitch and I
will be at Dodge City waiting.

MAN 1: You gotta be careful.

Over here. Over here. Over here.

- Come on. MAN 2: Let's go.

WOMAN: Come on.
MAN: Great. Looks great.

Billy, I have a hunch Amanda's
not gonna be too pleased...

when she finds out she's the
only recruit not going to Dodge City.

Well, she's the only recruit we
know for sure isn't the Russian plant.

For appearances' sake, I'll wait till we're
off the compound before I break the news.

- You know, it's, in a way, sad.
- What?

Interesting to see if
she'd do well in the course.

Yeah, well, it'll be interesting enough
when Vardosk and company show up.

Here she comes.

- Dodge City, here we come.
- Yeah.

- Why don't you drive?
- I have something to discuss with you.

- Right. See you later, sir.
- Bye, Amanda.

LEE: Billy.

is exciting, isn't it?

You and me, a team.

Yeah, Laurel and Hardy
never had it so good.

Dodge City.

Yeah, look, Amanda, I wanna
talk to you about something...

- I know you're not going to like.
- Oh, darn it.

- Darn what?
- Look behind us.


AMANDA: Oh, no.

Look, we're in a hurry, so, you
know, tell him you're guilty and...

No, Lee, Lee, I'm not guilty.
I'm not guilty of anything.

And do you know what a ticket
does to your insurance rates?

I know, I know.

We better just pull
over and I'll talk to him.

Yeah, just pull over.

Oh, I hate this.

- Hello.
- Would you step out of the car, please?

- I'd like to see your driver's license.
- Yes, sir.

Hug it.

AMANDA: Oh, Lee.

I'm afraid you might
have overreacted.

This is a policeman.

He is no cop, Amanda. He's a
Russian agent named Gregorian.

He's worked with Vardosk before.

- So he was sent to kill you.
- Yeah.

Mm. What do we do now?

You are gonna go home where you will
be safe and I am gonna go to Dodge City.

What about Vardosk and
the other agent in the class?

- You don't know who it is.
- But this is a good way to smoke him out.

- Look, couldn't I just...?
- Amanda, no. Just go now.

Don't you think it
would be a good idea...?

Amanda, please.

- You really wanna help?
- Yes.

Go home. Call Billy. Tell him there's
some trash that needs cleaning up.

AMANDA: Isn't there anything el...?
- No.

DOTTY: Oh, darn.


Here, Mother, let me
help you. Let me help you.

DOTTY: I didn't know you were home.
- I was on the phone and saw you come up.

DOTTY: Who were you talking to?
- Reporting some trash...

that was littering up the
highway. Bean sprouts.

I know you love them.
They're so California.

The land of gurus and hot tubs.

- What are you mumbling about?
- Peggy.

- Mother, I gotta go.
- Amanda. Amanda.

- Mother?
- Yes.

AMANDA: I'll be late for dinner.

Oh! Sometimes she acts
like she's from California.





Oh, no! No.

- You almost got yourself killed.
- Shh.

- Now, what the hell are you doing here?
- It's Peggy.

We've been through this.

She said, "Bean
sprouts, hot tubs, gurus."

She thought I was from California.
The only way she'd have thought that...

would be if she
had seen those files.

Yeah, you may have
stumbled on something there.

But we gotta get you
out of here right now.

- Okay.
- No, no, no.

Best way is out back. Come on.

- Watch that.
- I'm not gonna step on that.

Come on.

Stay here.


Get up. Get up.

Get up.

You're good, Mr. Stetson.
Almost as good as the King woman.

What are you talking about?

You're after Amanda? You
think she's our top agent?

Was. I would suspect it's
too late to help her now.

You dirty...

So it was you,
just as I suspected.

- Peggy.
- Still playing your cover, huh?

- It's a little late for that.
- What are you talking about?

Good try, Mrs. King,
but the game is over.

Perhaps we should be properly
introduced. I'm Tanya Pavlovitch.

Your expertise in the
life-slide tripped you up.

That was a mistake.

Your file, nothing
irregular. In perfect order.

You've got me mixed
up with somebody else.

I think not, Mrs. King.

Goodbye, Mrs. King.

Very good.

I guess it only seems fitting that
this come down to hand-to-hand.

No, it's all right.

I guess she just forgot
to expect the unexpected.

BILLY: Amanda still disappointed
about training being cut short?

She seems to be taking her frustrations
out on that report you requested.

Neither of you two seem any worse for wear
with another Station 1 under your belt.

Oh, what a class. Eight washouts,
three KGB agents and Amanda King.

Too bad we don't have anybody
to send on for more training.

Wait a second. You're
not seriously thinking

about sending Amanda
on through, are you?

Of course not.

Still... Forget it, Billy.

Maybe you're right, Scarecrow.
But she really is something, isn't she?

LEE: Heh.


LEE: What the hell is that?

- Amanda, what happened?
AMANDA: I don't know.

I just wanted to erase my last
sentence, so I pushed the ERA button...

Entering restricted area.


You were right, Billy.
She really is something.